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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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evening. the scene has been unfolding behind me all day, family and trend paying their respects to the family of marie buck. this shooting happened, just inside of the door of her grocery store, that has stood here for 41 years, and this afternoon philadelphia police homicide this was not a random act. this 81 year-old would hand was targeted. family of 81 year-old marie buck is grief stricken. >> she was unbelievably, warm, loving person and the worst people didn't deserve to die like that not alone the best. >> reporter: youngest of 11 children marie was main stay at sixth and wharton. her corner store served the community for more than four decade. investigators say they don't know what provoke the fatal shooting. it was saturday morning, marie and another store employee were inside. maria buck recounts what happened to her mother, according to the other work shore was in the back room of the store. >> she said all he did was
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walk in, and she heard pop, pop, pop, pop and then this, she was there. >> reporter: had rebuck's killer remains out there police say they have no lead in the case that has rocked this south philadelphia community. >> marie, it is just, so unfair. how could these animals exist. >> reporter: wife and mother was quick witted and sharp, and played santa claus, each year, giving gifts to those in her neighborhood. the senseless tragedy family says, that it is too much to bear. >> i don't even want to be here without my mother. to be honest, no. >> reporter: family today has spent much of the the day, planning marie's funeral, coming up at 6:00 would this sanity clause here at sixth and wharton was planning to do for this christmas and much more, on this, developing investigation, i will see new about an hour. for now we are live from south philadelphia i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> joe, we will see you then. one man remains hospitalized tonight after being shot several times, last night, this this happened just before 11:30 on the 3800 block of north bouveer street. five two-year old victim was dropped off at temple hospital by a private car with gunshot wound to his arms and torso. at last check he was in critical condition, and in the meantime eyewitnesses to that incident are helping investigators. >> we're getting information from several witnesses, that this five two-year old victim, family members of his, were involved, in an earlier fight, in the neighborhood we believe that this five two-year old male was shot, in relation to that family fight. >> police say shooter was wearing a camouflage jacket, jeans, and boots, there was surveillance cameras in that area and investigators hope they can help them identify the suspect. in the city's somerdale neighborhood search is on for vannal who left several tire slashed the on the same block,
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anita oh joins us live from somerdale. this is hit ago lot of people in the pocketbook especially right after the holidays. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, jessica. this certainly isn't way many neighbors on the 900 block of foulkerod street wanted to start their christmas morning. at some thought this was something that happened while they were driving but they quickly realized this was this accident or coincidence. >> devastate bug what are you going to do. >> reporter: christmas morning vice, no neighbor wanted. >> the truck, two tires have been slashed on the driver's side and the subaru also. >> reporter: but as seen on surveillance video tire slash er didn't stop there, the culprit appears to puncture the tires so that at least seven more cars, lining the 900 block of foulkerod street. >> he was on the bike, going from car to car. >> reporter: philadelphia police say it happen early christmas morning between midnight and 2:30 a.m. >> he came across here. >> reporter: while it is first
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tire slashing angelo cruise has experienced on this block he said petty crime is on the upswing. >> it is just getting war. crimes like this, yes. we have burglaries, car break ins, car theft and this is first time we have had tires slashed. >> reporter: as a result some are part of the community group to better the neighborhood. >> i don't want to say it was just a random incident if it is a personal matter, i don't know, but we will try to get a better unity and find out is what going on. >> reporter: as for person who caused all of this. >> carpal, karma will get them back. >> reporter: you're looking live at some of the damage, many of these neighbors have still not gotten their cars fix this say these repairs will set them back hundreds of dollars and that is why, some neighbors are stepping into help off set cost, i will have more coming up at 6:00 but for now live from north wood, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police need your help to catch this burglary suspect broke into the offices of a philadelphia restauranter.
