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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  January 29, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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row testers will crowd philadelphia international airport, again, today, in opposition of president trump 's immigration order, the big names, to join them during their first demonstration. they are getting snow showers and heading our way how it may affect your morning commute, tomorrow. and the security breach at g.o.p. retreat, the the way organizers say someone managed to get in, on the same day that president trump was at the event. today is sunday, january 29th, good morning, i'm jan carabao. the lets he helped over to meteorologist justin drabick with weather, good sunday morning, justin, another calm day to take but we are already looking at tomorrow morning. >> dropping that s word, of course, not a big tiehl but, it will be, you know, bad timing here for morning
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commute. >> yes. >> just reality. >> mid winter, no more 50's and 60's, gone, back to the cold, typical highs in the the 30's and 40's for next several days. mid-february our pattern will be colder, so typical for middle of winter. you'll love this forecast. still no big storms to talk about but we have a couple snow chances. let's break it down. we have clear skies right now, decent sunshine on tap this morning before clouds thicken up later this afternoon into tonight. we are at freezing at the airport. west wind at six, light wind, right the now, feeling a little bit better compared to the past few morning but wind chills down around 26, that is what it feels like so that is key, what you want to focus on what does it tiehl like upper 20's in the lehigh valley, low to mid 30's in south jersey, and ahead on storm scan three, we have cloud around, north and west of the city but it looks like we are clear from the city to parts of the south jersey maybe a stray flurry or two up in the poconos for morning and afternoon. we had a weak system which is
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currently really over kentucky , west virginia, it is not an organize storm, piece of energy in the upper atmosphere. but by the time it moves in the mid-atlantic, it looks like enough juice to bring round of snow, winter weather advisory in effect overnight upper maryland eastern shore and all of delaware and south jersey these spots have a spot of reaching one to two to 3 inches of snow with temperatures hanging around that freezing mark. overnight, after midnight that snow lives south of the city, one to three possible. slick morning commute. it is possible we will see snow in philadelphia but not expecting much today. pretty seasonal. high temperatures in the 40's. we will talk about colder numbers in the seven day in a few minutes. >> thanks, justin. >> fire fighters in the the 4500 block of north bo uvier street in logan near route one crews checking damage there. it was evacuated earlier this morning. fortunately no one was injured also overnight, two people
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are dead following a crash on the roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia this happened close to midnight the on the boulevard at large street. an eight year-old girl and woman were killed. black jeep at the scene suffered serious damage to the hood. the causes under investigation well, philly international airport will be extra crowd today, as protesters the georgia's begins the president 's most recent executive order. reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at phl this morning where protest against ban on refugees is set to take place later today, cherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan yes that protest is scheduled to take place beginning at about 2:00 p.m. today, it has been organized by a growing list of about 30 different organizations, and it includes the council for arab and american and islamic relations and power, local legislators and many more, just to name a few now. as lou behind me at international hall it the is
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pretty empty but it is expected to till up pretty quickly as this row test is like hi to draw thousands. last night we saw a preview is what to come right here. we have a couple hundred protestors gathered after they got word that several people, there the banned countries have been detain here at philadelphia international airport. they were peaceful as you can see with many chanting philadelphia is, for all-- no ban, no wall, the international terminal west is run by the federal government and lawyers from the aclu of pennsylvania, were told that at least, five people had been detained here. we understand also that two families were sent back to syria, despite having visas and they had originally been heading to our area. we understand these families are currently being held now. all of this was in flux last night until around 9:00 p.m. when a federal judge from new york issued a tell rare i stay of the president's executive order. that stay was issued in response to a lawsuit by the
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aclu. now overnight the aclu here in pennsylvania has said that it is seeking clarification of the stay and sought legal action to free those detained in philadelphia. the aclu issued a statement saying a federal judge has confirmed those local detainee s would be released this morning. the here's mayor jim kenney. >> there will be a hearing sometime overnight here in the morning from the emergency judge. the senator and congressman were not permitted to see them but we're confident that they are in the safe place and they will be treated well through the course of the night. >> reporter: no word on the specific time or location on where those detainees will be released but again, thousands or expect to demonstrate here, at the international terminal, here at philly international, they will likely till up this international the hall, as well as protest on the outside , so beware of that, if you have to come to or there the airport today. live at philly international,
