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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  December 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> philadelphia is set to bid farewell 2016. fireworks are about to light up the night sky at any point this evening. this is just the first of two displays that will help us ring in 2017. good evening, i'm joel holden. natasha is off tonight. now the second fireworks show kicks off at the stroke of midnight. if you're heading tout celebrate you'll want to dress warmly. meteorologist lauren casey is here with her fireworks forecast. hey, lauren. >> hey, joe. yeah, chilly day today once again we had that breeze once again as well and temperature right now at 43 degrees.
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we're in the low 40's in the lehigh valley and 43 degrees very consistent in ac and then we still have that breeze kicking up around 18, 20, 22 miles per hour impacting that wind chill temperature. we're still having the gusts especially along the i-95 corridor winds gusting to around 25 to 30 miles per hour but the good news is the winds will start to wind down as we approach midnight. if you're heading out for that second round of fireworks it will be less breezy for you. storm scan3 it looks bad but don't worry. a lot of this is upper level moisture that the radar is picking up on. you're really only seeing sprinkles in berks county, flurries into the poconos so maybe a very stray sprinkle if you're heading out around 10:00 to get your spot for the fireworks at penn's landing. otherwise dry conditions, mostly cloudy. less of a breeze and temperatures will be steady so it's chilly now but it will probably feel very similar at around midnight to wait feels like when you step outside right now so you can prepare to bundle up accordingly. we'll talk more about what's
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in store for our new year's day and some arctic air returning. i know you don't want to listen i'm have the details in your full forecast. >> lauren thank you. penn's landing is packed with revelers watching the first fireworks show. let's take a live look. this show is perfect for families those who wish to celebrate the new year a few hours earlier. fireworks are shooting about a thousand feet into the air before exploding. each one is about two football fields wide. let's take a look and a liste listen. >> ♪ >> the fanfare and excitement of the fireworks show on penn's landing and mixed in the crowd there is our alexandria hoff. alexandria, how is it going?
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>> reporter: well, hey, joe, it is a party here at penn's landing as you mentioned. a beautiful display has just started. i promise i'm not the only one wearing a party hat for this. crowds took in the cold in stride and in style to welcome in the new year just about six hours early. this is the first of two fireworks displays which will light up the skies over the delaware, the second of course will be ringing in the new year right at midnight. let's take another live look at that if we could right now. this is getting too much to handle. who doesn't love fireworks? that's why so many people are out here. this is shooting off right from the middle of the delaware. anyone from new jersey to pennsylvania is able to watch this so that's really exciting and speaking about some distance we just spoke to a girl who traveled from pakistan to experience her first new year's in the united states. she says she's ready for a whole new experience, one very different from home. >> pakistani don't get to
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celebrate new year's with fireworks. it's fun there but i think the festive mode here is to a great extent. it's funnel it's a great -- funa great show. >> reporter: i think it's the music that gets me, too. that's what puts me in the mood to fling a new year. i spoke with philadelphia police yesterday. they said extra patrols will be on throughout the weekend to make sure everyone can welcome in 2017 with safety and with fun. reporting live from penn's landing alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> love the hat alex. thank you for that live repor report. >> ♪ in many parts of the world 2017 has already arrived in taiwan the largest and most colorful fireworks display lit up the taipei 101 skyscraper where hundreds of thousands of
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people were entertained by asian pop stars. in australia the sydney harbor lit up with fireworks launchd from bridges and barges on the water. 120 tons of fireworks entertained revelers during a 12 minute show that paid tribute to prince david bowie and gene wilder. >> five, four, three, two, one. [cheers and applause] >> off in new zealand was if you have first places in the world to ring in the new year. security is tight in times square new york city where the celebration is just six hours away. security guards began to check bags for revelers who will watch the ball drop more than 12 hours before the scheduled celebration. and as we count down to the new year, to the last minute run is on for those holiday spirits. "eyewitness news" at the wine and spirits store on market street in center city as people hurry to grab their favorite adult beverages perhaps some champagne before
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the new year's eve parties and festivities. pennsylvania drivers can expect to pay a little more at the pumps in the new year. starting tomorrow the gas tax in the keystone state will jump eight cents to 78 cents per gallons. as of today drivers are paying an average $2.54 for a gallon of regular in pennsylvania. a suspect in the fatal shooting of a pennsylvania state trooper has been shot and killed. police say early this morning the manhunt for the suspected shooter, 32-year-old jason robison ended in gunfire at a mobile home in central pennsylvania. it wasn't far from the huntingdon county home where 23-year-old state trooper landon weaver was gunned down friday night while responding to a domestic incident. >> they encountered the murder suspect in a nearby location. when confronted by the troopers the armed suspect failed to obey commands and made an overt threat towards
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the troopers. faced way deadly situation troopers were forced to discharge their weapons resulting in the suspect being fatally wounded. >> trooper weaver joined the department a year ago and graduated from the police academy in june. a community mourns the loss of fallen new jersey state trooper bill furin today. this is "eyewitness news" video of the services. last year he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor attributed to working at ground zero during the aftermath of 9/11. he served 22 years with the state police. on this new year's eve many of you are preparing to go out tonight to celebrate. 2017 came early for this group of youngsters. after the break we'll ring in the new year with those who will probably be long asleep when the clock strikes midnight. plus... >> thousands and thousands of rolls, these are just some of the orders filled for new year's day celebrations. i'm anita oh in south
