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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> miss being, police want you to keep an eye out for these two. the place that they were last spotted and the license plate information to keep an eye out for. row home fire, the place where overnight fire broke out, just hours ago, how quickly crews got it under control. >> and small mayhem. people panic after a shots are fired in a new jersey mall. but there was no gunfire, what police say is to blame for all of the panic. today is tuesday, december 27. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. meisha is off today. pitty and pat gallen keeping an eye on things this morning. >> i want to bring some good news, meisha is always so positive. i'm not bringing you coffee, but i'm bring you good news. >> that would get excessive, if we all drank a lot of coffee. >> we do drink a lot of
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coffee. a lot of people off for the holidays, so that's a plus. >> weather wise, not quite the same. i wouldn't say that this is a really big deal, but we do have showers moving in, and very noticeable breeze out there. it makes for kind of bad hair day. so keep that in mind. awesome, great. break out the a with a net. storm scan brink withing it, couple of showers, off to the west, already beginning to see some of them bubble up across chester, even portions every delco right now. so, with time, you're going to find some damp roadways. this is the worse it will get though. again, talking scattered variety of showers through the next couple of hours, later on today, skies begin to clear. but this is the marking the advance and eventful passage of cold front. look at where these current temperatures stand, guys. mid 50's, are you kidding me? for this time of year? that's impressive. and actually going to warm up even more so before the day is all said and done. but look at mount pocono. some of the colder air starting to new jersey in there. forty-three currently. when you start to see the blur shades, showing up on the color contour, you know the coal air is on the way.
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so watching for scattered morning showers, it will be windy at times, we've already seen gusts peaking into the 30's already this morning. but, very mild for now. with temperatures topping off in the low 60s, brisk colder come tonight however as the temperature begins to crash down. so enjoy this. while you have it. granted, i mean, not talking sunny, perfection, but do expect 62 to be our eventual hi, somewhere between 1:00 and three: we can expect to see again some of the scattered showers this morning. but we will start to clear out with time. and then eventually pat, another front comes along to knock the temperatures back to even more. >> 55 degrees right now, i have my umbrella over and my little coffee, i mean, i'm ready form warm weather. >> hey, jimmy buffet, do it, all set. >> listening to tunes here in the traffic center, absolutely. good morning, everyone, this is a look at 95, going southbound, with volume starting to pick up. and it looks that way because there was disable vehicle, in the last few minutes, just moved off. so it did slow some things
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down, but his is your normal problem spot on 95 southbound, at 6:02 in the morning. the vine, though, this is crazy to see at 02:00 in the morning, vine looking clear, between 95 and the schuylkill expressway, so you will absolutely take that in the morning. there is an accident in wilmington. ninety-five southbound, past mlk boulevard it, has the left lane blocked there. slowing some things down. also, an accident, in tullytown, bucks county, levittown parkway near route 13. there is an injury reported here. and it is slowing things down, in this area. columbus boulevard, southbound, queen street, telling you about this for the last week or so, two right lanes still block, penndot says they will get out there and work on the water main break today. so, fingers crossed there. one more thing to tell but. septa mass transit checklist modified schedule through friday for the buses and trolleys, jim, rahel, over to you. >> thanks so much, pat. new this morning, row home catches fire in north philadelphia. this happened just before 2:00 a.m. firefighters returned to the 1600 block every west
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huntingdon street. fire officials say the smoke was coming from the second and third floors of the three-story row home when crews arrived. firefighters quickly placed it under control, fortunately, no injuries have been reported. in other news, south jersey family is looking for two family members who vanished on christmas eve. >> the grandmother and great granddaughter were driving to north carolina to visit family and never showed up. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in the cbs-3 news center with the latest on the search, jan? >> rahel, jim there is search is becoming more desperate with each passing day. family of this 71 year old woman is wondering what happened, did she get into an accident, breakdown on the side of the road or worse? she and her five year old great granddaughter haven't benzene or heard from since saturday night. >> i guess it was about 10:00 o'clock, her son stated he tried calling her cell
