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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 27, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> all right. let's just go to weather there. >> that's rare for you. >> no coffee date. >> no coffee date. >> we're making progress. >> i'll do my best. traffic wise, not a lot to talk about. >> all right, pat, you've redeem yourself. >> he comes bearing wonderful traffic weather news, right? >> mild outside. >> and it is very mild outside. i, how much, come bearing the news of more rain, wind, and possibly there might be some snow mixed into this. >> you're the bad guy? >> i don't think we're talking accumulation, but regardless, some of the white stuff. we back it up. snow doesn't look like for days. pat, you're not terrible. no, stop it. so looking at a cold front right now, entirely too warm for snow out of this, we do have out of it, how much, couple of showers that we will find. not even here yet. give it couple of hours really. that will start to pick up around 7:00, 8:00 or so across, especially, the suburb, philly may even wait until 9:00, 10:00 a.m.
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just rain showers. it will be somewhat scat nerd nature. bigger weather headline, how warm it is, in advance of it, look at this, still flirting with 60 at the a.c. airport, 56 the current temperature reading in wilmington as well as philly. we take you down to the shore, where, this is a pattern that continues, the cool spot of the pack, barnegat line. but look at the winds direction, these arrows are the important part of this. it is coming out of the south. because it is coming out of the south, it is coming from much milder place, to the south. allowing that warm push of air to just nudge in here, and as a result, temperatures will rebounds so nicely. now, with time, eventually hit 62. that will happen at some point this morning, but we are expecting upper 50's, through the second half of the day here. a shower mainly in the first half. and then, starting to clear things out. but, eventually, pat, temperatures will start crashing down. so enjoy this warmth while you have it. >> we're close to 20 above average. >> that's crazy. so good morning, everyone, this is a look at 95 going northbound, right at
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woodhaven. there is a disable vehicle off to the shoulder. isn't causing too many slow downs, but coming through this area, make sure to hit the brakes little bit here. there is an accident in gilbertsville, route 100 northbound, there is one lane block, and there is an injury reported with this incident. again, not slowing you down just yet. but if you are coming through there, again, pump the brakes. columbus boulevard, we've been talking about this for a week. columbus boulevard southbound queen street, two right lanes blocked, water main break, will get back on that today. start working on that once again. another accident, this one in chester. second street, between wilson street and mill street. minor injuries reported with this one. how about some construction as well? delaware and wilmington, i-95 at southbound the onramp from jackson street and second street closed at 7:00 a.m. today until wednesday. they'll work on that bridge. so just a lot happening. now, this morning, yesterday, there was nothing, today a lot. jim, rahel? >> all balances out, pat, thank you. south jersey grandmother and her great granddaughter
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are missing this morning. >> they were driving to north carolina to visit family on saturday, but never made it. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live in the cbs-3 news center with the latest on the investigation, jan, good morning. what have you learned? >> rahel, jim, family is just desperate to find these two. they are wondering if this 71 year old woman got into an accident, broke down on the side of the road, or worse. she and her five year old great granddaughter haven't been seen or heard from since christmas eve. >> i guess it was about 10:00, her son stated that he had tried calling her cell phone and it went straight to voice mail. >> that was 10:00 at night, christmas eve. family of barbara and lamira have been searching for the pair ever since, two days, they scoured the roads and rest stops between south jersey and north carolina hoping to find them. police say she and her great granddaughter left mays landing december 24. for planned holiday visit with family.
