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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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allegations about his dealings with russia. good afternoon i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. those fire works happened during donald trump's first press conference in six whose. during that event mr. trump brushed off the new russian revelations as fake news. >> i think it was russia. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump said he believes u.s. intelligence community's conclusion that russia was behind the hack of democratic e-mails. the but criticized them for allowing release of documents contain potentially explosive, but unverified allegations against him. >> that is something that nazi germany would have done, and did do. i think it is a disgrace. that information, that was false and fake and never happen, to the the released to the public. >> reporter: cbs news has learned an intelligence report detailing russia's influence in the 2016 presidential election, also contained details of an allege russian plot to compromise mr. trump with damaging personal, and financial information. mr. trump says he would be turning over his personal
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investments to a trust, and hand over control of his business to his adult sons. >> i could run the trump organization, great, great company, and i could run the company. i would do a very good job. i don't want to do that. >> reporter: news conference was first for president-elect since he what's electric, last time he held a formal question /answer session with reporters was last july. >> i could wait about a year and a half until we finish our negotiations with mexico which we will start immediately after we get, to office, but i don't want to wait. >> reporter: president the elect said he will announce nominee to fill a vacant seat on the u.s. supreme court within two weeks of taking office. during the 56 minute news conference, president-elect trump also announced he pick va under secretary david schultzkin to lead department of veteran affairs. >> reaction is pouring in about the president-elect's news conference. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio talk to two local political experts and voters about their thoughts. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump was on the
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offense, eager to answer un settled questions. >> i have no dealings with russia. i have no deals in russia. i have no deals that could happen in russia. >> reporter: with russian hacking and conflicts of interests resulting there his company, tomorrow nateing the discussion. >> these papers, these papers are all just a piece of the many, many companies that are being put into trusts. >> situation today really pretended a rather aggressive donald trump. >> reporter: drexel political science professor bill rosen berg says president-elect decision to transfer interest to his companies to the trust run by his sons is a step in the right treks. but still raises concerns. >> the problem is that the trump boys will be with donald trump a lot. it is inevitable they will ask how is your day and what are you up to? if he gets involved in any of the those conversations, it creates a conflict of interest >> reporter: many of which are above the head, of most americans.
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>> as a president, he has to be more, he has to talk more clear about what he will to. >> you can't believe anything until he gets in there and actually do it. >> reporter: job experts say, puts more pressure on the media. >> go ahead. >> reporter: to to its job. >> within the media, about how to cover trump. >> reporter: temple journalism professor lynn washington says based on the tone set at today 's conference, journalist could face a rocky road in the battle against fake news, and for access during a trump administration. >> we moved into a very dangerous period in terms of the media, in its credibility. >> reporter: he expects a more aggressive, and more aggressive media. >> this is going to be very, very rocky. >> don't be rude. i will in the give you a question. >> can you say... >> you are fake news. >> reporter: cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president-elect trump's speech took social media by
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storm. reaction filled taste book and twitter teed and cbs philly's facebook page streamed that speech live and comments came in fast and tour just. lets take a look at them thousand. first up lindsey says if you don't like what he has to say then don't watch, he has built a business empire and one of the richest men in the world. that is what we need as new blood in the office. a differing opinion here there lynn who says he talks all around issues because he has no clue how to be the president. up next, a comment from savanna who says he will be the greatest president in the history of the u.s.a. finally, from our samples chuck says every president since washington has had people that disagreed with him , difference here they knew how to act in public about it. so certainly lengthy of strong reactions to the president-elect to take. if you missed the president-elect's news conference go to cbs philly to the come where we have posted video of his latest remarks on the home age. >> in other news, good samaritan springs into action today in philadelphia's
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overbrook neighborhood shooting a suspect. police say that was after the suspect caused a crash, and tried to carjack two vehicles including a good samaritan. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is in overbrook with how all of this unfolded, greg. >> reporter: ukee, it was quite the scene here in overbrook this afternoon, much calmer right the now, this is just what is left of the suspects vehicle. bumper ride here. he crashed his car into three others cause ago this four car crash, he tried carjacking two people, and then finally he was shot by one of his vick times. it all started at intersection of 63rd street and woodbine avenue in overbrook. some guy blowing through a red light. >> t boned her in the intersection. >> reporter: he is a three two-year old male who ditches his green charger and starts running northbound on 63rd eventually getting to the white car and without a weapon he tries carjacking the driver >> he is able to keep his --
