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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  December 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> it is a time for celebrating hanukkah, festival of lights, with boathouse row dressed in blue. beautiful there. merry christmas, happy hanukkah, everyone, today is sunday, december 25th, i'm rahel solomon. let's get over to meteorologist, justin drabick, with the weather and the forecast, not looking like a white holiday, but not bad at all. >> visiting friends, family today, ideal conditions. sunshine, just pass the sunglasses around. >> sunny? >> sun glare, not bad at all this time of year. so if you like warm temperatures, you will love this forecast, as women. we will be running our high temperatures ten, 15 degrees above average, really over the next few days, locked into the mild pattern, and no signs
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every any cold arctic air coming at us, as we finish out the year. temperature right now at the airport, 35 degrees. we drop, normally get coldest temperature right before sunrise, and nice color shaping up, you can see, cloud-free skies, light breeze out of the west, about to bring the windchill down to 30, not bad for late december. actual air temperature, ranking anywhere from slightly below freezing, atlantic city airport at 30, to the upper 30's, in allentown still. 32 degrees in mount pocono, 34 in trenton. we zoom into the suburbs, normally colder off in quakertown sitting at freezing at this hour, 29 in pottstown. much quieter this morning compared to yesterday. we had showers, now just left with clear conditions, actual windchill values, low 20's in the pocono region, through the upper two's around reading and wilmington. storm scan3, very quiet, across the region it, will stay like that throughout the next 24 hours. tomorrow, though, we bring back little bit more clouds during the morning hours. nice temperature breakdown, check it out. by 9:00 already up to
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40 degrees, mid 40's, mid afternoon high temperatures being ranking upper 40's, main even close to 50, in some spots. soy, around the region, just great christmas day, upper 40's, philadelphia, the shore, low four's in the poconos. talk about some 50 agree temperatures upcoming week. i show you the seven day forecast in just a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> sounds good to me, justin, thank you many pope francis celebrating christmas warbles g for the worlds, spoke within the last hour, the leader of the catholic church wished peace for people scared by wars and those who lost loved ones to terrorism, and he says, it is showing fear and death in many cities, countries, during christmas eve mass at saint peter basilica, called on the full to not get caught up in the commercial agents of christmas, he said materialism has taken us hostage this christmas. >> and the fateful heading to christmas services, bishop charles champ ooh will lead mass at the cathedral basilica
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of saints peter and paul at the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia. every year we hold our annual "joy of sharing" toyfest to help families in need during the holiday season. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live in kensington with a family celebrating christmas this year, thanks to your generosity, good morning, are you account inch up yet? 7:04? >> yes, good morning, rahel, merry christmas to you. the kids have woken up, and the toy drive you mentioned raised over 6,000 toy donations through that dow drive. so this is one of the families that is benefitting from it, this is the taylor family. good morning, everyone. lost everything back in a house fire, in kensington, this is their grandmother's home, celebrating christmas altogether. just woke to up open their presents. they each picked one they want to start opening. so they'll open them now. now you wanted to open a christmas present. what were you hoping for? let's see what you got this year. >> some of them actually, actually all four every them
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got brand new bikes, thanks to their lovely grandmother over here, who surprised them with that. so that's excellent. and just as well, what did you want for christmas this year? (laughing). >> nothing in particular? okay. well, marcell, what did you want for christmas this year? >> i wanted a drone. >> a drone? okay, let's see you what got. do you want to try opening this one? ya. that's one that marcell picked out. he'll open his present now. let's see if he got what he wanted, although there are tons every presents here as you guys can see. >> what did you get? >> what did you get? >> i got a car. >> now, what did you want for christmas this year? >> my family. >> awe. >> look at that, guys, he just wanted his family. and that's real what i christmas is all b but look, you got a present here, and it is green matching his lovely christmas outfit. let's see what you got this
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year. >> what do you think? oh, i see some monster jam? >> that's monster jam. >> what do you think about your present, is that what you wanted? >> i like cars. >> he likes cars and he lovers his family, obviously the sentimental one over here. one more. let's see what you got. >> do you want to open it? >> oh! is that what you wanted? >> yes. >> how are you feeling? >> so the family will be starting breakfast here, in just a little bit. but again, we collected over 6,000 toys from that toy drive. this is one of the families that benefit from the it.
