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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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year, things done a lot worse. it is coal. little cooler than average. but break out the winter coat. windchills into the teens, 20's this morning, big difference than yesterday though. no big storm system. so, road conditions for the most part looking good, maybe few patches of black ice, on some of the secondary roads, that's it, still, little bit of cloud cover over us, 28 at the airport, north winds at nine, feeling like 19, factor in the winds. there is the cold air rushing in from the north. thirteen in mount pocono at this hour, 24 in reading, still sitting at freezing, in dover, delaware. look at the suburbs, low 20's, quakertown, pottstown, mt. holly checking in at 29, 27 degrees, north winds ten to 15 throughout the morning into the afternoon. so again that puts the windchill values down to the teens through the morning, doesn't get much bet they are afternoon, still feeling like the mid 20's even with the sunshine, look at those real feel values, allentown, 14 in trenton at this hour. cloud cover over us right now, no precipitation, that cold front has moved off shore. that cold arctic air, moving in, sticks around for 24
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hours. thirty-five, that's it for the high temperature today, increasing sunshine. at the shore, those clouds, hold on little longer, call it partly sunny, 37. and good news for the poconos, temps in the upper 20s, able to crank out man-made snow, over 24 hours, so that's good thing, good base, good skiing, riding conditions coming up this week. like i said overall pattern will be quiet. temperatures warm up, as we head toward christmas, talk about that in a few minute, meisha, what's happening? >> justin well you know keeping busy. now certainly starting to heat up. good morning, happy monday to you. looking delaware county right now 95 north 452. you take that all the way up to the airport, this is what you are looking at right now. just make sure to check the flight schedules on line to make sure everything is running correctly. but right now, this is what you are looking at delaware county looking good, heating up ever so slightly. same story in the boulevard, southbound direction toward the schuylkill, then once us jump on the schuylkill right around the boulevard and city avenue, starting to heat up. overall holding steady, fairly typical in the world of
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travel, traffic not necessarily bad thing. what is really starting to heat up now is nine # a south. between academy and bridge street, one lane block, you can see those cones out there lining the roadways. forcing to you stay over. not that big after deal. but talking 959 that can be very big deal, push toward the rush hour give yourselves extra time. not traveling at posted speeds, putting on the brakes, transformation fire upper darby. telling us to avoid the area, rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. new this morning, fire breaks out at assisted living facility in moorestown, new jersey, it is on the 1200 block of church street. flaring started pouring out of the boiler room, forcing everyone out of their rooms, no one was hurt. >> we've seen it time and time again. deadly crash on roosevelt b "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in the northeast where police say two people were killed, when their car slammed into a school bus, trang, what do we know about this? good morning. >> reporter: well, good
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morning, rahel. there were many, many witness toss this accident including two off duty police officers traveling in the same direction, as this accident. they say that the car involved was going well above the speed limit, which is 45 miles per hour here, despite the low speed limit, police hearsay they see accidents like this far too often. take a look at some of the video we shot lags night. this accident happened around 9:00 p.m., on roosevelt boulevard, near woodward street. now police say a school bus headed northbound on the boulevard was stopped at a red light. that is what 2,000 silver mercedes traveling extremely fast smashed into the back of the bus then caught fire. the male driver and female passenger in the mere said east were killed instantly. driver of the bus, 40 year old woman, was not hurt. fortunately, there were no passengers on her bus, which we're told is owned by huntingdon valley christian academy. >> interesting thing about this accident, the school bus driver told me that three minutes, about three minutes, prior to the accident, had
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dropped off 28 teenage students at a nearby church. so we are really, really fortunate, that there were no passengers in that school bus. >> and the impact of the crash was so powerful that that mercedes went underneath that school bus, and the mercedes was so heavily damaged that police say they could not tell the make or model, until they ran those license plates. so far this morning, police have not yet released the names of the people killed. for now live in the northeast, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. and emotional memorial in philadelphia's overbrook section as community comes together to remember the life of a little girl killed by driver. friends and family gathered at the intersection of 63rd and lansdowne avenue in memory of jayanna paul. dozen of people released balloons in the air where jayanna lost her life. >> it is hard that i have to