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pull his car over and fight him off. offender then starts running back southbound. >> reporter: that is when he tries carjacking another man this septa employee in this orange truck. >> he then opens up the door of the septa vehicle. >> he came and pull me out of the truck. >> reporter: he started punching him. the, this is victim gets out. >> reporter: back to the driver of the white sedan initial carjacking victim and also a concealing carry permit holder. he sees the septa driver get assaulted and gets out to help driver chased the suspect back toward the intersection where the four car crash happened, yelling for someone to stop him. that is where two brothers and one of the crashed cars jump into help. >> were you able to tackle him >> my little brother did. >> gentlemen. >> reporter: he gets up and driver of the white car now gun drawn, confronts the suspect directly. >> there is a struggle between the two parties, at one point he tries to grab a gun and he shoots him to stop his actions
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>> reporter: police say big question tonight is why investigators say that suspect , well, he does not have a police record. he was not armed at the time, and his car at least what is left of it was not stolen. investigators trying to figure out why he did all this. this big church behind me. coming up tonight at 6:00 hear from a priest coming to that church for mass, he saw this entire thing unfold, hear his word coming up in about one hour. for now we are live in offer brooke i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will see you then. camden county police opened fire shooting a suspect , it happened just afternoon time today at 27th and federal streets in camden. police say that the suspect had just shot his girlfriend, in the neck. both girlfriend and suspect are being treated at cooper university hospital. two gunman got away with $15,000 in cash during a home invasion in port richmond this afternoon. police say that the two suspects pushed their way past a female resident on the 3,000 block of memphis street. they went to a second floor
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bedroom and found money, woman was not hurt. investigators are searching for those suspects. and after a icy start to the start it warmed up and this is only beginning. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck to tell us what we may see, 60, kate. >> it sound like a completely different season outside today , walk out this morning and thought you don't need gloves, you don't need hat or scarves. air doesn't hurt like it did earlier in the week. today moderating even though it was icy in spots this morning. we are going to get even warmer, before it gets cold again. lets take a look at temperatures to start off this evening, it is 50 still in philadelphia, that is right now full 10 degrees above average high. forty-seven in millville. forty-one in allentown and 42 in mount pocono. most of the snow we have on the ground has melted, temperatures have surged ten to 15 degrees from this time yesterday and a nice jump in the mercury there for your wednesday afternoon. but we have another round of rain on the way. this ace long a warm front see a few showers sneak nothing to
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eastern maryland right now likely won't get here for next couple of hours or so but they will be light at on set but could increase in intensity as we head through overnight hours. you can see that batch of rain but warm front and once that rain clears, we are going to talk about another surge in temperature for tomorrow, it is warmest day of the week. coming up i'll tell you how warm it will get when rain comes through ape clears out and when snow gets returned to the forecast. for now back to you. storms continue to pound northern california where rising flood waters have triggered mandatory evacuations. earlier today rescue workers used boats to evacuate 30 residents trapped in their flooded homes. rain and snow could continue into tomorrow. parts of the california's wine country have been hit with 13 inches of rain in just three days. authorities are investigating whether black isis to blame for school bus crash in new castle county. chopper three over windsor drive and country club drive-in newark this morning. authorities say bus slid off road while making a turn and
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then hit a tree. three, 13 years old and an adult suffered minor injuries. the rest of the children went to school on a different bus. new attraction featuring the bible's influence on american culture is coming to philadelphia's independent mall. >> the fate and liberty discovery center will be an interactive experience telling story of how the bible shaped history from the declaration of the independent, to the civil rights movement. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney says timing of this project could not be any bet ther. >> the most important thing to remember is that you need to know your own history in this country and need to know other peoples history in order to kind of respect each others contributions to what the nation has become. >> the 60 million-dollar project is sponsored by the american bible society, and they hope to open that center on time next year. coming up on "eyewitness news" the long awaited movie patriots day is coming to theaters this friday. >> this is a fairly tragic and sad time and yet all that experience went to the top.
