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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 24, 2016 2:07am-2:38am EST

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developing right now, authorities are investigating a strong odor in south philadelphia. we've been getting calls and tweets about it. this is a live picture from the neighborhood. some say it odor smells like gas. others say the odor smelts like rotten eggs. pgw tells us they're searching. we'll bring you updates as soon as we learn more.
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>> a mid air scare, carrie fisher is rushed to the hospital. how the actress is doing now after suffering a heart attack. he'no braving the crowds forhe to the. it won't be a white christmas but wet weather is moving in. i'm ukee washington, jessica off. the weather could be dicey if you're traveling tomorrow. lauren casey joins us. stormscan 3returns as we lo western counties. this is not yet reaching the surface, clouds in place mostly upper level clouds as we continues to see the moisture working in that is building in from the midwest. you can see snow, a wintery mix and rainfall with this area of low pressure and impact the delaware valley as we head to the overnight. we could indeed see a period of
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freezing rain an wintery mix to northwest of the city. upper bucks, berks, lehigh valley, the poconos until 11:00 a.m. as temperature as nearing that freezing mark in these areas, 34 in allentown, 33 in mount pocono. along the i95 corridor we're still up into the upper 30's and temperatures will stay above freezing, down the shore it will be rain but tomorrow morning could be fairly steady, so making slick travel conditions for the first half on the day. we do have the icing possible to the far northwest, watch out for slippery spots and ponding as we could pick up about a quarter to half inch of rainfall through midday. that rain will start to taper as we head to lunch time. for the christmas holiday, beautiful conditions in store, thanks santa sunshine 50 degrees. we'll talk more about that freezing rain and time out the rainfall specifically in your full forecast coming up in a few, ukee. >> we'll see you in a little
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bit. last minute shoppers braving long lines to find the perfect gift. some stores open 24 hours, alexandria hoff is at the cherry hill mall for the last minute rush. good evening, alex. >> reporter: ukee, you know, the mall is just closing up now but will reopen tomorrow. hanukkah will begin tomorrow. christmas comes the day after and that makes for an extra busy evening. >> you've made the grocery list and checked it twice, and somewhere between the gift wrap and con meant aisle realized the holidays snuck up yet again. >> i have no gifts, nothing >> i'm definitely stressed i don't get her anything. i got my sister something >> that's a start. like an alarm clock. the so you wanted of the bell ringers inside the mall marked the last minute sprint to get
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gifts bought and wrapped. >> i enjoy everybody is pushing and shoving and trying to get everything. you try to grab something and everybody pushing you >> why are you shopping >> because i'm a guy and waited till last minute. >> don't confuse installing with laziness >> sometimes it's about taking the time to find the right gift or waiting for an extra paycheck and sometimes life's moments just matter more. >> we went to florida and my daughter wound up getting engaged there. i'm not prepared now >> extremely blessed we're going to celebrate friendship, family and happy nelson. >> reporter: a true procrastinator the beauty is there's always another day to get gift >> probably going to not get it and then just say the shipping took a long time. really play it off. >> reporter: girl you don't have to sit just yet. some stores will be open tomorrow, some through christmas and some 24 hours.
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you might want to check online before heading out. reporting from the cherry hill alexandria hoff cbs3. don't stay there too long. if you're still looking for a gift for that special someone. you might be able to cash in on deep discount target and j c penny will offer a one-day only sale. head to we put the hours four your neighborhood mall on our website. the travel rush will continue into tomorrow as millions scramble to get where they're going by christmas day. take a look at philadelphia international airport. "eyewitness news" has been monitoring the situation at the airport all day long. very busy. things died down a bit. it will pick back up tomorrow morning for sure. we talked with a few travelers earlier. >> so far really good. no problems whatsoever. security has been nice and friendly, i've gone in and out a couple of of times, my flight
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has been delayed but about an hour. >> triple a says more than 9 million americans will travel by air over the holidays. it was also a very busy day at philadelphia's 30th street station, the rails are a popular choice for travel on this friday before christmas, triple a an estimated three and a half million americans are travel being train for the holidays. carrie fisher is in stable condition after suffering a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. passengers performed cpr on the star wars actress before landing. the airlines flight was met by paramedics at lax who provided advanced life support. so far, no comment or other details from fisher's pub lift. she has been open about struggles. a septa van an motorcyclist that left a 44-year-old man
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dead. it happened around 5:30 in the city's frankford section. septa officials tell "eyewitness news" the cct van was rear-ended by motorcyclist. no one was hurt. the search is on for a gunman shot a ups driver making last minutes holiday delivers in chester near 10th and held. he somehow managed to drive over to murphy ford about a quarter mile away. a chester paramedic was at the dealership >> he came in. he knew it was safe. we always have police around. we service a lot of oh chester vehicles and take care of the paramedics in the vehicle >> we're told he's ok. additional drivers arrived at the scene, unloaded the packages and continued making the deliveries. the fbi issue as terror warning. federal authorities say isis supporters are continuing to
