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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  January 15, 2017 8:00am-9:01am EST

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>> and a driver is shot in west philadelphia. what the police are saying about the investigation. >> and looking to spruce up things around the house we have the philly home show to help. live at the pennsylvania
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convention isn'ter when more on what you can see and do there today. >> and a live look outside after saturday's rounds of winter weather. slippery spots could be out there on the roads and justin is ahead to tell us about winter warm up on the way this week. won't that be nice. >> today is sundays, january 15, good morning, i'm raich rain and let's start this 8:00 hour justin drabick talking about a winter warm-up. >> january thaw coming and it's not just a few days it could be a couple weeks. >> maybe ending month on warm sglot could be. cold air returning and very end of january, early february. next week or so at or above average. nothing record breaking. >> untreated surfaces and freezing rain and snow it all melted during the evening hours and temperatures dropped to low 20s in some spots. untreated surfaces be cautious this morning. we'll have a lot of sunshine today. hazy out there.
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maybe little fog and still a little damp there and sidewalks were wet. 1 at the airport and we ended 7 for actual air temperature below freezing in philadelphia. up in allentown 23 mount pocono and dover, delaware 32. suburbs upper 0s pottstown still sitting at 25 this morning. little wind generally 10 miles an hour or less and bringing wind chill values down to 16. that's what it feels like allentown and low0s wilmington and 6 in mount pocono and other than that it's sdeenlt die head to mountains and do skiing and riding. this morning, black ice staying below freezing and couple hours wet spots rehe froze overnight and use openings and precipitation free nice finish to the holiday weekend. lots of sunshine today. warms the temperatures back above average, 44 for the high in philadelphia and low 40s and mid 30s in the poconos.
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each day gets warmer and we track the storm system and we'll time it out in a few minutes. >> we'll check back soon, thank you, justin. a taxi driver is in the hospital after shot 13 times in philadelphia and:20 the belmont area officers say driver picked up passenger around 1:40 a.m. and they found him shot 40 minute later. please don't know what let them to shooting. >> an officer is checked out after being in overnight crash 2 a.m. north front street and west susquehanna and concern concernsing ton. no one was seriously hurt or what caused the crash. >> it's a sad morning for a philadelphia tow truck company that lost two workers to begin violent in the last week. alex app degree ahall, it does not appear the company is being targetd among this week's shooting victims two men gunned down won
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very strange thing in come on. 28 year kayon brewster was shot and killed in tack owny section of city friday. a co-worker of his was shot as well and remains in critical condition. >> we know that both of the victims were sitting in a tow truck that was parked on 6600 block of hagerman street. >> through tiers brewster's grandmother told eyewitness news her be loved grabbed son had nothing to do with the streets instead focused on children and three jobs he was working including as tow truck driver. we now learned that thursday night shooting spree took life of another employee of the same tow company. and 5-year-old eric robinson worked for a bus stow towing as well. he was shot while talking to a woman in a bar and it was 24 hour before brewster was fatally shot. they told me the two were quie
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quiet, hard workers who didn't seem to know each other very well outside of work. and they said they're shocked and sad eped by loss of two employees in separate incident and do not believe the tow company was tarring theed in any way. reporting from police headquarters, alexandria hof, eyewitness news. >> welcomed new news for people in fishtown that were without water and gas service for days. gas should be restored to affected homes sometime today. water service should be restored to homes on wednesday. a sinkhole disrupted service when it opened up a week going into a huge sinkhole. >> you can counts mayor jim kenny about those not banned from the new signs in rittenhouse square. those people are asked not to sit on the iconic wall which a lot of people do. parks and remember recreation officials say it's to reduce vandalism and protect walls. mayor tweeted from his personal another regarding receipt ep
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house is square i'm frustrated to. and however separately to not litter, graffiti or smoke weed so obviously to scare people. he added laughing emogi. maybe tongue and cheek there perhaps. ugly furniture a problem in your home? you may be tempted to dump and buy something new. not so facts. live at the pennsylvania convention center a unique contest at the philly home show that gives new life to old if you were tour. hi, cheri. >> good morning, rahel. i'm here. this is exhibit put together by habitat for humanity the proceeds will be auctioned off and all will go to help that wonderful organization that helps put people in homes and greg bradley runs the habitat for humanity wreath store. tell me what wreath store is and what you guys are doing.