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>> hope and patriotism rose to the top lifting victims and witnesses have the boston marathon bombing above unspeakable tragedy, i spoke to two victims portrayed in the movie. preventing cancer, still ahead a renewed push for vaccines for to save their lives. with the holiday only a few days away see how this performance has inspired students to walk toward that take roader then
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in boston, massachusetts, patriots day commemorates first battles of the revolutionary war. every third monday in april, the city celebrates. they talk baseball and boston marathon a big part of the festivities. >> a few years the marathon was marred by actions of two domestic grown terrorist. what happened that horrific day and days that followed are thousand being recreated in a feast tour film. i spoke with two survivors who are portrayed in the project. >> it is a marathon monday, we will bring it to you right from the start. >> check, one, two, three, four, five. >> reporter: jessica and patrick dallas were there at finish line cheering on runners, newlyweds, seven
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months prior. >> they say, half million people watch the boston marathon. >> yes. >> and jessica and pat helped film makers recreate the scene . >> on that horrific day three people were kill, over 250 were injured. >> those things are incredibly real, for us. >> reporter: they lost legs. but not their faith in the goodness offhand kind. >> boston strong was not just a simple tag line to us but relationships we built, incredible acts of kindness that people did for us. >> there are a few gifts in going through a trauma, and one of them is that it is, it sound cliche but quiet simple moments i think we value in a way we never did before. >> reporter: this film brings it all back, the pain, the resolve, the chaos, the unity. but is it too soon? >> i think it has got to be
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too soon for a lot of people. i think at times we might watch film and say i'm not ready for that because we realize oure motions shift throughout the day. >> reporter: but a caring community, country, stabilizes thosee motions and keeps this couple from asking, why? >> like i think there is so many people suffering anonymously and there is something so beautiful about being constantly valued and remembered. >> reporter: while also remembering the spirit of good overcoming evil, on so many levels. >> but this is incredibly tragic and sad and yet all that spirit was, lifted to the top. >> reporter: by the way patrick participated in and finish the marathon last april tomorrow, i will talk to law enforcement members are there as well as kevin bacon who has a key role in the film when it comes to law enforcement. patriots day opens up on friday. >> you can go behind the
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scenes of the movie, join us for special the making of patriots day is tomorrow night at 7:30 here on cbs-3. here right now is kate bilo, and i drove by a couple golf coursees today, snow started to melt. >> to take felt like, we were in a whole new world. >> different day. >> we walk out to the bus stop this morning and we were like wow, it doesn't hurt my face today. >> it doesn't hurt at all. >> yes, it doesn't hurt your face, that is always an i am o make that t time. >> you know i will. >> tomorrow is the day. tomorrow is a great day, for january, for anytime of the year really when you talk about temperatures in the 60's , breezy, partly sunny conditions, it toss than the get much better then that. but coming on the heels of the cold spell like the one we just had. lets look at outside we will start off to the north in the poconos an area that got snow and freezing rain last night. the now we can see slopes still covered in snow, jack frost big boulder, snow boarding is on going there tonight, and good times, had by all, and it will, take hold
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again this weekend possibly cold enough especially maybe early saturday and then late saturday that we are going to see some cold enough air to make on snow and possibly, even some mother nature provided snow as well, but we will talk about that coming up lets start with tonight though in the near term we have a system lifting toward the region. the it is a warm front pro tuesdaying steady rain, you can see pockets of yellow, orange, read back across ohio, west virginia, thinks all lifting to the north. probably a couple hours away at least steady precipitation for us but through tonight and into the first part of the overnight the hours we will see some rain. and behind this we have got a weak cold trent, and it is extending back through great lakes region. that will come through tomorrow afternoon but will come through, generally dry, but here's your timing, rain coming through by 8:00 o'clock especially from the city on west, we do expect to see a batch of steady rain moving through, and that will continue through midnight, through 9:00 o'clock when we expect heavier rain right over the city of philadelphia 11:00 o
