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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 31, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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developing at this hour, an all out search is now underway for this man, after a state the police trooper is shot death in central pennsylvania. we will have the latest on the manhunt. and, it is one of the biggest party nights of the entire year and security will be tight. the safety measure philadelphia police are putting into place this new years eve. and the end of the year rush is on to snatch up party supplies in south philadelphia we are live where bakers have been working throughout the night preparing for new years eve customers. today is sat the day, december 31st, happy new years eve everyone and good morning i'm jan carabao. lets get over to meteorologist justin drabick with eyewitness weather, justin, a lot of parties, fire works, how are
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outdoor activities. >> weather good. not a bad finish to the year. temperatures will go above average. the breezy today but we will keep it dry. >> we have luck out recently. >> it looks like cold air will hold off until late next week. we have mild days ahead to start off the new year but new years eve weekend, new years day in problems, we will see sunshine with a few cloud around breeze kicks up not quite as windy as yesterday but temperatures will return above average. we will be in the mid 40's over hose locations. the pretty quiet across the city sitting at freezing at the airport southwest breeze at 10 miles an hour kicking up to 15 to 20 later this morning in the afternoon. it is a wind chill to deal with. it does feel like mid 20's around philadelphia, 26, the actual temperature in allentown lighter wind. twenty-nine in reading, wilmington coming in the upper 20's. twenty-seven in quakertown and willow grove. we have a cold start to our morning, wind speeds at 10 miles an hour or less. they will increase throughout the morning in the afternoon. storm scan three nice and quiet. traveling across the region
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this evening into tonight, it looks like pretty good conditions, just some cloud to start thickening up throughout the day but look at the high temperature warmer then yesterday up to 46 in philadelphia, mid 40's at the shore. more sunshine, stuck in the 30 's up in the poconos. heading in to midnight tonight festivities looking good, mostly cloudy skies, still breezy, temperature at midnight right around 41 degrees. we will talk about warmer temperatures on the way for start of the 2017, those details in the forecast coming up, jan. >> thanks, justin. we're following developing news out of huntingdon county this morning, a manhunt is now underway for the suspect who shot and killed, a pennsylvania state trooper. last night trooper london weaver was responding to a protection from abuse violation, at a home in juniata township when he was shot to death. police closed off the area while they search for the suspect on the ground and by air. >> so far we have seen two helicopters and i could not tell you how many cop cars,
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under cover cop cars, state police cars drove by, so hopefully everything is all right and can get sorted out. >> trooper weaver enlisted in the pennsylvania state the police in december 2015 and assigned to the patrol unit in troop g in huntingdon. police have identified the suspect as three two-year old jason robinson, police consider him armed, and dangerous. they also believe he has dyed his hair purple. if you have any information call 911 immediately. in the aftermath the of the several terror attacks overseas philadelphia police are increasing patrols to headache sure this weekend's festivities are safe. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has more on the increase in security. >> reporter: as eyes are fixed on new years eve fire works and new years day mummers parade law enforce. will have their eyes on the massive crowds expected to turnout. >> we just want to send the message that we will be working, very hard to keep everyone safe and making sure everyone has a great time.
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>> reporter: from catching drunk drivers to matters of national security philadelphia police will be operating with all hand on deck. >> we will will have plethora of assets out there, in every type of configuration, prepared to respond to any type of emergencies. >> reporter: in light of the instances of terror around the world most recently december 19th christmas village attack in berlin, germany philadelphia police have teamed up with official ness other major cities across the country to ensure safe, fun, start to 2017. >> i personally have been in contact with the nypd as well as pennsylvania state police, septa police, fbi here in philadelphia to make sure that we're all on the same page, we're all well coordinated, sharing information. >> reporter: on weekend marked by extravagantly clad men and women strutting down broad street, unique behavior is pretty much status quo but suspicious behavior or circumstances is another story police are asking spectators to remain diligent and call 911 if they spot something that just does not seem right.
