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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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december 28th i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and pat are keeping an eye on things, good morning. >> good morning, happy hump day i'm in the as pretty as meisha but i come with good news that there is not a lot of traffic. >> and she always has construction to talk about. >> for one of the first times in a while i feel like traffic and wet are are very quiet, and, we have got quiet weather here today, just a little brief break between systems, guy but it is colder. yesterday we had 60's, that will not happen to take, what we will find is a dose of reality for standard ovulate december. to storms to report. we have got temperatures that are a heck of a lot colder by comparison 29 in mount pocono, we have dropped as well from last check 37, current temperature and at 34 in atlantic city. one other big difference is wind has really tapered off but we are leveling off now as well, with regard to the cold air catching up to us.
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despite full sunshine and lower sun angle this time of the year we are still going to rebound a couple of additional degrees from where we stan. forty-four is best we can hope for while a smidge above average it is still, much colder: hey, we have a winter weather advisory that will go in effect tomorrow morning. to take it is completely fair weather, nothing but sunshine, quiet tonight but 5:00 a.m. tomorrow we will have something to track on the radar and that comes in the form of the coal front passage with this cold air in lays, we have to worry about snow. much more about how much we will sianni where later on. >> when you say cold air it is no the that bad 39 degrees at 6:00 a.m. >> all perception from yesterday it feels colder. >> right, exactly. good morning everyone. this is a look at vine street expressway, looking beautiful so far this morning. ben franklin behind me. ninety-five up that way. in delays at all right now. 6:01 it is a clear streak right through city of philadelphia. also on the schuylkill
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expressway looking good heading toward philadelphia as well here at montgomery drive in both directions going westbound as well. not bad at all. we have been seeing this last couple of days with the holiday and people are off, good news on the schuylkill as well as vine and 41 freeway toward 295 same holds true. you can see volleys building a bit. mass transit checklist we have got some things chestnut hill 1803 has a 23 minute delay, trenton 9703 train, 19 men delay and septa buses and trolleys are running on a maryland filed schedule through try. one shore thing 130 over in new jersey some construction there between 44 and 322, that is this will further notice, jim. >> thanks, very much path the path. investigators are trying to advertise cover what caused a deadly apartment fire in fishtown. philadelphia fire fighters rushed to shackamaxon street near frankford avenue around 3:00 this morning. they have found a 60 year-old man in the living room in the top floor as he died a short time later. two fire fighters also suffered minor injuries.
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new this morning one man is in critical condition after an argument over a pool game at a southwest philadelphia bar. victim was shot 11:30 at lounge 62 at 62nd and wood land. two men were shooting pool when an argument broke out and one man fired a single shot hitting another in the side. gunman may be a regular at that bar this bar is a neighborhood bar, seems like everybody here knows each other, there is in taught that the two individual know each other, playing pool against one another and most people on the block know the individual who fired the shot but we need to if the him off of the treats this time. >> police say surveillance cameras may contain a image of the gunman. if anyone has any information, please contact the police. police are investigating a murder in philadelphia's nicetown tioga section after a man was found shot multiple times on his own front porch. just after 10:00 police respond to the scene of the shooting on the 2300 block of west atlantic street. authorities say the 37 year-old man was rush to temple university hospital where he tied an her later, police say at the this point
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they have in motive or description of the suspect. well, she's been missing since 2013, but colin tail police are not giving up their search for delaware county mother who mysteriously disappear. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live from the woman's home than lafayette avenue where crews return to the search property last night , jan, good morning. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning, that is right a team of 100 people and four cadaver dogs were at the delaware county home late last night searching basement for any trace of missing mother melissa rodriguez, you hey remember this was her home here in collindale but she has this is been seen since 201. take a look at the video, last night crews were inside executing a search warrant, colin tail police chief tells us cadaver dogs were looking for remains, he said police doug two, three by 3-foot holes in the basement but found nothing but he said those four dogs were indicating strongly that something was there. he said crews might be back out here later today.