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call for attacks on churches and other holiday gathers but not aware of credible threats. a list was posted on a million tenant social media site. a man wanted for a delay attack on a christmas market in berlin was killed in a shoot, outlet. police track that day suspect down. >> ansi amri four-day run from law enforcement ended with a police gun fight. 600 miles from berlin. the tunisian national was suspected of fatally mowing down 12 people. they say when they asked him for id he took a pistol from his backpack and shot one of them in the shoulder. the second officer responded with deadly force. >> germany chancellor says security forces will not rest until they know who may have held him escape. officials say he fled to france
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and italy. this morning, isis released this video pledging his allegiance to the islamic state and threatening the west for quote, bombing muslims. his fingerprints were found inside the cab of the tractor-trailer used in the attack. dash cam video shows the truck barrelling towards the christmas market followed by people running from the scene. police say ansi amri was spot onned camera few hours later at a berlin mosque. at a news conference, she said she spoke with tunisia's president and said the two nation must speed up deportation of those who were denied asylum. tense hostage drama on board a hijacked plane ended peacefully. two little bitian men took control of a domestic plane in libia and forced it to land. hijackers threatened to blow it up with hand grenades. they released 111 passengers and
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seven crew members. the hijackers were seeking political asylum. president-elect trump is criticizing the obama administration. they allowed the security council to pass a resolution condemn,ing a settlement. the u.s. abstained. despite heavy looking from both. mr. trump said in a tweet, things will be different in inauguration day. the famous rockettes will important at president-elect trump's inauguration celebration despite controversy. the group is part of the lineup of entertain scheduled to perform. one of the dancers took to instagram to say she was embarrassed and disappointed about the appearance. radio city say the dancers's participation is voluntary. major acts declined to perform
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at the ceremony. . the vikings football team runs into trouble. it was taxiing when skidded and got stuck in the snow and ice. they face the greenbay packers tomorrow in greenbay. how is this for a sweet treat heading into the holidays, we may let you know where you can get a free drink from star bucks every day the rest of the year. she's a basketball player without a team. why that new jersey girl is making a full court press to play with the boys. also this. i tweeted it. i was like, his family and i just, and blew up on twitter. >> you have to see his price less reaction when he learned he was being adopted. stephen colberts reveals thr
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we've been getting a lot of calls and tweets about it in the last hour, some people say the odor smells like gas or a rotten eggs, pgw has crews checking out the smell. we're told they have not found elevated gas levels. we'll keep following the story and bring you updates as soon as we learn more. the search is on for a burglar who smashes his way into stores. let's show you video. he's committed six hammer. the host of the late show, stephen colbert talks about the year in politics and ends up answering an unexpected questio
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question. >> you have to take three things, what would you take you've taken us down this road. >> assuming the rest of my family had a power of their own, i would take -- a crucifix off my wall that was my mother's, a family album, a photograph that we got downstairs. and obviously my cell phone. so i can call the fire company. . you hear why colbert say he didn't even prepare for donald trump to win the election, star bucks is giving out an early christmas present free drinks, from now in my january 2nd, star bucks will pick 100
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stores across the country to give out three tall size expresso drinks between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. today's included mt. laurel. tomorrow's will be announced overnight on the company's website. 12-year-old new jersey girl is suing to play basketball with boys. she made the girls varsity team. in seventh grade phillips was disappointed to learn not enough girls had signed up. the school represented her idea to play with the boys. she's suing for the right to play >> i play were the boys in gym and recess all the time and i do fine. >> it's just been no. no explanations, just no. unfortunately, the next level up is a court the archdiocese says it cannot comment because it is in litigation. three-year-old boy finally
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has a family after spending two and a half years in a foster home. this was the reaction little michael brown had after finding out the news. after unsuccessfully trying to connect with him, with his biological mother, the montgomery family was legally able to adopt him. his adoptive sister tweeted out the news yesterday. over 125,000 people responded. his new mother believe it's important to help especially this time of year >> i tell my kids if i had a bigger house i'd have everything. they're always like mom, wedge enough. how many more will you take in? you're helping and i tell them after that, you made a difference in the life of that child. however it was a week we had him or three months. you made a difference. >> mike was initially placed with his new family as a foster child february 14th of last year, they refer to him as their valentine baby. look at that smile.
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>> what a great story. uplifting story. >> speaking of holidays you got them all. you got christmas, hanukkah, kwansaa. >> packed in soggy start but sunny end. quiet conditions as we get a live look at center city. temperatures kind of stabled. 39th degrees out of the southwest making it feel like 34. checking in on the live neighborhood network. upper 30's to 40. actually warmed a degree in yardley 39 in new castle. 37 in medford lakes, temperatures consistent across the region with the exception to the north and west where temperatures are nearing the freezing mark, 34 in allentown, 33 right now in mount pocono. we're still up at 39 in philadelphia. checking temperatures up winds, no arctic air mass as we head to the holiday weekend.