5:19 pm
cbs-3 at 11:00 we will track this and seeing rain push up through lehigh valley and then clears with a few lingering showers into early thursday morning. but much like to take we can wake up tomorrow morning, the ground will be wet but sun may be shining and tomorrow will be in and out of the cloud, kind of like today but tomorrow behind that warm front even warmer then today, possibly by ten plus degrees. there is that cold front i mentioned, notice it looks robust but it fizzles and dies as it comes through here, not row duesing much, maybe a shower in the poconos. the it will knock temperatures back on friday but we will talk about knocking back, to basically where we were today. so, through 8:00 o'clock rain arrives. southwest to northeast. heaviest is ten to two. rain will taper after 2:00 a.m. then we will start to see changes. tomorrow and friday very warm, but, behind that front the cold air permeates even a bit more on the saturday and we will see a wave of energy track along that jet stream on saturday, and could bring a chance for a bit of snow. coming up next half an hour we will talk about that possibility, as far as this forecast is concerned, it is
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all about the warmth, 44 for tonight. that is above our average high for this time of the year which business 40. tomorrow, more than 20 solid degrees above average, 62, partly sunny and warm, just a fantastic day for this time of the year. friday's not bad either but saturday, look at the difference, right back to the 30's and we have a chance for a little light snow, just like last saturday we had snow. this is a look at that but we will talk it over a little bit more. >> concentrating on tomorrow. >> focus on the good stuff. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it bruce springsteen has years of music and memorabilia and where else will he keep it >> somewhere in the new jersey , we will tell you where boss plans to store his archives, leslie. ballpark may be empty right now but we will take you inside and introduce you to new phillies that hope to make it out here
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baseball isn't too far away. >> we are counting down the days, right. it is 34 or 35 days. >> yes, pitchers and catchers report. >> syringe training over a month away for phillies a few top prospects met with the media. our leslie van arsdal has a closer look at three of the guys we maye this summer, at the bank. >> it has been said most difficult leap for any professional athlete to headache in any sport is that is from the minor league to major league baseball. that is leap some phillies top prospects are trying to headache, dylann cousins was minor league baseball's home run king with 40 last season. >> that ball is gone. >> it the is an honor to be here. it means a lot. all of us. just to be part of the organization, it is a point to look out for us and get us, prepared for what we might see in the the future. it is an honor. >> reporter: part of the process dealing with the media and dealing with passionate phillies fans. >> they love their sports. they love their city. that is something that is going to be cool to be part of
5:25 pm
i just can't wait. >> reporter: jorge alfaro got a taste of what it is like and says he got advice from carlos ruiz. >> i was here, for a month and it was unbelievable, you know, it was like living a dream, you know. it the is all we want, big league. >> reporter: at least with this group, there is hope for phillies, with an eye on being a contender once again. >> the philadelphia phillies are 2008 world champions of baseball. >> leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness sports". all right, thank you. guys, coming up at 6:00 we have news about a phillies prospects and embarrassing bet that was made and had to be paid out. >> oh, okay good don't miss this story. >> okay. >> all right, buddy, see you then. coming up next half an hour we will go live to washington to talk to the person running the show for president-elect trump's that you go racial. cabinet picks are in the process of being confirmed or
5:26 pm
denied to day secretary of state nominee rex tillerson was grilled about his relationship with vladamire putin, how he responded, next. a new push for vaccine that can prevent cancer, what you now need to know about the apv
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as far as, buzzfeed which is a failing pile of garbage, writing it, i think they will suffer the consequences. they already are. >> president-elect donald trump criticizes the press for reporting unverified, embarrassing allegations against him. the it all happened during his first rest conference in six whose. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. hello, everyone i'm ukee washington. aim jessica dean.