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phone and it went straight to voice mail. >> that was 10:00 christmas eve. family of barbara breally have been searching for the pair ever since, for two days, they scoured the roads, and rest stops, between south jersey and north carolina hoping to find them. police say she and her five year old great granddaughter left mays landing atlantic county december 24. for planned holiday visit with family. joanna strange may have been the last person to see the pair. after they stopped at this gas station, 30 miles north, of richmond, virginia,. >> i was hoping they made it. now i hear the story, and the poor messing with her great grand caughter. >> she said the 71 year old was lost and trying to get to family in north carolina after fixing her gps, great grandmother, daughter, were on their way, she says in good health nan their gray toyota rav4. >> she should have been here at 11:00. >> twin sisters, ginger and jennifer, say the last time anyone spoke to their great aunt was around 11:00 sass date night. at the time she believed she was still in virginia. now, she was last seen driving a 2014 toyota rav4 with new
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jersey license plate g80els. in which one information can call police. authorities in three states are now searching for them, rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank you so much jan for that update. >> drexel university professor under fire after a controversial tweet over the weekends went viral. now, to explain his side. george tweeted on saturday all i want for christmas is white genocide. he told the associated press the message was meant to be satirical, mocking what he called the imaginary concept of white genocide, which he says was invented by white is up parenthesis. well, drexel responds wad statement saying while the university recognizes the right after its faculty to freely express their thoughts and opinions on public debate, professor comments are utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing, and do not in anyway reflect the values of the university. the university is taking this situation very seriously. the professor react today drexel statements says it
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sends chilling message. he also said since his original post he has received hundreds of death threats. and, our current president, and our president-elect, are not seeing eye to eye, perhaps no surprise. after president obama says in a interview he's confident he would have beaten drum if he had run for a third term. roxannea the latest from new york. >> reporter: in a hypothetical race, trump said no way he would lose to president owe became a, siting isis, obama care on twitter. came from pod cast that he gave to former senior advisor suggesting the contrarying. >> i'm confident that if i had run again, and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> president-elect trump. >> mr. trump has been add odds with the sitting president in recent weeks for weighing in on number r foreign policy issues before officially taking office. yesterday he blasted the united nations as quota club
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for people to have a good time. days after the un vote today condemn israeli settlements, but the us on staining instead of using its veto as it has in the past. trump has also signalled a break with decades every long standing us policy on nuclear weapons, tweeting last week, that the us needs to strength end and expand its nuclear capability. twenty-four days before his inauguration, mr. trump defending his charitable foundation in a severe of tweets monday night maintained the foundation never used foundations to pay rent, salaries, any expenses. and that 100% was given to char i roxanne a, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, today is day four of hand a the jewish festival of lights. and you can see signs of it throughout the city. lights in rittenhouse square, where the 6-foot menorrah, each menorrah light represents one of the holiday. today at 4:30, families will gather at rittenhouse ethical society for hanukkah songs, games, meals. they'll also be collecting winter coats, and clothing for the city's homeless. >> well, the week long
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celebration of kwanzaa is also on the way. >> holiday celebrates african-american culture and heritage. "eyewitness news" was at the home of mt. airy for the first day every quan is. each day dedicate today principal, this year marks the 50th anniversary for kwanzaa which was first celebrated in 1966. >> so 50 years of small celebration, celebrate family, community, culture. has traveled around the globe, people have found the beauty in it, and started incorporating in their lives. >> kwanzaa was conceived after the 1965 riots in los angeles by professor, mel anna, will be at west philadelphia high school thursday evening for 50th annual kwanzaa celebration. >> fear and panic spread in a mall in elizabeth, new jersey. >> after reports of shots being fired, those reports came after a fight inside the mall, but it turns out there was no gunfire. the loud noises. >> and cause after crash. what investigators say is to
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blame for airliner's crash in columbia, which left dozens dead, including members of a brazilian soccer team. we will be back. stay with us.