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along with the fire works and the mummers parade the eagles will be playing at home on sunday so extra security will be there as well. reporting from penns landingal sand that hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". despite a bit of the child the ocean city boardwalk is ready for crowds tonight. ocean city is hosting its first night 2017 celebration. there will be 70 different shows at 20tive rent venues all around town and if you are cold, an indoor pool will be opened as well. >> it is a real spectacle if you have in the been to first night it will look like a summer night on the streets and boardwalk. the just crowds like you wouldn't believe. >> the skateboard park will be opened and will be featuring a dj spinning some tunes as well first night in ocean city begins at 4:00 he clock and goes through midnight when the fire works show begins. admission buttons are $20 each , city officials say they sellout the quickly. party's all across philadelphia will ring in 2017 , one south philadelphia bakery has been working all
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night to keep up with the orders. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at c ac a's bakery in south philadelphia where workers are mighty busy. >> good morning, jan. i wish there was a feature where i could bring smells to you because it smells amazing and fresh in here. they have been working throughout the the night, some have not even slept or they only took a nap for a few hours. this he were here until about midnight last night and they came in around 3:00 this morning. so, all of these rolls, these are thousands and thousands of rolls that will be heading to super markets or these are orders being filled for neighbors around this area. the bread is being baked right now, all of these rolls, carbs central over here. this is our friend billy working very hard. he has been here for 22 years. these rolls are being made right now. again, thousands and thousands of orders. they also have roast pork here , contact knoll i, pizza,
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this is one of the busiest months of the year getting ready between christmas, between new years, so many is happening and this will be continuing all throughout the morning. they opened up their doors at 6:00 o'clock but if you take a look here every where we look, every where we walk there is just bread and bread and more bread. so they will be very, very busy this morning once doors opened. they are starting to make deliveries to all of the supermarkets and every where, they will be filling these orders, right now, barely get anything sleep. if you want to head on down again the doors opened up at 6:00. for now we are live from south philadelphia i'm anita oh for cbs-3 eye witt these news us. >> absolutely right, we need smello-vision i have been there many times, it the is glorious down there. >> reporter: smell-o-vision, love it. >> thanks, anita. philadelphia is anticipating a big crowd for annual mummers parade and that means road closures as well. from 3:00 a.m. tomorrow until
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the even of the parade market street will close from 15th to 16th. fifteenth street will close from arch to chestnut, jfk boulevard will shut down from 15th to 20th. then later tomorrow broad street will be closed from city hall down to washington avenue, we, of course, have put a complete the list of the parade parking restrictions on line at cbs and, of course, cbs philly .com has a complete guide to celebrating new years eve in the philadelphia area, just check outer with site. family and friend paid their final respects to the 81 year-old south philadelphia shop owner killed one week ago marine buck was gunned down inside of her own store on christmas eve, "eyewitness news" here at baldi funeral home on south broad street yesterday morning. a funeral mass followed at st. mary magdellon church, police arrested maurice green, for buck's murder. family members of that south jersey woman who disappeared with her great granddaughter on christmas eve are speaking out.
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barbara briley and five-year old le myra briley were heading to north carolina to visit family last at day but never made it. pair was eventually found wednesday that it in the remote wooded area of virginia , why they ended up there remains a mystery. >> she said her and her great grand mom every day. she took water and gave her and her grand nom something to drink every day. she covered her with a blanket you can tell she tried to plug up her cell phone. >> brave little girl. barbara briley remains in the hospital in virginia and her family says she will remain there for a few more days. bill cosby's lawyers want to move his sexual assault trial out of montgomery county , and defense lawyers are asking a judge for a change of venue saying their there been just too much publicity surrounding this case. cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his cheltenham home more than a decade ago. prosecutor say he is not the opposed to moving the trial which is scheduled for june.
