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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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well, melissa rodriguez has been missing for nearly four years, this morning search for the delaware county mother returns to her home in collindale, clues that led authorities to begin digging in her home's basement. new this morning bullets fly inside of a southwest philadelphia bar, what investigators say the victim was doing with his attacker before the gun fire. and for the the second night the in a row a wild scene inside a philadelphia mall, we will tell you why police were anticipating, the chaos. well, today is wednesday december 28th, good morning i'm's jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. let's get started with weather and traffic with katie and pat >> roads are looking, so far, so good, nice and dry out there. >> yeah, it looks like a very
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nice day. the it is a lot colder though, then yesterday. the classic trade off, right. it is either wet and warm or cold and dry. it is cold, dry but we can bank on full sunshine today. looking at storm scan, a couple left over cloud, no harm, no foul, looking good, generally speaking. we are expect to go brighten up nicely throughout the day but a dose of reality and that is just because we have that cold front that crossed through yesterday. your temperatures are, generally speaking, about 20 degrees colder, give or take, in any given location then they were this same time yesterday, 15 to 20 degrees. we are setback in the 40's, 30 's which isn't all that bad. normal will high in philadelphia does normally top off in the lower 40's as it is to be hitting that at 4:31 in the morning not terrible. we will look forward for rest of our wednesday, mid 40's where we top off. we will not see a heck of a lot of movement because that cold air is catching up to us but worth to mention briefly a winter weather advisory take
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effect tomorrow morning a the the 5:00 in the morning. coming up some winter wet the tore talk about. we will talk about another cold trent that will bring us some snow in some spots. >> do i feel like i have been spoiled a little bit by this weather. 40 degrees. it is a little bit chilly out here. it the is not all that bad. good morning, back in for meisha, this is a look the vine street expressway. the it is closed once again for overnight the repairs, last night, night before they had not closed it because of the holiday weekend but they are back at it, it will will reopen up at 5:00 a a.m. columbus boulevard we have good news, just not the yet, they are still working on this water main repair that will reopen according to penndot the bye-bye friday. if you can hold on just get back in the left lane. here betsy ross bridge overnight until 5:00 a.m., two , 15 minute closures they are not telling us when that will be and it will happen overnight, again, tonight. so something to keep an eye on if you take betsy ross, jim? >> thanks very much, path the
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path. we have breaking news from the fishtown section of philadelphia an apartment building was on fire in the 1200 block, of shackamaxon street and it has turned deadly. this is live look, authorities found a 60 year-old man unconscious, inside of an apartment here, the victim apparently suffered cardiac arrest, two fire fighters, also suffered minor injuries. new this morning one man is in critical condition after a shooting in the southwest philadelphia bar. this happened, investigators say about 11:30 at lounge 62 at 62nd and wood land. they say two men were shooting pool when an argument broke out and one man shot the other suspect got away in the car heading westbound on wood land police say other patrons may know the gun man. >> it is a neighborhood bar. it seems like everybody in here knows each other. there is no doubt in our mind this individual knew each other, laying pool against one another and most people in the bar probably know the individual who fired the shot but we need to get them off the street this time.
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>> police are examining security video from nearby businessness their search for that shooter. police are investigating a murder in philadelphia's nicetown tioga ex-is. police responded to the 2300 block of west atlantic street just after 10:00 p.m. last night. a 37 year-old man was found shot multiple times on the front porch of his own home. man was rushed to temple hospital where he died an hour later. they have no motive or description of the suspect. he has been missing for years but collindale police are not giving up their search for delaware county mother who has been last seen in april of 203. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live on the miss would go man's home at lafayette avenue where four cadaver dogs hit on a spot the just last night in the basement. good morning, jan. >> reporter: jim and rahel, good morning. a team of investigators was out here late last night searching basement of this home with cadaver dogs, of course, searching for any remains of that missing woman. her name melissa rodriguez this was her home but she has been seen since april 2013.