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on december 9th around 2:40 in the morning police say this suspect, forced his way into the star restaurant's office building at 134 market street. that suspect stole a serious x m radio and lap top computer. video shows him he entering with and exiting with what appears to be a white trash bag. if you recognize that suspect cat police. taking a look at the weather now it hads been a cloudy day there, was some freezing rain in the poconos, now we have got some showers on our way. meteorologist lauren casey is on the cbs-3 sky deck with a first look the a the forecast, lauren. >> yes, we're socked in with the cloud cover on this monday , after the who will take weekend, and everyone's spirits may be down if you had to head back to work and mother nature kind of feeling that vibe, accordingly and storm scan three is showing us we have cloud in place. we had a couple of syringe also work ago cross the area but we saw it the in the form of the freezing rain in the poconos and we have a freezing rain advisory for monroe county until 7:00 p.m. as of the latest advisory, or
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observation from mount pocono still reporting some light treeing rain but the good news is the temperature is starting to warm up in the poconos, and now up from 32 to 33 degrees. we're at 44 in philadelphia. forty-seven in degrees down the shore and temperatures will be gradually warming overnight tonight. but we will see areas alone that will reduce visibility, showers possible late tonight, and early tomorrow but sunshine returns just in time for brief warm up tomorrow and let you know how warm temperatures get and how cold they will get as we head toward the end of the week in your full forecast, coming up in just a few minutes. all right, lauren, thanks very much. week long celebration of the kwanzaa which celebrates african-american culture and heritage is now underway. "eyewitness news" at the home of the mrs. shieldness mt. airy for first day of kwanzaa a this year marks the 50th anniversary for the holiday which was first celebrated in 1966. kwanzaa runs through january 1st and it culminates with the feast and gift giving twas the day after
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christmas but shoppers aren't done hitting the stores just yet. "eyewitness news" at cherry hill mall where stores were packed with shoppers learning to return or exchange those presents. experts say at least two thirds of the people will have to return at least one who will take gift. shoppers we talk to today had a few more than that. >> exchange some gift that i bought for my boyfriend here, some due for size, came in, exchanged, and others as well. >> we are exchanging some gifts, sizes for the kids, couple of them were too small. so we are just trying to get out here early and income it out as fast as possible. >> reporter: good advice. >> not all shoppers were looking to make returns. some stores could take advantage of the after christmas sales. amazon and goodwill are partnering to give you another option for those unwanted gifts or used items thaw are all ready to give away. here's how it works. fill a box with things that you to in the want anymore and then, a tree shipping label at
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give back you then drop it off at ups or the u.s. postal service, and they will ship it to your nearest goodwill location for free. that offer is good for all boxes, not the just ones from amazon. music fans are mourning the deaths of yet another icon this year. singer/song writer george michael was only 53 when he died christmas day. vladamire dutcher talks about a man went from heart throb to heart break. >> reporter: george michael burst on the international music scene in 1982 as half of the pop to owe wham. >> ♪ wake me up before you go go ♪ >> reporter: long with the guitar player andrew raggedly the two, 20 somethings had multiple number one hits. >> i'm never going to dance again, guilty feet i have got no rhythm ♪ >> reporter: prolific song writer michael was known as creative force of the group and in 1986 he left wham for a
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solo career. >> ♪ faith, faith >> reporter: his first solo album faith, topped the charts in 1987 producing hits that were provocative. >> ♪ i want your sex >> reporter: and catchy. >> ♪, george michael was a true icon, singer, song writer , video visionary. >> reporter: but entertainer also struggled with depression and drugs and had several run ins with the law most famously in 1998 when he was arrested for lewd conduct in the rest room at will rodgers memorial park in beverly hills. >> he became what he was more known for then the fact he won grammys or sold millions of record. >> reporter: michael apologized and revealed that he was gay. >> i don't feel any shame for, i feel stupid, i feel reckless and weak for having allowed my
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sexuality to be exposed this way. >> reporter: although 80's and 90's would be height of his commercial success he would go on to release dozens of record and would still fill stadiums more than two decade into his career. >> ♪ don't let the sun go down on me ♪ >> that was vladamire dutcher reporting, we will have more at 5:30 including secret sacrifices the singer made away from the spotlight. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", blizzard warnings are in effect for parts of the country. we will tell you where people are dealing with the worse of winter. and later on "eyewitness news" the reason why the queen was not with her family for church on christmas day. why her majesty is being advised to stay
