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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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together we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and yes, together we will make america great again. >> a message from the forty-fifth president of the united states, a nation watching, as president donald j trump becomes our next commander in chief. but not everyone is celebrating the new leadership , broken glass, tear gas and unrest, as the oath of office was reated violent protests broke out in the streets of washington d.c. good afternoon everyone i'm ukee washington. and i'm guess can dean. coming to you live from
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washington d.c., you see this capitol right behind me where the big moment happened today at noon time, the owes of office taken by the forty-fifth president of the united states. donald j trump. there has been so many activities the throughout the day, it has been a very busy day for the president and his family. they have been traveling all across the city, the parade is still going on as we seek. the it is running a little bit behind but they work toward the balls this evening. but again a full day here and so many people here, to watch history unfold, first hand, including many from the delaware valley. >> i don't old john trump do solemnly swear. >> chief justice john roberts swore in donald trump as forty-fifth president of the united states at noon. >> so help me god. >> reporter: trump delivered a defiant inaugural message reminiscent at times of his campaign speeches. >> we assembled here to take are issuing a new decree to be heard this every city, in every foreign capitol and this
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every haul off power, from this day forward, a new vision will governor land. from this day forward, it is going to be only america first >> the new president set high expectations for his new administration. >> i will fight for you, with every breath in my body, and i will never, ever, let you down >> reporter: many people from our area came to washington to witness history. >> it is interesting, you know , i never made it down to the other inaugurations i grew up in the city, and first time i have come down to one. definitely cool. >> i'm here to support trump i can't wait to have my new president. >> reporter: what do you think about all of the protest. >> they were lining autopsy long the inauguration parade route president trump and first family briefly walk along the route and waved to the crowd, a tradition that dates back to jimmy carter.
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>> now, there are many people here celebrating the inauguration of the president trump but there are many others who are protesting his inauguration and some have of those protests turn violent. we want to show you video now, of tense of thousands office protesters are here, some of them clashing with police, and protesters carrying anarchy flags, knocked over trash cans , they swarm the streets in some places. a few of them tried to fight police and two officers were injured. police ultimately fat back, with pepper spray and tear gas , 95 have been arrested and led away. >> these groups that are break ing windows and things like that delegitimizees a lot of the reasons why we're here. i don't agree with that either this is about the first amendment, peaceful protest. >> reporter: more than 200,000 people are expect to take part in tomorrow's women's march on washington which is expected to be peaceful, they will be
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protesting president trump's agenda now back in philadelphia, protesters also taken to the streets there, we want to go to "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt following that part of the story, live in center city, hi there, david. >> reporter: hi jessica live at city hall tonight. what happened here in philadelphia nothing like what you are seeing tonight in washington, a lot of foulke upset with president trump's policies, they came out tonight to march, and even though it rained a little bit earlier today they said that didn't matter they wanted to get their message heard. >> no trump, no kkk. >> reporter: group of 200 demonstrators block traffic on the west side of the city hall as rush hour began. >> i got to fight for my grandchildren, i have to peace fully protest for my grandchildren and fight for their future peacefully. >> reporter: dianne was one of the many stories outside philadelphia city hall. >> even though trump is the president that toss than the mean that is the the majority of the the people actually believe, we think a lot of people have been betrayed by
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both republican and democratic parties. >> are you willing to give president trump a chance to see what he has to offer. >> so far he hasn't given a chance for change for what people are demanding considering he hasn't won popular vote he should listen to the demand of the popularity. >> reporter: philadelphia police rode alongside, hoping to she protesting can be peaceful and constructive. >> as an american citizen it is our responsibility to speak up and say something when something is not the right. >> reporter: and some of the folks left here about an hour ago about 200 people were at independent hall, on the mall just about an hour ago but, 30 minutes ago i'm told they started to disperse, and i just spoke with police and they said no major issues to report. so far things have been peaceful and constructive all about that first amendment. reporting live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, david, lot of people making their voices heard on both sides, of the inauguration, of president trump. there is more to come tonight, of course, now once the parade wraps up all eyes will be to
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the three inaugural balls happening tonight, the president and first lady will have their dance there, so that is what people are looking towards for tonight. we will stay on top of this we will see you later in the broadcast. >> thanks very much. back with you in just a few minutes. ahead of the departure to palm springs, california, obama's stop at joint base andrews to thank those who supported them personally. the president thanked ex-house and campaign staffers and military personnel. >> it has always been about you: all of the amazing things that have happened over the last ten years, are just a testament to you. >> and we are also going to see a lot more of joe biden, first state showed the vice-president and his wife, doctor jill biden a lot of love today. they were honored with a special welcome home celebration in wilmington. our natasha brown was there and on the train, with the bidens as they returned home for good.
