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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 6, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. we are waking up to snow, winter weather advisory is in effect. this is a live look at storm scan3 showing the areas still seeing snow right now. >> and this is a live look from bethlehem in the lehigh valley. you can see snow coating the sidewalk this morning. it is what you can expect to see when you leave home today. whether you are in the western suburbs, the city or south jersey. >> well today is friday, january 6, 2017. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. we're on early today to get you up and out safely. meisha is tracking the snow's impact on the roads ahead of the morning rush. reporter trang do is in mayfair, to update us on how things are looking there, first we look to meteorologist, katie fehlinger to when the system moves out.
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>> good morning, definitely more of nuisance system than nipping. but the timing here pretty much the least ideal it could be since everything is essentially on the ground, as we're waking up here. and hitting the roadways. and what i'll say at least from my own personal drove in this morning is that it certainly is treacherous, but specially on the untreated surfaces, the back roads, the neighborhood streets, so expect that it will definitely be little slick, winter weather advisory we spoke of at this point, not including southeastern pennsylvania, any more, it is really just new jersey central and southern at this point, as we look at the view on storm scan3, because we're starting to see the snow begin to move on out. so the back edge of this is visible, and as we had anticipated over the next hour or two, pretty much long gone. that's helpful. not dealing with additionally reduced visibility or additional snow falling as you're traveling. for a loft you what's out there right now what you will get out of the storm system. so if they've already had the
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chance to clear it or road crews were out and did their work on prepping the surface, it may not be horrible, but i still need you to be careful. thirty the current temperature at philadelphia international airport. into the 20's pretty much everywhere else, outlying suburbs, much colder in the poconos as is typical. but because it is still so cold, still cold enough obviously it can support this snow to stick and hang on. it is not like it will melt away here today. thirty-six at best for our daytime high, skies begin to clear in the city. clouds at the shore as well as in the mountains, so again, at least initially may be left over snow shower out there. but coming up, there is a possibility that some of us see even more snow this weekend, meisha. so that will be something you want to stay tuned for, my full forecast later on. >> i was going to ask you, if you think the worse of it has come down for the morning commute? >> i would say so, except for southeast new jersey still finding more. >> silver lining, sounds good. i can tell you right now already had a loft issues out
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on the roadways in particular on 95. so as you are waking up this morning i think the highlight that we will be stressing all morning is don't even think about driving at posted speeds. it is very, very dangerous, if you choose to do so. so, this is 95 south, between academy road and cottman, all lanes are still blocked. just minutes ago, we just saw jackknife tractor-trailer just being hauled out of here. see the crews still out there cleaning up where the jackknife tractor-trailer was. again all of the lanes are blocks you will have to use alternate, frandford or the boulevard probably your best bet until all of this gets a, cleaned up, crews get out of the way, and probably salted, as well, again, 59 south the one area where we do not want that to happen. it is out there, so if you can avoid interstate 95 south between academy and cottman, you want to do so. you can see how slick it is out there. katie pointed out, those back streets, side streets untreated, those bridge, under the bridge decks, they'll be very very slippery this morning. also, another accident 95
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north at betsy ross bridge. the left lane common denominate or this morning, so far, interstate 95, looks to be one of the more slippery spots, and one of the busiest, jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha. here is a list of school closings and delays this is the tri-state region, childhood development center in delaware will open 1.5 hours late, newman university will open one hour late, and temple bet hillel no a.m. care. check cbs local apps for school closings. if you are just waking up yes it is snowing. >> depending on where you live you may see couple of thins morning, so let's get right out to meteorologist, lauren kacie, live in column inning wood, new jersey, so what's it look like out there? >> reporter: still have some flurries coming down. certainly not those big huge flakes we saw falling throughout the overnight period. i would say there is about an inch on the ground right now on the sidewalk. it is very slick. i just went to put my phone on the ledge, almost left and i
