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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 29, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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well, protesters gather at airports all across the country, including philadelphia international, to protest president trump's temporary ban on refugees but a federal judge did some have of those refugees a break. a crash involving a pedestrian on the rose wealth boulevard, this one kills an eight year-old little girl. we know these leaders were invited to last weeks g.o.p. congressional retreat in philadelphia but how did one intruder manage to crash the party. it is sunday january 29th good morning i'm jan carabao. lets get right over to meteorologist justin drabick with eyewitness weather, good sunday morning, justin not usually here on a sunday, but how is our weekend wrapping up >> pretty quiet.
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we had flurries yesterday, seasonable conditions for late january today and pretty much the same. the not a whole lot of sun. the that has been the trend. temperatures in the lower 40's tonight we have a disturbance bringing in some snow, just bad timing for parts of the region for morning commute. we will talk about that in a bit. overall things are nice and quiet, not much happening, heading outside through the morning hours it is still cold but the wind has backed off. the it was annoying past few days but wind chill values not as harsh outside this morning. center city in good shape. still some cloud, sitting at 33 degrees, southeasterly wind on the light side 6 miles an hour, wind chills value down to 28. better than past few mornings. we are freezing in allentown, 32 nil will, new jersey, wildwood checks in at the 35. it the looks like tomorrow morning at this time we will be seeing snow flying. current wind chills across the region, teens, poconos to mid to upper 20's to the lehigh valley, philadelphia region into south jersey feels like low to mid 30's. that is what you have to focus
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on wind chills. storm scan three barely quiet the stray flurry in the morning, partial sunshine throughout the day today and then it this the we will get disturbance moving in the mid-atlantic bringing more cloud and enough juice to bring some snow especially south of the city. winter wet ther advisory in effect overnight for all of delaware, upper maryland, eastern shore and south jersey until noon time on monday, but it the looks like we will get round of snow developing after midnight, mainly in delaware, south jersey, we will see snow here in philadelphia, but main threat for accumulations will be across the south, one to 3 inches possible which is bad timing morning commute will be truck i. we will let you know when that moves out and what to expect when we check the seven day in a few minutes, jan, back to you. president trump's executive order that temporarily stops refugees in immigrant from several predominantly muslim nations brought protesters to airports coast to coast. it doesens of others were denied entry but late last night federal judge ruled
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those in limbo cannot be deported right away. wendy gilette has more. >> reporter: protesters inside and outside of airports across the country got the part of what they wanted saturday night. >> no hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here. >> reporter: need judge ruled people with valid visas detained at airports around the u.s. cannot be returned to their countries but it is not clear what will happen to those being held. the american civil liberties union estimates ruling applies to more than 100 people. >> hold the government to get the word out to their people at airports don't put people on lanes, so, if you hear of that, you need to let us know immediately because that would be in defying of the court order. >> reporter: president trump's executive order suspend u.s. refugee admissions program for four months and bans citizens from seven predominantly muslim countries there entering u.s. for 90 days. syrian refugees indefinite the ly. seventeen year-old maria says her aunt traveled from syria
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with a valid visa for a family emergency but she was denied entry at chicago o'hare international the airport. >> hamik a former translator was temporarily detain after flying from iraq. >> this is not i do something wrong. >> reporter: surprise here at yfk grew substantially throughout the day and then demonstrators marched and block traffic. >> outraged by the the president's actions and horrified that our country is turning away refugees. >> reporter: saturday mr. trump says u.s. will have a extreme vetting policy. >> it is not the a muslim ban but it is working out very nicely. >> reporter: federal officials say ban extend to people with green card but exemptions can be made. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as you saw there airports all across the nation have been bus which protesters and that includes philadelphia international airport. reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at phl right the now where thousands are expect to voice their opposition, later
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this morning, cherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan yes that protest is set to begin around 2:00 p.m. and it has been organizing by growing list of about 30 different organizations, and as you can see it is pretty empty here now. those organizations include powerful log legislators and just to name a to. we have a couple hundred protesters gathered here after they got word several people, from the banned countries had been detained here at philadelphia international the airport. the international terminal, is run by federal government and lawyers from aclu pennsylvania we're told at least five people have been detain. we understand this is also two families were sent back to syria despite having visas and these families are held, of course, all of this is, and was, in flux last night around 9:00 p.m. until a judge issued a temporary stay of the executive order that it ban refugee travel from iraq, syria, iran, sudan, libya,
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somalia and yemen. this follows a response to i lawsuit from the aclu with them tweeting victory last night. now overnight aclu here in pennsylvania says it the is seeking clarification of that stay and sought legal action toss free those detained in philadelphia we understand that this point they should be released this morning here is word from our mayor jim kenney >> we will be hearing sometime overnight or sometime in the morning here in philadelphia from the emergency judge, the senator and the congressman were not permitted to see them , but, we're confident that they are in the the safe place and they will be treated well, through the course of the night. >> reporter: of course, we're not sure exactly when they will be released but several local civil rights law centers , law firms, including aclu in pennsylvania are participating in that effort and expect, you know, thousands will be here later today beginning at 2:00 o'clock. more flights from the affect countries are expected.