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go through this. no mother imagines to go to no cemetery to see their eight year old. >> jayanna struck and killed last month while walking home from school. police later arrested 24 year old paul woodlynne, he now faces number of charges including homicide by vehicle. today the members of the electoral college will meet across the nation to formally elect donald trump as the next president. at the same time there is nationwide campaign to block trump's passage of 270 votes siting influence, brook silva bragga has the story live from new york, brooke, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, when the 538 electors meet at the state capitol today as many as ten say they won't follow their state's elections results, even if that's not enough to swing the election it, would be record number of these so-called faceless elections. >> demonstrators took to the national mall sunday, trying persuade electoral college members not to vote for donald
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trump. >> 2.7 million more of us voted for hillary, and yet he's going to take office. >> at least one electric tore, chris supin from texas plans to break from his state vote, wants 37 others to join him in unlikely unprecedented bid to over turn the presidential voting process. >> there are number of electors in my position. i'm not going to get into names or how many specific numbers. we are at at fragile point. >> ahead of the votes many democratic electors, including clay of rhode island, demands today see more evidence about russia's alleged hacking. >> what i want is the information to be out there so that the american public and electors know who has been involved, and make sure that we protect the integrity of the american determine okras. >> i on sunday mr. trump and his team continues to cast doubt on intelligence findings that russia medalled in the election to help win. >> it is about democrats that can't except the outcome of the election, it is about illegitimizing the american system. it won't work.
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>> hillary clinton's former campaign manager, john, whose own emails were hack, said it was an open question if russia column eude dollars with the trump campaign. >> so i think really, not what mr. trump new, but what did trump know, when did they know it. were they in touch with the russians. >> at least four senators were calling for bipartisan panel to investigate the hack. even after the electoral college meet today, the matter won't be completely settled. the ballots won't be opened and counted until congress meets january 6, that's two weeks from friday, rahel? >> all right, the plot thickens for us, thank you. >> another close lost for the eagles as the come-back attempts with just second to go in what's the fifth straight defeat. carson wentz and eagles looking for their first win on the road since september. but fourth quarter birds were down by three. for the 16-yard touchdown, giving baltimore a 27 to 17 lead. well, seconds left, the eagles down seven, wentz takes off for the end zone, the birds
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could tie it with a extra point. then, it went for two, and the win. wentz throws to jordan matthews, it is fifth and incomplete. eagles fall 27 to 26. afterward, coach doug pederson talks about go fog two. >> i want to win the football game. the other thing, you know, even, even our chances in over time were less than 50% of winning this game. so, you know, as underdog going in, i was going to win the game in regulation. >> i thought it showed the coach's aggressiveness, had is belief in us. and i thought that we had, we had it, made a good play, got their hand on the line of scrimmage. just didn't go our way today. >> so, the gamble's didn't quite pan out for coach peterson last night on the cbs-3 sports zone. we asked former eagle, darwin walker if he agreed with the decision. >> to say i got enough space in my team that i'm going to do that, but your team has got to back you up. right now the team is not backing him up.
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they're not backing him up. >> now another look from our camera in the end zone. eagles record drop to five and nine. with that lost the birds are officially eliminated from playoffs. well, the back page of today's daily news sum up the loss after failing on that two-point conversion. the birds are back home this thursday night against the giants. tough team. >> today expected to be the busiest mailing day of the year. us postal service expect to go move about 750 million packages up there the holiday season. that's an increase of 12% from last year. while today is expected to be the busiest mailing day, wednesday the 21st is expected to be the busiest delivery day. >> still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", it only took a second, but changed the lives of two families forever. the extreme consequences of this sucker punch caught on camera coming up. and, the arctic blast that is bringing freezing temperatures across the country has turned deadly. justin will let us know what we can expect this week next.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> looking at live native any front of the first united reform church in olds city for more than 40 yeast, the church has had real life and mals, in its nativity scene. you can see it any time day or night until december 27th. i think i want to make a little visit out there. that's so cool. we will be right back
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brutal blast of colds air creating sub freezing temperatures across the country. this nasty weather also causing chaos on highways leading to fatal accidents and pileups. >> reporter: basically you're flying in a bill loop up in the air. just waiting to land. >> travelers in houston, among thousands of across the country, affect bid flight concellations and delays. a mid arctic blast that turned deadly weekendment at least 15 people killed as a result of the storm. cold temperatures resulting in freezing rain that coated highways across the nation. in new mexico, a 40 vehicle wreck, shutting down part of the interstate, a mid icy conditions. in baltimore, a 55 vehicle crash, on interstate 95. leaving at least two people dead, and upward of dozen hospitalized after fuel trip flipped over a median. motorist stranded for hours in nearby virginia another flipped tanker. >> we had a fully loaded gasoline tanker we a thousand