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lets look at the video. last night crews were inside executing a search warrant, the collindale police chief tells us that cadaver dogs were looking for those remains of this miss would go man. he said since police dug two, three by 3-foot holes in the basement but found no remains. but dogs were indicating pretty strongly that something may be there so he said crews might be back out here later today. you may remember last time anyone had contact with melissa rodriguez was on april o her husband, jose, melissa said she was going to newark, new jersey to visit friend. they later said she never showed up. during the investigation police found her car here at her home on the the 400 block of lafayette avenue, they also searched a work truck belong to go her husband, and scoured the ground of her home here with search dogs, ultimately, they found nothing, back out here live on the scene, we will keep you up to date odd latest developments here, again, police chief telling us that crews may be back out here later today to again
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search that basement with cadaver dogs but for now we are reporting live from collindale delaware county, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel and jim, back to you. >> thank you, jan. search continues for barbara briley and le myra briley. the grandmother and granddaughter went missing while traveling to north carolina they last seen near virginia. barbara was in good health and never failed to call people back. well, teen flash mob sweeps through a philadelphia mall but this time police were ready. authorities say almost 200 teens arrived at philadelphia mills mall last night, they were met by a security detail that was set up earlier in the the day. only about 30 teens were able to get inside the mall causing a disturbance in the food court. one teen even tried to punch an officer. police suspect much of the planning occurred on social media. >> juveniles were able to get on social media, specifically
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snap chat, and they were able to all meet up at this location at the philadelphia mills mall but police were ready for them. they were pro active. >> stores inside of the mall lowered their protective gates for a time while shoppers were still inside. officials are investigating a two alarm fire in the apartment building in overbrook, fire crew where is called to liberty towers on the corner of 63rd street and lebanon avenue, yesterday evening, for a fire on the 11th floor. it took several fire companies almost an hour to control flames, several of the 93 apartments suffered fire and water damage. still no word what may have cause that had fire. as crews battled that fire in philadelphia, fire fighters in burlington county, new jersey were fighting this house fire in riverside. officials say that the fire started in the garage, and quickly spread throughout the home, the red cross is now providing temporary lodging, food, and clothing the to the family. lehigh valley man who reportedly fathered a son with his then new york city teacher is now charged with murdering both of them.
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nypd says 23 year-old isaac du ran infante of bethlehem confessed to strangling felicia, and their four year-old son miguel in their upper manhattan apartment. during his confession, infante said he had a new girlfriend and felicia was interfering with that relationship. infante reportedly told investigators he was tired of paying child support. now latest in the murder of the south philadelphia grocery store owner, 81 year-old marie buck will be laid to rest friday morning. buck as you will recall was shot one times at point blank range on christmas evening. christmas eve, excuse me. her viewing will be held tomorrow night from 7:00 to 9:00 at baldy's funeral home on south broad street. a funeral mass is scheduled for friday at 11:00 o'clock. investigators continue to hunt for her killer. a package forced police to clear out lobby of the new york's trump tower. it shows people running from the building after someone
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found that suspicious package. bomb squad soon determined it contained building toys. president east electric trump is out of the tower as he is spending the holiday inn florida. secretary of state john kerry delivers his vision of how to end violence between israel and palestinians. speech comes just days after the u.s. did not use its security council veto to block a u.n. resolution demanding israel stop building more settlement on occupied land. and now tributes continue to pour in for carrie fish her died yesterday in los angeles. >> she's best known for princess lee a from star wars, she suffered a heart attack, friday on a united airlines flight from london. star wars co-star harrison ford said carrie was one of a kind, brilliant, and original. so far there is no word on funeral arrangements. officials are investigating a horrific case of child abuse near harrisburg authorities say one of the victims was a week away from dying we will have an update
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on the case, that is up next. also we are hearing from a teenager whose quick action stopped a would be robber in atlantic city. plus this... we will tell you who this man credits with saving his life from the house fire, we will be right back.