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cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". protesters will be the at airports all across the country once again today as you heard cherri mention they are protesting president trump 's executive order barring refugees and immigrants from muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. this is all as cherri mentioned a federal judge halted parts of the immigration order. as correspondent wendy gilette reports the fate of many are still in limb bow. >> reporter: protesters inside and outside airports across the country got part of what they wanted saturday night. >> no hate, no fear, refugees are welcomed here. >> reporter: federal judge ruled people with valid visas currently being detained at airports around the u.s. cannot be returned to their countries but it is not clear what will happen to those being held. the american civil liberties union estimates the ruling applies to more than 100 people. >> hold the government, get the word out to the people at airports don't put people on planes, so if you hear of that , you need to let us know,
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immediately because that would be in defying of court order. >> reporter: president trump's executive other suspend u.s. refugee admissions program for four months and bans citizens from seven predominantly muslim countries there entering the u.s. for 90 days, syrian refugees indefinitely. seventeen year-old maria oeas says her aunt traveled from syria with a family vees but was denied entry at chicago o'hare international the airport. hamid, a former translator for the u.s. military was temporarily detained in jfk after fly from iraq. >> i did in the the break the rules, i i am surprised. >> reporter: protest here grew substantially and then demonstrators marched and blocked traffic. >> i'm outraged by president's actions and horrified our country is turning away refugees. >> reporter: saturday mr. trump says u.s. will have a extreme vetting policy. >> it is not a muslim ban. it is work out nicely.
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>> reporter: bap extend to people with green card but exceptions can be made. when i gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hillary clinton tweeted her support for those protesting president trump's travel ban saying quote i stand with the people gathered across the country tonight defending our values and our constitution. this is not who we are. now the relatives of some syrian families from allentown are back in the middle east after being detained, or tea night entry. philadelphia international airport, when six family members all syrian christians got to phl yesterday, u.s. customs said they were not allowed this is country. allentown family is being held by u.s. congressman from pennsylvania. >> everything is closed, it is saturday morning n1 to talk to no one can help me. i cannot call donald trum top ask him to let me family in. >> these are not refugees. we have visas. they paid thousands of dollars they are christians. i don't think this order was ever intended to keep people like this out of the country.
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>> congressman dent has been working with the family, as they obtained a lawyer. this morning a five-year old girl is recovering, after police say a woman grabbed her away from her mother, and threw her on to railroad track s as the train approached police arrested 20 year owed autumn mattsheera. she grabbed and threw a girl at burlington town station friday night as new jersey transit train approached. officers signalled conductor to stop and hotter's boyfriend pulled the girl off the track. she was taken to a medical center for a psychiatric evaluation, and she's being charged with attempted murder. this morning we are learning an intruder was able to slip past security during g.o.p. retreat in center sit the think week on the day that trump was there. retreat's organizer says natalie woman used fake credentials and posed as the wife of the g.o.p. law maker on thursday. we don't know if she managed to get close to the president, we also don't know if she was at a discussion on obama care
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natalie president had with congressional spouses, retreat organizers were also investigating leaked audio from several sessions of the retreat. septa regional rail has new schedules going into and new schedule design to improve liability and congestion. regional rail schedule was changed back in december but this time there won't be printed schedules available at stations, only posted in center city stations. you can find tea tails on our web site at cbs and cbs local app. sitting behind the wheel of an exotic car may be a driver's dream but for some in the next few taste that dream becomes a reality at the pennsylvania convention center "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh takes us to the philadelphia auto show. >> reporter: who doesn't have that child-like wonder when surrounded by all of this. >> we have a little bit of everything, classic, movie cars, future cars, present cars, cars you will be able to buy in the next two months and something for everybody.