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use as directed a wick winter storm is heading to the east coast after battering parts of the upper midwest, and the dakotas received the heaviest snow and dealt with the worst of the blizzard conditions. cbs news reporter roxannea say
5:14 pm
berry has the word there new york. >> reporter: holiday storm spilled in the overnight hours covering animals and drive ways in the dakotas with mound of snow. while the system brought a white christmas yesterday. >> it is so beautiful my first white christmas, ever. >> reporter: driving treacherous throughout the mourn lines and in the southwest this was the scene in arizona as interstate 40 was brought to a stand still by snow. in minnesota semi truck carrying 40,000-pound of chocolates, slipped on to its the side and freezing rain, sleet, covered roadways. >> got that right moment when temperatures dropped and dot has not been out we have to watch the exits. >> reporter: conditions kept many plow and tow truck drivers away from their families, in iowa and utah. >> big news my ninth call is crazy, nuts. a lot of slide offs, accidents >> reporter: others brought out their sleds to make the most of nature, on the holiday
5:15 pm
it is awesome. it feels so nice. >> reporter: storm is forecast to reach the east coast later today bringing messy conditions along with it. >> the system will progress east ward moving through up of michigan, great lakes, producing freezing rain and as we get into upstate new york, pennsylvania, massachusetts and part of the vermont too. >> reporter: national weather service is warning people who hit road today to take extra precautions. roxannea sayberry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". taking a look at that, we will turn to you, lauren casey , i know it is moving towards us, but right now it looks cloudy and drizzly. >> yes, absolutely. it is not a big problem for us main energy will move to the north east and bigger problem for new england. the it will impact usnd a few showers but we will not see anything like that. we have clouds in place right now, overcast conditions as we get a live look from center city philadelphia. temperature 44 degrees, wind are calm right now, out of the east but wind speed will be picking up as we head into the overnight period as a warmer
5:16 pm
air mass starts to build in across the delaware valley. it is starting to sneak into the south cumberland county, we're 49 in millville. 47 degrees in dover. that warmer air will continue to lift northbound throughout the overnight period. so instead of cooling tonight, we're going to be slowly warming up, as this warmer air mass off to our south and east where temperatures in the 50's , 60's and 70's will get a taste of that as we head into the day tomorrow. so tomorrow afternoon, very mild conditions but it quickly goes away, as cooler air settles in as we head into wednesday, returning a closer to average. we will keep temperatures right around average into thursday, before we get a dose of some arctic air and as we head in the end of the week and start of next weekend to ring in 2017. it is not the brutal cold we saw a couple weeks ago but it will be down right chilly but overnight tonight we will sianni feel gradual warming, areas of fog showers possible late with wind speed picking up to ten to 5 miles an hour. breezy time for first half of the day for your tuesday,
5:17 pm
light shower possible in the morning and i think you can leave umbrella behind and you will be okay. as we head in the afternoon sunshine breaks out for temperatures to hit near 60. so tomorrow afternoon is looking pretty good but right now the fog has not been looking so great. visibility greatly reduced down to 2 miles in reading, 3 miles in allentown. 5 miles visibility in mount pocono. we had visibility down to a quarter mile just an hour ago and if the fog overnight tonight will be more widespread across the delaware valley, then shower activity as i mentioned main energy from the system you can see how widespread and uniform precipitation is across portions of upstate new york and moving into new england but we will be dealing with this portion of the storm system, that is moving its way eastbound and not packing as much of a punch and as we head in the next couple of hours, maybe isolated sprinkle overnight tonight, we will see a few showers dropping in late tonight, earl will i tomorrow morning, and you can see model data not looking very widespread, not looking intense, well, shower activity will be and as we head into
5:18 pm
lunchtime tomorrow, skies clearing out from west to east as we head in the afternoon nice sunshine in, store, in combination with those warmer temperatures. not a bad day. 63 degrees, with the the shower and clearing as we head in the afternoon, shower early possible, very early in the morning in the poconos and turning over to sunshine. mild for you as well in the higher elevations with the high temperature tomorrow at 46 degrees. clouding up into the lower 50 's in the lehigh valley, warmer temperatures especially down to the south, low 60's and portions of delaware and down the shore temperatures will be likely climbing into the the lower 60's and that is well above average for news philadelphia many to but then temperatures will cool down once again as we head into wednesday, 45 degrees, under sunshine and when we have a chance of seeing maybe a few snowflakes mixed in with rain on thursday but should be mainly a rain event and then that colder air arriving by friday, 39, windy conditions, yeah, wind chills are not going to feel too great but temperatures rebound as we head into new years.
