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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  January 29, 2017 8:00am-9:01am EST

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protest tours gather to protest president trump's temporary ban on some refugees , but a federal judge gives offer night news that might give some a break.
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new this morning, a tragedy on the roosevelt boulevard, a crash, kills two pedestrians. we know these leaders were welcomed at last weeks g.o.p. congressional retreat right here in philadelphia but how does one, manage to crash the party. today is sunday january 29th, good morning, i'm jan carabao. lets get over to meteorologist justin drabick, happy, good sunday morning, justin. i see sunnies up. >> good to see sun. >> usual, typical, winter day. >> temperatures lower 40's, seasonal, goes downhill a little bit tomorrow. if you don't like snow, we have snow for parts of the region but just bad timing, could mess things up south of the city early on monday morning. >> we will keep an eye on it. >> middle of the winter. it had to come back soon with the colder temperatures. we will remain in that pattern through the middle of february we will see what happens over next couple weeks. not a big storm just nuisance
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system but in the meantime nice and quiet this sunday morning. lighter wind. we have sunshine mixed with cloud, 33 degrees at the airport. southwest breeze only 5 miles an hour. wind chill 29 degrees, better than past few morning where we had strong wind gusts to 25 to 30. temperatures ranging mid 20's in the poconos to the mid 30's in parts of the south jersey near the shore. wind chill generally in the mid to upper 20's. they will get better this afternoon. pretty quiet on storm scan three we have a band of cloud, maybe a stray flurry northern bucks, montgomery county very early this morning, not even reaching ground other than that but partly sunny skies throughout the day. we have a weak disturbance through our south overnight so winter weather advisory goes into effect overnight the for upper maryland, eastern cher, all of delaware and south jersey afternoon time on monday. early monday morning, that is our best chance to see a round of snow, just developing, just after midnight tonight, moving from the southwest to north east, so mainly delaware,
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south jersey we will see potential accumulating snow, one to two to 3 inches of snow , so a slick morning commute with temperatures down around freezing, to take they right where we should be this time of the year in the the lower 40's. state stays cold in the seven day forecast. we will let you know if there are any other storms in gist a few minutes, back to you. >> thanks very much. president trump executive order that temporarily stops refugees and immigrants there several predominantly muslim nations from entering the u.s. broad protesters to airports from coast to coast. it doesens of others around the nation were denied entry but late last night a federal judge ruled those in limbo cannot be deported right away. wendy gilette has more. >> reporter: protesters inside , and outside airports across the country, got part of what they wanted sunday night. a federal judge ruled people with valid visas detain in airports around the u.s. cannot be returned to their countries but not clear what
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will happen to those being held. the american civil liberties uniones hates ruling applies to american 100 people. >> told government to get word out to their people in airports don't put people on planes so if you hear of that, you need to let us know immediately because that would be defying of a court order. >> reporter: president trump's executive order suspend u.s. refugee admissions program for four months and bans citizens from seven predominantly muslim countries from entering the u.s. for 90 days. syrian refugees indefinite the ly. seventeen year-old maria says her aunt traveled from syria with the valid visa for a tam ly emergency but she was denied entry at the chicago o'hare international airport. >> hamid, a former translator for u.s. military was temporarily teatained in jfk after fly from iraq. >> i to not break rules or do something wrong i was surprised. >> reporter: protests grew substantially throughout the day abe then demonstrators
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marched and blocked traffic. >> i'm outraged by president's actions and horrified that our country is turning away refugees. >> reporter: saturday mr. trump said u.s. will have a extreme vetting policy. >> it is not a muslim ban but we are prepared, it is working out very nicely. >> reporter: federal officials say it extend to people with green card but exceptions can be made. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". protesters are taking a stan at airports all across the nation including right here at home at philly international the airport, reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at phl this morning where thousands are expect to speak out the later this afternoon, cherri, great morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan , yes that protest that you just mentioned will begin around 2:00 o'clock today and it is organized by a growing list of about 30 organizations , including the council for american and islamic relations power, elected officials and a number of other organizations just to name a few. last night we saw a preview of
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what should come right here in international hall where people are awaiting flights. take a look at the video we have. we have a couple hundred protesters gathered here after they got word that several people from the banned countries had been detaped here at the airport. they were peaceful with many chanting that is all philadelphia is for all, in ban, no wall. the international terminal a west is run by the federal government and lawyers from the aclu of pennsylvania were told that at least five people have been tea tane. we understand also that two families were sent back, to the middle east despite having visas and that these families are currently being held, of course, all of this was in flux last night until around 9:00 p.m. when a federal judge from new york issued a temporary stay of that ban h that stay was issued in response to the lawsuit by aclu, and we understand that those, local detainees is released this morning.