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so we'll be spending christmas morning with them. oh, she got something she wanted? i guess. what do you think? >> ya, i like it. >> what is it? tell us what you got. >> i got an universal portable speaker. >> what kind of music are we listening to? listening to some chris brown, some christmas music? what is your favorite song? >> she's going to think about it and get back us to, again, we will be spending christmas morning here. so, for now live in kensington, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back to you. >> that's awesome. i spoke with little marcell and his family at the "joy of sharing" toyfest. nice to see them having good christmas morning, good morning, anita. >> absolutely. >> hanukkah the jewish festival of lights is also underway. among the many ways to celebrate it in philadelphia, independence mall fifth and market streets, has its very own public men or a franklin square, ushered in hanukkah with holiday games, crafts for the kids, hanukkah ends the night of january 1st. >> and take a look at this, boathouse row gives its own take on the phrase festival of
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lights, the way the houses are lit is supposed to resemble a men or a kelly drive coat in the blue and white lights until new years over. very sad news this morning, new this morning, russian military plane with 92 people aboard has crashed into the black sea. the plane crash happened minute after take off from this airport in sochi. russian defense minister said similar to this one, was caring the famous alexandra end certainly group to concert at the russian air base in syria. russian news agency says it is not likely anyone survived. >> and no holiday for those who protect and serve. across america, police are increasing security after isis calls for a tax against churches. wendy jill net new york city home to one of the country's most iconic churches. >> following the latest from or attack in berlin, the fbi, the department of homelands security, sent a bulletin, to law enforcement agencies nationwide, to warn of vigilance, against lone wolf attacks. >> one of the most significant threats based g this country today comes from people who
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are inspired by terrorist ideology, operate independent of terrorist. >> learned the bulletin issued friday after isis called for a tax against searches in the u.s. during the holidays. ice ice social media group, published the links listing names, addresses every thousands of churches. the linc also urged followers to attack other public places. st. patrick's cathedral in new york city, metal barricades are september. police officers direct the large crowd. the city's police department says that's normal procedures, this time of the year. >> the nypd says no specific threats against any targets, such as st. patrick he is, and the department is operating with its usual high vigilance. >> mcdonald's from easton, pennsylvania, got particular nets august to attend midnight mass at the cathedral. they'll be met by employees checking bags, and metal detectors. >> there isn't a safer place to be real any my view, so i'm not concerned at all. >> pittsburgh resident michelle, is also not worried about the threat, as she
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snapped pictures, tours mid town with her family. >> not that there is not that possibility, just not concerning myself with it. >> bulletin's law enforcement says historically, like the one naming churches, have never result the in a successful terror attack. wendy gillette, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and there is much more to cover on cbs-3, "eyewitness news", including what was that awful odor in and around philadelphia, and where did it come from exactly? we've got the answers. no white christmas in philly. but a place that's used to warmer weather is enjoying a little snow. we will tell you where that is. >> and it may not and white christmas for us, but it is a bright one. justin drabick's eyewitness weather just minutes away. as we go to break, more holiday music from the philadelphia boys choir and chorale. be right back. past
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>> no idea what caused this crash, and police are investigating at washington and broad. also new this morning, police investigating armed rob rink at fast-food restaurant in port richmond. police tell us the career was held up at gunpoint around 12:30, at the texas chicken
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and burger, thieves ran cash, ran away on foot. no one was hurt in this robbery. and philadelphia police are looking for clues. that will lead to arrest, in the fatal shooting in south philadelphia. eighty-one year old woman was killed in a grocery store she has owned for years. across the street from the house she has lived in her entire life. investigators say, a man walked into marie's grocery store, at sixth and wharton saturday morning, shot marie several times. she died a short time later. switching gears here, that unusual smell that made its way through part of philadelphia, and bucks county friday night, apparently came from across the delaware river. a lot of people talking about there is on social media. the odor, which smelled like rotten eggs, came from the pbs energy refinery in paulsboro. after brief loss of power, officials there, say the outage caused the odors to travel across the water into the city. the company has since apologized. and, it is a white christmas for parts of southern california. heavy snowfall as the grapevine mountain path forced police to shut down interstate