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have my boots on, so sidewalks will be very slippery. the roadways look pretty wet right now. they are treated. but definitely some slick spots, and specially as katie was telling you, those untreated surfaces are going to be very slick, throughout the next couple of hours, those temperatures are below freezing, what to expect for your morning commute, yes, it will be tough one. good news though the snow is winding down, so we likely won't have falling snow across much of the area, delaware alley, for our morning commute. still could see light snow across portions of south jersey, some flurries around, really over the next couple of hours. but the snow has come, it has laid down on the grounds, again, especially in those untreated areas, so definitely want to watch out for some slick spots, as we head into your morning commute. i see, again, about inch here, right now, but it is very slippery, want to use caution specially if you are walking, biking or driving this morning. and, we have a cold temperatures. that will take us all throughout the day, and i'll have more on that coming up in just a little bit. >> thanks so much, lauren. >> that first step out the
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door can often be the trickiest. >> i saw car go through red light this morning. and it was slowing down -- >> but it could stop. >> exactly. >> thank you, lauren. now is a good time to download the cbs philly weather app so you can stay ahead of the storm, see katie's full forecast, hourly temperatures, inter-active radar, available for apple and android devices just serve for cbs fill any your app storm. certainly is mixed bag out there depending where you are. >> some people seeing more snow out their windows than others. trang do, live at mayfair, with the latest there, good morning, trang. >> reporter: well, good morning, jim, jan, yes, the snow very light at this point, in fact, unless you're outside, just looking outside your window, really couldn't tell that it is still snowing out here, but, once you take a look at the cars, that's when you know that there was definitely some activity overnight. and so just ran into donna here, who is so kinds as to allow me to help her clean off her car this morning, so, donna, what do you think so far when you woke up and saw this? >> winter is here.
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you. >> said you were -- this is kind of unexpected for you? >> i was expecting like a dusting, but the sidewalk is deceiving. >> yes, sure is. like when you look at the sidewalk, as lauren mentioned, you see about an inch or so of snow. but when you look on the cars, there are about two, 3 inches of accumulation here. this is a side street, just off frankford avenue. you can see that the snow is definitely sticking to the side streets. major street like frankford avenue, roosevelt boulevard, the city's really took good care of those. we've been all over the city. we went to center city, went to south philly now here in mayfair. and over the course of the hour, really have seen road conditions definitely improving here, wills good news for people like donna, who have to head on over to work. donna, how far is your commute? >> west philadelphia, i work at penn presbyterian hospital. >> wow, you have a bit after ways. how will you get there? >> i'll drive down to the septa train, go from there. >> i think that's probably smart. >> i'm not driving all the
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way. >> donna and i, definitely not a snow person, sounds like. great for people getting up and getting ready to go to work, road conditions are improving. that was not the case earlier this morning, overnight. take a look, as meisha mentioned, there was pretty significant accident on i-95 north. jackknife tractor-trailer. just little bit before that, also, another accident, just on the other side, southbound 95, by the the cottman avenue exit. number of cars actually our producer told me on the way in that he had seen at least six cars involved with that, on our way up here we saw at least one car still left to be towed. but yes, definitely not that bad. specially for somebody who just likes snow such as myself. but i send it back to you guys in the studio. >> we just need to remember to slow down, because we haven't driven in this type of precipitation in a while. >> it is slick throughout. >> yes. >> thanks, tray. -- trang. >> penndot real time tracking,
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you can follow them to see if there are any plows near you. something you may want to keep in mind for the future storms, as well, get that link at winter weather in our area kicks in, philadelphia streets department wants to make sure you're safe while shoveling. they've released list of shuffling tips, keeping your snow removal equipment, rock salt on hand, kitty litter good for temporary traction, be aware of utilities, like fire hydrants, and neighbors may need your assistance. >> snow continues. >> neighbors in south jersey are nervous because investigators are looking for two men who have been exposing themselves, one seen looking through a woman's window. connection with other disturbing incidents from the su
