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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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of life, kate? we have had a bonus of warm up to day as temperatures surgeon to the 60's, even a few new record but don't get too used to it i'll tell but temperatures making a drastic tropical tonight and when rain and even some snow, will return to the area, right now on "eyewitness news" at the 6:00. first at 6:00 tonight breaking news out of riverside , burlington county, chopper three live over a two alarm house fire on the 700 block of gazoo street. no injuries have been reported and this time but you can see right there several fire companies are on the scene. battling those flames. we will continue to follow this development here we will bring you more information as it beast comes available. good evening i'm jessica dean. aim joe holden in for ukee washington. search is on tonight for a 71 year-old mace land would go man and her five-year old great granddaughter. barbara briley and lemyrabrice
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ly disappeared new years eve while traveling to spend christmas with family they weres last seen asking for directions at an exxon station. barbara's family reached her by phone and she said she was stuck in traffic but that was the last anyone had heard from her. >> i'm going to go with she got lost, abe reception got bad, her car broke down and she just waiting for someone to see her and i don't even think about nothing else. i don't think about nothing negative. >> family says barbara is a retired new jersey transit driver, who is used to long hours, behind the wheel, and they say that she was in good health, and never failed to call people back. philadelphia police homicide detectives say that they won't rest until they catch the gun man who killed a grandmother on christmas eve. it is day four in the hunt for whoever murdered, south philadelphia grocery store owner marie back, she was shot 11 times at point black range according to detectives. today the captain of the philadelphia's homicide unit
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and his team of investigators canvassed the area of sixth and wharton where it all happen. police have strong words for the killer. >> i would characterize him as an animal. who would go and kill an 81 year-old defense less grandmother. it is unspeakable. we will get to the bottom have it very quickly. >> buck's family today declined to speak on camera with "eyewitness news", detectives have been speaking with them. well, teen clerk foils a robbery in a convenient store in atlantic city. tonight search is on for the suspect who ran from the scene "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in atlantic city where he talk to that brave teen, cleve. >> reporter: well, no arrest in this case, you said, atlantic city police are looking for this suspect who attempted a robbery at convenient store behind me but he soon lost control of the situation. >> he had a bag with the gun. >> reporter: at first 17 year-old man said he was
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scared 4:30 monday afternoon an armed man came to his family store, the ac convenient store on ventnor avenue and demanded money. >> he comes over here with the plastic bag and then is there a gun. he opened it up. he said i have a gun. give me all of the honey you have got the right now. >> reporter: ahmed said his fear subsided when it it didn't look like he knows what he is doing. >> usually they point the gun at you. >> i said what are you doing. i seen gun on the table. he said, you are trying to rob me like this. >> reporter: he acted like wow open up the register and then snatch the gun and the bag. he pointed at would be robber who pulled down his mask and pleaded for mercy. >> he said hey, i'm just playing around. ahmed recognized man and said he goes by the name eddie. he may be responsible for another arm robbery last week, and, he wouldn't recommend other people grab a gun from an armed robber but in this situation, he no, sir regrets. >> i had like one second to think should i give him money or take the gun.
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that is when i took the chance and i took the gun. >> reporter: ahmed says this man eddie is known throughout this neighborhood, he is hopeful that police will be able to pick him up soon. if you have any fur please call atlantic city police. live from atlantic city cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". world is mourning the loss of a hollywood legend, carrie fisher has died at the age of 60. the actress, famous for portraying princess leah in the star wars series had been hospitalized since friday after reportedly suffering a heart attack on a flight. fisher had many ties to our area, and fans are react to go her death tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live along south street with that part of the coverage, alex. >> reporter: well, jessica it has been said that carrie fisher was not made a star because of princess leah but that character took off because of carrie fisher and for that local fans say they feel like they have lost a family member.
