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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 21, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EST

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massive explosion risked through a fireworks market in mexico. >> emergency lights amid the holiday lights at peddler's village at fire tears through two popular businesses. just days before the christmas weekend. the fire fight happened at the
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height of the shopping evening. good evening, i'm jets >> i'm ukee washington. "eyewitness news" report alexandria hoff is at peddler's village now with a closer look at the damage. alex? >> reporter: fortunately there's volunteer fire company that backs up directly to peddler's village and officials told me they were able to get the fire under control within 20 minutes. these are not the kind of lights that peddler's village is known for. shoppers continued through the festive retail community as firefighters across the area continued to secure two fire torn stores >> i grew up in this area, i've lived here over 40 year, peddler's village is a big thing. >> reporter: making this site harder to stomach. crews were called around 6:30. the nut kettle and the st. jude's shop >> i was just here probably about a month ago. >> these girls were at a dance class across the street while the fire was being contained. >> i was kind of scared that it was going to spread to
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buildings. >> reporter: fortunately that was not the case and no one was injured. nearly two years ago in january of 2015, a two alarm fire heavily damaged a restaurant just several doors down. has since reopened and they say they hope these can >> lose all the businesses. typically do. >> reporter: again, there were no injuries. the cause of the fire has yet to be determined. reporting live in bucks county, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. and explosion rips through a fireworks market north of mexico city killing 29 people and injuring many others. and that was how it sounded as the explosion took over the market in the town of tulsapek. it was crowded with shoppers
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buying fireworks for the holidays. they combed through charred male searching for victims no, word on what triggered the blast. one person is dead and two others hurt after a fiery car crash in bucks county. chopper 3 over the scene at river road and first avenue. authorities say a crash caused an suv to overturn. officials have not yet identified the victims. isis now claimed responsibility for monday night's truck attack at a popular christmas market in berlin. that assault left 12 dead and 48 injured. the search is intensifying for the person who used the 18 wheeler as a weapon. >> a massive manhunt is underway for the hijacker of the semi tractor-trailer truck that barrelled through the germany capitol's christmas market. its polish driver was found shot and stabbed to death in the passenger seat. authorities detained then
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released a pakistani seeker because they had no blood or dna evidence to link him to the crime. shortly after the man was set free, isis claimed responsible. officials admit they're not sure how many people were involved in the attack. late tuesday, germany police combed through a field and a canal where they believe the truck had been parked before the rampage. this woman was at the market when the truck rammed into the crowd. she said she refuses to give into fear. >> you want to be free. you cannot leave being afraid of something happens. >> reporter: others are playing it safe. >> planning to stay longer, however we cut our trip short. we don't feel safe >> germany chancellor toured the market and laid roses outside the church. crowds gathered to honor the dead and injured. a makeshift memorial marks the spot where the victims died. police are urging those in
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berlin to remain vigilant. u.s. state department officials say while it bears the hallmarkss of previous terrorist attacks they do not have enough information to back the isis claims. a trump transition spokesperson says the president elect is in regular contact about the terror attacks in germany and also in turkey and switzerland. president-elect trump is working on the presidential transition from his estate in palm beach florida. he met with several business executives at the estate today >> the pennsylvania department of health is warning patients of the center for family and specialty den tristy in reading and they should get test food re hepatitis b and hiv. also said procedures through properly claim dis infect or sterilize to devices were not involved between december 19th 2015 and october 19th. 2016. philadelphia police are
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working to identify a woman beaten to death in west kensington. police officers found the victim's body on the 2700 block of north 3rd late last night. it's believed the woman is in her 40's. detectives are interviewing neighbors for information. they're also looking at surveillance video hoping the killer was captured on camera. >> it's sad any time. but especially during the holidays season, somebody unfortunately is going to find their loved one not only is murdered but was murdered on a brutal fashion. so it's very difficult especially during this time of year. >> anyone with information is asked to contact police. new jersey state police need the public to track down a man wanted for murder. this is the suspect. 32-year-old jeremiah of cumberland county. wanted for yesterday's murder of his estranged wife of commercial township. manel was last seen driving a 1994 blue chevrolet ex-10
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payment with. philadelphia police take the battle against drugs to kensington. department provided this video of raised that took place between december 14th and 16th. officers made dozens of arrests. the operation targeted an area where authorities say they seen an increase in the number of heroin overdoses recently. officers recovered drugs assault weapons and thousands of dollars and more raised planned. a book deal for chris christie will have to be shelved for now. they were supposed to vote yesterday that would allow the governor to cash in on a book deal while still in office. but a majority of the assembly members said they would oppose the bill so a vote never took place. the legislation would have raised salaries bridgeton kelly and bill baroni are seeking to have their convictions thrown out.