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>> reporter: for kevin mass cola executive director of philadelphia auto show wheels of the event planning began smidge ten months ago. >> people can expect to find what moves them. 700,000 square feet all under one roof. >> reporter: you won't be able to buy a car from the floor of the auto show but organizers estimate half of the people a end to go will end up buying a car elsewhere and that is three and a half billion dollars in sales. about 250,000 people are expected to cruise through the pennsylvania convention certainty for nine day event which kick off saturday. >> i like cars. this is a great place to be able to get a chance to get up close and get inside. >> reporter: there is no shortage of sites from the kid friendly camp jeep to the exotic luxury antique, or see models that are not even available yet. >> an example is behind me with the kia stinger which is a preproduction vehicles that nobody has really seen in our area. >> reporter: magic of new models is what keeps alyssa of ridley park coming back. >> we come every year, we have
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been coming for like five or six years. >> reporter: colin has already pick the one that he wants. >> we are looking at a ford raptor, probably my dream truck. bye could buy it, i would. >> reporter: i hear you, colin , at philly auto show, neat a oh for cbs cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", cancer death rates are fall all across the country. two big factors doctors credit with the drop and the reason it is not all good news. police investigators are looking into a fire at the a texas mosque, the latest tragedy for that mass congress grants. there there is a live look , we have a less ant winter day in store but we may see some snow justin tells us when in his
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fire officials say islamic center of victoria was engulfed in flames and fire fighters arrived around 2:00 yesterday morning it was a target of hatred several years ago and burglarized just last week. thankfully no one was inside of that building during the fire. close to 1,000 people marched yesterday in pittsburgh to show solidarity, with immigrants, muslim and refugees. the the rally was organized by multiple, local organizations in response to president trump 's executive order. to begin, quote, extreme vet
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ting of refugees. in a release rally is described as an action to show support for people, no matter their race, national thely, or religion. >> i feel it is my right as an american citizen to be with my husband and have him come to the u.s. with me. at this executive order puts a red block i will protest because it is my right. >> we have people from this pittsburgh community, you know , that need to come back home where they call this home have after visiting family and they won't aloud to come. these people have every right to be in this country. >> protests began, against the executive ban, are expected to continue. back here at home now, turning to weather, justin, we have another winter wet ther typical day on tap to take. >> yes, seasonal temperatures, 40's. we will see some snow. snow lovers, in parts of the region thousand. we will see that tomorrow morning, again, it looks like southern half of the region will benefit from this system. i won't call it the a storm but all quiet right now,
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somebody walking on the beach right the now with their dog in margate. little bit of sunshine break go through mid to high level cloud, sunrise is happening right now, wind has backed off , more comfortable to take. near average highs, and it should be around 41 degrees today. probably hitting 42 for philadelphia we will take a hit tomorrow. we will go below average with this weak system, reenforcing colder air. highs on monday in the 30's, we will fluctuate this week backup above average on wednesday and then back below average by end of the week into next weekend. overall near average for next probably couple of weeks as we head toward middle of february moving back to that typical pattern we have been talking about for past couple of days about this. in more 50's and 60's, so moving back in the typical wintertime regime. thirty-four in allentown and reading, 32 in philadelphia 29 in wilmington. nothing terribly cold this morning. wind chills down this is mid 20's in spots. cold air still well to the north and west,alpena michigan , 18, 26 in minneapolis. most of the true cold air will
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stay to the north but we will get weak disturbance riding through next few days with this pattern called an alberta clipper systems. they are weak. reenforceing cold air, bringing clouds, not a lot of moisture with it but one piece of energy high, to the south and west, and it is little bit of snow, kentucky, west virginia, and that little disturbance will energize moving to the south and to the east, overnight, in the mid-atlantic. we will pick up atlantic ocean moisture and dropping snow for delaware, maryland, southern new jersey, one to two to possibly 3 inches of snow in some locations by early tomorrow morning, like i said, nothing is showing up on the surface maps as far as futures with this system as pressures have not dropped just yet but as we go through time we will see a storm developing near d.c. later on today and tracks to the south bringing period of snow, cross the delaware in extreme southern new jersey, into the first half of the monday morning, and then off shore but that is nuisance type system but just bad timing coming right toward the morning commute. things could be trick ill
