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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 24, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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and another soggy start down the shore where flood waters and high winds have caused several schools to open late this morning. this is a live look at ocean city where you can see flooded roads, katie is here with more on the storm, and it feels like it just will not go away. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just a minute. here's what you need to start your day in our morning minute. this is what it is. >> you get used to it after awhile. >> folks down the shore are bracing for high tied this morning hoping it won't add more damage to the already flooded beach town. >> can't believe these guys got killed. >> storm proved deadly sign fell on a man at an used car lot in philadelphia's hunting park section. >> new this morning, a fast moving fire damages a restaurant in philadelphia's wynnefield heights section. no word on what sparked the blaze.
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a health square for minnesota governor mark dayton. >> get him to the ground, please. >> he collapsed while delivering his state-of-the-state speech yesterday. >> fawn alive, three puppies pulled from an italian hotel burried by avalanch, giving rescuers hope of finding more survivors. >> we're told that the puppies parent escaped the avalanch and that were found in the valley. that's good. puppies and their mom and pop altogether again. >> that's good news. let's get over to katie. good news coming further down the forecast today, looks like still little bit more of the same as yesterday? >> at least it is a lot more improved than it was from yesterday. we do still have showers, do still have wind, but nothing like what we saw yesterday. not going to be battling these pocket of real heavy rain, also, not going to be battling the snow that we saw up in the mountains, so we could still some precipitation up that way, in fact, still finding it on storm scan3, we take a look
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at the to, this continues to rotate through the area. so there will be lingering showers, i would say, the most noticeable feature of yesterday, especially aside from the flooding, is the fact that we had such strong winds. so, that's still a theme here. but you see how things are look starting to decay on storm scan at the local level? that's as the storm pulls away. real at this. we do still have winter weather advisory, now extended until 6:00 this evening, carbon, monroe, all of the rest of the pocono mountains included therefore additional snow and sleet, that doesn't amount to much. but could still lead to slick travel specially along places like i80. now looking at the current wind gust, oh, yes, improvement. we were seeing wind speeds, sustained, well above this, even at this time yesterday. so really has gotten better. but will you notice the breeze? oh, ya, absolutely. it is still a breezy day, still going to be dreary day, chilly too. i would say temperature probably will not rebounds beyond 45 degrees or so. but it is not as bad. the gusts will pick up say 25, 30 miles per hour, that's a much, much more improved from yesterday.
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coastal flooding still concern, though, in fact, most locations at the shore, are either have already just peaked with the high tide for this morning, or they're about to in the next hour. and thankfully, as the winds direction shifts, for more off shore, we are going to thankfully not have to worry about any additional tidal flooding later today. but still bit of dreary one for sure, meisha. >> i know it absolutely is. already affecting our commute t has been since i got here at about 4:00 in the morning, see what happens. don't like to be the bearer of bad news, guys, but waking to up another tough commute this morning. so let's just get through this one as a team, okay? this is where we have a car spun out, right lane, schuylkill westbound at gulph mills. take a look at the backups already around here. so between the blue route and pa turnpike, we take you about ten minutes on the schuylkill. just heads up on this already slowing down, and a lot of vehicles out there. so that's going to slow you down this morning, just factor it in, give yourself extra 15, 20 minutes right now. but then every ten minute add in more time. also, flooding here atlantic city route 40 westbound, westbound avenue, right lane
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blocked. new jersey bus routes 507, 509, detoured, check the schedules on line. another place where de have some flooding, wildwood, by the george reading bridge, heads up 47 closed, alternate, ocean drive or route 147, probably your best bet. really your only two best bets. then downed wire here, marlton new jersey actually snapped telephone pole with the wires across the road. route 70 westbound near cropwell road all lanes are blocked. take a look at this alternate. i'll be tweeting this out as well your best bet. already see so much activity. leave extra time today. >> also, a lot every clean up today after heavy rain and strong winds rip through our region. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live along route 70 in cherry hill where some downed wires have closed part of the road. good morning, trang. >> reporter: well good morning, jim, rahel. yes, lots of activity here. not because of the morning rush. take a look. this is route 70 westbound, you can see that it has been