5:30 pm
president-elect trump criticized the intelligence community for releasing the allegation about his dealings with russia. >> disgrace tool, that the intelligence agencies, allowed think information that turned out to be so false, and fake, out. i think it is a disgrace. i say that and i say that and that is something that nazi, germany would have done and did do. i think it is a advertise grace. >> president-elect trump says he believes russia was behind the hack of democratic e-mails , and he also said he will be turning over his personal investments to a trust. >> conversations about russia are dominating rex tillerson's confirmation hearing to be the next secretary of state and that is not only shake up on capitol hill to take. correspondent craig boswell shows you why one new jersey senator is breaking tradition to testify against the attorney general nominee. >> reporter: rex tillerson, president-elect donald trump's secretary of state nominee could not escape questions about his future boss.
5:31 pm
>> how to you feel about a u.s. candidate turning to a foreign country to essentially find another partner, in defeating, another opponent in a u.s. presidential election. >> that will not comport with our democratic process. >> reporter: as ceo of exxon mobile tillerson developed a personal relationship with vladamire putin. >> mr. tillerson i'm sure you can understand why i and many collogues have deep concerns about your relationship with mr. putin. >> reporter: tillerson, assures senators, if confirmed he would not be afraid to utilize sanctions and other tools to punish russia if necessary. in another hearing room the senate judiciary hearing held a second day of testimony for appointment of senator jeff sessions as attorney general. >> i'm breaking with sinatra digs to testify on the nomination of one of my collogues. >> reporter: in an unprecedented move new jersey senator corry booker joined congressman john lewis and testifying against senator sessions. >> senator sessions has not demonstrated a commitment to a
5:32 pm
central requisite of the job, to aggressively pursue the congressional mandate of civil rights, equal rights, and justice for all of our citizens. >> reporter: but others testified that mr. sessions is a tease event, honest man who will up hold the law. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as this confirmation hearings continue we're now just nine days away from the inauguration, and the presidential inaugural committee is putting final touches on the that you go racial events. we want to let you though i will be traveling to washington d.c. to be there and bring some of that to you, here, locally so you can look for our reports next week, during that inauguration. now, tonight we have a preview of the celebration, the presidential inaugural committee's madison jesse otto is joining us live from washington with more. madison, thanks, for being with us. we have a few taste left to go where would you say things stand this terms of the preparing for this big event.
5:33 pm
>> well, you know, we're really excited in d.c. because we are under budget, ahead of schedule and so excited to be lanning one of the most inclusive inaugurals our nation has ever seen. >> when you say inclusive inaugural what does that mean? what will people see? what can we expect? >> well, sure, it is really important to our president-elect as well as vice-president elect getting back to work for the people. we're really doing thingstive rently. we're respecting traditions of past inaugurals but we will have fewer balls, in past we have seen over three balls. we're having two balls as well as one ball specifically for our veterans, our armed services members and first responders. on top of that we are having a short are parade and bringing in people all over nation to participate in this parade. we're really excited about that. >> what is message you are trying to get across by doing fewer balls and shorter parade what is message you hope american people are taking away from those things.