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so you can be reza shourd that people are paying attention to this issue as day instant continues. live from philadelphia international, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". keep us up to date, thank you. new this morning, an eight year-old girl has died after a crash along the roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. police have not released many details but we do know it happened close to midnight the on the boulevard, at large street, at the keen there was a black jeep with serious damage to the hood. cause of the crash is under investigation. burlington police officers have rescued a five-year old girl after police say woman threw her on the railroad track at new jersey transit train was approaching. prosecutors have charged 20 year-old autumn madsheer owe with attempted murder. investigators say officers approached her at burlington town station when she grabbed the little girl and threw her on the track. officers jumped in front of the train to signal to it stop while the child was removed from the track by mother's boyfriend. some teachers in the the
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philadelphia school district have wrapped up their participation in the the black lives matter week of action campaign. for the past few weeks teachers dedicated more instructional time to teaching about diversity and social justice. the at temple university eagles safety malcolm jenkins took part in the closing panel discussion about what is next for the campaign. >> this is a topic i have talk about a lot over the the last year and plan on doing more as we move forward, so i want to be able to give the general perspective of some other opinions, you know, other than myself. >> black lives matter week of action was sponsored by caucus of working educators and activist group within the philadelphia federation of teachers union. and intruder reportedly slipped through security during last weeks g.o.p. retreat in philadelphia. the president of the congressional institute it says a woman impersonated wife of the republican law maker and snuck in with fake credentials, rather on
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thursday. that is the same day both the president, and the vice-president appeared, now it is unclear if that intruder got close to the president. revelation comes as none in profit investigate circumstances around leaked audio at several sessions of the the retreat. with philadelphia facing a budget short fall governor tom wolf wants to merge merge four state agencies into one, proposing a department of health and human services. wolf plans to accomplish that by consolidating department of the human services, health, aging and drug and alcohol programs. governor's office is not saying the merger will result in job cuts. spokesperson says a roll out is planned for tomorrow. septa's new regional rail schedule goes into effect today, transit agency is hoping it will improve reliability, septa says revised train schedule will address several issues including conquest. check out the new schedule on our web site at cbs and if you prefer to drive , instead of ride, the
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philadelphia auto show is offering lots of options, it is underway at the pennsylvania convention center , "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh takes us into the giant showroom. >> reporter: who doesn't that have childlike wonder when surround by all of this. >> we have little bit of everything, classic, movie cars, future cars, present cars, cars you will be able to buy in the next 12 months and something for have been. >> reporter: for the executive director of the philadelphia auto show the blank begins ten months ago. >> people can expect to find what moves them. 700,000 square feet all under one roof. >> reporter: you won't be able to buy a car from the the floor of the auto show but organizers estimate that half of the people who attend will end up buying a car, elsewhere that is about three and a half billion dollars in sales. 250,000 people are expect to cruz through the pennsylvania convention center, for the nine day event which kick off saturday. >> i like cars. i mean this is a great place to get the a chance to, get up
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close, get inside. >> reporter: there is no shortage of sights from the kid friendly camp jeep to the exotic luxury antique. you can see models not available just yet. >> you can see kia stinger, preproduction vehicles that nobody has ever seen in our area. >> reporter: magic on have new models is what leaves alyssa of ridley park coming back. >> we come every year. we have been coming for five or six years. >> reporter: colin has already pick the one he wants. >> i'm looking at the ford raptor, my dream truck. >> reporter: i hear you, colin at philly auto show, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". is there still so much to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it has reeve justly been target of the hatred and flames detroy a mosque in texas what happened here just last week and what could have sparked this fire. a small plane running into trouble in delaware how