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>> restore is part of habitat for humanity. we take building supplies and home decore and sell it and all helps us build homes for families in philadelphia. >> so right here today people took examples of old furniture and gave it some new life. tell me about this. this we have piece right hereby kristin adams local artist and explain what she did to make this a wovrnd full piece. >> kristin found an old patio set really pretty much fall ago part and she took our theme, pallets at the home show and took pallets and made nautical theme perfect for beach house new dineet set and it's awesom awesome. >> perfect with those cracker khouder crackers and cheese here to give it ambiance. here courtney mendez did some interesting things with whine boughtlees. >> looks like she made chandelier and incorporated pal
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threats and used wine bottles and found piece as around our restore and created awesome chandelier. >> we were talking about blue cabinet here it has cool interesting things on shelves here. this case was horrible when they found it. >> yes, we -- it was broken glass old weathered and really needed a lot of work. it was really great. theresa came in and did a little piece for and came in and fresh coat of paint and pallets and detective work there and next thing you know it's a beautiful piece for your living room. >> what people do when they come to philly home show and getting ideas on how to remodel or spruce up homes they get opportunity to vote on different artists and peas we've done we put their cards in here and this will be auctioned off later on and all proceed go to habitat hugh ma mapty.
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philly -- first responders get to come for free. rahel, lots of ideas all around us study. liver at the pennsylvania convention center, cheri gregg. >> looking good. looks fun out there. >> apartment buildings are going up all over the city of pennsylvania and so is apparen apparently rent. philadelphia saw highest increases in entire country. nicole brewer has he reaction to the spike. >> in the city of philadelphia the rental market is hot. >> a lot of neighbors are boo booming and prices are going u up. >> we're growing and getting up there. >> including average price for an apartment. >> try 1350 up from 839 a year ago. >> higher 3457b that i though thought. >> surprising. >> accord to abod o'philly saw second highest average owe monthly rent increase in the u.s. last year eyes rising 4.2%
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month over month since times the national average. >> 2016 was a tipping point. >> i think it has a lot to did with developing neighborhood. >> more moving into the city. >> experts point to all above from population greth and luxy apartments in center city. whats with half 13 a month give you, this 600 square foot apartment with scenic views and a pool and pay 1,000 more access to luxury apartments like inside the granary in logan square one bedroom 800 square feet with high end finishes and upgraded amenities sound fancy but still 1200 less than one bedroom rent nal san francisco highest in country followed by new york, san jose and boston. >> if you want to live on east coast philly is the city to live in that you can afford.
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>> still to comment of error for greatest show on earth. the circus will everybody the final act. more' bills of what they can do. it's a really great way of thinking. >> shiner's office changed her life. how her experience is now up spireing others, next. >> temperatures on the cold side. we're -- i'll be timing out a storm system this
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>> welcome back a major announcement for the ringling
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brothers and barnum and bailey circus. "the greatest show on earth" will close in may. the company says declining tend answer, higher operating costs and battles with animal grumz are to blame. the circus comes to philadelphia last month and the last show will be may 2 in new york. >> preezing rain is turning parts of oklahoma in ice, use ice can be trees on there was also governors for oklahoma and po mow declared states of emergency. one of my best friends is report in kansas city and it's a mess. >> those storms linger 24 hour hours. additional half inch to another inch of ice. a lot of people here want winter weather but you don't want to bhes ice. >> nobody like that. >> for us there's a warm are trend. january thaw coming at us for the next couple weeks and if you don't like it cold we'll get warm thought here.
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taking it to short we have the sunshine and if you look close enough three people in the water there are standing up paddle boarding or long boar boarding and nice waves rollinging in. >> nice, glassy companies in ocean. heck i would be there if i was not working now. nice little waves, calm winds. >> cold. >> cold but that is what wet suits are for. >> they did the polar mrun m. that was crazy and temperature 40. >> you can hand it will jus tip, you're a man. >> i'm a real man i'll keep the wet suit on. another sign of spring headed or way eventually is daylight length. you notice it's staying light later each day now. sunset tonight there we go mild in philadelphia and 5:7 and two months from now you can go back to daylight savings timing and sun will set after 7:00, march 15, 7:08 in the evening. gaping one and a half minutes of daylight each day. a lot of winter left.