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gallons that overturned, then another vehicle ran into the side of it, because it couldn't stop. >> that was just one of dozens of accidents in the area over the weekend. including a multi vehicle crash, in a left one person dead, in fairfax county. forecasters say more freezing rain is on the way monday. from maine, and as far south as tennessee, and north carolina. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". so tough to see those images, but justin at least in our area it looks like that may have moved out. >> exactly. we had the freezing rain, good thing, we had little snow before change over to freezing rain it, helped out traction little bit. still ice, very dangerous. we don't have to worry about, that dry weather pattern moving in. delaware, 24 years at this hour, we have good visibility, no fog this morning, like yesterday. and we will struggle to get above freezing today. but overall, next few days, quiet weather pattern for december. slow warming trend, end of the week talk about the next storm system bringing rain showers. winner officially arrives
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coming wednesday, 5:44 a.m. shortest daylight of the year. nine hours, 19 minute, 58 secretaries. won't feel like winter, temperatures return above average. yesterday's cold front brought the showers, moving off shore. left over cloud, this morning, they'll thin out to increase sunshine into the morning into the afternoon. nothing happening behind that front. high pressure building on in. set up shop over the east coast for the next several days, so getting out every town early for christmas holiday next few days, looks good, up and down the east coast, bolton the roads and in the skies, as volumes dominated by the high, keep things nice and quiet. really blocks in the storms developing. next storm, really doesn't move in until thursday. overall jet stream pattern, kind of flattens out. milder, all of the cold arctic air stays to the north next few days, by wednesday, jet stream pretty much right over us. cold air part of the norm, warm air to the south, so we're inbetween, pretty much seasonable temperatures headed into the upcoming weekend. today cooler than yesterday. hit 06. today only 35 for the high temperature, almost 10 degrees below average.
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cold tonight, clear, 25 for the city. little colder in the suburbs. here is the extended forecast, sunny skies tomorrow, looks good for the toyfest, here at cbs-3. forty for the high. forty-six wednesday. showers late thursday. christmas weekends, christmas eve, upper 40's near christmas for christmas day, maybe light rain showers later on in the day and at night. meisha? >> all right, justin, not bad. not bad. thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy monday to you. where did the weekend go? just like that. schuylkill at the boulevard, what we are looking at, westbound and eastbound side, starting to heat up little bitment and the boulevard, pushing into the southbound direction, heading toward the schuylkill, where you jump on the schuylkill, looking a lot like. >> this maybe little bit more brake lights going off on the boulevard, overall looks like busy heating up monday morning. then in new jersey 42 freeway northbound creek road what we are looking at here, you can see steady stream of vehicles here. snow is an area you might want to give yourselves couple of extra minutes. one area that you for sure want to give yourself few extra minutes, of course our
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friends 95. this is between academy and bridge street. see the cones in the road letting you know there is some construction, there down one lane, when we lose out on one lane on 95 that's actually going to slow us down. has been slowing us down for quite some time. you can see the shear amount of vehicles out on the break lights, no longer traveling at posted speed in the area. we traveling really slow there. give yourselves extra time. upper darby transformer fire here. talking more about this as we come back. first, we will take a quick break. stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> headlines from across the region, bucks county furrier times $3.5 million generated from casino fees is being told out. bucks county redevelopment authority handed out grant money to funds law enforcement and public safety needs in the different moon as tis such as police cars, radios, e in. s technology. frees from the parx casino have dispersed more than $25 million into the community over the last nine years. the burlington county times westhampton has approved a multi message billboard on i295. two sided billboard can have messages for time, and used for alerts. >> and the intelligence ers reporting all tile allergies are nothing to sneeze at. doctors say the week before christmas can be miserable for allergy sufferers, be aware of
6:21 am
sugar plumbs, can't recalls, that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, pictures with santa are cool, right? pretty cool. but some say that pictures with the grinch are even cooler. that's why a group of local moms who pay to have their kids pictures taken with the green mean i are upset after he was a no show. the story coming up. >> and caught on camera, the knot so special delivery from 1ups worker. see what happens when she can't get through the gates. next.
