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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 26, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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freezing rain, all of that is very much location dependent. so from philly on southeast, don't even worry about it. so we get you out there, show you what's up. roadways as quiet, road front eventually starts to lift n see the beginning signs of life of that. back through west most pennsylvania, at this hour, it is still even back to pittsburgh, the allegheny's, just rain. but, by the time it is reaching us, say 7:00 in the morning sore so, likely to have enough cold air in place just before the sun coming it up could lead to some tricky travel. again, thisthere is does not ie philadelphia. you are going to have to go pretty far north and west here, but as of 7:00 a.m., freeze advisory will go specific, basically the rest of pennsylvania on north into the mountains. so that's where you have got to worry about any rain that comes from the skies, freezing on contact, because the ground just cold enough to support. that will but everywhere else, it is really just not that bad. now over the last 24 hours,
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we've dropped anywhere from ten to 12 degrees from reading to allentown, so when that is reflected on the actual thermometer readings talking a lot of 20's, not just in the poconos, but lehigh valley and berks county. that's why we are concerned about freezing rain. thirty-six is the actual temperature at the moment at philadelphia international airport. modest breeze, enough that you will notice it, hugging the winter cota tad tighter, but not blustery day, rather, just one of those days that features little mixed bag. pretty whimpy warmfront with moisture content, it will be very warm couple of days coming up. by the time we hit 3:00 p.m. or so this afternoon, pat, i think talking mid #'s, eventually we expect to hit 50 degrees later today. >> not bad. then maybe 60? >> it is in the future. >> that's crazy. we will talk about that coming up, i'm sure. thank you, katie, this is the vine, normally telling you 5:00 a.m. there is construction just wrapping up right now. it is crystal clear, headed between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. speaking of the schuylkill,
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south of the boulevard toward the schuylkill expressway, again, not whole lot going on. everybody off this morning, all nestled, warmly in their beds after a nice christmas meal i hope. i had one. columbus boulevard that's a problem. two right lanes closed remains that way with the water main break, penndot says they don't think they will be able to make it out today. so probably tomorrow is when they will get to this once again, but some delays will be happening here on columbus boulevard going south. there is a fire abington, old york road. we'll keep you up-to-date on this fire as the morning progresses, construction north broad street roosevelt boulevard, lanes blocked between 9:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. that will happen through late january. then some mass transit issues, things to work through this morning, broad street, and the market frankford, that's on normal schedule, the regional railways though, that's sunday schedule, say for the city buses through friday. >> thank you. this morning man shot several times on nicetown street corner. police do believe they know what sparked the shooting.
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trang do live at temple university hospital where the victim is being treated. trang, good morning. >> good morning, are, the 52 year old man underwent emergency surgery here at temple hospital overnight. he remains in very critical condition. now police are still working out the detail, but think believe this shooting stemmed from fight that happened earlier. take a look at this video we shot of the scene. officers responded to the 3800 block of north bouvier street in the city nicetown section, around 11:30 p.m. they found shooting scene but no victims. they discovered private car took the 52 year old man here to temple hospital. he had been shot several times in his arms as well as his torso. now, police found five spent shell casings at the scene, here chief inspector todd small. >> we're getting information from several witnesses that this 52 year old family member of his, involved in a earlier fight in the neighborhood. we believe that this 52 year old male was shot, in relation
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to the family fight. >> police describe the shooter as man wearing a camouflage jacket, bluejeans, as well as boots. now, scott small there, also, said that they found several private surveillance cameras, hoping the video will help id a suspect, for now live from temple university hospital. i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back to you. >> new this morning, tire slasher on the loose in philadelphia's somerdale section. this is video from the 900 block of folcroft street. photo journalist on the scene found tires slashed on about ten cars, police say the incident has not yet been reported to them. >> and memorial is growing in south philadelphia, where a store owner was shot and killed on christmas eve. flowers, candles, teddy bears, now sit on the steps at marie's groceries on 60 wharton, saturday morning. eighty year old marie buck shot inside the store. died shortly after being rushed to the hospital. police say they do not have
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any leads so far. >> in other news this morning, his music helped define the 80s, this morning, fans are stunned by the death of british pop soup after star george michael. >> that of course was michael's 1984 hit wake me up before you go-go, with the group wham. michael manager said the singer died of heart fame your on christmas morning, george michael was 53. >> and, an update now on star wars actress carrie fisher. her mother, debbie reynolds, tweeted her daughter was this stable condition. also frank dollars france and prayers for good wishes, after reportedly suffered heart attack from london to los angeles friday night. besides her role as princess lay a, star wars fisher also known for her memoirs, such as wishful drinking. >> back here at home police trying to figure out what sparked second floor house fire in delaware county.