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in court filings the former alleys of governor christie argued jurors acted improperly they claimed some jurors deliberated on day when the judge had ordered them not to deliberate while attorneys resolved the legal issue. baroni and kelly were convicted in orchestrating traffic jams to punish a mayor. governor was not charged. a criminal investigation of the flint water crisis now resulted in charges against four people. d, a rnell early were state emergency managers in flint. they and two other employees are is now been charged. flint's water system became contaminated with led because water from the river was not treated. who makes a better doctor? man or a woman? >> a new study finds patients treated by women physicians who are less likely to die than those getting medical care for male doctors. our nicole brewer takes a closer
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look at why this may be the case. >> interesting study. ukee and jess, women make up 1/3rd of practicing physicians and account for about half of recent medical school graduates. the numbers are increasing and the seems the success rates are as well. >> if you're an elderly person in the hospital, you may be better off with a female doctor. at least according to a new study from harvard school of public health. >> wow. really? i believe it >> ok. what's the basis of the study. >> reporter: after analyzing data from over a million medicare patients 65 and older, researchers found patients treated by female physicians had a 4% lower relative risk of dying and were 5% less likely to be readmitted >> i'm happy i'm going to a woman >> i bet males go to male doctors and femaleses go to female doctors and in general, females live longers researchers say they adjusted. why do women appear to have the
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edge >> maybe more motherly in a way >> female doctors take a calm and a listen to everything. >> reporter: previous studies found females are more likely to adhere to critical guidelines spend more time and inquire about the emotional well-being >> if you have reinsurance it makes sense. the study found that if male doctors achieve the same outcomes as their counterparts there would be 32,000 fewer deaths, the same nation of motorist vehicle deaths >> i hope they get as much money as the men. >> one of the authors pointed out the ways in which women are treated differently. not only are they paid less but less likely to be promoted. very interesting study. you know, i asked the people i spoke to tonight. if it would change their decision male versus female. they said no.
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because there are plenty of wonderful male doctors out there too. >> finding the person you connect with and are comfortable. at 11:00 an award winning musician jumps into action on a plane to subdue an unruly passenger a remarkable journey, a woman survived being burned in an australian brush fire. it's what happened here in philadelphia that saved her life. why she's making it a mission to share her story. waiting for that holiday delivery? the company warning customers that some packages may not arrive on time. it's a cold finish to fall but as we into winter, warmup is on the way. as winter arrives, we'll time out the chance for a possible few showers for your holiday weekend. that's coming up with the seven-day forecast. . a dramatic transformation where philadelphia commuters are seeing the area in a whole new
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unruly passenger on a plane learned singer richard marks is right there waiting for him. marks had to subdue the passenger today on a flight from vietnam to south korea his wife took the pictures of the confrontation. marks says the man sitting in the row next to them started attacking the flight attendant and passengers and that's when mark helped subdue him. wrote on facebook one crew member and two passengers were hurt. even tweeted tonight that he and
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his wife are home safe and sound. he said he's not a hero. he just did what he would hope anyone would do in the same situation. on the health watch, story of giving and gratitude. gift of life region helped save a you don't know australian burn victim. 29-year-old victory pits. in 2011 she was trapped by a brush fire running a marathon. she suffered burns to 65% of her body. gift of life coordinator donations from 16 americans. one came from an unidentified family in philadelphia. >> to give the gift of your loved one tissue to someone you don't even know is an disorder gift for sure. the stranger of generosity i resolved to make the most of my life and live it to the best of my abilities >> in sharing her story she's hoping to inspire more organ