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>> history making visited today in hawaii, first japanese government official to visit pearl harbor. arrived in hawaii yesterday greeted by state dignitaries. president obama and the prime minister will attend ceremonies at the uss arizona memorial. prime minister placed wreath at hawaii national cemetery yesterday. sources say the prime minister will not apologize for the 1941 attack, but sent the us into world war ii. flight recorder from the plane crash that killed 92 people over the week sends found in the black sea. rescue crews, found the device, just a mile from the shore's of socci earlier, i believe it was yesterday morning, the military jet was head today syria when it crashed moments after take off. all 92 people aboard, again,
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are believed to have died. russia ace intelligence agency says it has not found anything pointing to terrorism or sabatage. this morning investigators say human error to blame for the crash of airline an in columbia last month. that crash killed 71 people, including members of a brazilian soccer team. those errors caused the plane to run out every fuel, right before crashing. officials say recorded messages show the pilot, co-pilot, new the plane did not have enough fuel for the flight also say the pilot did not report an emergency before it was too late. >> fight leads to false report of shooting in a mall in elizabeth, new jersey. this happened around 5:00 last night, shoppers at the mills at jersey gardens reported hearing allowed noise. then crowds ran for the exit. up to ten people including two boys and a a pregnant woman were injured with non-life threatening injuries. while they were trying to leave. the loud sounds turned out to be tables and chairs hitting the grounds during the initial fight. the mall will reopen later
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today. >> police had to place this mall in detroit on lockout. the chaos was loosely organized on social media. by young people, beforehand. one juvenile was arrested, but no injuries were reported in this case. this was at least one of at least ten mall disturbances nationwide on monday. >> i think we heard every those social media fights in our region. what's wrong with kids these days? >> well, time now 14:00. >> mild weather going to linger today? >> at least for the timing it will. but, this is also marking the arrival and passage of cold front. always see the spike, at least most typically, spike when it comes to the warm, just ahead of the actual passage of the front. let's start things offer by taking you out to one of the live neighborhood network cameras, guys, at the moment, things are quiet, serene, outside the pleasant high school. things are quiet. of course everybody on winter break.
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but, with we are potentially going to see some light stuff approaching this camera over the next couple every days, which we will get tonight let's take you to the here and now though. here is the latest cold front currently crossing through with some showers, beginning to advance to some of the western counties at this point. and, this is going to be with us through the morning, as well as pretty noticeable breeze, which we get to, as well. the other storm system that bridges in our next chance for snow, comes along on thursday. currently it is working it way across the inner mountain west, then eventually gets here, with not just potential of some rain, but yes, for some of you little bit of snow. we will get to. that will so here is your cold front. by 10:00 a.m., seeing it move through philadelphia. just scattered showers, if you want to take the umbrella, not the worse idea, plan to be out around late morning. rest of the day looks pretty quiet. breezy and turning cooler later tonight. >> come thursday, though, here we go. area of low pressure developing on the tail end of
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the next front. take a look, you have got split here. it will be cold enough for snow far enough north right now possibly accumulating an inch or two. we will keep an eye on the possibility again that's thursday. then for everyone else just rain. so philly, i don't think we see snow, sorry, pat, but weigh are regardless going to potentially see some of the snow in our area. then it is out of here, actually possibility of few snow squawls in its wake on friday. current winds speeds, all over the place, philly stands out like sore thumb. it is out of the southwest, that wind flow. but, you know, it is still wintertime. it is still going to feel at least little cooler if you have got a wind speed as high as 22 miles per hour, but technically shooting for 62 today. that's 20 solid degrees above the average. sun comes up 7:22, and we are eventually going to come crashing down here to dose of reality. thirty-five the overnight low, worse of the winds tapering off. next couple every days, yes, back to normal, essentially, reinforcing cold front we just talk become from thursday, and we can't even hit 40 on friday, pat. >> i would like to see little
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snow in the seven day. >> i know would you. >> i am like a 12 year old trapped in a 32 year old's body. you. >> don't look a day over 25. >> oh, thank you so much. i appreciate that. a look at 95, slowest spot of the morning, southbound, at girard avenue. there was an incident earlier, disable vehicle, they have moved that off. but it is a little bit after slow go here. for 6:17 a.m., come positive sneak on 95 south. a look at the ben franklin bridge. you can see the flag blowing there, winds are whipping out on the roadways. >> tractor trailers out on the roadway, they start swaying little bit. keep an eye on. that will the schuylkill looking good. no delays at the boulevard so far this morning. so that's a thumbs-up, there is an accident, wilmington, 59 southbound past mlk boulevard, the leaf lane blocked right there. and there is some construction in that very vicinity, 59 south, onramp from jackson street, and second street, that is closing in the next 45
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minute or so, will be closed until 5:00 p.m. on wednesday, there is another accident as well bucks county tullytown levittown parkway, near route 13, there are some injuries being reported here. >> jim, rahel? >> fresh grocer days on the campus may soon be numbered. >> why they soon may havave to go and why store managers are
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>> now for a look at newspaper headlines. >> seventy-six year old man was seriously burned, monday, when fire destroyed a home in rural schuylkill county. he was transport today lehigh valley hospital with burns over most of his body. the structure, mobile home, and adjoining building in east brunswick township, burned to the ground. and the news journal, the delaware general assembly will again consider raising the state's minimum wage from 8.25 to 10.25 an hour, when the legislature convenes on january 10th. during the last session, the bill stalled in a house committee, never made it to full chambers. >> fresh grocer on walnut st. fighting back. flyers are being directed at the chain's 40th and walnut location, after it was reported the university of pennsylvania was planning to replace the store with a acme market. fresh grocer customers are being urged to contact penn in an effort to stop the change. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley.
