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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  December 25, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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cooking, but today, maybe 50 in some areas, not bad. >> not overdoing it. >> no. >> little mild, yes. >> nice little gift for people who like those mild temperature. if you don't like the cold, you will lover this forecast. no record heat come cents at us, temperatures staying above average, as we head into the new year. temperatures right now, little bit on the cooler side, yesterday, mid 30's, even upper 30s, at the airport, philadelphia, clear skies, right now, around philadelphia. west breeze, windchill advance down to the low 30's, nothing harsh if you are headed outside. near freezing point mount pocono, 30 in wilmington, so depends where you are, you might be in one of the colder spots. look at mt. holly coming in 29 degrees, so set heard from the winds, temperatures are able to drop off little bit, windchill values, nothing craze think morning, light breeze, less than 10 miles per hour right now. low 30's, but coldest spot, upper 20's, still feels like on exposed skin. nice and quiet storm scan
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three decent amount of sunshine, feeling pretty good heading outside if you are doing traveling later this morning, into the afternoon, battle sun glare, sunglasses around, that's about it, no precipitation, temperatures nice rebounds by noontime mid who's on our way up to the upper 40's, again, i wouldn't be surprised some spots do reach 50 degrees, again at the shore, upper 40's in the sun, low 40's in the poconos. like it warmer, few more days to talk about temperatures well into the 50's, maybe even 06. i'll show you coming up in a few minute. rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. pope francis is celebrating christmas with a blessing for the world. in his olby blessing means to the city and the worlds, delivered earlier this morning. leader of the catholic church wish people scarred by wars and those who lost loved ones to terrorism. he says, it is showing fear and death in many cities and countries, during christmas eve mass at saint peters basilica, he called on the fateful to not get caught up in the commercialization of christmas. he says materialism has taken us hostage this christmas
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>> midnight mass at cathedral of popes peter and paul. charles chaput led mass last night, will preside over services again this morning. and everywhere, right now, children are waking up to see what santa left behind. one local family, this christmas is extra special. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live in kensington as they open their gifts this morning. good morning, anita. >> good morning, merry christmas, rahel. that's right. we collected more than 6,000 toys, thanks to that toy drive. and that's why a lot of families are celebrating christmas, and it is a little bit more special this year, after losing so much, this family, lost everything, in a house fire back in october. but now four very happy kids are very excited opening a ton of toys this morning. we were opening toys with them this morning. now, they have plastic bags full of boxes, and these are
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the very cool toys that they got which i don't really understand how this is happening. but they know how to make this work. because they're more tech logically savvy than i am. check it out. they've been flying these things around the house all morning long. and this really, you just put your hand under it, supposed to guide t but, anyway, this is the kind of reaction that the family is really enjoying, we have here with us this morning, camina you saw your family lose information this house fire. tell us about the emotion behind that. >> when i got there, i was just in total shock. you know, just thanking god that no one was hurt and everybody was out, you know, just thinking what type of help they would get. that's how my services kick in, my daughter, the children, you know, just a blessing i was able to buy a home big enough to a month before the fire, and all of this, live comfortably and have enough room forker. >> that's amazing. and you started preparing for christmas back in july buying
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gift for all of these kids, what does christmas mean to you, and seeing their reaction this morning, what's that mean? >> christmas means family to me. i love being together with all of my family limiter i can't wait until later on to be with the rest of my children, my sons, my other grandchildren. just see their faces when they get their gifts, as well as more gift for other children, when we get to their houses, and breakfast at my son's house, and then dinner at another house, so just family, you know, that's what christmas is about, thank being god, being with family, so many families don't have families. so, you know, a bless to go have our families together. >> well, thank you so much for sharing part of your christmas with us, merry christmas, and merry christmas to you all. again, we collected more than 6,000 toys, thanks to this toy drive. and a lot of families are really happy this morning. for now, live in kensington, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, back to you. >> very sweet indeed, anita, thank you. philadelphia's world
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famous wanamaker organ is at macy's in center city provided of course the sound track for l holidays for generations, i myself loved it as a kid. shows us how this beautiful music is made. >> i think we celebrate christmas almost better than anywhere else. >> macy's, we own christmas if philadelphia. >> we kind of own christmas here. because we have in philly and we have the lights show, then we have the worlds' largest playing organ to entertain people during all of this. >> i'm curator of organs here at macy's. i think that it is not too much to say wanamaker org began is probably as great a tradition as christmas itself. when i came here 14 years ago, it was 20% playable.
