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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". german chancellor, angela merkel lays flower in hon or the of the 12 people killed and the many injured after a truck plowed through berlin's crowded christmas market. the country's top prosecutor says investigators are treating the attacks as an act of terrorism. though there is no claim of responsibility. and german authorities
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have person in custody, they're unsure if that man was actually behind the wheel. good afternoon everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. cbs news correspondent riley carlson has the latest from berlin. >> reporter: german counselor angela merkel, where a truck plowed into a busy market in berlin, killing and injuring shoppers. police arrested a man who was a refugee from pakistan after monday's attacks, but now the chief prosecutors say investigators aren't sure he's the correct suspect. he's denied any involvement and german media report his blood or dna was not found in the truck. police also reportedly continuing to look forearmed suspect. here in london, police are reviewing all security measures in light of the attack in berlin, including a popular christmas market, like this one. this amateur video from germany shows the chaotic aftermath, as bystanders rush to tends to victims. >> i suppose the two people lying on the floor with broken
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limb, they were going to be okay, i saw one guy being dragged away with blood on his face. >> police are looking into whether the truck, which was loaded with steel, was hijacked from a polish construction site. officials say the suspect shot and killed the truck driver, a polish citizen, who was found dead inside the truck. cbs news, london. meantime, back here at home, the truck attack in berlin has prompted increase in security in cities all across the us. christmas markets in particular are seeing additional police presence including this one here in center city. kennel x-rays more on what cities are doing to stay safe this holiday season. >> members of new york city police counter terrorist unit were out in force at holiday mark net response to the truck attack in berlin that killed 12 people monday. >> we deploy long gun resources, these teams, critical response teams. >> but police stress there is no specific credible threat. holiday shoppers in chicago
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monday night, also saw an increase police presence. >> they're trying to make individuals coming out to the market feel safe. >> authorities also added extra patrols in philadelphia's christmas building. >> we can't be naive and act like it didn't happen. but know same sense, don't want to crow ate panic? while police can figure out high profile targets, authorities say the massive terror shooting at gay night club in orlando shows just how unpredictable these attacks can be. >> you start to see the randomnecc of the targeting, one of the challenge. >> here at this holiday market in new york columbus circle thousands of people visit the approximately 100 vendor booths each day. >> i don't want you to live in fear. if you stop going, stop visiting, stopping ac part whatever makes the christmas holiday so special, then you're kind of letting them win. >> just making you more scared to have so many more police officers out here. >> this woman saying she is
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hoping she and her customers can enjoy the holiday season without any problems. kenneth craig, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and still so many questions to be answered, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the tragedy in berlin. we will bring you updates of course when we're on tv, and any time on line at >> this noon, following breaking news, sticky situation on the jersey turnpike in mercer county. that tractor-trailer is caring about 40,000 pounds of syrup. it jackknifed within the hour on route 32 in east windsor. that's not far from the new jersey turnpike exit 8a. the road was closed down to one lane, there were no injuries and, fortunately, no syrup on the highway. >> well, the final day of autumn ends with some of the colds he is weather we've seen this year, what's on tap for tomorrow's first day of winter, meteorologist, justin drabick, live on the cbs skydeck with word of winter warm up. justin? >> that's right, jim. this morning some of the outer suburbs got down to the single digits. difference this morning occurred yesterday was the winds much lighter so
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windchills not as harsh, but not bad rebounds this afternoon, still cold, but at least we have full sunshine outside, right now so feels pretty good when standing in the sun. that's good thing, been a lot of people in our parking lot at this hour, six floor blows me, we have the "joy of sharing" toy fit, drop off event taking place right now. a lot of helpers out there, loading up the truck. we need to fill that truck. salvation army, the uso, boys and girls club, checking unwrapped gift for children in need. anybody come on out, we ' here until 8:00 this evening, and donate a gift in the weather good so far. little rough earlier this morning, but the cold temperatures, but making some progress, right now up to freezing officially philadelphia international airport. twenty-seven in allentown and reading. mid three's already parts of south jersey, suburbs still chilling out, upper 20's, but we got full sunshine everywhere across the region, winds, pretty much calm to 5 miles per hour, win chill values, not too much worse than the actual air temperature, upper 20s what it feels like on exposed skin. storm scan3 quiet will stay that way the rest of today for the next several days, nice