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milder pattern, still february to get through and colder air returns end of january, february, 4 allentown and 27 reading and 20 mount pocono hanging out and nice morning. enough of wind to bring wind chill down in spots. 16 on exposed skin it feels like. feeling like 6 mount pocono and mid 20s south jersey. that's the storm we've been focusing on. that ice storm over central u.s. ling klingerer over kansas wide area of sleet and freezing rain continuing to pond the same area. look at ice storm warnings in effect through this center of country and it's been that way for the past couple days and continues through monday afternoon. eventually that storm kicks out to great lakes and impact us by the time she get here. not about finishing holiday
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weekend and clouds are droy and there's center of storm and moves into great lakes. and we're going to see plain rain arriving tuesday and rain could linger into wednesday. high temperatures today low to mid 40s especially south and east. tonight, cold again. 20s in suburbs to near 30 from philadelphia on south and then tomorrow similar conditions to today. even with clouds. we should be returning above average for highs into mid 40s to a lot of locations. we're moving to mild pattern for the next 7, 10, days maybe even 14 and notice cold air shaded here from blue into the white and daytime highs on milder side. each day the colder air pushes further north as we head to end of week into weekend. much eastern half united states will stay above average for high temperatures. for next couple weeks or so. 44 high today.
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mostly sunny skies. not as cold. tonight will be chilly. few clouds, 8. coldner suburbs and extended forecast philly home show taking place today and tomorrow. good weather for that staying dry. mid 40s. doing traveling and rain returns tuesday, 48, 50s for second half of week. and watch out for morning rain on wednesday. and drying out just clouds, thursday, friday next week and temperatures hold in low to mid 50s, 10 to 15 above average and rahel back to you. >> january thaw, >> reporter: all right, justin, thank you, time 8:18, checking roads with amanda muller you were tracking an accident earlier. any update of that. >> yes we have a couple more accidents to talk about most likely due to icy roadways. we'll get into that. overturned vehicle west lincoln between rittenhouse and kelly. be careful if you need to travel that area. best way around that is 76. and we also have an accident in east noring ton west germantown pike north whales road that involve a car and bus.
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steer clear of that area if at all possible this morning and finally had rahel that accidents you mentioned we've been following in montgomery county. it's on west third avenue heritage park boulevard. it's still there. police and fire department are on the scene. be ready for delays in that area and avoid if you can. here's a final look at the boulevard running smoothly now along with majors including 32, 76 and vine. cbs3 track traffic center, rahel, back to you. >> get ready for girl scout oa oaky boxes and that will make its way through the pantry. this year's cooking season will be unlike any other. an eat aoh tells us why? hundreds of boxes celebrating 100 years. >> it's celebrating 100 years of selling cookies. and actually girl scouts were the ones that founded what a s'
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more. >> that's why this year that's the new girl scout cookie flavor. yes you heard that right. >> what's your favorite toop of of cookie i know it's touch. >> new one, s' mores. >> sdozens joined for a mega drop and but perhaps sweeter than cookies are lessens instilled in these young girls. >> everyone is equal and a girl can do everything that a boy can. to be friends with everybody. >> they learn about teamwork and really set goals together about dwol-setting at a team and learn about handling and managing money. >> those are all values jennifer de mayo learned firsthand when a girl scout. >> it was great bonding and you got to meet new friend and fun activities you got to go t to.
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>> now she responds to her daughter's troop. >> people love the cookies it's a lot of fun she likes to go to our neighbors and friend and they make money for the troop and gets them to do activities with money they earned. >> if you see a girl scout, buy cookies because a box may cost you $4 but take away is invaluable. anita oh, eyewitness news. >> smart young women there. up next the conversation
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. >> back on eyewitness news fas fastest woman on three wheels. reporting on special visit for the para olympia app athlete. >> i have four goals from rio, golds from rio. >> she is back at shiners hospital for a victory lap fine signing photos and posing for pictures and sharing her story with current patients [ applause ] the 27-year-old has broken racing records around the world including being the first person ever to win the grand slam four major
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world marathons in the same year. >> i've always followed a dream and for me that was racing and athletics and i never gave up on it. >> amazing considering titiana who has spina bifida started life in russian orphanage par lised from waist down learned to walk on hands to keep up with the other children. >> all of a sudden you're medically treated i didn't have that for the first six years of life. >> she was adopted in 1994 and brought to shriners for treatment. >> i was pretty sick and needed several surgeries my legs were atrophies behind my back. >> we worked on wheel chair and sitting balance. >> the chief at shiners said titiana became a role model to other patients. >> there are no limits to what kids can accomplish and they're able to accomplish these remarkable tasks including olympics and becoming attorneys
8:25 am
and, doctors and scientists it's a feat. >> she said it was rough journey but in sharing her story she wants every to know dreams come true and anything is possible. >> this is where it all started for me just trying to live a normal life from you know walking on my hands to actually sitting in a every day chair. i could not do that before. so shippers allowed me to do that. >> titiana graduated from the university of illinois with a degree in human development and family studies and is back there now getting a masters in child life. she says she wants to continue to give back and racing for as long as she can. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> a sellbation of life and legacy of alex scott take place at a gala in center city. 11th annual alex lemonade stand happened at mariott downtown. proceeds benefit alex lemonade stand.