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coastguard came to the rescue, justin. good sunday morning everyone, pretty quiet, seasonal today but we will get a round of snow for early monday morning we will let you know when and how much, coming up in
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back on "eyewitness news" investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that burned a texas mosque to the ground. fire officials say natalie islamic center of victoria was completely consumed by those flames when fire fighters arrived, around 2:00 o'clock
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yesterday morning. the house of worship was target of the hatred several years ago and burglarized just last week, thankfully, no one was hurt. the coastguard came to the rescue of the small plane that caught fire in georgetown, delaware. crew was taking part in routine helicopter training on at day afternoon when they heard the airplane pilots distress call and they diverted the chopper to delaware coastal airport, rescue swimmer and flight mechanic helped that pilot until an ambulance arrived and there is no word what cause that had fire. audi expects to be recalling over half million cars next month, three audi models made between 2013 through 2017 with 2-liter turbo charged engines might have an electric coolant pump that can get block with debris another group of audi cars made between 2011 and 2017 might have defective sun roofs allowing what the tore soak into their side air bag. well, we have all been there, right? decide to make a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up a
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few things but when you get to the check outline you are stuck waiting but there could be ways to speed things up. three on your side jim donovan shares some expert advice. the. >> reporter: grocery shopping can be a slow processes specially when it comes to the wait at the check out. >> there is so many people that just hate standing in line. >> reporter: for personal finance expert shawne curry said a little strategy can get you through line faster. the first tip if you have a few items it may be faster to get behind a full cart rather than express line with several shoppers. >> maybe about three or four or five of you standing in the line and you all have five or six or eight items and keep having to stop getting your debit card, checking your receipt, bagging you. >> reporter: day of the week and time of the day is important too. >> research has shown if you go on a wednesday you will fair a little bit better. >> reporter: head to the grocery store at dinner time. >> all of the people that you would be competing with to get the out of the check outline they are home, eating, great
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time to shop. >> reporter: curry saintville says you can speed up process by lining up your groceries for the cashier. >> turn all of the bar codes heading toward scanner so when cashier gets ready to check you out the she can see where your bar code is and that can give her the opportunity to just move a little bit faster. the. >> reporter: if you do get stuck in the long line it is not quite as bad as you the it seems. researchers say people overestimate how long they wait by 36 percent. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. and justin, that is one silver lining with working this early morning shift the we don't deal with those crowds because everybody is at work when we are in the the grocery store. >> we are dropping s word today, and people say it is snow, wintertime. it is january, it happens. i need to run to the grocery store for bread, milk. >> relax, right. >> right. parts of the region will see snow. bad timing though, touring the morning commute for your monday morning so south of the city we will talk about that in a bit.
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we are looking good. live look at center city, all quiet here, checking out our parkway central library camera , we have some cloud around this morning with wind, has backed off, a stray flurry in some spots but that will not amount to anything. it is after midnight tonight we will see snow for parts of the region but overall trendies halving back in the colder pattern. we have been talking about that for past few days, so no more 50's and 60's. we have the start until the next couple weeks will be at or below average when we average temperatures together. we have a drop in the jet stream happening right now, that will continue over next few days, we will get a week disturbance out of the great lakes and one that forms over mid-atlantic, just enough energy to bring a band of some snow in here in delaware, into south jersey, and then again temperature wise for next several days will be at or below average. some days we will have highs in the 30's, especially tomorrow, and then again later in the week. we're holding they are treeing , 32 in allentown.
