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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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some layers. katie has your holiday weekend forecast in just moments. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. >> i'm jim donovan. first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> ♪ >> he opened the door. he saw the grandmother. at that point, he made the choice that he was going to kill the grandmother. >> all over a necklace. suspect believes the victim's grandson had stolen from him. >> have pro diplomatic community here, they'll be -- >> the obama administration slapped russia with sanctions for launching cyber attacks to interfere with the us presidential election. >> the russians are likely to respond in kind. >> a major winter storm continues to pummel the northeast. seven states are seeing up to half foot or more of snow. >> so kind at giving us all of this food that i was supposed
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to have for you, and the news room ate every last bit. that's absolutely true. they only left me a deli pickle. guys, common. >> poor tori. tori went to herschel's east side deli in the reading terminal for a look at some of the hanukkah food, which the news quickly devoured. >> ain't it the truth? we're like vultures. free food out there, we zoom down. i guarantee if someone delivered free food right now there won't be anything left by the time we get out of here. but we do love our is that correct, katy? >> of course we do, we always thawing they swing by the studio first, so we can get our little plate full. and then they can go out to the news room. so true. so much good food in this city. so i'm not going to give the news room a pass, but i understanded it. so we have a chill in the air, my friends, and that chill is absolutely making you want to hug that winter coat little bit tighter. and it is not just the chill,
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as it pertains to the air temperature, but factor in winds, as well, to make it feel that much colder. thankfully, hopefully i'm not jinxing it, the winds isn't terrible as i speak. but look at storm scan, you can actually see the winds in ex, via the radar. you have some snowflakes flying right now, in the form of snow flurries, or showers, or even snowballs, back through up-state new york, and western pennsylvania. some of that is very likely to survive, as it rolls our way. so, while we're not specking any accumulating snow, what you might finds is a couple of flurries as the wintery atmosphere, straight up snow shower or squawl, at some point today. look at these winds. specially back toward some of the western counties, you're finding the wind speeds really picking up. this is going to turn a bit more west to northwest with time, possibility remaining we ends up with gusts peaking into the 30's, yes, some of the snowflakes could actually survive here. here is a short list every handful of spots around our cbs live neighborhood network where we've gotten you generally in the mid or low
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30's, but you have to factor in the winds, i mean, as high as the teens in some spots. soap, it is making it feel a lot colder, any time the wind does blow, and again you will want the heavier winter coat. not all that out of the adder area for standards every late december, but call this much tame err day by comparison, grant that storm system cold front specifically is long gone, but may be those residual flurries and also the winds to contends with. but it is a quieter day out there all things considered weekends not look too long schwab. >> i disable vehicle off to the shoulder going northbound, since cleared it out. 959 this one looking south, looking good so far this morning, clear route into the city of philadelphia, into downtown area, also, the vine looking good, construction wrapped up early, clear commute from the schuylkill down to broad street 202 not so much. the northbound ram top route
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422, so use that ramp, precaution there. also some construction, for later this morning, so put this on the check lit. city avenue between lancaster and 54th street right lane blocked, could cause slow downs out in the bala cynwyd after. construction, route nine closed at it the tilt on road. garden state parkway instead. then mass transit make sure that you keep an eye on this, because regional rails are changing, city buses and trolleys and subways, as well. over the weekends, for the new years holiday, guys. >> funeral services held today tore beloved grandmother gunned down inside her south philadelphia grocery store. >> police do have a suspect in custody for her murder. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live outside police headquarters this morning with more on that suspect, who investigators are calling a career criminal. >> reporter: at just p one year old, maurice green has
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prior, now adding murder to the list, now, investigators started this with surveillance video, also tips from the public, quickly led them to green which led to arrest, just a day before marie buck's family lays her to rest. now, dozen of people gathered outside the baldy funeral home in south philadelphia for marie buck's funeral last night. this is on the same day that police announce the arrest in the 81 year old shop owner's vie violent murder inside her grocery store christmas eve. officer arrested 31 year old maurice green late wednesday, in overbrook, police say bucko buck's grandson believed to have stole answer necklace from green worth thousands of dollars. they believe buck's grandson was the initial target. >> the grandson was actually supposed to be working that morning so we think he went there with the thinking of killing the grandson. he saw the grandmother and at that point he made the choice he was diagnose to kill the grandmother. >> a second viewing for marie buck scheduled for later this morning, from 90:00 to 10:30
