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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 31, 2016 2:07am-2:41am EST

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>> right now at 11:00 it is one of the biggest party nights of the year and security will be tight. the safety measures philadelphia police are putting in place this new years eve. and summer isn't the only time to hit the shore. the south jersey town where people are flocking to ring in the new year. plus this. >> i like my uniform. >> one little boy's mission to help a local officer turns into the surprise of his life. how an entire police
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department came together to say thank you. >> well we begin tonight with height ends security this holiday weekends. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer in for ukee washington tonight. philadelphia police are stepping up patrols to make sure new years festivities are safe. of course this is in after mast of several terrorist act overseas. >> alexandria hoff is live at penn's landing. >> police are geared up for one busy 24 hour period starting tomorrow. while they were not able to disclose their exact strategy, they'll be out in full force. >> as eyes are fixed on new years eve fireworks, in the new years day mummers parade, law enforcement will have their eyes on massive crowds expected to turn out. >> we just want to send a message that we will be working, and working very hard, to keep everyone safe and making sure everyone has a great time. >> from catching drunk drivers, to matters of national security,
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philadelphia police will be operating with all hands on deck. >> we will have let a of action out there, every type of configuration, to respond to any emergency. >> most recently, december 19th, christmas village attack in berlin, germany, philadelphia police have team up with officials in other major cities across the country, to ensure safe and fun starts to 2017. >> personally contact with the nypd, pennsylvania state police, septa police, fbi here in philadelphia, to make sure that we're all on the same page, we're all well coordinated, sharing information. >> on weekends marked by extravagantly clad men and women, strutting down broad street, unique behavior is pretty much status quo. but suspicious behavior, or circumstances, is another story. police are asking spectators to remain diligent, and call 11 -- 911 if you spot something that doesn't seem right. >> well, along with fireworks and the mummers parade, eagles
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will be playing at home on sunday, there will be extra security there, as women. reporting live in penn's landing, alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. we are in for another chilly night. but does the coal stick around for our new year celebration? lauren kacie? tonight. >> it will be chilly but we will lose the wind. definitely have the blustery conditions today. it was certainly looking and feeling like winter across the delaware valley. we had some of the snow squawls, some flurries moving through, but the last of the activity is cooling down, flurries south of the city coming to ends, mostly clear skies taking over. still do have bit after breeze. we still have these chilly temperatures. thirty-five in fill which west winds at 10 miles per hour, making it feel more like 27 degrees, 23 in the poconos, feels like ten right now, so certainly chilly night. we did have those whipping winds throughout the day today. winds gusting to 41 miles per hour, in atlantic city,
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gusting to 38 in philadelphia, with our high temperatures, only in the low 40's, definitely felt cold today. and it will be a little bit chilly if you're headed out to see the fireworks on new years eve. 41 degrees for the 6:00 hour, 39 for midnight, but the winds speeds will be much lighter, so not as much of a windchill impact. partly cloudy conditions, maybe a passing sprinkle. but otherwise pretty dry conditions. so new years eve forecast looking pretty good. we will talk more about what to expect for new years day coming up in just a few. >> thanks so much, lauren, despite the chill, shore communities are ready for crowds on new years eve. the ocean city boardwalk will fill up on saturday, ocean city is putting the final touches on its first night, 2017 celebration. there will be 70 different shows at 20 different venues all around town, and if you get cold, a heated indoor pool will also be open. >> real spectacle. if you haven't been the first night it, will look like summer night on the streets and on the board walk, crowds like you wouldn't believe.