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among guests was cbs correspondent treacy smith and while she was there she gave us a preview of what's owe to come later this morning. >> has a way with words that truly is unrivaled and will take a look back at president obama administration and that will be just fantastic i'm sur sure. and we're doing a lot of other stories on little parts of inauguration, entertainment, things like that, transition. >> and she joins ukee and washington in hosting events and several mechanics of cbs3 team were there as well. >> ak trees viola davis earned a role for her work. good parts have not always dom her. here's a preview interview you'll see later on cbs sunday morning. >> the thing viola can't do is be invisible. she just can't do it she can't fade away. she can't recede. she cannot be forgettable. >> you know you made it when
8:27 am
actress merrill streep sings braves praises on the hollywood walk of fame and viola davis recently got her star. two first appeared together in the film doubt. >> if we're talking about something float around between this priest and my son it's not my son's fault he's just a boy. >> i'm not suggesting. >> davis is on screen for a few minutes but it was enough to get a first oscar nomination. >> even if it was only going to be you know four, five minutes on screen. >> absolutely. >> you were delve into that as if it was lead role. >> i say i would make a fill a minion out of fried chicken dinner. >> oh, no. >> this is so much fun. >> she had a lot of fried chicken roles. parts that she fit first she says for her looks and then for her talent. >> i'm not having this conversation. >> i have a deep voice. i probably have the character
8:28 am
look. i am a woman of a certain hue and those roles those kinds of diverse roles were not being written for anyone that looks like me. >> i just want different narratives for people of color. especially women of color. i just want something that is different. >> viola davis force for change in hollywood and small world of doll houses and presidential inaugurations looking back and forward that's a sunday morning here on cbs3 at 9 a.m.
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i'm rahel solomon let's gets to justin drabick. this is eyewitness weather and justin starting off on a cool note, 32 degrees taken should warm up this week. >> at least we have sunshine going for us today big difference than yesterday and that helps dry things out temperatures now at or even below freezing in a lot of suburbs. chilly start but with the sun and winds pretty much calm 10 miles an hour or less we could see good this afternoon each day gets warmer. check it out, 24 allentown and coming off inch of snow inch and a half in parts of lehigh valley and 8 in mount pocono and 31 officially in philadelphia international airport and 27 wilmington. suburbs in the upper0s. pottstown stuck at 25. with temperatures below freezing some water was able to prefreeze last night. untreated surfaces could be slick this morning. heads up. could be a few icy spots over the next couple hours before the sun was able to melt thing things. there you go storm scan three not showing anything just few leftover mid to high level clouds over central delaware and southern new jersey and they thin out and move offshore
8:32 am
and full sunshine today. clearing skies this morning and few icy spots, 20s and 0s for temperatures and not a xwad rebound this afternoon with sunshine we get up to 44 for the afternoon high. that's 4 degrees above average. feeling good at the shore low 40s and sunny skies and mid0s freezing in the poconos and good day too hit the slopes. tracking a storm system this week. bring rain. by end of week we talk about mild temperatures running good 10 to 15 above average. let's you know how long that lasts coming up in eyewitness weather. rahel well send it over to you. >> justin we'll see you soon, thank you. >> five days before the up august ration trump is facing backlash for comments he made to senator john lewis. lewis said he does not consider trump legitimate president. as wendy reports some democrats plan to skip the ceremony. >> congressman john lewis says he will not attend inauguration of trump this friday along with
8:33 am
twelve other democrats. if the first time lewis skipped swearing of in president in 16 terms in congress. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> congressman made the comments as part of interview that will air on meet the press sunday. they incense the president-elect. is it a he tweeted congressman john lewis should is spend more time fixing his district which is in horrible shape and fall ago part and rather than falsely complying of election results, all, talk, talk, talk, no action or results, dad sad, the tweets angered democrats and some in the black community and those in lewis's efforts. >> i think it's clear president-elect trump doesn't know much about atlanta and i want to call him out on his promise to fix america's cities. >> the president-elect is staying here in new york city this weekend at his home inside trum tower. he had no scheduled activities or events this snowy saturday.