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five. looks like mess out there. 2 inches fell in some of the mine tan us regions, and ran cho state park, some snowball fights and snowmen. and justin, you know, i could assure you if we had snow, i would certainly be throwing snowballs your way. >> of course, that's with a we need, we need a cbs-3 snowball fight, it is on, it is on, weather team versus news team. >> oh, we all know who will win that one. >> oh, weather team, ya, i got the arms. >> and i know how to snap. well, we have to work on there is first, we need some snow. >> that's not happening any time soon. mild, you saw snow out in southern california, i checked the la region, frost advisory for la county outside center city. temperatures southern california getting down to the 30's, but for us, warm side this afternoon, that's typical. you get the colder temperatures to the west, warm up in the east, so next few days, above average. sunrise happening right now, starting to seat sun break the horizon here, live look from
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middle township high school. 34 degrees, cape may county at this hour, light wind out of the north, 4 miles per hour, little cloud cover still hanging around the lehigh valley, decent amount of sunshine, mid 30's, interested in freezing in mount pocono, at the shore, overall pleasant temperatures, for late december. upper 30's, ocean city, 34 degrees cape may. 38 degrees in rehoboth beach delaware a lot eastern half of the us quiet. all of the activity out to the west coast, some storminess, cold air. mid-atlantic, northeast, few snow showers, warmfront across the central us. will come by our region tomorrow. bring some clouds, maybe shower, but helps to warm the temperatures up. good storm though moving into the northern planes. blizzard warnings still in effect in the northern planes, seeing windy and snowy conditions there. but for the east coast, for most part, quiet. head toward tomorrow, again, still some cooler air initially early on monday, then the warmfront pushes through, late monday afternoon, should see rising temperatures by monday evening, couple of showers
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possible early tuesday, temperatures surge, maybe cloe to 606 degrees by tuesday afternoon, going to be warmest day for the up coming week. nothing happening today. mostly sunny skies, great travel conditions, visiting friends, family, around the region, no issues, then tonight, still in problems. now tomorrow morning, we see clouds move in. maybe couple of sprinkles. could be some freezing drizzle. lehigh valley poconos, not out of the question. real white stuff. and then into the afternoon, stray shower with clouds as the warmfront passes, today's highs upper who's, close to 45, almost 10 degrees above average for this time of year, evening temperatures, tonight, generally in the 30's, need that coat. then tomorrow morning waking up in the 30's, climbing to the 40's, getting close to 50, especially south of the city, by late afternoon, then temperatures continue to climb, as you head toward monday night. forecast high today, great looking christmas, 48 degrees, sunshine, tonight, partly cloudy, in for the city, little colder in the suburbs, extended forecast weak system coming through this week, like i said tomorrow, warmfront,
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maybe shower or two, into tuesday morning tuesday hi, 56 degrees wednesday back to sunshine, little cooler, thursday another weak system comes by, maybe shower, upper 40's, and we cool back down to near average friday, into new years eve day. looks like saturday's high, 42 degrees, saturday night big party night at rahel's house. >> right. oh, no. >> what, no? >> you know what, justin, my friend will be in town from colorado, but here's what i'm thinking. >> party? >> saturday night all of the women in their pretty dresses, that's not conducive to club attire. >> i hear ya. >> can you work on that? >> put in my christmas wish? >> i'm on it. >> all right, justin, thank you. time now 7:19. let's see how traffic is moving with amanda mueller and the cbs traffic center. good morning, amanda. >> good news, good news for you, a lot of the earlier incident, now clear. accident on the pa turnpike westbound between downingtown and morgantown, left lane block, there but we just see
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it is actually now cleared up n collegeville, one lane closure on route 422 westbound, route 29, that was due to accident that happened much earlier this morning, but i just received word, that that has actually now cleared up as well. looking good all around. and mass transit, also looking pretty good right now. how much, septa, dart, patco, all operating on special holiday schedules so make sure to check with them before headed out today. taking a look at broad street, building volume. still traffic running for the most part as well as most of the majors. at the cbs-3 traffic center. and and did a mueller, back to you. >> thank you. here is more of what you will see on "eyewitness news" this morning. police in south jersey town look for more than just a bad guys at christmas. how they got the all clear for santa. >> and a bittersweet holiday for part of the italian market, in our next half hour. we will will be right back.