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back on "eyewitness news" three children have been found nearly starved to death outside harrisburg. authorities say they were locked in the room for three months. court paperwork says victims were extremely disheveled with dirt, animal hair, urine, feces and their clothing and encrusted into their skin. the authorities say five-year old child only weighed 23 pounds. one of the girls was moments from dying. >> they were locked in a room with no heat source, they were given no food, we believe for the last few months, and their weight was basically just skin
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and a crossbone the parents, brandy and joshua wayan are behind bars facing numerous charges including aggravated a all the. police are looking for a suspect after teenage clerk turns the tables on would be robber in his family's convenient store in atlantic city. seventeen year-old clerk who worked at ac convenient store on ventnor avenue when man walk in and demanded money. a head said he acted like he would open up register but snatch robber's bag and gun instead. he pointed it at the one robber, who pulled down his mask, and pleaded for mercy. ahead says he wouldn't recommend it but he said he had no regrets. >> i have like a one second to think should i give him money or just take the gun, that is my chance and i took the gun. >> he said he recognized the man and said he goes by the name of eddie, police say he may be responsible for another armed robbery last week on the very same street. >> incredible story, glad he
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is okay. more winter weather is in store for northwest today and tomorrow. powerful wind is expected to cause drifting snow and traveling conditions. cascade and olympic mountains could see 2 feet or more and winter storm could develop in new england as soon as tomorrow. >> time is 4:44. >> katie has another check of the forecast. when you think new england, it the is something they expect. >> it is helping to deliver some snow to the northwest is what will be impacting us and i do think we will get in on at least some modest snow accumulations here for parts of the area here. looking ahead to tomorrow. so it doesn't look all that impressive on radar. you have to look closely but you can see these pockets of snow developing across dakotas , minnesota, this system will be crossing through, really gaining some steam as it moves into new england where we could have pretty impressive totals come tomorrow but here we are close enough as rahel says to get in on some of the activity as well. future weather does a good job
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of this. i want to show that to you. we will jump you to about this same time tomorrow. we will be in the clear through better part of the overnight but get an hour or two, included will be building in and that is when precipitation comes in. this is a cold front with the area of le pressure developing on the tail end. we have more moisture and there will be a rain snow line that sets up either just north of philadelphia or right over it. so further north you go, best chance to see snow but even if we do start with some snowflakes in philadelphia, for example it will quickly, notice turn over to rain. so, you will not be looking at accumulation in the city. but up toward carbon, monroe county as we showed you this, winter weather advisory for possibility of a couple inches of snow. as this rotate as way there will be strictly just rain in the early afternoon before it is done, by, friday we will start to see maybe a few flurries picking up with the northwest wind flow but looking at best snow chances for thursday morning, you got to go far north and west. very likely will be a mix, if
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anything, through even chester , montgomery, bucks counties and farther south east of that just don't bank on any snowflakes at all. down the shore it is just rain that is story from most of you on philadelphia on south. chillies back to set stage for this, pat. we are back to a dose of reality despite the sun, 44 degrees. >> little bit of snow, in the area, i can deal with that. we had 60's yesterday, why not a lit built of snow. this is vine, if i like to take a brisk walk or jog it is wide opened, they have reopened up at 5:00 a.m. with overnight construction. it is back after two nights off. lets go to the new jersey, construction 295 north bound ramp to route 45 closed until 5:00 a.m. another 15 minutes or so there right up the road route 130 at route 47 right lane blocked until 6:00 a.m. for construction there. and also, in delaware, more construction 95 northbound between delaware avenue and route 202, you've got two left lanes blocked there. that is happening until 6:00
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a.m. they will clear that out. mass transit checklist, just to keep you up to date, modified schedule with septa buses and trolleys and that goes on through friday, and then we have been telling but this now for last week or so, it is almost done, fingers crossed, they think they will do it on friday, water main break columbus boulevard southbound, you are just getting by on the the left lane, jim, back to you. up next, we will tell you which business had its best holiday shopping season, ever. plus what to do with the gift card that you don't want. >> well, days away from ringing in the new year we will tell you meaning behind this years waterford crystal ball before it drops in times square. we
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ever wonder how they put together new years eve ball that comes overtimes square. >> i have. >> well, have a look. >> workers finish installing these crystal triangles on the ball yesterday. now waterford unveiled its new
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gift of kindness crystal design this year. the it features a circle of roseets that symbolizes, community and togetherness. >> now jim, i actually went to see that one year in college and you told me that is crazy that is amateur hour. no one born and raised in insuring like myself has ever gone to that thing. want to be pend up and can't go to the bathroom for 12 hours. >> i wanted to say i did, jim. >> i'm glad you had that opportunity. >> time is 4:50. i wonder if jill has done it, time for a check of business news. >> lets check with jill wagner live, from the new york stock exchange. have you seen the ball drop. >> reporter: never, and never want to. >> okay. >> reporter: from the comfort of my home. >> okay, good. >> i'm on a island here. it was a very cold year. amazon said it had a record year for holiday shopping, what can you tell us about
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that. >> reporter: amazon said it had its best ever holiday season, it shipped more than a billion items across the globe so december 19th was peak shipping day, echo products was amazon's virtual assistant alexa, home alone and elf were the most requested have movies , and frank sinatra's jingle bells and mariah carry 's all i want for christmas is you, those are the top songs. i never get sick of that. >> i second that, i also saw home alone on christmas with my family. >> a lot of people got gift card that they don't necessarily want so we hear there is some help for those folks. >> reporter: if you got a gift card this holiday season and you will never use it, you can try swapping it. there are actually gift card marketplaces like card pool, card cash, and raise, and they guarantee the ballot card and help prevent scams insert say they prefer those to sites like ebay, jim and rahel.
