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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 17, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> shot and killed a work a bar manager is dead after a verbal argument becomes vie anteand surprising person witnesses say pulled the trigger. and gunman caused of carrying out a mass shooting inside a night club in istanbul is under arrest and what we learned about a possible motive. and boycotting big day the number of politicians skipping president trump's inauguration is growing this morning and the four lawmakers from our area among them. and today is tuesday, january 17, good morning i'm jim donovan. >> welcome back, jim donovan. >> aim rahel solomon, a a new way to by beer in pennsylvania starting today first the forecast. >> you got me 4:30 in the
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morning. >> early here. >> this is like our happy hou hour, right? >> that is true. happy hour at 4:00 in the morning that is true, jim, welcome back and good morning, everyone, happy tuesday, roads are looking good and they're nice and dry. >> already, trart starting to see activity on the radar. we'll get to that right away. some has the possibility to freeze on contact. that is not true everywhere. we have a freezing rain advisory to tell you about. at the moment storm scan the norp half of our region not looking bad. you go to delaware, southern new jersey, and showers are starting to work their way n we put things into motion. this is a three hour loop. look closely a hypothetical of pink showing up. it's not necessarily immediate concern. but with time this morning and up to ten this morning freezing rain advisory is going to be worthwhile to have in place in berks, lehigh, north am top
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county,s points west into the poconos. you could have rain freezing on contact but we're expecting just showers initially here. the temperatures are cold enough to support that. you're at 3 in mount pocono and certainly milder by compare son up and down 9 and points south of that. we don't have to worry much about iceing across philadelphia and immediate vicinity and as the day progressing we're calling for periods of rain. granted it will be off and on throughout the day but today is a good day to you have the umbrella ready to go. 45 the eventual high and above average and this is not the warmest this will get. this is a warm front. we'll continue to see temperatures climb with time. >> even small amount of rain katie will affect us. >> of course it is. >> you heard it, and i would heed that warning and maybe leave homes a little earlier this morning and good morning and happy tuesday to you. so we're looking outside right now. what we're looking at is 95 southbound.
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two blainz blocked for construction cleared. we're looking nice here. already just 4:30 in the morning you can see a lot of vehicles out there already. it's a busy tuesday. a lot of people took off work yesterday for martin luther king day and they're going to be on the roads today and it's going to get busy. westbound, eastbound vine look going and eastbound isic wit withing up a little and construction here route 1 southbound reopened a little bit ago oxford valley. we're good with that construction project this is out there pa turn pike westbound delaware river bridge and ben salem that lane is blocked there and we have more to talk about in the next 15 minutes. jinx and rahel solomon back to you. >> a shooting inside a local bar. >> the suspect was also an employee. eyewitness reporter trang do is live at police headquarters with the investigation. trang, good morning. >> good morning, rahel and jim the baghdad bar manager was conscious and talk when police
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arrived and later died at the hospital. they're questioning the security goord that fired fightal shoxts look at video of the scene it happened before 11 p.m. sharon's little spot corner of voyeur and woodlawn in east germantown. the bar manager had two gun shot wounds to the torso and one at the thigh. medics transported him to einstein where he later died. manager and 28 quoo yo yoo-year-old security guard ghoot an argument and it turned physical the guard fired three shots hitting manager. >> we're not certain at the time what the argument and altercation was about. but that's 8-year-old security guard is in police custody and the victim was pronounced dead at einstein hospital and witnesses in the bar at the time are being interviewed by homicide detectives. >> and those witnesses include a female bar tnder and a female
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customer. at this time, police have not yet filed charges. for now, we're live from police headquarters i'm trang do, cbs cbs3, eyewitness news, jim and rahel back to you. >> and a man fighting for his life in philadelphia. police arrived 5 and locust before 11 where they found the victim shot in the head. medics rushed him to the hospital. he is now on life support. so far no word on motive. >> a man accused of killing a man during a west independent home invasion earlier this month is under arrest. 3-year-old matthew white shot and killed barry jones during the home invasion and robbery on the 5400 block of girard avenue. chopper was over the scene on january 9. white is responsible for a home up vacation the night before he faces murder, robbery and aggravated assault charges. >> turkish police arrested the gunman that carried out the