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here's our mayor jim kenney on what is to come there will be a hearing on time overnight or in the hopping here in philadelphia from the emergency judge, that the senator and congressman were not permitted to see them, but we're confident that they are in the safe place and they will be treated well, through the course of the night. >> reporter: aclu of pennsylvania is seeking clarification of the stay but we still do not know when those hoff been teatained here and at philly international will be released but we understand it is at some point this morning. live from philly international , cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, cherri. new this morning, two people are dead after a crash along the roosevelt boulevard, in northeast philadelphia. this happened around midnight on the boulevard at large street, an eight year-old girl and a woman were both killed. both were pedestrians. a black suv at the scene has serious damage to the hood, crash still under
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investigation. philadelphia fire fighters , battled flames at the this row house fire in logan, the call came in around 5:00 for a fire on the the 4500 block of north bouvier street north of the boulevard. crews could be seen checking damage on the second floor of the rehome and removing debris home was evacuated early in the morning. fortunately in one was injured police officers rescued a five-year old girl after a woman threw her on the the railroad track at new jersey transit train was approaching. prosecutors have charged 20 year-old autumn mattachero with attempt had murder. officers approached her at burlington town station when she suddenly grabbed the girl and threw her on the the tracks. officers jumped in front of the train to signal to it stop while the child was removed from the tracks by the mother 's boyfriend. some teachers in the philadelphia school district have wrapped up their participation in the the black lives matter week of action campaign. the teachers dedicated more
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time to teaching about diversity, and social justice. at temple university, malcolm jenkins took part in the closing panel discussion about what is next for the campaign. >> this is a topic that i have talk about, a lot, over the last year, and plan on to go more, as we move forward. i want to give the general perspective of opinions other than myself. >> reporter: black lives matter week of action was sponsored by caucus of working educators and activist group within the philadelphia federation of teachers union. and an intruder reportedly slipped through security during last weeks g.o.p. retreat right the here in philadelphia. the president of the congressional institute says a would hand impersonated the wife of the republican law maker and then snuck in with fake credentials on thursday. that is the same day both president trump and vice-president pence appeared. now it is unclear if the intruder got close to the president, the revelation comes as the non-of the
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investigate circumstances around leaked audio at several sessions of the retreat. well, with pennsylvania facing a budget short fall governor tom wolf wants to merge four state agencies into one. he is proposing a department of health and human services, wolf's hopes to accomplish that by consolidating the departments of human services, health, aging and drug and alcohol programs. the governor's office has in the said if the merger would result in major job cuts. a spokesmen says natalie roll out is planned for tomorrow. >> septa's new regional rail schedule goes into effect today. transit agency is hoping it will improve reliability. septa ace revised train schedule will have revised schedule. check out new schedule on our web site at cbs if you prefer to drive inn to steady of ride the philadelphia auto show is offering lots of options. it is underway at pennsylvania convention center. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh takes us inside that giant showroom.