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philadelphia police hope you can help track down three men wanted for an attack at a gas station in crescentville. this happened december 23rd outside sunoco station on cheltenham avenue. surveillance video shows them knocking a 19 year-old man to the ground and then punching and kicking him, police say they took the victim's cell phone. and upper darby police say they have made two arrests after an attack on three work are the at a wawa there. suspect threw hot coffee on three workers on thursday, police say they were burned on their face and bodies, they are still looking for a third suspect. a amusement park goers stuck on the ride for hours, how rescuers got them to safety when "eyewitness news", continues. plus this... an interesting twist to u.s./russia relations a day after the obama administration issued sanction as begins moscow, i'm craig boswell at the white
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seventeen people were trapped on the stalled ride for offer five hours in southern california amusement park. at about 2:00 p.m. yesterday the sky cabin ride at the farms stopped 130 feet in the air. maintenance were unable to fix the ride before fire fighters arrived and as you can see rescuers had to repel each passenger to safety. there is no word what caused the ride to stall. russian president vladamire putin is criticizing new u.s. sanction as begins the country. he says he will not ex-pull
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american diplomates in retaliation. president-elect donald trump praised putin as some russian officials in the united states packed up their belongings. craig boswell. >> reporter: report 35 russian officials on both u.s. coasts are clearing out president obama ordered exile in response to russian sign's tack meant to interfere with the u.s. elections. convoys were seen leaving two shuttered compounds, one on the new york's long island and another in marmount, russian consul general in san francisco condemned ouster but said there will be no tit for tat retaliation. >> no u.s. diplomates will be expelled from russia. >> reporter: president vladamire putin said he will wait to see policies of the donald trump administration before taking any action, president-elect tweeted great move on delay, i always knew he was very smart, a new round of u.s. sanctions took aim at two russian intelligence services, four intelligence officers and three russian
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tech companies. but global political experts don't see an end to putin's cyber warfare. >> he has done well with it. he is winning. he will in the stop. >> reporter: senate hearing is set for next thursday, president-elect trump is meeting with intelligence leaders next week to learn more about the hacking. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime when president obama returns from his hawaii vacation next week he is expected to focus on, saving the affordable care act also known as obama care. the president will have a strategy next week with democratic lawmakers, and he will give a speech in chicago on january 10th that is expected to be his closing message as president. the most powerful nor'easter in almost two years has hit northern new england, there were reports of the the thunder snow, that is thunder and lightening. the national weather service received reports of snow falling at up to 6 inches per hour, one of the hardest hit the areas is north waterboro,
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maine, they got more than 25 inches of snow. that is crazy, and thunder snow, rot of people get excited about that. >> lots going on in the atmosphere with thunder snow but they have 25 inches, they will be cleaned up by today. they are used to it by today. >> they are pros. they have machinery and they just move that snow. they are used to it. >> exactly. >> we're quiet. not much happening this weekend, temperatures are above average. we will see cold air return though ending next week and if you love mild temperatures. the great timing for new years eve. great plans, fire works, mummers parade, weather will work out perfect. we are cold this morning. we will go up to the lehigh valley and live look at main street from the hotel bethlehem, all is good, quiet conditions this morning. we have a breeze. temperatures in the 20's, we have some sunshine to start off the day, and then some clouds will thicken up but maybe get the a sprinkle will or a snow shower far northern lehigh valley and poconos but not amounting to anything n big deal. that will happen later in the afternoon fit does at all. look at the temperatures to south jersey, delaware, pretty
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chilly 256789 in millville. one of the colder spots, inland. twenty-seven, millville. dover delaware checking in at 28. sitting at freezing at the airport here in philadelphia mid 20's in chalfont. twenty-seven in malvern and then similar numbers to the far northern suburbs quakertown, doylestown up 20's , 22 in mount pocono. good conditions there to crank out some snow on the guns g skiing conditions continue, throughout this weekend. so it goes down hill over next week. we will talk about some rain. quiet on storm scan three just some cloud rolling through but right the new we will clear out for a little bit later this morning. we will start off with mostly sunny skies and then cloud start to move in this afternoon. weak cold front that will be passing through our region overnight tonight a head of the front we will get a south lawyer pleas, kicks off, not quite as windy as yesterday. we had gusts to 40 miles an hour, and then get gusts close to 30 but sustained wind ten to 20 miles an hour. add a chill to the air but that south wind will bring our temperatures backup above average. evening plans tonight still
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breezy, so just be prepared, those wind chill values down to the zero's. we will show thaw in just a second here. and then tomorrow wind relax, good conditions, for the eagles game, finish off this season. all right, so today in the afternoon, sunny skies, cloud start to move in late afternoon in the evening, like i said maybe a flurry, syringe will will, lehigh valley, poconos, no war there i. that is out of here by overnight. midnight fire works displayed across the region. looks good. still on the breezy side. thone we're back to full sunshine, heading in to new years day. temperatures, into the afternoon, low to mid 40's. so, a few degrees above average. little milder then yesterday, and 8:00 o'clock temperatures a lot of people heading out for evening, dinner plans, upper 30's to around 40 degrees, midnight temperatures, leveling off so not a whole lot of drop off from temperatures tonight and then tomorrow, mid to upper 40 's for the high temperatures all right, little wind chill, 6:00 o'clock temperatures will feel colder in the lower 30's on exposed skin, midnight