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the fire department responds today call on marlboro lane just before 2:00 p.m. it caused extensive damage. >> in the crawlspace of the attic and the second floor. so once it gets in the walls, we have to try to find it before it gets too extensive. >> and firefighters were able to put out the flames before it reached the first floor. no one was hurt. >> for look at newspaper headlines from across our region, the burlington county times report holy cross academy in delran, new jersey, adding new initiatives to help student prepare for their futures, including act for student to take up to 46 college credits, partnering with area colleges, celebrating its 60 anniversary in february. >> reading eagle reports on outreach effort in berks county to help provide christmas dinner for the less fortunate. more than 150 people died at saint john's evangelical
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church in boyertown last night. and a big honor for a north men instructor named the state's best. a gifted support teacher at penn field, pen dale, middle school. says he's humbled by the honor. that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> and if you have the week off, how about a trip to the brandywine zoo in wilmington? you can see one of the most popular animals there, before she leaves for new york. zona, eight year old siberian tiger being transferred to a zoo in the bronx earlier this is the month. siberian tiger and they're endangered. hoping he'll find a male companion. good bye party taking place new years over. and, today marks the start of quan s the week long celebration of african culture. the holiday honors family, community, and culture through seven principal. today's principal is unity. others is creativity, is he determination, responsible, cooperative economics, and
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fate. kwanzaa runs through new years day. >> and as kwanzaa begins, hanukkah enters day three, "eyewitness news", in suburban square in ardmore yesterday, where people gathered for a menorrah lighting. also celebrated by donuts and frying potatoes latke's, jewish festival of the lights, started same night as christmas eve and runs until new years day. >> the president delivers seasons greetings to members of the armed forces and their families. the message in hand he had for them in his final visit as president. winter mayhem. crews responds to wrecks and covered roads as the winter storm moves across the country. what's expected to affect the east coast.
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>> back on "eyewitness news", people in russia gather to pay their respects after 92 people a boards a plane to syria are killed in a crash. visitors brought flowers -- flowers, and candles, remembering the victims who went down with the jet that crashed into the black sea just two minute after taking off. all 84 passengers and eight crew members are believed to be dead. investigators are now saying that a pilot error or technical fill your may be the cause of the tragedy. >> president obama and first lady michelle obama spent part of their christmas visiting
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marine corps base in the hawaii. president obama told the troops it has been quote the privilege of my life to serve as the commander in chief of the us military. he also thanked the troops and their families for their sacrifice. >> it has impossible for us to fully repay what you have done and the sacrifices that you make. but at least it is important to hear from us that what you do matters, and that we know about it and that we're grateful, and that we will stay grateful even when many of you end up being out of uniform. >> and president obama says his gratitude to the military will not stop once his term ends. >> and to weather now, blizzard conditions continue to batter part of the midwest, part of dakota winds up to 55 miles per hour, parts of the east coast are bracing for rough rhett ever -- weather, as women. the latest now from new york.