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deadly night club attack in istanbul. he reported a selfie of himself before the attack which killed 39 people he was captured during a raid and authorities say he confessed to massacre and isis claimed responsibility. the north is a beckstan national who trained in afghanistan. >> the wife of orlando shooter is appearing in court in oak land, california today, nor solomon is accused of aiding and abetting terrorism and avoiding investigators and claims of being coerced by husband did not appear to be true and there's evidence showing she knew her husband would do something bad. her lawyer is denying those accusations. >> hundreds fwaernled to mourn a murdered teenage girl. a memorial was held for grace packer. grace was murdered by her adopted mother and boyfriend. for mourners this service was remembering grace and restoring
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her dignity. >> this is a humaning in the imannual of god and is important. and she matters to us and to the community. >> grace packer's biological parents attended service and both had a difficult time speaking about their daughter. they say she was taken from them when she was just 3. >> in politics now the number of lawmakers boycotting president itemp's inauguration is 42 including two from our region. bob brady, brendan boil and dwight evans was on the list. that was bonnie watson coleman. it comes after don bell called congressman lewis all talk and no action in response to the claim that his election was not legitimate. >> he is my personal friend and i'll support him. >> pennsylvania senator bob casey will ahend inauguration. a statement says in part, the
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democrat has deep respect for representative lewis. someone whose actions over many years moved our nation forward. the statement went on to read it is right of any member of coming gretion to choose not to attend. we now know more than 3,000 police officers from all over the country will travel to washington d.c. to assist with security during presidential inauguration. officers from the philadelphia police department were tabbed to help with crowd control. more than 1 million people are expected to descend upon the nation's capitol for the swea swearing in. philadelphia officials assure the public security here will remain clear. >> look for jessica dean's report from there. you with find our updates online and cbs local app. >> friday's presidential inauguration is not the only ceremony making headlines. hours from now governor elect john carney will be swornp in as delaware 74 governor and
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bethany hall long will be sworn in as lieutenant governor. the inauguration ceremony will take place at the legislative mall in dover, delaware at 11 a.m. >> over to pennsylvania. josh shapiro will be sworn in as state attorney general later today in harrisburg and inauguration for self proclaimed people's attorney general will take place at the whitaker center at noon. >> and more options to beer drinkers in pennsylvania. beer disstrushers can sell any quantity including 32 ounce bottoms and six packs. they're looking forward to more customers. >> one in certain that come in are tourists united states or foreign country and maybe a couple beers and they get diskurnged and often they walk out. so our sales will probably increase. sfwlt new law let's bars sell booze 9 a.m. sundays the without having to serve food.
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>> defiant wall sitters plan to claim space in rittenhouse square today. they're planning on sit on during lunch described to keep people from sit opening the walls that surround the popular park. friends of rittenhouse say the group works with the parks and recreation recreation department to create the ban because of vandalism and marijuana smoinging. following the ban mayor jim conditiony tweeted sit where you want. >> a violent plane crash in michigan when a pilot can successfully pull off a landing. >> how the pilot is doing this morning and local leader who helped firefighters in the rescue. >> and after learning to hear the fate of loved ones family and friends on mh 370 received heartbreaking news overnight. stay with us.
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>> a pilot on the san diego
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bound fight report aid possible curety threat last night the plane landed and was searched and nothing was found. after three long years we learned search for malaysian airlines 370 have been called off. they searched more than 120 square miles of the indian ocean since the plane disappeared. 239 people were on board. family members of the passengers were notified by email this morning. malaysia, china and australian authorities spent $80,000 a day searching for the aircraft. >> and back at home a mayor in michigan comes to rescue of pilot when a plane crashes and goes up in flames. how mayor nick procter was on his way to a meet when he saw the plane go off the run way and through a fence and the collision ripped off the plane wing sparking fiery blaze. mnl crews joined mayor as they pulled the aircraft pilot to safety. >> it could have been a lot worse it could have been a major tragedy. and officials say the pilot was the only one on board this morning.