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>> the new skateboard park will also be open with dj spinning music, first night in ocean city start at 4:00 tomorrow. it goes through midnight when fireworks will be set off on the beach. admission buttons are $20 each. city officials say they sell out quickly. >> the annual mummers parade will take place new years day, that means road closures in philadelphia. from 3:00 a.m. until the end of the parade, market street will be closed from 15th to 16th, 15th street will be closed from arch to chestnut. jfk boulevard will shut down from 15th to 20th. later in the day, broad street will be closed down from city hall all the way down to washington avenue. we've got complete list of the parade parking restrictions for you on there we also have a complete guide to celebrating new years eve in the philadelphia area. just check out for list of those events. well, family, friends and the community, bid a final farewell to a 81 year old woman, gunned down, in her south philadelphia grocery
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store. "eyewitness news" at baldy funeral home, south broad street this morning. mourners paired their respects to marie buck who was gunned down in her store christmas eve. mass followed. police have charged 31 year old maurice green in buck's shooting death. >> we're hearing from the relieved family of the south jersey woman found along with her great grand daughter in virginia. barbara briley and her great granddaughter five year old la myra went missing on christmas eve. they were en route to north carolina to visit family. the two were found wednesday night, in their silver toyota, in remote wooded area of dinwitty county virginia, how and why they ended up there remains a mystery. >> la myra took the food, she fed her and her great grandmother every day. she took the water and gave her and her grandmom something to drink every day. she covered her with a blanket. she -- could you tell she
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tried to plug up her cell phone. >> barbara briley is hospitalized in virginia, and her family says she will remain therefore a few more days. russian president vladmeere putin criticizing new us sanctions against the country. but he says he will not expel american diplomats in retaliation. donald trump took to twitter to praise putin, as some russian officials in the u.s. pack up their belongings. >> thirty-five russian officials on both us posts -- coasts are clearing out. president obama ordered the exile in response to russian cyber attacks said to interfere with the us elections, convoying seen leaving two shuttered compounds, one on new york long island, the other in maryland. russian console general of san francisco condemned the oust err, but said there will be no tit for tat retaliation. >> us diplomats will be ... >> russian president vladmeere putin saidel wait to see the policies of donald trump's
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administration before taking any action. the president-elect tweeted: great move on delay. i always new he was very smart. a new round of us sanctions took aim at two russian intelligence services, four intelligence officers, and three russian tech companies. but local political experts don't see an ends to putin's cyber warfare. >> did really well with it. he is winning. >> a senate hearing on cyber threats is set for next thursday. president-elect trump is meeting with intelligence leaders next week to learn more about the hacking. >> russia says it will be bringing 96 people back to moscow as a result of the sanctions, that number includes the 35 diplomats and their families. >> when president obama returns from his hawaiian vacation next week, he is expected to focus on saving the affordable care act. also known as obamacare. the president will strait jews next week to democratic lawmakers, he'll also give a speech in chicago january 10th, expected to be
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his closing message, as president. >> well, the philadelphia zoo has announced the death of one of its most beloved animals. zend a 25 year old female african lion euthanized yesterday due to rapid decline in health. before her death she was the oldest african lion living in a american zoo. the typical life span for african lions in captivity is 17. was born at the johannesburg zoo in south africa in 1991. he arrived here in philadelphia, two years later. well, in delaware county, dozens of police officers in treanor had a surprise for a five year old boy. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt shows us tonight, that boy has spent months helping one of their own. >> one by one, they came down sunset street with lights and sirens. but this was no emergency. it was a chance to thank a five year old by giving him the surprise of his life. avery gram new something was up when he saw about 50 police officers and half of his
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neighborhood in front of his home. but he didn't expect this. a hug from officer steve addmack, a man fighting stage four cancer who just came back to work after weeks of treatment. little avery started selling bracelets earlier this year to help his officer friends. tonight, he wanted to thank avery publicly. >> for him to go this far, i had to give something back. >> and give back he did. avery got his own treanor police uniform. he went inside to change, and just few minutes later, he was back outside with a absolute to all of those who came to watch. >> once i washed the tears away, i finally got to see him. amazing. >> avery was little nervous in front of the crowd, but did stop to tell us this. >> i like my uniform. >> at a boy. >> several local police departments and neighbors new about the secret for weeks. but the uniform was just the first secret. the second, a ride along in
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officer's truck. the two road around the street of treanor, a chance for avery to learn more about the beat. >> overwhelming, for him to do that for my son. >> avery's mother helped organize the surprise for a son she calls an old soul. >> very exciting, proud, i'm very proud mom right now. >> 's bundle of joy. really happy himself. i know he probably won't take it off the rest of the week. >> and that's perfectly okay with his new brothers in blue. in treanor, delaware county, i'm david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". for more information on avery's donation you can go to 2016 is about to become history. and what a year it was. >> as we reflect, do you consider it a good year or one you can't wait to put in the past? also, straight ahead tonight at 11:00, philadelphia is preparing for not one but two fireworks displays to help ring in the new year.