8:34 am
next week, mr. trump's inauguration air my lgbt community has fiercely criticized her appearance. >> president-elect tweeted again saturday evening softe softening his tone towards congressman louis saying congress noon focus on sixing cities in the u.s. and he, meaning done done, can get all the help he can get. >> and the inauguration is on friday and eyewitness news will be there with coverage. >> and tonight, president obama will appear in his final network interview. he sits down with cbs news correspondent steve cov to discuss the two term legacy. and you can see that interview on 60 minute and that of course airs tonight at 7 right here on
8:35 am
cbs3. >> and philadelphia eastern state pententiary the prison hosted discussion on dr. king famous letter from birmingham shale considered document of the civil rights movement and 1963 letter dispenses strategy of non violence to racism. threat to justice is a threat to justice everywhere. monday is martin luther king day. >> we're not quite done with winter yet but it's never early to plan with spring and spring cleaning and if you want presidential presidential i want to make imbroovrments in where you are home there's mreptsty of ideas at the philly home show. liver at the pennsylvania convention center shows us some of them, high, cherri. >> a good morning, rahel. i'm here at the philadelphia convention center lots of things going on here. and one of the things that we're going to talk about right now is the painted fox home challenge where folks who come
8:36 am
here to the philly home show get two minutes timed and then they have to set this table under those conditions to test their design skills. i had to bring back eve and scotty here we'll go ahead and time them right now. steve mc glen with the philly home show timing. it we'll only give you 90 seconds or so maybe 60 since live tv. i'll say go. and while they're back there doing this they'll set this table go ahead ge get it done. while they're doing it we'll talk what the philly home show has. and all kind of vendors you can think of to help people remodel and do anything with their homes to spruce things up and lots of div stuff and it's going to be celebrities here from the h g v and workshops where you can make crafts you can take home yourself. and part of it is to teach people how to make their homes better and e the be i know you
8:37 am
and scotty here are trying to do something industrial farmhouse how is it going. >> going great. >> going well. >> things looking pretty so far. >> i think it s. >> hurry up you have 30 more seconds but this is part of what people goat do and the great thing is, if you are able to do it you get to enter yourself in for a 200 dollar gift certificate call and this is one of the challenges saunas here and closet organizers and beds and you can come up anything you can think of at your home. patio, furniture. anything you can think of it is here at the philly home show. this is their first weekend. i think it looks pretty good. i think it looks pretty good look at this and now we can put our name in the box hopefully for a $250 gift certificate and this is all a part of the fun that is here. the philly home show kicksp off today 10:00 and it's on until 6 and on again tomorrow for more tin lumer king holiday ladies
8:38 am
can i get a high five here. i did absolutely nothing bit love this. and i mean they used i mean look at this. this is sheets of music as place mats. >> i like that. >> wonderful. >> live at the pennsylvania convention center cherri gregg you're right green recycling. >> and there's much more still to come on ice witness news this morning coming up next. we'll check in with face the nation john dickerson for a look ahead at the city broadcast. >> and what melania trump wears to inaugural ball will be more than a fashion statement. i'm in washington with significance of the
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> cbs face the nation is coming your way later on cbs3. and joining us now with a preview live new washington john dickerson, good morning, a
8:41 am
big week for washington. >> good morning, rachel, indeed a big week. we will talk to governor elect mike pence who will be sworn in as vice-president and we want to talk to him about plans for trump administration and the senate intelligence committee is looking into evidence to medal into the election and any connection between those efforts and trump campaign. what does mike pence think about that and we learned or got insight into how the trump administration is going to face the world from mr. trump's nominee to the state department and also to the department of defense the position from those two men are are seemingly add odds with those publicly held by mr. trump. how do we work that out. who speaks for administration and what are their positions and oingt host of other things we'll talk to pennsylvania about. and speak to senator joe mansion of west virginia he's a
8:42 am
democrat that talked to mike peps and thinks he can work with trump administration. and donald trump's plans and also how all of it can be put into place. newt gingrich knows about revolutions in washington and how successful they can be and pitfalls and rahel, as always, we'll have reporters here that coughing all the story this week to help us sift through what is a shiny object and what is real and important and we should pay attention to and most important what we should pay attention to next week. >> important distuvrption thank you. we'll be watching. >> an important part of preps for friday's inauguration ceremony taking place today. dress rehearsal.