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we're told he is doing well. >> well a massive martin luther king day celebration in miami florida was interrupted by gunfire yesterday afternoon. miami-dade police swormd into mlk park where witnesses say someone started shooting and crowds began to run causing tam is period through the celebration and eight were injured in the chaos. police have detained two people they believe are related to the shooting. well, time now is 4:44. >> turning to weather this morning some may want to grab the umbrella. katie, when i was walking out was not misting yet. >> but you say. >> it's coming. >> you can see the activity over my shoulder of the bulk may be in the pm hours. it's something to traffic. we have the most concern for icing to take place in the northwest suburbs and if any survivors and it's cold enough. it will. this atmosphere cop continues to moisten up. we have enough cold air in place this early hour to support icing. but again this is say warm
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front that will absolutely live up to its name. waitle you sigh it in the 7 da day. a shield of rain heading our way as this much larger system works east across the united states. so we're getting in on the warm and cold front with this. the storm center of circulation will bypass you us north and regardless we get some of the indirect impact from it so i would say over the next hour an a half or so as on the air here with eyewitness news we'll see pink takeover radar and this is future weather and come 6:00 this is pegged to be over the lehigh valley and berks country and possibly extend toling montgomery, bucks. my advice is if if is is raping look at car thermometer. that will be help fulz in terms of whether you want to slow down a little more than you are in the rain. there could be slick spots if close to freezing, the bull with being comes through fwranted off and on in nature and into the afternoon and that's what you see steadier pockets of rain and that's especially when you have that
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rain gear ready to government we're not talking about a washout of a day granted occasional rain is way to put it 45 the eventual high and above average and afog as well as atmosphere moistens up. 42 at worst for the nighttime low. we're warming up nicely from here. take a look we will not be close to what's normal for most of the 7 day. normal high, guys, 40, 41 over the span. into the 50s. at least 10 above the average for 6 of the next 7 days. not bad, meisha. >> i love our hump day katie, 54. let's scott past tuesday because whatever katie says rain or freezing rain especially feesing rain any time during our morning commute no matter where are you in the communities i can tell you leave your homes early and drive very, very carefully. ben franklin bridge right now looking good. moving in westbound direction center city and the vine is also looking good now close to overnight construction project
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westbound, eastbound good looking quiet. we're seeing movement out there and really what we look at is a lot of construction this morning. here delaware 95 south off ramp closed opening 5 a.m. i'll let you know when it does and off ramp to 141 also closed and this one standing until june 16. we have a long time on the project. plus here in delaware 95 north from 58 to 141. two lanes blocked. that should be lifting right around 5 a.m. and heads up, new jersey transit bus services expanding service today make sure to check schedules online. we'll talk about that coming up in the next 15 minute or so. >> thank you meisha. millennials and money and troubling find how kids are doing compared to their
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>> time is 4:40 i was about to say 6:49 time for a check on money news. >> joining us live from the
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stock exchange, good morning, another week on the dow still can't reach that 0,000 mark. >> what are investors watching today. >> all right. there are more earnings this week. today actually before the opening bell we'll hear from morgan stanley. also, this week the global business elite are gathering in davos switer land for world economic forum and china takes the spotlight there's a delegation of 100 officials including chinese president. jim, rahel. >> so, jill, i understand there's a troubling report today on millennials and money? >> it's true, milleniaials are making less money than their parents did at their age. there's an add vase group called young invincible finding millennials learned 10,000 less than baby boomers at the same age. 0% left. >> that's upsetting. >> i wonder if it's because
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they switch jobs so often. >> i wonder if it takes into account cost of living and that sort of thing. >> thank you jill. >> or maybe companies are paying less money. >> could be. never know, welcome to america. we'll check in in the next hour. rain is moving through our area this morning. >> and for person in certain ports it could be freezing rai rain. it's posted for some of you. who needs to take a close look an the thermometer and how warm it's about to get. another mild stretch is coming. another mild stretch is coming. i'll let fios is not cable. we're wired differently. another mild stretch is coming. i'll let so we created internet that doesn't make you wait. introducing fios instant internet. it means you can download a video just like that. or upload your photos like this. or this. or that. it's the only 750 meg internet available to millions, with uploads as instant as downloads. we took internet speed and completely reinvented it, introducing fios instant internet.