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at baldy funeral home. funeral mass will follow at 11:00 a.m., st. mary mag follow inch church in south philadelphia. for now, liver outside police headquarters, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, jan, back to you. >> tragic and senseless. thank up, trang. >> 5:36n business news, gas taxes are going up. >> and how the markets are different at the end of the year compared to last january. money watch jill wagner joins us from the stock exchange. morning, jill. >> good morning, jim, jan, the last trading day of the year, probably another light day of trading. yesterday the the announced 13-point, nasdaq lost six, futures pointing to higher open. markets have come really long way this year, they're now trading at near record levels, there is new optimism in the wake of donald trump winning the white house, far cry from january of this year, one of the worse starts ever for the markets. investors were concerned if
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you remember about the chinese economy. drivers in seven states will be paying more for gas come new years day, gas taxes going up, biggest increase in pennsylvania for the price to jump about 8 cents per gallon. michigan drivers will face the second highest increase, 7 cents a gallon. and new years eve is typically the busiest night of the year for uber. >> this year uber predict it will hit more than 15 million rides in 450 cities. about three times as many as last year, and uber is partnering with mad to get out the message don't drink and drive, jim, jan. >> so looking forwards to praying more for gas in in the new year. >> what can we do? run for the state legislature, you know? thanks, jim, see you in 2017. well, happy new year. >> happy new year. >> all bought things trump and regretted it. if you're among those
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customers, you may be owed money and not even know it. >> it is easy to see why carol mason doesn't like her deck. >> we have this brown we bought, turning black. >> she could soon be seeing green under the terms every class action, she may be end tight told $400. >> i think consumers would be very surprised to learn just how many class action lawsuits they were a party to. >> consumer advocate says hundreds every suits are filed each year. if you purchased a product, odds are, you have been end tight told some class action cash. but it is estimated less than 10% of eligible consumers claim their share of these settlements. so consumer action has created a data base to help consumers collect. ever buy johnson & johnson baby products, or seventh generation cleaning products? you may be eligible for ten to 30 bucks, due to alleged misleading claims. proof of purchase often isn't necessary. even for some of the largest amounts, not necessarily very high burdens ever burden of
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proof. >> current pay outs range from 50 cents for anyone who bought starbucks breakfast sandwich last summer to thousands of dollars for those compromised by the 2014 home depo data breach. >> consumers will never get rich off a class action. >> legal analyst melissa cane points out, the lawyers who take home the biggest cut. >> bigger benefits to consumers the threat of those massive lawsuits, keeps the companies honest. >> left over funds are distributed to consumer organizations like ride out, so prefer you get your cut. >> you want to get the word out. >> the reason you want to her ever settlement does have deadline to claim class action settlement money. to find out if you're end tight told is visit our website cbs philly hope app, also posted links on my facebook and twitter pages. well, bradangelina break up. gilmore girls remake. hammill job those are just few of the big stories from the world every entertainment that had us talking last year. this morning we're looking back at the big headlines from
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hollywood. this 2016. that's in our year in review. plus this. >> i'm can he n frazier, coming up danzel washington direct and stars viola davis in the powerful story after family struggling for a better life in venice. >> i'm kevin from the 313th patrol baton john, originally from vineland, new jersey, stationed here in kuwait. i would like to wish happy holidays to my wife crystal and all of our eight children and my mom and dad, linda and john, vineland, new
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>> welcome back, serena williams is engaged. williams announced the news herself, and reditt. the couple dated since fall of 2015, but managed to keep the romance private. no word on a wedding date. got to tell you, award winning play takes to the silver screen. and stars two award winning actors as well. kevin frazier takes us inside the movie fences. >> this week danzel washington does double duty as direct or and star with viola davis, powerful drama of a family struggling for better life. >> a man is supposed to take care every his family? in fences danzel washington stars as troy, father trying to take care of his family, the best he can, while struggling to deal with his past, and the future for his son. washington also stepped behind the camera for his third major
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feature translating the award winning broadway play for the big screen. >> in a play you have the luxury or you decide where you are going to look. if five of us are up there, you will probably look at who ever is talking. in a film now do you have decide who you will cut and we got to work our way to that, to that explosion. >> i asked awe question watch law that says i got to like -- >> viola davis stars as troy's wife, gut wrenching performance in bringing every emotion she has to the role of a hurt woman. >> that's indicative of something very tramatic and big happening, the old life being taken away, and when the steaks are that hi, oh, it, not about playing it small or big. it is just playing for what it is. >> i got a life too. does it mean i have hopes and dreams? what about my life? what about me? >> i'm kevin phrase earn, now, back to you in the studio.