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>> well, the temple owls have a very big day ahead of them. >> and they are facing the wake forestt demon deacons, military bowl today. the record they may set if they win.
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>> next upcoming weekends holiday weekends, at the moment, all looking pretty good for your new years eve fest i have tis. we can expect sunshine throughout the weekends, as women, quiet, generally seeking, but little breeze for saturday. guys, back into you. >> katie, never too soon to think about the weekends, right? happening today, the military bowl featuring the temple owls, and wake forest, demon deacons, the owls just finished their second straighten it win season a long way from the two and ten team, played as freshman, seniors both sides playing in their final college football game. lesley van arsdall in annapolis for the game, leslie has live report today beginning on "eyewitness news". >> meanwhile the penn state nittany lions have left for sunny california, they face the usc trojans in the rose bowl next monday in pass dean a nittany lions have won nine in a row, including a big come back against wisconsin and the big ten championship game. good luck to the nittany lions next week and of course the
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temple owls this afternoon. >> nightmare in the wilderness, that's what a ben pen family had to deal with during a vacation in the grand canyon. >> now the trip went horribly wrong. and remarkable story of survival, that followed. >> and a multi state search. investigators are looking for a south jersey woman in and her great granddaughter. the place the last two were seen and where they were going. this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks. i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it. (avo) the subaru share the love event has donated over four million dollars to help the national parks. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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[ it's a [ goat bleat ] by peggy lee playing ] [ crow caws, music continues ]
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this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it. >> good new york, liver will from center city from our studios in spring garden. won't need the heavy jacket today. what you might need is the umbrella katie has your full forecast in just moments. >> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. it is 6:30, here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> she was murdered, my mom
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was murder. >> we are hearing from the family of 81 year old woman shot to death on christmas eve while working in the grocery store she owned. >> just -- >> she said can you help me? sure, no problem. >> south jersey grandmother and great grand daughter missing. >> authorities in three states are now searching for them. >> more about surviving for me. >> karen found at closed grand canyon national park saturday morning after hiking 27 miles in the cold. >> i just kept thinking i have to do this for my son. i have to do this for my husband. >> they keep patting each other on the butt. and embiid, the steel, racing for the lead against watson. got it done. >> bullet passed embiid. embiid. plus embiid, embiid, no good. and the game is over. >> well, it was close. the sixers on the road to sacramento.
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that game didn't end until about 1:00 this morning. came down to the wire, but the sixers lost 102 to 100. now out to katie on the skydeck with today's forecast, you may need the umbrella little later today. apparently not now? >> i wouldn't say right now at least not over philadelphia. but there is a line of some showers, that is moving our way. and with time, you know, it is scattered in nature. yes, you may be finding yourself flicking your windshield wipers or if you are standing out waiting for bus or train, potentially needing the umbrella i would say the breeze is a lot more noticeable than any kind of wet weather that we will face here today. because this frontal boundery is so potent in that regard. also, very, very mild air, currently in place. so if you stepped outside already this morning, you probably already notice, just how mild it is. here, quick peak of storm scan3, in the the bulk of the precipitation off to the wells. lancaster county, chester county, even portions every new castle county i59 starting to see couple of raindrops right now. looking at the temperature change, okay, you know your actual air temperature, wouldn't be unheard of to see 20's, teens.