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donors >> a labor dispute. union flyers warn shoppers those packages could be delayed. a judge told the striking pilots they had to go back to work but the pilots union warned there may not be enough pilots to meet amazon's demands. amazon insists it is prepared for the holiday rush. we asked for your help here and you certainly responded in a very big way at our cbs studios. >> many of you stopped by to contribute to our joy of sharing toy fest helping to brighten the holiday for children all across our region. all of the toys you donated ended up here at the salvation army. right now, dozens dozens are sorting the toys, we thank you, our sponsor, partners and and our viewers for making it great day. vittoria woodill shows you more of a special effort. >> reporter: hi, everybody. it's a day at cbs3 that we look
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forward to every year. toy fest, the sun is shining and toy fest is in full swing. 28 years in the making and coming down to this >> morning noon and night members of our cbs3 family >> long time neighbor said she couldn't get down, i went over and pick i did it up and brought it down >> frank biller here. >> reporter: surprising guests >> you guys know to guy, that crazy guy. >> reporter: and so many of you took part in a day of giving so that children who need it most could receive something under the tree on christmas morning. >> breaking news we hit the mother load of giving. this person even brought batteries to go with the what you want to talk about, a thoughtful gift givers christmas in the heart puts christmas in the air >> this is our second truck. our second truck. >> reporter: today in you are oh cbs3 parking lot. with a whirlwind of toys for so many boys and girls.
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>> thank you. >> reporter: that's what christmas is about >> it's about the children. it's about families in need. we need your help, the salvation army, uso everyone, thank you, family. >> what a day. >> a fun day here. it was so fun to meet so many of you who came and stopped by. really nice. >> it was fabulous >> to see everybody >> the weather held up. it was a wonderful day, lots of smiles. >> like to see that truck just pile up to the rafters, and that second truck in that was awesome. >> beautiful thing >> it was a beautiful day. the morning i heard they were freezing out there temperatures were in the teens to start the day. pretty nice in the afternoon and then as soon as the sun went down we definitely start to feeled that chill in the air once again you're feeling it outside tonight and tomorrow morning, temperatures will be in the 20's. when you wake up and head out the door to work, get the car started, bundle up the kids, it is going to start getting milder around here. let's start off with a look at what's happening outside. we'll take you out to our room
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cam. at clear crisp, cold night in center city philadelphia. typical for this time of year, above average but it is december, it's the week before christmas, so you need that little chill in the air, and while it doesn't look like while have a white christmas at least it is feeling like winter. it's supposed to feel. stormscan 3 shows the big bank of clouds moving through the area right now. much like we had last night. that's going to be clearing out and we got clear skies to wake us up on wednesday morning and looks like temperatures will rebound a bit after a couple of days stuck only in the 30's. tonight not quite as cold as last night. if you remember, last night. it was around 8 degrees in mount pocono. they're feeling balmy at 23. 27 in reading, 27 in wilmington and 30 in philadelphia. so we've gone sub freezing once again. the 9th time so far this month. that number is important i'll get to that in a moment. let's start off with a look at what to expect as we head through the next couple days. we do expect cooler air to try and move in as we get into thursday and friday temperatures will stay in the mid 40's.