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>> we keep digging holes, keep looking, dogs still digging. i'm not saying she wasn't there one time. she's this is there one time. the underneath clay, dirt, it is exacted solid which is indicative of not being moved for years. i want to be able to call mrs. e have found her daughter. at this point we have speculation, we have scent, we have dirt that smells to the dog that it was tainted, and we have no body. >> reporter: last time anyone had contact with melissa rodriguez was back on april 19th 2013, according to her husband, help say, melissa said she would go to newark, new jersey to visit friend. they said they expect her but she never showed up. during the investigation police found hell list a's car on the 400 block of lafayette avenue and they search a work truck belong to go her husband and scoured ground with search dogs, ultimately though, they have found throwing. this has been very trust straighting for the police chief, he said he hopes to
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solve this case before his retirement, again, we will bring you any updates live from the scene, police chief telling us they may return to search this basement again today, with those dogs. we're reporting live, collindale delaware county, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", rahel and jim, back to you. in other news search continues for barbara briley and le myra briley. seventy-one year-old mays landing woman and her five-year old great granddaughter went missing christmas eve while traveling to north carolina they were last seen near richmond, virginia. family members say barbara was in good health and never failed to call people back. for the second night in the rowan unrulely flash mob streaks through a philadelphia mall, accept this time police were ready. quite the scene there. police say almost 200 teens arrived at philadelphia mills mall last night this he were met the by a security detail set up early in the day. only 30 teens were able to get in causing a disturbance in the food court, one teen even
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tried to punch an officer police suspect this planning may have occurred on social media. >> juveniles were able to get on social media, specifically, snap chat, and they were able to all meet up at this location at the philadelphia mills hall. but police were ready for them and were pro active. >> stores did lower their protective gates for some time while shoppers were inside. well, lehigh valley man reportedly fathered a son with his then new york city teacher is now charged with murdering both of them. new york police department says 23 year-old isaac duran infant of bethlehem confessed to strangling a 36 year-old woman and killing their four year-old son miguel. this is in their upper manhattan apartment. investigators say during his confession infante said he had a you this girlfriend and felicia was interfering with that relationship. infante also reportedly told investigators he was tired of paying child support.
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a suspicious package forc ed police to clear out lobby of new york's trump tower. the video shows people running from the building after someone found package, bomb squad soon determined that the bag contain children's toys. president-elect trump was not in the tower. he is spending the holidays with his family at his estate in florida. secretary of state john kerry will deliver his vision of how to end violence between israel and palestinians. speech comes just days after u.s. did not use a security council veto to block u.n. resolution dehanding israel stop building more settlements on occupied land. well, coming up strong wind caused drifting snow. >> where winter weather is causing dangerous travel conditions, coming up next. also help for millions of people who suffer from a common movement condition, we will tell you about new way to treat a problem, known as essential tremors. ahead next remembering carrie fisher how fans in hollywood
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are paying tribute the two late star wars actress,er with back in a moment. >> ♪ long december, sad one for celebrity as we round out the year. coming up we will look at the big news headaching international headlines. >> ahead in the next half an hour. stay with us.
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it looks like more winter weather is in store for northwest. powerful wind are expected to cause drifting snow and dangerous traveling conditions today and tomorrow.