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>> this weekend is a big one, temperatures on the mild side for late december, traveling for the holiday looks good, maybe chance for late showers coming in later in the day on christmas, more coming up in eyewitness weather. >> justin, see you soon, thank you. man in georgia charged with murder after he sucker punches another man in the head and choke him. this man delivers violent punch to the man in the right hand corner of your screen t looks like we will actually freeze it right before the pun such delivered. now dead after that brutal blow to the head thursday night. they say the attacker sucker punched him for allegedly threatening his friend. >> so i want everybody to understand that just when i thought oh, i got a lot of
6:25 am
time, to spend more time with him, but don't take anything for granted. >> current philadelphia international airport detention center charged with murder, also faces charges of aggravated assault and obstruction every justice. the ups driver caught on camera in california making a careless delivery. take a look, this footage shows the driver trying to unlock the gate to home in have a lay hoe. tosses the passages over the wall on to the wet grounds, walks away. the woman who owns the way didn't know why the boxes are left it there until she check her security cameras. >> not right to just dumb many people's packages over a wall, especially marked as fragile. if we have access to our front door, deliver them to the front door where it is a covered awning. >> luckily nothing was broken here, ups says thee incidents are extremely rare. the company delivers about 700 million packs and during the holiday season. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", members of the electoral college are set to formally cast votes for donald trump, as the 45th president today.
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but, the vote does not come without protest from mostly democrats. and, the grinch steels christmas again. why some local moms say they lost money on pictures with the green meany. meisha? >> well, the roadways they are looking nice and dry, little windy out there, that doesn't mean we're not slowing down. i'll let you know where. first we will take a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be
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>> good morning, i'm rahel solomon, jim is off today. it is 6:30, here's what you need to know in your morning minute. police say they see far too many tragedies like this here on the roosevelt boulevard, and there were many witnesses to the crash, including two off duty police officers who were traveling in the same direction. the 538 members of the electoral college will meet around the country today to
6:30 am
formally elect donald trump as the nation's 45th president. >> what i want is the information to be out there. >> but some electors want more answers now, about russia's interferance. >> what is wrong with me? >> she was known more for her glamerous live than her acting. hungarian bore actress has died. >> went, he spins. wentz is in -- he's in. touchdown. eagles going for two. for the win. the pass rush. and incomplete. >> going for two. that was a big one. >> i think rebuilding year for them. i think they'll be better for next year for sure. >> and with that, the eagles are officially eliminated from playoff contention with the loss in baltimore. they have short week. they'll host the new york giants. now, hopefully better news, let's get out to justin. the rain is looks lick has passed but now just cold? >> just cold. this is reality. yesterday was kind of a gift. if you like mild temperatures.
6:31 am
we were waking up with temps in the 50's, at this time yesterday, big difference this morning, but we are quiet, dry conditions, out on the roads, that's good thing, no problems weather wise for that morning commute. just need heavier coat with the temperature change. 27 degrees colder this hour. compared to 24 hours ago, in philadelphia. thirty-one, up in mount pocono, so that cold arctic air continues to spill into the delaware valley, temperatures continue to drop little bit before sunrise. twenty-three the actual temperature, in allentown, upper 20's, philadelphia, and wilmington, now dover, delaware, below freezing, look at the suburbs, chilling out low 20's, quakertown, pottstown, 27 degrees, palmyra, in urge new jersey, spinned speeds just enough to bring some nasty went chills to part of the region. out of the north, ten to 12 miles per hour, so does fell like low teens in the delaware vale, 17 on exposed skin in wilmington, not much better dover, delaware, feeling like 21 degrees, still some clouds cover outside. see little bit of moonlight. filtered moonlight, clouds thin out through the morning hour, see increasing sunshine,
6:32 am