7:19 am
south of the city, we could see a few flakes here in the city early tomorrow morning but don't expect a whole lot of accumulation for philadelphia, it is all to the south. the here's timing from midnight to 2:00 a.m. light snow develops southwest to northeast, south of the city, steady snow will fall between 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. monday morning and then after 7:00 monday morning we could see that tapering off to flurries. generally one to 3 inches, south jersey in, to central delaware, kent county, delaware, cumberland county, salem county, just the best from this weak system moving through. we are close to average, upper 30's to lower 30's. snow will be falling at 5:00 for areas to the south, so there we are, hovering right around freezing so we could see snow covered roads, slick spots early tomorrow morning even with the sunshine tomorrow, returning in the afternoon, temperatures struggle to get in the 30's. overall pattern cold jet stream to the south, allowing temperatures to drop below average for a few days and then jet stream kind of flattens out by end of the week but still staying cold. today seasonal 42 degrees,
7:20 am
partial sunshine, extended forecast early morning snow monday, maybe rain or snow shower on tuesday and then we will dry through the end of the week, groundhog day on thursday, with sunshine as these shadows, six more weeks of winter. >> i hope not, justin. >> i hope not either. >> all right, thank you. 70:00. time to see how traffic is moving, here's amanda muhler over at cbs-3 traffic center, hi there, amanda. >> hi there. we have a vehicle accident on 422 at perkiomen trail under pass. we are not seeing any reports of the delays at the moment. that is good news. just be careful coming around that curve there we are keeping an eye on this area here, a live look at the schuylkill at south street as you can see police are on the scene of what was a crash earlier this morning but police tell us it is cleared but they are still on the shoulder. beware as we head out this morning. good news overturn vehicle on the roadway near doylestown that we were talking about earlier they are west state street, it is new cleared. we are not seeing any residual delays, you are good to go in that area we are taking a last look at the blue route right now we are seeing a lit built
7:21 am
of volume but nothing out of the ordinary. this is cbs-3 traffic center, i'm amanda muhler new back to you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch now, cancer rates have declined over the past 34 years, and, according to a sweeping new study, it also found that americans in certain struggling parts of the country are dying there cancer at increasing rates. health reporter stephanie stahl has the details, on the new research. >> reporter: better cancer screenings and treatments are credited with saving lives, new study says overall death rate from cancer went down about 20 percent, since 1980. >> we will find cancers earlier, we prevent cancers, once people have cancers we have far more effective therapist. >> reporter: not all americans have benefited from medical advances in cancer care, in parts of the country that are relatively poor and higher rates of obesity and smoking, cancer death rates rose nearly 50 percent, while wealthier pockets of the country saw death the rates fall by nearly half. >> there is striking
7:22 am
differences and whether that is environmental factors, might be leading to increased cancer, decreased access to care. >> reporter: eastern kentucky had 45 percent increase in cancer deaths while colorado ski country had the fewest. smoking, obesity, and physical activity are big disparities. >> we have a licensing way to go to actually not only provide access to care, but quality care to everyone. >> reporter: this report didn't have any specific information about the philadelphia region but overall, surviving cancer depend largely on early detection, and treatment. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". half million audi cars are being recalled, we will tell you models affected and the glitch that is to blame. plus if you are traveling receiving a bike like this one over the holidays beware, we will tell you why it is being recalled, that has already caused at least one serious recalled, that has already caused at least one serious injury, we will be right outback's steak & lobster, starting at $14.99.
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round up. >> reporter: first up big tech recall, gets even bigger, hp is expanding the recall of batteries used this notebook computers due to a fire and burn hazard. here's what you need to know, 101,000 lithium ion batteries are being recalled, they were sold with hp, hp pro book, hp envy as well as compact and compact presario notebooks between march 2013 and this past october. batteries involved in the recall have a number of different bar code. hp will provide replacements for free for affected customers. next up 8900 children's scooters are being recalled, they pose a tall has air. here are details. the recall involves pulse performance electric scooters, knuckle of the joint to the wheel axle can break. they were sold in october and november at exclusively at target. take the execute's way from small children and contact the pulse performance products for a full refund.
