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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 21, 2016 6:30pm-6:42pm EST

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absolutely don't tolerate this behavior and are working to ensure future incidents of this nature are addressed appropriately. oappropriately." winter began today, a season that many dread in china because the smog is at its worst. in some places this week, pollution from factories and power plants was 10 times safe levels. despite this, one school forced 400 students to take a test outside without masks. the headmaster's been suspended. what's black and white and also black and blue? the poor snowman who had his block knocked off in a playful romp with a giant panda at the toronto zoo. first the panda showed the snowman who was boss, climbed on to his head, but then he tumbled off and brought frosty's head down with him. we'll be right back.
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>> pelley: the best military operations require bold planning, radio science-- silence, and precision execution. what happened-- what happens when you add some holiday magic? jim axelrod found out. >> wishing notre dame a very, merry christmas. congrats on the win. >> reporter: when army lieutenant bo farrell wished notre dame's basketball team well monday, a good night became great for his brother, matt, the starting point guard, grateful to see bo safe from where matt thought was afghanistan. >> i love you, and i miss you very much. ( applause ) >> reporter: but when it turned out bo was actually in
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south bend-- it became a moment these brothers will remember forever. same thing at white water elementary school in virginia last week. jackson rescott had an x-box at the top of his christmas list. >> i think i have a bit of christmas magic for you. >> okay. >> reporter: but santa had a better idea. marine staff sergeant david rescott, deployed overseas the last eight and a half months, left his son's jaw hanging open. ( laughter ) until he reached for a hug. for the last couple of weeks, 'tis been the season-- >> daddy! >> reporter: ...for a battalion of military moms and dads-- >> daddy! >> reporter: sons and daughters. >> oh! >> reporter: pull off the kind of surprise attack. >> is this why you haven't called me back! >> reporter: one minds being the target of. just this week, a couple of
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daughters recording the mannequin challenge at their school in oklahoma had a surprise waiting at the end of the line, seeing their dad for the first time in a year. >> i missed you! >> reporter: specialist christine rainey surprised her 10-year-old kayla in south carolina. and air force master sergeant john lang shocked his 20-year-old decatur a hockey nut whose first chicago blackhawks game ever-- >> hi, kim, it's dad. >> reporter: was bittersweet since her dad wasn't there to share it until he was. another holiday antidote to all that news that's left us asking, "what's wrong with the world?" by showing us what's right. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: welcome home. that's the cbs evening news. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, g
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is kim k. losing millions? out of the public eye and silenced on social media since the paris robbery. tonight we reveal the crushing bbow to her bank account. >> plus breaking baby news. what ryan reynolds and blake lively named their daughter. then it's "e.t.'s" christmas movie preview. behind the scenes of a can't-miss movie this holiday season. >> my name is jennifer and these are my issues. >> from out of this world romances to the real-life heroes. >> it makes me extremely proud to be a bostonian. >> plus the movies battling for oscar gold. >> how far will he go? >> will going bald with a beer belly win matthew mcconaughey another academy award? >> reese witherspoon gets animated. how she lays down the law with her kids. >> i would say if you're not yelling at your kids you're not spending enough time with them.


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