but that sun will not help things much today. barely above freezing, up to 35, almost 10 degrees below average, clouds hold on little longer, stays cold, sunshine in the poconos, upper 20s, each day gets little bit warmer, and we will make run at 50 degrees. as we head toward the holiday weekends, we will talk about that more on eyewitness weather in just few more minutes, so back to the studio with meisha. >> good morning, justin, good morning to all of you at home. happy monday to you. what's happening out there. the nice thing roadways nice and dry, what we are seeing is our typical monday morning congestion levels now starting to build, as we are pushing through the 6:00 hour, and they'll continue to do so, obviously through the 7:00 hour. take a look at the ben franklin bridge, headlights westbound direction toward center city, area that we are starting to slowly, i wouldn't say slow down yet, but certainly heating up here on the ben franklin bryn. heads up on that, too, probably have to give yourself couple of extra minutes in that area. then 95, been watching this all morning long, because of the construction, you can see the cones lining the roadway,
6:33 am
see the flashing lights, still out there. plus, it is just getting very, very slow. so between woodhaven road and the vine, you can see, it will take you about 22 minutes, i would actually tack on extra ten minute, lever your homes maybe half hour earlier there. also the vine, woodhaven, that's now looking good. moving in the northbound direction, so really just the southbound side we're keeping our eye on. plus transformer fire here upper darby, byewood avenue on upper darby street. heads up, avoid the area. upper darby for any of you living around, there thinking about going around the direction just avoid t otherwise probably going to slow down quite a bit. then say reminder on this paving project. route one both directions at route 72, on and off-ramps closed, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30, or again paving. rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. police this morning work to go identify two victims killed when their car slammed into school bus, in northeast philadelphia. this is the scene last night at woodward and the boulevard. so mercedes you can see barely recognizeable. it was speeding northbound when it slammed into the back of the school bus, that car
6:34 am
then burst into flames. >> interesting thing about this accident, the school bus driver told me that three minutes, about three minutes, prior to the accident, had dropped off 28 teenage student at a nearby church. >> a man and woman in the mercedes were killed in the crash. the driver of the school bus was not injured. >> and in west philadelphia, a woman is rushed to the hospital after she is attacked with kitchen knives. it happened outside a home at 49th and thompson last night where police found the 25 year old victim suffering from stab wounds, blades, broken handles of knives littered the pavement. the victim is in critical condition with wound to her lower back. today the members of the electoral column ledge meet around the country to firmly elect donald trump as the 45th president of the united state. but, 80 of the electric tore, almost all democrats, are requesting briefing from us intelligence about russia's role in trying to sway the election results. they say it is for the sake of transparency, but one of the
6:35 am
trump's incoming cabinet members responded by saying the effort under mines the election system. >> what i want is the information to be out there so that the americans public and electors know who has been involved and make sure that we protect the integrity of the american democracy. >> it is about democrats that can't except the outcome of the election, it is about the illegitimizing the american system it, won't work. >> bipartisan group of senators is calling for a new senate committee to investigate russia's interferance, and cyber attacks in general. the new jersey state legislature plans to vote today on a bill that would allow governor chris christie to profit from a book deal before he leaves office. the second term doesn't ends until january of 2018. the bill would also grant legislative staff, judges, and other officials, a salary boost. reporters of the bill say some aids haven't gotten raise in more than ten years. >> first lady michelle obama gives her final one-on-one interview before leaving the white house. she sat down with oprah winfrey to talk about her accomplishments during her
6:36 am
eight years there, and what's next for her. >> your husband's administration, everything, the election, was all about hope. you think that this administration achieved that? >> yes, i do, because we feel the difference now. see, now we're feeling whatnot having hope feels like. >> that response stirred little controversy. see the entire interview tonight at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. >> well, it is a week before christmas, some parent tell us the grinch, the real grinch, stole part of their holiday. they say they paid money for their kids to take pictures with the grinch at the neshaminy mall. when they arrived they were disappointed because santa was only there. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, more on the grinch's no show. >> he's mean. he doesn't like christmas. >> but many families say a different grinch stole part of their christmas this year. >> it was a rotten experience, very disappointed. >> lisa paid nearly $40 in advance for photo package of her eight year old daughter
6:37 am