8:43 am
this dry run is taking place at the capitol where the real thing is happening five games. donald trump and mike pence will be represented and in 2009 an army staff sergeant from south carolina senate for president obama he resembleded him in hight, weight and skin color but joked his had ears were not big enough. and once the inaugural ball begins all eyes will be on first ladies are melania trump. she reports on how the gone she wears will become part of legacy. >> she strutted on runways and graced magazine covers as a model. her latest challenge may be the most daunting yet choosing a ball gown. >> no matter what she wears after that this is the dress always remembered and pictured with her forever. >> lisa kathleen gravty is curator of first lady exhibit of national museum of american history. >> this is a woman who
8:44 am
represents us. we fool a certain kinship we want to know she's appropriate. >> first ladies observe showcase american designers. michelle obama wore this gown by jason wu for first inaugural ground and wu went on to design her looks. sovy tele worked with mr. obama but vowed not to work with mrs. trump tom ford said he will not dress trump others welcome the opportunity. par sons school of design professor hazo clark says inauguration is fresh beginning for nation. she predicts mrs. trump's dress will reflect that while staying true to herself. >> melania has a distinct personal style which is quite classic and quite elegant not really what would be called fashion forward. i think she's also very confident in the way she looks. >> and her gown will reveal
8:45 am
the style she'll bring to the white house. >> cbs3, eyewitness news. >> and still to come this morning a winter warm-up and rain returning to the forecast. justin will tell you when you might need the umbrella. >> dancing is great exercise and could be great stress reliever. one local program is working on proving anyone can dance. see the innovative way to help seniors get active. we'll be discover card. customer service! ma'am. this isn't a computer... wait. you're real? with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow. this is a recording. really? no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell. i say we own it.xperience become something to hide? lose all that negativity. just let it go. it's just bad energy. oh, and lose those terrible black balloons they give you on your 50th. what's up with that? hey we hear you. that's why our members love aarp the magazine. it celebrates you. with fun and provocative content,
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>> time now 8:47 getting warm for a cause. the polar appear plunge in wild wood. they took a dip in the atlantic to raise money for social olympics. the water temperature was frigid 40. last year's plunge raised $37 $375,000. organizers hope they top that number yesterday. that's matt with the red hat on. justin initially i didn't think
8:48 am
40 was cold but when you think about it you're not wearing dmroj clothes and that's cold. >> it's easier to stay up here right. >> exactly right going to the beach in memorial day temperatures are in the 50s. they're not we're wearing a wet sue. that's hardcore stuff for them. they got jipd but today not a bad day. it's cold this morning. still maybe a few spots could be a little slick with some black ice from standing water that refroze during the overnight hours. there you go. temperatures below freezing in a lot of locations. we're struggling to get back up to 30. 25 this hour. john jenkins house in sunny -- with sunshine in perkasie came up 2 degrees over past hours into new jersey we go and close to freezing this our hour and kery higgins in mount laurel 0 degrees full sunshine in hour and ina round philadelphia similar numbers here. we check in 1 official here in philadelphia and sunshine as
8:49 am
well. couple pictures to show icy conditions this morning and this is from phil he had a little ice glazed on mailbox. you may have dealt with that if you left the car out maybe scrape a little or let the sun do the work and melt the ice off. this is from lynn springer in cherry hill, until energy, ice on the deck looks look owe ago lateed fat. that's a good way to describe. it good call. kind of looks like soup you put in the fridge. and it's kind of gross. icy conditions out there this morning and now southern new jersey this hour nice shot there of the sun up. fillederd sunshine this hour. high clouds in south jersey and they'll go 30 degrees, north west breeze at 9 miles an hour. everybody dealing with sunshin sunshine. big difference compared to week ago south jersey dealing with 5 to 10" of snow. speaking of snow a lot of it in the poconos and most this is manmade over the past 24 hours. not a lot from yesterday's
8:50 am