6:32 am
this is the surplus that we have seen since the same time yesterday. it is 20 solid degrees warmer right now. and boy do you notice that. as it reaches, and translates, means 56 degrees at this hour of the morning. and with very in the recall southwest winds flow, helping to shove that warmth in, all in advance of this latest cold front, yes, you will notice it. at 56 here in philly. fifty-eight at atlantic city, airport, and very balmy 43 even mount pocono. as the day progresses, expecting to far exceed typical expectations, 62 degrees, but, this is the only day we see that twice as mild, as again, this is cold front that's going to be crossing through, with us, some pretty decent fanfare in the days ahead. soap, again, warm today. much colder tomorrow. but frankly, a dose of december reality, is what is waiting in the wings for us, then reinforcing cold air comes later this week, pat. >> any snow, katy? >> looks that way. >> oh,.
6:33 am
>> all right, we will keep an eye on that. i'm little crazy, i like the snow. what can i say? >> good morning, a look at the vine street expressway. for 6:33 in the morning, it doesn't look too bad. normally this is jammed up on a tuesday. so far no delays between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. if you are headed eastbound on i76, so far, so good this morning. as everyone is off for the holidays, so thumbs-up here. a map, though, here in new jersey, union mill road at larchmont road. there is a traffic light malfunction, there are several outages in the area in mt. laurel. due to the wind, police actually sent out an advisory, we'll keep you up-to-date, but this is mt. laurel. keep an eye on this over there. also, there is a disable car, 76 westbound, the off ramp to 476, it is partially blocking the off ramp there. not sure of any delays in this area. but just make note that far if you are in that area. also an accident, wilmington,
6:34 am
i95 southbound past mlk boulevard, left lane blocked here, rahel, over to you. >> thank you. new this morning, fire officials trying to figure out what sparked a house fire in north philadelphia. firefighters rushed to the 1600 block every west huntingdon street just before 2:00 this morning, officials say smoke coming from the second and third floors of the three-story row home. firefighters placed under control. no injuries have been record. >> and the search is on this morning, for the person who gunned down a 81 year old grandmother inside her own grocery store. >> sat story. motive unclear. police say it appears the woman was targeted. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in south philadelphia, where this all unfolded over the weekends, good morning, trang. >> reporter: well, good morning, jim, rahel. marie buck tells us in the three decades she ran this store, shoe was never round. now she says her mother was robbed of her life. now, as we look into this growing memorial here, where marie buck lived, and ultimately lost her life.
6:35 am
>> in police department, this city, this district attorney, need to step up, and to whatever they have to do. >> gun wrenching scene from the family of long time south philadelphia store owner. gunned down behind the counter of the grocery that bore her name for 43 years. >> she was murdered, my mom was murdered. >> just before 9:00 a.m., christmas eve, a gunman opened fire on marie buck as she stood behind the counter of her store at the corner of sixth and tight on. as investigators comb the store for clues machine day, family members gathered at buck's home, just two doors away, remembering, the joy the 81 year old wife, mother, and grandmother would bring playing santa claus this time of year. >> she made a big joke about giving everybody pot pour i. poopouri. she was giving everybody poopour i this year. she wanted to joke around. >> but the laughter quickly turned to sadness, frustration, knowing their loved one's killer is still
6:36 am
throughout. >> had words at one time or another, or was this somebody on drugs, completely out of it? who would walk in on the average come over, just shoot somebody like that? report there are so many note here, just littered around this memorial from family, friends, even customers, saying marie buck made the best hoagies. now, miss buck will be laid to rest on friday. but for now, live in south philadelphia. i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". frank, thank you. >> meanwhile, authorities are looking for a south jersey woman and her great granddaughter after they reported missing on saturday. now, barbara briley and her five year old great granddaughter lamyra briley, driving to see family in north carolina, relatives say barbara called them saturday saying they had stopped for gas outside of richmond, virginia, gas station clerk is one of the last people to see them. >> she said can you help me? i said sure, no problem. i was hoping she made it.