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twenty-six in mount pocono. this is nothing terribly coal. we are not the setting railroaded lows at all anytime soon. upper 20's, state college, pittsburgh, normal with this set up with the jet stream to the south and flow from the northwest and west. lack of snow. snow lovers, wondering where has it been? 5.2 inches in philadelphia. we should be at around nine. seasonal average is two 2.4. still got the time to go, for winter as we are moving back to the colder air. we had 27.5 inches total for the season. a lot of that came from that one storm which happened about a year ago. you can see that flow over great lakes, snow showers in the mountains, clipper systems have been diving out of canada next couple days but i mentioned mid-atlantic disturbance. see snow showers in the west virginia, that is part of the energy that will form later tonight as it arrives to the mid-atlantic and off the the coast tomorrow and strong enough to bring light snow. check it the out. we have one clipper to our north not producing much, maybe a stray snow shower. there is storm system that
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forms. by tomorrow afternoon it the is off shore, quick moving system drops a little bit of snow and then another clip inner here on tuesday afternoon maybe a snow shower or rain shower from some spots , so this is typical for this type of pattern we are dealing with. not much happening today at all just sunshine mixed with some cloud and then we will hit midnight the tonight we will see that snow moving from the south and west, so delaware, dover, delaware, southern delaware into south jersey starting to see steady snow break out overnight, through about seven or 8:00 o'clock in the morning. the just bad timing. we should see snow here in philadelphia but not much to the north, and probably not seeing any accumulation here in the city. the it is to our south, new jersey and delaware. mid-morning it is gone. back to sunny skies monday afternoon. how much snow are we talking about? news an type deal, bad timing with the commute, band of one to 3 inches probably for central delaware and parts of the interior south jersey and along the shore points. temperature wise, we will be hovering around 30 by the time that snow does arrive. to take we will make it in the lower 40's, average but snow
6:21 am
falling overnight. there we are at or slightly below freezing. slick spots out on the road. ground is getting cold with this colder temperatures around. tomorrow's high struggling to the upper 30's. the seasonal to take, partial sunshine 42 degrees for afternoon temperatures. here's extended forecast early morning snow monday, then clearing, 40 degrees for the high, maybe rain or snow shower. gets cold. groundhog day on thursday, and sunny skies, we will see if you can see a shadow or not temperatures in the 30's. >> all right groundhog day, that is incredible. >> thanks, justin. here's what else you can see on "eyewitness news" this morning, straight ahead, where some found deals to dress for less. not just another best friend find out why this doggies going to school when "eyewitness news"
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. hundreds gathered for ire and ice sculpture festival in mount holly, new jersey. more than a dozen professional ice carvers turn up 300-pound block of ice this is work of art. it have been chilly out there there were still plenty of activity to keep folks warm including food to sample, shopping, music. promises on is right around the corner and teens are already looking for bargains for those dresses. prom clause of new jersey hosted third annual prom fashion shopping experience, in voorhees. local high school students in need purchased gently used designer prom dresses and accessory is a the a fraction on of the original cost. eastern high school hosted the event. a special reading ram in
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north wales is giving elementary school students a boost in confidence. as "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill shows us a very special guest is making it all possible. >> reporter: just another day at school for luke, a certified therapy dog who makes monthly visits to this elementary school. >> here we go. >> reporter: along with his owner's lie glick and mrs. harrah brent, they headache stops after stops picking up students for relax ing reading time. this fury reading buddy ram, started a to years ago. >> eli came into do a little lesson on a book that we read this third grade about a visiting dog. we thought what better screens for kid in the third grade class and other classes to meet a real life visiting therapy dog. >> some times they do what they to. >> reporter: luke and ram have been a hit ever since. >> it really builds your confidence, as readers,
6:26 am
because they all work so hard. >> there has been a number of studies ton that show kid that read to therapy animals including dogs, do much better , in their testing, often times, they are showing him, pictures, they are pointing the word out to him, most of the time luke is fast asleep. >> reporter: some of these kid have been reading with luke since the first grade and now older and in fourth and fifth he has become the friend lets them just be themselves and be heard. >> listens to whatever you say >> he probably likes the sound of people reading to him. >> when i read to luke he doesn't say what i get wrong. >> he wants to kiss me since i foster. >> reporter: if you could think of one word to tribe luke, what word would you think. >> gently. >> great. >> calm. >> i think he just likes to relax and sleep. >> reporter: vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> how about chill. >> luke is just sleeping. >> that is awesome. still ahead next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" protesters, take to airports, protesting president trump's temporary ban on some refugees and then a judge makes a ruling, we will go live to philadelphia international with an update. grandmother is killed while trying to get her grandchildren across the street now philadelphia police need your help to find the driver, and today is your typical winter day but tomorrow we're talking about a little bit of snow, just continue drabick's eyewitness weather forecast is coming up this sunday morning.
