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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  December 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> after a soggy start our christmas eve turned out to be a nice one. city hall skating rink a fun place to celebrate this evening. santa arrives in just six hours. let's hope the skies stay clear for santa's sleigh ride. good evening, i'm greg argos in for natasha brown.
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meteorologist lauren casey is in the cbs3 weather center with her christmas eve forecast. good evening, lauren. >> good evening, greg. yeah, those reindeer and santa will not need their rain slickers overnight as skies are clearing out but it was a soggy start to our day. damp and chilly, a high temperature of 46 degrees so in combination with the dreary conditions felt pretty cold for the first half of our christmas:45 in allentown, 47 degrees the high temperature today in millville. we've cooled back to 43 degrees in philly. we're at 41 in the lehigh valley. some 30's in the poconos and generally low to mid 40's down the shore. doppler radar estimated rainy fall totals, about a quarter to a half inch, a half inch at philadelphia international airport but now picking up a bunch of nothing. storm scan3 showing us precipitation has moved well off shore. cloud deck starting to break down as well and overnight skies will become mostly clear for san tan his reindeer. and as we head into tomorrow your christmas holiday is going to be above average.
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not anywhere near the record. our record high temperature for the christmas holiday is 68 degrees in philadelphia set both in 1964 and in 2015. we're looking for a forecast high at 48 degrees but will we see any rain returning for the holiday? i'll have the answer in your full forecast in a few greg. >> lauren thank you so much. christmas morning is just hours away but that is not stopped people from getting last minute gifts. the christmas village very lively today. according to the national retail federation the average shopper has only finished half of their gift shopping in the weeks before christmas and what happens people were taking care of at the christmas village this afternoon. >> picked up some gifts, some t-shirts, you know, shirts, pants. what else we get? necklaces. that was kind of junk. >> holiday saint mary's are expected to rise more than 3 percent this year compared to last. dozens of major retailers stayed opened on christmas eve to cash in on the rush of last
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minute shoppers. if you finished holiday shopping early there is still time to get to midnight mass at pennsylvania's largest catholic church. >> ♪ archbishop charles chaput will lead mass services tonight and tomorrow morning at the cathedral basilica of saints peter's and paul. here at this restaurant in south philadelphia people are treated to an authentic christmas eve police department it's the course of the seven fishes an annual italian ritual feast the chef cooking up dishes featuring several types of seafood. they expect to fill each and every table. from seven fishes to eight nights. hanukkah the jewish festival of lights begins tonight. independence mall at fifth and market street has its very own public men nor r this is a live look right now, the menorah was just lit moments
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ago. the holiday ends the first night of january the first. police departments are on alert this weekend after isis called for attacks against churches in the u.s. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette reports from new york city where one of the country's most icon north korea churches is located. >> reporter: following the attack in berlin the fbi and the department homeland security sent a bulletin law enforcement agencies nationwide to warn of vigilance against lone wolf attacks. >> one of the most significant threats facing this country today comes from people who are inspired by terrorist ideology but operate independent of a terrorist organization. >> reporter: cbs news has learned the bulletin was that issued friday afress of thousans of churches. the link umped followers to attack other public places
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at saint patrick's cathedral. the nypd says there are no specific threats against any targets and that the department is operating with its usual high very much advance. the mcdonald's from easton pennsylvania got tickets in august to attend midnight mass at the cathedral. they'll be met by employees checking bags and metal detectors. >> there isn't a safer place to be really in my view. >> reporter: michelle swaro is also not worried about the threat. >> not that there's not that possibility. i choose not to concern myself with. >> reporter: the bulletin's law enforcement says isis lists like the one listing churches has never resulted in a terror ating. >> tragedy hit south philadelphia this christmas eve. an 81-year-old woman was killed this morning in the grocery store she has earned for years across the street from the house she lived in her entire life. police say before 9:00 a.m. a
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man walked into marie's grocery store and shot marie buck multiple times. she died shortly after. you can imagine the brother-in-law's victim says he's devastated. >> she had a heart like you wouldn't believe. i can't believe it. some people can be like animals. if you want to rob the store, rob the storm. you got to kill 'em? i'm sorry. >> police have not made any arrests. now if you were out last night you may have smelled it. that stench which swept across parts of philadelphia and even bucks county yesterday evening. apparently came from across the river. the odor which resembled rotten eggs originated from the pbs refinery in paul the company has apologized.