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the cascade and olympic mountains could see 2 feet or more, 2 feet, that is a lot, right. >> that is a lot. >> new england a winter storm could develop tomorrow. it is not just them apparently closest we will get to snow this week may be in the poconos, wraps katie. >> in terms of snow you would be able to shovel away. you might see a few snow flakes here in the city, you will have to be out for very dark and early to see that before it turns over to rain but talking another storm system in question, this is part of it, streaking out into portions of canada, and dakotas and minnesota. bulk of the storm will bypass us to the thort but cold trent that trails it the is what is going to end upbringing us our best chance for snow. not to mention rain. we will look ahead to tomorrow 4:00 a.m. as we go on the air at "eyewitness news" this morning and we will likely be still in the clear. through one of these really early risers, hit the road early, you will be okay initially but doesn't take long, by five or six or 7:00
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this is morning that rain /snow line sets itself up. it will be very close but chester, montgomery, bucks county is where that rain/snow line will set up. if it sets up south of that here, we could see snowflakes as it the gets underway. otherwise just rain producer, but you will continue to see that snow lasting as late as ten and 11:00 in the morning in the poconos. that is where we have best chance. it is all out of here later this is day but i would have umbrella tomorrow if you plan to be out during the course of the morning and even afternoon so tomorrow morning two to 4 inches is general expectation, winter weather advisory for poconos as of 5:00, tomorrow morning. one to 2 inches best in berks, lehigh, portions of northampton county and a hicks that won't accumulate. for everybody off to the south or just lane old rain. looking at extended tore cast here, that are tomorrow, we are looking like wetest day of the pack but new years weekend upon us, that is important too , maybe there is a shower around new years overnight but by sun take also possibility
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of the shower and a nice little warming trend to go with that, pat. >> looking for some snow ahead in the poconos. >> ski trip. >> little skiing this week. let's to it. this is i-95 south at girard avenue, traffic, moving smoothly, in an area at 64:00 this is morning doesn't usually do that but with the holiday week this is what it looks like. on i-95 further south, we will go to delaware county. delaware county i-95 at the 452 barely anyone on the roadways this morning. we have things to do and do them early, get out right now, vine street expressway looking nice, heading through city of philadelphia, traffic normally would be rough but in the so much so. columbus boulevard, telling you about it again, water main break should be cleared out of there by try. more nuisance then anything, two right lanes are block at queen street going southbound on columbus, so lets hope that they can get this out of the way because it has been there quite a while. the mass transit checklist, chestnut hill 1803 has 23
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minute delay, trenton 9703, 19 minute delay with septa buses and trolleys are on a maryland filed schedule. we will be on the quick break and we will be right back
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we will tell you how people say hello to the future later on "eyewitness news".
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now for a lot newspaper headlines across our region. >> on the delaware county daily times an unidentified hand was killed yesterday during a rapidly moving house fire, in concord. neighbors say that within minutes the thick black expect turned into an inferno in the 800 block of naamans creek road. a house, garage, an apartment on the property, were fully engulfed in flames before fire fighters arrived on the scene. on the trent page of the reading eagle pennsylvania's pulling back on the keystone opportunity zone program, new that the ram tries to spur revitalization of the abandoned or blighted properties by exempting their owners from local and state taxes but wolf administration says the state cannot afford new tax breaks. news journal 1.8 million-dollar for community police nothing wilmington will await incoming mayor's approval. it fund salaries of 15 community police officers, for the next three years, the city would have to contribute 25 percent of the cost in the first year, and then increase that amount by 25 percent
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annually. that is a look at some newspaper headlines there around the delaware valley. well, still ahead new hope for millions of people, who suffer from a common movement disorder. >> it is called essential tremor and we will tell you about the new treatment that is giving patients a steady hand, when "eyewitness news" but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me.