6:37 am
now i hear the story, the poor woman missing with her great granddaughter. >> the store clerk helped barbara fix her gps on her smart phone directing her to north carolina, but no one was heard from her since saturday in virginia. well, easton mother takings when her family becomes stranded in a arizona forest during hauer shall storm. forty-six year old karen kline was found at the closed grand canyon national park saturday morning, that's after she hiked 27 miles in the cold. her family had rent add car in las vegas to drive to utah, decided to make a pit stop at the grand canyon. when their car got stuck in snowy forest thursday, kline new she had to go get help. >> it was about surviving, but it wasn't about surviving for me. i kept thinking i have to do this for my son, i have to do this for my husband. i have to help them. i have to save them. >> kline's husband and ten year old son rescued lays
6:38 am
saturday. she is triathelon runner, the best one to send. she is currently recovering in a utah hospital. >> stick around after our show to watch more of the interview with karen kline and her husband, thon remarkable story, that's today on cbs this morning. starting at 7:00 a.m. >> the highest gas tax in the country go-go even higher in the new year. pennsylvania gas tax will increase by another 8 cents per gallon, on sunday, january the first. after this latest hike, about 78 sent from every gallon will go to taxes. that mondayly pay for road construction and maintenance across the state. >> and here is a comparison of the latest prices at the pumps in the tri-state area. in case you're wondering where to go, starbucks in pennsylvania are paying about 2.45 for gallon of regular, new jersey, 2.33 to fill up. delaware with the cheapest prices in our area at 2.25 per gallon. >> coming up on christmas morning, group of inmate stay in a tennessee jail treating themselves to a jail break. >> but proved to be short
6:39 am
lived for both of them. the week cents cents those inmate found, the structure, how many still on the loose. >> and year in review. the year was a busy one when it came to -- came to politics. major political store that's made headlines this year. and not just about campaign 2016.
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welcome back everyone, weaver breaking news to tell but. chopper three live over the 6300 block of oxford avenue in the lawncrest section of northeast philadelphia. about 20 minute ago a car crashed into a building and started a fire at the speedway gas station, right now report say a tanker truck and a vehicle collided. there are report of injuries, again, chopper three live over a car accident, gas station, fire in the lawncrest section of northeast philadelphia. we will bring you additional details as they become available. in delaware, police arrest 18 year old man new castle man, 18 year old new castle man for deadly hit-and-run
6:43 am
crash in christianna on christmas eve. delaware state police say he struck and killed 54 year old lisa bolden saturday. as she crossed christianna road near he had end berg drive. political oak charged with leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a valid license, being held on $6,100 bail. philadelphia police are asking for the public's help to catch this robbery suspect. the armed man you see here, held up the texas chicken and burger restaurant on kensington avenue. happened about 12:30 a.m. on christmas. the man did get away with cash. no one was hurt. if you recognize the suspect please contact police. >> police have caught five of six inmate that escape tennessee jail on christmas morning. thursday say the group broke out, get this, through broken toilet. they say the daring escape happened in matter of six minutes, take a look at this damage. after the inmates busted through a bathroom wall. so the sheriff says plumbing repairs behind stainless steel
6:44 am
toilet damaged some concrete in the wall. >> they was able to kick out some concrete, easily broken, along with some plumbing, and some other things, and they kick open the steel box unit that was covering the outside of the access. >> there you have it. they didn't go through the toilet. they went through the hole that was near the toilet. the sheriff says there have been several problems with the jail building, which is a converted hospital. well, i would say so. parent of two people who died in a warehouse fire in oakland, california have filed a lawsuit. the families of fire victims mikhail a degrees gregory, given madden, claim the warehouse was a death trap. thirty-six people were killed earlier there this month when a fire broke out during a party there. county district attorney has not yet decided whether criminal charges will be filed in that case. >> well, time now 6:44. >> wait. okay. >> you're back on the toilet thing? okay. they yanked the toilet off the wall that metal, yes.
