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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". out of air. neighbors awake to find their cars vandalized, the latest in an increase in crime in the area, now prompting action. good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. jim donovan is off today. more on the vandalism investigation in just a moment. first, chance for some slick spots on the roads for more on that and the chance for freezing rain, we check in with katie fehlinger on the skydeck, hi, kate. >> i rahel, actually very, very isolated little pocket here, and there, of some precipitation falling from the
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sky. off to the north and west most notably, i don't need the umbrella on the skydeck, but go ahead, jump over to storm scan3, we want to show you what's happening. what you will find here in the last three hour loop is that this precipitation has been very, very lackluster, actually the very tail end of a warmfront, that's lifting into our region, so mainly just stuck in the clouds. now you're finding little hint in the shades of pink, beginning to show up here on some of the north and west most suburbs, so most notably, through lehigh, northampton counties, and across the river into northern virginia, freeze rain advisory still in effect until at least 1:00 through the lehigh valley and as late as 4:00 p.m. depending how far not you travel. poconos see it last little later simply because temperatures remain at pretty cold level. take a look, flirting with freezing in allentown, 27 at mount pocono, miler by comparison here in fill points south and east, how much, you still have enough cold air that even though it is very light precipitation, it could freeze on contact, so that's
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the immediate note of concern. otherwise, though, we are looking ahead to a very substantial warming trends, warmfront, rahel, that does live up to its name. so just wait. in the seven day i'll show you how warm we're projecting the temperatures to get a little later on. >> all right, looking forward that, katie, see you soon, thank youment take live look, this is busy day for stores across the country as people flock to return the gift they've received, apparently never wanted. live look at cherry hill mall. retail federations says about 20% of all returns made throughout the year happen during the holiday season. >> and if you are taking steps to make a return today, heads up, septa running on modified schedule, regional rail sunday schedule, broad street line and market frankford trains running on regular weekday schedule. and buses and trolleys are running on modified weekday schedules, so check septa's website. >> now back to the investigation we told you about at the beginning of the show, police looking for those responsible for flashing the tires of at least nine cars early christmas morning,
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"eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, talking to neighbors who anita still understandably upset. good afternoon. >> reporter: well, good afternoon, rahel, that's right, this is not the way many of these neighbors wanted to start christmas morning by waking up to their cars vandalized. let's get right to the video to show you on 900 block of folcroft street, at least nine cars have been slashed, between midnight and 2:30 in the morning. on christmas morning police say it happened when someone or a group of people slashed the tires of again at least nine carson this block. neighbors hearsay although this is pretty tight-knit street, there have recently been burglaries and other crimes. as a result, they've been meeting as a community group to better the neighborhood, one is mr. johnson who lived here for about ten years. >> i don't want to say if it was just a random indent, personal matter, i don't know, but we will try to get a little better unity, find out what's going on.
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number of properties have surveillance cameras on the block. >> and you are taking live look at the damage now, again, you can see this entire row of tires have been slashed, again, we have count the at least nine cars here that have damage to them. neighbors stay is going to cost them several hundred dollars each to fix. anyone with information is asked to call northeast detective. live in northwood, anita oh. >> anita, thank you. this morning a man in the hospital after being shot several times in the arms and torso. it happened just before 11:30 last night, in the 3800 block of north bouvier street. the 52 year old victim was dropped off at temple hospital by a private car. at last check he was in critical condition. >> we are getting information from several witnesses that this 52 year old victim, family members of his who were involved in a earlier fight in the neighborhood. we believe that this 52 year old male was shot in relation
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to that family fight. >> police say the shooter was wearing a camouflage jacket, bluejeans, and boots. there were some surveillance cameras in the area. they hope that will help them identify the suspect. >> and other news this morning, 25 days before he is sworn in, president-elect donald trump and his family are working to resolve any potential conflict of interest. in trump released statement on christmas eve saying he would shutdown his charitable foundation, cbs news core bent shows us it is a complicated effort. >> christmas eve service, president-elect donald trump and his wife melania were welcomed with a standing ovation. earlier in the day, mr. trump announced it would shut his non-profit, to avoid the appearance of any conflict with my role as president i have decided to continue to pursue my strong interests in fin anthony in other ways. >> i give a lot of money to people, charities, everything, i love people. >> since the campaign series of controversy surrounding the charity.