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welcome back everyone, weekend, ever closer and of course it is a holiday weekend for our area featuring the possibility that we have seen a stray shower here and there. i don't anticipate wash outs but for fire works and into new years day itself we will see a shower. otherwise temperatures will go on a hield uphill climb, guys. >> katie, thank you. in the healthwatch several million people in the u.s. suffer there a movement disorder known as essential tremors. >> it is not life threatening but constant shaking can effect quality of life. cbs news correspondent marley hall reports on a new treatment to give patients a steady hand. >> so we will show you... >> reporter: al sand that says it takes a unsteady hand to appreciate a steady one. >> this is new improved, imperfect hand. >> reporter: fifty-two year-old wall street business woman suffers from essential tremor a neurological disorder that causes involuntary shaking. she says it has affect every
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aspect of her life, including her work, taking a glass of wine or sparkling water from a tray at a party. being able to take a picture with my iphone. just so many basic, things. >> reporter: al sand that was one of the first patient toss receive a new f.d.a. approved treatment for essential tremor there michael, from cornell medical college says a non- invasive ultrasound device , targets the part of the brain causing the shaking. >> it allows to us send ultrasound waves to specific spots in the brain and actually change the way the brain functions. >> reporter: patients have reported a nearly 50 percent improvement in their tremors. the procedure can only be done on one side of the brain, soal sand that chose the right side of her brain because she's left-handed. >> this is, now, after the procedure, so just unbelievable. >> good boy. >> reporter: she hopes who had earn head find a way to eliminate her tremors but then
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having one steady hand has change her life. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fascinating. >> um-hmm. well, coming up next on "eyewitness news" a two alarm fire forced people out of their high rise apartment building, trang. dozens of people still displaced after this building tire we will have tea tails in a live report. boy scouts of america could have another controversy on its hand, controversy, kick out because he was born a girl , and, we will have a check of traffic with pat. not a lot to talk about but it is slowing town here on the schuylkill expressway heading in to philadelphia, we will tell you about the area and some things to look forward to on septa as well, when "eyewitness news" returns
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and, looking live outside, the cold returns and katie is tracking wet weather ahead. >> aim jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> collindale police are not giving up their search for delaware county mother. >> team of investigators was out here late last night searching basement of this home. >> we keep digging holes, keep looking, dogs still digging. almost 200 teens arrived at philadelphia mills mall last night, police were ready for them. they were pro active. suspicious package forced police to clear out lobby of the new york's trump tower, bomb squad determine that the bag contain children's toys.
6:29 am
i have one second to think should i give them money or take their guns. >> teenage clerk turns tables on the would be robber and his family's convenient store in atlantic city. >> i took the chance. >> tributes continue to pour in for carrie fish her tied yesterday. >> she was never a tamsell this distress. >> we are lucky to be able to have someone like that to look up to. carrie fisher leaves behind a lifetime of work in the entertainment industry. >> that work will still, leave a shine on many peoples tastes for a long time. the lets get out to katie with the forecast. it seems like this hield weather is a thing of the distant past. >> it is a memory. it will in the return anytime soon, guys. we are expecting a dose of reality, nothing terribly a typical, our temperature is ever so slightly willing to go remain above average but chill has absolutely settled back in from the far cry that we were
6:30 am
seeing yesterday in the 50's, now we're stuck back in the 30 's in spots. storm scan that is nice and quiet. we have nothing but handfull of high clouds out there but back in the 30's which again is where we should be for this time of the day on this particular day of the year. twenty-nine in mount pocono. coldest spot of the pack. but we are seeing nothing but sunshine for the entire region thirty-five is best we can come up with the mountains. we will see a few cloud there. philadelphia and shore is pretty much sunshine, carbon copy forecast in both locations, pair of four's this both instances. as we look forward here, to tomorrow, you will start to see activity, showing up on the radar, windry mix turning over to rain is expectation with even some light snow accumulation expect to the thort, but that does, of course, lead to some commute travel, trouble rather, and specifically to the morning rush. we will be dealing with that. we will discuss much more in terms of the tea tails on where rain/snow line sets up, timing, when toss it the get out and what does new years
6:31 am
weekend have up it sleeve. but for now, we're catching a break. >> we will keep you posted, thanks, katie. here's the schuylkill expressway heading in the city of philadelphia. it is at 6:30 you have to love this sight. i see brake lights but not as bad as it normally is at six will 31 in the morning. again schuylkill eastbound slowing down just a little bit minor delays here but overall not that bad, if you are heading toward philadelphia. also, schuylkill, here, the boulevard, towards the schuylkill, not that bad either at 6:31 in the morning. the this is normally one of your trouble spot and it is looking good, and as we head to the happens, this is, fire department activity, this flourtown. bethlehem pike at college avenue there is a medical helicopter heading to the scene we will get more fur on that and tell you in just a couple of minutes what is going on out in flourtown. mass transit checklist trenton 9701 working on a 16 minute delay. to keep you notified of the buses and trolleys, they are