5:19 pm
>> it is amaze to go see 60 there, and then by friday, it is in the 30's. >> it is all over the place, something for everybody. >> little bit of everything. thanks, very much lauren. it was a big day for some new born giant pandas at a safari park in china the these little guys met with visitors at the safari park. twins were born at the park back in october, they both wade in under 6-pound. now they are almost 9 pounds but they need some names. so, campaign is now underway to collect ideas for their names, we will see what they end up with but they are pretty cute, no matter what their name is. a car plunge necessary to a florida canal, still ahead tonight on "eyewitness news" several people were inside of that car, what eyewitnesses are saying about the vehicle just before it went in the water. president-elect donald trump enjoys a standing ovation in church. now with just 25 days to go before he is sworn in a report on how he plans to resolve any
5:20 pm
conflicts of interest between his businesses and his presidency. lauren is this. leslie, sorry. >> temple getting ready for their big bowl game tomorrow against wake forest, the senior class looking to end their careers on thort broad street with the big win, sports is up
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get ready for another jump at the pump. gas price necessary pennsylvania are about to get, a little bit more expensive in the next few days. how much more it will cost to you fill up after the latest gas tax hike? where that extra money is going, it is all new tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock. in the meantime leslie's here. >> yes, trying to give you more information. >> yes. >> but you are talking about bowl week. >> yes, college football bowl week underway. temple owls ready for military
5:24 pm
bowl, in annapolis against wake forest. owls had a ten-three record. first time in school history they had back to back ten win seasons. such a great ride, they started as fresh hand with a two-ten record. they are playing that are final college game and a chance to set a school record, with 11 wins. >> it is just crazy, you know, been here, five years, gave everything that i could. anybody that has been in the program as long as i have, we have given everything we could now that it is coming to ab end, we have a chance to, you know, make history, yet again, you know, it is just crazy and i'm glad that it is all ending the way that it is. sixers will resume their west coast road swing tonight against kings. brett brown looking for better defensive effort, friday they gave up, in the 123-116 loss to the suns. today team held a basketball clinic for twins at cardinal o'hara high school and fun. also of the game and got tickets to an upcoming game.