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now it is about 20% play-able, working well enough that we can actually take down our entire division, rebuild it, knowing we have enough resource toss still have it sound quite fabulous. >> this is one of the original pieces it, the control system, that we keep running, because we think it is so neat. all of the important part charge the pipes, and the chest, which makes the sounds, make it a certain way. but the control system that was wearing out, which were mechanical relay, now replaced by electronics. >> it is the greatest symphonic ever built. three symphonies, basically at my fingertips here, the total pallet is incredibly versatile like no other in the world. >> i hope we lift people up spiritually just a little bit.
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and make them realize what an incredible city philadelphia is. >> so many kids look forward to that every single year. well done. still to come this morning, a little taste in help to make spirits bright. see the convoy of toys and holiday how it bridges to the chil
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", maybe i can the holidays brighter for children who are hospitalized. health reporter stephanie stahl has the story of a special toy delivery, that became much bigger than anyone ever expected. >> convoy every toys arriving with police escort, jillian massey, who has brain and spine cancer. >> we are just so happy to have her home for the holidays. this is just the best christmas blessing we could have got glenn after being hospitalized for six months of chemotherapy, jillian was released but wondered what about all of the kids who couldn't go home for the holidays? >> shear is a group who helped put together the toy drive, jillian's nickname. >> just amazing, to see the turn out, and how many people have supported this cause.
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>> just canning thank everybody enough, and for everyone down at chop. >> chop delivery convoy happened at the ridley township police station and this gift to her from the officers. >> your win and only bmw you will ever own. >> julian thanks the officers and got busy with the smacks. >> this is your second breakfast. >> chocolate chip pancakes. >> the goal to collect maybe 100 toys, but once word got out about sassy massey, the donations poured in. >> she has been throw so much. her friends have been through so much. just that we can do this for her, just really, i don't even have words. >> the spirit of the season all about giving and sharing some love, with sassy little girl, in the fight of her life. >> these toys will provide so many smiles for kids here it, means so much to all of the patients and the families here over the holidays. >> when asked about chop,
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jillian didn't talk about a hospital. she says, that's the place she goes to play. she wanted to make sure her friends there had plenty of gift for the holiday. stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> you go, sassy massey. hanukkah, the jewish festival of lights, is underway. among the many ways to celebrate it in the city and fifth and market streets has it very own menorrah, last night, franklin square, ushered in hole kay with games and crafts for the kids, hanukkah is the name of january 1st. very sweet. so speaking of january 1st, moving into the new year, looks like the next couple of days things kinds of mild. >> mild. if you don't like it colds, like this forecast, pretty cool, all of the holidays falling together this year, same time, but what didn't fall together ingredients for white christmas, didn't get it. >> well, we've got next year. >> we have to see. >> two years in a row now, warm temperatures, not quite as warm as last year, but well above average, getting close to 50, some areas. we take you up north, enjoy. i mean, a the love people
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trying to travel across town, visit friends, family, ideal conditions today. to bethlehem, christmas city live from the hotel bethlehem, shaking this camera around, hills to the south, little cloud cover this morning, should thin out. generally mostly sunny skies up into the lehigh valley and pocono region, but bear grounds, no snow, as little snowy patch so far this year has melted. >> new york state line, see snow cover, or where there is minimal interest, snow on the ground, that's the official definition of a white christmas, snow on the ground. you can see, northern half of the us, really, stuck with the snow cover, all of the cold arctic air displayed to the north, had kim of shocks earlier this season, but moved back northward, won't show any signs every returning until maybe start of the new year, have to see how it plays out. like i said, no ingredient for all out snowstorm here. just too warm. temperatures this time of year should be low 40's on average. we will be above that today.
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close to 06 in some spots, everything comes together. by the ends of the week does cool down close to average, still at or above average into the new years weekend. thirty-eight allentown as well as airport here in philadelphia, 32 mount pocono, real no true cold air this morning, colder than yesterday because of the clear skies, even across the upper great lakes, northern planes, nothing cold. now 33 degrees, 32 in chicago, so much of the country enjoying some milder air, the exception is the west coast, actually had some snow in southern california. frost advisory this morning for la county. high pressure over us today. nice and dry, no storm system coming at us until tomorrow. weak cold front to the south or warmfront to the south and west, see some showers along with the front. that will come through tomorrow. maybe sprinkling or two for your monday, then start to warm things up. a lot of christmas theme towns across the us. check it out.