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>> dash cam footage is a major asset for both law enforcement and citizens. >> they catch crimes in progress. evidence of crime, you know, we use them for everything. >> but, this time last year, an evesham township new jersey, a police dash cam, pick up something almost unbelievable. >> it is one of the most unusual things we've caught on a dash camera. >> while patrolling a rural road, santa's slay was caught
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passing directly over an officer's cruiser. >> police say last year's slay was filing very fast, extremely low altitude. they say, if you get a glimpse of your own this year, do not approach, for good reason. >> back off. let him do his job. the quicker he can get in and out, the faster everybody gets a present. >> due to incredible 2015 siting, evesham police up their patrols this year in hopes of catching another glimpse. >> eyes are off looking to see what they can see, hoping to catch something out there. >> well, we have up a date, following our earlier interview it, seems the evesham township officer is able to turn on his body worn camera, just in time to capture santa passing again, clocking in this year, at 209 miles per hour. and in a statement the department said that officers continue continued to respond to quote thousand approach low flying aircraft, suspicious noises on rooftops. at this hour, authorities suggest getting cookies out and kids into bed, so that
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santa can arrive without incident. in evesham township, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and, the next half hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", did you wait until the last minute to get that special gift? finds out who was ready to cash in on procrastinators like you. >> a christmas tradition, plays out in south philly. the story behind the feast of the seven fishes. hi, justin. >> morning, everyone, merry christmas, great start to christmas morning. we will keep the trends going. milder temperatures for the upcoming holiday week, talk about it in eyewitness weather. >> as we go to break, here is the acappella group. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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good morning, america i christmas, hammy channukah. i'm just rahel solomon. >> justin, on those christmas mornings, some might consider this weather quite a bit of a gift. >> exactly. temperatures pretty comfortable, little chilly, in the 30's, but on our way up to near 50 degrees in some locations, so not bad for this time of year. you remember last year, christmas day, we made 68 degrees, with a high. it tide a record. not quite that warm. still running above average for the next few days. compared to yesterday, little cooler, 3 degrees cooler, six in wilmington, five in millville. had the clouds and rain around, but now nice and dry, beautiful sunrise across the region, sitting at freezing right now in mount pocono. thirty-nine in allentown, mid three's in philadelphia. wilmington, back up to the freezing mark, you guys, in the upper two's last hour. twenty-nine in pottstown. # 0 degrees in mt. holly, new jersey, not much of a wind to deal with right now. win chill values not much colder than the actual air temperatures, colder spot, wilmington, right now, feeling like 27, and around 30 here in
7:31 am
philadelphia. storm scan3, nice and quiet. big difference compared to yesterday. all of the rain has moved off shore, mostly clear skies, left over clouds up in the lehigh valley and poconos this morning, will thin out little bit. temperature breakdown looks pretty good. 9:00 around 40 degrees, but by mid afternoon on our way up to the upper four's, 48 for the in philadelphia. forty-seven at the shore. if you want it warmer wait few more days, talk about temperatures well into the six 60s this week, in a few more minute, rahel, back to you. >> heating up, justin, thank you. every year, we hole our annual "joy of sharing" toyfest. this year, it was just last week. well, this morning, seeing how families in need benefit from your generosity, live in kensington with one family as they open up their christmas governments this morning, merry christmas to you. >> this family lost everything in a house fire, back in october.
7:32 am
>> spending special christmas antoine of presents. >> can i not even move around this living room right now, we have our three boys here, who have gotten very -- lots of christmas present here, that they have to put them in these plastic bags. >> team ills what you wanted and you what looking at right now. >> i wanted this. >> and what is that? >> -- >> amazing high wire, magician-type of toy. pretty cool. and you are very into the outdoors, right, cj? what did you want, what did you get? >> i got -- >> he's been telling us about his shaving cream all morning for when he can finally shave, which is probably in a few years, but he want to be a chef apparently, so he got ton of chef toys, as well. what else did you want?