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quiet pattern on our way to up 40 degrees today, low 40's at the shore, near freezing up in the poconos. each day gets little warmer as we head toward the holiday weekends, we will talk about the forecast coming up in a few more minutes, rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank you, police are searching for suspect after a woman is discovered seriously injured on fairhill street. also working to identify the victim. she was found unresponsive at about 11:30 last night, along the 2700 block of north third street. her beating was so severe, police aren't sure if the victim was shot or beaten. and right now her identity also remains a mystery. >> the woman has no identification on her at the hospital. so she is a jane dough. she appears to be a female in her 40's. >> investigators say, cameras a short distance away may have caught image of her attacker, we will of course keep you posted. >> this morning, frigid temperatures meant trouble for drivers and others earlier today. chopper three over southbound columbus boulevard near christian street where water main burst about 7:30 this
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morning, that's just off i-95 a mid icy conditions and detours. no word right now on how many homes are impacted by the break. and there is no timetable on the completion of repairs. >> meanwhile, firefighters had to fight flames and frigid temperatures to get control of this house fire in talcony. the flames tore through the home on the 6,000 block of gillsbye street about 3:30 this morning, one firefighter suffered minor injury, but is expected to be okay. investigators are now searching for the cause. traffic is back on the road again after a car fire on the blue route early this morning. it happened in the southbound lanes approaching the saint david's villanova exit for route 30. all lanes were closed, there was 10-mile back up, at the height of the morning rush, fortunately, there were no injuries reported. well, coming up: soldier surprise reunion, coming up on "eyewitness news". >> see what happens after college player gets a surprise video message from his military brother serving in afghanistan. >> good stuff. and you can call it a warm up for the wing bowl. what donuts, cops and wings
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all have in common. stay with we can do it without biblowing our budget.s. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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mstanding rib roast!ds to be wowed this year. wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> a book deal for new jersey governor chris christie will have to be shelved at least for now. yesterday new jersey lawmakers were supposed to vote on a measure that would allow the governor to cash in on a book deal while he's still? office. legislative leadership had signed off on the bill, but rang and file members were not fans of the measure, so vote never took place. so far no comments from governor christie. well, wing bowl 25 is about
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five weeks away. and the contestants are warming up. >> three, two, one! >> it is over. and this does not look like a close finish. >> this is tame. the wings every justice, also known as p year police veteran, jason car, impressed the staff at our sister station sports radio 94wip car polished off 29 tastykake mini donuts in five minutes, during his spot in the wing bowl, february 3rd. >> just hungry. did not -- cannot get enough of this story. a present that the fighting irish won't forget. >> wishing notre dame a very merry christmas. >> after the basketball team's win over colgate, lieutenant bo pharrell sends a message to his brother, matt, a junior guard on the team. he was in afghanistan, but the brother was actually in the arena. his family didn't know it either.
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but the coach and staff were in on the surprise homecoming. can't get enough of that. the children's hospital of philadelphia expecting huge delivery today thanks to family in burlington county, new jersey, 3,000 toys load into a truck to be donate today chop. the massive donation was spear headed by the levin family of marlton, young son suffers from a traumatic brain injury. children from local schools helped load the toys into the truck, and over 06 schools, businesses, and community members, donated the toys. well, it is a very special day here at cbs-3. speaking of toys, still ahead on "eyewitness news", a live look now at our parking lot, where we are rounding up, loading up, all of the wonderful toys given by so many generous people, all to make sure a child has a wonderful holiday. justin? >> that truck is getting full. time to think about the weekends. big weekends with the holidays coming up. on our way to the warming trends for saturday and sunday, overall good travel conditions leading up to the weekends, and the weekends itself. christmas, may and chance for
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couple of light rain showers, talk about the timing coming up in our eyewitness weather forecast in just a few minutes.