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>> i like pretty much anything danzel washington is in. >> i watch anything he does just because he's got the ties to our own ukee. >> yes got to show the love. >> all family. >> we talk about the weather, i mean, i would say this week is actually pretty good excuse to sit and come snug em up to watch a movie. not necessarily, you know, going to be talking about any major storm system rolling through, but the child is in the air. kind of what you expect. a lot of people actually are out though for the next couple every days, whether the mummers, whether it is for the fireworks displays, and at this point, as we take you on up to bethlehem, i'm pretty sure they'll be dropping the peak from just out that way, might even be tonight, regardless, they have the awesome tradition up there where the ball drops in new york but in bethlehem they drop a marshmallow, larger than life. love that. very serene view to start the morning off here. let's check in with eyewitness weather watchers. right now into the 30's, in a lot of spots here. chilly start to the day
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obviously, nothing terribly atypical. we take a look at handful of these, we go ahead, is her know on few observations. mark is in chatsworth, 30 degrees, lots of clouds overhead right now. we take you little bit further off to the west, actually, let's go across the river back in toward philadelphia. actually just north of it, where barbara is checking in with willow grove, partly cloudy skies, 25 degrees right now, so it is not necessarily a very moisture laden air mass. but it is obviously cold outside. let's switch gears. i take you back on over to the radar. at this point, most of the region is looking pretty good. you see the tell tail signs of a life. just behind the storm scan wording there. that's the lake effect machine beginning to pick up. we talk about that if you are not really familiar, of course, great lakes region, and the way that this storm system is rotating through, bringing back return flow, because you have counter clockwise rotation with areas of low pressure, so what that will do, help bring in lake effect snow. and as a result of that, western pa, western up-state new york, you sit in these
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belt areas, where syracuse, erie, pennsylvania, you tends to see a lot of snow in the spots because of lake effect snow. sometimes it actually survives even as far east as philly. so, with the gusty west northwest winds here today, still expecting some flurries or snow shower or even a actual snow squawl, because of the wind, that could really help reduce your visibility, if you find yourselves traveling in that. it won't be terribly widespread. but if you find yourself traveling in it i want you to slow down. all the way to up sunday, january 1, ushering in 2017 on pretty typical note. smidge above average. hey thankfully less winds. we will see some sunshine. for the mummers parade looking good at 9:00 a.m. stepping off at 39 degrees. forty-six come noontime. the rest of the day looks pretty good here as we move forward in the forecast though, look at this sweet warming trends that comes up here. we will be flirting with 60 come tuesday. but there is a trade off. some showers, some drizzle monday. and then better shot for steady rain looks like pat come tuesday. >> looked a lot more promising with just the 59 there. then when you mention the
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rain, oh, all right, i guess. >> we've got a situation out in norristown on markley street, which is 202 out in norristown. we got the camera moving all around. we've got disable vehicle, lots of flashing lights, couple of cops out there, justice able vehicle being pushed offer into a parking lot. they're finally getting this out of the way. it has the two northbound lanes actually closed right now, so again, markley street norristown, they push that finally out of the way. the vine, looking eastbound, toward 95, and toward ben franklin bridge. looking beautiful this morning. no delays, you are cruising through the city. 202 though as we flashback, they're still there, 202 northbound, the ramp to 422 eastbound has a disable car, not slowing anything down just yet. but if you are headed offer to the ramp make sure you take a little bit of precaution going through there, also, the mass transit checklist, a lot to check in on for this weekend. patco actually giving free service on new years eve. they have the special schedule throughout the weekends. the river line has extra late
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night service on new years eve, then dart sunday, also, regional rails, in philly, city buses and trollies, modified. then the subways have extra service as well. and the mummers parade, start 9:00 a.m. sunday, but broad street closed at 7:00 a.m. from city hall to washington avenue. so do you have keep an eye on that on broad street. then the festivities on second street, guys. >> thanks so much, pat. well, all week long, we've been looking back at the big stories every 2016. >> this morning we take a look at the big stories from the entertainment world. that grabs our attention this year. suzanne marquez has the year in review. >> the music worlds lost two superstars. >> ♪ >> prince, died of prescription drug overdose at his pacely park recording studio in minnesota. >> ♪ >> and british rocker, david bowie, lost his battle with liver cancer, just two days after the release of his latest albumn, black star.