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rudolph, ohio, forecast high today 36 degrees, snow, kentucky, 66, if you like it warm, head south, garlands texas, mid 70s. donor, california, coming in at 30. comb up there, up in the mountains, like that hoo, had skiing. go out there. >> all is good today. not much happening, maybe some clouds from time to time this evening, into the overnight, looks pretty good as well. tomorrow like i said, maybe a shower or two, in some spots, overall trends, still remains, for above average temperatures, nice ridge, jet stream tuesday, temperatures well to the 50's. today 48 for the high, extended forecast, pretty quiet, couple of weak systems, then again thursday, by new years weekends cooler, lower four #'s for highs, rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. time now 8:18. let's go back and check in with amanda mueller at the
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cbs-3 traffic center. see how the roads are look, good morning, amanda. >> still looking very good out there for your christmas commute. most you'll really have to deal with is sun glare, ticking a look at the schuylkill near the belmont exit here. you can see the sun powerful around the turn. don't forget your sunglasses, still looking good, no delays, however, as we've been mentioning all morning, septa operating on a special holiday schedule today. that affect regional rail, dart, patco, also similar schedules, check it out before you head out the door. taking a look at the 42 freeway in new jersey, again, check out that sun, it is nice to see it after yesterday. and that roadway is clear, like most of your majors, including three, zero, 202, 76, the vine, at cbs traffic center, amanda mueller back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, russian military plane with 92 people aboard has crashed into the black satisfy.
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>> russia's defense ministry says the tu154 similar to this one with pairing the famous al, andrea end em somebody group to concert at the russian air base in syria. russian news agencies says it is unlikely anyone survived. saidel dissolve the trump foundation before he takes offers, in a statement, mr. trump says, the foundation has done great work helping veterans, law enforcement, but would dissolve it to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. foundation is under investigation, by the new york state attorney general's office. amid allegations funds were used to settle legal disputes, foundation cannot be dissolved until that vehicles ends. president-elect started at e physical church in palm beach. they got ovation as they arrived saturday night at the church of bethesda by the sea, first couple married at the church back in 2005. mr. trump tweeted wishes for
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happy channukah earlier saturday. president barack obama celebrating christmas with his family in hawaii. photographers captured the president enjoying some shaved ice with his daughter malea, before enjoying the desserts, the president, malea and sasha spent the day at escape room, that's live action puzzle where you have to work real hard together to make it out. somehow i feel like they made it out. well, we will be right back. first more holiday music, mount st. joseph academy. the acacpella group. >> ♪ >> ♪ merry little christmas ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> because every their colors, symbol itch with christmas, how do they become such a popular decoration? looking at the unique history in this preview of cbs sunday morning. >> this 1905 craft style home is a canvas of christmas color. >> are though in every room? they're in every room. >> every room, different color. >> they have a passion for pointsetia's. steward, with his eye for color, shows five different varieties. >> i try to keep this room -- >> this is all red throughout this hallway. they are christmas. they see christmas. and you have lots of them, a green christmas, i guess. >> greenville, pointsetia pride. at the airport, new arrivals see it in this massive tree, more than 10 feet tall, built with 168 plants.
8:27 am
>> you can't live in greenville, and and part of the community and not understand that the pointsetia has a special place, christmas parade, and so -- >> the hotel, bridge, highlight, it is hard to miss that there is a connection. >> it is hard it miss this house, yes. >> had i at this of the pointsetia or pointsetia, depending where you are from, and how it became a holiday staple, that's this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. we will be right b
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>> and merry christmas to you, thank you for joining us on this holiday morning, i'm
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rahel solomon. let's get out to justin drabick on the cbs-3 skydeck, and hopefully a lot of people at home with their families, maybe this they want to get out little later the weather could be nice today? >> really nice. i think it will be a dip for a lot of people. even if you like the cold air, do you have appreciate this day. it will turn out really spectacular this afternoon temperatures close to 50 degrees, i think, in the warmest spots across the delaware vale. nice quiet morning. we had the rain moving, in colder, compared to 24 hours ago in philly, 13 degrees colder at the airport in atlantic city. seven millville. nine in wilmington, little chilly but nothing terribly cold this morning, upper 30's at this hour, in the lehigh valley and philadelphia, 30 in wilmington, near freezing up in mount pocono, not much of a windchill either. just because the winds are pretty light. coming out of the north ten to 15 miles per hour, throughout the morning hours. mt. holly, new jersey, checking in at 29. storm scan3, all quiet, few
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clouds around mid to high level clouds, especially north and west of the city. will thin out, generally call it mostly sunny throughout the day today. clouds do return, though, as we head to the upcoming week. that's actually going to bring some warmer temperatures, the warmfront that will push on through, but nice looking christmas forecast. look at the temperatures, climbing mid 40's by around noontime. afternoon temperatures, upper 40's, win be surprised some of the backyard thermometers approach the 50 degrees mark if you like it warm, wait few more days, temperatures surging good ten, even 15 degrees, above average. talk about that in the seven day forecast in a few minutes, back to you. >> i'm a fan, thank you. last week you might remember hundreds of people stopped by the annual "joy of sharing" toyfest, i was out there, this morning, seeing first-hand how families in need benefit. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live in kensington, one family celebrating christmas this year, thanks to you. good morning, anita.
