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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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pelley. we will see you at p?
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the two-state solution. we could not in good conscience turn a blind eye to palestinian action that fanned hatred and violence. >> reporter: israel captured the west bank in a brief war with arab countries in 1967. for decades it's been u.s. policy that the west bank would eventually become part of a palestinian state, right next to israel. the so-called two-state solution. >> despite our best efforts over the years, the two-state solution is now in serious jeopardy. >> reporter: that, kerry said, it because the israeli government, under the leach of prime minister benjamin netanyahu, has allowed settlement building to continue. the white house says the number of settlers in the west bank has grown by 100,000 since the beginning of the obama administration. kerry made clear he gave the
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speech now because he fears that both netanyahu and the incoming trump administration could reject the two-state solution. prime minister netanyahu had a blistering response. >> israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders. >> reporter: it is not israeli settlements that are block the road to peace, he said. it's the palestinians. >> how you can make peace with someone who rejects your very existence. it's a shame that secretary kerry does not see this simple truth. >> reporter: in a statement, a top palestinian official responded, "the minute the israeli government agrees to cease all settlement activities, the palestinian leadership stands ready to resume permanent status negotiations, leading to palestine and israel living in peace and security side by side." president-elect trump today tweeted that israel used to have a great friend in the u.s. but not anymore. stay strong, israel. january 20 is fast approaching.
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a senior white house official tells cbs news that president obama personally reviewed kerry's speech, but so far, mr. obama has had no public comment. elaine. >> quijano: chip reid with the president in hawaii. chip, thank you. the obama administration is finalizing plans to punish russia for interfering with the recent election. julianna goldman reports an announcement could come as soon as tomorrow. >> reporter: a senior administration official tells cbs news they will likely name individuals associated with moscow's efforts to hack democratic organizations in the run-up to the presidential election. officials have said sanctions would likely target leaders in russia's largest intelligence agency, which they believe was behind the cyber attacks aimed at help president-elect donald trump and operating with president vladimir putin's blessing. >> at a point in time where we've taken certain actions that we can divulge publicly, we will do so. >> reporter: the announcement would come after months of white house deliberations about how best to respond without
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devolving into a full-scale cyber war. >> how we approach an appropriate response that increases costs for them for behavior like this in the future but does not create problems for us is something that's worth taking the time to think through and figure out. >> reporter: the white house is also seeking measures the incoming administration can't reverse as mr. trump refuses to acknowledge russia's role in the cyberattacks. >> it is now time for russia to understand enough is enough. >> reporter: but whether the punishments originate from the administration or congress, republican senator lindsay graham said nearly the entire senate agrees on additional sanctions to hold the kremlin accountable. >> you can expect that the congress will investigate the russian involvement in our elections, and i predict there will be bipartisan sanctions coming that will hit russia hard, particularly putin, as an individual.
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>> reporter: today, russia said new sanctions would be a provocation directed by the white house and warned it would retaliate. elaine, a foreign ministry spokeswoman said they are tired of the lie it that russia is responsible for the cyberattacks, which is being, in their words, poured down in the united states from the very top. >> quijano: julianna goldman in our washington newsroom. julianna, thank you. late today, president-elect donald trump told reporters at his palm beach estate the phone company sprint has agreed to bring 5,000 jobs back to the united states from overseas. and a new company, one web, will hire 3,000. he gave no details, but sprint confirmed its commitment, saying the jobs will be in place by the end of next year. mr. trump also said he had a nice conversation with president obama after the two traded barbs over the past few days. tonight, police in fort worth, texas, are defending the actions of two officers who shot a man last summer. his lawyers say the man posed no
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threat to them. video of the shooting has just been released. omar villafranca has details. >> reporter: the dash cam video from july of this year shows a fort worth police officer and a sheriff deputy responding to a robbery call. the two off-duty, uniformed officers approached david callie in an apartment parking lot. one pulls out a flashlight, the other his gun. there's no audio on the footage, but police say they told call tow stop and show his hands. a few seconds later, the officer fired twice, leaving callie crumpled on the ground. nate washington is callie's attorney. >> i see an attempted murder. i see an aggravated assault way deadly weapon. >> reporter: investigators say the officer shot callie after he spotted a silver object in his hand and thought it was a gun. it turned out to be a box cutter. callie spent weeks in the hospital and since he was charged with assault, he was cuffed to a bed. the 33-year-old can't move his legs. >> he couldn't move anything