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>> live look outside. this is collingswood, new jersey, camden county. the snow's been falling for the last several hours, we're
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on early to get you up and out the door safely in this snow. another check with katie on the roads with katie and meisha. >> search on but not one but two men exposing themselves to people in south jersey. indecent posh yours happened in medford and evesham. woman in evesham township reported a man was looking into her home, while exposing himself. investigators say the man at the window is the same man wanted in seven luring and leud crimes over the summer. neighbors can't believe this is happening. >> sounds like a bunch. perverts around here, to be honest, i'm not sure what to say, i recently moved to the area, heard great reviews of the area, so kind of authorities say exactly. >> this incident comes week after two similar cases of lewdness in evesham and medford, in those cases police are looking for different man who goes around naked. police say that man was seen exiting a dark cherokee style
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jeep with white sticker in the back window. police are investigating a home invasion in philadelphia's kensington section. this happened around noon yesterday in the 3500 block of emerald street. police say a 87 year old man answered a knock at his door, from four men claiming to be gas workers, checking on a gas leak, then, they forced their way inside, police say, they got away with $1,200 worth of cash and cell phone. no one was injured. >> burlington county police want the public's help finding suspect wanted for a road rage attack. investigators say the man depicted in this sketch punched a high schooler after the teen allegedly accidentally cut in front of him. it happened along bromley boulevard in burlington township on december the 14th. the suspect believed to be in his 20's has a braided go tee, ponytail, driving blew chris letter 300 with a chrome grill. police ask anyone with information to call (609)239-5865. >> new developments now in bill cosby's sexual assault
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trial. the montgomery county district attorney says he won't fight cosby's request to select a jury from another county. however, the da remains opposed to holding the trial somewhere other than montgomery county. cosby charged with sexually assaulting former temple university employee, andrea con stands. >> well the 101st pennsylvania farm show starts tomorrow in harrisburg. there you will find true work of art. a 1,000-pound butter sculpture that was unveiled yesterday at the farm show grounds. jim victor and marie pelton of conshohocken hands crafted the scene depicting landscape of farms and hillsides giving way to a forest. the artists say dairy farmers are environmental stewards of the lands, air, water and community. >> i love butter. well, one of the teams usa's olympic heroes will be here in philly tonight. >> gymnast sim old biles will be at the free library. you may remember she won a record four gold and one
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bronze for her athletic feats in rio. tonight at 7:30 at the central library on vine st. talking about her new book called courage to store. in it bilo counts the trials, tumbles, and triumphs on road to olympic glory. >> still thinking about that butter, kate. >> i can't get that out of your minds? >> ready for some waffles and pancakes right now. >> may as well stay in. >> oh, you guys. where is the grid until. >> kids bought me new waffle maker for christmas, i really want to use it now. >> is it the belgium waffle? >> it is indeed. >> super fancy one. >> katie bridges that in is. >> i only cook in here for blizzards. >> well, thankfully that's not what we are dealing with. >> good. >> yes, you know, more every major nuisance than major storm we're contends withing out here guys. still watching the snowfall down in portions of the area. but really is pulling away. you can see, just really did end upcoming through according to projected plan. it is still moving out to sea granted but at this point the
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bulk of moisture out to sea, essentially seen the bulk of the precipitation that we will find from this. it was straight up snow for everyone, no mixing, no rain, no nothing, just snow. now, we got to talk about this next big thing, which is looking like it may ends up having some sort of impact on our shore points after all. there is a storm system that's starting to brew over the state of oklahoma, arkansas, snow streaking out as this begins to show the first signs of actually forming into a full blown storm system. this is generally going to be cutting across the southeast. but the way it turns to the northeast, it looks right now like it may ends up after all just flipping some of these counties. so, winter storm watch is going into effect late tonight, into tomorrow afternoon, for ocean county, southeast burlington, atlantic, cape may, then down to sussex count any delaware. point north and west of that, you're basically not having to worry about anything. but if you look at some of the most robust modeling it, even