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joanna may have been the also person to see the pair after they stopped at this gas station 30 miles north of richmond, virginia. >> i was hoping she made it safely. now i hear the story and the poor woman messing with her great grand caughter. >> she said the 71 year old was lost and trying to get to family in north carolina after fixing her gps, great grandmother and daughter were on their way. she said in good health and in their gray toyota rav4. >> she should have been here at 11:00. >> twin sister, say the last time anyone spoke to their great under an was around 8:00 saturday night. at the time, she believed she was still in virginia. >> now, she was driving a 2014 toyota rav4, new jersey license plate ch0els. anyone who has seen them should call police, authorities in three states are now searching for them, rahel, jim, back to you. >> new this morning, fire officials are trying to find out what sparked a house fire in north philadelphia. firefighters returned to the
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1600 block every west huntingdon street just before 2:00 this morning. officials say smoke was coming from the second and third floors of the 30 story row home. crews placed the fire under control and no injuries have been reported. we are hearing from the family of a 81 year old woman, shot to death on christmas eve, while working in the grocery store she owned. marie buck mainstay at the store at sixth and wharton streets in south philadelphia. the youngest of 11 children, she served the community for more than four decades. on saturday morning, buck and another employee were inside, and that employee says a man walk in, and shot buck. we spoke with her family. >> she was unbelievably warm and loving person. and the worse people don't deserve to die like that let alone the best. >> she was murdered, my mom was murdered. (crying). >> buck's husband appears on this video returned home after making funeral arrangements, police say they have no leads. "eyewitness news" reporter
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trang do will have the latest on the investigation in our next half hour. >> well, a drexel university professor is under fire, after a controversial tweet went viral. now he has to meet with the school officials to explain his side. last saturday, george tweeted: all i want for christmas is white genocide. he told the associated press the message was meant to be satirical, mocking what he called the imaginary concept of white genocide, which he says, was invented by white supremecist. in a statement, drexel he will university says while the university recognizes the right of it faculty to freely express their thoughts and finance in public debate, the professor comments are utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing, and do not in anyway reflect the values of the university. the university is taking this situation very seriously. the protest or react today drexel's statement saying it sends a chilling message. he also says he's received hundreds of death threats since his original post.
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well, a pod cast sparks a back and forth between our current president and our president-elect. that is after president obama says he's confident he would have won the presidency again. mr. trump was quick to disagree, roxannea has the latest from new york. >> report in a hypothetical presidential race, president-elect donald trump says there is no way he would lose to president obama. siting job, isis and obamacare as the reasons on twitter. the comment came in response to pod cast interview the president gave to his former senior advisor, suggesting the contrary. >> i'm confident that if i had run again, and articulated, and i think i could have mobilize the the majority of the american people behind it. >> in trump has been at odds with the sitting president in recent weeks, for weighing in on number of foreign policy issues before officially taking office. >> yesterday he blasted the united nations as quota cause for people to have a good time, days after the un vote
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today condemn israeli set maniment. but the us on staining instead of using veto as it has in the past. trump signalled break with long standing us policy on nuke weapons, tweeting the us needs to strengthen and expand it nuclear capabilities. twenty-four days before his inauguration, mr. trump fiersely defending his charitable foundation in a series every tweets monday night, he maintained the foundation never used donations to pay rent, salaries, or any expenses. and that 100% was give tone charity. roxannea, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> week long celebration of kwanzaa, which celebrates african-american culture and heritage, is underway. one observance was at the home in mt. airy, the day of kwanzaa dedicated to day of principal. >> this day marks the 50th anniversary of kwanzaa, first celebrate in the 1966. >> so 50 years of small celebration, to celebrate family, community, and culture, has traveled around the globe, people have found
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the beauty in it, started incorporating it in their lives. >> kwanzaa was conceived after the 1965 riot in los angeles, by professor, activist, author, elana. he will be at west philadelphia high school thursday evening, for a 50th annual celebration. >> well, coming up: important clue turns up that could solve a mystery behind that military plane crash in russia. and mall mayhem. take a look. connecticut mall, shoppers rushing for the exits. >> digging out, great planes under several inches of snow. finds out how hazardous it is. oh, gosh, it is only tuesday. behind the wheel. >> it is only 5:09. still waking up. >> i'm captain bobby, stationed in south korea want to give shout out to my family and friends in philadelphia, pennsylvania, back at the neshaminy high school. happy
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>> an employee catches part of this on tape at a connecticut mall. wild scene there. happened last night inside of the buck land hills mall in manchester. police say a fight between ten teenagers led to several other fights, one police officer was
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assaulted when she tried to breaks things up. she avoided serious injuries. police did make several arrests. they don't believe any weapons or gang related activity was involved in the violence. and, panic at a mall in elizabeth, new jersey, when altercation leads to false reports of a shooting. around 5:00 p.m. last night, shoppers at the mills at jersey gardens reported hearing allowed noise, then crowds he had headed for the exits, up to ten people, including two boys, and pregnant woman, received non-life threatening injuries while trying to leave. the loud sound turned out to be tables and chairs hitting the ground during the initial altercation. >> well, new this morning, searches have found a flight recorder from the russian plane that crashed into the black sea on sunday. the military plane was heading to syria when it crashed shortly after take off from so much i. eighty-four passengers, crew of eight, believed to have died, including dozens every singers and russia's world famous military choir. russia's intelligence agency says it has not found anything pointing to terrorism, or