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welcome back, our "joy of sharing" toyfest drop off is in full swing. cbs philly has part nerds with the valuation army, uso, boys and girls club to collect toys this holiday season, great day. and jim is out in our parking lot where the toys are coming in. hey, jim? >> they are, fast and furiously since 6:00 this morning, get a load of this. i mean, we are talking about boxes and boxes of toils.
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and we will be here collecting them until 8:00 tonight. again, we're at 1555 hamilton street philadelphia. if you can't get here with the toy, you can still get involved. make 10-dollar donation to the salvation army, by texting 41444. message and data rates apply. now, we're joined right now by todd, ceo of hands and stone massage and face, one of the drop off locations, and also we have major phil, from the salvation army, so, todd, you guys bring us every year a lot of toys. >> yes, this is just tremendous, all of thein the philadelphia area participate. customers just come in, drop them off. we have boxes overflowing at the spa's, waiting to come down here. we brought our elves today to help us load up the trucks. >> well, you know what? i've gone your spa's, i mean, people are in a good mood walking out the door, so they are brink nag lot of good loot. >> we take the stress down for the holiday, right? and the thing is, it helps kids out in this area, and our
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customers just, you know, really love giving back to the community. >> the great thing is the toys will be distributed by not only the salvation army, also the uso, and to boys and girls club. this is big deal every year to the salvation army? >> this is age huge deal. we serve over 14,000 children, hand and stone is big part of that. >> i mean, do you have any competitions going on at your various locations? because few times i've got never there, okay, let's see what we can do here? >> definitely bragging rights inside the organization. you know, we get pictures of whose box is overflowing today, right, and how many customers are participating. so many across the delaware vale, so, you know, everybody gets to participate in this throughout the delaware val. >> i we are thrilled you're here, todd, thrill your elves are here. guys, start going, elves, we will start relay here, get this stuff on the truck, again, we have until 8:00 tonight to fill up this truck. i'm sure we can do it if you're in the area drop by 1555 hamilton street.
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our cbs-3 studios, our on air folks will be here, ukee, jessica, kate, rahel will be down in just a few minute. we also have hot chocolate being served by the salvation army. again, this is our "joy of sharing" toyfest drop off day. sends it back to you. >> all right, jim, thank you. what a good suggestion. you know, it is a little cold out there. >> it is. >> grab cup of hot cocoa, come down, bring a toy. >> feeling a lot better than it was this morning. >> i'll tell that you. >> making big difference, we had single digits in some area. now back up to about freezing. on our way upward as we head toward -- so above average temperatures headed into winter, won't be as warm as last year, last year, christmas day, temperatures about 70 degrees. we will be near 06 saturday and sunday. so to the poconos, they took advantage of the arctic air over the past 24 hours, they were cranking out the snow, with the guns, so now they've turned them off. getting ready for nice afternoon, big boulder, they open up at 3:00 today.
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little slow. will get all groomed. crews out there getting everything ready. good week ahead for skiing and riding with the fresh snow out on the grounds, from the snow guns, and each night again they'll be able to crank out more snow. quiet weather pattern, for late december. you know, so take advantage of it, if you have travel plans, looks good both in the roads and the skies. so next several days, decent amount of sunshine, each day warmer. for the most part we will stay dry, no big storm systems to talk about. thirty-two at the airport, philadelphia, 33 in wilmington, still some upper 20s in the far northwest suburbs, but the arctic air we have in place red, starting to lift out, and it will stay there. i don't see a return on any true cold arctic air, probably not until january. so for the rest of the year stays somewhat on the milder side. winter officially begins tomorrow morning, 5:44 a.m., when the sun is at the furthest point south in the southern hemisphere, nine hours, 19 minutes, 58 seconds of daylight. shortest daylight of the year. we made it. after that starts to slowly increase the daylight hours.