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tries to bring hint of snow as close as the delaware river. i can't say i'm sold on, that but let me walk you through one of the future weather models. system one, pushing away as late as 6:00, 7:00 a.m., absolutely will end up with sunshine here the rest of the day. little clean to up do as well. take a look what happens early tomorrow morning. cloud thicken. 5:00, 6:00 a.m., some of the snow may just clip you, in cape may, sussex county, then out towards some of the immediate shore points. so again, this is one of the less robust models we're looking at, but the most robust models bring this in relatively far inland, with the possibility that we even see several inches of snow. this is still a changeable forecast, and i really want you to stick with us, even though relatively close in terms of when it would get here, it could still really throw us a curve ball. so many, with that said, down the shore, winter storm watch we showed you tonight into tomorrow afternoon, storm will be really hugging the coast, so, it is possible some see up
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to 4 inches out of this. saturday, slow trample, almost guarantee, if you have any snow to deal with. tonight expect partly sunny, cold. drop down to later on tonight, just 20 degrees. and that chill continues to be the main overriding headline of this forecast, at this point, i don't anticipate we will even hit 30. sunday let alone machine day with colder air working its way in, but big surge comes along next mid week, meisha? >> of course we know even just little bit of snow can really impact our commute. that's already what we're seeing this morning, so good morning, everyone, happy friday. i can tell you we are in for it today. you are going have to take it very, very slow. don't even think about posted speeds. this is a look at interstate 95. southbound, between academy road, cottman, where we had a jackknife tractor-trailer, now, that has since been moved out of the way. what you can see, crews are still out there getting all of this cleaned up. probably laying some salt as well for you. but because of that, all lanes are blocked right now. on interstate 95, again, between academy road and cottman. you will have to use
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alternate, probably frankford or the boulevard, probably your best bet, until all of these guys get pushed out of the way and move on until then it is going to cause some significant backups. even starting now, just because, a lot of people will be getting a jump start to the day. heads up on that. also, the vine, it is closed overnight. westbound and eastbound. even though we have the snow coming down, it is cold, crews were out there closing down the vine, westbound, eastbound, like i said, still closed. plus, we have an accident. not the first one of the morning. in jersey 295 northbound route 130, that's now been moved all the way out to the shoulder. plus weaver a lot of speed restrictions in play. no doubt about it, i can tell you, 45 miles per hour, that's probably even still going to be a little bit too quick. so overall, just take it very, very slow this morning. jan, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. we've got little snow this morning, but the specific northwest is supposed to get whole lot more. >> well, it is good news for one family in oregon. kristin shows us project taking snow architecture to a new level. >> sorry frosty.
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we're pretty sure there is no topping this winter work of art. >> it was a midnight decision for everybody who is still awake to kind of go play in the snow the night that it got really thick. >> snowballs turned into snow bricks and snow bricks became an igloo, of course. >> something sturdy, stable, we could all hang out for for a couple of days. >> and now, there is no stopping with each player the determination finish, and thankfully the support does, too. >> and as you can see, it is kind of a community effort. we're having snow dropped off from the street, across the street. >> this is so awesome. >> as the old saying goes, many hands might light work, so i can capture the fun, i had to get in on it.
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>> yahoo, sweet. i'm making a igloo. >> there you go. >> the to will get a roof on it, soon, before warmer weather returns. but they say the time spent with loved ones will make even short stint inside worth every hour of work. >> amazing, because we don't usually get this much snow. so basically just a great experience. >> you get to see how much of a group effort it is and how much your friends and family come together to actually work on one big project. >> and that was kristin reporting, what's that saying, when life gives you lemons? >> make lemonade, when life gives you snow, make an igloo. >> absolutely. >> i think meisha lived in one when she lived out in minnisota well, snow affecting most of the northeast today. >> and while we receive some over the last several hours, our friends up north have it worse. take a look at this, this is a scene in up-state new york, where some school buses got stuck in the snow with children on board. just how many were inside, we will tell you, coming up next.