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carrie fisher outed actresses like amy irving and jody foster to be cast by george lucas in the original 1977 star wars. >> she never was a damsell in distress, she was very strong, self-sufficient and has her own with everyone that she was on the screen with. >> reporter: diehard star wars a fans carrie fisher with her hair buns and bikini were more than just a first crush, she was family. in addition to the original fisher appeared in the empire strikes back and return of the jedi in the 1980's, taking role in the direction that empowered females for years to come. it is way that she has lived off screen as well being completely translucent about the struggles that come into being born in the famous family, with humor to strike. >> with her she was very opened and honest and we're just lucky to be able to have someone like that to look up to. >> reporter: fisher's latent taner father eddie fisher was born and raised here in south philadelphia but despite her
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famous family and that famous role, carrie fisher was one of her own. reporting from south streetal sand that hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks for that live report. now to a developing story in camden, new jersey where police are investigating a deadly train subsequent. chopper three over patco station at broadway and doctor martin luther king boulevard. we are told a man was hit and killed by a train about an hour ago, path the co's service has been suspended in to and out of the broadway station, for this time being, the transit agency says that new jersey transit will cross honor tics. in germantown police are responding to a crash that found a man dead from a gunshot wound. that crash happened at park line drive and walnut lane around 2:30, witness says he saw a ford expedition, drive across a median strike another car and then overturn. medics found a three three-year old man shot once in the right temple. he was pronounced dead at the scene, so far there are no suspects, in this homicide. delaware county authorities are trying to
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pinpoint exactly what sparked a house fire that killed a man in concord township. chopper three over the scene on the 800 block of naamans cream road. fire fighters arrived just before 8:00 this morning to find flames coming from the garage there. they later found a man dead inside the home. officials are now working to identify him. a worker in northern liberties was critically injured after authorities say he fell down an elevator shaft it happened here at this construction zone on second and west wildly street just before 1:00 o'clock. we will have more information as it comes in. reports that a passenger on a cruise originating from new york is believed to be dead after falling from the ship, off the new jersey coast according to reports, the 74 year-old woman went missing from the queen mary2 early friday. air crews searched waters for her but were unable to find her. the search was called off at dusk on from the, the ship was heading to the caribbean for 12 day excursion.
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parts of the upper midwest continue to clean up from a messy winter storm, that packed a powerful combination of snow, ice, and wind. take a look at video from bismarck north day coat, people there still digging out there heavy snow, many drivers became stuck on streets that weren't plowed. winter wet hears led to flight delays, cancellations at many airports, including minneapolis st. paul. some of that wintry weather could be heading our way later this week. >> say it isn't so, meteorologist kate bilo live on the sky deck with what we can expect, hi there kate. >> hi jessica and joe. you wouldn't believe it with temperatures still near 60 degrees, that we would be talking about any kind of winter weather in the forecast but we're tracking yet another system and weather clip their will bring more snow to those areas we just mentioned and will arrive here by thursday, could bring at least a little snow to parts of the area we will talk about the current temperatures conditions and how warm it is, 58 degrees
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still in philadelphia it is 56 in atlantic city. pair of five's for trenton and 38 degrees in mount pocono. wilmington, delaware 65 degrees, tied a record today but record was broken in allentown. brand new record. 61 degrees there. breaking previous record of 59 , setback in 1949. so coming up with your weather headlines we will talk about temperatures tumbling tonight, big change in the air for tomorrow and we have that system heading our way i'll tell you who could see snow, and excuse the frog in my throat there and new years outlook in just a minute. for now, back inside to you. all right kate, thanks very much. just ahead helping refugees making a living in their new world see how they are living a new life right here in philadelphia. plus a hitchhiking kitten this little guy survived a 600-k us through pennsylvania, and the driver had in idea, there was an extra passenger on board, don. for the first time in 86 years, temple takes on wake
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forest, first half was a shocker and second half is full of excitement, highlights from the bowl coming your way later in sports.