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natasha, good evening. >> reporter: it has been a whirlwind of the day, ukee, we can tell thaw and we know joe biden's return here to delaware came with the pomp and circumstance fit for a hero's welcome and tomorrow supporters especially here in this state that is exactly what he is to them. >> hi, guys. >> reporter: shortly after the inauguration of donald trump former vice-president joe biden returned to a place, all too familiar to him, union station, boarding the train back home to wilmington, delaware. >> we caught up with him on board. >> what advice would you give president trump. >> i don't give advice to presidents. i learned to do that privately >> reporter: after serving last eight years as vice-president with the obama administration and 36 years as a u.s. senator representing delaware he has logged 8,000 round trips on amtrak. >> ladies and gentlemen, honorable joseph r biden junior station. >> reporter: it is fitting he received a hero's welcome
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after rolling in the wilmington train station that bears his name. from there hundreds wait todd greet biden and his wife jill at the chase center in wilmington. the pride an admiration of delaware's joe biden moved him to tears as he addressed the crowd. >> paraphrase james joyce and i know i'm always quoting irish poets but joyce says and i will paraphrase it, when i die, when i die delaware will be written on my heart. >> he was joe, joe just speaks from the heart, he tells how he feels and makes you feel with him. >> gave us hope for the future >> right. >> reporter: well we know joe biden does plan to to some work with his alma matter the university of delaware but when we asked him what his plans were for the weekend, they are very simple he says,
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just to hang out with his grand kids and enjoy being home. we're live from wilmington, delaware, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. putting politics aside in today's inaugural lunch, president trump recognized his former campaign rival, the president immediately walked to hillary clinton's table and shook her hand. at the end in an extraordinary moment president trump paid tribute to clinton. >> very honored, very, very honored when i heard that president bill clinton and secretary hillary clinton was coming today and i think it ace pope eighth to stand up and i'd like to you stand. honestly there is nothing more i can say because i have a lot of respect for those two people, so thank you all for being here. >> congressional leaders also toasted president trump at the lunch. more ahead on history being made we will head back to washington where guess case
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live with the very latest from the national mall. special vantage point of the swearing in of president donald trump and more on the the parties and protests, next also this... >> history coming to life i'm cleve bryan, coming up what south jersey high school students thought about president trump's inauguration speech. and we will continue to track rain tonight, after what has been a very glummy and wet day, the rain now moving out, but we will talk about fog and a even stronger storm i'll tell you whether it can impact your weekend, don. joel embiid's chance to date rihanna took a hit when he was not named a starter in the all-star game so how was joe joe dealing with rejection he'll tell news
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and our coverage of the historic inauguration, of president donald trump continues, lets go back to jessica dean in washington, jessica? >> hi ukee, good evening, once again, from washington d.c. where festivity continue, to be underway, here to celebrate the inauguration of donald j trump as our forty-fifth president here this is united states. it was very interesting to be, an eyewitness to that today. we were certainly eyewitness toes history. we had a interesting vantage point earlier today if you were able to see us at 1:00 where we were able to talk right after president trump took the oath of office. it was an incredible thing to be able to see that peaceful transfer of power. it is a signature of american democracy and as someone standing right there watching it happen, it is incredible to see them say a few word and that is it, it goes from one person to the next, that presidency, that power. and it was incredible to watch first hand. you see entire government, all
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of the people that make up our government turning out, no matter, what their party was, hillary clinton, the person donald trump defeated was sitting right there and she said she was there to support this peaceful transfer of power. we were certainly eyewitness toes that today. the as much as there was celebration for so many here in the nation's capitol there were violent protests. we have been telling but those , we have been seeing those all afternoon and now in the evening. we went from pomp, circumstance to the violent protests. officials say two officers were hurt in the clash with protesters and at times police were having to use pepper spray to disperse some of these crowd. we know 95 people at least 95 people were arrested. now keep in mind tomorrow is women's march on washington and that is expected to draw 250,000 people who are either in the the city or making their way to the city. that protest is expect to be peaceful but it will certainly be quite large, ukee. >> jessica, thank you, and our
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crews, we will see you later on tonight. thanks very much. students at a south jersey high school are watching history unfold. sophomores -- >> sophomores at clayton high school, spent their take, watching the inauguration, which is quite interesting, a good learning experience for them and our cleve bryan was listening to them so lets see what they have to say. >> reporter: president trump's word are too new to know their place in history but the judges of the importance and of their truth will include students from here, in clayton , new jersey. >> together we will determine the course of america and the world for many, many years to come. >> reporter: future that belongs to these students from mike aaron's u.s. history class locked into president trump's inauguration speech. >> from this day forward, a new vision will governor land and we will bring back our
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dreams. >> reporter: road from listening to learning, includes discussion. >> what did you think about the message? >> reporter: sprinkles in the process of forming opinions is perspective. >> he has got to take care of everybody, okay. he has to put any emotion, any personal belief is a side and work for better meant of our country. >> reporter: what did the president say that made an impression on these student. >> i like the line where he said get rid of welfare and bring in other jobs back. >> everybody will be treated the same, or whatever and i like from his speech how he mentioned the poverty in our country. >> overall i think his speech brought us more unity and he want to be a united nation and stronger then ever. >> reporter: while unity was reoccurring theme in the president's speech, several students say it was not theme they saw from trump's campaign diamond taylor says she's trying to figure out what his presidency will look like. >> i still have have concerns about everything but you always have to hope for the best and hope that he lives up