5:25 pm
>> of course, good time had by all. eagles break will come to an end tomorrow when they start prepping for sunday's final game begins cowboys at the link. last night broncos/chiefs andy reid, comes up with trick play , fakes run and throws pass to harris for touchdown. chiefs won the game, 33-ten eliminating defending super bowl champs from the post season. >> so talk about the eagles, on sunday, yes. >> new years day. >> new years day. >> the cowboys/eagles, there is a lot happening in philadelphia as far as traffic >> a lot of traffic and a lot of people. >> happy new years. >> hopefully celebrating a victory. >> that within great to get out with a win against the cowboys. >> you will be here. >> oh, yes. >> thanks very much. >> coming up next, fans are remembering george michael, we will show you how they are paying tribute to the singer on you the side his home and we will update you on the condition of actress carrie
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2016 has been a bad year. >> unaudible. >> fans of the 80's poured their hearts out as they remembered george michael. the singer was only 53 years old when he died unexpectly, of heart failure on christmas kay. the news continues at 5:30, good afternoon everyone i'm jessica dean. michael's home this england there is a tribute. >> fans of the george michael left flowers, candles, and
5:30 pm
handwritten notes outside of the singer's home in goring. >> we all came down, and we adored home. >> ♪ wake me up before you go go ♪ >> reporter: michael was half of the eight owe's pop duo wham, his other half, andrew raggedly tweeted heart broken at the loss of my beloved trend. >> ♪ >> reporter: he broke out as a solo artist with songs like faith, but trouble followed him, his lowest moment, his arrest in 1998, in a l.a. rest room for lewd conduct. afterward michael revealed he was gay and became a leader for lb gt causes. >> ♪ >> reporter: michael's manager says he died in his sleep of heart failure. singer had struggled in his later year with health issues and substance abuse problems. fans also gathered outside his lon on home to reminisce about his music. >> i just had to come and everyone that knows him i would be here.
5:31 pm
>> unaudible. >> michael donated millions of pound to help aids and cancer asians, as well as children and he did it privately. several british charities waited until his death to reveal his generosity. 2016 certainly has been a tough year for music lovers, other music icons we have lost include prince, glenn fry, leonard cohen, and david bowie so far there has been no announcement about plans for a memorial for george michael. encouraging news this afternoon about the health of actress carrie fischer. days after suffering a medical emergency on board a flight from london her mother, debbie reynold, says fischer is hospitalized in stable condition. reynold tweeted tamly will share any updates on fischer and also thanked the public for their prayers. in addition to her work in star wars fischer is also known for writing post card from the edge, and wish full drinking. two people tied and a
5:32 pm
third person is missing after a car plunged into a canal in south florida. these are aerial pictures of the search scene in fort lauderdale. eyewitnesses say a red jaguar was speeding when it veered off the road, crashed through two fences and plunged into that canal. divers have been brought in,. russia and found some pieces have the plane that crashed in the south sea, video released by emergency ministry showed divers searching that water. the passenger jet crash sunday on its way to syria, killing 92 people on board. some pieces of the plane were found a mile from the shore. crew is playing down the possibility that crash was a terror attack. bomb threats forced evacuation of the three major train stations in moscow at the height of the morning commute. this video fridays social media and it shows the scene outside of the one of those train stations just a few hours ago. reports are that 3,000 people
5:33 pm
were forced out of the station after phone calls, warned us of bombs. sources say explosive sniffing dogs are brought into help with that investigation. president-elect donald trump and his family are working to resolve potential conflicts of interest 25 days present he is sworn into office. the president-elect released a statement on christmas eve saying wow shut down his charitable foundation, but as cbs news correspondent julianne-a goldman shows us that is a complicated effort. >> reporter: christmas eve service president-elect donald trump and his wife melania were welcomed with a standing ovation. earlier in the the day mr. trump announced he would shutter his non-profit the donald j trump foundation, to avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as president i have decided to continue to pursue my strong interestness flan path the eye in other ways. >> i give a lot of money to people, charities, i love people. >> reporter: since the campaign there has been a series of controversies surrounding the charity.
5:34 pm
according to his tax filings from 2009 through 2014 mr. trump did not give his foundation any honey, and for 2015 the foundation admitted to a practice known as self dealing, these charity fund for ones own benefit which is a violation of the irs rules. admission came after a series of reports questioning whether foundation money was used to settle business lawsuits. new york attorney general opened an investigation and ordered foundation to stop raising money. his office says while there is no time line for the investigation, mr. trump's charity cannot legally dissolve until the investigation is complete. mr. trump's announcement followed his son eric's move to stop raising money for his own charities among questions that donors could seek to carry influence n response the president-elect tweeted isn't this a ridiculous shame? last week newt gingrich one of the mr. trump's closest allies says the president-elect need to do more. >> this is not a country that wanders around trusting people with power.