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>> reporter: who doesn't that have child like wonder when surrounded by all of this. >> we have a little bit of everything, classic, movie cars, future cars, are cars, cars that you will be able to buy in the next 12 months and something for everybody. >> reporter: for kevin, executive director of the philadelphia auto show, the wheels of the event planning began spinning ten months ago. >> people can expect to find what moves them. 700,000 square feet, all under one roof. >> reporter: you will not be able to buy a car from the the floor of the auto show but organizers estimate half of the people who attend will end up buying a car elsewhere, and that is about three and a half billion dollars in sales. 250,000 people are expected to cruise through the pennsylvania convention center for nine day event which kicked off saturday. >> i like cars. this is a great place to be able to get a chance to get up close and get inside. >> reporter: there is no shortage of sights from the camp creep to the exotic luxury or antique. you can see models not available yet. >> an example is behind me
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with the kia stinger which is a preproduction vehicles, only eight, nobody has seen in our area. >> reporter: magic of new models is what keeps alyssa, from ridley park coming back. >> we come every year. we have within coming for five or six years. >> reporter: colin, has already pick the one he wants. >> i will look at the ford raptor, it is my dream truck, and if i could buy it, i would >> reporter: i hear you, colin at philadelphia auto show, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", it has previously been target of the hatred and new flames destroy a mosque in texas, what happened just last week, and what could have sparked that fire. a small plane runs into trouble in delaware how coastguard came to the rescue, justin. good morning everyone finally seeing sunshine around the delaware valley today, it is quiet but tomorrow different story bringing snow in the region and we will let you know who sees it and how
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is rage center, of victoria was consumed by flames when fire fighters arrived, the the house of worship was target of the hatred several years ago and was burglarized last week. thankfully no one was hurt. the coastguard is coming to the rescue of the small plane that caught fire in georgetown, delaware. crew was taking part in routine helicopter training saturday afternoon, when they heard airplane pilots distress call. they diverted chop tore delaware coastal airport, rescue swimmer and flight
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mechanic helped pilot and ambulance arrived. there is no word what cause that had fire. audi will recall over half million cars, beginning next month, three audi models made between 2013 and 017 with 2- liter turbo charged engines might have an electric cooling pull that can get blocked with debris. another group of audi cars made between 2011 and 2017 might have defective sun roofs that will allow what the tore soak in the side air bags. hundreds gathered for fire and ice sculpture festival in mount holly, new jersey. more than 100 professional ice carvers turned a 300-pound block of ice in the work of art. while it may have been chilly there was plenty of activity to keep those folks warm including food to sample, shopping, music. and promises on is right around the corner now and teens are already looking for bargains on trustes. prom plus of new jersey hosted its third annual prom tags shopping screens in voorhees, local high school students in
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need, purchased gently used designer prom trustes and accessories at a fraction on of the original cost. eastern high school hosted the event. a lot of cool things happening this weekend. >> yes. >> nice weather for that to take place. >> good weather, quiet for january, and i'll be like be quiet. >> they hate the snow. >> they will get snow but the southern half of the area just like last storm. atlantic city has more snow then we have here in fill. >> isn't that unusual? >> it depend on the storm track. it happens. the storms are staying to the south and just off the coast. that is what we will be dealing w not to say philadelphia will not get more snow. we have along way to go yet. >> that is tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow morning, yes. commute will be impacted for parts of the region. more nuisance type thing. >> not a big storm we are talking about. >> gorgeous start to the day though, finally clear skies, sunshine, looking from our parkway central library camera looking at art museum off to the west, mostly sunny skies,
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high cloud depending on where you are, those clouds will thicken up later tonight and as that system or weak disturbance moves in the mid-atlantic and brings light snow to the region. story is change in the pattern if you like it hield, enjoyed past week or so where we had eight days above 50 here in philadelphia for high temperatures, that is coming to an end or has ended, jet stream to the south allowing that cold air to build back in we will see temperatures for highs, 30's to low to mid 40's close to average for next several days. it looks like those trend for average temperatures will continue through middle of february at this point. snow lovers you have been gipped so far. still not out of the ordinary, because february, on average is our most snowy month. not saying we will get slammed with snow but it is possible. so far just over 5 inches of snow. average to date 9.3 inches. we have snow coming, not much at all for philadelphia and majority of it will stay south , of the city tomorrow morning. mid 30's this is the lehigh