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>> reporter: the unrelenting holiday storm spilled into the overnight hours, covering animals, and driver whales, in the dakotas with mounds every snow. while the system brought white christmas yesterday. >> so beautiful. my first white christmaser. >> also made driving treacherous throughout the northern planes and in the southwest. this was the scene in arizona, as interstate 40 was brought to stand still by snow. in minnesota this semi truck caring 40,000 pounds of chocolate, flipped onto its side. freezing rain and sleet covered roadways. >> that the right moment when the temperatures dropped, the dot hasn't been out, do you have watch the exits. >> the conditions kept many plow and tow truck drivers away from their families in iowa and utah. >> this is my ninth call. it has been crazy, today's been nuts, a lot of slide-office, accidents. >> others brought out their sleds. to make the most of nature on the holiday. >> most snow i've ever seen in my life. it is awesome t feels so nice. >> the storm forecast to reach
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the east coast later today. bringing messy conditions along with it. the system will progress eastward moving through the up of michigan, great lakes, producing freezing rain, eventually as we get into up-state new york going into pennsylvania, massachusetts, and parts of vermont, too. the national weather service warning people who plan to hit the road today to take extra precautions. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". okay, weaver a little bit after warm up. i see the concerns on your face. is that coming here? >> is it? >> let's be very clear, this is the same system, not as all the same animal. >> the weekend? >> essentially, the bulk of the energy more than anything will bypass us. you look so concerned, like what's happening here? i thought we were warming up. we are warming up. >> okay. >> so let me walk you through this, i know, you look at those stories and you see those images and it really will through you for a loop
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knowing that's coming our way. just not same thing. live look from hotel bethlehem overlooking not just lehigh university, moravian in the foreground, beautiful view for us in the christmas city, still have all of the very festive lights lighting up main street here. but this is a plot that could end up with frozen precipitation, before it is all said and done. that will really ends up being one of the worse of our worries, when it comes to that huge system that we were just showing you the story on. let's go to different camera view here. outside to boardwalk plaza rehoboth. not one loan cell on the beaches this morning, but it is very quiet. this is spot that i think probably doesn't even see drop of rain here today at all simply because again here is the storm. yes, it is a doozy. but, notice, you have got the bulk of not just the circulation, and the moisture, all off to the north here, for us, this is lifting in as warmfront, and because it comes through the overnight hours, into the early morning, where the sun comes up. we have to worry about freezing rain from it, but that is kind of it.
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only the northwest half of our area that has to worry about it. then, comes the cold front. that will be a little bit more potent. that will will knock the temperatures back, back it up first, talk about the freezing rain advisory. it is specific to the lehigh valley, poconos, as far south as berks county, lancaster county, every point west every that, through the rest of this morning, starts at 7:00. watch for just thin glaze of ice. that's all you need. for it to cause major travel headaches. by the time we hit the afternoon this will transaction to all rain. talking scattered body -- spotty precipitation. not wash out after day, however you don't need much when it comes to something freezing on the surface to actually lead to major problems. outside we go to one of the camera shots, up at camelback, still making know looks like, using the coal air excuse to pack up some of the bases there, we have pretty good base, some of these locations, jack frost, big boulder and camelback, all at least foot worth on the ski slopes, and you have got lots of trails open, camelback, 22 trails
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already open. very cold air in police here today maybe extra slickness, please be careful if hitting the slopes. sprinkle and shower in the city that's t we should hit 50 late today since warmfront, gradual warming trend all day long. normally hit the high midday, right? not going to happen this time. actually going to hit it pretty late in the day. we will only bottom out to 47 at worse through the overnight, in fact, moderating up here come tomorrow, all the way to at least 06 degrees in the city still showers around, that's your cold front. look at the nose dive come wednesday. back to dose of reality for a change. >> i'm cool with six's, but weird that i would lining to see little bit of snow eventually? >> not weird. >> rahel thinks it is weirds. >> rahel? i ' take 06 every day. take 50 today, 06 tomorrow. this is a look at the ben franklin bridge. i count one, two, three, four,
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five, everyone is off today, nothing going on, bridges looks beautiful. this is my favorite camera shot, just couple of cars headed between camden and philadelphia this morning. no delays if you are taking the ben franklin bridge or any of the bridges for that matter. also, this is the vine street expressway, norm lip, we would be wrapping up construction right around 5:00 a.m. so at 5:18, beautiful ride between 95 and the schuylkill expressway normally closed between broad street and the schuylkill, things flowing freely in this area. same old new jersey, 42 freeway, going this way, headed towards i-295, headlights headed toward philly again no traffic, everything looking beautiful so far this morning. give it thumbs-up, a-okay, but not right here. >> this has been a problem for couple of days now, columbus boulevard with the right two lanes blocked. little play-by-play here what was happening on friday. supposed to close off ramp from 95 south, and people were
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driving off the other side of the roadway because that's what we do here in philadelphia, why not. so a little bit of problem area with the two lanes closed again today because penndot does not think they'll be able to get out here. so, take your time coming down columbus boulevard, because of the water main repairs. just some construction, valley forge road between morris road and hunter hill road. this is going to be happening through january 6th. so fire in abington, old york road, rodman avenue. no reports of any delays in the area. something to keep an eye on. rahel, back over to you. >> pat, thank you. >> a husband, father, grandfather, home for christmas yesterday after losing both of his legs and almost losing his battle with the terminal illness. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden more on how the family celebrated the holiday home coming in chester county. >> families everything. >> christmas day little more special this year, carman, husband, dad, grandfather, has been in the hospital since
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july. >> i forgot what my house looked like, you know, after being in the hospital that long. >> most recently carman had lengthy stay at rehab. doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to help this former. ps driver fight peripheral vascular disease, illness that at times proved critical for him. they tried to bypass on me. it didn't work. so that's when they had to cut my leg. they cut this one twice. >> now double leg amputee, carman joke he never liked his legs anyway. most recently beat bought of pneumonia. this fighter whom his family refers to as rocky was pushing all all long to make it home for christmas. >> my gosh, i can't even tell you, we were so excited. it wasn't until he was finally in the car we knew it was real. >> his grandchildren made a sign to welcome him. twelve year old allison share close bond. he said hess classmates have been praying daily for her pop. >> in our classroom every morning we would say a special intention. i would always say it.