6:45 am
>> and they slid through? >> i was confused too, until i that you. >> has to be quite sin i -- skinny to get through there. >> well, it will be little warmer than usual today, katy? >> just a little bit. actually talking about temperatures end up being 20 degrees above average. already surplus of 20 or so degrees from what we saw this same time yesterday. so you really notice it, now, what you will also notice, is that this is a very fogged out camera. this is actually a shot of that blue mountain right now, where we currently have certainly some low-lying cloud cover settling in here. but, it is quite mild. even up this way, quick report four you, jack frost, big boulder, blue mountain, all having at least foot worth of base out there. at leastat least 11 different t, into the 20's. blue mountain, 27 trails open. pretty cool. let's take a look, though, back at the eyewitness weather watchers, up and at it this morning. i want to show you what they
6:46 am
are finding at lost more observation this is hour than we saw last, but we have nothing but 50 plus degrees, i mean, look at this, even in some of the coldest spots, 51 eileen murray, clouds overhead granted but calling this balmy, understand bridge. it is incredibly, incredibly mild for the standards right now. these temperatures are already well above their average. fifty-eight is the temperature that comes into us from cherry hill, lynn springer, sending this one in with lots of clouds overhead. she has 19-mile per hour wind flow coming in. and she definitely said that the hair is going to be going up today. i would advise that, ponytail weather at its finest, i can't get away with that on the morning show, i wish i could, but regardless, may need the acqua net for just good hair tie, all right? very quickly also look at the other wind speeds, short list, willingboro with very good sustained winds at 22 miles per hour, and the list goes on, at least into the teens in most every these spots. so switching back over to storm scan, okay, two separate fronts. front number one, currently
6:47 am
moving through. watch for some scattered showers this morning, then clears out. the wind and the temperatures drop will become pretty noticeable. system two just beginning to move onshore here bringing snow into portions every idaho, northern rockies, and eventually that is going to possibly bring even us little bit of snow on thursday. not in philly. probably your northern counties, that's still needs to sort of shake itself out. we'll keep you posted there, but heads up thursday. could ends up being a day that bridges us next rounds of snow north of the city. then happy new years guys, right around the corner, looks as though we ring in the new year at midnight 37 or so is the temperature we can expect under couple of clouds. chilly granted but not -- nothing all that atypical. man everywhere, 60s today. forty's tomorrow respect there is, don't break out of the 30's friday. at least after the modest up here on the thermometer as we look forward to the next week. and ring in those first few days of january. >> crazy warm today. 62 degrees. that's wild. here is a look at breaking news, chopper three live over the scene after accident,
6:48 am
oxford avenue, 6300 oxford avenue right at oxford and lever i can. tractor-trailer was on fire, fire crews on the scene, just put it out. crash into that speedway gas station there. so, for christ there, it will slow you down if you are in the northeast in this area. let's go over to the next map. route 30 westbound, there is an accident, past route 82, got one lane blocked here. also, in mt. laurel, we told but this little bit earlier. there is some traffic lights malfunction going on in this area due to the wind. several power outages in mt. laurel there is one here, union mill road at larchmont boulevard. septa has a modified schedule through friday on the buses and the trolleys. so if you are taking that, make note of that go, to for more. and let's look at the wide map here. throughout the area.
6:49 am
not too bad in the philadelphia region. slowest spot is 95, going southbound, toward the city. but on tuesday morning, not bad, jim, rahel. >> sounds good to us, thanks, pat. time is 6:49. a lot coming up. >> joining us live from new york with a preview. good morning, josh. >> good morning to you, rahel, and jim. we are in hawaii today. where president obama will visit pearl harbor with the japanese prime minister. and historic visit. also, new revelations, george michaels quietly gave millions to charity. the stories we're only now learning about the late singer's kindness. also, a 26-mile hike through trecherous conditions near the grand canyon. a pennsylvania woman describes how she braved this dangerous weather to save her familiment and we will take you inside the effort to restore the natural beauty of utah arch national park. lots to get to. and the news is back in the morning. we'll see in you about ten minutes. >> thank you, josh, certainly we will be watching.