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valley, mid 20's in mount pocono. good day, to hit the slopes, and west winds, continue pushing out that water. at the shore notice lower than normal tides, blow out tides in parts of the region so that is tough to do some navigating or boating. thirty-nine in ocean city. thirty-six in rehoboth beach. south and west is what we are focusing on the next 12 to 24 hours. disturbance in the jet stream bringing moisture to eastern, kentucky, western and west virginia in the form of some snow that will ride through mid-atlantic tonight, energize , have moisture around to bring snow to delaware and into new jersey. potentially even parts of the philadelphia tomorrow but most of the accumulation should stay south. flow is out of the west northwest. we will get clipper systems, alberta clippers. they have limited moisture and just weak. they reenforce cold air. one comes through monday morning. low pressure rides along that trent. we will see sun by monday afternoon. here comes clipper number two for tuesday bringing more
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cloud, maybe a little bit of snow showers activity north of the city and rain shower depending on the temperatures but not really a big tiehl. tomorrow morning yeah more nuisance but bad timing here midnight to 2:00 a.m. snow develops southwest to north east across delaware and new jersey. steady between two and 7:00 p.m. right on target, there will be slick roads with temperatures around freezing and after 7:00 e showers should taper off to flurries west to east. generally one to 3 inches of snow. highest amount central delaware, dover, smyrna, into cumberland, salem county, northern cape may county could see highest amounts from this weak system. today though is seasonal, partly sunny skies, high near average at 42 degrees. that they develops after midnight, mainly south and east, cold with a low of 30 degrees and extended forecast, not the a whole lot happening, next clipper will bring rain or snow shower tuesday with a high near 40, 44 on wednesday, groundhog day , on thursday, 38 degrees,
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sunshine, stays chill any to next week even, jan, back to you. it is 8:20. time to check road. the lets go to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there, amanda. >> we are looking good on the roadways. this vehicle accident we have been keeping an eye on 422 at perkiomen trail under pass is now cleared. we last reported a tow truck emergency crew was on the scene there but that is all wrapped up. good to go. near norristown. to you are bypassing the roads all together and relying on public trans to it get around beware of the trains at 15th, 13th, 11th and eighth street tops stops are boarding on the westbound platforms due to construction that started this morning and in effect until 4:30 a.m. tomorrow but we should be cleared out in time for daily commute. taking a last look at blue route and a little bit of volume but nice day to go for a sunday drive. in the cbs-3 traffic certainty i'm amanda muhler for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> "eyewitness news" will be right back with the preview of the the story you'll see on
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sunday morning, we wil
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a career of 40 years dennis quade has proven to be one of our most versatile, durable stars in break ago way, big easy, rookie and many more but as sunday morning's tracie smith found out his latest film has rod him with a challenge unlike anything he has ever seen before. >> you might say dennis quade has been a bit overwhelmed lately. >> do you want to get out of here. >> he has made more than 70 movies, but few have caused an uproar like this one. >> a dog's purpose is about good dogs do for hand kind but all that sentiment took a back seat ten days ago when a tape surfaced showing what looks like a dog being forced to do a pool stunt, during filming. have you had a chance to see video. >> i was really shocked to
8:25 am
tell you the truth when i first saw it. i didn't like what i saw but i do know my own experience when i was on the set, how many care was paid to each and every dog, or every other animal,. >> quade, who is a dog owner wasn't in the water scene and had nothing to do with that part of the production. >> so for people saying boycott film, what would you say. >> i don't think that is really fair to tell you the truth. i have not been on the set where dogs were mistreated or abused. i'm getting, emotional talking about it. dogs hit us in a certain place >> you watch tv with them, you take them out in the car. dogs, i think what they do for us, is they remind us, of just
8:26 am
wonderful feeling of being a live. simple as that. >> tracie smith visits with actor dennis quade, plus david martin tours navy's new $4 billion warship and looking back at life and legacy of mary tyler moore. that is this sunday morning coming up at 9:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. coming up next half an hour protesters take to the airport against president trump's temporary ban on refugees. then i judge makes a ruling. we will faux live, with an update. grandmother is killed while trying to get her grandchildren across the street. now philadelphia police need your help finding the driver. and today is a typical winter day but tomorrow we are talking about a little bit of snow, justin drabick's eyewitness weather forecast is coming up this sunday