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>> on this christmas day, theirs a story of turning corner, faith, determination, counting blessings. >> i think about everything i have. how lucky i am. >> ups, downs, roller coaster ride, get me hopes up, did not back down again, but got to believe. got to have fate. >> carman heads back to inpatient rehab. now, fingers crossed he hopes in a few weeks he will be able to go home for good. he'll still be on dialysis but later this spring hopes to be fitted for prosthetic legs leg, he expect to escort his daughter down the aisle for his confirmation. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well the sixers head west to play the sacramento kings tonight. meanwhile, the warriors and cavaliers play a nail biter of a game. the big moment from their christmas night game next in sports.
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>> the eagles have the weekend off as they get ready to face
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the dallas boys. an injury has them down a key player. >> eagles with the day off hopefully enjoying their time off and resting up for their new years day finale against dallas. they'll get back to work on tuesday, miss ago key player, running back ronald ron matthewt for the season with herniated disc. so only two healthy running backs, doug pederson looking at some other options. >> it is tough. we'll take a look at t we have time obviously with the weekends, players won't be back until tuesday. so we got time to evaluate it, see if there is anybody else available f not, then by no means won't hesitate to bring watson up, have him as an emergency running back. >> sixers back in action tonight out west against the kings. meanwhile, last night a nail biter in the nba. labron james and the cavs hosting the warriors, going to pick up the action in the fourth for you. game tied up. labron james, flies on in for the jam. labron finished with 31 points. but then, you have seth curry,
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answers back with a huge three-point shot. giving the warriors a three-point lead. clock ticking down, calves down by one, kyree irving hit the fate away jumper, take the lead. cavaliers go onto win it 109 to 108. >> that's all for sport, i'm leslie van arsdale, have a great day. >> special ride. battery powered cars are fun gift for children. but, we will show you a program that makes life changing for children with disabilities. >> and, a fight turns violent in north philadelphia. the lead police hope will help them find a suspect, then overnight shoot that left one person dadly -- badly hurt. katy? >> rahel, may only be monday. already got our eye on what's going to happen for the upcoming weekends, because many of us will be out before new years eve celebrations, and at the moment it, really looks very good for new years eve. how much, sunday, maybe a different story. possibility of some showers, and we've got a lot of roller
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coaster riding to take place here before we get to the weekend. so, your full forecast, coming up right on the other side. stick a
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good morning, hammy holidays, thanks for joining us. this is a live look this morning from the art museum stems. beautiful christmas tree out there. hopefully you had a nice
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holiday weekends of the today was nice mild weekend, making a run at 06 degrees this week, yes, i said 06 degrees, yes, i also know today is the end of december. good morning, i'm rahel solomon, jim donovan is off this morning. let's check on the morning forecast, talking about possibly 06 degrees. >> i know, i like how you repeated yourselves. i like people looking at the screen, say what? then today repeat yourself. we all appreciate that. yes, you're right, looking ahead to very warm air for the standards of this time of year. wrapping up the month of december, you're typically only going to find the highs in the low 40's, this is a week, my friends, though, that does a lot of roller coaster riding. we've got cold spots. we've got very warm spots. the warmth happening at the front end of this forecast. and that's actually because we have warmfront. that's lifting in. at the moment storm scan not showing too much right now though. the warmfront itself hasn't actually moved in. zoom it out even one quick time, you see back through western pennsylvania, hint of some activity on the


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