5:35 pm
this is a country that wants accountability. >> reporter: juliannea goldman , washington. on doctor's order still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 why queen elizabeth was not with her family for christmas church services but still managed to send greetings to the citizens of the great britain. it is not only winter season they have a special honor on this particular day, a short history of the sweet treat coming up, lauren. looking ahead to the upcoming weekend as we bring in the new year we will be a little bit chilly but dry for your new years eve celebration with seasonably cool temperatures, highs in the 40 's both on saturday and sunday. we have a chance of a possible shower on sunday but at this point that day is looking mainly dry as we ring in 2017.
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regional rail is on a sunday schedule. the broad street line and market frankford trains are running on a regular, weekday schedule. but buses and trolleys are running on modified weekday schedule and before they helped out. as christmas celebration, wind down, you might start thinking about what to do with that christmas tree and if you live in delaware, good news, christmas tree recycling has begun. you won't be able to take them to delaware state park to be recycled anymore, but there are locations around the state that will assess it for free, only if you are a delaware resident. see the full list of locations , on cbs we have that list for you on the the cbs local app. is there concern in britain, after queen elizabeth missed church services on christmas for first time in decade. barry peterson is in london with the latest on queen's health. >> reporter: prince charles and prince harry were at christmas services near the memorial estate in northeastern england as was
5:40 pm
her husband prince philip. she was notable by her absence she's said the pol ace suffering from what it says a heavy cold. the queen's supreme governor of the church of england and said to be very religious. she has not hissed christmas service, and shaking hand with well wishers in nearly 30 years. >> heavy cold, that would be risky. >> reporter: the nation did hear from the queen, and her annual christmas message taped weeks ago, where she talk of the win sheers met from the para olympic games. >> inspiration and aspiration, and these are now inspiring others. >> reporter: there was still plenty of royal watching available william and kate spent this christmas with her family. bringing along the royal pair that inspire all of those oh's and ah's, little princess charlotte and prince george,
5:41 pm
holding tight to their christmas treats. it is a cause for concern maine anyone in their 90's become ill but it is worth noting that royals are a very long lived family. queen's mother lived to the ripe old age to 101. barry peterson for cbs news, london. still to come tonight, battery operated cars are always a popular present for kid around this time of the year, but for some children they are not just ties. we will show you how cars are changing their lives
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it looks good. maybe you are off this weekend , looking for something to do i
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they do not look like the originals. the first pepper mint candy kaine was a stick and didn't have the curve at the time. the cant i kaine we know today appeared in 1900. the guinness world record for longest candy kaine, is, 51 feet long. are your candicans. >> no, no, do you like it. >> i like them in bursts. i don't know if i would eat them like a whole cane.