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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whatever. meteorologist justin drabick is outside on the the cbs-3 sky tech with eyewitness weather and justin there is a lot happening across the delaware valley, it seems like a good day to get out and about. >> we had sunshine thousand but tomorrow morning, different story, we are break ing out the snow shovels for parts of the region a little round of snow coming at us, seasonal today, enjoy this morning. we had sunshine for thousand. don't get used to it. the cloud will move back in. temperatures right now right around freezing, slightly below in thorn delaware. twenty-eight in wilmington. twenty-nine this millville. thirty-eight in wildwood. we are getting progress and temperatures and response to the sunshine this morning but
8:30 am
key thing is wind and it is much lighter. wind chills thousand in the upper 20's. better, what it feels like compared to yesterday morning at this time when we had gusty wind. storm scan three is quiet, stray flurry, just north and west early this morning or band of cloud overly high valley, northern bucks, montgomery, chester county but we are seeing sunshine on southward but later tonight the our next disturbance bringing snow so winter weather advisory for all delaware, maryland eastern shore and south jersey until noon time, on monday, so light , snow expected, developing, after midnight, mainly south of the city, probably seeing a to flakes here in philadelphia but majority in delaware and south jersey. generally one to 3 inches possible. slick morning commute. just bad timing. temperatures will be at or below freezing, watch out for snow covered road. today some sun, lower 40's right on average, right around treeing for the high in the poconos. the overall pattern stays cold over next seven days, below average temperatures for part
8:31 am
of it. let you know if there is anymore storms anytime soon, let you know in the seven day in a few. back to you. justin, thank you. federal judge halted part of the president trump's ban on refugees from immigrants from several run wrist. it stops people from iraq, syria, iran, libya, somalia or yemen from temporarily entering the u.s. a judge granted a stay for some travelers already in the u.s. they can enter if they have valid visa or if they are in transit. trump's executive order has been labeled a muslim ban but yesterday the president denied it. >> it is not a muslim ban but we are totally prepared. it is working out very nicely. you see it at airports. it is working out very nicely. we will have a very, very strict ban and we will have, extreme vetting which we should have had in this country for many years. >> department of home land security said it will comply with the order but it says natalie president's executive
8:32 am
axis still in lays. thousands of row testers are expected to crowd philadelphia international airport today to speak out against the president's ban. reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at phl this morning as demonstrators organize all across the country, cherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan the right now here at international hall, all that is here is travelers and families but it will be ative rent story beginning at 2:00 when the protest organized by a growing list of about 30 activist organizations is expected to take over this area as well as area outside of terminal a west. now take a look at the video, this is what international hall looks like last night after people got word that several folks from the affected countries have have been detain here at philly international. in compliance with the the president's executive order. the hundreds peacefully demonstrated chanting philadelphia is opened to all, to ban, no wall. then around 9:00 p.m. a
8:33 am
federal judge issued an emergency order that temporarily barred the u.s. from deporting people from those countries, at least for a perfected of time, and it stops boarder agents from removing anyone arriving with the valid visa from the affect countries. currently aclu of pennsylvania and several civil rights lawyers are working to get clarification on that stay issued last night and we have been told those teatained in philadelphia were released at some point this morning. here's senator bob case hoy spoke to protesters asking that they trek their frustration to the right place >> when there is a decision made in the the to allow access by a member of the house of representatives and senator, that is not a decision made by folks here. let's make sure that we trek our advocacy to the toll accounts in washington d.c. these are good folks here. these toll accounts that work here are trying to do their job, okay. they are good folks. they are not ones denying us
8:34 am
access. >> reporter: that in large part because of the determination as to who could come in and out of the country is made by the federal government. no word yet on when those detainees will be released but we understand it is at some point this morning. protest scheduled to take place around 2:00 in the morning. live at philly international, i'm cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will be following this, thanks, cherri. president trump's executive order banning some refugees is having an impact on one local family they were waiting for loved ones to arrive from syria when they got news they were not allowed to stay in the u.s. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff picks up the story. >> reporter: this was the day that, they have been looking for to since he left syria and last saw his parents, siblings , aunts, uncles. >> i was excited. i was going to meet the high tamly after three years.
