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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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across the country. scott pelley is next there n >> pelley: echoes of the cold war. fears of a new arms race today as donald trump and vladimir putin call for expanding their nuclear arsenals. also tonight, what is excessive force? ( screaming ) (bleep). >> pelley: a mother calls police, but she and her daughters are arrested. the world's most vicious war is revealed through the eyes of a seven-year-old from aleppo. >> . >> reporter: what's it like? >> bad. >> so the picture is in my head. my task is to get it out. >> pelley: and the photographer who shines a light on humanity.
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>> i am your uncle. i am your brother, i am your neighbor. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the latest tweet from the president-elect could signal a reversal of nearly five decades of u.s. nuclear policy. since 1963, presidents, both republican and democrat, have agreed with russia to limit nuclear weapon development. most recently, in 2010, president obama signed a deal to cut the number of missile launchers in half and limit deployed warheads on both sides. but today, donald trump suggested that policy may not be his policy. here's julianna goldman. >> reporter: in just 140 characters, president-elect donald trump signaled a major shift in u.s. foreign policy, tweeting:
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transition officials didn't say what prompted the tweet, but it came the same day that russian president, vladimir putin, said moscow needs to strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces. >> i think the tweet was ambiguous, and it was hard to figure out what exactly he meant. >> reporter: former u.s. ambassador to nato, nicholas burns. >> in nuclear diplomacy and in diplomacy in general, you want to be clear, most of the time-- especially with your adversaries -- about what you're willing to do and not willing to do. >> reporter: a trump aide later tried to clarify saying the president-elect was, "referring to the threat of nuclear proliferation and the critical need to prevent it." during the campaign, mr. trump also sent conflicting messages on nuclear policy. >> look, nuclear should be off the table. but would there be a time when it could be used? possibly. >> okay, the trouble swhen you said that-- >> reporter: today's confusion overshadowed mr. trump's long-awaited white house staff anowms, including naming former
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campaign manager kellyanne conway as counselor to the president, making her the top-ranking woman in the west wing. former republican national committee spokesperson sean spicer will be the next white house press secretary. and longtime aide hope hicks will serve as the director of strategic communications. a day after mr. trump said he still favors a muslim registry, president obama made that more difficult. scott, while it hadn't been used in five years, he ended a program enacted after 9/11 that registered visitors from countries with active terrorist groups. >> pelley: julianna goldman covering the transition. julianna, thank you. today, the president-elect's daughter, ivanka, was berated by two strangers on a flight that was scheduled to depart new york. this picture turned up on social media. one of the men reportedly told miss trump that her father was "ruining the country." the men were kicked off the plane before it departed. the trump transition team has been sending questionnaires to
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cabinet departments, not at all unusual, but some of the questions sent to the state department are raising concerns. and mek it following this. >> reporter: the memo shared with cbs news requested details on existing programs and activities to promote gender equality, such as ending gender-based violence swailz list of jobs that handle those issues. it does dnot state why the information was needed but raised concern that the trump administration might want to cancel state department initiatives championed by hillary clinton. spokesman john kirby: >> i can't discount the notion that in all aspects of a change in leadership here that there's going to be anxiety. >> reporter: the memo did not ask for the names of officials who oon these programs, unlike a controversial questionnaire sent by the trump team to the energy department earlier this month. it requested a list of programs and staffers "essential to meeting the goals of president obama's climate action plan."
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the questionnaire prompted house foreign affairs committee democrats to urge secretary kerry in a letter last week not to single out hills employees. today, kirby said there is a limit to the help the state department will provide. >> obviously, we would have concerns if-- if, for instance, therthere were issue-specific ls of names that were being provided. >> reporter: and kirby also said the request for organizations and names and details were normal. scott. >> pelley: margaret brennan at the state department, thank you, margaret. there's no question that hillary clinton won the popular vote. it is official now. all 50 states and d.c. have certified their totals. nearly 66 million americans voted for clinton, jut under 63 million voted for trump, and
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that's a difference of about 2.9 million, the widest margin in history for a candidate who wasn't popular vote but lost the electoral college. in berlin, investigators found their prime suspect's fingerprints in that truck that barreled into a christmas market. newly released video shows how fast that truck was going. a dozen were killed on monday, and dozens more were wounded, including two americans. the suspect is at large. we've learned that the 24-year-old tunisian was on the "no fly terror watch list" here in the u.s. today, syria's assad dictatorship took full control of aleppo, once the country's largest city, and the center of the rebellion. this is what victory looks like-- block after block of wasteland. assad vanquished the rebel force here's after four years.