6:32 am
working on a modified schedule , through friday, we have disney on ice at wells fargo center, that is friday or saturday. in south philadelphia, and you see traffic in that area it is disney, jim, over to you. thanks, path the path. new investigators looking for clues as to what caused a fatal fire in philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood. >> fire fighters rushed to the 1200 block of shackamaxon street around 3:00 this morning where they found a 60 year-old man. he died a short time later at hahnemann hospital. two fire fighters also suffered minor injuries. officials are investigating a cause of the fire that damaged several apartments in the high rise building in overbrook. >> fire broke out at liberty tour on tuesday at 5:30 p.m. "eyewitness news" reporter, trang do is live with an update, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. this is a very large apartment building, 200 people living here, they all had to be evacuated. they are all back in the apartment except for those living on the tenth and 11th floors where the fire all started. scary moment for 200 people
6:33 am
live in the liberty tower apartments in overbrook. a fire broke out inside an 11 floor apartment at 5:30 tuesday night triggering fire alarms and sending resident scrambling to get out. >> fire people came up, and they started incoming on peoples door and we had to get out. water coming in my apartment. it was a mess. >> reporter: fire rose to a second alarm shortly before fire crew as arrived, leaving connie thurmon no time to look for her beloved cat sweety. >> i saw fear on his face, and he ran, and i could not find him i'm having anxiety because i feel like i left my child inside. >> reporter: in all fire fighters evacuated 196 people from 93 apartments. fortunately in one was hurt. >> it was a real valiant effort by members of our fire department to address this fire in a quick, direct manner >> reporter: overnight licenses and inspections allowed most residents back
6:34 am
inside, where thurmond hopes to find her cat alive and well >> if i lost everything that i owned which all my stuff is getting messed up from the water, i didn't want to leave my cat and i have allowed most important thing in my life for me is my cat. >> reporter: we do hope she found her cat here, at least five apartments are damage but that number could go up when inspectors look at this building in the day light. in word when those displaced can return. we are live from overbrook i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and rahel back to you. well, red cross is assisting a family advertise place blood think fire in burlington county, new jersey. crews responded to this home in riverside at 5:30 yesterday evening. they say it started in the garage and quickly spread throughout the home, red cross will now provide free tell rare i lodging, food, clothing to the families. now to the latest in the murder of a south philadelphia grocery store owner. eighty-one year-old marie buck will be laid to rest friday
6:35 am
morning. buck was shot 11 times at point blank range on christmas eve, her viewing will be held tomorrow night from 7:00 to 9:00 at baldy funeral home on south broad street and a funeral mass is scheduled for friday at 11:00. investigators continue to hunt for her killer. police return to the colin tail home of the missing mother who has not been seen since 203 in hopes of the cracking the case. collindale police executed a search warrant last night, for the delaware county home of melissa rodriguez. crews enter the property, with cadaver dogs looking for remains. police say four different dogs hit on a spot in the basement. after digging two holes they have found nothing. >> the doggies still indicating quite aggressively on the second hole, this is back wall of the basement, and that tearing the house down and tearing the house apart we just keep digging holes, keep looking, dogs still digging. i'm in the saying she wasn't there at one time. she's not there now.
6:36 am
>> police hey be back to search the basement again. stay with us on "eyewitness news" as we follow this developing story. now to a horrific case of child abuse just outside harrisburg, authorities say three young children were lock in the room for three months, and nearly starved to death. authorities say a five-year old child only weighed 23- pound and one of the girls was a week away from dying. court paperwork says victims were extremely disheveled with dirt, animal hair, dirt, urine , fees necessary their clothing and encrusted into their skin. >> they were lock in the room with no heat source, they were given no food. we believe for the last, few months. their weight, was basically just skin and a crossbone the parent randy liot and joshua are facing numerous charges including aggravated a all the cub scout troop in north jersey is accused of kicking out the a boy who was transgender. family of the eight year-old
6:37 am
joe maldonado says he was born a girl but joe identifies as male. family says other boys in the the scout troop didn't have an issue with it but according to joe's family other parents complained. >> they teased he because i'm a girl, born a girl. >> i'm fighting for all transgender to come in. >> boy scouts of america no longer bans gay scouts, however, spokeswoman says scouts considered gender identity a separate issue. still ahead, don't let conn artists steel your hard earned money most popular scams of 016 and common link between them, so you don't become next victim. queen latifah's carries stolen and which actor earned the most this year, plus this. stars and fans are paying tribute to star wars actress carrie fisher i'm roxanea say berry with tha story coming up. also what people are saying good bye to the past before they ring in the new
6:38 am
year. >> ♪ well, around here we are counting down days of 2016, ape also, when we will rock around the clock to usher in 2017. we will see you in a couple minutes.