5:34 pm
>> sure, i think message that we want to send which is message our president-elect wants to send we are here to get back to work for american people and unite this nation. it doesn't matter whether someone voted for him or not, he is here to work for every single american and to headache things better and make america great again for everybody. >> we heard, back in test that the president-elect is writing his own speech, is that, in fact, true. >> reporter: i'm sorry, can you repeat that we cut out. >> i was saying we heard back in december that the president-elect will be writing his own speech for the inauguration, is that right. >> yes, yes, he is writing his own speech and i think he will be reflecting these messages i have been talking about in that speech. we are exited to hear next friday. >> all right, we a rebater it. thanks for being with us tonight. january 20th, that is the take, stay with "eyewitness news" on the air and cbs for continuing
5:35 pm
coverage of the upcoming presidential that you go racial. as we continue tonight bruce springsteen has a long distinguish music career and that means ton of music and memorabilia, find out where he will keep it all and where you will be able to check it out. and a action star adds to his resume why chuck norris got the in to bottled water and what he is doing with the proceeds. >> plus... >> ♪ >> celebrating the dreams of local artists, how a martin luther king junior event helped went his message through the arts, kate in. well, after a little preview of syringe late in the workweek we are talking about a chance for a bit of snow this weekend. it toss not look like it has much moisture but system will come through saturday, saturday afternoon and evening , could bring a period of light snow as it looks like little to no accumulation in a couple of sots but temperatures only in the 30's. then back to normal on sunday
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chuck norris and his wife are now in the bottled the water business, sea force the waters comes from an aqua fire underneath norris texas ranch. right now they are selling bottles at their plant and on line but water will be available at some grocery stores. >> when she said she wanted to start this bottling company, i said, well, this is a great opportunity for us to, again, raise more fund for our foundation, because our foundation really is our mission in life, you know, we have 9,000 young people, in our ram, 40 percent of them are young girls. >> and the foundtation they are talking about is their kick start kids organization, a non-of the designed to help kids build character through
5:40 pm
martial arts. that ram has graduated more than 90,000 young adults in the past 23 years. we now know future home of the personal art collecton of the george lucas. lucas museum of narrative art will be in los angeles. museum will house 10,000 illustrations and paintings, as well as memorabilia from the star wars franchise. the board plans to spend $1 billion on the building in expedition park. in word when construction will begin. we're also learning monmouth university in new jersey will be home of the bruce springsteen's archives, archives will include collection of the written works, photographs and art tax all related to the boss. the university is a few miles from where springsteen began his musical career in asbury park, new jersey. i can see line starting to form already. >> look out. when experts all over country say you should do right now to row tech your teen from dangerous diseases, right now. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has news you
5:41 pm
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5:44 pm
hoping to prevent cancer with a vaccine on the cbs-3 healthwatch, new recommendations tonight for hp v vaccine that is given to young are teens. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with new guidelines. >> reporter: they came out today. this virus is prevalent in adult, 14 million new cases each year and it can cause a number of different cancers but it can be prevented with the vaccine and now instead of the three shots, teens only need two shots. ten year-old stella is getting her first shot to prevent human papilloma virus. >> are you okay, stella. >> i want to protect her against disease as much as i can. >> reporter: national cancer institute wants more parents to get their kid vaccinate todd prevent hpv which is sexually transmitted. >> here we have a cancer preventing vaccine but only 45 e vaccine according to the recommended schedule and 20 to
5:45 pm
25 percent of boys get it. that means therefore at least 2,000 children every year will grow up to get cancer from which they can die because we are in the vaccinating them now. >> reporter: there paul offit is a vaccine expert. >> it is our biggest national embarrassment in terms of the vaccines. >> reporter: cdc guidelines recommend girls and boys receive two doses of the new and improved hpv vaccine at least six months apart instead of the previously recommend three dollars shot series. >> hopefully that will get rates to where they should be. >> reporter: experts say vaccination rates are low because some doctors are not strongly recommending the vaccine to patients. >> it protect against throat cancer, tongue cancer, pea nile cancer as well as cervical cancer. so the vaccine is, the only tool that we have right now, to prevent those cancers, in our children. >> reporter: doctors say the shot is more effective the earlier it is given. >> i'm happy to start earlier, and have to do two toeses. >> reporter: hpv vaccines have been on the market for over
5:46 pm
ten years and studies show they are safe and effective. for teens, have already received vaccines, they will need a booster of this knew formulation. this is something that parents need to be talking with their pediatricians about. >> yes, just had that conversation. thanks, stephanie. new study find many chain restaurants are not making kid meals healthier. harvard researchers say even though restaurants took part in the program to i am roof menu, and saturated fat and soda levels stayed with the same. sugary drinks, made up about 80 percent of training options kate joins us now with our forecast and here we are, almost mid-january. >> yes. >> talking about these warm temperatures. >> we are, the nice break from what we had. >> yes, i'll tell you what warm this week and then gets cold over weekend and then next week another big warm up on the way this fact it the looks warm through the foreseeable future really until at least the third week of january and then there is still plenty of winter left. we are in the calling off winter but for next couple weeks it looks warmer then
5:47 pm
average. so that is good news. >> very good news. >> coming off cold spell we had. not great news looking for a big snowstorm. we have more warm air coming in but we may see a few flakes this weekend. not a huge tiehl. we will talk about that in a moment. we will start off with a look outside this evening, pretty quiet night. we will go out to bethlehem camera at hotel bethlehem and pretty quiet. not a lot of wind. flags are in the flying in the wind out there tonight, and it is quiet, we had ice, treeing rain out there last night and this morning. there were slick spots even in our suburbs, of philadelphia, because the ground was just, so cold, after days and days of cold air, even though temperatures were near 40's still slippery spots. i had icy spots, in my driveway, so hopefully everybody was safe. our eyewitness weather watchers were checking with temperatures well above average, normal high this time of the year. thinks heading in the coldest part of the year, mid-january, into early february and we're seeing temperatures, again, more than 10 degrees a have above average. normal high around 40.