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>> ♪ >> folk len end bob dylan awarded the nobel prize for literature, but didn't go to pick it up. the academy every motion picture arts and sciences promised to double its membership of women and people of color by 2020. after criticsm oscars were too white. >> ♪ >> beyonce sold lemonade, her second visual albumn, was released alongside a one hour film on hbo. she has nine grammy nominations up against adele for the top three prizes, record, song anal bumm of the year. >> ♪ >> hamilton nominated for more tony's than any other broadway musical in history, took home 11 trophies. hip hop star kanye west was hospitalized for a week with exhaustion, following an on stage melt-down at a concert in california. >> the show's over. >> l high wood power couple
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brad pitt and angelina jolie ended their marriage. they were together for 12 years, married for two of those, and have six kids. members of the uk boy bands, one direction, separated, pursuing solo contract and other project. girl power hit the big screen with a all female remake. 1980s comedy ghost busters. and the original cast of gilmore girls reunited on netflix, for new installments of the hit series. james cord on's carpool karaoke on the late late show became a viral sensation. >> ♪ >> cord on chauffeured and sang with adele, madonna, elton john and britney spears. >> ♪ >> sim the president. >> and president obama, awarded the presidential medal of freedom to hollywood heavy weight, including diana ross, tom hanks, sicily tyson, robert deniro, bruce
5:52 am
springsteen, and and ellen degeneres, the group celebrate wad manaquine challenge. suzanne marquez, cbs news. you know, i was trying to get past the break up one direction, than story just rips off the band aid. >> reminded you, they are no longer, sorry. >> coming up: a brazen theft from a porch. caught on camera. >> but get there is suspect in the crime is well known to neighbors. the surprising criminals suspected of swiping a shoe from someone's home and just commonly -- calmly walking away. we'll be right back.
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>> shoe thief was caught on camera. >> he has more feet than most suspect. this is what we mean. take a close look. it is not un cop onto see coyotes in this texas neighborhood, but don't usually come on to someone's front porch. >> this one grabbed a shoe and took off, jim. neighbors say coyotes are common but still scary. >> between this happening,
5:56 am
just five minutes. what if the coyote was there when we had opened the door? >> that would have been a problem. so wildlife experts say it is mating season right now, which means the coyotes are more active than usual. >> humans are more active in mating season, too, just never know what they're going to do. >> and on that note. >> we'll be right back. don't go anywhere. "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> best friends and family prepare to say good-bye to beloved grocery store owner gunned down inside her own business. what we're learning today about the man who police say pulled the trigger. also ahead, striking back. the punishment imposed by president obama for russia's involvement in the u.s. presidential election. >> live look outside. you will want to bundle up. cold blast here for the ends of the week. >> today is friday, december 30th, tgif, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. katie and professor pat keeping an eye on things this morning. >> step? my offers, will you, guys?
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>> i dot like the grade you gave me. >> step into the traffic offers. >> the poor guy wears a sweater now he looks like a professor. >> can't get over it. >> hey, worked for dan rather for years, remember? >> and i know you're very toasty and warm on that side of the table. >> i am warm. >> professor pat. >> it rolls off the tongue. i kind of like t all right, so, we have a chill in the air. so you know, i feel like that sweater is not the worse idea. it is actually quite chilly outside. factor in the winds it, makes it feel that much colder of corpse. outside we go to storm scan3, at the moment, little hint of activity, that's actually because the lake effect snowfall is starting to kick up across central and western pennsylvania, some of that is likely to survive as it rolls our way. talking flurry, snow shower, possibly snow squawl at some point today. but that won't necessarily be the norm. it is sort of the exception. pretty scat nerd nature. but will likely be out there throughout the day. as the winds is expected to stay pretty persistent. because of, that the feels like values are what i want yo


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