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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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neighborhood comes together to remember a be loved grocery store owner gunned downed in her own business it's sad and upsetting. >> and good evening, everyone, i'm jessica dean, ukee washington has the night off. marie has left the community in mourning and those who knew her began to say their goodbyes. eyewitness news reporter alexandria hoff is outside headquarters where we learned more about the suspect accuse of killing buck. alex. >> i was told tonight that buck loved the holidays and would dress up in elaborate outfits each other and this year christmas did not come for her. >> i bet the whole neighborhood was here. >> line to pay tribute to buck stretched two problems a gathering composed of feelings of love and over welt ming los
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loss. >> really it's sad and really very, very upsetting you know to know that a woman that tried to always help people you know that a tragic thing had to happen to her. >> christmas eve, buck, be loved owner of marie's groceries was minding her store when the gunman entered. >> he was never even fully inside the store and he fired multiple times striking her 11 times. >> that mana cording to investigators is 1-year-old mature use green a known criminal littered with drug offense and green was out for buck's grandson who stole a piece of jewelry from green worth between 5 and 10,000. >> we think he went there with the intention of shooting the grandson he opened the door and saw the grandmother and at that point made the choose he would kill the grandmother. >> store buck ran nearly four decades now reads closed as outpouring of grief is on the
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front steps. >> she'll nev be forgotten. >> it was a place neighborhood kids grew up working and would have lunch packed by marie if their moms can could not afford to send them to school with. >> i'm here from texas. >> like many others he long time customer and friend donna barrela flew in to attend services. >> my sister called me and i was on a plane on the 26th. >> that speaks volumes about a life well lived. police say green has not been cooperating and a murder weapon has not been found and they say they have more than enough evidence against them. roring live, alexandria hoff. >> at last check a south jersey woman and great granddaughter are still in virginia one day after a long, dangerous ordeal came to end there. 71-year-old barbara riley of may's landing and 5-year-old great granddaughter are recove recovering they were found wednesday in a heavily wooded
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area of dim witnessy county virginia why they got lost and how they ended up there remains a mystery. the man that found them in the woods spoke out and did not want his face shown. >> the great-grandmother was obviously in trouble of some sort. was moving her hands and not speaking. >> riley and her great granddaughter were missing since christmas eve. they were on their way to north carolina to visit family. >> winds of change are headed our way and bringing us a cold blast for ends of week. meteorologist kate bilo is monitoring changes and forecast, kate. >> we started the day with cloud cover and rain and mountain snow and that moved out of here. snow showers making their way to central pennsylvania and can't rule out a couple of these in our region tomorrow during the day coming up a closer look at that. one thing to alert to you is temperatures are starting to drop down very close to the freezing mark. 5 reading now and 34 lancaster
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and 28 mount pocono and 38 in philadelphia. the winds picked and i that's helping to dry out the region and any leftover puddle from ear earlier and any standing water on the roadways, anything wet have today's rain could refreeze, tonight. it would be isolated spots and temperatures drop to 0s overnight and any standing water refreezes and do watch for icy spots on roads especially bridges and overpasses and on front walkway any area that tends to have puddleing could see ice tomorrow morning. coming up a closer look at the new year's forecast and whether or not we could pick up a snow shower. >> the united states strikes back to russia for hacking and interfering with presidential campaign. obama administration has asked for sweeping consequences. >> live in the sat center with what a local russia expert thinks about this david. >> some in the intelligence
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community are inging this cold war with russia. president obama is putting russian officials on notice to leave within 72 hours. >> thank you all so much. >> it was in philadelphia where hillary clinton accepted her party's presidential nomination and where she gave a last-minute push to voters on the eave of election. she lost and white house officials believe russia had something to do with it. >> he the president wanted russia to know we would not accept them interfering in elections. >> he focused on russia and speaks fluent russian. >> we can ask the question on the timing. because ft. russians were spoi spoiling our political process for months maybe we should have known about this earlier. >> two russian compound will close as the u.s. sanctions four of russia's top military intelligence officers and