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last year, definitely didn't have an arctic air mass, christmas eve temperature in philadelphia 71 degrees, christmas day, 68 degrees, we're not going to be that warm. areas of rain and drizzles. temperatures in the city above freezing. dealing with that soggy start. late day clearing high temperature above average 48. average high for tomorrow is 43. stormscan 3 showing us that precipitation starting to get closer with annoti white breaks out over central pennsylvania, it's upper level moisture not hitting head to th overnight. we will see the showers building in after we do have the freezing rain advisory in effect. >> expecting steady rain from about 7:00 to 11:00 in the morning, a good time to hang indoors stay in bed, drink coffee if you need to head out
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and about, after about lunch time will be best bet clearing from west to east could see showers lingering. future weather will confirm that as we head to overnight 4:00 a.m. some of those showers starting to break out. sleet and possibly freezing rain in lehigh valley berks county poconos could see snowflakes and into the 7:00 hour, widespread and uniform rain, steady with heavier pockets into the 9:00 dealing with widespread rainfall, about 11:00 starting to clear out in the western counties. down the shore. then by early afternoon, that precipitation moving offshore and the cloud deck clearing out as we head to early saturday. no problems for your travel plans saturday night or early sunday morning and our christmas holiday will feature a ton of sunshine but we have rain to get through first we could pick up healthy totals. we do see the heavier pockets of rain and for your day tomorrow,
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it is getting off to that so good soggy start. it could make for slick condition, not too chilly. periods of rain with the late day clearing settling in. christmas holiday beautiful conditions, bright sunshine high temperatures running above average about 50 degrees. relatively light winds will make for a nice holiday as we head to next week, monday if you're flying back out, no problems weather, wise, mix of sun and clouds, 51 high temperature, more mild tuesday, chance of a light passing shower, mainly dry at 55. we start to chill things off into, 44 on wednesday, and a possible wintery mix by thursday. >> thank so much. lesley up with sports. everyone feeling better about the birds as they head into the christmas break.
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strange odor coming from south philadelphia. people are complaining about a rotten egg smell. they tweeted the smell is coming from a sulfur additive, but it's not a gas leak. from south philadelphia all the way up to bensalem, a lot of people are experiencing this
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odor. that's the latest and we don't have another update before the show is over, you can get the latest at there are no safety issues. lesley got the sports talking hoops. this time of year. the disney on ice oh sixers moves out. they will not be back until january 3rd. joel embiid tries to lock misses, actuallily goes into the crowd. but he's ok. late in the half. joel squares off. knocks down sixers with a 13 point half time lead sixers trailing by a point. joel knocks down the three right there. sixers regain the lead. game tied in the fourth. eric's jump is good. we have phoenix leading one of six, 94 in the fourth. eagles off until tuesday.
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they will start preparing for the final regular season game against the cowboys. they end add five, gaming losing streak beating the giants and preventing big blue from clinching a playoff spot. this was a costing win. ryan matthews season is over. he injured his neck. he has a herniated disk. any neck injury is serious. doug pederson what asked if this could be a career ending injury for ryan. >> again, i don't have all the information right now. they're, what i got from our doctors this morning is that it looks like surgery is in the near future. nothing that's, just has to get fixed. >> the eagles really needed this win after losing five in a row. the return of lane johnson hurt. darren sproles ran 25 yards to
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the touchdown. they may have allowed 470 yards but held them to one touchdown, pick after you eli manning. to seal the deal. birds will win first game decided by a touchdown or less they hope that's going to carry over next week against dallas >> we've been in so many close games, to finally finish like this. we knew we could do it. we're struggling obviously but to finally finish one, it puts a good taste for sure >> we haven't won an nfc all year, we got one under our belt beat the giants. clinch. that's a good thing. it's definitely going to carry over to next week. >> finish the season strong >>
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hanukkah begins tomorrow, many began at the franklin square electrical speck calm for the third year in a row, families enjoying a holiday light show. hanukkah commemorates an she didn't miracles and the oppression. christmas weekend is upon us, it will start off on the we have the side. we could see a wintery mix in the poconos, transitioning over to rain saturday eventually clearing on out. rain in the morning, in the city and down the shore we'll see the rain persisting.
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sunshine returns for the christmas holiday itself beautiful conditions mild as well with hi
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the late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon, morning team back from 5:00 to 7:00. from lauren, lesley, everyone i'm ukee washington. we're always on at and you can get more info on the smell from south philly all the
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way up to bensalem. we can smell it here in the studio. thanks so much for watching. have a good night family, sleep well happy holidays. >> announcer: this program is a paid presentation for omega xl and is brought to you by great healthworks. ♪ >> welcome. i'm larry king, and i'm here today to report on a significant health-related investigation that's been taking place for the past couple of years. the information i will provide you during the course of this show is relevant to everyone's health and well-being. several years ago, i was introduced to ken meares, founder and c.e.o. of great healthworks. this man has dedicated his career to improving health and fitness, and he created a product called omega xl, a
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