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for many of you it would not be christmas without the cannolis. we'll take you to a south philadelphia bakery shop. why people come from as far away as maryland for this tasty treat. plus, last year santa was spotted on the dashcam of a police cruiser in south jersey and there could be a repeat performance tonight. lauren. >> that's right, it's christmas eve so santa has boarded his sleigh. the reindeer are harnessed up. we'll check in on where stan is at with our santa tracker coming up next.
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>> welcome back. as santa makes his way around the world delivering toys one south jersey police department has extra patrols out after a sighting of jolly old saint nick last year. check out this dashcam photo. reindeer flying right in front of the car last christmas eve. officers hope they'll get another glimpse of christmas magic this year when santa comes to town. standing in line in front of this south philly bakery sometimes for hours to get a homemade couldn't kneel low treats so tasty some people come from as far away as baltimore. our anita oh takes us to the termini brothers bakery. >> ♪ >> how are ya'. >> reporter: for family after family, walking through the termini brothers bakery is
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the only way to begin christmas eve. >> my dad did it. his dad did it. and it's just tradition. it's what we do every christmas eve. >> this is my 30th year or so. >> we're from baltimore and as a family we would come in -- we've been coming for 13 years. >> reporter: some got their place in line on south eight street at midnight before doors opened at 6:00 a.m. >> one guy 35 years he's been doing this in line. when you see that it makes it worth every minute of what you do. >> reporter: it's been a decades long labor of love for vincent termini senior who took over the family business in 1976. 55 years after his father started whipping up the cannolis that would make their mark on philadelphia and beyond. now he welcomes the same faces on christmas eve each year. >> it's my honor to have them here. >> reporter: including this family who make the drive from maryland. >> it makes christmas special.
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>> we passed it down from grandma to my husband to my son. >> reporter: to keep the legacy alive a third generation sons vincent and joseph hard at work. >> to experience this is unbelievable. this is what christmas is all about. >> reporter: and a secret. there's so much more to these cannolis than cheese and chocolate chips. >> all about family. he treats us like family and we -- he's our family as well. >> reporter: it's about the love of loved ones, the commitment to quality the dedication felt in every bite n south philadelphia, anita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> so maybe some families are putting the cannolis under the tree for santa. >> yes. >> lauren i know you have the most advanced too long track him right now. >> my gosh greg this is so advanced. >> let's hear about it. where is he. >> in the delaware valley right now he is in africa, western africa. let's check in on santa.
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he is leaving algeria and he is flying to mali which is in western africa and he is passing out gifts rapid fire. he's up to 3-pointe 3.7 gifts. rude dissolve still in africa. we have to wait for him to come to the delaware valley. as we get a live look at center city philadelphia, quiet conditions, our temperatures 43 degrees winds out of the west making it feel more like 39 and temperatures pretty consistent across the region generally in the low 40's do have mid 30's in millville. 36 degrees. 43 in atlantic city and 43 in philadelphia. temperatures across the region, not tool scary for late december. 41 in state college, we're at 40 in pittsburgh and 44 degrees in the big apple on this holiday eve. overnight dropping back to about 35 degrees, skies will be will become mostly clear relatively light wind speeds. heading out not too cold for
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us. for our sunday sunshine in store high temperature at 48 degrees. our average high temperature would have us in the low 40's so we'll be beyond that for the holiday, pretty nice conditions in store. storm scan3 showing us the rain has cleared count the cloud deck is clearing out as well. no systems upwind to contend with. some folks across the country are seeing a little bit of a white christmas eve. snow coming down in northern arizona and more mountainous region utah seeing snow in and around salt lake city and parts of weren't montana seeing snow coming down and we do on average have a chance at a white christmas in philadelphia and south jersey but it is pretty slim. generally about less than 20 percent. up towards the lehigh valley a better chance of a white christmas on average, about 20 to 40 percent an pretty good chance at a white christmas in the poconos at 40 to 60 percent but of course not going to get that this year and some christmas name towns across the region will have a high of 48 degrees in philadelphia tomorrow but evergreen north carolina 65 degrees, christmas florida
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is going to be at 80 degrees, garland texas 73 degrees and holly washington a temperature tomorrow for your christmas holiday at 36 and high temperatures across our region tomorrow 47 down the shore, sunny for santa and clear for christmas in the poconos. 40 degrees the high temperature. not too bad of a day on the holiday and then as we head into monday up to 51 degrees, chance of a late day shower. we'll see the best chance of showers overnight monday into early tuesday followed by late day clearing. check out this high temperature for tuesday. 58 degrees and then chillier on the backside of a cold front into wednesday, mostly sunny conditions. maybe a chance of a rain/snow mix early on thursday and then in the long range looks like we might see another little bit of an arctic blast with high temperatures taking a big tumble as we head towards the new year. >> looking good, though. christmas day. >> christmas looks beautiful. >> yeah. >> you lost me at arctic blast. >> i'm sorry. you didn't like all my puns, all my christmas puns. >> it's good. i like that. i like when you track santa.