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completely taken over by the pse&g work trucks. these crews are working to fix some downed power polls as well as wires that went down around 3:00 p.m. yesterday. this area just one of several that saw storm damage in our region yesterday. the impact of strong storms felt across the region monday. in hunting park, it turned tragic. a 59 year old man died after strong winds ripped a sign off the building at a car lot and pinned him between two cars. >> can't believe the guy got killed with that. i can't believe it. >> in center sit a large chunk of mural on the side of hahnemann hospital came crashing down onto two parked cars. >> it sounded like an explosion. >> over in south philadelphia the storm brought down huge tree and knocked out power along with it. >> this is the fourth or fifth tree in about seven, eight years on this block. because they're all ancient maples from when the neighborhood was developed. >> no one was hurt but part of the tree landed on joe
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hurley's car. >> the tree did hit the car. but it sort of dented the hood and cracked the front windshield. could have been a lot worse. >> in berlin, new jersey, powerful winds toppled four trees in the aftermath of the storm. and back out here live in cherry hill, this is route 70 westbound, at south birch wood drive. you can see, these lanes will remain closed throughout the morning. no word on when this work will be completed. each lanes are moving. people should definitely expect delays if you are commuting in this area. for now live in cherry hill. i'm trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. meanwhile it is high tied down the shore, which means more flooding could be in store for our local beach towns. heavy rains left many shore roads underwater last night. streets looked more like this one in wildwood. still flooded. power has been restored to most customers, but at last check some are still in the dark. coastal flood warning is in effect for the jersey shore
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until 11:00 this morning. >> trains are back up and running this morning after amtrak service was suspends in the new jersey, leaving thousands of commuters without a ride. the temporary shutdown happened during rush hour yesterday after strong winds, knocked down power lines, near linden, new jersey's union county. it affected two of the guards earn states bus years lines, regional rails and acela express trains. >> new jersey transit was also fors today cancel trains after heavy rains flooded the tracks. take a look at these pictures, taken by commuters at hoboken train station yesterday afternoon. service has been restored. the new jersey transit says commuters may still experience some delays today. >> time now is 5:37. in business news this morning, yahoo is putting off a major take-over. >> also, wall street had its first full day of trading under president trump. hena daniels joins us live from the new york stock exchange with the details, good morning, hena. >> reporter: good morning, guys, president trump's big plans to shake up trade passes and regulations sent stocks lower. dow jones dropped 27 points on
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the nasdaq dropped two points. yahoo putting offer the clothing of its take over by verizon until the second quarter of this year. the company says it needs time to meet the conditions of the $4.8 billion deal. about to take over whether yahoo revealed two huge security breaches. >> mcdonald's all day breakfast could be losing its luster. mcdonald areas says sales at us locations fell by more than 1% in the last quarter of 2016. ceo steve easter brooke going forward mcdonald's will offer more value deals, make it easier for people to order, also, sell big max in different sizes. back to you. >> i feel like there has just been cultural shift for fast-food restaurant. what do you think, hena? >> i agree. >> people want healthier, yes, healthier, more natural foods. >> absolutely. >> dow like the size, the different size big makes. >> you like the super size? >> no, no. >> doesn't that defeat the purpose after big mac? >> well, little big mac. >> a mini big mac? >> thanks, hena. >> little mack.
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>> we'll check in with you tomorrow. >> well, the first few days of president trump's administration are underway. and today will be crucial for his campaign promise to keep jobs in america. the president will meet with the ceo's of gm, ford and chrysler at the white house, many of the president's cabinet picks are also up for votes on capitol hill this week including ben carson and nicky haley. >> negative twitter comments about president trump's son haven't gone unnoticed. writer for saturday night live is reportedly suspended indefinately. writer katie rich tweeted during the inauguration that quote baron will be this country's first home school shooter. more than 38,000 people signed a calling for rich to be fired. rich apologized on twitter, rich later tweeted i sincerely apologize for the insensitive tweet. i greatly regret my actions, it was inexcusable, i'm so sorry. >> well, president george h.w. bush is out of intensive care and could be released from the hospital this week. his wife barbara has already been released.
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the couple released this photo monday to thank their supporters. he was struggling to breathe when admitted january 14th, suffering from pneumonia. mrs. burn was admitted to the same hospital and treated for bronchitis. >> and, the cbs-3 health alert. looks like testing patients for sleep apnea just got whole lot easier. according to new study, simple home sleep tests turn out to be just as effective as expensive lab stays when it comes to diagnosing patients with obstructive sleep apnea. that's a condition that can cause breathe to go stop and start during sleep. very serious condition there. well, a car drives straight into a pennsylvania home. >> hear from the stunned man, sitting inside. also ahead: how you can spruce up your bathroom without spending whole lot of money and time. i'll tell but way to get ten more years out of your current bathtub. >> and prince harry makes a special visit. we'll tell you what he was talking about to these veterans when we come back.