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today, it is sunday january 29th, good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao. meteorologist justin drabick is outside on the cbs one sky tech with eyewitness weather. i walk in chilly out there but that is typical this time of the year, right. >> the skies starting to brighten up, already, so signs of heading toward spring season coming at us, that sun arrives earlier each day we're gaining two minutes of daylight as we head towards the spring season. sunrise still half an hour away. temperatures holding right around freezing. good news is wind is much lighter so wind chills not much colder, generally in the mid to upper 20's. that is what it feels like but temperature is 31 in
6:31 am
wilmington, 33 philadelphia. thirty-two allentown. everybody is the same. there that is breeze less than 10 miles an hour, even calm in some spots. we will not the get high wind gusts we had over past 24 hours. it toss feel like 15 though in mount pocono on exposed skin, 33 in reading, 28 in philadelphia, mid 30's the atlantic city airport. we have some clouds over us right now we should see sunshine in the morning and afternoon before cloud thicken up once again later tonight, and then we will see a round of snow for areas mainly south of the city as winter weather advisory goes into effect overnight the tonight through noon time monday for delaware, upper maryland, eastern shore and south jersey. these areas could see minor accumulations to one to 3 inches of snow for parts of the those region. we could see snowfall here in the city but bulk is to the south, just bad timing here, this will make it a tricky morning commute for parts of the area. delaware south jersey, heads up tomorrow morning, should be off shore, by around eight or 9:00 o'clock or so, just early
6:32 am
morning hit and then sunshine. today pretty seasonal. high temperatures in the lower 40's for philadelphia and shore, near treeing up in the poconos, maybe a snow shower. we will talk about that cold pattern as we head into february, let you know if there is more storms, coming up on eyewitness wet the inner a few more minutes, back over to you. thanks, justin. a federal judge has halted part of the president trump's ban on refugees and immigrants from several countries, a president's order stops people from iraq, syria, iran, sudan, somalia or yemen from temporarily entering the u.s. but judge granted a stay for some travelers already in the u.s. they can enter if they have valid visas or if they are in transit. trump's executive order has been labeled a muslim ban but yesterday the president denied it. >> it is not a muslim ban but we are saying it is working out nicely. it is working out very nicely. we will have a very, very
6:33 am
strict ban and we will have extreme vetting which we should have had in this country for many years. >> home land security department says it will comply with the the judge's order, but that the president's executive action, is still in place. meantime thousands of protesters are expect to crowd philadelphia international airport today to speak out against the president's ban. reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio live at phl this morning, as demonstrators organize all across the country, cherri, great morning. >> it is empty in terminal a west, international hall, but it will be a different scene come 2:00 o'clock today when protest that is put on by a growing list of about 30 activist organizations will take lays, and it includes immigrant student groups, civil rights organizations like care, new sanctuary movement, black lives matter and many more. now take a look at the video. this is what international hall looks like last night have after people got word that several folks there the
6:34 am
affected countries had been detained here at philadelphia international in compliance with trump's executive order and then around 9:00 p.m. federal judge issued an emergency order temporarily barring the u.s. from de boarding people from seven countries. it stopped border agent from removing anyone who arrived in the u.s. with a valid visa from the affected countries. now, of course, this is after two syrian families heading to this area had been sent back to the middle east, currently, the aclu and several civil rights lawyers here in pennsylvania are working to get clarification is his on that stay. we have been told those detained in philadelphia will be released at the some point this morning. here's senator bob casey on what those lawyers are doing. >> we want to make sure that you know there are two good lawyers here who are working on this and they can answer questions better than we can about the technical/legal aspect of this but they are working on this, they are
6:35 am
petitioning the court now to get a hearing and i want to thank them for being here tonight. >> reporter: yes, no word, of course from those lawyers on when those individual who had been detained here at philly international will be released of course that protest is set to begin at 2:00 and you can expect that it will be a little bit hectic here, in terminal a west. live from philly international , cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will be following it, thanks, cherri. president trump's executive order temporarily banning some refugees is having an impact on one local family, they were waiting for loved ones to arrive from syria when they got the news they were not allowed to stay in the u.s. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff picks up the story. >> reporter: this was the dade that, though had been looking forward to since he left syria and last saw his parents, siblings, aunts and uncles. >> i was excited i was going to meet my family after three
6:36 am