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to everything that he says and you have to have a high expect tation. >> reporter: one of the themes of the students really discussed during their talk after the speech was about america first, what does that mean to other countries and what message was the president trying to send? things that they will continue to discuss the rest of the school year. reporting live from clayton i'm cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it has been a remarkable experience on the national mall and jessica, lets get back to you briefly. what are your biggest take aways from the inaugural events as we welcome our new national leadership. >> reporter: interesting we heard from these student because that is what we're hearing here. you have the group that is so fur vent in their support for president trump they believe he is an outsider and can make things better for this country then we have people who are fur vent in their disagreement with them and their fear about what this means moving forward there is a big gap in between those two groups of people. it is up to president trump to
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bridge that gap and we will see how that goes, ukee. >> that we will, jessica, thanks again, very much. you saw some of the rain down there. we have had rain up and down northeast corridor and it has been off and on, kate bilo joins us now. >> reporter: we are still tracking a few showers but good news is heaviest rain has moved out, but we have to worry about problems out on the road overnight in the form of of fog. we have got dense fog forming overnight and into tomorrow morning and that could lead to low visibility on the road. here's is what going on right now to bethlehem where we are in the seeing a ton have of fog but roads are wet, good soaking moved through the area , entire northeast, all day to day here's what it looked like on storm scan three as that band of rain we have been tracking this all week on future weather behaves exactly as they anticipated and moving through new york city and we are trying out. there are still a few scattered showers to the west of us moving through lancaster and chester counties but for most part steady rain is over and new we will see temperatures rise, but also
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see that fog form overnight. the lets look at our future visibility as we head toward midnight 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m. visibilities near zero as dense fog develops, a lot of times you see that when warmer moist air starts to move in and even early tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. very low visibility. by 10:00 a.m. we have see visibility start to rise but out and about anytime overnight or early saturday morning be safe on the road, fog can be dense and it will come up on you quickly. that foggy start to our saturday, will last and keep it cloudy throughout the afternoon. then we have this system approaching late sunday into monday. the showers beginning anytime sunday but especially sun take night and then monday this storm works up the eastern seaboard looks typical to a snowstorm set up, it is just not cold enough. look at how much rain we will see through the day monday and monday night and then some spots seeing one to 2 inches of rain, and gusty wind especially at the coast up to 45 or 50 miles an hour. so overnight watch for that fog to develop, 41 degrees, mostly cloudy, morning fog for
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welcome back don bell with sports. sixers take on the trailblazers tonight down at the center and another chance, for joel embiid to show nba coaches that he deserves to be an all-star. now last night joel was not named a starter for the game next month but, he could make the team as a backup with a full roster as announced next week. he is averaging 20 points and eight rebound a game. joe/joeys handling the loss, with pretty well, you would say. >> that is all right. there is not many people that get to do that.
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so, it was okay. the fans, you know, they showed me their love and i love that. i'm just enjoying myself. >> all right. championship weekend in the nfl, time of the year eagles just developing well, from 2001 through zero eight, bird played in five nfc title games this week i sat down with three key members of the zero four eagles, d tackle darwin walker, special teamers ike reese and tre thomas, the trio made it to the super bowl and lost to the patriots an experience they will never forget. >> for me it really was traumatic and it was two years ago i finally watched it for the first time and that was only because, there was showing it on nfl network, and i happened to turn it on. i will not lie to you, don, i still wake up, facing tom brady, that is how traumatic it was for me. >> hey catch more of my
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conversation with darwin, ike, tray sunday after afc championship game right here on cbs-3, the nfl to daze kicks off at 6:00 and then steelers and patriots getting at 6:40. great conversation with these guys. >> that was the sign stealing super bowl. >> we will talk about that and we talk about is and andy reid a hall of famer. >> good files. >> thanks, buddy. >> when we come back another look at best moments of the today's presidential inauguration, stay with us we will be right
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 7:30 with a special addition of "eyewitness news", "eyewitness news" returns at 10:00 o'clock on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and once again back here at is 11:00 o'clock. up next, "cbs evening news". but before we join scott pull any washington another look at the best moments of today's historic inaugural moment in washington d.c. take care family we will see you tonight. >> ♪
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>> i donald john trump, do solemnly swear. >> pelley: the 45th president of the united states takes the oath and makes a vow. >> for t too long, a small group in our nation's capital, has reepped the rewards of government, while the people have borne the cost. that all changes starting right here and right now. >> pelley: protests against the new president turn violent. and the 44th president says a final good-bye. >> yes, we did. yes, we can. >> pelley: a transfer of power, and a celebration of american democracy. captioning sponsored by cbs


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