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>> what kind of gift card could you not the use like home depot living in the apartment. >> some people get goofy gift card. >> okay. >> if you get a dunkin' donuts and you do not drink coffee, not that i don't know anybody like that. >> not on this shift. >> no. you can send them to me actually. we will check with you in the next hour. coming up after the break we will get another check of weather and traffic. plus hear from a man says his dog, saved him from a fire,
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we're expecting to see a quiet break between systems today a much better dose of december reality is out there, right now, a lot colder then morning when you walk out make sure you bundle up adequately for chill set nothing here. storm scan is quiet locally off to the north we have a hint of lake enhanced snow. we will not get in on that
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here. tomorrow different story. we have a cold front crossing through leading to a wintry mix over to rain eventually in philadelphia, but carbon, monroe counties especially could end up with a few inches out of this. looking forward, reenforcement coming in, we are backup to just 39 come friday afternoon. real chill set nothing here, pat. >> seems normal. >> absolutely. >> it is december, we should get used to it. vine street reopened as it normally does right around this time at 5:00 a.m. free flowing traffic right now through the city of philadelphia. we have told but this, jan carabao is on the scene of the fire in fishtown. this is intersection of the frankford and girard in fishtown. they have that blocked off. if you are in this area frankford avenue will be blocked off. over in new jersey, some construction to tell you about , route 130 at route 47, right lane is block there until about 6:00 a.m., jim and rahel, back over to you. an atlanta musician says he owes his life to his dog. >> i believe that, ed's poodle
4:56 am
is being told he is a hero this morning. a fire swept through the home last week, story many of his musical instruments and other belongings but he escaped with his life because his poodle, gracy leaped on his bed to wake him up. >> she started licking my face and started barking. i said oh, my god i am about to die if i don't do something fast. >> he has first and second degree burns, gracy was treated for smoke inhalation. >> cute pup. >> um-hmm. police department in pennsylvania has a important warning about a new scam. the phone trick conn artists are playing on victims and what they threaten toe do if they do not hand over their money. a worker is trapped after a truck slams in the subway restaurant, what may have happened right before that caused the wreck, we will be back at the top of the hour, stay with us
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breaking overnight a fatal fire, after one person is killed in fishtown. and search for a missing mother, new developments in the disappearance of the woman last seen in 2013. plus looking for a killer, the place where an investigation is underway this morning after a man is found shot several times, in front of his home. today is wednesday december 28th, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and pat gallen, filling in for meisha, is in for weather and traffic. good morning, everyone. >> so far, so good vine street reopened. no major delays on the major roadways. >> fantastic news. here we are. >> quiet weather, when does that happen when we are both giving guy news for a change.
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>> i got say yesterday was a delight. >> great afternoon. >> so nice. >> so pleasant. >> i hope you didn't get used to it. >> here it comes. >> negative. >> yes, very clear outside, you will see, some sunshine but it is a lot colder. the it is a december dose of reality. this is what we should be finding. >> i know, exactly. >> i'm ready for a foot of snow. >> okay, i cannot please all of you but what i can give you is a happy medium here to walk you through. storm scan is quiet. we have clear skies, say for a few high cloud out there, it generally is just tranquil outside, wind is also tapering off. that is a bonus. look at the temperature difference in the last 24 hours. we have dropped from ten to 15 to even 25 to 26 degrees, there this same time yesterday f that translates, from the thermometer low 30's or 40's in spots and one particular spot where that is definitely taking lays as clicker is giving me trouble. there you go outside palmyra cove nature park. nice crystal clear view over


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