7:33 am
>> ice cream set. >> he did get. that will we will probably be making that. >> and you have an awesome toy you want to tell us about? >> i have a drone and i really like it. thank you. >> awe he is thanking his mom. and mom, here with us this morning, and you've been through a lot. what's all this mean to you? >> i'm just happy that they're happy, happy that, you know, just seeing the smiles on their face. can't wait to mess with them. >> gentlemen, so this morning, it really has been all smiles here. and they're going to continue to open up all of these toys, and put them away. but as you can see, barely moving around here, because there is just so much. so this is really thanks to the generosity of so many. we collected more than 6,000 toys through that toy drive. so, thank you all, but for now, liver in kensington, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> so sweet, and eat, a his
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shaving cream. i guess you can never be prepared too soon. all right, thank you. >> yes, they are. >> many holiday shoppers, i'm very proud of myself. dozens every major retailers stayed open until christmas eve to catch in. the target in south philadelphia, still busy after dark, last minute shoppers also headed to christmas village, where vendors sold a bit of everything. >> pick up some t-shirts, shirts, pants, what else we get, necklaces? >> all of that kind of junk. >> junk? researchers say nearly half of shoppers this year are still going to brick and mortar stores, despite the increase if popularity of on line shopping. >> oh, man. >> around the holidays, south philadelphia ace italian market is packed with people, restaurants are book, and many are food shopping foreign gradient, to their favorite holiday dishes, but one staple at the italian mark about to shut its doors for good.
7:35 am
greg argos shows us why so many loyal custom letters mills, d'angelo's brothers butcher shop. inbetween the last minute holiday orders, and the cooking advice. >> soon hanging up his bump ers' aprons, cleaning off the bumpier's blocks, and retiring. >> it is certainly. >> going to florida? >> no, i'm going to stay home and rest. florida? >> opened d'angelo meats in this very spot on ninth street near christian in 1910. for decades? >> fifty-six years. >> ran every aspect of his business. >> always a challenge, because i'm working with other countries, i'm working with import permits, working with
7:36 am
airlines, traffic, you you know, logistic nightmare. i'm tired. >> , i had enough. >> store up for sale. after 106 years, sunny hopes the new owners may continue the tradition his grand farther started at the beginning of the last century. >> if someone is interested in running a butcher shop i would be interested in meeting them, qualifying them, teaching them. >> miss your customers. >> oh, terribly, yes. >> those customers. >> you can't get these slices anywhere else. >> my grandmother, she started the catering business, and come in, purchase the meat for the business. >> also hopes the new owners, whatever the business, keep at least some of the charm sonny has created after all of this time. >> you never find anything this ground. >> 55.756789 i made it 55
7:37 am
even. >> merry christmas. thank you. >> greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> looking to purchase a wild bore, alligator, quayle, do you have few more days, last day in business is this saturday. >> south philadelphia, restaurant, bridges traditional ethyl yan christmas eve to its customers. broad and porter streets, tells its feast of the seven fishes. it is the day of family style seafood dishes, featuring calimary, lobster, even scallops. they have three separate seatings throughout the afternoon, and we're told each time, must be good satisfy food, packs the house. >> before santa made his overnight deliveries, he stopped by st. christopher hospital to cheer up the patient. of course came with plenty of toys, could not do it without his volunteer helpers, the committee to benefit children have been sending santa to st. christopher's for almost 40 years. we still have a lot more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". take a look, this dog could be part of your family in this
7:38 am
morning's pet project. we'll tell you what you need to do. and, hot, hot, hot, in cleveland, how the brown's got the worse losing streak in the nfl. that's straight ahead in eyewitness sports. >> and, back here at home, mild in philly. and later this week, maybe even milder. justin drabick has the eyewitness weather forecast in just a few minute.