8:35 am
it was a really happy moment. now after all that happened, it is not happening. >> reporter: bound for allentown and new life in the u.s. the six arrived at philadelphia international airport from syria by way of q atar at 7:40 a.m. when their family got a call from customs officers. >> my sister told me they are in the letting them in. all i could think office there is a misunderstanding, maybe they forgot a paper. >> reporter: this was not a paperwork issue accord according to the family in allentown their christian syrian relatives were given a choice for being detained for unclear amount of time or purchase flights back. they chose the ladder. >> everything is closed, it is saturday morning. no one to town to or no one to help me. i cannot call donald trum top let them my family in. >> reporter: he remembered he went to school with republican congressman charlie dent's son and got this touch. >> these are not refugees. they have visas, ready to get the their green card. they are christians. they paid thousands of dollars i don't think this order was intended to keep people like
8:36 am
this out of the country. so, that is what i'm hoping for. but i need clarification from the administration. >> have you been in contact with the the white house. >> i have. >> reporter: congressman dent has been working with the the family as they work to obtain a lawyer. >> i cannot imagine, that they feel nothing but alone and helpless. >> reporter: for this family it was a painful tease for the first time in three years his family was just an hour and a half away only to be sent back >> they should be here, everything they did, nothing illegal. >> reporter: the family has been working since, 2003 to escape religious persecution in their war torn country, they even have a furnish home waiting for them in allentown. a stay has been granted for immigrants in transit, but the family was sent home so it the is unclear how they will be impacted. reporting from the sat center, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news this morning police are searching for a hit and run driver after a
8:37 am
grandmother is struck and killed as her grandchildren watch the horrible tragedy unfold. forty-eight year-old catherine brown was hit 8:00 friday night. philadelphia police say brown was crossing the treat with the young child and several other children at 57th and girard when a white minivan ran over her. one witness said the driver sped through a intersection to make the light. >> first came up, hit and smack the grand mom and kid. we are like everybody is around, like yo, stop, stop, like you know, yell out in the middle of the street, but he just kept going. >> brown was dragged under the vehicle for a block and pronounced dead at the hospital, bystanders helped young child also hit, that child is now in stable condition at chop. in bensalem a memorial is growing at the scene of the all terrain vehicle crash that killed one teenager and critically injured another. police say 13 year-old giani forte was driving north on the bensalem boulevard when it broadsided a car making a left
8:38 am
turn on jason drive. investigators say forte was not wearing a helmet but a passenger another 13 year-old was wearing one. >> last night was a hard night i didn't get much sleep. but we love him. >> my suggestion to the parent don't let your kid ride on the street. make sure they wear a helmet. take safety classes before you allow your kid to get on one of those and ride it. >> police say a preliminary investigation indicates natalie atv did not have lights on either, driver suffered minor injuries. still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning we will check with face the nation's john dickerson for a look a head at today's broadcast we will be right ♪ ♪ get 30% off every guest in the caribbean and start wandering now. offer ends soon. come seek the royal caribbean. ♪
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i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer. joining us thousand live this washington is moderator and cbs news political director
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john dickerson. john, good morning. >> good morning, jan. we have a busy morning this morning, there was a lot of work this week from president trump. he got a lot done. we will start with the question of the travel ban, we will a conversation with reince priebus about the ban itself, the international reaction, to it, abe what mr. trump will do in responding to all of that. we will talk about some other things natalie president did this week. then we will talk to arizona senator john mccain about two issues. foreign policy and particular will president trump's reaction or relationship i should say with president vladamire putin of russia. the the two men spoke yesterday, john mccain would like to see more sanctions on russia and president trump has suggested lifting all sanctions on russia. we will talk to senator mccain and also the issue of immigration. there trump took actions to begin the building on have that wall along the southern border of arizona we will talk to department i can represent
8:42 am
