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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 19, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EST

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alex: your help is vital in locating missing people. please look closely at these next cases. have you seen sierra ford? missing since july 27, 2016, sierra was last seen near her home in minneapolis, minnesota. 14-year-old sierra may have run away from home. sierra is 5'2" and weighs 110 pounds. sierra's young age and small stature makes her especially vulnerable to human traffickers. an endangered runaway from jacksonville, north carolina, shyinga carlton-davis was last seen on july 13, 2016. shyinga, who uses the nickname shy, is 17 years old with black hair and brown eyes. she has a flower and the word "bless"
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tattooed on her left hand, and her ears are pierced. time now for our family safety tip--important information for everyone you love. boy: ah! man: buster? buster? hey, you guys seen a dog? he's kind of chocolate- colored? boy: you lost your dog? man: yeah. he's still a puppy. we were by that creek down there and he just took off after something. have you seen him? boy: no. second boy: sorry. man: well, if you do see him, his name's buster, so hang on to him for me, ok? boy: sure. second boy: ok. man: buster! come here, boy! hey, if you help me find him, i'll give you $20. boy: 20 bucks? come on, jose. jose: i don't want to go. boy: hey, mister... alex: a stranger's reward offer could be a trap. the man might not even own a dog. this is another common device used by
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predators. this is how the boys should respond. man: if you help me find him, i'll give you $20. jose: nope. boy: we'll go get our dads to help you. man: uh...never mind. alex: teach your children that they should avoid helping adults they don't know. now, a behind- the-scenes look at the work done at the national center for missing and exploited children. steve: we add maturity to a child's face that--this is a child who's been missing for at least two years or longer. in the last 23 years, we've aged over 5,000 missing children. i would say your fine artist is probably your best artist for this type of work. the images we have created, the predictions we've made of what a child would look like, uh, so many years down the road have been recognized by friends, associates, classmates. when they've received a copy of the image in their mailings. and they've been recognized by
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people who actually know them or have had contact or an association with them. it's proven itself. it does work. alex: the national center for missing and exploited children has this telephone hotline for tips and information about missing individuals. don't go away. "missing" returns right after this brief break. so far, more than 725 individuals we have featured on our show have been found.
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girl: take full-length and height photos of your children every 6 months for identification purposes. keep the photos in a safe and easy-to-remember place at home. john: hi, i'm john clark, president and ceo of the
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national center for missing and exploited children. for more than 30 years now, we've worked with law enforcement and families. every day missing children are coming home. and we still need your help. pictures work. 1 in 6 of the children featured in our photo distribution effort is recovered because of the tips and leads of caring people just like you. if you have any information about the children featured in this program, call us at 1-800-the-lost. alex: you are now about to see a recap of all the missing individuals featured in today's show. take a good look once again. you might recognize someone.
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and that's this edition of "missing." thanks for watching. remember, any information you may have about missing individuals can be valuable. please, don't hesitate to contact the proper authorities, either your local police, the fbi, or the national center for missing and exploited children. thank you. i'm alex paen. alex: next time, on "missing"... recognize a face? help solve a mystery. kidnapping victims. runaway teens. family abductions. each week, thousands of individuals are reported missing across the united states.
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authorities need your assistance to locate these missing children and adults. if you know anything about a missing persons case, report it to your local police, or the fbi. you can make a difference. alex: this is alex paen. thanks for watching "missing," the only show on television dedicated exclusively to finding missing individuals. follow us on facebook at missing tv. [captioning made possible by
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heartbreaker went down to the last second of the game.
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don bell is here with highlights. >> it was close. a lot of their losses tends to be close. but at the end, that's where we have issues. the fame was decided it was four seconds left. eagles battling baltimore but at the end, they lose. the birds looking for their first win on it's road since september 4th quarter down by three, the pitch could kenny dixon, ravens go up 27-16, wentz looking to make a player with birds down by seven, scoots in for the score and now they need an extra points to tie it up. instead they decide to tie it up. the win, the ball is tipped and incomplete. the eagles fall 27-26, last seven straight on the road. afterwards, doug talked about his decision to go for all two. i wanted to win.