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what it takes to pull off those amazing light shows in the sky. plus some people are spending the holiday digging out from feet of snow. where winter is making its mark. what we can expect in the new year. meteorologist, lauren casey, will tell us if we will see any signs every winter soon.
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>> tomorrow night thousand also pack the delaware river waterfront for two fireworks shows bringing in the new year. on the barges today at the navy yard. where crews were busy making sure the fireworks display is ready to dazzle.
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they were preparing shells and mortars, getting everything ready takes four days. >> all every these guys, they have other jobs, like i said, they're police officers and everything. teachers, yes, we have a teacher right here. they all have a lot of passion, though, that's why they're doing this. they're out here because they care. think want to bring smiles to anybody in philadelphia. >> doing it on the river is a advantage since larger shells can be fired over the water. looks so prep. >> i it does look pretty, doesn't it? as we get ready to welcome 2017. we look back at 2016. >> did you love it or are you anxious to leave it behind? i hit the streets to ask people what they think about the year that almost was. >> as the clock ticks closer to another new year, what send off 2016, good year or good riddance? >> i thought it was a good year. >> it was very interesting. >> it was very eventful. >> good riddance, eagles didn't do well this year, cubs won the world series.
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>> a lot of change. >> issues with, you know, racism, and president, and all of that. >> most notably, this year's devisive presidential campaign which led to the election of reality tv star, billionaire businessman donald trump, as the 45th president of the united states. >> disappointing. >> really have people really feel. >> we are looking for change. change in our people. change in our economy. change in the marketplace. >> i think it is going in the right direction. >> 2016 also brought tragedy. from deadly police involved shootings, to the ambush style attack that killed five police officers in dallas. and inside the pulse night club, deadliest shooting in us history. this year wasn't kind to music icons either, first with the passing of david bowie, prince, and most recently george michael. >> carrie fisher bet known as princess leia from star wars
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pass in the december 1 day before her mother academy actress, debbie reynolds. >> it is sad, but the reality is, part of life is death. >> and moving forward. >> a lot of people don't like change, but change is good. >> fresh start. >> there go. >> yes, there is something to it, the fresh start, new year, always moving forward. >> police say an initial autopsy of singer george michael is inconclusive and more tests are needed to determine a cause of death. michael's death on christmas day is being treated as unexplained, but not suspicious. that's an indication police found no evidence of foul play. the 53 year old manager says the singer died of apparent heart failure. debbie reynolds' son says his mother and sister, actress carrie fisher, will have joint funeral and be burried together. the actresses who died one day apart will be laid to rest at hollywood hills, final resting place of numerous celebrities.