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about 400,000 people have been killed in the civil war. for many months, the eyes of a seven-year-old have been the wendo on aleppo. she's now in turkey where holly williams found her. >> reporter: bana has just lost a front tooth and loves harpy potter. so far, so normal for a seven-year-old. just three days ago, bana and her family escaped the nightmarish violence of aleppo. and before that, as they lived under siege, bana and her mother, fatima, ran a twitter account that turned her into a social media sensation. >> we are still alive. >> reporter: with more than 300,000 followers, it showed the devastation of war through a child's eyes. what was it like living in aleppo when the bombs were falling? "it was really frightening" bana told us.
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"they're killing children and we don't want to die." now in the safety of turkey, bana seems to be enjoying her celebrity. she's already friends with harry potter author j.k. rowling after the british writer managed to send some of her books to bana in the war zone. "i love harry potter" she said. "he's strong and brave, and he kills bad people." what do you want to do when you grow up? you want to be a teacher? >> yes. >> reporter: like your mom? >> yes. >> reporter: and bana and fatima begged for help on twitter-- >> i am sick. >> reporter: ...syria's president, bashar al-assad, called their internet posts a game and propaganda. others then claimed the account was somehow a fake.
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>> reporter: bana and her mother did show the world what happened in aleppo and made it out alive, though to the world's shame, even a little girl's pleas for help didn't stop the carnage. holly williams, cbs news, ankara, turkey. >> pelley: we've been reporting extensively on russian hacking in the presidential campaign, and last night, we showed you how russian hackers shut down part of ukraine's power grid. well, now david martin reports the hacking has led to death on the battlefield. >> reporter: locked in a bitter battle with russian-backed separatists, a ukrainian artillery officer designed a cell phone app that allowed his men to aim and shoot their how theitzers in seconds rather than minutes. but after they showed it off on youtube, says adam meyers of the computer security firm crowdstrike, russian military intelligence hacked into it. >> the backdoor provided them
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full access to the device. every number that was in there, even the geographic location. >> reporter: so that malware, basic leak turned the phone into a beacon. >> that's right. >> reporter: and that beacon was used to target ukrainian military units. as a result of this hack attack, people were actually getting killed. >> data seems to point to that, for sure. >> reporter: this what the malware looks like and it's got digital fingerprints all over it, including this i.p. address. and what does that internet address tell you? >> that's actually a server that we've previously associated with the fancy bear actor. >> reporter: fancy bear is the name given to the group which also hacked into email of the democratic national committee. fancy bear is known to work for russian military intelligence. sounds lik like russian military intelligence is just having a field day. >> they're really good at what they do, and they're doing it pretty much all day, every day. >> reporter: only in this case, scott, the cyberattack was
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not just disruptive. it was deadly. >> pelley: david martin at the pentagon. david, thank you. well, more than 100 million americans are on the move for the holidays, and carter evans has found that many are already running into trouble. >> reporter: los angeles has one of the nation's busiest airports, and this week, it may be the most disfunctional. >> i'll i'm just mad as hell because whons when we're going to be able it to get back to new york? >> reporter: if misery loves company, john schott has plenty of new friends, like jane zheng, wondering when she'll reach vancouver. >> we are homeless right now for christmas. >> reporter: on a relatively tranquil day across the country with most airports showing few problems, l.a. has suffered through 716 flight delays, and 143 cancellations over 36 hours. l.a.'s problems started wednesday with a security scare. then it randy in a city not used to rain, creating gridlock on
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the roads and on the tarmac. steve bauman's luck ran out after his flight from seattle landed on time. >> we arrived at 4:07 and got off the plane at 6:37 purpose we were on the tarmac for two and a half hours. >> reporter: even a moment of holiday cheer at the southwest terminal turned into cold reality. sorry, all, flights are delayed. >> reporter: with most holiday flights already full, those suddenly without a flight, like katie doving, felt the squeeze. >> we've been in this line for four hours. and it doesn't look like they've resolved anything. >> reporter: and on top of it all, major airport renovations are slowing down want traffic here at the terminals. scott, about 100,000 cars are expected to pass through here today alone. >> pelley: carter evans, thanks very much. so will the weather outside be frightful? eric fisher is delightful, as the chief meteorologist of our
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boston station wbz. eric what, are we in for? >> very poetic there, scott. you know, we had the one storm today on the west coast, the next one also moving into the west coast, and that's where most of the trouble is going to be tomorrow. rain and mountain snow swing downing from washington state, again down through los angeles, and even some mountain snow around the grapeline, along i-5. the mountains outside l.a. and san diego will both be picking up snow by late tomorrow. blizzard conditions across the dakotas. meanwhile, on the eastern side of the storm, this is where we'll have warmer air, even a chance for some severe thunderstorms on christmas day so we'll have to be weather alert. also a lot of warmth across the south on christmas. it might be a flip-flop christmas for much of the southeast. scott. >> pelley: eric fisher, wbz, thank you, eric. coming up next on the cbs evening news, she called for help and wound up under arrest.y
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>> pelley: in forecast worth, texas, tonight, a police officer has been put on restricted duty after a confrontation with a woman who had called him for help. here's manuel bojorquez. >> reporter: jacqueline craig called fort worth police wednesday afternoon to complain about a man grabbing her son after he allegedly littered. >> reporter: this is a copy of the cell phone video a family member recorded as the situation escalated. it's unclear whether it's been edited. craig's 15-year-old daughter then stepped in between her and the officer and a struggle broke out. >> don't grab her!