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>> they are fine looking, hacking on the the tree, they look great. >> yes. >> very festive. >> very festive. >> stir your hot check late with it. >> hot chocolate is a good idea today. little chilly, and, more milder to the south and we're all going to enjoy warm temperatures tomorrow. >> tell us more about that. >> yes, mild, headed for 60 degrees and sunshine, will be breaking out just at the same time, really nice conditions in store, before we get cold again. before again that happens. live look at our poconos, cam, kind of baron scene there. i thought people would be on the bench earlier but certainly looks like a foggy scene there, snow on the ground, quiet conditions right now and we do have a chance of seeing a few snow flakes in the city as we head into thursday morning but it looks like at this point it will be mainly a rain event. check in with our eyewitness weather watchers they are reporting their concerned
5:47 pm
conditions still perk up still not tired after the holiday weekend so we will check in with them. temperatures in the 30's and 40's but more northward we will go chillier it is, further south more mild it is with temperatures in the upper 40's. we will check out what is going on right now, 43 degrees is your current temperature reported by weather watcher kenneth, cloudy conditions in willing will bureau, new jersey. he says let the coolness begin , this is very cool with the shade, sometime soon i hope so. kenneth is looking forward to the chillier temperatures that we will have in place by wednesday and then cold temperatures as we head into friday but we are going to have a mild day in store for tomorrow, so we will head north and west where it is chillier, 38 degrees at budd's house reporting mostly cloudy conditions in collegeville, pennsylvania and he says temperatures are going up, he is already tuned into the forecast, weather will be great tomorrow and it is true, we will have cloud in the morning and sunshine breaking out in the afternoon and as those temperatures warm up, it is really nice to get out and
5:48 pm
about. maybe we will check in with one more condition right now, we will check out the shore, see what is going on there, 48 s weather watcher james, 48 degrees with syringe until ocean city, new jersey. he says hope you all had a great holiday weekend. thanks, james. it was nice. weather was nice for it as well. we had quiet weather all throughout the weekend and as we head into tonight we could see a chance of isolated shower or syringe will, moving in, but temperatures today, commencing the workweek after the holiday, yeah, as i mentioned that temperature gradient or high in hunt pocono at 33 degrees but conversely in millville we were at 50 degrees and 48 degrees the high temperature in dover. we will top at 45 degrees right around average in philadelphia. this is disparity in the neighborhood network temperatures. bethlehem, 36 degrees. cinnaminson we are at 44 degrees. 45 degrees in drexel hill. as we head in the next couple hours temperatures will be slowly, warming on up, not
5:49 pm
what we typically see at nighttime, but by 11:00 o'clock we are at 46. midnight we will hit overnight low tomorrow and then we will surpass that and we will have cloudy conditions taking us through, with areas of fog developing as we head late into tonight. already seeing some fog settle in north and west, visability retuesdayed in the lehigh valley, berks county, poconos and we could see them prep 1 mile throughout the overnight per. not the best night on the road with the fog, cloud in place and we have this line of showers, beginning to approach , in in association with the potent weather system the good news is main energy is off to the north and east where we see much more in the way of uniform precipitation, wintry weather as well but we will get weaker portion of this storm system, still providing shower late tonight, maybe early tomorrow morning and then we will turn it over to sunshine with that 60- degree reading as we head into wednesday though temperatures to take a tumble back closer to average in the 40's. we will have mostly sunny conditions and as we head into
5:50 pm
thursday, temperatures still in the 40's, but with clouds, chance of shower activity and we could see a few snow flakes hicks nothing heading in to thursday morning so stay tuned to the involving forecast on that one but overnight tonight areas of fog, showers possible , gradual warming, pick up a breeze southwest up around ten to 15 miles an hour and breezy at times for first half of the day on our tuesday but i am loving conditions with sunshine breaking out and nice 60-degree reading. as i mentioned we're likely to see scattered shower activity if we do see a shower moving through your neck of the wood it will be very light in intensity. these are rainfall projections through tonight and midday tomorrow we can see these amounts here hardly thinking. so again it is if you skip umbrella you will be okay through the day tomorrow. forecast highs will be warming up for everyone, generally in the 60's, and 50's in the lehigh valley and berks county before you see a sildjian chillier air moving in by wednesday. 45 degrees. looking toward friday much colder conditions with highs
5:51 pm