keith ellison first muslim member of the house of the representatives, we will talk to him about the travel ban and he wants to be head of the democratic national the committee. we will talk to him about that then jan, our round table as always, we have got a lot to talk about this week, about the things that took place in the trump administration, what they mean what they might mean in the future, and everything that happened this week and then prepare for the things that might be happening next week. >> so many interesting topics, john, jammed packed show, thanks very much. we will see you soon. and in other news this morning a florida man suspect in the killing of his pregnant ex-girlfriend and orlando police officer is facing charges. markeith lloyd appeared in court yesterday recording three charges of aggravate ago salt with the firearm. now lloyd already faces two murder counts for deaths of the lieutenant deborah clayton and shawnde dixon. he faces one charges this connection to their deaths. california governor jerry brown will begin radiation treatment for prostate cancer in february, brown's doctors
8:43 am
say his disease is not extensive and can be treated with a short course of the radiotherapy. governor expects to continue working through his treatment, the third time natalie 78 year-old has been treated for cancer since taking office in 2011. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning it is your normal january day to day but monday could bring snow, meteorologist justin drabick has timetable coming
8:44 am
8:45 am
queer seeing sunshine around for our region but clouds will thicken up later tonight and talking about snow for the region. we will break it down. this morning all is quiet. wind has relaxed. it feels better to be outside heading out over the next couple of hours. we have cold temperatures backyard checking on it right around trees nothing spots. thirty-four partly sunny skies , and we have more clouds cover north and west. nice sunrise here in
8:46 am
philadelphia, into, south jersey we will will go atop river here. here's one cold spot kevin higgins house has 26 degrees. clear skies. seeing some sunshine. farther to the south, south jersey, peter plantmeant has 33 degrees in williamstown. williamstown will be under a winter weather advisory overnight tonight to the start of monday morning. we will see that round of some snow, and we still have have snow piles here, out in chesterfield, new jersey sent by ed connor, maybe a dusting on top of that for tomorrow morning especially south of the city. mid clouds to our north right now in kutztown, 31 degrees at the this hour. stratus clouds filtering out the sun a bit, northwest breeze at 4 miles an hour. so wind chill values down in the 20's in spots. the here's the overall pattern back to reality. we will see this in wintertime , jet stream taken down to the south, flow of wind allowing that colder air to spill southward and we are getting disturbance within that jet stream over next couple taste producing snow
8:47 am
showers, that comes through later on tonight. temperatures tonight, close to average over next few taste as jet stream stays to our south, and this will continue, into mid week, this pattern so weak systems will move through. there is no large storms that will produce the snow but just minor nuisance systems. again, tomorrow morning we will see our first one. sunset tomorrow night, later five will 17. stays lighter longer. you will notice that. pie end of february sunsetting 5:37. 7:05, march 12th we will go back in today light savings time. we are gaining two minutes of daylight each day as we head closer to the spring season. still westerly flow picking up moisture off lakes. lake effect snow showers in new york, western pennsylvania and batch of snow, southern west virginia into kentucky, that is weather maker for delaware, south injuries which potential for accumulating snow, weak disturbance in the up are atmosphere energize enough juice to bring that snow into parts of the region, southern half of the ruling area monday morning.
8:48 am
bad timing because it comes for morning commute. not a large system. it toss not develop until off shore, gone by monday afternoon. we will see some sun. after midnight tonight snow arrives, south the of the city and then we could see a to flakes around philadelphia but majority of it will be into delaware, new jersey. midnight 2:00 a.m. light they develops southwest to north east, and so it is south of the city and delaware and steady snow from 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. monday morning and after 7:00 that snow should taper off to some flurries west to east. notice temperatures to take with the sun, we are close to average, and then tonight, we do drop, at or below freezing. here comes the snow at 2:00 a.m. we are hovering close to the freezing mark from delaware to south injuries think model pushes it further south which is possible but some models try to bring it further north so we will wait and see on the exact track as that disturbance hasn't really developed yet. temperatures tomorrow will be stuck in the 30's with the push of cold air. so here's your forecast about one to 3 inches of snow.