ava with the grinch at the neshaminy mall. when they arrived for their sunday afternoon appointment. >> i look ahead i see santa, i don't see the grinch, the whole pointing was to come and get the picture taken with the grinch. he looked at her san said i'm sorry,'s not here today. >> but the grinch would not be returning at all, something fear just parents finds out on other posts. >> sure enough there was post after post of angry parents, with sources saying we drove in the snow, we drove 45 minutes. how could you not let us know? >> and also paid in advance for her five year old daughter, tara to see the grin. >> we had already went to see santa at another mall. went to the cherry hill mall, specifically went for the grin: the only mall offering it. and we went there just for him. >> and both mothers say they'll fight for refunds. they also want official response. >> no notice whatsoever. nothing on their facebook page, nothing at all. >> so quick to take our money. you should have been little more professional and responsible and let the families know what was going on. >> it is not clear why
6:38 am
officials told the grinch for making further appearances, in response to individual facebook posts, the mall said, it was only due to quote unfortunate circumstances. "eyewitness news" tried to reach both mall management and the photography company for further comment, but have not heard back yet. reporting at neshaminy mall, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> he's a mean one. if you were searching for last minute stocking stuffer we have some ideas. coming up doctor rob will be here with some safe and healthy gift ideas. plus, stores that take no money. that's right, no cash at all. we will show you the new business trends. and a wine detect that can sniff out counterfeit wine next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> does this shot not give you all of the feel? we are checking in live now at the live nativity in front of the old first reform united church of christ in old city. you can get in any time day or night until december 27th. those are real animals. they're really out there. >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ i for christmas ♪amus ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. ♪ so whatever your holiday priority, our priority is you.
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hollywood is mourning the loss of one of its most glamorous icons, actress zsa zsa gabor was famous for being famous for marrying millionaires and living lavishly. danielle nottingham has a look back at the hungarian beauty's life. >> true tinseltown beauty became no more for her exciting off screen life than her acting. married at least nine times,
6:43 am
zsa zsa's husbands including hotel tycoon hit women, the man who intercepted shall bay dolls, as well as one of her divorce attorneys. >> i'm just a simple hungarian girl, real. >> i born in buda in 1914, she followed her sister and green acre star. zsa zsa's big break starring in the original mulan rooming. >> what sort of man are they. >> she appeared in more than 40 movies, paraded her glamorous lifestyle on television. creating such memorable quotes as i am a marvelous housekeeper, every time i leave a man, i keep his house. zsa zsa's famous accent was heard on many tv shows, and in animated movies. >> a pleasure, darling. >> her colorful behavior landed her in the headlines in the late 80s when she spent three days in jail after slapping a beverly hills police officer during a traffic stop. the turn of the century brought new challenges, in
6:44 am
2002, a car accident left zsa zsa partially paralyzed. she suffered a stroke a few years later, then, a broken hip, and had part of her leg amputated. she also suffered a financial blow when she and her husband, frederick prince von onhalt lost millions in bernie madoff's penny is scheme. gabor was reportedly on life support for the last five years of her life. danielle nottingham, cbs news. we've got a nose poor wine and it is paying off for him. the first wine detective. call him detective. twenty years experience in the win business, his job to keep these sell remembers forgery free. he said the best way to spot a fake, look to see if old wine has new label. sounds simple enough. people are caring less cash than they used to now some stores are eliminating paper money entirely. some merchant also except apple credit. restaurant, for instance, say not having to make change speeds up service, airlines
6:45 am
stopped excepting cash for in flight purchases year ago, and the country of sweden also largely cash-less. >> cash is expensive. it is time consuming. and that's the loss either cash less handling or theft. >> another reason businesses might want to go cash-less, customers who play with plastic tends to spends more, an estimated 12 to 18%. so maybe come supers doesn't want to just to use classic, but business. >> severe cold hits the midwest drastically lowering temperatures to bone chilling. more than 1700 plow trucks are out salting roads right now. dozen of schools in chicago have cancelled class today. national weather service has sent frostbite warnings to wisconsin, illinois, and minnisota so i'll keep in line with this being optimistic day, justin, after that this is nothing. >> nothing, yes. that's not even factoring in the winds, below zero, we're not that cold.