in the upper 30's and windy, by friday. lauren, thank you. battery operated cars are all popular presents for kid around this time of the year but for some children they are not just toys, the cars are changing their lives. cbs news correspondent weijia jiang shows us how from arlington, virginia. >> reporter: ryan is going on six. >> he wakes up every day, and he has things to to. >> reporter: ryan has genetic disorder known as p.c. h1 preventing brain and muscles from developing properly. he cannot speak. he can barely move his body. >> the national non-profit ram go baby go modified battery operated cars for children with advertise built. professor donovan leads the group at mar mount university in virginia. >> how does this help improve child's mobility. >> this is an ability bus. the it is really touch sensitive. we can put this think where, eat tore make it easier for
5:52 pm
child to move or to use it as therapy. >> reporter: this car was custom built for ryan. >> he has a coupletive rent modification toss support his body, his trunk and head a little bit. >> reporter: in ryan's case car helps him sit up straight to develop core muscles and use his hand. his mom says that is not the best part. >> and in the evenings wherever one is playing and he can take his car out and be like everybody else. >> come on over. >> reporter: ryan's life is not easy, filled with physical therapy sessions and doctors appointments but when he is behind the wheel. >> he gets to be a little boy, a little boy. >> reporter: weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, you can call it musical house calls, still ahead on "eyewitness news" how this musician, is taking his show to ailing fans unable to make it to live performances and what it means to them to have him
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
a local singer song writer wanted to do something special for an ailing fan unable to make it out to one of his shows. that turned into a series of performances for fans all over the country. and the goal was to lift their spirits through music. photo journalist matt mirano tagged around for this unique, heart warming tour. >> what i love is playing my own music. >> ♪ >> it is a ticketed show, people are there to hear the music. >> what is great about these shows is, you though, you really, are helping someone forget about their pain. >> nine years ago i was diagnosed with colon cancer. >> right now set list here. >> even before my diagnosis when i was than the feeling
5:57 pm
well, first thing that goes is your social life and my social life resolved around live hughes i can. >> facebook says i'm live. >> math the math wanted to do something for me. >> i'm bringing the show directly to my friend tonight. >> and try to give me a pick me up. my second time being diagnosed with cancer. and i beat that. now, almost nine years later, it is back again but looking forward to beating it again. >> ♪ >> i said can we have a charlie cameo. >> yes. >> it is really awesome to see comments that the guest of honor writes and how it brightens their day or how it is helping them forget about their pain, struggle for just a little bit. >> yes, getting distract. >> just something fun to get your mind off of what you are going through.
5:58 pm
>> ♪ >> and just enjoying music and other people, chatting with other people, it really helps and cheers you up. >> that is what makes it all worthwhile. it is an awesome thing. >> lots of hearts for melissa and thank you all for attending. other musicians on line as well to do weekly dedications for those fans unable to get out to concert. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00 o'clock, now at 6:00 twit ter trouble for a local professor. plus, a grinch strikes on christmas leaving a street full of flat tires, search for the tire slasher and who is stepping up to help pay for the repairs. family of 81 year-old marie buck want to know who would want to kill her. aim joe holden latest on what police to have go on, and who they may be looking for.
5:59 pm
cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. >> it is devastating but what are you going to do? >> a very, frustrating way to wake up when drivers headed to their cars on christmas, to find their tires flattened by a vandal. and now search is on for the tire slasher. those victimized drivers are getting a little unexpect help tonight. good evening, everyone i'm jessica dean. ukee washington is off. a grinch slashed the tires in the we hours of the christmas on the same block in the cities northwood section. that crime happened on the 900 block of foulkerod street and that is where anita oh joins us live with a little bit of
6:00 pm
good news, anita. >> reporter: good evening. that is right, guess contact these neighbors will get some relief thanks to the generosity of others and every little bit will help, after spending a lot of money on christmas gifts for their loved ones some neighbors will to have shell out extra cash, after someone left behind a very expensive, mess. >> horrible. >> reporter: more than a dozen tires, now flat. thanks to a christmas grinch of a different kind. >> wow, it was devastating, you know but what will you do. >> reporter: apparent work of this suspect seen from a distance on grain i home surveillance video sometime between midnight and 2:30 a.m. and philadelphia police. and drivers side, and subaru, also. he was on the bike going from car to cars. >> reporter: angelo cruz who lived on the 900 block of foulkerod street for eight years has to replace his tires on both of his cars. >> i would say about eight, maybe 800. a sba


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