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if you have a question about investing, ask me. sincerely, amanda etheridge, fellow planner and fellow citizen. >> stars war the last jed eye picked up immediately after thing in 2015 the force
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awakens it, continues the story every luke sky walker, princess leia, the late carrie fisher, believed to be her last role. film opens nationwide december 15th. >> and, it is award season in hollywood. but one award no one want, the golden raspberry awards announces their nominations for the worse of 2016. zoo lander number two has leading nine razzie award nominations including worse actor and director for ben still area, close behind batman versus superman, eight nominations including worse picture, the razzies will be held before the oscars next month, winners are usually not present. mark your calendars for the prime time emmy awards, on cbs this year, stephen colbert will be the holes, first time late show host will host major award show. nominations will be announce in the july. yes, we know, few months away, but we want to let you know you can watch the 59th annual prime time emmy awards from september 17th, cite here on cbs-3, and fun
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fact. stephen colbert and i went to the same school. >> did you? >> very intelligent smart people. >> well, i think i would like to nominate katie for a track and field award. because she just flew from one side of the studio to the other. like a bullet. like lightning. >> the things you see behind the camera. >> yes. >> yes, well, i have many different placements in the studio, you'll see me at like what is it four different screens? yes, i'm all over the place. >> here i thought you just wanted to get a good sprint in during the show? >> well, i am sweating now, so -- thank you for noticing that. what we're dealing with though is the leftovers now on this coastal storm system. this is nothing like yesterday. i know even jim's hair got blown out of proportion. >> oh, it was out of control. >> you still looked lovely. but do you have break out the gel on days like that, right? so we take a look at "skycam 3" right now. not the prettiest shot we've ever seen of our fair city here. at leak you can make out all of the tops of the buildings at this point. but there is still very obvious cloud deck, you can sort of see how the clouds are
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being reflected, the light reflecting from the clouds here, over the region, so cents it is still damp outside. still have lingering showers here and there. still even going to have some lingering snow or sleet showers, that's most noticeable up toward the north, up around the i80 corridor. that's where we end up finding the best chance for slick travel due to any ice or snow. but it would be very, very modest accumulation if any, that said, do you still have winter weather advisory posted up through the poconos. the rest of us, you know other than coastal flood warning, which we will discuss, actually at this point, in the clear from any wind advisories, any high winds warnings, just coastal flood warning other than that winter weather advisory. the storminess entirely, really barreling through new england, very heavy snowfall rates, heavy rains, pounding winds. just like what we had yesterday. we're still going to have the breeze out there, what we ends up with is lighter wind for one thing, but also, those showers really diminishing, the wind turns direction while still coming mainly on shore, that's why we still have this coastal flood warning, posted
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until 11:00 a.m. today t does start to turn more off shore. in other words, out of the west. and as that happens it, will help push some of the tides away. i don't think flooding as much after concern later in the day. but still, even though we're still going through that morning high tide cycle, that warning will remain in place, until 11:00. current temperatures at the moment, anywhere from the mid to upper 30's, region wide, wildwood is the one oddball out, actually little milder. but also worth a mention, that right now, mount pocono, 31 degrees. so just marginal enough that any precipitation that comes through very likely to cause some icing or slick travel specially if untreated keep that in mine. meanwhile, as we look ahead, we are going to start to see much colder air work its way in. we look up to the polar vortex, that's cold air will start moving our way. here we sit, in philadelphia, as some of that cold air spills across the canadian border into north america, we will start to see these temperatures drop off in the next couple of days, and that will be noticeable, in the seven day. so that's where we head next, with a beautiful gem of a wednesday here, 55, with
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sunshine, light wind, no less. that will be a great day, and good excuse to get outside. still mild, technically thursday, cold front will be passing through, the wind picks up maybe a flurry on friday. but then by the time we hit the weekends, off to quiet weekend, also a dose of late december or january, i'm getting way behind myself here. january reality, meisha. >> i guess we can just say well i guess it is january, so january weather in january, all right, well, you know what, that's the way it will be, thanks so much, katie. looking outside, car spun out little earlier. schuylkill west at gulph mills, right lane blocked that's now since been cleared. however, schuylkill between the blue route and the turnpike, still slowing down little bit. it will be backed up around ten minute or so. just heads up on that. i will say that also right behind it there was another accident that's already cleared. so it will be a little slippery around schuylkill at gulph mills. three accidents, all threes of these, plenty meeting, these two, this one in gladwynn, fairhill rolled at, conshohocken road near academy drive, gladwynn, rose glenn