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she was never a damsell in distress. she was very strong, self-sufficient and held her own with everyone she was on the screen with. >> star wars fans, chris ryan, owner of this comic store in philadelphia, paid tribute to carrie fisher. stars are also expressing their sadness over the actress 's death. >> fisher died yesterday at a los angeles hospital at age 60 she suffered a heart attack aboard a flight from london
6:42 am
last friday. roxanea sayberry has more on how fisher is being remember. >> somebody needs to save our skin. >> reporter: memorial of candles, flowers, messages is growing in san francisco in front of the lucas film where fans are mourning death of carrie fisher. >> when i wanted to grow up i wanted to be princess leah. >> reporter: she enjoyed a career lasting more than four decade but she will be always princess leah to millions of star wars fans. >> every man my age 43 and above had a childhood crush on carrie fisher, princess leah. >> reporter: hollywood boulevard fans gathered to remember the star. >> to clean everything up, it just seemed like everything was in the great direction for her, spiritually. >> reporter: well wishers arrived at fisher's gated residents in beverly hills tuesday. outside a tour van drove past home that housed the legend. >> the way she project herself , and being a role model for everyone else.
6:43 am
>> she was just showed us woman that we can do better, and everything possible. >> reporter: on facebook her mother debbie reynold wrote thank you for everyone who embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved daughter. harrison ford says carrie was one of a kind, brilliant, original. hashing hamill tweeted in word , #, devastated. star wars creator george lucas says in star wars she was a great, powerful princess, feisty, wise, full of hope. >> god bless, rest in peace, carrie. >> reporter: sachs ana say berry cbs-3 "eyewitness news". comedian gary shandling died from a blood clot from his heart, coroner's office released cause of death on tuesday. more than seven months, excuse me, after after the 66 year-old passed away. scarlet johansen is top grossing actor of 2016, fans magazine says her hoff is earned $1.2 billion thanks in large part to the super hero
6:44 am
movie captain america, civil war. her other, 2016 hoff i was, hollywood satire, hail caesar. >> in the entertainment world good news for queen lah teave, police found her car after being stolen from a gas station in atlanta. >> they stole from the the queen. police say queen's mercedes was taken, a week ago, bmw, pulled up next to latifah's car when someone jumped out of the bmw, got in the mercedes and then drove away. police found the car in a complex in southwest atlanta, and no arrests have been made. all right. turning to weather, katie, apparently cold weather is returning, say it ain't so. >> it is season, right? >> yes. >> we expect temperatures in the 40's at best and that is what we will fine but it is a break in the action for us, and yesterday we had gray cloud and it wasn't a lot the but it was wet weather we had not discussed as that cold front crossed through but we have high pressure briefly in place and it is allowing for a chill in the air, certainly.