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similar conditions but things could be worse, for this time of the year. forecast for today 46 degrees, partly sunny skies, little bit on the breezy side with southwest wind gusting to 25 miles an hour and then for tonight, still keeping skies mostly cloudy, breezy. thirty-eight for the low eventually for center city. then tomorrow, not a bad day for the mummers parade 9:00 o'clock temperatures lower 40's, mostly sunny, less windy by noon time, mid 40's. we are on our way up to 49 for the high for new years day, and then cloud roll in on monday, a few showers around especially in the afternoon better chance for steady rain on tuesday but look at the temperature close to 60 degrees, and then it the is back to reality, end of next week, high on thursday and friday back to the mid 30's, so winter is certainly arriving for full force next week, jan. >> justin, thank you. some sad news now from the philadelphia zoo about the death of the one of its most beloved animals. zenda a female african lion was euthanized due to a
5:20 am
wrapped decline in her health before her death the she was oldest african lion living in an american zoo, typical life span for african lionness captivity is 17 years, and she was born at gentlemen handes berg zoo in south africa in 1991. she arrived here in philadelphia two years laters. zika virus dominated health news in 2016. united states did not see un controlled widespread infection similar to what happened south and central america but there were isolated out breaks involving 200 people. kenneth craig takes a look back at the year in health. >> reporter: first locally transmitted cases of the zika virus turned up in south florida. crews sprayed insecticide to kill the mosquito that spread the virus. >> it has been referred to as a cock roach of mosquitoes. it can bite four or five people at ones and spread rapidly. >> reporter: pregnant woman were warned to avoid the area since the virus causes severe birth the defects including micro receively, number of cases of a mysterious pole yes
5:21 am
-like i am necessary spiked across the country, asm can cause limb weakness and paralysis or death. the american academy of pediatrics recommend infants sleep in their parents bedroom for at least first six months if in the the entire year, to cut risk of sudden infant death syndrome. the aap relaxed recommendation s for screen time saying parents who want to introduce children 18 to 24 months to digital media should choose high quality programming. >> what you want to make sure you are doggies co viewing witt them so you are narrating what is going on. >> reporter: aa p says there is in safe level for lead for kid calling for stricter governmental testing for water , cile and house dust. federal health officials recommended limiting salt in processed food to prevent thousands of death, every year , there heart disease, and stroke. a ten year study of the pain
5:22 am
relief celebrex found patients are not a a greater risk for heart problems then those taking naproxen or ibuprofen. the u.s. preventive services task force continued to recommend mammograms, every other year, for women 50 to 74 and said that screening can be effective for would hand in their 40's but over diagnosis a concern. >> benefits are smaller, the harms need to be carefully viewed. >> reporter: woman underwent the first uterus transplant in the u.s. but the organ was removed a month later after a complication. a cancer survivor, also received the first penis transplant in the u.s. american heart association highlighted differences between heart attacks in women and men saying some risk factors can be more harmful to women. >> diabetes can be twice as strong a risk factor high blood pressure is stronger risk factor of heart disease among women. >> reporter: new f.d.a. regulations went into effect making it illegal to sell e cigarettes to anybody under 18
5:23 am
kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead here a look ahead at what is new in theaters this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier coming up denzel washington directs and stars with viola davis in the powerful story of a family struggling for a better
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back object "eyewitness news" debbie reynolds son says his mother and sister actress carrie fisher will have a joint fisher and will be buried together. actresses who died one day apart will be laid to rest at forest lawn hollywood hills
5:26 am
final resting place of numerous celebrities. no date has been set yet for the funeral, it will be private, a public memorial service is also being considered. ♪ >> carrie fisher, fans of the star wars icon held a special memorial parade in her honor in louisiana on friday. it doesens dressed up like princess leah and marched in an area of new orleans where we're used to seeing mardi gras parades. an award winning play takes to the silver screen and stars award winning actors as well. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight has more on the new move any theaters this weekend. >> this week denzel washington does double duty as director and star when viola davis in the powerful drama of a family struggling for a better life in texas. >> a man is supposed to take care of his family. >> reporter: in fences denzel washington stars as troy, father trying to take care of his family as best as he can
5:27 am
while struggling to deal with his past and future for his son. washington stepped behind camera for his third major feature translating at ward winning broadway play for big screen. >> in a play you have the the luxury or you decide where you are going to look. if five of us are up there you will look at however is talking. in a film you have to decide how will cut to and work out ways, to that punch, to that explosion. >> i asked you a question, what law is there that say i have to like you. >> reporter: viola davis stars as troy's wife delivering a gut wrenching performance in bringing every emotion she has to a role of the hurt woman. >> that is indicative of something very traumatic and big happening of your life being taken away, and when the steaks are that high you cannot play it small. it is in the about playing it small or big, it is just playing for what it is. >> i'm standing with you. i got a life too.