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sabatage. winter storm that blew into the great planes is losing some of its punch, but traveling is still treacherous in parts of the dakotas. rapid city south dar cota hit with 6 inches of snow, high winds created big snow drift, with visibility near or at zero. conditions were so poor, for a time, the snow plows had trouble making their way through interstate 90, which was closed from the wyoming border. the interstate has since reopened. quite a fair out there. not life here. >> nice and mild. i walked out, like what's going on? >> i know, yes. >> and katie, my sources tell me, my ears on the street, tell me we might hit 06 degrees today? >> i think we will exceed that. sixty-two. >> your sources? you're looking at the map behind katie? >> your sources? but you're right. but expecting very mild day. this does not last forever. and it also isn't the prettiest day we've ever seen. not like it is bright, sunny and quiet with the wind. that's actually the wind, something that you are going to really notice when you walk
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out the door, but you will, again, also notice how mild it is, as we kick things off here, live look at bethlehem. it looks like there may be a sheen on the road surface, little tough to tell here, but regardless, there are some showers that are working their way toward us here, and we are expect to go see not just bethlehem but pretty much everywhere else little bit every wet weather. also notice these flags, they're moving in the breeze outside. and it is even more prominent as we take you out to some of our field cameras elsewhere in the life neighborhood network. it is not doing it now, of course it is not, because i am actually wanting to show it to you. but this was rocking and rolling in the last minute or so. and any time that wind picked up. soap, there it goes, little bit. so you're going to see a lot of shaky cameras i think in the past traffic reports throughout the course of the morning just because of the winds. knocking these cameras around. and it really is, you know, just gives you very good visual sense of what we are dealing with. at the moment, not much in the way of wet weather. few little spells rolled on through the lehigh valley. that could be perhaps why we have the sheen up in bethlehem
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right now. but otherwise, i think that you have got until later on this morning, before the wet weather rolls through. scattered showers, every rain, and that it, then clears out later. here is the next storm system. beginning to work it way into the inter mountains, west rockies, eventually our next story come thursday. so, let's back it up. today is a busy weather day, all things considered. the wind for one thing really coming in out of the southwest here into the 20's, for some of you, throughout the course of the morning, as the showers mover through. then it, begins to taper, as do the showers, through the afternoon. and with time, you are really going to notice the winds calming down, also turning out of the northwest, classic set up for a cold front. so, even though we are expecting low 60s today, coming awfully close to the highest temperature we've seen in december so far, don't expect it will last long. in fact, for now, temperatures actually .3 above what is the average would be for the month every december as a whole. we have been everywhere from the teens to the 60s, this month so far. and we will see a lot of variety in the seven day forecast, as well, come
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friday, we can't even hit 40, if we're lucky, and again because every reinforcing cold air coming along on thursday. >> days like these make friday's that much worse, 60, drops to the 30's. gross. you know what else is gross? that wind that katie talk b you can see right here, winds are whipping on the ben franklin bridge. now, it is not causing any problems for any slow-downs as of right now. but just make note. when you are on the bridge, you are near some tractor-trailers, to keep an eye on things. so, right now, no problems with the winds. but, again, just make note of that. here is a look, not great look, but 95 northbound, near woodhaven, disable vehicle off to the shoulder. kind of inning its way toward the line, toward that right lane, not causing any slow downs, people are hitting the brakes little bit as they come through this area. here is a look at the vine, no problems, no delays through here. looking at 95, toward the city of philadelphia, so, it is all good, as you are headed into the city. this one, though, not so good. an accident in gilbertsville,
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route 73 the off ramp to 100 northbound, one lane blocked there. there are injuries reported. there is an injury in chester, as well, second street wilson street, and mill street. it is a minor incident, but there is an injury there. jim, rahel? >> for a look at newspaper headlines from across the region. >> delaware county times, child pornography charges against former villanova professor have been dropped by delaware county, after he was sentenced to one and a half years in prison by a federal judge. six year old christopher has pled guilty to one count of accessing a computer with intent to view child pornography. >> on the front page of the burlington county times, shamong voters head to the polls in march to decide on $5.4 million referendum project for the school district. would allow the district to install climate controls in the middle school and improve safety and security features in both indian mills schools. from the press of atlantic city, local uber drivers eager for governor christie to sign
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a law, bill into law, that would put state-wide regulations on ride hailing companies, such as uber and lyft. now, lack of regulation has prompted some towns such as atlantic city and sea isle tickets ticket drivers operating without a proper license. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> and still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, two teams with local ties get ready for their big day atat the bowl. >> and the sixers try to get another win out on the west coast during road trip, suspense filled ending that's next in eyewitness sports.