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finally 800 trek bikes are being recalled, the front brake caliber can come in contact with the broken spoke posing a fall hazard. it has happened ten times so far, one rider suffered a broken vertebrae. here's what to look out for, it involves 2015, 16, 17 model year trek 720 disk bikes they were sold at bike stores nationwide from november 2014, through this past october. return the bikes to a trek retailer for free inspection and free replacement wheels. i posted links with information on all of these recalls on cbs, click consumer or check out my facebook and twitter feed. i will post information there as well. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. demonstrations will continue today at philly international airport, that is in response to president trump 's immigration order barring immigrants from several muslim majority countries, when those protests will be happening and big names supporting them, justin. good morning, everyone,
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waking up to some sunshine it will be a seasonal day but we will start off workweek with snow in, parts of the region, we will let you know who sees the snow and how much coming
7:29 am
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today, it is sunday january 29th, good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao. meteorologist just continue drabick is outside on the cbs-3 die deck with eyewitness
7:31 am
heather and nice sunrise happening, behind you nice to see the sun. >> we will see vitamin d, glummy all month long, only one day of mostly sunny skies. we will not be mostly sunny today we will wake up to some sunshine this morning but clouds will thicken up this afternoon and tonight ahead of the next storm system which will bring snow early tomorrow morning but still quiet finish to the weekend. the seasonal day today with temperatures in the lower 40's a. right the now hanging around freezing mark here in philadelphia, 34 in allentown, 31 wilmington. big change this morning is wind, it is much lighter but still enough breeze to bring wind chill values town in the mid 20's. it feels like 26 in philadelphia, 29 in millville, new jersey, 15 in mount pocono that is what you want to focus on, what does it feel like outside. we see snow showers in the mountains of western pennsylvania and upstate new york. we have west northwesterly flow off great lakes, lake effect snow showers, flurry in the poconos but batch of snow over kentucky, west virginia,
7:32 am
this hour, there is a disturbance in the the jet stream that will strike a little bit bringing snow in the region tonight. mainly south of the city winter weather advisory overnight the for all of delaware and south jersey. after midnight we will see that snow, develop, south of philadelphia, amounts, generally one to 3 inches, it is a slick morning commute but we will see some sunshine, returning, later monday morning into the afternoon. temperatures staying cold in the seven day and we will talk about that in eyewitness weather in just a few more minutes, back to you. >> justin, thank you. new this morning fire fighters outside on the 4500 block of north bouvier street north of route one in logan. crew where is seen checking tam age on the second floor and removing debris. home was evacuated earlier this morning. fortunately no one was injured a federal judge has halted part the of the president trump's ban on refugees and immigrants from several countries. president's order stops people from iraq, syria, iran, sudan,
7:33 am
libya, somalia or yemen from temporarily entering the u.s. but judge has granted a stay for some travelers already in the country. they can enter with valid visa s or in they are in transit. trump's executive order has been suspect of targeting muslims ape claim that he denies. >> it is not a muslim ban but we are prepared, it is working out nicely. we see it all over. it is working out very nicely. we will have a very, very strict ban and we will have extreme vetting, which we should have had in this country for many years. >> now the department of home land security says that it will comply with the the judge 's order but natalie president's executive axis still in place. protesters have taken the country's airports by storm and philly international airport will be just one more of them today, reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at phl this morning where thousands are expected to assemble this afternoon, cherri, good
7:34 am
morning. >> it is empty here now in terminal a west, international hall but it will be different scene beginning at 2:00 when protests are scheduled to take place here and outside, of terminal a west. it is being organized by a growing list of about 30 activist organizations. this video is what it looked like last night after people got word several folks from affect countries have been detained here at philly international in compliance with president trump's executive order. hundreds peacefully demonstrated chanting philly is opened to all, no ban, in wall. and then around 9:00 p.m. a federal judge in new york issued an emergency order that temporarily barred u.s. from deporting people from the affect countries, and it also stopped border agents from removing anyone who arrived in the u.s. with the valid visa from those seven countries, this is of course all taking place after two syrian families heading to our area were sent back to the middle
7:35 am
east, currently aclu of pennsylvania and several civil rights lawyers, they are working to get clarification of the stay natalie judge issued last night and we have been told those detained in philadelphia will be released at some point this morning. now senator bob casey says natalie protesters who come here should direct their frustration to the right place take a look. >> when there is a decision made to allow access by a member of the house of representatives and the senator that is not a decision made by folks here. so lets headache sure that we direct our advocacy to folks in washington. these are good folks, these folks that work here are trying to do their job. they are good folks. they are not ones denying entry. it is the guy in washington. >> reporter: that is, of course, because of the international terminal is, run by the federal government. now again, we have no word on when those that have been tea tained here in philadelphia
7:36 am
international will be released but we understand it will be this morning. now remember that if you are coming down to the philadelphia airport, take heed because we are expecting thousands of protests and it could spill out in the road here, at the philly international outside of terminal a west. live at philly international, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a west philadelphia community is grieving, this morning after a grandmother is struck and killed in the hit and run, her grandchildren witnessed the horrific tragedy forty-eight year-old catherine brown was hit around 8:00 o'clock try night, philadelphia police say brown was crossing the street with the young child and several other children at 57th and girard when a white minivan ran over her. one witness says natalie driver sped through the intersection to make the light >> we first came out and he hit, smacked the grand mom and kid. we are like everybody is around like yo, stop, stop like you know, yelling out in
7:37 am
the middle have the street but he just kept going. >> reporter: now brown was dragged under the vehicle for a block and pronounced dead at the hospital. bystanders helped young child who was also hit, that child is now in stable condition, at chop. in bensalem a memorial is now growing on the block where a teenager died and another was critically injured in the at thev accident. thirteen year-old giani forte was driving north on the bensalem boulevard when it broadsided car making a left turn on jason drive. police say forte was in the wearing a helmet but his passenger, another 13 year-old , was wearing a helmet police found in their initial investigation natalie atv also did not have its lights on. still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" thousands of marchers gather at state capitol in austin texas. texas rally for life comes just days after a similar rally in washington d.c., what the marchers are specifically asking the texas legislator to to.