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philadelphia. what keeps people coming back to this specific bakery year after year. >> we'll talk more about your fireworks forecast what to expect for new year's day a-60-degree high temperature and the return of arctic air. it's all in your full forecast coming up just after this. >> ♪ >> and as we head to break another look at philadelphia's first fireworks display of the evening. we're coming right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> fireworks lighting up the sky over penn's landing. this is the first of two fireworks shows. the second one will be at midnight. less than six hours left in 2016. >> three, two, one, happy new year! >> some youngsters rang in the new year at the please touch museum's count down to noon today. they were 12 hours early but most of them will have to be in med by midnight. the family friendly party was complete with live music and even a traditional new year's eve ball drop. the big party was over just in time for a nap. on new year's eve it's about the rolls at cacia's bakery. ask the line of people who turn out annually to get their share. our anita oh took a taste of the south philadelphia tradition.
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>> reporter: if you know a thing or two about the best kinds of bread, you know about cacia's bakery in south philadelphia. >> i've been in south jersey for the last 50 years but this is the only place to come for rollsism a spread filled with cacia's goods is a new year's tradition for don mateo who is piing up seven dozen rolls for his new year's party. >> i lived here for the first 26 years of my life. it was here then. we've had rolls dating way back to that period in time and it just continued over the years. >> reporter: but he's just one of many customers stopping in to pick up their orders. the workers here have barely slept baking throughout the night and filling orders of thousands and thousands of rolls for all of those new year's celebrations. >> this is our torpedo roll and we do about 900 dozen of these. >> reporter: joey cacia is the fourth generation of the family business. so from a young age this has
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been home. >> my customers are always here. they're always loyal and they come in. i see the same faces every year, every day. >> reporter: it's a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. but there's a lot of joy, too. >> we're going to go back and see linda you. >> i grew up on this. i grew up right around the corner. thanksgiving and bringing your turks, the bread is deliciousism south philadelphia. >> you ought to try it. it's indescribable. >> reporter: anita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news" stand in the line early in the morning with those temperatures just to get some rolls. they must be pretty good. >> they must be delicious. warms you up nice warm roll with but on it great, eat it all up before your new year's resolutions kick in. they do kick in. we are closing in on the last day of 2016 and temperatures are a little chilly. it was another chilly day today but temperatures topped right around average. we'll take a look at where we're at right now in center
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city philadelphia. all is quiet with the temperature at 43 degrees, winds out of the south at around 18 miles per hour so another breezy day and that's making it feel like 35 degrees but the good news is if you are headed out for the fireworks at midnight that breeze is going to start to wind down slowly over the next couple of hours but do still have these chilly temperatures. 43 degrees in allentown, at the freezing mark in mount pocono we're at 45 in millville. and we did have those winds whipping again today especially down the shore. a wind gust of 45 miles per hour earlier in the day in ac gusting to 32 in new castle and run in reading. temperatures right now as we take a look at those, 42 degrees, we're kind of sitting very near our high temperature, 43 in philadelphia, and 42 degrees in wilmington because temperatures are not tumbling as fast as we have that breeze in place and also the cloud deck starting to increase so it is a milder evening than what we were experiencing yesterday with temperatures up over the last 24 hours on the order of about five to 10 degrees so tonight not as cold. 38 degrees. mostly cloudy conditions with
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maybe a very stray spring dell. winds start to decrease and less wind for our sunny sunday, mostly sunny and pleasant to kick off 2017. not too bad for a january day. storm scan3, we took a look at this at the top of the show. this looks ominous but the radar is picking on a lot of upper level moisture. this is higher up in the at fire. a lot of it evaporating before hitting the surface but you could be seeing a few sprinkles towards reading and into allentown, maybe few flurries mixed in but as we head into the second half of the evening even that activity starts to wind down overnight tonight cloud deck starts to clear out, setting us up for a nice sunny start to the new year. as the time rolls on on sunday just a lot of sunshine before we see the cloud deck return late sunday night early monday and you'll need the umbrella on monday especially in the city and points southward as periods of light rain and drizzle kind of throughout the day reducing visibility so it might be a tough go for our monday morning commute but for tomorrow looking great for the mummers parade, mostly sunny,
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less wind, 41 degrees at the 9 o'clock hour. we're up into the middle 40's by lunchtime and looking just as nice for the birds game taking on the cowboys, 49 degrees at 1 o'clock at the linc. sunshine and northwesterly winds pretty tame around five to 10 miles per hour. so, again, a nice day really all across the region. clouds decreasing in the poconos 38 degrees an high temperature near 50 down the shore so it will be mild as we head into tomorrow even more my mild into monday especially on tuesday. that's when high temperatures near the 60-degree mark but it's not going to last for long. here it comes once again, that arctic air is making a return right on cue for our first week of january. wednesday a high temperature of only 36 on thursday, 34 on friday and we're still in the 30's for highs as we head into the start of next weekend. so, kind of all over the place this week. >> yes. but it feels cold though. >> yes.