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shout out to house band kicking sin rise each though we may not see that this morning getting us off on the right foot this morning. granted yes there's wet weather to track on storm scan most of which is not affecting most of us. you go into the first state of delaware southern new jersey granted couple showers and strictly rain showers for most of you that way and you see shades of pink coming across ixts 0 an central pa and keep your eye on the monitor especially if you travel lehigh, north am top, pocono region out to berks county and we have a freezing rain advisory until 10. freezing drizzle. light sleet and temperatures around freezing in untreated roadways could get slick. i don't think this is major icing event. this is nothing close to what they saw in central mraips but it never takes much to cause travel issues. please be careful out there and i will say this even though at the moment there's no rain in chester country and i'm seeing spots close to freezing too. i don't care where are you keep
4:55 am
an eye on the them mom ter and we'll warm up successfully sim of the next 7 days are ten above average. today, also above average meisha and it's coldest day of pack. it will be a nice stretch. >> we have to get through today's morning. >> will it linger. >> it will but just ripe rain at that point. >> thanks, so much, katie. >> so freezing rain in certain areas. that is something to hone in on and make note of as you leave the doors today take it he very, very easy and i would say leave early. schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction girard, eastbound and westbound, you're looking as you normally would. i would say it's looking a little buzzier for being this busy in the 4:00 hour to what we normally see a lot of people off yesterday are jumping back on the roadways today. quick peek until nnl creek road looking good in new jersey anywhere we look.
4:56 am
we have construction in that area and we'll talk about that in a bit. first of all, until nnl transit is expanding service today you see it on route 414, 51 and 555 and haets up on this check your schedules online and disabled vehicle northeast exertion northbound that plain is blocked and pa westbound that lane is blocked there was elwell. overall this morning lot of construction and a lot more coming with all the rain and feesing rain coming, yim, over to you. >> thank you. the newly discovered item that would be. >> massive flooding and how much rain fell in argentina. >> and how artists are bringing back a special type of wallpaper. we're back at the top of the hour. hour. stay with us.
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h,z/ >> tracking rain this tuesday morning storm scan showing build weather out west. that will bring showers to our area. parts of the region are even under freezing rain advisory. katie is here to time it all out for us. >> and new this morning an argument leads to gunfire inside a local bar and the victim is the bar's manager and this morning the surprising suspect in police custody. >> and changes to pennsylvania liquor laws why it will be easier to buy less beer today. that doesn't make much sense. we'll tell you why. tuesday, january 1, good everyone i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon katie and
5:00 am
meeshia keeping aan eye on things without the use of beer. >> i think we should start with mimosas. >> i like that idea i don't think hr would go for it. >> yeah. >> 8:00. >> happy tuesday, so the roads are looking good and lots of construction out there. what we are talking about katie more significantly is what's coming. >> at the moment the radar is quiet locally. there's a few little speclees starting to show up here. just rain at the moment through delaware and southern new jersey but yeah, you're eluding to the freezing rain, meisha and right now we have a little hypothetical of moisture working its way to northwest most berks county as well as certainly again delaware and south new jersey. you have these temperatures close to freezing in those spots north and west you may end up with icing. you see shades of pink popping up out here. i don't think this is major issue. if you recall we've been talking about national headlines including massive


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