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president obama is also expe expelling 35 russians accused of posing as diplomats. >> it's a big number and i suppose what's most consequential is that the russians are likely to respond in kind. >> he says to expect putin to put similar sanctions on united states and up aunt he. >> the obama administration pulled a pip on green aid and toss todd trump administration. >> mr. trump said it's time for our country to move on to biggeren and better things and said he will meet with members of the intelligence committee next week to be updated on the facts of the situation. >> and members of both political party came out supporting the president sanctions and republican house speaker paul ryan called the sanctions overdue and republican senators john mccain and lindsay graham intend to pursue stronger sanctions notice coming months. reporting live in the sat
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center i'm david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> david, thank you. despite opposite side of the conflict russia and turkey brokered cease-fire now in effect in syria and russia and president putin were backing seenian govrming and turkey is up porting the rebels. there's been six years of figh fighting that left a quart he of a million americans dead and triggered fighting across usua usual. peace talks will take place next month. german authorities believe automatic braking system may have saved lives in the terror attack in before lynch the truck used during december 19 attack stopped after 90 yards because of the system. the truck system impact and automatically applied brakes. automatic brakes are required under union regulations. >> security for new york famous new york eave celebration will be extra tight
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this year. sanitation trucks loaded with tons of extra sand will line the perimeter of times square. 65 trucks will be position todd stop vehicles from driving into the crowd and police will use 10 0 patrol cars as blocker vehicles and they want to prevent truck events like those in berlin and nice and more than one million are expected to number times square on new year's eve. >> and in philadelphia they warning not to fire guns into the new year and avoid be being arrested and charged. >> seth williams and richard ross introduced a man injured by sell bra tore jury gunfire. a stray bullet hit an 11-year-old in the head as he walked in south philadelphia. >> since 2005 i have not been able to walk i was throwing
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football with my neighbor in the front yard because every brain surgey i lose more mobility. >> the person who fired the shot that injured him has never been caught. tobacco retailers in philadelphia will face tighter restrictions beginning new year's day. under new regulations the city will no longer issue permits to new tobacco retailers located within two blocks of any school. retailers will also face a 12 month sales suspension if they receive three yung sales violations over two years and the city's health commissioner says the goal is to keep cigarettes out of the hands of minors. >> tributes pour in for hollywood legend debbie reynolds one day after the death of her daughter actor and author carrie fisher. many left flowers or notes on
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the walk of fame. reynolds was among the last living movie stars from the golden age of hollywood her career spanned five sick decades she was nominated for a dozen awards including golden glodz, emmys and oscars. >> death ever reynolds has many saying can you die of a broken heart? doctors say yes. straight ahead tonight at 11, what is broken heart syndrome and who is more likely to suffer from it? also, honda announces a major recall the safety concerns surround f arounding hundreds of thousands of their vehicles and plus this. >> reason why we wanted to do our strawingt when we started is we wanted to share what we grew up on. >> there's more to the recipe than just potatoes here. vittoria woodill shows us how the classic dirk inspired a vittoria woodill shows us how the classic dirk inspired a local restaurant. l
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>> tonight's health watch one day after debbie reynolds death after losing her daughter we're talking about broken heart syndrome stress brought on by
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grief or anxiety can lead to sudden intense chest pain and those symptoms can mimic a heart attack and lead to heart failure. it's more common in women then men especially over the age of 50. >> in stressful sudden stressful state there's a large amount of release of these hormones and there's a possible toxicity they can pose to the heart muscle rendering it we can. >> the syndrome is usually not fatal. most patients make a full recovery. concerns about crash safety forced honda to pull nearly 650,000 odyssey mini vans offer the road. the company says second row sneets 2011 to 20 16 models may not lock in he rebt of crash. to fix this problem the parts will not be available until spring. but so far no injuries have been reported. and new year's eve is quickly approaching and that means people are busy getting ready for those new year's eve