6:45 am
we have 38 degrees at this hour from jerry aubrey in blue bell where it is just a couple clouds in place right now, 55 percent humidity for him. out to the south we will zero in on parts of the delaware in and around wilmington area where lisa is reporting a couple spots out in wilmington five. it is cool. damp she said here but we are trying out and some clouds at the moment but we are expecting to get to see more sun then anything as day progresses. we will go one more out into new jersey where maryann is reporting a clear sky. she has i sweet haircut. nice updated profile picture. and also very light wind for her as well. we will notice these things. we are on top of that stuff. eyewitness weather watchers we love those reports. we will look at how those numbers stack up against what we saw this same time yesterday, pretty significant changes here, philadelphia is 19 degrees colder right now, then we were this same time yesterday. wilmington same idea here. atlantic city really stand out
6:46 am
like a sore thumb, proverbial sore thumb 26 degrees different on the thermometer from 24 hours ago. the it is a noticeable change but it is quiet, nice and clear. that is in the how it will stay, however as we have another cold trent coming tomorrow right around this same time. i said between five and 7:00ah we will see system moving in. it starts off as a light hicks but don't expect accumulation for chester, montgomery, bucks , one to 2 inches for lehigh valley, poconos. you might get 4 inches. mainly rain for everybody else including philadelphia. would i suggest umbrella, frankly guys, more rain producer then anything for you then we are stuck in the 30's on friday, pat. >> let's go on the ski trip in the poconos. >> i'm in. >> anyone. >> it is just me i guess. this is ben franklin bridge, a beautiful sight because it is normally packed tight four lanes across with cars heading in the city of philadelphia, minimal delays on ben franklin bridge but not so much here as
6:47 am
we get toward 95, at girard, southbound heading toward the city, there are delays here and normal trouble spot it is almost ten of 7:00 in the morning so come to expect that here in this area. some things on septa as well, route 15 trolley a disabled trolley causing 15 minute delays and septa buses and trolleys are on a modified schedule through friday. accident at chester pike at macdade boulevard take springfield road to get around that accident. jim, over to you. santa claus isn't only one keeping track of who is thought i and nice. better business bureau has released its list of the top scams of 2016. the scam is vary in name but they are very similar in the way that they work. >> interest. >> reporter: countless americans have received a call similar to this one including mary. >> he says to me this is irs. >> reporter: conn artist posing as an irs agent said if she didn't pay her taxes she
6:48 am
would be thrown this jail. she ended up forking over nearly $100,000. >> he said, don't tell anybody , don't call anybody, because your house is bug. >> reporter: better business bureau says tax cons were top reported scam of 2016. in other popular scams, criminals posed as debt collectors or say you have won a sweepstakes. unlike purchase scams or when victims buy items from a fake web site. scams involving job opportunities, made the top five list too. >> this can happen to anyone. >> reporter: better business bureau's emma fletcher says various phone scams have something in common, the conn artists want money right away. >> they love to create urgency , to get you sort of a heightened emotion will state where you need to get them that money immediately. >> reporter: that is what linda williams told us earlier this year, conn artist called her claiming she won $50,000 but first had to wire them several up trent fees.
6:49 am
>> i guess i hoped that this was real. >> reporter: and scam artist want untraceable form of payment. >> they are asking to you transfer money through wire transfer services or asking to you pay with, again, money card, green dot, those are big red flags. >> reporter: experts say if someone is demanding money or offer sound too good to be true it is likely a scam. there is some good news on that irs scam, better business bureau say reports went down dramatically after third shut down an alleged criminal call center in india. well, time is 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> they join us live from new york with a preview. always good to see you. >> you as well, rahel, good morning to you. we will continue what we have all been doing since we have learn news yesterday looking back at carrie fish are's singular career in hollywood and beyond. how she used her star power and her humor to destigmatized mental health issues.
6:50 am
what a legacy she to leave. why police think amazon echo could help solve, a murder. we will switch gears, for one father's rather creative effort to get the kids to tropical their technology and get parents to loosen up. that is best of luck. news back in the morning. we will see new about ten minutes or so. >> loosen up a little. >> thanks, josh, we will be watching. staying in new york it is tenth anniversary of the unique new years tradition. >> it is good riddings day. new yorkers shed bad memories from the past year. they do it the by writing unsavory memories, smashing unwanted possessions and throwing away sheets of paper. that was inspired by latin american tradition in which tolls represented bad memories , are set on fire. >> sound very healthy to me. here's another new years tradition in new york, workers put finishing touches on the the times square new years eve ball yesterday.