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>> how awesome were they? >> good stuff. >> no snow around here for us. >> not at all. yes, snow lovers, not liking this forecast. at least we are able to make snow at the ski resort. if you, week ahead, but this is a forecast looking good across the region, headed outside later on, we will be in the sunshine, temperatures running a bit above average. not quite as warm as last year, little chill think morning, weaver cloud free sky, little heat we had yesterday. radiated right back up to the atmosphere, so looking at upper 20's in the coldest spots, full sunshine, currently, even little colder down south, into delaware, we go, dolores checks in, 26 degrees, in the sunshine, in newark, and we're sitting
7:45 am
at freezing right now, northwest of town. phil, 32 degrees, more clouds around, in north wales, and similar numbers here, just outside of philadelphia, as well. sunshine at 29 degrees, and sunshine, sunrise shot this morning, phil chap line here in philadelphia, the moon there, in the background there, clear skies, so a lot of sun helping us warm things up. like i said, not as warm as last year, seeing sunshine even down at the shore right now, live look, all is quiet here, in south jersey. beautiful conditions there. ocean city, even temperatures along the coast on our way to the upper who's, maybe close to 50 degrees. so, official forecast high for philadelphia, 48 today. the record is 68. we did tie that last year, and in 1964, so remember that, even christmas eve last year, lower 70s, not quite as warm but still running 5 degrees still above average. traveling conditions, today, look great. sunshine, give it green light. no problems tonight.
7:46 am
partly cloudy skies nice and give it the red light, or yellow light, indicating the shower, didn't really cause too much problems for the roads, should be light stuff, more like drizzle. due to warmfront that's going to push on through, but today, look at that, up and down the east coast, new england area, looking pretty dry, couple of snow showers in the mountains, north new england that's t warmfront well to the south and west, couple every light showers, over the central us, that will track into our region tomorrow. bring some warmth in here, specially on tuesday. until then, high pressure keeping us quiet, blocking any storms from developing, warmfront i was talking about, approaches us tomorrow. so we wake up to some cloud cover, maybe little bit of fog, and drizzle, mist in some spots, then once the warmfront pushes through, temperatures actually may arrive late in the day monday, then tuesday's our warmest day, however, couple of rain showers, light stuff tuesday morning, by the afternoon, do clear out, that sunshine warms us up well into the 50's, and it is possible some areas could hit six off, if everything works outright. today though comfortable,
7:47 am
little cooler north and west of us, and lehigh valley region, miss 40's afternoon temperatures, upper 30s to around 40 in the poconos, upper four's, wouldn't be surprised locations, 60s, around philadelphia, the suburbs, especially south jersey as well, even at the shore, feeling pretty good, cape may, 47, 48 degrees, high temperature. next few days, mild pattern. cold in the west. snow showers, and southern california, frost advisory, around la this morning, but then you get the warmth and the east, and the east, so that happens. nice ridge in the jet stream, brings our temperatures good ten to 15 degrees above average, especially on tuesday. how about the overall temperature outlook, headed into the new year? january 1st, through january 7th. looks like the cold still remains in place, over the western half of the us, and generally we're predict to go see average conditions, taking it to the first week of january. no true shot of arctic air moving back into the delaware valley, few more weeks if you like the cold air. forty-eight for the high
7:48 am
today, in the sunshine, breeze out of the north at ten to 15 tonight. chilly partly cloudy at 34. annex tended forecast, few weak systems coming through this week, tomorrow a shower, 56, for the high on tuesday afternoon, mid 40's, return on wednesday, with some sunshine, maybe shower on thursday, right now, few years eve day staying dry, clouds, temperatures where they should low 40's. if you love watching the weather, sign up now at cbs.come/watchers. >> justin, thank you. and the time now 7:48. time to check on the roads and highways with amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, amanda. >> good morning, rahel, still looking very good out there. taking a look at columbus boulevard, southbound at queen street, where they still have two lanes closed, due to water main break yesterday. not causing any significant delays. traffic getting by in one lane, but just be aware it, could be a spot in your travels this morning, mass transit, still looking good this morning, just like the
7:49 am
roadways, however, septa operating on special holiday schedule today. that affect regional rail, buses, trolleys, dart, patco i am rating still -- similar schedule before you head out the door, taking a look at the boulevard, looks like ghosttown, usual volume we see, clear lies most of your majors including 30, 202, 95, 76 and the vine. at the cbs-3 traffic center, amanda mueller, rahel, back to you. >> amanda, thank you. christmas meal will have to compete with christmas day football. after one every yesterday's games, one winless nfl team is no longer winless. here's don bell with eyewitness sports. >> eagles almost went zero for their holiday season, started thanksgiving day week. luckily came to ends thursday night at the linc with five-point win over the giants. they finish sunday, against the cowboys. nfc east action, chicago, pick it up in the first quarter, up by seven. how about the screen pass to chris thompson? blockers out in front.