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>> until tuesday. >> yes. >> lauren thank you very much. on the final day of 2016, there are just four unbeaten teams in college basketball and get this, villanova is one of them. today they put their 19 game winning streak on the line against tenth ranked and unbeaten creighton. only seconds time in big east history that two unbeaten teams played each other. final section of the first half nova down two, the ball to kris jenkins his three pointer good and nova had a one point lead at the half. now in the second half game tied at 66 dante's jumper is no good but josh hart is there to get the rebound and scored to give the cat as two-point lead. under two minutes left villanova up five. bronson to the jumper in traffic. he scored a career high 27 points as villanova moves to 14 and o their best start in school history with the 10-point win. the new year tomorrow rings in the final game of the season for the eagles when they take on the cowboys down at the linc. the birds looking to end the
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season with back to back wins. tomorrow carson wentz could set a couple new team records. most passing attempts and most passing yards both held by donovan mcnabb. carson needs three more completions to set the nfl rookie record held by sam bradford. he says this season will help him later in his career. >> there's been a lot of learning, a lot of opportunities for me to grow and develop, see things, see the picture and all those things great and will only help me get better at a quicker pace i believe. >> we feel he's really playing his best football right now at the end of the year. just goes to show the type of player he is, the type of professional that he is and how he's learning each week. >> and we have you covered for the eagles season finale tomorrow at 11:30 on sunday kickoff. sports director don bell lesley van arsdale and merrill reese will put a close on the 2016 season that's tomorrow at 11:30. flyers will end their disney on ice road trip
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tomorrow against the ducks. after winning 10 in a row, the orange and black have dropped five out of six. last night against the sharks in the first period steve mason got tangled with san jose's joe thornton. mason injured his handled on the play but stayed in the game. few minutes later the sharks' patrick marlo knocked in the loose puck after mason made a save to give san jose the lead. the sharks shut out the flyers two-nothing. sixers ended their west coast trip by beating the nuggets in a wild finish. denver trailed by four with three seconds left. gary harris got the rebound and missed an easy shot that would have tied the game and sixers escaped with a 124-122 victory. last year they had just 10 wins. they're back home tuesday against timberwolves. still ahead on this new
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year's eve while we celebrate the start of 2171 of philadelphia's most fame russ residents is celebrating a birthday. still ahead we'll take you to a birthday bash
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>> welcome back. the new year is not the only that you know people are celebrating today. in case you didn't know today is betsy ross' 265th birthday. "eyewitness news" at the betsy ross house in center city where visitors were taking in some american history ahead of the ball drop. the festivities included a chocolate making demonstration and free cup cakes. betsy ross of course is credited with selling the first american flag and we will be
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>> fireworks aren't the only things lighting up the sky this new year's eve. nasa says a comet will streak across the sky. if the skies are clear you will be able to see comet 45-p as in paul but you'll need the binoculars. look for the comet in the western sky. a little bit of everything in our week coming up. >> absolutely. we got mild temperatures, a nice day to kick off 2017. tomorrow sunshine 50 degrees. watching out for rain monday tuesday. mild conditions by tuesday and then cold by thursday. >> thank you very much. and that is "eyewitness news" for now. i'm joel holden for lauren, lesley and natasha and everyone here. thank you for joining us as we say goodbye take a look at all of the folks in front and behind the camera here at
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cbs3. have a good night. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: the countdown to 2017. the new year he's already tbain in some parts of the world. here in the u.s. security has heighteneds -- millions going toker for celebrations coast to coast. useless tonight,oon electric company in vermont apparently tearinged by russian hackers. a swarm of earthquakes rootled california and new year's day. is it eye seismic wooik up ciewl? eyeye miernlg retile plot twist. >> it's nice to meet you. >> two phenomenonlies bonded by tragedy and eye little boyee guest of life. >> we could help someone elseee beeb. it's the only thing that's seefd


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