5:28 am
i have dreams, hopes, what about my life, what about me? >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier new back to you in the studio. still ahead here on "eyewitness news", this morning, 2016 business to become history and what a year it was, so as we reflect we will pose the question, do you consider it a good year or one that you cannot wait to put in the past. plus philadelphia is getting ready for not one but two fire works show to help ring in the new year what it takes to pull off those dazzling light displays, we will also have this. the famous ball drop is just hours away, and i'm marley hall in times square with more on how officials plan to
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good morning, i'm jan carabao, happy new years eve as well. meteorologist justin drabick is out their life on the cbs-3 sky deck with eyewitness weather. the justin, i think people may be sleeping into gear up to celebrate the new year. what will it feel like when they do get out there. >> big night, lots of activity , weather cooperating perfectly finishing off 2016 and january will be on the mild side. so ideal conditions if you are traveling later today and certainly checking out fire works across the delaware valley tonight, yeah, it has been chilly but not dealing with any precipitation. a few clouds around the region right now, colder then yesterday morning, 2 degrees colder, is 11 in millville.
5:32 am
there is still enough breeze, that it will add a wind chill factor. actual air temperatures range from the mid 20's in the the lehigh valley to freezing in philadelphia, 25 in millville, 29 in atlantic city airport. we will zoom into suburbs, same deal, mid to upper 20, low 30's, 31 in palmyra, 27 in mount holly, new jersey. the here's wind chill factor where it feels like on exposed skin, 18 in allentown, mid 20 's around philadelphia, upper 20's in wilmington. those wind chills will be in the 20's over next few hours, eventually climbing to 30's through much of the afternoon. storm scan three is nice and quiet. there abby weak cold front coming through bringing more cloud in later today, but really, no chance of any precipitation, the with the exception in the poconos, seeing a flurry or sprinkle later on but temperatures returning to above average mid 40's for highs for philadelphia, and at the shore , mid 30's for actual temperatures this afternoon, in the poconos, and then again midnight tonight we are talking about temperatures only holding in the lower 40's that is not bad.
5:33 am
good news for checking out fire works. we will have more complete forecast coming up in a few more minutes, jan, back to you >> just pack a blanket you will be fine. >> exactly. >> well, biggest party of 2016 happens tonight the in new york city's time square as the world rings in the new year. marley hall has very latest on the security measure to keep visitors there safe. >> reporter: up to 2 million people are expected to make their way to new york city's times square to see the big crystal ball drop tonight. >> i'm very, very excited about the security. >> reporter: more than 7,000 uniformed and plainclothes officers will protect revellers confined to a one square mile area in the center of manhattan. officers will also watch over the festivities from rooftops and helicopters, and from surveillance cameras. >> we will have one of the most well policed, best protect events in one of the most safe venues in the entire world given all of the assets that we deploy here. >> reporter: sixty-five garbage trucks holding tons of sand will be parked in
5:34 am
strategic locations around times square. nypd is doubling number of blocker vehicles to 100. >> i never worry about these things. >> reporter: this tourist there manchester england feels there is no need for an alarm. >> we have to live. if we keep going on, that is how we make sure that the terrorist don't win. >> reporter: people plan to come out here for ball drop will be searched before they are allowed to enter times square. backpacks, large bags, umbrellas and alcohol, will not aloud in the barricaded area. revellers are urged to arrive late in the afternoon, bundle up, and be aware that there are in rest room facilities. marley hall, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and tonight, thousands will gather on the delaware river waterfront for the fire works displays, to ring in the new year, there are two of them tonight. "eyewitness news" was on the barges at navy yard yesterday where crew where is make going final preparations for show.