7:50 am
and all the sudden 14-nothing, second quarter we go. quarterback curbing cousins not known for his speed, but finds the corner and in the end zone, and beat the bears by 20, and keeps their playoffs hopes alive. how about the browns? they're winless and hosting the san diego chargers. they're up 20 to 17 in the final seconds, all they want for christmas is a w. the charge esters, from 45 yards out, it is josh lambeau, it is wide, right, and the browns, with their first win of the season. now, one and 14 on the campaign. how about chip kelly, the 9ers, visiting the rams, san francisco, down, over the middle with touchdown toss. and now, chip kelly going to go, all doug pederson on the people, going for two, and the win, kaepernick scrambling, still looking, and he's in for the score. and the 9ers snap their 13-game losing streak, they have two wins on the season,
7:51 am
both against la. the theme continues for pro teams in philadelphia. the eagles, and sixers, so are the flyers. orange and black don't play again until wednesday, in st. louis, this week, the guys talked about what gift they would give their teammates. >> i would buy jake a razor, and a hedge trimmer, for that beard he's got going on right now, a restorer trim it up. one of those high end. i can barely have a conversation with him right now just looking at him. >> so, apparently, teammates, not really fans of jake voracek's beards. that's all for sports, i'm don bell. >> well, still to come on "eyewitness news" this morning, is there room in your home for this cat? we'll tell you thousand make this pet part of your family,
7:52 am
when "eyewitness news" continues.
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♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. and now the cbs pet project earlier, enjoying the holiday, but will be back next week with advice from the pennsylvania spca. we want to show you great adopt recall pets available at the pspca. meet emily rose, sweet and social female domestic short haired cat, she lovers attention, the only reason this sweet girl is still at
7:55 am
the pspca due to her call status show, has feline leukemia, can weaken a system and make a cat more susceptible to illness. take a look at this boy, sam boy is his name. five year old pitbull terrier mix. came to the pca in january 2016. when his family was moving, and they were unable to take him along. as we can see here in this video, big boy is ac, playful, could even be described with hyper with his energy. he is looking for adopt or with active lifestyle to ensure he will get lots of exercise. >> and, take a look at ollie, two year old pitbull mix, also friendly, and social, and he even knows some of his basic commands already. he is a big boy but one with a sweetheart. all he wants is to be loved and be by your side. >> and to adopt one every these animals, every course, visit the pca, erie avenue, center closed today for the holiday, but open until
7:56 am
8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. awe. and carol will of course be back next sunday. >> that's it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. but here's what we have coming up for you at 8:00. >> ♪ >> it is to could be called the centerpiece of philly in the celebration. we'll take you inside the the organ at macy's with the lights show. >> convoy of holiday joy arrives at children's hospital with a police escort. see the family of this little girl is giving back to the friends she made during her treatment at chop. and the forecast for your christmas day outing, if you are headed out today, and the holiday week ahead, we'll be right back. past
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> pope francis celebrates mace, still ahead, the annual message to the fateful. also ahead, we ' live as you can see here, with a local family as think open their gifts, and spending time together this christmas morning, how the generosity of others helping make their holiday extra special. mild weather for your holiday. justin ahead to tell us about your christmas day forecast. >> today is sunday, december 25th, i'm rahel solomon. taking about a mild christmas? >> last year was like christmas and flip flops. >> upper 60s, had to even turn on the ac on, if you were
8:00 am
cooking, but today, maybe 50 in some areas, not bad. >> not overdoing it. >> no. >> little mild, yes. >> nice little gift for people who like those mild temperature. if you don't like the cold, you will lover this forecast. no record heat come cents at us, temperatures staying above average, as we head into the new year. temperatures right now, little bit on the cooler side, yesterday, mid 30's, even upper 30s, at the airport, philadelphia, clear skies, right now, around philadelphia. west breeze, windchill advance down to the low 30's, nothing harsh if you are headed outside. near freezing point mount pocono, 30 in wilmington, so depends where you are, you might be in one of the colder spots. look at mt. holly coming in 29 degrees, so set heard from the winds, temperatures are able to drop off little bit, windchill values, nothing craze think morning, light breeze, less than 10 miles per hour right now. low 30's, but coldest spot, upper 20's, still feels like on exposed skin. nice and q


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