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according to his tax filing from 2009 to 2014, mr. trump did not give his foundation any money for 2015 the foundation admitted to practice known as self dealing, charity funds for one's own benefit which is a violation of irs rules. the ad mission came after series of reports questioning whether foundation money was used to settle business lawsuits. the new york attorney general opened a vehicles and ordered the foundation to stop raising money, his offers said while no time line for the investigation, mr. trump's charity cannot legally dissolve until the investigation is complete. >> we started when one goal in mind. >> mr. trump announced folds his son eric's move to stop raising money for his own charity, a mid questions seeking could car influence, in response the president-elect tweeted isn't this ridiculous shame. last week newt gingrich one of mr. trump's closest allies said the president-elect needs to do more. >> this is not a country
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wanders around trusting people with power. this is a country that wants accountability. >> bomb threats have forced evacuation of three major train stations in moscow. take a look. video from social media. showing the scene outside one of those train stations, few hours ago, you can see, looked little chaotic there. more than 3,000 people were forced out of the train station after phonecalls warned of a bomb. sources say explosive sniffing dogs are being brought in to investigate. >> russian officials say they have recovered wreckage from jet that crashed into the black sea, plane debris found 1 mile from a shore and 82 feet under the sea. military cu154 plane crashed sunday morning just two minutes after take off in the city of socci on it way to syria. all 92 people on boards are believed dead, among those, members of the army's official choir. transport minister has said it appears pilot failure or technical issue is to blame. more than 3500 rescue workers continue to search for more debris in the remains in those
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hills. >> other big news this morning, george michael, the british pop superstar, former member of the duo wham, died suddenly at the age of 52 on christmas day, one of the most celebrated singer songwriters of the 80s, 90s, and reports michael's career sands more than three decades, and inspired the work of countless artists. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> george michael burst on to the international music scene in 1982, pop duo wham. >> ♪ wake me up ♪ >> along with guitarist andrew, the two, 20 something's cents, had multiple number one hits. >> ♪ never going to dance again ♪ >> a prolific songwriter, michael was known as the creative force of the group. in 1986 he left wham for solo career. >> ♪ have fate ♪ >> his first solo albumn, fate, topped the charts in
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1987. producing hits that were both provocative ... and catchy. >> ♪ >> george michael was a true icon, singer, he was a songwriter, he was a video visionary. >> ♪ >> but the entertainer also struggled with depression, and drugs, and had several run in's with the law, most famously in 1998 when he was arrested for leud conduct in a rest room at will rogers memorial park in beverly hills. >> really became what was more known for than the fact that he had won grammys or sold millions of records. >> michael apologize today his fans after the incident, revealed he was gay. >> i don't feel any shame, or feel stupid, and i feel wreckless, and weak for having allowed my sexuality to -- >> although the 80s and 90s would be the height of michael's commercial success, would go on to release dozens
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of records, still filling stadiums decades into his career. >> ♪ don't let the sun go down on me ♪ >> and that was vladmeere good err reporting. well, christmas is a wrap, hanukkah ongoing, and today new celebration begins. today is the start of kwanzaa, week long celebration of african culture, the holiday honors families, community, culture with seven principal's, today's principal is unity. others include creativity it, self determination, responsibility, cooperative economics, and fate. kwanzaa runs through new years day. >> on the subject of the december holidays, now that christmas is over, you may be thinking about what to do with your christmas tree. if you live in delaware, good news, christmas tree recycling has gun in the state. you won't be able to take them to the delaware state park any more, but there are locations that will accept them for free. but only if you are a delaware resident. see the full list of locations on our website the cbs local app.
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and, if you are off this week, and looking for something to do, listen to this. wilmington's brandywine zoo is getting ready to say good-bye to one of it beloved resident. take a look. this is a eight year old siberian tiger, and this is the last week you will be able to see her at the brandywine zoo. she will be headed up to the bronx early next month. siberian tigers endangered, and the hope is he'll finds a companion. good party for her on new years eve, good-bye party. >> if you have any empty boxes lying around from the christmas gift you receive, listen up. amazon is offering to take those boxes off your hands and into those after charity. we'll explain the new partnership the on line retailers and the non-profit are launching to make donating new and used items easy and free, using the empty boxes. plus, we've all heard it is bad to exercise while battling a cold. well, sometimes can you get away with it, the simple rule you can follow to figure out whether to go for the run or
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skill the mys when we come
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", if you are thinking of braving the crowds, return those socks you received for christmas, here's what you can expect. this is live look, from the cherry hill mall. not look too long bad actually, especially a regular saturday, returning something, it is a good idea to check on line before you head out. always good idea. something else to consider, if you are planning on returning something, amazon and good
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will are partnering for another option or for you things, too, check it out. amazon and good will stepping up for donation, fill box, of things you don't want any more, then print free shipping label, and give back the box. com. drop it off at the us postal service store, ship to your nearest good will location for free, offer good for all boxes not just the ones from amazon. health watch today this time of year known for the cold outside, also for people getting cold, we have a lot of people around here that have a cold. if you like to hit the gym or plan to start in the new year, you may wander if it is healthy to do it while battling a cold. >> simple rule you can use to figure out whether to hit the weights or the sheets. >> regular exercise good for the immune system helping us fight officinal recall infections such as colds, should we continue to work out when sick? expert say that depends on how