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road, involving a downed tree. high winds playing a factor in today's traffic. you will have to know that because it is going to slow you down a little bit. with all of the wet roadways. then we also have these downed wires, now, we have been talking about this all morning, marlton new jersey, telephone pole, wires across the roadway, because of that schuylkill westbound near cropwell road, all lanes block. take a look, route 73 to greentree road or church road your best bet alternate. then we have some flooding as well. >> this one in wildwood. route 47 is closed at west rio grand avenue. alternate ocean drive or route 147. heads up 40 week, right lane belong. plus new jersey transit bus route, 507, 509, those are detoured. >> thanks so much, meisha. prince harry keeping to his promise at raising mental health awareness, a visit to military veterans yesterday at the help for heroes recovery center in wiltshire england. met with staff members to learn how the programs
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supports vets with mental health disorders, like ptsd anxiety and depression. try try to hide your bathtub from guests to make sure you pull over your shower curtain may be time for a make over, a look at how you can give your tub a facelift in order to help it shine. >> the best room to start when remodeling is your bathroom. if done right, could you get up to 08% return on your investment. and whether you're selling your home or staying put, a good place to start is giving a stained or chipped tub a shiny new look. >> if you're not happy with the conditions of your tub, you can replace a bathtub for about $300. but that doesn't include getting the old bathtub out and any re plum that might need to be done. so, sometimes refinishing an existing bathtub is the cheaper route. >> tom has been re glazing bathtubs for 20 years. some in homes 100 years or older. unless the tub has a leak or
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structural problem, he says, can he likely give it another decade of good life. >> main reason that most people want to re glaze their bathtub is that it is hard to clean, and they can't get the grime, and it just sticks in the tub. and the average chemicals that you use they're not removing that, and it is not shiny, it is dull. >> refinishing or re glazing involves a three day process of hands scraping off the old top layers, fixing any chips and grooves, and applying a new epoxy layer. do it yourself kits are available at hardware stores, but if you're not sure what you're doing you should probably call on a pro. also, keep in mind, the stripping old finish offer tub, repairing and patching holes or cracks will create some potentially dangerous fumes, if you decide to try it yourself, do your homework first. property earthly ventilate the area. >> car crashes into a house in northeastern pennsylvania, and the owner is alive to tell the story. david, in his living room, when that car plowed into it.
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now, the brown cushing you see in the video, part of ripped apart chair where he was sitting at the time. he said stunned to see the damage, realizing of course what could have happened to him. >> i was very thankful sit ago foot away from my car in the living room. god is good. >> came to stop. see the gash in the wall. and i don't have a scratch on me. >> that is incredible. the driver did go to the hospital. police are investigating now what led up to that crash. >> he needs to take out a lottery ticket this week. got some good luck going on right now, yes. up next, restaurant serving a lot more than just cheese sandwiches. >> we will take you inside an eatery behind bars. >> plus, cash staff. when we come back, tell you how much money was stuffed inside this boxspring and why. >> that was in my bedroom. who was taking my mattress out of my bedroom? >> you have that much cash, jim? you hear that?
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♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> set fire to the rain, say bye bye. >> lots every rain. welcome back everyone. the most trendy restaurant in the tourist town of cartania has quite a waiting list. >> what is it?
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>> cartania. >> don't worry, the staff something begin anywhere. the restaurant is staffed by inmates at a colombian women's prison, serving up gourmet meals since last month, in a experiment intends today promote the inmate's rehabilitation. recipes supplied by some of the finest chefs, name for the place, spanish foreign mate. >> here is one way to land behind bars. u.s. attorney's office is showing off this stash of nearly $20 million. it was discovered hid never boxspring during a raid in massachusetts. the money is connected to an internet phone service pyramid scheme, that authorities believe raked in about $3 billion. i did find a quarter un my mattress. >> oh, rolling in the dough. >> not 20 million in the mattress. >> well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we're not the only ones dealing with stormy weather. see dramatic rescue on the west coast. >> this one for you. help keep your pet healthy. see the latest in pet wearables, next. >> that's here, not in
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> well, it is still stormy as we wake up this tuesday morning, we're just, you know, waiting for those clouds to break. katie will let us know when we will see the sun again.
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jan? >> reporter: not out of the woods just yet. shore points are bracing for another round of flooding this morning. i'm jan carabeo reporting live in ocean city new jersey where the flood watt remembers again rising. >> and president trump is getting down business, find out what he has already accomplished as commander in chief and what he's turning his attention to today. and today is tuesday, january 24th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. hands full every schools down the shore are opening late this morning. we posted the info on our website at >> busy morning, katie and meisha are here tracking it for us. you're running around. >> it is very bus knit world of travel this morning it, will slow you down, weaver flooding, downed trees, downed wires, we have accidents, plenty of this em out there, since four # hour. so when is this going away. >> good news, all leaving through the day. but it is not going to be a quick, snap the fingers kind of gone situation. such a large storm. and so slow to retreat. so it will take a while. through the


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