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forty-three where we should be for the average temperature today, we struggle to get to near 40 degrees. tomorrow back above average. we stay above average at least through sunday, probably into next week. like i said, pretty quiet. storm scan3, really, not showing much of anything. couple of plows moving to the north and west, real now precipitation, so get used to that picture, daylight next several days. one weak system talking about coming in thursday, i'll show you, not happening any time soon. high pressure just limiting any storm of storms from developing. high pressure still over us tomorrow, good amount of sunshine, starts to drift off shore, thursday, allow the cold front to come through. weak front really no moisture with it, and snow showers north of us, into up-state new york about it, just some clouds, real now true cold air behind it. because of the jet stream, kind of flattens out from west to east. so we get pacific air. little milder. so the cold arctic air stays to the north, real warmth stays to the south, seasonable conditions through the end of the week, upcoming weekends, looks like little surge of some warm air trying to move
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in later on christmas, into next week. so christmas eve, as of now, looking dry. clouds around, 48 degrees, above average, christmas day, 50, most of the day, should stay dry, in not all of it, see some showers right now, doesn't look like it will happen until later on at night. still chilly today, 40 degrees, another cool night tonight. not as cold. twenty-eight for the city, little colder in the suburbs. skies mostly clear. that extended forecast, again, not much happening, pretty boring, some clouds from time to time. mid to upper 40's, through the ends of the week, again, christmas eve day, 48 degrees christmas day itself, 50's, and next week looks like the low 50's continues monday probably the best chance for some showers. all right, well, rahel took off. so i'm deserted here. jim and rahel both out helping to load the toy donations, thank to you so many generous viewers. we will take you to the action next.
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welcome back everyone, it is "joy of sharing" toyfest drop off day, and boy do we have toys, we have people, we have hot chocolate. rahel, we've got everything. >> tell them to come down here. >> exactly. we will be collecting toys until 8:00. >> you have a lot of ways to
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come on down, this is our last day, comes down to this. so we're at 1555, hamilton, put up full screen, so you can see all of the ways that you can do know nature -- donate. drop it off at our parking lot until 8:00 p.m. tonight. no big deal, but here since 6:00 a.m. this morning. again, 16th and hamilton, spring garden section of the city. come say merry christmas to us. >> we have microphone problems. maybe a toy microphone in one of the boxes? joining me, doc, you know, i'm so used to saying that for years. yes. frank and andy from our sister radio station 92.5, wxtu. talk about your involvement in toyfest. >> well it, started with really our toy truck parade, now getting involved with the cbs-3 family, it is awesome, whole bunch of toys. >> fantastic. earlier in december we had our toy truck parade, had just hundreds of trucks that were decorated for the holidays, way down to the montgomery
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mall. collected thousands and thousands of toys for the salvation army, for the boys and girls club, also for the uso. so it is just been a season of giving, which is what this is all about. >> you know i love my country music. >> yes. >> and i am a country music fans, and they're generous. >> they really r that's what so heartwarming. we are so glad to be able to team up with you guys, just put so many smiles on so many faces this holiday season. >> some of those families today, this morning, come in, picking up toys, such a great experience. >> exactly. andy and frank, thank you very much. we'll allow you, guys, we have some toys here. again we will be here until 8:00 tonight. you can drop off your toys at 1555 hamilton street. be sure to drop by. we will be here for the rest of the day. right, rahel? >> absolutely. we appreciate your generosity, and of course merry christmas. >> the young and the restless is next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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[ knock on door ] >> sharon: faith? sweetheart? >> faith: go away! >> sharon: you were so amazing onstage. tonight was your night. i'm so sorry that your dad and i spoiled it by fighting. can you forgive me? >> faith: [ sniffles ] >> sharon: faith, will you open this door so we can talk about this? [ footsteps approach ] [ sighs ] she won't even talk to me. >> dylan: sharon. >> sharon: what was i thinking, asking nick to give up his time with faith in front of her friends backstage. she was right there to hear us bickering. i couldn't have picked a worse time. >>


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