5:35 am
they were getting everything ready, it takes four days. >> all of these guys, they have other jobs, they are police officers and everything teachers, we have a teacher right the here. they have a lot of passion. that is why they are doing this. they are out here because they care. they want to bring smiles to everyone in philadelphia's face. >> having the show on the river is actually an advantage since larger shells can be fired over the water. they are absolutely beautiful as well. in less than 24 hours it will be 2017. some say it cannot get here soon enough, others may be working up until the final minute. a south philadelphia bakery is trying to keep up with order for new years eve parties. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at casia's bakery, a neat, have you had breakfast yet. >> reporter: i have not had breakfast yet, jan but there are many options here. i feel like i'm in heaven. i don't know if i'm dreaming surrounded by all of these carbs. they have been preparing all
5:36 am
week for this, and you can see all of these thousands and thousands of rolls will be heading to the supermarkets. these workers here of barely slept. i'm told that they pretty much took a nab because is there so much work that is still to be done, you can see they are preparing to bring this bread out to all of the people lining up, for the doors opening up at 6:00 o'clock. here is joey c ac ia's, fourth generation here so he has grown up on this. you have pretty much been using to this for your entire life, it is what you have grown up on why do you think people make this their regular new years tradition. >> we have very good customers and they know this is best place to come, and, hold on a second. >> you can see they are really raring. >> sorry. >> so. and how much, you have barely
5:37 am
slept. >> i did is 11 last night, no, two nights ago until like 7:00 k at like one, 1:00 p.m. until like 11:00 last night and i'm here now. there is always something to do. there is so much hectic, christmas was even craze year and just hope that after the new year that it continues like this and our customers are always here, they are always loyal and they come in and see the same tastes every year, every day, thanksgiving was great, christmas was great , and it just seems like today will be great too. >> reporter: how many rolls are we looking at. >> what kind of rolls. >> reporter: good question. >> all of them, thousands and thousands of rolls. this is our torpedo roll and we do about 900 dozen of these and that is for the shore, going out this is store and
5:38 am
that is just one role. so we have large selection of all kind of different bread, rolls, and they will all be gone. by the end of today they will all be gone. >> reporter: we will also be taking some of them i'm sure because is there so much happening, the doors opened up at 6:00 o'clock if you want to check it out. live from philadelphia, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> you just never know what joey will say, well done, we will talk to you later. before we embrace 2017, we will look back at 2016. did you love it or are you anxious to leave it behind. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer asked people their thoughts on the year before it officially draws to a close. >> reporter: as clock tics close to another new year what is, send off for 2016. good year or good riddance. >> i thought it was good year. >> very interesting, eventful. >> good riddance. eagles did than the do well, cubs won world series.
5:39 am
>> transition team in the world, a lot of change. >> a lot of issues with racism and president and all that. >> reporter: most noteably this years presidential campaign which led toe election of the reality tv star and billion air businessman donald trump as forty-fifth president of the you had. >> disappointing. >> election of trump you can see really had people feel. >> we are looking for change, change in our people, change in the economy and marketplace >> going in the right direction. >> reporter: 2016 also brought tragedy, from deadly police involved shootings to the ambush style attack that killed five police officers in dallas and inside orlando's pulse nightclub the most deadly mass shooting in u.s. history. >> ♪ >> reporter: this year wasn't kind to 80's music icons either first with the passing of the david bowie and then superstar prince and most recently george michael. >> i expect to find you holding a bigger leash. >> reporter: carrie fisher best known from star wars also passed in december 1 day
5:40 am
before her mother academy award winning actress debbie reynold. >> fine entertainers. >> it is sad but reality is but part of life is death. >> reporter: and moving for. >> people don't like change but change is good. >> good riddance, fresh start. >> reporter: nicole brewer, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i agree a fresh start is never a bad thing. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a look back at stories that made headlines from hollywood. we are taking a look back at the top google searches of 2016, including which locals were fascinate by blank lean a divorce. chilly start to holiday weekend, justin is back with the forecast for new years celebration, we will be right
5:41 am
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5:43 am
from ghost busters to gillmore girls, break ups to boy band, car pool karaoke and music melt downs, 2016 certainly entertained us this year the world also mourned two music giants, susan marquez looks back at 2016 in entertainment news. >> ♪ >> music world lost two superstars. >> ♪ >> reporter: prince died of a prescription drug overdose at his paisley park recording studio in minnesota. >> ♪ >> reporter: british rocker david bowie lost his battle with liver cancer just two days have after release of his latest album black star.