7:38 am
and man accused of shooting and killing an or land owe police officer is facing more charges what unfolded touring a court appearance. this is a live look outside this morning, isn't it glorious? i see blue skies, finally? if you like the cold to take will be a nice day to spend outside, justin tells us what we can expect on this seasonal sunday in, his forecast, we we can expect on this seasonal sunday in, his forecast, we will be right fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us.
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police say he killed an orlando police officer and his
7:41 am
pregnant ex-girl friend, and now he is charged with additional crimes. markeith lloyd appeared in court yesterday for three charges of aggravated assault with a firearm. lloyd already faced two murder count for deaths of lieutenant deborah clayton and shawnde dixon. he now faces total of 11 charges this connection with their tetz. exactly one week after women's march on washington thousands of pro life activist rallied this texas, people gathered on the the steps of the state capitol in austin yesterday, it was also a day after vice-president mike pence spoke at the march for life in washington. rally marked forty-fourth anniversary of the supreme court ruling, row verse weighed which legalize add borings nationwide in january of 1973. one woman who rallied says the day was about compassion. >> care about human beings, we are caring about life but we are here to treat woman with compassion and in the
7:42 am
confrontation and to have a clarity in our message that all lives hatter. >> organizers say natalie rally promotes texas bill to eliminate wrongful birth lawsuits in which parents claimed there is did not properly warn them of the risk of giving birth the to a child with serious diseases. turning now to the eyewitness weather forecast, justin, what can we expect to take. i hear all eyes are on tomorrow morning. >> we're talking about snow. throwing out that s word. i'm not much of a snow lover, one shore day toward spring season and winter weather fans are like knock it off they want to see some snow. we will get some. southern half of the viewing area will see best chance, delaware, new jersey will get your shot. bad timing. coming after the morning commute tomorrow. we will talk bit. pretty quiet. breaking out to see sunshine this morning. cold though. wind are calming down. that cold air settles in at surface. check it out, northern delaware at this hour, newark, checking in at 234 degrees, coldest number on the weather watchers at this hour with mostly sunny conditions at the moment.