5:48 pm
right now at 49 as we check with kenneth martin in willingboro. he has mostly cloudy skies, but see what happens when you leave front door opened is this it gets warm outside. let all that hot air out. that is exactly what happens. that is how it occurs. 47 degrees checking in with phil in north wales. we have cloud. forty-seven, not too bad and still in the 50's, in parts of the south jersey here. fifty-three as we check with our weather watcher david dutch in clementon. he has partly cloudy skies and 51 degrees. our photos from the weather watchers they have even eyed this day. still showing us blue skies over abington right there and lynn has her collection of plants and flowers indoor stuff christmas cactus blooming now, seeing a glimpse in the lives of our weather watchers. here's one of our live neighborhood network sites palmyra cove nature park camera lit up with the sky line in the background. it is cloudy outside and that is because rain is heading our way. here's the storm that will bring it, on storm can three you can see this batch of rain moving through portions of
5:49 pm
west virginia, portions of ohio, and now into the southern tear of pennsylvania, it is still off to the west at the moment but here it comes, again, steady downpours just along southern border of pennsylvania and maryland heading quickly toward the turnpike and this will come through in the overnight hours for us. further back west is there a coal front associated with it and that will come through tomorrow evening. come through mainly dry. you can see some showers already making it in lancaster county, western suburbs will see rain before we do here in the city, and likely within the next couple hours we will see a few drops, steady drops, by about 10:00 p.m. rain arrives by seven, pockets of steady rain expect between ten and two, tapering after 3:00 a.m. we could see quarter inch of rain through tonight, wake up tomorrow again, to wet ground out there but no ice, because temperatures are really, really surging. 23 degrees was our high on monday, tomorrow's forecasted high, 62. that is almost a 40-degree swing, over the course of the three days in high
5:50 pm
temperatures, and the average is right in the hid will, how we get averaging after all 62 is more than 20 degrees above average. heading in the weekend though i promised we would talk about this. this is not even a storm, it is a weak disturbance along the jet stream colder air working its way in. see saturday afternoon light snow still off to the west, but by sat take evening a little light snow could get in here, an inch at the most, most spots probably not seeing much of anything in the way of accumulation. we will keep you posted but does not look like a huge deal overnight period of rain not as cold, 44 degrees. your thursday, 62, partly sunny, nice and warm. we have the home shower starting on friday. thighs weather for. that but then colder for saturday, notice we will warm up again back in the 50's, as we head into next week, ukee and jessica back over to you. celebrating a civil rights icon's through art, local students showcase their talents in a moving tribute to the reverend doctor heart inn luther king junior. >> vittoria woodill wases there for 15th annual
5:51 pm
celebration at kimmel center. >> your first movies i am, your last stage is powerful. >> reporter: it was a powerful performance at pearl man theater of the kimmel center where 500 students packed every layer seating to watch act by act by act tap in the teachings of a civil rights leader whose legacy continues to live on. >> kevin trasheries manager of education at kimmel center and for heart inn luther king tribute performance is celebrating its 15th year. she said this performance is meant for children to feel inclusive this is of doctor king. >> doctor king was one who was so much of a champion of making sure that everybody has had access, and everything, and i wanted the kid to come away with that they had access of knowing, experiencing various types of art forms that have been passed down through the years and it is
5:52 pm
such a good feel moment for them to see so much different investigations. >> reporter: rich, artistic expressions showcased in local voices, film makers, and dancers there, schools and arts organizations in philadelphia. meant to inspire the dreams of these local kid, filling the seats. >> just like the kid who were doing those solos, when they were opening up on the jazz ensemble, it takes a lot of courage to stand up. so it is really wonderful because, they are their conn tell rare i. >> reporter: this great venue is not a venue that is, for even or is out there that to one has access to. >> they can do what they see the professional artists do, and have their art validated. now not only does kimmel center host performance seen to take, validate the talent and dreams, of those student attendees but they also hope that what the students learned and heard today, will continue to inspire them on doctor king