6:46 am
it lasts about 24 hours, feeling it right now, we check in with weather watch ers, a lot of low and mid 20's, showing up from the backyards, down south, delaware, to wilmington, right now lisa checking in at 25 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, not much difference as we head toward west chester, jennine, 26 degrees, also mostly cloudy skies, those clouds will thin out little bit. we head later on this morning, and similar conditions as we head into new jersey, as well, mid 20's, at this hour, or 27 degrees, aj's house in moorestown, new jersey, you get the picture. with the winds it, feels whole lot colderment teens, 20's through the day. back to reality this morning. up at 6:00 yesterday, were you in the mid 50's in philadelphia. 6:00, 28 degrees, officially at the airport, again feeling like upper teens with the wind. clouds still lingering, eastern half of pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, the front moving offer shore. so getting in the clear skies from west to east through the morning, but that sunshine not going to help things out whole lot. overall trend though, it is quiet. moving into quiet pattern. you don't see this whole lot this time of year. high pressure just dominating
6:47 am
the region. today and tomorrow, even into wednesday, the first day of the winter season, so if you are hitting the roads, the airways, little early for the christmas holiday looks pretty good for the most part this week. doesn't look like we are getting white christmas this year, and historical probability, low around philadelphia, less than 20%, about 20 up in the lehigh valley, and looks like you will have to really go to the northern poconos to see the inch or snow on the grounds to see the official white christmas, a lot of things have to come together to get snowstorm here in the delaware valley. people don't realize that, 21, for the win chilled value later this morning, into the afternoon. doesn't get better, still feeling like mid and upper 20's, factor in the winds. tomorrow morning, still windchills, into the lower 20's, upper teens. for today, below average, 35 degrees, sun, clouds, very cold tonight. twenty-five, with mostly clear skies, next new days, quiet, increasing sunshine, warming to up mid four's, first day of winter. weekends dry christmas eve, 48. fifty for christmas day. maybe some rain later christmas day night. meisha, what's up? >> all right, justin, good
6:48 am
morning to you. good morning to all of you at home. well, what is happening? let's take a peak, looking pretty good here at the vine on 95. kind of pretty birdseye view for you. see how many vehicles are out there. and what we really have been looking at is this 95. our friends 95, between southbound direction, throws curve ball at us. certainly is congestion level today. you can see the cones kinds of littering the roadways here, what that is doing blocking up one entire lane. now, because of it, you can see how slow moving it is. bumper to bumper at this point. a loft points you can actually see the brake lights going off. not even moving. so 95, between academy and bridge street, down one lane, heads up on that, give yourself at least a extra half hour at that point. then we have transformer fire in upper darby. by wood at walnut. if you are around, saying to avoid the area at all costs, give yourself extra time. but if you can avoid the area that's what you certainly want to do. also construction here, paving project, route one north and south at route 72. the on and off-ramps closed.
6:49 am
between 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., again that's for paving projectment heads up, this area can slow you down, as well. rahel, back to you. >> time now 49:00. a lot coming up this morning. gale king joins us live from new york with a preview. gale, good morning, always good to see you. >> good morning, rahel. it is always good to see you, too. how do you know there is a lot coming up? could be just little bit today. >> i'm a loyal viewer. i know. always lot. >> you are absolutely right, rahel, there is a lot coming up today. happy monday to you. president-elect donald trump calls for hard evidence regarding russia's hack ahead. his transition team's message is the electoral college meets to formally cast his presidential vote. plus, hear what michelle obama told oprah about her plan to help melania trump to succeed in the white house. honoree there is time, talking to anthony mason, how she went from family gospel band to becoming the sound track of the civil rights movement,
6:50 am
i'll take you there, you know the song. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you 7:00 on the dot. the clock is particular, rahel, we'll see you in a few minutes. >> we will be watching, gale, thank you. the holiday spirit was in full swing as our natasha brown reports, operation brotherly love, spreads the love to thousands of children and their families, with the help of hundreds of volunteers >> the morning began with as many as 52 busloads of kids and their families from all across the philadelphia region. heading into the liacouras center at temple university. once inside, a flurry of activity awaits. there was dancing, face painting, and plenty of food, also carnival games and activities. something for everyone, one of the biggest holiday party of the year. >> thank you so much. >> it is the eighth annual wawa operation brotherly love. 500 families, 2,000 children, and 1,000 volunteers. each volunteer assigned to a
6:51 am