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parties and this season is typically the busiest time of the year for food stores like bruno brothers. eyewitness news at the ritzen house square location and people flock there for specialty cheeses and meats and delicacies like caviar. >> on this sixth night of hanukah taste with torrey celebrates festival of lights with the dish always on the menu. vittoria woodill introduces us to the family whose dishes were inspired by the savory specialty. as one holiday falls behind is a new holiday has begun. hanukkah and in the reading terminal during this holiday celebrates oil lasting eight days and night this one place to go if oaking are looking for golden brought latkas owned by andrew wash and steve sayford. >> the reason we wanted to do
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the restaurant is because we wanted to share what we grew up on and what food groups made us who we are. >> it's latka that represent the heroic tale of steve's uncle hershel who saved his father during world war two in poland and they were the only ones that survived in their family after flee egg to siberia for refuge, stolen potatoes off train cars were their only source of foot. >> learning to make latkas was really from my father from how we make them from scratch to finish product. for us to share our story really is truly a messing. >> swelling let's put tovrp work. >> my youngest son peels the potatoes. >> it starts with finally graded potato and onion strained to remove excess liquid and eggs snroyt yokz and white and white need good beat before getting folded in.
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spoon fools of batter are then dropped into the pan with hot oil or smaltz. >> it's a word meaning chicken fat. >> sounds good. >> tasty. >> and that is show time right there. >> a few minutes on each side gives you this traditional fried family favorite that's meant to be shared and topped with a little sour cream, apple sauce or just a touch of salt. >> perfect. >> happy han calf. >> thank you so much. here's to many more. >> thank you. >> j now remember you can find herschel's market in the reading terminal they were so kind giving us all this food that i was supposed to have you for you and the newsroom ate every last bit. that's absolutely true. they only left me a deli pic
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pickle. >> come on. >> i saw the spread come in. and then circled back a little later gone. >> gone. >> i can't believe it's gone. >> ridiculous. >> well listen all of it looked fabulous and golden brown and perfect. >> those latkas if only i would have tasted them one more time in the newsroom but they are incredible and the work that goes into them and history behind those really special story especially during hanukkah. >> all right, indicate, how are things shaping up for 2017. >> well, pretty good. >> getting closer and closer. >> now he i know they stole latks from a pregnant lady in a newsroom now i'm up sglet sad news guys. >> they were not thinking. >> she's coming for you. >> maybe we can make some this weekend. >> it will be a quiet new year's weekend good to be in the family for the weekend. no big problems out. there temperatures on the way back up after a cold and blus blustery night and cold day tomorrow. here's a cold look now out in
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the poconos some spots got a good dose of mother nature made snow they morning and we he 5" in tobyhanna and 4.5 in lake harmony and jack frost and big boulder seeing powder on the slopes great news for those going skiing this weekend and more snow moving into western pennsylvania scattered snow showers moving in with the colder air coming in in upper atmosphere and you see some of these are intensifying a bit. most of this won't make it towards us. a few snow showers may and as we've seen in recent weeks and sometimes last year as well some intense snow squalls on the road. you have to watch for that if you're out and about tomorrow temperatures crashing quickly tonight in the mid0s and below freezing any puddles out there from this morning's rain could refreeze. watch for icy spots. 31 state ledge and 31 buffalo and 31 pittsburgh. wind directly out of west 10
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miles an hour and it's blust write and cold and will feel colder tomorrow with the winds continuing to increase. winds tomorrow 15 to 25 miles an hour with gusts as high as 35 miles an hour making our highss which will only be in the0s feel like 20s all day and saturday southwest wind little milder, 10 to 15 miles an hour still brisk and not bad. you see tomorrow few snow showers try to get in. mainly north and west suburbs and cannot rule out one of two of them making their way further to the south. again be on the lookout if you come on brief an intense snow squall could slow things down tomorrow. but far and few in between. cold and blustery, 9, tomorro tomorrow's high 9 winds 15 to 25 and gusts 35 and it will feel like 20s for most if not all of the day. feeling better midnight as we ring in the new year. 2017, 8 degrees, stray sprinkle overnight as we ring in 2017. not bad, dry for most of us.