years. we were really happy. it was a happy moment. now after what happened, it is not. >> reporter: bound for allentown and new life in the u.s. the six arrived at philadelphia international airport from syria by way of q atar at 7:40 a.m. when their family got a call from costumes officers. >> my sister told me they are in the the letting them in. there is a misunderstanding. maybe they for got the paper. >> reporter: this was not a paperwork issue. a cording to the family in allentown their christian syrian relatives were given a choice for being detained for unclear amount of time or purchase flights back and they chose latter. >> everything closed, there thinks one to talk to, in one to to help me. i cannot call donald trump. >> reporter: joseph remembered he went to school republican congressman charlie dent's son and got in touch. >> refugees, we have visas, ready to get the their green card, they paid thousands of dollars, they are christians and i don't think this order
6:37 am
was intended to keep people lick this out of the country. so that is what i'm hoping. i need clarification from the administration. >> reporter: have you been in contact with the white house. >> i have, twice today. >> reporter: congressman dent has been working with the family as they work to obtain a lawyer. >> i cannot imagine that they feel nothing but alone, and helpless. >> reporter: for this family it it was a painful feeling, for first time in three years his family was just a hour and a half away only to be sent back. >> they should be here. everything that they did is legal, legal. >> reporter: the tamly has been working since 2003 to escape religious persecution in their war torn country, even have a furnish home waiting for them in allentown. a stay of this executive order has been granted for immigrants in transit but they were sent home, so it is unclear how they will be impact. reporting from the sat center i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president trump has signed more executive actions, including a lifetime ban on
6:38 am
administration officials lobbying for foreign governments and five-year ban for other lobbying. he says it is part of his drain the swamp program. president says those want to work should focus on the job they will be doing for the american people and not on future income. meantime president trump made an hour long phone call to russian president putin. white house says they discussed a range of topics including defeating isis to ways to achieve more peace. the white house called the conversation, quote a significant start to improving the relationship to the united states and russia. that is this need of repair. philadelphia police continue their search for the driver this a deadly hit and run, a grandmother was killed and her grandchildren watched in horror. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan talked to the family. >> they seen it. the kids seen what happened. >> reporter: child's recollection of the hit and run crash that killed his grandmother. >> this is a picture of her
6:39 am
grandson drew of the car hitting his grand mom with his little cousin. >> reporter: philadelphia police say around 8:00 friday night driver of the white minivan ran over a 48 year-old woman and a small child, as they were crossing the street with several other children at 57th and girard. family have have identified the victim as catherine brown 's there west philadelphia. >> she loved her grand kids, so she sacrificed her life for her grandson. >> reporter: raymond duganis brown's son in law. he said just before the accident they were having a family birthday party at 54th and master. brown offered to baby-sit. >> she had a good time with the kid, so she decided natalie party was over, she took kid with her that night for the night. >> reporter: they were walking but they did not make to it brown's house. >> she was probably right there. >> reporter: eyewitness keith, says the driver sped up through the intersection to make the light. >> he smacked the grand mom and kid. everybody was around. we were like stop, stop, you know, yelling out, but he just
6:40 am
kept going. >> reporter: bystanders helped the child who is in stable condition at chop. brown was dragged under the vehicle for a block and pronounced dead at the hospital. tamly say they are having a hard time accepting that a loving grand mom was left for ted. >> i would like them to catch the person that did this. >> reporter: anyone with any information about the minivan or driver should contact the philadelphia police, if you'd like to help with funeral costs for catherine brown we have that information on our web site at cbs in west philadelphia, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and then, bensalem a memorial is growing at the scene of the all terrain vehicle crash that killed one teen and critically injured another. police say 13 year-old gianni forte was driving the atv when he it broadsided a car making a left turn on jason drive. investigators say he was not wearing a helmet but his passenger, another 13 year-old , was wearing one. >> he was like a brother to me
6:41 am
, last night was awful. i didn't get no sleep. we love them. >> my suggestion to the parent is don't let your kid ride on the street, make shoe they wear on a helmet and take safety class before you allow your kid to get on one of those and ride it. >> reporter: a preliminary investigation indicates natalie atv did not have lights on, either. the driver of the car suffered minor injuries. philadelphia police continue their search for two masked gunman who shot a man during a home invasion in tacony this happened inside an apartment early yesterday in the 4800 block of long shore avenue. police say the suspect shot the three three-year old man in the shoulder. he is in critical condition. police say natalie suspect did not take anything away there that apartment. still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", it is back to court foreman charged with killing his pregnant girlfriend, and an orlando police officer. find out what he is charged with now. a new health care for california governor jerry brown, he has been through it before, find out what doctors say about his prognosis.
6:42 am
believe it or not, we will be cold enough for snow, justin drabick's forecast is just minutes away, we will be
6:43 am
where does it come from?