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other than his arms. but they have him chained to the bed. >> reporter: this is the second video that has angered some members of the community. last week, a video was released showing a woman arrested by a fort worth police officer after she called police to report her son had been choked by a neighbor. washington says he release reles tape to show these are not isolated incidents. >> i'm not saying that these officers were racist, that racial bias caused the officer to believe that perhaps he should be afraid of mr. callie. >> reporter: callie was never accused in the robbery, and the assault charge was later dropped. as for the officer who shot callie, he was put on paid administrative leave in july, but, elaine, fort worth police tell us he is now back on duty. >> quijano: omar villafranca. omar, thank you. the man convicted in a church massacre in charleston, south carolina, told a judge he doesn't plan to call witnesses or present evidence for when the
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facility phase of his federal trial begins next week. dylann roof is acting as his own lawyer. he was convicted of hate crimes and faces the death penalty for killing nine black prigzers in in june of last year. can amazon's alexia voice assistant help solve a murder? police in bentonville, arkansas, think so. they served a groundbreaking subpoena on amazon to gain access to the device's adios miles. erin moriarty of "48 hours" is here to explain. see, erin, what does a virtual assistant like the amazon echo two? >> reporter: well, this is one. i brought it from home. and it is a device that is activated with a single word, a hot word or a wake word. and in this case it's "alexia." it records my command but it also records everything else, all the ambient sound in my room. so in this case, in the arkansas case, the prosecutors are looking at this as a possible virtual witness, hoping that at some time in the night, when-- some time when this man died,
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that it might have picked up some sound that can either prove it's a murder or at least give some kind of evidence. >evidence. >> quijano: so amazon said in a statement they will not release customer information without a valid and binding legal demand. why do you think amazon hasn't cooperated yet? >> reporter: what's interesting about this, it doesn't have a hard drive, so police can't access the information on their own. they have to go to amazon. you know, if amazon just handed over that information, who's going to buy it? this was a big seller this year. and so, in this case, amazon, they're not saying they're not going to turn over any information, but right now, they're saying it's just too overbroad. >> quijano: so this wasn't the only device in the suspect's home. this was a-- quote, unquote-- a smart home. as technology becomes more integrated with our lives, what is happening to our right to privacy? >> reporter: well, and in this case, the defend may have more problem, not so much with the echo, but with his smart water meter. the prosecution is saying that he used an abnormal amount of water, early-morning hour, to clean up. he's saying the clock on his
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smart water meter was off, and he actually filled a hot tub the night before. so that's a real problem. >> quijano: the technology could in fact be wrong. >> reporter: it could be wrong, and it could be used against you in court because you've brought this in your home. you've probably lost your expectation of privacy when you bring something like this in the house. >> quijano: erin moriarty, thank you so much. the winter storm that buried the upper midwest has put bis mark, north dakota otrack to beat its seasonal snowfall record of just over 51 inches. 43.5 inches have already fallen, with most of the winter ahead. northern new england is about to get its first big snowfall, starting late tomorrow. more than a foot is expected in parts of maine and new hampshire. the late carrie fisher did not have a star on hollywood's walk of fame, so fans took over a blank one and pasted on letters spelling her name and the phrase, "may the force be with you always." fisher, who died yesterday, is
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being remembered as much for helping those with mental illness as her screen work. here's mireya villarreal. >> i am actually in the abnormal psychology textbook. >> reporter: in carrie fisher's one-woman broadway show "wishful drinking," the actress used her bipolar disorder as a punchline. >> so i'm not crazy. that (bleep) is. ( laughter ) >> reporter: in 2009, fisher spoke to charlie rose about her illness. >> if you declare something that has lespower over you, far less. sape your weak things in a strong voice. >> reporter: it's that exact sentiment that turned morning into meaning for people suffering from mental illness around the world. in honor of carrie is a hashtag julie dicaro created revealing her own battle with depression. >> when you see all these people saying it maybe it changes the ideal for people of what mental illness is. >> reporter: since fisher's
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death, thousands have followed her example and opened up about their own struggles. jen ramos met the actress in a college class and wrote, "my mental illness does not define me. it does not have me." psychologist lorry leighbelhumeur. >> this is part of her legacy that, you know, because she was so staunch about destigma tiegz mental illness. >> reporter: carrie fisher was a jedi princess on screen, but conquering her mental illness off screen may be her greatest legacy. >> if it is not funny, it's horrible. >> yeah. >> so it is funny. >> reporter: the national alliance on mental illness once honored carrie fisher calling her an advocate. elaine, in true fisher style, she joked that she got more awards for being bipolar than anything else. >> quijano: mireya villarreal. mireya, thank you. next on the cbs evening news, a mysterious illness is on the rise in states where pot is legal.
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give your loved ones ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can tell them where they came from -by revealing their ethnic mix. it's a gift as original as they are. order now at >> quijano: new laws going into effect mean that in the new year, marijuana will be legal for recreational use in eight states, plus the district of columbia. in states where pot is legal, doctors are seeing an increase in a violent illness. dr. jon lapook takes a look. >> i thought i was dying. >> reporter: for more than two years, lance crowder was having severe abdominal pain and vomiting. no local doctor could figure out why. finally, an emergency israeli physician in indianapolis had an idea. >> in the first question he asked is if i was taking hot showers to find relief.