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>> welcome back, the holidays mean a lot of exciting sporting events. >> today no different. pat gallen switching gears, taking off his traffic hat. >> we're getting our money's worth. >> we will. i try tonight try to do everything i can here. >> the 76 coaster have made it their eighth win last night, and they face the sacramento kings, once again, slipped
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through their fingers. sixers had one point lead, 25 seconds left in the game. darren, back to de marcus cousins, he hits the three, kings up two. sixers now down four. sergio rodriguez would pull up, hit a three pointer. back to one point game. joe em embiid would get a shot for three. and for the win, it is block, by cousins. tries again. and it is short. the kings beat the sixers 102-100. embiid had himself a game. >> the temple owls play the demon deacons of wake for this is afternoon, in annapolis, in the military bowl. kick off is 3:30. the owls could set a team record with 11 wins, with a win today, they've already put together back-to-back ten win seasons, for the first time ever. that's a far cry from the team that graduating seniors played on as freshmen, that team, went two and ten. our lesley van arsdall will be at the game with live reports,
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john reddick stopped by our studios last week started as walk-on, now a team leader. >> just crazy, you know, been here for five years, gave everything i could. went into the program for as long as i have, we gave everything we could coming off. and now, that it is coming to an end, we've got the chance, you know, to make history yet again. it is just crazy. and i'm glad that it is all ending the way that it is. >> in harrisburg, the penn state nittany lions left for their bowl action. the number five team in the country plays number 9usc trojans, january 2nd, in the rose bowl. in pass dean. nittany lions have won nine in a row including win over wisconsin in the regular season finale. made up 21-point deficit, in that game. the coach says they can't expect to do that against the trojans. >> it is one thing if you're playing pro style offense, and they're going try it grind you up like wisconsin, and they get a lead on you.
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that's little different than playing a team like usc, as explosive as anything, can score bun of of points in a short period of time. you can't afford to get down by a bunch. our offense allows us to score point, but their offense the type off tones score point at any moment. >> the eagles christmas break ends today. they start practice for the season finale, which is sunday at the linc, against the dallas cowboys, the cowboys now 13 and two, demolish the lions, 42 to 21, last night. >> and for the fourth straight week, the defending national champion villanova wildcats are number one in the ac top 25. they are 12 and zero, so far this season. and winners of 18 straight, dating back to last year. conference play starts wednesday, against at the pavilian at villanova. so far we have one winning team, villanova. they keep on winning. >> on our penn state -- >> go nittany lions. >> thanks, pat. >> watch the rose bowl.
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thank you very much, sir. in the next half off cbs-3 "eyewitness news", if you drive in pennsylvania you almost pay the most expensive gas tax in america, guess what, everyone, you will be paying even more. find out when, and how much. >> and survival story. how a lehigh valley woman made it out alive, after she was stranded in the snow near the grand canyon. katie? >> well, rahel, of course, the next upcoming weekends is a holiday weekend. and right now, at least, it is one of those half and half looking forecasts. we are expecting partly sunny and generally quiet weather for new years eve. chilly on new years eve, as well. not terrible for the mummers either. although we are tracking another system at that point. much more on the seven day forecast right after the
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. real bad look for philadelphia to have this kind of violence perpetrated against a woman that was so sweet. >> and now a memorial grows in front after grocery store where someone gunned down the owner, now the family grives, and philadelphia police try to track down the killer. >> and good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. live report on the investigation into that grocery store murder is coming up. but first, here's what you need to know to start your day in our morning minute. >> we're hearing from the family of a 81 year old woman, shot to death on christmas
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eve, while working in the grocery store she owned. >> she was murdered, my mom was murdered. >> south jersey grandmother and her great granddaughter are missing. >> it was about surviving, but it wasn't about surviving for me. >> forty-six year old karen kline was found at a closed grand canyon national park saturday morning after hiking 27 miles in the cold. >> i just kept thinking i have to do this for my son. i have to do this for my husband. >> they keep patting each other on the butt. embiid, the steel, racing to the lead, and got it done. >> passed embiid. embiid. blocked. embiid. embiid. no good. and the game is over. >> oh, theixers on the road in sacramento, the game didn't end until 1:0m.


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