family as they navigate their way through the event. each child getting warm coat in time for the frosty winter. >> they've given away lot of free stuff. really good for the kids. they got a lot going on, and i'm enjoying myself as well as my caughter. >> they gave us coats, it will keep us warm for the winter. we really appreciate that. >> this started when adam, co-founder of operation brotherly love. with just a few people who wanted to make a difference in the community. >> pace about just looking at each other, spending time together, and just being good to each other. and we can solve so many problems in the community if we just take time to do the small things. and today a small thing to magnify this amazing event that will make big difference in the community. >> each family also leaves with a gift for every child in the home. i even got to play santa for awhile. >> okay, let's go. >> former eagles player, brian westbrook, took part in the event. and philly's own will smith left a surprise heartfelt video message. >> and i love so many people
6:52 am
coming together. >> in the end thousands of lives were touched by the kind he is act of humanity, families, volunteers alike, feeling the love, giving true meaning to operation brotherly love. >> this means so much to me to be a part of these family's lives. >> and that was natasha brown reporting over the years the operation brotherly love holiday event has become a collaborative effort between wawa, operation warm, the mayor's offers every community service and others, in addition to 1,000 individual volunteers. americans have a little more time to sign up for health insurance on due to high interest the deadline has been extends from the last week to 11:59 p.m. pacific time tonight. the obama administration hopes to sign up 13.8 million people for 2017. president-elect donald trump has vowed to repeal and replace the 2010 healthcare law. >> they may not be the most shiny or trends yes, sir present this holiday season, but if you are searching for a last minute stocking stuffer, doctor rob says, think safety
6:53 am
for happy and healthy new year. he joins us. doctor rob, always good to see you. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays. so what do we have here? >> of course not sexy, not cudley, but they could save a life. you know what they show you love when you care. and last minute, great to put in the stockings. >> all right. >> you know, so look, so the first thing is some people have health conditions, whether it is allergy to certain medication, or maybe certain conditions like diabetes, you want to know about it, medical alert bracelet. so you can put it on a chain, on your neck, on your wrist, but basically can engrave it to what your position; sometimes we find people unconscious, confused, and if we see that, we know what the problem is right off. so that's one bit of safety right there. the other thing slips and falls. you know that fall is the third leading cause every unintentional death in our country. >> incredible. >> now with the winner, there are a few things.
6:54 am
something called yack tracks, like snow tires for your shoes, you put it on your shoes, which ever once you are wearing, it decreases risk of falls. >> doctor rob over the weekends it was pretty dicey out, there i think saturday. so, i don't know if you know but i'm training for a marathon. >> wow, all right. >> i know, right? could you use this for running though? >> i would rather you not f it is that bad outside i would rather you train inside. so stay safe, to win that race. >> okay. >> and whatever age you are, and still even walk to walk, i would take yack tracks. other, slips and falls at home. this is for the back a lot of times slippery, especially as we get older, this is something you put in the bathtub, also automatic go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, dark, slip and fall, as soon as this is a sense of movement the light goes on. now, the other thing is, you run. which is really great for your health. but, we want to think health and safety. how visible are you at night?
6:55 am
chances are you may not -- here is a light. flip on. you slip it onto your belt, slip it onto your shoe size >> slip is it on. as you are walking or running, this will be on. >> very light. >> very light. slip it on. see how light it is? >> very good. >> stylish by the way, so looks good for you. >> you keep it on. >> and this reflect, you put it on there, then this is the pedometer. good for your health to count your steps, and during the day, start the new year's resolution, that's good, then lastly, the home. my gosh. smoke, fire, carbon monoxide. first of all carbon monoxide is a gas that's odorless, taste less. >> really dangerous. so carbon monoxide alarm could be really helpful. >> it is. that works really good. >> doctor rob, great. a loft good stuff here as you said maybe not so much sexy
6:56 am
but very safe. and we will be right back with three to go. i love this. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything.
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comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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cbs this morning is next, join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting 4:30. for all of us here, have a great day and stay warm.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, december 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a bitter cold blast covers more than half the country creating dangers on highways and runway. subzero windchills stretch from oregon to maine and as far south as texas. the electoral college votes today to confirm donald trump's election. they demand to see the evidence of russian hacking. a fight to stop counterfeiters from cashing in on christmas. only on "cbs this morning," we will take you inside a giant government inspection facility where customs officials work to catch fake goods.


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