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no date has been set for the funeral. we do know it will be private. public memorial service is being considered. >> and the most powerful nor'easter in nearly two years, in northern new england, even report of thunder snow, that's thunder and lightning. the national weather service reports snow falling at up to 6 inches per hour. one of the hardest hit areas is north water borough, maine, they got more than 25 inches of snow. >> wow. thunder snow. >> so lauren case any for kate bilo. thunder snow is quite a phenomenon. we will not be seeing that in the foreseeable future. >> yes, we have had little bit of measurable snow in philadelphia, .3 of an inch, saw couple of flakes flying today, that's about it, pretty quiet headed into the upcoming new years weekends, and i think we're all okay with. that will live look right now at center city philadelphia where all is quiet. 35 degrees, chilly high
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temperature, only topped at 42 today, of course the blur err i winds, not gusting quite as hi, breeze out of the west 10 miles per hour, impacting the feels like temperature feeling more like 27 right now, and temperatures are chilly all across the delaware vale. thirty-two allentown, we are 823 degrees in mount pocono. still have that breeze picking up around ten to 15 miles per hour. winds gusting still up into the 20-mile per hour range. so know gust to 40, but still, when the breeze hits you, if you step out it, feels pretty chilly. and the win chill temperatures are reflecting that, feeling more like 24 degrees right now in wilmington, 23 in reading, feels like ten, right now, when you factor in the winds in mount pocono. and overnight tonight, 29 degrees, we could see our windchill temperatures drop down into the teens, late tonight, mostly clear, cold, and blustery. for our saturday, last day of 2016, sunshine, increasing clouds, chilly, high of 43 degrees. stormstorm scan3 showing us yes lake effect snow machine is
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winding on down, but we did see couple of snow squawls, few flurries pass throughout the delaware valley, earlier in the day, but we will wake up to quiet start, few clouds to the north and west tomorrow morning. and as we head into late day, we will start to see the clouds increasing, due to little disturbance moving through, not a lot of energy with the system. maybe passing sprinkle, as we head into the evening hours, maybe a passing flurry to the north and west of the city. otherwise, looking good for all of your new years eve plans. as we wake up the first day of 2017, a lot of sunshine in store, takes us all throughout our sunday, cloud deck starts to increase late sunday night in monday. see the rain chance return, as well, but no rain to contend with if you are headed out for the mummers parade sunday. looking pretty great specially because we'll have less winds. finally lose the proo breeze, 39, still chilly for the 9:00 hour. once middle 40's by lunchtime with the sunshine and lighter breeze, will feel pretty good. feeling pretty good for the birds taking on the cowboys 1:00 sunday at the linc. 47 degrees. mostly sunny skies, pretty
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good football weather. certainly by january standards. and taking a look at tomorrow, we do have chilly day in store in the poconos once again, high temperature only makes it to the freezing mark. partly sunny, breezy, mostly sunny down the shore, high temperature at 44 degrees. and again, sunday, looking pretty good. mostly sunny to ring in the new year, near 50 degrees, in the city headed into monday and tuesday. temperatures take a big jump up by tuesday, but it is going to be kind of soggy stretch. periods of light rain, drizzle monday, in the form of heavier rain, as we head into tuesday. and then temperatures take another tumble, as we head into thursday, with a high of 39. so from 59, to 39. >> little bit -- little swing there. >> yes. >> thanks, lauren. >> up next don with sports. >> doug pederson has some regrets. we'll tell but those. and the sixers try to pose a threat. highlights next in
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[ goat bleat ] by peggy lee playing ] [ it's a goody [ crow caws, music continues ]
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this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it. don, sixers on the road still. >> do you see this? >> down to the wire? >> right, and they're up right now of course now that i said that, that's how it works, jinx them. it is always a guessing game with the sixers, never know who will be healthy enough to play. tonight in denver, okafor sitting out with a hamstring injury. only nine available players. i wonder what bubba chuck, allen iverson would say that, dude always injured and missing games. scored 13 against utah last
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night. chilling tonight. jo-jo, go for the loose ball. we've seen it few times this year. goes to the sixers bench but he would be okay. fast forwards to the fourth, joel deep, the three is good. right now he has 18 points, five boards, in the game. sixers, regain the lead. later on, oh, three ball. and right now the sixers on top late in the fourth quarter. we are talking about three minutes left, up 114-111. hopefully they can hang on. all right, the year is almost over. many will look back at 2016 and celebrate what they accomplish. others will say could have, would have, should have. the eagles no different from the rest of us. the birds are putting final touches on their preparations for the dallas cowboys, the eagles have six and nine records, and bunch of regrets, doug pederson was asked about some of the plays that may haunt him after the season. >> are there calls that i would do differently looking back? sure, there are a few plays
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this year, that i would take back, maybe fourth down situations i would call different play. still like the decision to go for t think back to the giants game. running carson in that situation at fourth and two. i call different play, the decision to go for it, i think was okay, play design, not so much. >> could have, would have, should have. >> flyers also out west taking on the sharks. orange and black have lost 14 as of the last 15 against san jose. to the highlights we go. pick it up in the first periods, in score. steve mason with the same. but patrick america low, thereto knock in the rebounds. and right now in the second period, the flyers are down one-nothing. college hoops now, st. joe's hosting george washington, the hawks, looking to improve to seven and five on the season, three minute left. caught it. chuck brown for the three. no block head. st. joe's taking the lead. hawks still up a point, with under minute left. lamar kimble, he had 13, as
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well, and st. joe's wins the league opener over george washington, 68 to 63. lasalle, tries to snap 12 game losing streak to the flyers. first half we go, lasalle up by one. hey ukee washington if you're watching our favorite player, pal. with 23. later on, though, corner three. from penndel, and lasalle loses by 11. >> who doesn't love a pooky? >> he's a cbs-3 favorite. too bad they lost. up next, how local preschool remembers celebrating the new year. preschool remembers celebrating the new year. the story after the (male #1) it's a little something i've done every night since i was a kid, empty my pocket change into this old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change.