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it is in north jersey a cub scout group in see caucus is accused of kicking out a boy who was transgender. family of the eight year-old said he was born a girl but identifies as male. the family says other boys in the troop didn't have an issue with him but they say, parent complained. the boy scouts of america no longer ban gay scouts, however
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, spokeswoman says scouts consider gender identity a separate issue. well, in philadelphia, artists are collaborating with local refugees to help them make a living. >> as vittoria woodill shows us tonight these refugees already have skills, they just need a place for them to flourish. >> reporter: it is a small window into another world. south east by south east. >> every time you come in, there is something happening where people are learning. >> reporter: started by these two and backed by mural arts program this roomies a refugee ram arts base with a mission to support tam list of refuge, mainly by helping them make a living in their new world through textiles, colored by countries they left behind. >> they don't come here with nothing to offer. they come here with a full set of skills they can use to make money. >> solve lived in camps for 20 years. so when you really think about that my god you have had no freedom, no aspect of education, this space i think
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provides a way for people to come together to learn, to celebrate traditional craft. >> reporter: craft like weaving, just as this refugee from burma learned from her mom. her sisters are modeling her woven tunicks. >> we are creating art that most importantly can also be a new entrepreneur skill for them. >> reporter: fashion instructor nancy bearinger teaches new skills, japanese art of kthis is tying to create patterns in ice dyed scarves which will eventually get sold in the pop up shop in february with all of the proceeding back toward these women. >> as you can see, they love it, and it is just a collaborative creative experience. i'm learning from my new students as well as they are learning from me. >> reporter: it is a room of learning for refugees filled with windows of opportunity. vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hundreds gathered in center city to celebrate festival of life, "eyewitness news" in rittenhouse square
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where minutes ago one of the largest menorahs was lit in honor of the fourth night of hanukkah, celebrations throughout the day included music, games, and some delicious food, hanukkah is celebrated over eight days, one candle on the had in other a is lit each night in the service of the who will take. christmas is season of giving and janice the month of returns. ups expects to deliver a record breaking 1.3 million packages, back to retailers, that is object january 5th of alone. this delivery service calls it national returns day. they think this would be the busiest one yet topping last years 1 million returns. ups believes it will have likely return almost 6 million packages by the end of the first week of january. i got a few of those. >> yes. >> all right. >> kate's back in here with us , taking a look at your forecast and today, i kind of got to feel like syringe, early syringe day. >> yes. >> walk out of my house in my winter coat and i said i don't
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need this put the top down. >> yes, beautiful. >> wouldn't that be nice. >> we will be snapped back into realitiy will snap you right back to winter. it is coming back tonight but that being said it will still be nice outside tomorrow. it is thursday we have to watch out for wet weather and maybe even some snow but take a look, lot of folks outside this evening, enjoying ice skating at coupe are river park winter fest in fully affect. they have different rent colored lights there, they had a delayed opening, they opened up at 3:00 but things are in full swing. if you haven't been over there i suggest you get out there and tonight the a great night to do it. sitting around kid are off thinking what can we do this evening. head out to winter fest that is opened through the night and looks like a great time. they have music and everything and you do not need heavy coat , for those kids outside in just sweat shirts this evening which is nice for this time of the year. take a quick look at camera at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach, seeing a lot of people going for a walk on the boardwalk tonight which is something we do not sees on this camera this time of the
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year. a lot of people enjoying balmy winter temperatures before it is all, coming to a close heading in the next couple of days. lets look at storm scan three. right now it is clear, trent that is bringing the cold air moved through this morning. cold air coming in behind it but i call these days a bit of the bonus take because cold air didn't really follow the trent directly it is on a delay. that cold is coming in tonight this is our next system. doesn't look like much originate nothing alberta we call them alberta clippers, you may have heard of those were. we had as satch want screamers this will be diving in here as we dive into thursday, tapping in enough cold air to possibly bring snow to parts of the area up and down temperatures in the meantime 50 yesterday. sixty's outside to take. notice our average 42 degrees and right back near that number tomorrow, thursday same story with rain and snow halving through and then friday highs are only in the the 30's, so i hope you had a chance to enjoy today ace warmth, it is all about to
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change. tomorrow 42 degrees at 4:00. not too bad. thursday morning here's 8:00ah first part of the commute notice where rain/snow line is in philadelphia and points southward we are seeing rain. of course, portions of bucks, montgomery counties for first part of the morning rush could could be snowily but it won't stick to ground with temperatures in the upper zero 's but it could produce reduced visibility. very quickly the warm air moves in. by 9:00 we are seeing 40's. it changes over to rain. lehigh valley still snow. still snow at 10:00 a.m. finally rain starts to get in here and still snowing in the poconos and this all moves out by midday and possibly even some sun, break go through. as far as snow amounts are concerned look for an inch or two in the lehigh valley. possibly two or three in the poconos but then philadelphia and nearby suburbs will be a little bit of the mix, could start as snow but should be washed away quickly, writ will or no accumulation expected as of right now for us. overnight mainly clear, temperatures dropping, down to 35 degrees, tomorrow, lots of sun, but it is noticeably cooler, at 43 degrees.