6:44 am
was it my refusal to accept that an nfl official was a man's job? was it to show my daughter that she can be anything that she wants to be? if i don't believe in myself who will? it does start on the inside. your best starts inside. that's why every cup of activia yogurt is made with billions of our exclusive probiotic to help care for what's inside. activia. it starts inside. a florida man suspect in the killing of his pregnant ex-girlfriend and orlando police officer is facing additional charges. markeith lloyd appeared in court regarding three charges of aggravated assault with the
6:45 am
firearm. lloyd already faces two murder counts for deaths of the lieutenant deborah clayton and seanday dixon. he faces 11 charges in connection to their tetz. california governor jerry brown will begin radiation treatment for prostate cancer in february. brown's doctors say the disease is not extensive and can be treated with a short course of the radiotherapy. the governor expects to continue working, through his treatment. this is third time natalie 78 year-old has been treated for cancer since taking office in 011. back here at home now, and taking a look at weather, justin, another pretty normal winter day on tap. >> right. >> i hear all eyes are on tomorrow morning. >> once again just bad timing. it looks like a morning commute issue for parts of the region. areas to the south will see light snow, developing overnight tonight, and into the start of monday morning. but today, good start, check it out. we will see sunshine on this morning. difference from yesterday, nice sunrise, still included around today don't expect full
6:46 am
sun, partly sunny skies, and cameras in cape may, and, light wind though, that is key , you will be better if you are heading outside today. temperatures holding right around freezing, 32 allentown. thirty-three in philadelphia mid 20's in the poconos. cold day heading up to do skiing and ride to go take but not bad. things will be try, heading up to the mountains. southwest breeze now, ocean water temperature 42 degrees. that will keep air temperatures this afternoon in the lower 40's along the shore the those wind, much lighter then what they have been still strong up in the mountains right now 15 miles an hour out of the west this mount pocono, 6 miles an hour here in philadelphia. good day, skiing and riding, almost opened 100 percent of capacity for jack toes, big boulder, 40 this much base, 19 trails opened at toes, 15 at big bode earl. we are in good shape at camelback and blue mountains with trails, of 37 opened and 48 this much base at camelback next few nights temperatures
6:47 am
will be in the cold side. no problems making snow, up in the ski resorts. so good start it looks like for february. next several weeks, nice skiing conditions, able to headache snow. maybe we will get natural snow we should get parts in the region tonight. still have lake effect snow showers in the mountains of western pennsylvania, upstate new york, seeing lake effect snow with the the flow coming in over the lakes, cold air over warmer water. little will area of snow into west virginia and kentucky. weak disturbance that will energize in the mid-atlantic tonight, pick up moisture from the atlantic ocean so areas this delaware, central delaware and interior south jersey and shore seeing snow developing overnight. check it out, this afternoon, all quiet, sunshine, mixed with some cloud, more cloud to the north maybe passing flurry in the mountains, through 11:00 we are try, and then around midnight or so cecil county maryland, eastern shore , central delaware and south jersey seeing that snow after midnight, steady snow through overnight and by 7:00
6:48 am
o'clock or so it moves off shore. first half of the morning drive just south of the city can be an issue. there is some snow that extend further north, this is probably further south but most of the snow but i wouldn't be surprised to see a few flakes in philadelphia not amounting to much. temperatures will be holding right around treating mark. monday afternoon we are back to sunny skies, quick moving system. one to 3 inches of snow including wilmington on south into dover. dover, millville, you guys have the best chance to get two or 3 inches of snow there that weak system. temperature right on average, to near 40 to the the north berks county and lehigh valley near treeing for a high in mount pocono. philadelphia surrounding suburbs we will hit lower 40's , 42 for most locations and similar conditions to the south jersey. degree or two warmer because they have wind off the land. for today seasonal 42 degrees, tonight snow arrives to the south after midnight extended forecast, chilly, tuesday we could have a rain/snow shower
6:49 am
at 40. in the 30's and 40's. the it looks like it stays cold into next weekend, jan as february has arrived. >> wow, okay, thank you. 6:49. time to check road lets go to amanda muhler and cbs-3 traffic center, hi there amanda. >> we have an overturn vehicle near doylestown at route 611 near west state street. we are told a tow truck is on the way and crews are looking to clear that up. they are second to get that out of the way shortly but expect minor delays in the meantime. we have got a disable vehicle on the schuylkill eastbound at south street we are taking a live look at the that right now causing minor backup earlier so avoid that area if you can. of course, delaware river bridge still closed this both directions indefinitely to to a structural issue with the bridge, weekday commuter that has been tying folks up, use tacony palmyra or burlington bristol bridge as your alternate there. taking a last look at 95 at broad street we are seeing volume but nothing out of the order this morning and in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm
6:50 am
amanda muhler now back to you. still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". two local basketball college teams in a close one right down to the final seconds. that is straight ahead in eyewitness sorts. an easy way to send your i phone pictures right tour window computer jimmy dean delights frittatas. a delicious, savory egg breakfast, without all the bread and carbs. made with real ingredients. an excellent source of protein to help power through your morning.