7:43 am
we will see more cloud build in later this afternoon in the evening hours. just north of town upper 20's, perkasie, john jenkins has got cloudy skies. we have a ban of cloud to the north and westerly high valley , berks county, sunshine , further south and east. lets go to the coast where james, he checks in at 36 degrees and warm spot. partly sunny skies, send us a cool picture from yesterday in ocean city, very low tied, and this is the trend for the past several days. that is our flow and wind off shore out of the west persistent. this pushes it back out to sees get blow out tides, not good for boating an navigation we will have low the water advisory across mid-atlantic waters as well as we head into next week. we will switch them around a little bit out of the southwest, and bring back it a bit. trend in the wintertime is for lower tides through much of the week. poconos at this hour, big boulder will have a nice day to take, a few flurries, but slopes will be opened for
7:44 am
business, almost opened 100 percent capacity and they will crank out the snow, the next several days with cold night is a head cold dry air has, excellent ideal conditions for snow making. january has been warm, talk about those temperatures well to the 50's and 60's. we have had eight days of 50 or higher. average that together. almost 6 degrees above average for the month. still got, two more days, two full days to go but we will stay above average finishing off month even though our temperatures will be colder. we will not see highs in the 60's and not lows in the teens lowest we will get maybe some 20's the next couple of nights here's overall pattern back to reality strong storm in the upper atmosphere, over southern canada. we will get that carve southward this is jet stream and west/northwest flow we have i enhancement of the cloud cover as well as cold temperatures and bringing a to snow chances to the forecast. jet stream will stay south through at least mid week as we get weak systems moving through. one comes through later
7:45 am
tonight, early tomorrow morning. few more signs of spring they notice sunset time later and later, stays light longer. tonight sunset 5:17. by end of february 5:37. sunday march 12th we will get back today light savings time when sunsets at 7:05. we are gaining two minutes of daylight each day as we head toward, the spring season. almost halfway through winter officially as ground hog take is on thursday. so still snow showers western pennsylvania, see that area of snow over kentucky, west virginia, that is the weather maker overnight and tomorrow morning south of the city. one weak system to the north that storm, i don't want to call it a storm more like a disturbance off shore by tomorrow afternoon but bringing a period of light snow, to delaware, new jersey. another clipper comes in tuesday, maybe a rain or snow shower. so lets zoom in here and focus on today, not much happening, just some cloud, there is that snow developing overnight, impacting morning commute, mainly just south of the city, off shore by mid-morning and then back to some sunshine,
7:46 am
coming at us for afternoon. generally about one to 3 inches of snow expected south of the city through mid-morning on monday. temperatures today right near average around 42 degrees, partly sunny skies, extended tore cast, seasonal, upper 30 's and 40's with more sunshine by end of the week, jan. it is 7:46. time to check roads and highways lets go over to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there, amanda. we have a couple things, there is still a vehicle accident on 422 perkiomen trail under pass a tow truck is on the scene. it doesn't look like think significant delays here but just keep an eye out for emergency crews and tow truck as they come around here. good news moving on to the live look at 76 at south street police are on the scene of the earlier crash there for quite sometime there this morning but they have just cleared out. we have a smooth drive on the schuylkill heading out this morning. of course, delaware river bridge is still closed in both directions indefinitely due to
7:47 am
a structural issue with the bridge. if you are a week day commuter you know that has been tying up folks this week. use tacony palmyra or burlington writes toll bridge as your alternate. taking a last look at i-95 and tasker street we are seeing volume but looking clear on the roadways this morning. the in the the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler now jan, back to you. two local college basketball teams battled to the buzzer. the sixers head to chicago without one of their key players. here's leslie van arsdal with "eyewitness sports". the sixers, pack in action , tonight in chicago, joel embiid did not make the trip with the team he will have time off to rest as he continues to recover from the knee injury. nhl all-star weekend underway and, what a better dj to have then snoop dog out in l.a. wayne simmonds only flyer there to represent the team, he leads flyers with 21 goal. star of the night seven year-old breaker kessler, son of the anaheim ducks star ryan kessler. in the shoot the out he goes
7:48 am
five hole. great night the for nhl and breaker out the in los angeles when two wig five teams meet throw out record books that was case last night as lasalle travel to hawk hill to take on st. joes. jordan price has been lasalle 's best scorer this season. here he is, hitting the 39 to give the explorers a 58-53 lead. price with 21 points. game comes down to the end. lemar kimball hits the jumper, gives the hawks a 73-72 lead with 14 seconds left. lasalle comes back down and jordan price will try and make the shot, no good, a great game, hawks come away with the 73-27 win. college of charleston visiting drexel, yesterday afternoon, off inbound pass drexel's anson with the three. he led treks well 17 points but charlton's grant wheeler had a huge day. he had 30-point. college of charlton wins it 90
7:49 am