6:47 pm
do not grab her! >> reporter: the officer pulled his tears. it's unclear whether he used it. he then arrested craig, her daughter, and the woman recording. they were charged with resisting arrest and have been released. >> i was hurt about the whole matter. i don't feel like justice was served. >> reporter: the family's attorney, lee merritt, called for the officer's arrest. >> unfortunately, we have seen over and over again for african americans that they're not afforded the same protection under the law as other citizens. >> reporter: fort worth police have placed the unidentified officer on restricted duty pendzing an internal investigation. it's unclear whether the man craig accused of touching her son will face any charges. scott, this afternoon, fort worth police issued a safety alert to officers after someone who viewed the video posted a
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>> pelley: it's advice that seems to go in one ear and out the other-- turn down the volume. but with so many kids getting headphones and earbuds over the holidays, dr. jon lapook says now hear this. >> reporter: noise is everywhere. for many young people these days, it's all in their heads. >> probably like 50% of my day is spent listening to loud music. >> reporter: pediatric audiologist brian fligor has studied the impact of headphones on hearing. >> we are seeing pockets of young people who have worse hearing than you would expect, much worse hearing than you'd expect. >> reporter: when it comes to loud sound, the general rueful thumb is the greater the volume, the shorter want acceptable
6:52 pm
duration. ♪ turn up the music >> reporter: the top volume on an apple music player is 102 decibels, as loud as a leaf blower. ♪ turn up the music >> reporter: keeping the volume at 70%, or 82 decibels is safe for eight hours a day. 80% volume or 89 decibels is safe for 90 minutes. but crank it all the way up, and only 10 minutes is safe. >> how many people listen to personal music players? >> reporter: these fifth graders in cleveland heights, ohio, are learning what it takes to be a good listener. >> do you think you're listening at a safe level? >> reporter: the dangerous decibels program teaches the physics of sound and how excessive noise damages hearing. >> we like to say that noise ages our ears. >> reporter: audiologist sharon sandridge runs the program for the cleveland clinic. >> it only takes one exposure to excessive sound to cause damage in your ear. >> reporter: flyinger's
6:53 pm
company, lantos technologies, makes a 3d headphone custom designed for the individual ear to better block out background noise. >> worldwide, roughly 1 billion people are at risk for noise-induced hearing lost from using portable listening devices. >> reporter: apps that show decibel levels can show parents the total amount of noise expose their children are getting. scott, it's important and possible for parents to help protect their kids' hearing. >> pelley: we hear you, jon, thanks very much. coming up next, a lens on humanity.
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6:57 pm
with sons, children at play, people living. the subjects are almost always black, and resonate the truth of the man who shoots them. >> an alcoholic father, a person who feels disenfranchised, a person who feels like on some level this country doesn't really acknowledge the spirit of black communities. >> reporter: jamaican-born ruddy roye, a 47-year-old father of two, began photographing his neighbors in brooklyn in 2002. he now shares his images on instagram. >> so the picture is in my head. my task is to get it out. >> reporter: but this year was different. moved by the deaths of young black men on the streets, he considers himself a journalist on a mission. >> the message is what is important, the emotion that is in the image is most important. >> reporter: and it seems to be resinating. after zigzagging across the
6:58 pm
country, roye has acquired 265,000 instagram followers. >> i wanted to broadcast them so that other people would recognize that strip me of my color and i am your uncle. i am your brother. i am your neighbor. >> reporter: the irony, roye says, only by look beyond his lens did he see that himself. >> i didn't once go to coal country and tell the stories of people who were also lose thirgs, people who were also disenfranchised, people who were also hungry, people who didn't look like me but are also going through the same struggles i'm going through. >> reporter: struggles he intends socapture in the new year. ruddy roye calls 2016 "the year of protest." 2017 here, hopes, will be the year of healing. michelle miller, cbs news, brooklyn. >> pelley: that's the "cbs evening news"" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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tonight, the queen's not so happy holidays. first, an illness putting her now why will and kate are breaking royal protocol. plus oprah reaches a major weight loss milestone. >> i struggle no more. >> find out how much she lost. >> and the juiciest celebrity confessions from 2016. from amy schumer's love life to kelly clarkson's struggles of having two kids in two years. >> she's dramatic like her mom. she is a handful. >> and jerry springer's secrets to success. >> you do three things to be a talk show host. >> plus -- ♪ ♪ ♪ >> cher at 70. her life today. >> i never expected to live this long. our rare interview with the music legend after the death rumors.


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