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again, that's pretty seasonal for this time of year. i want you to watch is how the jet stream starts to lift to the north. you see that push to the north mild air from the south, moves in and this really starts over the christmas weekend. christmas day sunday and into next week as well. temperatures on their way up. we're not talking about a major blow, torch warmup but temperatures slightly above average. and a pretty tranquil pattern through the holiday weekend. what to expect for the first days of winter, winter begins tomorrow morning. 5:44 a.m. by the time most wake up tomorrow, it will be officially winter and first day of the new season looking better than the final days of autumn. gradual warming and staying dry. cold tonight in the mid 20's. tomorrow sunny quiet 45 wednesday high. let's take you into thursday night if you're headed to the eagles game, bundle uptake off temperature 38 we'll drop to around freezing by the end. little bit of a breeze will make
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it feel cooler at ten to 15. christmas outlook, chance for showers christmas eve, looks like it would be late afternoon into christmas evening. couple of those showers could move through. christmas day 50, quickly compare this to last year because we broke records, we broke a record christmas eve tied it christmas day 70 and only twice in the whole month of december last year the temperature fell below the freezing mark. again we've already done it nine times and again, it's not even the christmas weekend yet. big difference from last year's warm december. hanukkah begins saturday at sundown 45 degrees at the start of that holiday. just with a chance for a shower. mid 40's through the end of the week. dry no problem for traveling. saturday 48 with a chance for a few showers we're at 50 the clouds and sun on christmas day sunday. pretty great forecast as good as you can ask for this time of year. >> i'm telling you >> unless you wanted a white christmas >> no. >> you're probably ok with that
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>> yeah, i'd be ok with the 70 that it was last year, too. >> eagles have been selected for the nfl pro bowl find out who. and he said
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sixers saw the modom mant n in the game, joel embiid and anthony davis, embiid answered right back. jo jo with 11 points and six scores, jump to the second, sixers down by six, frazier, no look, and the sixers out score 42 to 21 in the quarter. later in the third, crowd on their feet. why? because nerlens noel checks in gets a standing ovation. beefing with the squad recently. four points three rebounds in seven minutes. off the bench.
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sixers try to catch up but in the fourth quarter, no can do. down and anthony davis keeping it that way. 31 points for him along with 16 boards and the sixers fall 108-93. if i spent more than a week out of the office, i normally forget how to log into the company e-mail, barely find the way back. lane johnson hasn't practiced since the october and starting thursday. big right tackle is back after serving a ten-game suspension for test to go positive, during his hiatus, he wasn't allowed to visit the practice facility. now, he's diving back in. >> something plays on my mind all the time. right now when i'm with the team, i feel like a lot could happen differently with the season. not saying you know, one player can do that much. but held the team in a lot of way, from now on, to more strikes, i know what's at stake, i think this will bring the best out of me as a player and as a
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person. >> eagles corner back jay lynn mills spoke to the media after the team's loss at baltimore. one of his answers landed him in hot water. the birds gave up a 34-year-old touchdown to us in the final seconds of the first half. mills later said, he didn't really like the call. defensive coordinator jim schwartz heard and had a little chat with the rookie >> i'm going to take the piece out of his head and put it in jay lynn so he can approve of every call. i love the hell out of that kid. i really do, he's a competitor but there's a lot of calls the you'd like to have back. the call wasn't issue. it was the execution. he understands that. he knows. >> the pro bowl rosters had been released for the season, jason peters is in for the 9th if i'm in fletcher cox makes second straight appearance the oakland raiders had most selections in the nfl with seven players. the phillies swinging a trade for two-time all star, picked up
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clay buck holts in change for josh dubias. the 32-year-old coming off a disappointing season. but started to get hot. turned it around towards the end of last year. continue. >> that's right. >> two months. here we go. >> crazy. >> don, thanks >> a colorful transform
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♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪
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the delaware waterfront unveiled it's connecter project at the second and spring garden station. the features center column whites a new lighting system and new sidewalks. it's a key gateway between northern liberties and the waterfront. the project is about three years to get completed. kate? checking in with the holiday weekend the good news is it's quiet weather, temperatures on
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their way up. good travel conditions. we're watching a weak system. could bring the chance of shower christmas eve or morning, maybe a couple of rain drops, it doesn't look like a big deal and
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. late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon, morning team is back from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks for watching, have a good night family and sleep well. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for tai cheng, brought to you by beachbody. >> wow, joy, look at these people! they love you! [ cheers and applause ] thank you! it's regis, joy, and i've got big news for you. if aches, pains, and poor balance are slowing you down, keep watching this show because we're gonna tell you about an incredible new program that's gonna fix everything. [ cheers and applause ] yeah! >> announcer: the facts are frightening. 1 out of 3 people over 65 fall


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