-76. villanova with the big match up to day 12th ranked virginia will visit wells fargo certainty. the last time nova took the court they lost a heart break tore marquette 74-72. coach jay wright talk about how his team has handled diversity this season. >> i have been very impressed with how they have handled the transition from, you know, winning a natalie championship , to starting a new season, to being number one, to losing number one, getting number one back, losing it again. i just love resiliency and it is our three captains. we have three very mature seniors. >> to the farmers insurance open, and a great shot here by robert strip, he pulled it out for eagle. then on the 17th hole a great approach shot from brad, he would birdie the hole. tied at nine under with patrick rodgers for the lead. final round can be seen right here on cbs-3. a big moment in the australian opened women's final yesterday, serena
7:50 am
williams beat her sister six- four, six-four and pick up her 23rd major title, most ever in the open era moving past steffi graf. she needs one more major tight toll star marco court for the most in tennis history. this was her seventh australian open title. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great day. coming up in cbs-3 "eyewitness news" and in this weeks pet project we will introduce to you two dogs and a cat who are all looking to make a verb tart in life, cbs-3
7:51 am
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back now with the cbs-3 pet project. carroll erickson, animal advocate with the pennsylvania spca is here. one of my favorite segment i always look forward to this jan, thank you. >> so nice to see you on the air. do you love this dog. >> so sweet. >> so sweet. >> this is a hound mix, this is a odd name but we will talk about this big guy. he is an absolute beauty. i want to she you other animals and then we will get into what has been a horribly distressing trend, over last couple of months in philadelphia. but first, lets get to some of our adoptable animals that we have as pennsylvania spca. look at this, this is rodolph, he is 11 years old. this senior boy, needs to get back into a home. if you can help this guy, he was just a wonderful guy, needs to find a place to live
7:54 am
out the his golden years. wonderful pet. he lived in the house. needs to get back in one. this is gretyl, this is a two-year old doberman, she first came as a victim of cruelty and then owner says i don't have enough time for her but lets make time, because she will make time for you and you will be the only thing in her life and she needs that. i know you have a cat. the cat is the same as high dog, riley. this is pounds. nine year-old domestic medium haired cat looking for a special home. >> so pretty. >> he likes to pounds. but very, very friendly. so it is kind of dog or cat that will make somebody a very nice pet. so check out these an has. plenty of others at pennsylvania spca. you know, i have been so distressed, so many people in the community have and i know you have as well over the disturbing trend over the last two months of animals that have been dumped in trash bags
7:55 am
in the city. >> heart breaking. >> horrible. >> one was cranberry. we have talk about this at great length and we showed you before and after. now we have the great after. look at before picture, thinks cranberry found dumped in the trash bag barely alive in wissohickon, literally skin and bones. well, that dog has been now adopted, lives out in malvern, goes to doggie day care living the good life, picked up 30- pound, wonderful owner, and the d.a. has been having charges submitted to them about this so we have a great lead on who did that. now, then there is more recently just last week on january 18th on a wednesday, another dog, in the trash bag, in somerdale, this is in the 800 block of pratt street and let me show you frances. frances a little tiny datson probably seven or eight years old this poor baby thrown in the trash bag in both of these cases cranberry and frances good samaritan walking their
7:56 am
own dogs came upon them. now look what happens, we will get francis who has a bad injury, can't move her back legs, she's in a little cart, she's a wonderful, wonderful girl. she needs special owner. >> sweetheart. >> she needs a special own shore can handle a dog like this dog, frances, in a wheelchair but many people to make wonderful lives for their dogs and they enjoy and live their life. so, hopefully we can find who did that to frances and bring that justin. piece that do that this isn't a one and done these people have a problem, they need to be found before they continue to do this. look at this one, this is our dog, this dog will be at our fishtown center later on today , right after the show in fact. this is gorgean, a hound mix, this is a tracking dog. they can scent on the ground
7:57 am
long ears. he is friendly, sweet. we have a sweater on him because he is an argyle. he need a big yard. i know maybe watching this from the city but maybe watching this from the suburbs as well you have got a yard and you go you know what i really could get out and exercise with a wonderful big calm dog like this. >> calm. >> wonderful. >> only four years old. he does need a home. he need a good one as do all an has. >> he has been looking at he with these eyes. >> he would love to come home and be you and riley and cuddle up. >> yes. >> go out on some runs with him. >> yes. >> so many dogs are bread to do specific jobs, this one was bread to be with you and run around in the yard with you with a loving owner like they all want. >> and to adopt a pet visit spca erie avenue headquarters there 10:00 in the morning to 5:00 on the weekend and one to 8:00 p.m. during the week.
7:58 am
always a eye to have you. >> thanks so much. this dog will be at fishtown center on frankford avenue. >> he will go fast. >> i hope he does to the right home. >> thank you. still ahead on the next hour right here on "eyewitness news", a busy morning for fire tighters trying to put out flames of this row house in north philadelphia, and it is biggest showroom in town right now, crowds kick, the tires at this years so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548!
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whoo! i mean, whoo.
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