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our chances in over a time were less than 50%, as an under dog going in, i was going to win in regulation. >> i thought it showed coach's aggressiveness and his belief in us. i thought we had it. we had it they made good play. just, just didn't go our way. >> no, it did not. and it hasn't gone their way. eagles lost nine of last ten. they have a short week, thursday they host new york giants at the linc. the giants are in contention for the top spot >> that will be tough. we'll see you later. >> don knows too well what the fans are probably thinking. the eagles looking to next season, the need we caught up with say there needs to be nor consistency with the eagles. >> i don't know, i just think we need to play better in the first
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half. i know second half they looked a little bit better. the last was good with carson wentz, but going for two, that was a big call, and i think go forgot one would have been a little bit bert. they played well judge the not quite enough. >> it's a rebuilding year. they need wide receivers. next up, a thursday night match-up with the new york giants. eyewitness on the scene of a deadly accident at roosevelt boulevard. it happened bond re about 9:00 this evening, a mercedes benson was traveling extremely fast when it slammed into the back of a school bus and burst into flames killing two people inside the car. interesting thing about this accident. the school bus driver told me that three minutes about three minutes prior to the accident,
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he had dropped off 28 teenage students at a nearby church the driver of the school bus was not injured. and at this hour, the inner and outer northbound lanes on the boulevard remain closed. a mess at the mall. a week before christmas and some parents are furious right now, they say they paid money for their kids to take pictures with the grinch at the to neshaminy mall. when they arrived, that was nowhere to bed found, if anita oh has more on the no show >> he's mean >> many families say a different grinch stole part of their christmas this year. it was a bad experience >> lisa cots paid nearly $40 in advance for a photo package of her 8-year-old daughter with the grinch. when they arrived for the appointment, i see santa with all the kids, i don't see the grinch the whole point we came was to get the picture with the grinch and she said i'm sorry,
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he's not here >> but the grinch would not be returning at all. >> sure enough, there was post after post of angry parents with their pitchforks and torches saying we drove in the snow, we drove 45 minutes. how could you not let us know. >> she also paid in advance for her 5-year-old daughter to see the grinch >> we had went to see stanton at another mall and we explicitly went for the grinch. >> both mothers say they there fight for a refund, they want a response >> they were quick to take their money, you should have been more professional and responsible and let the families know what was going on. it's not clear why officials pulled the grinch from making further appearances in response to individual facebook posts, the mall said it was due to unfortunate circumstances. "eyewitness news" tried to reach both mall management and the photography company for further comment but have not heard back.
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reporting at neshaminy mall, anita oh, "eyewitness news" a community in overbrook comes together to remember the life a little girl. "eyewitness news" at it says of 63 erred and lansdowne avenue. that's where family and friends all gathered in memory of jayanna powell, dozens of people released balloons into the eyre at the site where the little girl lost her life. >> i got to go to the cemetery. no mother should go to a cemetery to see their 8-year-old. he was killed last month at a hit-and-run. police later arrested 24-year-old paul woodland and he's facing a number of charges including homicide by vehicle >>. hollywood is morning an
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icon, zsa zsa was famous for being famous for marrying millionnaries and living a layoffish lifestyle zsa zsa. married at least nine times, zsa zsa's husbands included hotel tie couldn't conrad hilton, the man who invented the barbie doll. >> i'm a simple girl really. born in budapest, she followed her sister and green acre's star any have a to hollywood. ensure big break was starring in the original in a mulan refuge. appeared in more than 40 movies and paraded her clams lifestyle on. every time i leave man i keep his house.
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accent was heard on many tv shows, her colorful behavior landed her in the headlines in it late 80's when she spent three days in jail after slapping a beverly hits police officer during a traffic stop. turn of the century. suffered a stroke few years later and a broken hip and had part of her leg amputated. suffered a father blow when she and her husband lost millions in bernie made off ponzy scheme. she was reportedly on life support last five years of her life. daniel nottingham, cbs3 news. the 538 members of the electoral college will formally cast photos to elect donald trump as president. but some electors, mostly democrats want more answers now about russia's interference in the election.
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wendy gillette has more. some members say they need more evidence about russia's involvement before casting their vote >> i want the information at or about that time there so that the american public know who has been involved and make sure we protect the integrity of the american democracy >> 80 electors all democrats except for one republican have requested an intelligence briefing when they're expected to formally elect donald trump president. that republican is elect tore who says he won't vote for him although. >> i think this is the first time in america's history where we have someone unfit for office. >> the president-elect surrogates say intelligence findings that russia metalled in the election to help trump have been inclusive and dismiss the efforts of electors who want to delay the vote >> it's about democrats that can't accept the outcome.