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(laughing) (colonial penn jingle) >> preschools around the area made sure that small children got to celebrate the new year a little early. >> two, one! >> they there we go. "eyewitness news" cameras were in cherry hill at early childhood center at the katz, staffers countdown to noon, then everybody got to toast with kid friendly drinks. >> i saw. that will so cute. >> lauren? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> new years week send upon
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us. it is looking pretty good. chilly temperatures, right around average in the sit, low 40's into saturday. some upper 40's into sunday, first day of 2017. we do have chance at passing sprinkle saturday night and into early sunday, so do keep that in mind if you have festive at this plan. down the shore sunshine throughout the upcoming weaken, more clouds in the poconos, highs in the 30's. we will be right
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coming up next, the late show with stephen colbert, followed by the late late show
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with jailed cords on, morning team back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00. i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer. remember, always on at >> from our entire team, thanks so much for watching. happy new year. have a great night. see you next year. >> ♪ >> ♪ alex: right now, we need your help to locate the many children and adults who are missing. [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.]
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alex: thanks for joining us. i'm alex paen. you may not know this, but every day, thousands of individuals are reported missing. america's youth is especially vulnerable. more than ever, kids need information to help them better understand their surroundings, and to better protect themselves. each week, this program works with the various law enforcement agencies across the country, and the national center for missing and exploited children, spotlighting several missing cases, hoping someone-- like you--might have information that will lead to finding these individuals. but we can't do it alone. so please, pay close attention to these faces and stories. missing from calabasas, california, rachel, rivka, yechezkel & yekusiel lesserson were last seen on august 20, 2012. it is believed that the children were abducted by their
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non-custodial mother, who may have taken them to mexico. rachel lesserson was 12 years old at the time of her disappearance. this age- progressed photo shows what she might look like today. rivka, who may use the nickname "rikki," is two years younger, with black hair and brown eyes. here is an age-progressed photo of her. yechezkel was 9 years old when he went missing. he has light brown hair and brown eyes, as shown in this age-progressed photo. the youngest child, yekusiel, was 6 years old when the children vanished. he may be using the first name "cody," and all four children may be using the alias last name "mcroberts." janteyl johnson was last seen on february 3, 2010 near her home in newark, delaware. the endangered runaway may be in the company of any adult male, and they may have travelled to either philadelphia or wilmington, delaware. janteyl
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was 15 years old at the time of her disappearance. this age-progressed photo shows what she might look like today. janteyl has brown hair and brown eyes. girl: i love texting, and i'm always texting, but sometimes i worry that whoever i'm texting isn't who they say they are, or that i might be saying the wrong thing. second girl: i'm always on my phone. i'm addicted to it. but i know what you mean. sometimes i really don't know who's on the other end. third girl: even on sites like facebook and formspring and things like that, they ask for your phone number so they can text you. and i gave it to them once, and i didn't know who they were, and it was really scary, because you never know who's on the other side. so you should watch out. alex: kids, tell a parent or another trusted adult if you encounter disturbing images or anything that makes you feel scared or uncomfortable while online. discussing these issues openly will help prevent misunderstandings. remember,


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