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mummers parade looks g partly sunny. less wind and temperatures above average sunday's high 48. the average high is 42. so we'll kind of get lucky this weekend and temperature seaso seasonable. sunshine both saturday and sunday and it's warmer next week and also wetter next week. and near 60 2us you need umbrella and another blast of hold cold for end of first week of the year. >> it's nice have the sun sandwiched in there. >> it is coming in time for the weekend. >> thanks so much. donna is up next with sports. >> carson gives out gun president fraction teammates and plus embib out and nerlens can come out and play. sixers in utah.
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lake city. systemers taking on utah jazz. sixers down by 7. t. j. fines nerlens noel. season high 20 minute for him, 13 points. 2nd quarter we go. joe johnston hits from the corner. late in the second sixers up by 3. how about jayliel okafor big job 13 points in frame and finished with same number. this was led by five -- sixers led by five and late in this game you knew what would happen they flat off go off. utah takes lead and they go nuts in the 4th quarter and win 100 to 83. by now you may have heard carson swents giving offensive line men custom made shot guns for the holidays as response organization called sees fire pa is sending players gun locks
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as safety measure. they were at practice prepare are for the match-up at the linc he said he wanted to give them something different. it's more like a keepsake. here's reaction from a couple teammates. >> i mean i appreciate it. he's looking out for us. and a gift say gift. it's the thought that county appreciate it. >> carson can do whatever he wants a gift say gift and i know he meant it you know he appreciate us and we appreciate him. >> i appreciate that. >> meanwhile eagles have sufficient decisions in the off season. bennie logan is potential free agent and probably best run on the team and he has no interest in testing the on market. >> i mean i've been around here four years. i've had a great relationship with these guys i enjoy playing next to fletcher and brandon graham and just the relationship we have trying to
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start over and do something new i don't look forward to that. this is where i see myself at. >> off to the left coast anyers play san jose and an mime on new year's day. orange and black lost four out of five. >> they come fast and obviously they're a good team. it's definitely bounce back game for us and anaheim is same thing. big body team. it's touch. we play well. there we have a lot of work to do there in the next two games. >> if you have a girlfriend never do this to her. world jr. championship kiss cam he goes for full smoosh on the beer while his beau is -- >> what's going on there. >> she's embarrassed. >> she's coughing her face. >> i can't believe i'm with you. >> and. >> look at the people in front applause. >> bro do better.
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>> do better. >> they're not impressd think they'll be okay in 2017. >> i don't know i would make that bet. >> let's see. >> kate has the
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. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenny
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was on happened for 6th night of hanukkah and he grew up in philadelphia and learned about judism before boat house lighting. this is the first time the boat house row is serving as a manorah. >> and new tonight celebrating the auto 50th anniversary of kwanzaa eyewitness news was on hand at west philadelphia high school. kwanzaa runs from december 26 through january 1 it's a non religious cultural celebration observed worldwide by millions of people of african decent. kate. >> we're watching the weekend and watching it closely as this is the weekend that will usher in a brand new year and it looks leak a nis one at least seasonable. chilly in the poconos. 32 new year's eve saturday. 4 in the city and 44 down the shore and lot of sunshine and seasonable companies and milder
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for the first day of 2017 and we'll get back to 50 degrees and should stay generally dry. good news for the mummers parade and those aend
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>> coming your way next the late show with stephen colbert and followed by the late, late joe with james corbin and for indicate, john and everyone here i'm jess ska dean and we're always on here at cbs
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