6:51 am
it is made up of two and a half thousand waterford crystal triangles. they unveiled gift of kindness this year, features roseets that symbolizes unity and together this is. this week we are looking back at some big stories of 016. >> local turmoil, terror attacks and that are disasters dominated international headlines. riley carlton has a look back at this years biggest world events. >> reporter: isis went terror across europe in 2016, bombers launched coordinated attacks on brussels airport and busy metro station in march killing more than 30 people. terror group also claimed responsibility for a deadly bastille day rampage in nice, france. truck plowed through crowd watching a fire works display, 86 people died including a father and son from texas. in december, another truck was used to maine town shoppers this a berlin christmas market twelve people were killed, the driver, a tunisia national
6:52 am
escaped setting off a manhunt but was killed days later in milan italy. isis militant, targeted turkey too unleashing a gun and bomb attack on istanbul's airport in june killing dozens of people. weeks later the turkish military crush a coup attempt after night of chaos and confusion in the the streets. in bangladesh isis attackers killed more than 20 people, including three u.s. college students, during a standoff at a cafe in the capitol city of docka. the deadliest isis attack of the year was launched in iraq, truck packed with explosives, blew up outside a busy shopping sent they are baghdad killing nearly 300 people. iraqi and kurdish forces took fight trekly to ice is in their strong hold of hose you will, pushing into the city for first time in two years. russian and syrian bombard. on the aleppo escalated tensions between the with the united states.
6:53 am
images like these captured perfectors people are tasting. troops in afghanistan kept up battle against taliban with force and training from 8400 u.s. soldiers. >> we will call this independent day. >> reporter: political shock waves rippled through europe when uk voted to leave european union. economic uncertainty and immigration fears bolstered support for the leave campaign >> thousands from the middle east and africa continued the dangerous and sometimes, deadly journey to reach europe 's shores. germany allowed 300,000 more migrants through its borders fueling anti immigrant anger. another commercial plane dropped off radar, egypt's flight 804 fell out of the sky between paris and cairo crashing in the head train yan and in august, strongest earthquake in decade hit central italy killing nearly 300 people. the 6.2 quake leveled several
6:54 am
anxious villages, riley carlton for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". year in review. >> what a year it was. >> we will be right back with three things you need to know before you go. >> it is three to
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i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer.
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before you hit the road it is three to go. >> philadelphia fire investigators are trying to
6:58 am
pinpoint what caused a fatal apartment fire in fishtown. sixty year-old man died, two fire fighters suffered minor injuries. investigators may return to the collindale home of the miss would go man last night cadaver dogs were looking for remains of melissa rodriguez who disappeared in april 2013 but they found nothing. so far no word on funeral plans for carrie fisher actress and author died yesterday, she was just 60. that is three to go. carrie fisher and many other celebrities passing in 2016, someone has create aid go fund me page to protect, betty white. a fan from south carolina has set a goal of $2,000. so far he has raised more than 1600 to fly to where ever betty whiteys and to keep her safe until new years day. now assuming white, who is 94, doesn't want the protection money will go to the south carolina, little theater. if anything happens to betty white, i'm going to take a leave off my building. >> that is a little bit. >> she find it funny because
6:59 am
she made some cracks. >> yes. >> last check of weather. >> it is certainly very quiet check at on set here. beautiful video here outside middletown ship high school. look at that sunrise. just stunning. chilly though. 34 degrees. and we are watching for a system tomorrow. here's your general time line for philadelphia, we will seal a mix between five and 7:00 on the eras it is happening and it changes to rain but we will see accumulating snow up in the poconos. >> as we get you outside really only one slow spot, 95 southbound at girard avenue, a few delays there, there is an accident in colin tail delaware county chester pike at hack dade boulevard, get around it using springfield avenue. >> thanks, patrick. next up on cbs this morning kevin frazier takes a look back at carrie fisher's life. join us bright and early each weekday morning on cbs-3 at 4:30. have a great the day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, december 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." carrie fisher is remembered for her iconic movie role, such as princess leia, but she was a real life force for mental health awareness. we will look back at her remarkable life. >> blinding snow creates dangerous travel conditions across the middle of the country. the season's first norr easter threatens millions with blast. >> new privacy questions about a technology that is always listening. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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