8:32 am
>> so much this family has gained, hard thanks to the toy drove, collected more than 6,000 toys. so the taylor family celebrating chris that is this morning, we've been here for hours as they opened ton of gifts, put them away in a bunch of plastic bags now, but this, check it out, indoor tent they've built. they have ton of stuff in there. marcell, what are you doing? >> making a cake, overred me some cupcakes, made pass worth, letting me as a guest right now. what's the best part of this tent? >> i like about it when we have some fun. >> it is very fun. they have this whole mosquito blocker, as well. and you want to be a chef. tell us what you're making in there? >> they have an indoor grill in there. all of these cans, and plate. the cake is done?
8:33 am
>> yes. >> is it for morning anchor, rahel? >> yes. >> this is for you guys, rahel, justin. they're making cupcakes, christmas cupcakes for you guys. and here you see the mosquito thing. >> you say you love outdoors, love camping, what's the best thing about being outdoors right now? >> cook. >> christmas fun. >> christmas party in there. how has the morning been so far opening the presents? what's the best thing that you got. >> the best thing that i got is my phone. >> did he get new phone, also got new drill. what's the best thing you got this year? >> this. >> what about you? >> the food. >> so, as you can see, we're having ton of fun inside, here, again, we collected more than 6,000 toys at this toy drive. so as you can see, ton of happy, families, enjoying very special christmas with their families, in part, thanks to
8:34 am
you. for now live in kensington, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> anita, thank you. looks like they got a phone, a drone, the gospel playing in the back, sounds like a good morning, thank you. we will be right back, first another holiday favorite, from the philadelphia boys choir. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> one person returned to the hospital after a car accident, collided at broad and washington avenue around 1:30, both cars badly damaged. no details on the person's condition or what caused the crash. police are investigating. also, new this morning, police are investigating an armed robbery, at a fast-food restaurant, in port richmond. police tell us the cashier was head at gunpoint, at the texas chicken and burgers, the
8:41 am
thieves grabbed cash, ran away on foot. no one was hurt in the robbery. >> still to come this morning, the weather outside anything but fright full. the sun is shining, it is a beautiful day, and santa hopeful will he getting some rest this morning, justin returns with what you can expect from weather t
8:42 am
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that of course is santa, showing off his water skiing skills, before he headed out to deliver presents, last night, check it out. he's speeding around the lake in alexandria, virginia, along with his elves, clearly a way to un wild before the busiest time of the year. justin joining us now, justin, i would expect almost to see santa skiing on snow. but don't have any that far here. so he just took to the water instead. >> that's right. got to be cold in virginia, lake temperatures got to be on the chilly side. >> he's santa claus. mere mortal emotions. >> and he's i can late dollars, too, got a lot of fat
8:44 am
going on there. >> oh, what? >> it is true. everybody knows. >> don't criticize santa. >> he's got to be big. weather watchers, waking up temperatures on the cool side. thanks so much throughout your post throughout the year cbs-3, we appreciate it, 34 degrees right now, we go to phil's house, northern philadelphia, 34, with partly sunny skies, out to chester county we go, 37 degrees at this hour, from fran, nottingham, again, mostly sunny skies, upper 30's, little chillier in some areas, still, low 30's out in chesterfield, new jersey, ed connor, sunshine, coming in at this hour. also, we hop the river here over to new jersey, cherry hill, sunny skies, little chill think hour, coming in at 33 degrees, and again, it was a nice sunrise, had perfectly clear skies earlier. few clouds passing from time to time. another shot from phil here in philadelphia. sun's going to go to work. warm things up. and hey, rahel, not just us working today. big boulder will be open at noontime, the groomers are out
8:45 am
there. getting the slopes ready, ya. >> all five of us. >> open for business, open from 12:00 to six up in the mountains, gearing up for nice day, weather wise, sunshine. so, want to take off little bit earlier, head up to ski resorts, pretty good. big boulder has good base already. if you like to surf, nice conditions in rehoboth beach, delaware, a loft surfers like to go out christmas morning to say hitting waves. not whole lot of wave action, but sunshine, people out on the beach, temperatures comfortable along the coast, delaware, close to 50 degrees. forty-eight the high temperature over most locations today, record is 68 in philadelphia. we tide that last year, if you remember, also, in 1964, and then christmas eve day last year, the warmest day coming in at 71 degrees. officially in philadelphia. so, not quite as warm this year, but still above average. quiet, storm scan3, high pressure dominating the northeast. not much happening. very quiet weather pattern. not very come on to see that this time of year.