6:50 am
>> absolutely, can't wait to hear from that pennsylvania family. volunteers in pasadena california will spends the next six days preparing for the state's famed rose parade. here is the rosemont pavilion. people of all ages working non-stop, as always, 128 rose parade is followed by college football iconic rose bowl. one volunteer describes the float his team is building. >> so child's play room, lions, tigers and bears, a lot of work, a lot of volunteers, you can see in the background here. we have people coming from all over the world doing this. >> and another volunteer said even if they're not finished on new crews over, they'll work all night into the new year. after the parade, penn state will take on the university of southern california, for the rose bowl title. and, this week, we are taking a look back at of the biggest stories of 2016. >> big year politically is a understatement, not just because of donald trump's election to the presidency.
6:51 am
correspondent weijia jiang has our year in review in politics >> donald trump dominated us policy in 2016. winning the presidential election as a washington outsider. >> they are calling tonight very, very historic. >> the billionaire businessman won the gop nomination, over a crowded field of establishment republicans. who had hard time gaining traction. >> trump then defied the polls to defeat democrat hillary clinton, who made history by becoming the first woman nominee of a major party. >> we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass sealing. >> clinton had tough primary run against vermont senator bernie sanders, independent who dom nice dollars young voters with grass roots campaign against big money. >> i have said that i am very sorry about it. >> clinton also struggled to shake off criticism of her use of private e-mail server while secretary of state. the fbi investigated her
6:52 am
handling of classified information, and found she was perry lust but not criminal. >> our judgement is no reasonable prosecutor bring such a case. >> both chairman chairman and the democratic national committee were hacked, and wikileaks made their emails public. us intelligence agencies blamed the russian government nor the security breaches. >> hello everybody. >> president obama struck told get things done with the republican congress, which stalled his nomination to replace the late supreme court justice, scala. >> i fulfilled my constitutional duty. now it is time for senators to do theirs. >> the president bypassed congress, taking executive action on gun control rules. 2016 also saw the implementation of the nuclear deal with iran, and the signing of the transpacific partnership, a trade deal which w 12 countries. >> this is important for our economy and they know just as important for our national security.
6:53 am
>> president-elect trump has promised to tear up the iran and deals and make changes to president obama's signature legislation, the affordable care act. >> we will be able to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. >> trump spent the final weeks of the year getting his team in place for the transfer of power in january. weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we will be right back with three things you need to know before go. >> it is three to go next.
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6:57 am
>> fire in the lawncrest section of north philadelphia is now under control. chopper three is live over the speedway gas station 6300 block every oxford avenue. we are told a tractor-trailer and a car collided, and the trailer caught fire. there are reports of injuries, we are working to find out more on the conditions of the victims. stay with us on air and on line and of course on the cbs local app for continuing updates. before you leave here is three to go. >> japanese prime minister will become the first japanese government official to visit pearl harbor since the attack december of 19416789 president obama will join prime minister templet ss arizona memorial. >> the temple owls will face
6:58 am
wake forest, win today under interim coach ted foley will set a record with 11 wins. >> families go gather to celebrate hanukkah at rittenhouse square today, festive tis start at 4:30. >> and that's three to go. let's get a last check on weather and traffic. >> looking pretty serene out to one of our camera zooms here, specific to the live neighborhood network, out in margate. this then is the one and only person. while standing by the shore, what picturesque view, but now leaving, hey little chilly out there when you factor in the win, but very mild all things considered. our temperatures, reach about 62 degrees today, far a and way above what we're used to, the winds is noticeable, do have scattered showers the next few hours, pat, rest of the day looks pretty good. >> so far so good on the roadways this morning, couple of incidents, one here, route 30 past downingtown, car and tractor-trailer. in an accident. no reported injuries. though it might slow you down if you are on route 30. and a look at the wide, really only one or two trouble spots,
6:59 am
but everyone else moving pretty freely a lot of people are off. >> next up on cbs this morning, cnet experts way in on ear you are your security. >> remember to join us bright and early each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting 4:30, have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ good morning. it's tuesday, december 27th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president-elect trump fires back after president obama claims he could have won a third term. chaos at shopping malls across the country. large brawls have shoppers running for the exits and the grand canyon leaves a family stranded in treacherous conditions. the mother tells us how she survived a nearly 25-mile hike. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it always sounded trumpian.


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