system and 40" base. jack frost, big boulder, 48, 37 trails on both camel back, blue mountain that's 100% on for most resorts. ideal skying and riding conditions good day today and tomorrow. >> high above 40 made mid 50s mitdle of week. temperatures hold in 50s by end of week to upcoming weekend. bit of january thaw coming out the next week maybe two. storm system still pounding central us with a lot of ice. and across the central u.s. and west into great lakes over the next 40 hours and and plain rain. check it out. storm still out to the southwest right now. we have warm front here over texas and colder -- warmer air riding over the front and still cold air at the surface producing freezing rain. track to the low moves to great lakes and dragging the warm
8:51 am
front here on tuesday. we're debt getting showers tuesday and owe could linger wednesday temperatures warm up 40s and 50s. how long will this warming trend last. let's check things out. globally here and see where that little polar air is cold air it's over the polar region as you expect it and from time to time this time of year we get pieces of polar air moving southward. watch what happens today over the next ten days polar air doesn't push south. milder air stays north. at least to 25 or so this model is showing temperatures staying out or above average. maybe by end of january early february start to see a pub of colder air. mostly sunny skies. tonight chilly, few clouds, 28 for city and colder in suburbs and mlk day look going tomorrow. partly sunny skies. mid 40s for afternoon temperature. heading to tuesday we have to deal with showers especially afternoon and night. 48. morning rain possible wednesday
8:52 am
into mid 50s. keeping mid to low 50s thursday and weekend temperatures good ten to 15 above average this is called january thaw it happens from year to year in january. so nothing too abnormal federal this. >> nonthe list appreciate it. thank you, justin. >> time now 8:5 2. let's go back and check the roads with amanda muller. you see roads and conditions challenging for drivers out there. >> absolutely we're tracking several accidents. and first new incidents con hocken fay yet at front and have biss able vehicle limekiln and that is now clear. also a new accident limerick swamp pike neffer road. be careful in the area moving towards city overturned vehicle west lincoln between rittenhouse and kelly. be careful if you need to travel in that area. best way around that is 76. we also reported accident east norington west germantown pike
8:53 am
north wailz road that accident involved a car and bus and we're told that cleared as well and timely we have been following an accident in montgomery county that is still. there it's on west third avenue heritage park boulevard and police and fire department are on the scene be ready for delays in that area and a final look at the ben franklin bridge look going traveling in and out of city you want to take it slow due to icy roadways. cbs traffic center aim amanda muller, rahel back to you. >> app opportunity to see aiming in a whole new live. visit toreia widle is showing us how dancing is providing new kind of joy for seniors. >> lift, two, >> in the parish room of the first unitarian church of philadelphia a few seniors were getting a chance to dance. >> push in. out. twist to the right. >> this one hour program is called anyone can dance and it use as dapttive choreography
8:54 am
that can be done in a chair it was created by judith sacks. >> when i say to people, anyone can dance usually the answer is, not me and i have to actually persuade them by showing them basically dance is breathing and it's taken one limb or a shoulder or a head or something and moving it in a particular way. >> judith and rest of women in the class are members and volunteers of pennsville annual a group that treats aging like a team sport providing neighbor to neighbor services and programs like today's dance class to help seniors thrive, connect and engage in all that life has to offer. >> my husband is not well and i'm a care grivr which means i do get out to do things at times but i need some joy in my life. i need some fun and dancing sounded great. >> penn's village is working to reface the face of aging and doing things a little different
8:55 am
promoting most important step for aging seniors. >> a lot of it is mental. and a lot of it has to do with just decide what is right for yourself today. >> sandra decide whad she wants to do. >> music is healing. dancing is healing. so i'm going to heal myself to 100 plus. >> look out world here she comes. >> oh, my goodness this is phenomenal. >> vittoria woodill, cbs3
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> and that's cbs3 eyewitness news for now. we maying signing off on tv but we're always on cbs have a good day and a great we're always on cbs have a good day and a great weekend ♪ ♪
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