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>> up-state new york, 2 feet fell during lake erie, buffalo 22 inches of snow thursday, people north of syracuse saw 20 inches. forecasters say lake effect storms could dump another foot or two. snow by the weekend. the snow? buffalo even stranded school because cents -- buses last night, delayed picking i am kids from school to go home. the kids had to stay late. traffic at a stands still in many places in the area around buffalo. well, time now 4:24. >> katie is here again with another check on our forecast. katie, we are getting our own snowfall here. nothing like that? >> no way. yes, big fat nuisance, absolutely. plowable snow, not necessarily. you know, actually seeing in some instances it is not
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enough snow for the plows to even come through. so we're kind of just stick with this as a nuisance, and sometimes i think meisha would agree with me these could be the worse storms when it comes to travel because schools aren't necessarily shutting down. there will still be people on the roads because you won't have that natural barricade of snowfall that keeps you from getting out. and in addition to that, we can get overly confident in these kind of systems, traveling through what may be treacherous, just because we know it is not as much accumulation. so please keep that in mind when you go out this morning, hopefully you're tuning in with us this morning, you have the for thought to set the alarm little extra early. talk about snow and the we have currently seen so far. in perkasie, at two and a half inches, naught florence, just over two, as is cherry hill. mt. holly national weather service regional headquarters located an even inch, here in philadelphia, just shy of that. so, we're pretty much verifying with the forecast that we had predicted out of this, still watching storm scan3, making its retreat is this little disturbance, that
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again, came with less than ideal timingment although, as i pointed out that out on twitter yesterday, somebody said what's ideal timing for snow system? you know what? that's staged right there. that's very mart. regardless, we're dealing with it, no matter the time of day. 30 degrees, the temperature at philadelphia international airport. twenty-six from allentown, back to lancaster, as we quickly check on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, folks, about to start a stretch of days that do not even hit the freezing mark, so, the snow is out there, meisha, and not going to have a chance to even melt away, because it is just that cold. >> yes, you know, we've got speed restrictions in play, even the speed restrictions, even seem too fast because of how slippery it is out there. on and off ramps, we're hearing word specially new jersey right now they are very, very slick. so if you do not have all wheel drive, you are going to have to take it incredibly slow this morning. it will slow your commute down. leave your homes real early. we did have jackknife tractor-trailer, 995 south, between academy and cottman,
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all lanes blocked. you can see crews out there, the tractor-trailer now gone. how much, they are salting the roads, getting this all cleaned up for you. so because of, that you have to use alternate, frandford and the boulevard, probably your best bet until the crews move out of your way. one area we really don't want to see this is 95, and they're out there, will start to pull you down about now. also, do have an accident in new jersey 295 at route 130, accident pulled off to the shoulder. we have some salting, salt g today by the way is our friend. a.c. expressway between ac convention center and route 42, we have salting in place basically that entire stretch. heads up when you see them. give them friendly nod. like i say they're our friend today. >> new jersey turnpike, delaware memorial polls and 295, come down to 45 miles per hour, i would take it slower than that, also, delaware memorial bridge, also down to 35 miles per hour, jim, jan, back to you. >> thank you, meisha. our continuing coverage of this morning's snowstorm continues. >> that's right. take a look at this. this was the scene on brad i can road in williamstown, new
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jersey, one of our directors drove in just little while ago. checking the forecast with katie and the roads again with meisha. back in just moments.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. well, we are waking to up wintery morning, snow is coating roads, and sidewalks throughout our area. this is a live look at storm scan3. the areas being affected the most right now, we'll let you know when it clears out. well, you're waking to up dramatic drop in temperatures overnight, as women. and as you can see, from storm scan3, pretty soon, katie was breaking it down for us. having technical issues at this point, but look at the lovely ladies here. we have meisha and trang and lauren casey, we just need some direction on where we're supposed to go


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