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about delegitimate micing the american system >> a bipartisan group of senators is calling for a new committee to investigate russia's interference >> a select committee whose only focus is to get to the bottom of this is what is called for. the president-elect laid low sunday beginning his holiday vacation at his home in florida. wendy gel lit cbs3 "eyewitness news." first lady michelle obama gives her final one-on-one interview before leaving the white house, she talks about her accomplishments during her eight years and what's in her future as well. >> your husband's administration, everything, the election was about hope. do you think that this administration achieved that? >> yes. i do. because we feel that the difference now. see, now, we're feeling whatnot having hope feels like. >> well, you can see the entire interview tomorrow night at 8:00
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right here on cbs3. a police chase ends with a roll over but the drama doesn't stop there. coming up after the break, the crazy foot chase that ended high in the sky. plus, serious crimes police say this man committed that led to the chase. a holiday party like none other. food, fun and games and a video message from philly's own will smith. it's all about brotherly love, lauren. . after snow, ice, rain and thunder this weekend, we have a nice quiet sunny stretch in store. i'll have the d
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. police chase in glendale california ends in the car rolling over the suspect taking off on foot. man tumbled down the side of a canyon and climbed a home under construction. the man piered over the side straur. he is a suspect in the stab to go of three people. two adults and an 11 month old
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girl. just a short time ago, the man was taken in a custody. structure a giant tree fell on the wedding party. witnesses say they were taking wedding photos at the time. screaming the next minutes, some trap under a giant tree. crews had to use chain saws to free other people. >> sounded like a firecracker >> i hear people screaming. i get out of the car and i went to see be it was a lady with a little baby and i didn't know what to do. i hold the baby. >> authorities say one woman died at the scene and a four-year-old is in critical condition. four other people had minor injuries. also tonight, the holiday spirit certainly was in full swing at one of the biggest holiday parties in the region today. operation brotherly love spread the love to thousands of children and their families with
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the help of hundreds of volunteers. >> the morning began with as many as 52 bus loads of kids and their families from all across the philadelphia region heading to the liacouras are a center at temple. once inside a flurry of activity awaits. there was dancing, face painting and food always carnival games and activities. something for everyone as one of the biggest holiday parties of the year. thank you so much. it's the eighth annual wawa operation brotherly love. 500 families, 2000 children and 1,000 volunteers. each volunteer assigned to a family as they navigate their way through the event. each child getting a warm coat just in time for the frosty winter. >> giving away a lot of free stuff. it's good for the kids and they got a lot going on and i'm georging myself as well as my daughter. they gave a coat and it's going to keep us warm for the water
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and what was appreciate that. this started with adam shale with just a few people who wanted to make a difference in the community >> it's about looking at each other spending time and being good. we can solve so many time in the community if we just take time. today the small things magnified in this event that's going to make a difference family leaves with a gift for every child in the home. i even got to play santa for awhile. >> former emg player brian westbrook took part and phillies own will smith left a surprise heart felt video message. in the end. thousands of lives were touched by the kindness of humanity. giving true meaning to operation brotherly love. >> this means so much to me to be part of this family's life >> it was great event.
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it has become a collaborative events with others in addition to the 1,000 individual volunteers. i had a great time stuffing >> you were santa >> i just didn't have my hat on. it was great time >> looks like it >> it was good to be inside. at that time, it was raining out >> it was raining, mild this morning, maybe you got a few hours in the 60 degree temperatures, but all of that gone, again, it's over a. it's over, it's done, arctic air is coming back. a strong arctic cold front. it brought ace few showers and looks like we lost our high temperatures because it's past midnight. let's get over that. doppler estimated rainfall totals over the last hours, we did have the rain moving through, rainfall totals weren't that impressive, about a ten. of an inch. of course, we did feel the winds
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as soon as. front dropped in, winds gusting 60 miles per hour. same case in reading and we had wind gusts in philly, northeast to 41 miles per hour. and now we're dealing with the cold air settling in resettling back in across the delaware valley, temperatures in the low to mid 40's still have a bit of a biting breeze, nowhere near the wind gusts we saw earlier. winds around ten to 15 miles per hour and temperatures are cooling fast. dropping like a rock, 34 in philadelphia. already 29 in reading, teens in the poconos, 30 in allentown, 35 in atlantic city, getting another taste of an arctic air mass. you can see that firmly entrenched across a large portion of the country, seven below right now in chicago, zero in minneapolis, check out these feeling like 20 below right now in chicago, but good news is, as we head into the end of december, looks like our average temperatures are going to be much above average. something to look forward to as we close


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