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when he asked me that question, i basically fell into tears. because i knew he had an answer. >> reporter: the answer. cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. or c.h.s. it's caused by heavy long-term use of various forms of marijuana. for unclear reasons, the nausea and voiment regular relieved by hot showers or baths. >> they'll often present to the emergency department three, four, five different times before we can sort this out. >> reporter: dr. kennon heard is an emergency room physician in auror acolorado. he coauthored a study showing since 2009, when medical marijuana became widely available, emergency room visits for c.h.s. in two colorado hospitals nearly doubled. in 2012, the state legalized recreational marijuana. >> it's certainly something that before legalization, we almost never saw. now, we're seeing it quite frequently. >> reporter: outside of colorado, when a patient does end up in an emergency room like this one, the diagnosis is often
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missed, partly because doctors don't know about c.h.s., and partly because patients don't want to admit to using a substance that's illegal. c.h.s. can lead to dehydration and kidney failure, but usually resolves within days of stopping drug use. that's what happened with with crowder, who's been off all forms of marijuana for seven months. >> now, all kinds of ambition has come back. i desire so much more in life, and at 37 years old, it's a little late to do it, but better now than never. >> reporter: c.h.s. has only been recognized for about the past decade. and nobody knows exactly how many people suffer from it. but as more states move toward legalization of marijuana, emergency room physicians like dr. heard are eager to make sure both doctors and patients have c.h.s. on their radar. >> quijano: dr. jon lapook. jon, thank you. overnight, a series of earthquakes rocked california and nevada. the strongest of the quakes southeast of lake tahoe measured
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>> quijano: russian searchers today retrieved the second flight recorder from a military jet that crashed into the black sea on christmas day. the soviet-era jet went down about a mile off the resort city of sochi. all 92 people on board were killed. russian media are reporting that faulty wing flaps are being investigated as a possible cause. tesla's electric cars are innovative and smart. dash cam video from the netherlands shows a tesla autopilot sensing trouble on the road ahead, hitting the brakes seconds before a high-speed crash. watch again.
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the car beeps to alert the driver and takes control. remarkably, no one suffered serious injuries in the crash. a crafty six-year-old girl in arkansas used her sleeping mom's thumb to unlock her iphone to go on a shopping spree. she then ordered $250 worth of pokemon toys. the mom, bethany howell, thought she'd been hacked after being notified about the 13 orders, but then realized the culprit was close to home. only four orders could be returned, so the rest became christmas gifts. a 10-year-old boy forced to spend christmas in an atlanta hospital had only one wish for the holidays. taylor deckard is suffering from a serious heart condition. his wish came true from carolina panthers quarterback cad new paid a visit yesterday. as they hugged, newton told him, "i feel your heart. it's going 1,000 miles an hour." up next, some holiday joy from a real ham.
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trip to the airport can ruin your holiday spirit, but john blackstone found one where the travelers are as happy as a pig in mud. >> reporter: since pigs are not expected to fly, lilou the pig get plenty of attention when she shows up at san francisco international airport. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's not every day you see a pig in the airport. there's one right there. >> reporter: for stressed and
6:57 pm
weary holiday travelers, lilou provides a much-needed comfort and joy. >> she's a pig. >> reporter: a pig with her own instagram page filled with photos of her hamming it up. she also spreads joy by visiting hospitals and nursing homes, but for mass therapy, there's nothing like an airport. lilou's owner tatyana danilova. >> people who are upset, you can totally tell how stressed they were and they were like, there's a pig! "and some of them would even squeal. >> reporter: they would squeal when they saw a pig. >> yes, some would squeal when they saw a pig. >> reporter: lilou is the newest member of what the airport calls the "wag brigade." the others are specially trained dogs like poquito, who come to the airport regularly to help those who are atbraild of flying, afraid of flying or anxious over missed connections or long delays. >> it actually reduces depression and anxiety. >> reporter: jennifer henley of the san francisco mspca, works with the airport to train the wag brigade as four-legged
6:58 pm
therapists. and animals can do that better than people can do it. >> yes, animals have that nonjudgmental, unconditional love that they're giving you. >> reporter: it's often love at first sight when lilou is around. >> hey, lilou! >> reporter: perhaps the only ones not happy to see her are those other members of the wag brigade who can only watch as lilou hogs the spotlight. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> quijano: as e.b. white wrote in "charlotte's web," that's some pig." that's the cbs evening news per. scott pelley, i'm elaine quijano. thanks for watching. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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breaking news, debbie reynolds rushed to the hospital one day after her daughter carrieefisher's death. the 84-year-old's medical emergency. >> our favorite interviews of 2016. >> ciao, mariah. >> ciao, bella. >> i love bread, people! i love bread. >> our exclusive with shannen doherty and the 90210 star and her heartbreaking battle with yoet kwooet." >> i don't know if i'll ever look like me again. >> i watched the show. >> why ellen is coming between cameron and her mom. >> you've created a monster. and my personal favorite interview, how about my wild weekend in hawaii with kevin hart and hula girls. >> aloha. >> tell them don't pop that thing! ♪


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