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that got me going. >> thanks don. [laughter] >> 3.7 billion. >> exactly. guys we were talking about the birds, a lot to get to. christmas came girly for the eagles on thursday they got their first win since mid-november, five-point win over the giants. today they got to chill and relax kind of like the rest of us. carson wentz finally got a chance to celebrate after watching his numbers slide during their five game losing streak. he threw for 152 yards a touchdown and a pick but he's learning and he's learning as he goes along. >> things are beginning to kind of slow down for him and what i mean by that is, you know, being able to use his legs, seeing the field a little bit differently, checking the ball down, not hanging onto the ball, those are all things -- that's the maturity of your quarterback and a young quarterback. >> the nfl on a saturday washington trying to stay in the playoff hunter. they're visiting chicago, da' bears. first quarter, they're up seven-nothing.
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screen pass to chris johnson, cj scoots to the outside touchdown 14-nothing redskins. sector quarter kirk cousins been ball all season long. scrambles to the outside and he is in from 9 yards out. they stomped the bears 41 points they score, frown 21 your final score. the browns winless and hosting the san diego chargers. all they want is a win for christmas. all they want is to win all year long. browns up 20 to 17. final seconds josh lambeau long. no good for from 45 yards. ride white. the browns their first win of the year celebrating like they won the super bowl. now one and 14 on the season. all right, the sixers are off this weekend. last flight they kicked off a four game road trip that started in phoenix. we pick it up in the third quarter with joel embiid big jo-jo falling. nice jump hook. that's old school over tyson chandler.
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jo-jo 27 points and seven boards. game tied in the fourth eric bledsoe with the j from the free throw line. the sixers give up 70 points in the second half. they lose. they play next 91 sacramento. theme continues for philly pro teams. told you about the eagles and sixers chilling this weekend because they're off sewn are the flyers. orange and black don't play again until then saint louis. this week the guys talked about what gifts they would give their teammates. >> system i would buy jake a razor and a hedge trimmer to first knock out beard that he's got going on right now and a razor to trim it all up. it's getting out of hand. >> one of those high end electric razors for jakey. his beard is disgusting. i can bail have a conversation with him right now just looking at him. >> they're not fans of the
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beard. >> they think he needs a razor. >> you hear that stan. >> that you go. >> awesome. thanks don. appreciate it. >> all right. >> merry christmas man. santa surprising little boys and girls at a area hospital. that's coming up next. >>
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. before santa began thisone yee today he stopped by a local hospital. oncology patients at saint christopher's hospital for children were visited by san today. he came with plenty of toys and he done it without his volunteer helpers. they've been
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>> two words. free coffee. now i have your attention starbucks is giving out an early christmas present. free drinks every day except tomorrow for the rest of the year from now until january 2nd, starbucks will pick 100 stores across the country to give out free tall size espresso drinks between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. each day so that's where i will be between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. what do you do when you
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end up with a christmas tree that is too at the same time looks like this family cut a hole in the roof. this tree is getting a lot of attention in beaverton oregon. same says when they spotted the 20 footer. they had to have it they cut off the top and stuck it on their roof. no, they didn't actually cut a hole in their home. >> so many questions. >> i was very confused. >> one of those homes with skylight. >> this is very troubling. sorry, go ahead. sorry. >> can we talk about santa please. >> my bad. >> let's check in on santa and his reindeer and rudolph. they're over the atlantic right now they're on the west coast of africa working towards the mainland approaching ghana. >> that's "eyewitness news." i'm greg argos. for don lauren everyone here thanks for joining us. we leave you with the festive sounds of the philadelphia boys choir. have a merry christmas.
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the storm before christmas. today ice and rain slow down holiday travelers. a plane carrying an nfl team slides out of bounds. where is the dangerous weather headed next. also tonight security is heightened at america churches following calls for attacks by isis. u.s. troops welcomed home for the holidays find creative ways to celebrate with their loved ones. >> at home, can't wait until you're home. >> and put on an ugly christmas sweater for a good cause. >> we got one for her as well. this is the "cbs weekeew
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