5:53 pm
's actual birthday on monday. >> time is always right to do what is rights, doctor king said that and that is so right >> truth. >> vittoria, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news", a montgomery county teen hopes to spread kindness her way. >> i talk with her to find out what inspired her and what she hopes, big things can happen by way of three little words. brothe
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
in today's story of brotherly love a high school senior in montgomery county says she has been seeing too much bullying, in the world, she remembered an idea that she had way back in the the
5:57 pm
eighth grade to spread three simple word. here's how she's doing it. >> these are the shirts. >> reporter: ana of elkins park, hopes these colorful t-shirts can headache the world happier. >> you said you want to start a revolution, of a movement, tell he about that. >> it is, should be a movement , it is easy, just be kind. >> reporter: those three word are now written on t-shirts that she design, ana a senior at abington friend said she was inspired to do it in of this. >> i started to see a lot of hate around. >> reporter: so she would have help from her parents got project rolling. twenty dollars each she plans to give funds to anti bullying organizations, like the tyler clemente foundation, and the it gets better organization. >> i believe that if people get this idea in the back of their mind like i'm going to be kind today, then it will spread and those people that they were kind to in the
5:58 pm
morning are then going to be kind later in the day. >> reporter: with every t-shirt comes a card asking people to went love, peace and make a difference. her parents larry and debbie are very proud. >> this has got to be very special for you. >> she works hard at everything that he does. >> happy that she's taken such a cause, you know, under heroing and running with it. >> reporter: ana plans to study computer engineering in college and she plans to pack her kind this is when she goes >> i really hope that this project continues into my college and beyond. >> reporter: just getting started. she has already sold a few dozen t-shirts and hope the idea wents. we have a link to her site at cbs love. the just be kind. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 it started with a car crash and quickly turned into chaos, ahead the bizarre carjacking scene that has investigators scratching their head and more on the good samaritan that helped bring the suspect town. and armed intruders are terrorizing people in chester county what some homeowners
5:59 pm
are doing to pro tech themselves following a series of violent home invasions. each morning he would find heroin in camden and go work for governor christie coming up how a south jersey man turn his life around and plans to open up a center to help others. and the taste of spring is on the way, as temperatures surge in the 60's, but not for long, we will also track snow, in the forecast, i'll break it all down, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 start right now. certainly, glad it is over and hope that everybody is going to be okay. >> eyewitness described the dramatic moments on a philadelphia street, as a hand with the concealed to carry permit tights back, shooting the suspect whom police say tried to carjack him. that all followed another attempted carjacking, and a serious crash. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter
6:00 pm
greg argos is live in overbrook where kay uses played out. you spoke with the eyewitness who was there to see it all unfold. >> i did, jessica. i spoke with father matthew fail even a priest at this parish at intersection of the woodbine and 63rd street. that is where he witness that had four car crash, seconds later, he witnessed a shooting father matthew bailey was walking toward church from the rectory when he heard the crash. four vehicles smashed up they are 63rd street and woodbine in overbrook. >> their collisions or something, as a reese, headache sure that there is nobody that has serious injuries or somebody need sacraments or something. >> reporter: more commotion coming up blocks south on 63rd , and then we hear yelling up the street and people saying stop him, come back. get him. don't let him getaway. >> reporter: police say who man who caused this crash driving through a red light ditched green sedan he was driving and ran down the street. he tried


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