5:44 am
>> bob dylann was awarded noble prize for literature, but didn't go to oslo to pick it up. the academy of motion picture arts and sciences promised to double its membership of women and people of color by 2020, after criticism that the oscars were too white. beyonce sold lemonade her second visual album was released alongside a one hour film on hbo. she has nine grammy nominations up against adele for top three prizes, record, song, album of the year. hamilton was nominated for more tony's then any other broadway musical in history and took home 11 trophies. hip-hop star kanye west was hospitalized for a week with exhaustion, following an on stage melt down at a concert in california. >> show's over. >> reporter: hollywood power couple brad pitt and angelina
5:45 am
jolie ended their marriage. they were together for 12 years, married for two and have six kids. members of the uk boy band one treks, separated, pursuing solo contracts and other projects. >> wow. >> reporter: girl power hit big screen with all a female remake of the 1980's comedy ghost busters. original cast of gillmore girls reunited on netflix, four you this installments of the hit series. james corden car pool karaoke on the cbs late show became a viral sensation. >> ♪ the >> reporter: corden, sang with adele, madonna, elton john and brittany spears. >> i'm president, he is the boss. >> reporter: president obama awarded the presidential medal of freedom to hollywood heavyweights including diana ross, tom hanks, cecily tyson, robert deniero, bruce
5:46 am
springsteen and ellen degenerous. the group celebrated with the manikin challenge. susan marquez for cbs news. here's a different look back at the year, real estate web site estately dot the come uncovered what each state googled more than any other state in 2016. so here's how it breaks town in our area. pennsylvanians looked up arnold palmer after the legendary golfer died in september, and in new jersey, president-elect donald trump was top search and people in delaware were most serious about the big celebrity split of the year that is, of course , brad pitt and angelina jolie's divorce. it is always interesting to go sees who googles what, justin. i'm just happen anyone is googling a blizzard. >> i think were you number two >> of course. >> very popular. >> you number three. >> cool, cool. no blizzard happening this weekend for sure. all quiet, that is good news for new years weekend, people want to get out, enjoying fun activities going on and december overall once again we are above average. final day. we will stay above average.
5:47 am
so far 1.8 degrees, we average highs and low together. we are low, quarters of an inch. we will stay dry through today and tomorrow, and, highest temperature coming in, 64 degrees, for the high and the low was 60, and also not hitting 60's today but we have a shot to get close to 60's in the start of the january. we will talk about that in a bit. cold morning, allentown 29, reading, freezing in philadelphia, upper 20's for inland area of new jersey, cozies chilly right now, 33 in stone harbor and in ocean city , new jersey. check out rehoboth beach coming in at 26 degrees, this hour. good news is nice and quiet, up and down the coast for the most part a couple of snow showers this is great lakes. clear skies to the west, we will see sunshine around this morning, cloud thicken up over the ohio valley. there is a cold front out to the west, that will be tracking east, not a lot of moisture maybe we will get a flurry in the poconos later today but most mid-atlantic states nice and quiet. hitting slopes today, tomorrow great weekend.
5:48 am
check out base, starting to really stack up here in the snow, 40 inches at jack frost, big boulder, 36 at cammal back , blue mountain not 100 percent opened but we are close, already 28 trails opened at cammal back. checking out fire works, in philadelphia we have two shows , evening show, cloud, little bit breezy, temperature at 6:00 right around 43 degrees. not much change by midnight. lower 40's. still mostly cloudy but key here is win out of the southwest ten to 15. that takes these temperatures down a bit. the it will feel colder then lower 40's more like lower 30 's. we will have heavier coats around, and gloves just in case f we are dry that front stays, west of the day to day just included building in and that sprinkle or flurry touring evening hours to the north of the city, lehigh valley, poconos, front coming through dry, about a being to sunny skies for new years day, good start off to january. temperatures maybe close to 50 tomorrow, and then we will see our next storm coming in for monday, initially cloud, couple of light showers, i think for monday afternoon, steady rain should hold off
5:49 am
until tuesday. and air temperatures today, like i said back above average low to mid 40's across philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, cooler up in the lehigh valley lower 40's should for allentown, northampton, low to mid 40's, i think, too cool around philadelphia and surrounding suburbs and then mid to even upper 40's for south jersey and delaware this afternoon with some sunshine. forecast for today, for philadelphia, 46 degrees. forty-two is the average this time of the year. partly sunny, breezy, wind gusting. tonight mostly cloudy, still on the breezy side, actual air temperature 38. cooler in the suburbs. not a bad day tomorrow to finish off season. dallas in town, sunshine, game time temperature 48 degrees. wind will be light tomorrow, out of the northwest at five to ten. here's the extended forecast near 50 for new years day in the sunshine, clouds, couple of showers, and monday, mid 40 's but look at tuesday, 59 degrees, maybe even some 60 's in some spots off and on showers, we will cool it down