8:46 am
so let's look ahead to tomorrow. little cool start to the day, warmfront that bridges clouds for monday morning, that front passes during the morning hours, maybe shower or two in some spots, bringing warmth in here for tuesday, so we go from upper 40's, to near 50, with clouds on monday, well into the 50's on tuesday. watch out for few showers early during the day, but i think we see sunshine in the afternoon. tuesday the warmest day. if that sun breaks out early enough, wouldn't be surprised some locations hit 06 degrees. through the day today, looks great. christmas day, nice, again, no problems here, into the evening hours. clouds start to roll in, maybe some sprinkles, drizzle, maybe freezing drizzle. lehigh valley and poconos possible, if temperatures drop enough tonight. then into the afternoon, pretty much staying cloudy offer and on shower. temperatures today, though, very comfortable. mid upper 40's, even up to the lehigh valley, mid afternoon temperatures, mid 40's around, reading and allentown, getting close to 50, for philadelphia. and some surrounding suburbs, potentially south of the city into interior south jersey,
8:47 am
vineland close to 50 on this model, upper 40's for the capitol city of delaware. again, mild pattern, next few days, reason, jet stream, moving to our north. that pushes all of the arctic air up into northern canada, so no signs of that coming at us. until maybe early january. highs running ten to 15 degrees above average. specially on tuesday. tuesday, overall temperature outlook into january. january 1st through january 7th. this point it looks like coldest air, stays still to the north and west every us, western half of the us. below average temperatures. looks like the warmth starts to push little further south. so, generally, near average for the start of january. today, though, 48 degrees, real nice. sunshine, extended forecast, couple of shower chances, monday, tuesday, and thursday. highs, not that bad. into new years eve, 42 degrees on saturday. rahel, back to you. >> you know after that dig at santa, we know you are not getting anything next year. >> oh, i'm getting coal. >> you better enjoy your gift this year. >> time now 8:47. let's go back and check the roads with amanda mueller at
8:48 am
the cbs traffic center. good morning, amanda. >> good morning, good news for christmas, still all clear on the road whales. only lane restrictions, what we are taking a look at, columbus boulevard southbound queen street. two lanes closed from water main break from yesterday. traffic still getting by. shouldn't cause you any major delays. at the cbs-3 traffic center, amanda mueller, rahel, back to you. >> we'll take a short break. first, here is more holiday sounds from mount st. joseph academy. we will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪
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justin, mild christmas. >> for a lot of people, not dealing with a big storm, some people may want to see snow, but people are traveling, so nice and quiet. a loft sunshine, look at the temperatures, climbing up to mid 40's by around noontime. afternoon temps, upper 40's, yes, off to good start. won't be surprised some locations do top off at 50 degrees this afternoon. more clouds return tomorrow. maybe little bit every drizzle around, warmfront that moves through, mild air really settles in tuesday, and a mid, even up ear's, maybe close to 06 some areas for tuesday afternoon, then once, cooling back down to the mid who's, maybe shower thursday, and friday, temperatures holding
8:55 am
in the low who's, headed in new years weekend, overall not bad. >> not bad at all. thank you. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. before we go, we want to recognize everyone here at "eyewitness news" for all of their hard work and dedication, both in front of and behind the camera. happy holidays! >> ♪ >> ♪
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> pauley: good morning, merry christmas and happy hanukkah. i'm jane pauley and this is "sunday morning." it's the season of lights. on christmas trees and menorahs. in windows and on front porches. lights piercing the darkness, a shining symbol of hope for a bright future. nearly a century ago, on


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