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call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. sixers back in action tonight the in chicago, joel embiid did not make the trip with the team he will have time off to rest as he recovers from a knee injury. nhl all-star weekend underway
6:53 am
and, what a better dy to have then snoop dog out in l.a. wayne simmonds only flyer there to represent the team, he leads flyers with 21 goals, the star of the night this little guy seven year-old breaker kessler son of the ryan kessler, and in the shoot-out, he goes five hole. so a great night for the nhl and out in los angeles. when two big five teams meet you want throw out record books as lasalle traveled to hawk hill to take on st. joes. jordan price has been lasalle 's best score they are season. here he is hitting three to give slowerrers a 58-53 lead. rise with 21 points but game comes down to the end, le hard kimball hits the jumper. gives the hawks a 73-72 lead with 14 seconds left. lasalle comes back down and jordan price will try to headache the shot. no good. great game, hawks come along with a 73-72 win.
6:54 am
college of charlton visiting drexel yesterday afternoon. off inbound pass drexel's an son with the three, he led with 17 points but grant wheeler had a huge take. here he is with the three pointer. he had 30 points as college of charlton wins 90-76. villanova with the big match up today, 12th rang virginia will visit wells fargo center. the last time nova took the court they lost to marquette 74-72. coach jay wright talk about how his team has handled diversity this season. >> i have been very i am rest ed with how they have handled the transition from, you know, winning a national championship to starting a new season, to being number one to losing number one, getting number one back, losing it again, i love their resilience it is our three captains. we have three very mature seniors. >> to the farmers insurance opened and a great shot here by robert who gets an eagle.
6:55 am
on the 17 a great approach shot from grant, who would birdie the hall. tied at nine under with patrick rodgers for the lead. the final round can be seen right here on cbs-3. a big moment in the australian open, women's final yesterday, serena williams beat her sister six- , 46-four and pick up her 23rd major title, moving past steffi graf she needs one more major title to tie marco court for most in tennis history. this is her seventh australian open title. >> that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day. simple way to transfer your photos drawer iphone tour windows p.c., c lexisa fides shows us how to work. >> moving photos is easy transferring to window ten can get a bit more effort. here are a to ways to do it. first step make sure you have
6:56 am
itunes installed on the p.c. and lightening to u.s. b cable , unlock phone and connect it to the computer a how p.c. to access the tea vice, if prompted on the screen. open up photos april from the start menu or search if it doesn't show up. now click import button and then select photos you want to transfer. otherwise you can use windows slower tore transfer files. choose this p.c. from the sidebar, select the iphone names and open up internal storage folder. double click on the im fold tore get photos. to avoid cables all together down load icloud for windows. set it up and see all of the photos into the i cloud to p.c. i'm alexis safites for c-this .com for "eyewitness news". here's is what coming up at 7:00. cars lover and shoppers descend on the pennsylvania convention certainty, we will take you to the philly ought the owe show for a look at some cars few people have seen
6:57 am
before. plus cancer death rate is falling across the country as a whole but they do not tell the entire story. specific places where it is rising despite progress and treatment. and this is a live look outside right now, a cloudy morning and justin is tracking snow, the places that may see the most in his full forecast. we will be right
6:58 am
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row testers will crowd philadelphia international airport, again, today, in opposition of president trump 's immigration order, the big names, to join them during their first demonstration. they are getting snow showers and heading our way how it may affect your morning commute, tomorrow. and the security breach at g.o.p. retreat, the the way organizers say someone managed to get in, on the same day that president trump was at the event. today is sunday, january 29th, good morning, i'm jan carabao. the lets he helped over to meteorologist justin drabick with weather, good sunday morning, justin, another calm day to take but we are already looking at tomorrow morning. >> dropping that s word, of course, not a big tiehl but, it will be, you know, bad timing here for


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