5:50 am
wednesday to 50 and then real cold air arrives next thursday and friday highs in the middle 30's. now for decade we have been hearing about the hole in the ozone layers. now research shows ozone may be healing itself, meteorologist lauren casey explains from the the einstein health care science center. >> reporter: in an age of unnerving earth science news recent study conclude optimistic finding that the infamous hole in the ozone layer is on the mend. proof that cooperative legislative policies, can yield positive environmental results on a has i have square ozone layer is located in the strat fear where boundary between where our weather occurs and space. ozone at this level serves as a healed to the earth by absorbing incoming radiation from the sun, like a sun screen for the earth. every spring a hole forms in the ozone over antarctica allowing more harmful uv ray
5:51 am
toss penetrate down to the earth surface. exposure to you. v radiation can have impacts on everything, and marine studies. study conduct this year found that the hole is shrinking. satellite measurement showed that from 2,000 to 2015, ozone hole in the month of september , went peak size that rang by 1.7 million square miles. healing is, international treaty ratified in 1989. montreal protocol set out to limit use of ozone destroying chemicals, the main cull risk cfc's. prior to the 1980's, cfc were used in air conditioning, refrigerators and aerosols including hair spray. use of the cfc was all together banned in 1996. the montreal protocol was ratified by 197 parties, including all countries in the u.n. it was first international treaty to address a worldwide
5:52 am
environmental challenge. through the separate 98 percent of the ozone depleting substances contained in 100 hazardous chemicals have been phased out. in the einstein health care science center i'm meteorologist lauren casey.
5:53 am
5:54 am
final game last night in denver, brett the brown had nine available players, jahlil okafor sitting out with the hamstring injury. i wonder what allen iverson would say about these players continuing to sit out. big ja scored 13 against utah
5:55 am
there he is just chilling last night. how about joel embiid going for loose ball. we have seen that this season, diving into the bench. he would be okay. fourth quarter we will go, joe joe from deep, it is splash land for him he had 23 points. sixers regained the lead. later on dario saric to nick stauskus, sauce for three. the sixers hold on for their eighth win of the season, and they do it on the road, 124- 122. the years almost over, many will look back at 2016 and celebrate what they accomplish. the others will say could have , would have, should have, eagles nor different, the bird are putting final touches on the raring for dallas cowboys. right now eagles are six-nine and they have regrets. doug pederson was asked about some of the plays that will haunt him after the season. >> are there calls that i would do differently looking back, sure. there is a few plays this year that i would have taken back. maybe some court down
5:56 am
situations, would i call a different play. i still like decision to get for it. i think back to the giants again, would i call a different play, the decision to go for it, was okay. play design, not so much. >> college hoops, st. joes hosting george washington hawks looking to improve to seven-five under three minutes left, hawks down by a basket, charlie brown, chuck brian, he noise block head, has 13 points. saint guess takes the lead. hawks still up a point, lemar campbell also with 13. st. joes win the league opener over george washington 68-63. lasalle at dayton, john and the explorers trying to snap a 12 game losing streak to the flyers, first half, lasalle up by one and ukee washington if you are watching our favorite play, that is powell with 23. later in the first, lasalle up a point bye kendell paulard had 20 points. lasalle loses, by 11.
5:57 am
that is all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great day still ahead right the here on "eyewitness news" we are following latest developments on the state trooper shot dead overnight, and the search for his killer this morning. also ahead ringing in the new year in style, and safely, how philadelphia police are making sure everyone is protect in the aftermath of several terror attacks overseas. plus, summer isn't only time to hit the shore, south jersey town where people get to ring in the new year. what to expect from the weather as the clock strikes midnight. we will be right back.
5:58 am
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developing right now an all out search is underway for this man after a state police trooper is shot dead in central pennsylvania. we will have the latest on the manhunt. it is one of the biggest party nights of the year and security will be tight, the safety measures philadelphia police are putting in place this new years eve. and the doors are opened, at south philadelphia bakery where workers have been very busy all night getting ready for this new year rush. looks good. it is saturday last day of 2016, happy new years eve i'm jan carabao. lets get straight over to justin drabick with eyewitness weather. good saturday morning, justin. a lot o


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