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sick you are. the mayo clinic, good rule of thumb, use the neck rule as your guide. if your symptoms are above the neck, such as stuffy nose, or sneezing from mild cold, then you're generally okay. but if your symptoms are below the neck, such as bad cough, fever, muscle aches, or nausea, exercising is not recommended the exertion could make things worse of the pay attention to how you feel, if mild symptoms get worse, give yourself a break and try another day if exercise is agreeing with you, it may still be good idea to lower the intensity, if you're a runner, take it down a notch. if you like fitness walking, slow it down a bit. if you lift weights, expert suggest work out at home instead of the gym, so you don't infect others. if you've been side lined because of all necessary don't sweat t they say getting back into shape should be fairly easy. >> hitting the sheets as going back to bed. makes perfect sense. that was martha reporting. health experts also point out exercise is great way to avoid
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getting a cold to begin with. also good stuff. how does free coffee sounds? always good to me. that's good news there, for some, up for grabs at starbucks the next new days, not all stores, specific once that change every day, but turns out one of the stores offering free coffee is in philly. we'll tell you where and the specific time. katy? >> we have to make a date sounds like to go get some here. looking at the weekend watch, of course, we have holiday weekends yet again this weekend, with seasonably cool temperatures expect the, new years eve itself looking pretty fantastic for outdoor celebrations you may be having, but there is potential for some showers, as we kick start 2017, we will walk you through the transition from very warm to very cold, and potential for bad weather as
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>> star gives you a way free coffee, part of ongoing ten days, to wrap up the year on high note. the coffee chain giving away free tall expresso drink from one to 2:00 in the afternoon, so that's less than hour from now. select stores calling it pop up share parties, so stores change each day, and our starbucks website, good news, perhaps one of the two pennsylvania starbucks offering free coffee to the is -- today is philly at 39th and walnut. katie, 39th and you with a null streets, i think that's -- >> it is really good for us, because we'll go over there without any line from any of you pen students? because? >> probably all on break. >> high five.
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>> but how many can we get? >> we have to figure that out. >> we digress, a lot to talk about, we have very changeable pattern, for the next couple of days, so i do want to get you right outside, cameras out there, you will find some different conditions around the region as a local, start things off in bethlehem, from high atop hotel bethlehem, overlooking 378 in the distance, moravian college, beautiful view, just dreary day, that's underway, and it does look a little damp. they've had little bit of wet weather rolling through. and i do mean a little bit. the precipitation out there so light. so scattered. where you have got it, especially up north, it is just cold enough, that you could see this actually freeze on contact. please keep it in minds. traveling up near the lehigh valley, any of the far northwest suburbs, if it looks wet, just assume it is slick. okay? going to another camera here, outside to kutztown middle
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school, tell tape raindrops on the camera lens, yes, wet weather rolling on through, mainly far northwest, lehigh valley poconos specifically. that you could end up with a very thin glaze of ice, that will eventually change over to all rain. we are not talking about any kind of soaking rainout of this, i mean, it is little bit out there right now, but because we have it out there at all, because it could be slick, i have to talk about it, especially for those every that you might be traveling here today. this is all part of much larger storm system, talking throughout the course of the past couple days substantial storm bringing heavy snow, through the midwest, northern high planes, stretching all the way down into the deep south with potential not just heavy rain but potential storm. very much a different animal, by the time it reaches us. warmfront really just bringing what we are finding out there right now, tell you what, ski slopes are finding great cold air in place, a lot of people are out, enjoying that at this hour. certainly gray, dreary view,
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but it is great skiing weather overall. we are really starting to build up nice base, in a lot of the area ski resorts. that shot by the way from big bear. hands full of other ski resorts, like jag frost, big boulder, blue mountain, you have at least foot worth after base right now, but we are going to see very substantial warming trends take place, warmfront lifting it up. we are going to bring in some very mild air tomorrow. 60 degrees, but watch for some showers. then bee come upon wednesday. and we come crashing down. back into the mid 40's, a lot closer to average. reinforcing cold shot comes thursday. so what's that all bode then for the upcoming seven day forecast? well, we spike to 60 tomorrow. then we drop all the way down to 45 at best on wednesday. so the mild part of this forecast clearly front loaded. we can't even break out of the 30's, come friday. just big variety pack going on here. the days that feature wet weather tomorrow morning, then again looks like thursday, as we watch the next cold front. >> that's a real grab bag.
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>> proud. >> all right, katie, thanks.
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>> seems a day for everything, it is national candy cane day. the day falls every year on december 26th. and here is a fun fact. world record for the longest candy cane, not bad. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm rahel solomon for all of us here thanks for watching. have a great afternoon everyone.
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>> victor: you are wearing the newman shirt so well. look at that. >> nikki: [ laughs ] >> nick: yeah, i think this was his favorite christmas present. >> victor: was it? >> nikki: oh, really? >> nick: nah, it was the green dump truck by a mile. >> nikki: [ laughs ] it was a wonderful holiday. >> victor: i loved it. one for the record books. >> nick: yeah, i think i'm gonna have to get a new house to fit all his new toys in or at least a storage facility. you guys overdid it. >> nikki: and faith seemed to have a good time, didn't she? >> nick: [ sighs ] yeah, she seemed, uh, she seemed good. >> victor: you know my favorite moment christmas eve, bar none, was when you lifted faith onto your shoulders, put her all the way up, and she put that star on top of the tree. it's what you used to do. >> nikki: brought back such


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