8:49 am
best shot to see high amounts central delaware, dover into parts of the salem, cumberland county, new jersey, cape may county as well. today seasonal 42. partly sunny skies. tonight the that snow lives south and east after tonight, with a low of 30. extended forecast, tuesday another system comes through maybe a rain or they shower. by even of the week it is coal thursday groundhog day. six more weeks of wint fur he sees his shadow. jan. >> i cannot wait to see what phil sees we will wait and see thank you. 8:49. time to check road. lets go to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> hi there, a manned. hi there jan. this is i-95 southbound at aramingo avenue. it is cleared. like 30, 202, vine, 76 and turnpike. bypassing the road relying on public transit ab wear passengers stopped between eighth and 15th streets are all boarding westbound pratt form to to construction. that started this morning. it will be in effect until
8:50 am
4:30 tomorrow morning but should be cleared out for your daily commute. delaware river bridge still closed this both directions inn testify in a italy and tying up folks during the week but you still need to avoid it during weekend, use scudder falls bridge or burlington bristol bridge as an alternate taking a last look at route 202 chesterbrook boulevard, beautiful day for a drive in the suburbs. take your time this morning. the in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler now back to you. >> thank you. some say tool back position in football is like a typewriter or tile phone, outdated and old fashion but as our leslie van arsdal found out she talked to james devlin a local athlete break ago this mold and will take the field in super bowl 51 with the patriots. >> reporter: once again boyer town high school grad james devlin will be taking the biggest football stage in the world, with the the new england patriots. his parents, jim and donna, could not be more proud. >> obviously he is going to this big stage, for the second time, in three years and just incredible. >> reporter: road to the nfl
8:51 am
was not easy. it started at boyer town high school. went to brown university. four different pro teams, two different leagues and two different positions bringing him to today. >> when he signs pictures... he always puts never quit. determination, never believing in others but always believing in himself. a lot of times he was only one that believed that. >> before every game when he calls us i tell him to always play with his heart, and that is what he does. that is what he loves. he play was his heart. that has gotten him some unbelievable places, including the super bowl, and just for the love of the game, that is exactly what it is, playing with his heart. >> reporter: leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness
8:52 am
new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms.
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nothing like a good book or meal and this week taste with tori vittoria woodill takes us to philadelphia's new hot spot where books serve as the inspiration and the food is so good, you won't want to put it down. there hey be many ways to cure writer's block but why not start here in washington square west. writers block rehab on cypress street is three story bar and restaurant, conn cooking innovative cocktails like arug ula martini's and small by the served with a if book. the at whose fear has you settling in for a good story. let's precede to the prelude with the owner. >> i left, and did my engineering, and came here for my m.b.a. in drexel. from there i do a lot of global travel. one thing i found was that if you had a book next to you or you like reading or it is a
8:55 am
great way to start a conversation. >> reporter: books helped ram ram put himself out there but it is comradery of the bar's atmosphere that helped him on his journey of coming out as a gay man. >> as i was coming out, you know, it just became an important very place to go. one you met other people similar as you and two, you actually had something to, you felt like you were in a community. for me as i was thinking of opening a business more i thought about it, it was a bar i thought i need to open up the bar and create next safe space in the city. >> reporter: he created a safe place where all can sit at a bar like books on a shelf. >> each person that sits in this chair has their life, their stories and for that moment they are connected to all of the other people at the bar. >> reporter: peak over by the bar and there are plenty of authors on the walls but upstairs, cozy up to a delicious drink or some simple eats like smoked salmon toast with capers that pop. >> even after eating, it still looks good.
8:56 am
>> reporter: avocado toast with hard bowled eggs and fresh veggies and devils eggs topped with sweet crab meet the meet. >> perfect bite, the cover of this book. >> reporter: add a good book and good conversation and it is all. >> just enough to make you wanting more just like a good book. >> reporter: vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now, because writers block rehab is brand you this they have big plans for making it great and they want you to get involved. they are encouraging anyone who wishes to stop by and bring a book to add to their library for others to enjoy, just sign and date it. >> it might abe good day to get out and have some brunch, calm, quiet weather. >> not as windy, we have sunshine outside, where they should be for end of january, in the lower 40's and tomorrow morning, different story we will have winter weather advisory after midnight for upper maryland eastern shore, all of delaware and south jersey. these areas under advisory have best chance to see one to 3 inches of snow, quick
8:57 am
hitting system bad timing with the morning commute. if you sleep in tomorrow you may miss it. it should be gone around eight or 9:00 as that system moves off shore. weak disturbance. gets cold. highs of 38. we will see sunshine in the afternoon. stays chilly as we head into february. >> keep our eyes on that morning forecast. >> thanks, justin. >> that does it for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now we may be signing off on tv but always on line cbs sunday morning is next. have a great day. ♪ ♪
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