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the lets look at the mummers parade on new years day it will be not too bad out there, we have got some sunshine, temperatures heading back to the upper 40's and noon about 46 degrees, can't rule out a stray syringe will but it looks like if they get in, they will get in later sunday evening. so for the most part in the a pad forecast, friday the cold days which flurries and snow showers, we have got that rain early thursday but the new years weekend back into the 40 's, pretty seasonal, looks good bundle up if you are outdoors ringing in the new year but looks good for fire works on saturday. >> i have always said this time of the year we could be shoveling out. >> that is true. >> don bell, he is up in ex- with sports. >> we are talking about hoops. joel embiid will be the best big man in the nba but only after this one particular thing happens. plus temple staging a tour just second half come back but will it be enough to beat wake forest in the military bowl, sports
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back to back trips to bowl games chance to win 11 for the first time in school history. a lot to be fired up about for temple football. owls taking on wake forest in the military bowl in annapolis , maryland n score in the first. philip walker, standing, delivering, to adonis jennings , nice catch. he is having a big game. 48-yard touch town. seven to nothing temple but then wake forest goes on a ridiculous run, 31 unanswered point, azamat math companies burn right there for 3-yard score. they trailed 31-some at intermission they were favored by 12. back come cherry and white. walk tore jennings, again, i told you he had big game. he scoops to the outside, gone 58-yard touch town. right now, in the fourth, temple trailing 31-20, full highlights nut at 11:00. along with the post game report from leslie van arsdal. plenty of rest, rehacks says over holiday weekend for flyers. they have not laid since thursday. so, today, they were back on
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the ice for practice, flyers start a three game road trip tomorrow in st. louis. they better pick it up. they lost three out of four. >> you know, especially the way we ended off, it wasn't indicative of our team and how we have been playing last two months. so we want to get a great extort tomorrow night in st. louis and carry on from then. we have two more games, san help say, anaheim and looking to get a tease event stretch. >> on to hoops game recognize game, sacramento big manatee marcus cousins say joel embiid will be the best big man in the game but only after he himself, retires. sixers continue their west coast trip, now joel embiid taking on two time all-star cousins. sixers had one point lead with 25 seconds left but there goes dehashing us, drilling a three the kings up by two. fifty-second remaining, embiid trying to get off a shot. he thinks he was fouled by cousins, but there was no call
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embiid, 25 points, eight points, tea mark with us 30. sixers lose 102-100. they visit utah thursday that it. >> well... >> he will be the best once de marcus retires, that of course, from dehashing us. >> yes. >> very good. >> perfect. >> great. >> thanks, ton ton. up next kittens incredible journal that i took him through pennsylvania, imagine a driver's vice when he popped the hood of his car. >> that is coming up
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little kitten went right through pennsylvania. >> he didn't have the most comfortable ride though. this little kitten there lucky to be alive after traveling 600 miles in the engine of a pickup truck. >> wow. >> this driver found him after stopping for gas near roanoke, virginia and realized it was same cat he had seen earlier near his home in new york. the kitten did have to be treated for dehydration as he had a few scratches but now has a forever home. so all is well that ends well. >> owner was purring. >> yes. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs one at the 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" tonight. remembering carrie fisher a look back at her life and death and how fans are reacting across the globe.
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scott pelley is off here's margaret brennan in new captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: panic at the malls. fights and stampedes all over the country. what caused the violence. >> i seen a girl get trump belled over. like, it was scary. >> brennan: also tonight, 75 years later, the leaders of the u.s. and japan make history at pearl harbor. as gun violence skyrockets in one city, what has another done to bring it down? a survivor's story. stranded, she walked 26 miles through the snow. >> i was afraid to fall asleep. in my mind, if you fall asleep, you freeze to death. >> and. >> ben kenobi, where is he? >> brennan: we'll remember carrie fisher, a


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