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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 5, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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and new this morning, the company of justice tries to work toward the president's tram ban but fails and in its latest attemptment. meanwhile, travelers to the u.s. before time, essentially runs out. >> the countdown to superbowl 51 continues. the falcons and patriots will both be looking to make history at the stadium behind me. i'm done -- champion, in hoist ton with a look at what's at steak for the team coming up. >> breaking bread to help local families. south jersey student are up to make superbowl hoagies. today is sunday, february 5th. good morning, i'm rahel son man. justin, yesterday it was freezing, i could not believe it, what do you think about
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today? >> yesterday was actually one of the colds he is deas we've had since early january. >> i believe it. >> and the winds, pretty nasty , windchills down to the single digit. today much betterment talk about typical temperatures for early february, mid 40's. >> that will feel good. >> not a loft sunshine, a and i think today few peaks of sunshine, and if you like it mild wait few more days, we will bring the warmth with the next storm system. comes at a little bit after price. we will talk about it, meantime all quiet this morning, do have cloud cover moving on through, still cold, don't get me wrong, here we are 29 degrees at this hour at the philadelphia international airport. but not as cold as yesterday. we until the lower 20's yesterday, south breeze at seven, wind starting to shift out of the south. bringing milder air back into the region, still windchill values down into the 20's. does feel like 22 degrees on exposed skin. the actual numbers, ranging from low 20's into the mountains, mid 30's along the coast in new jersey, 27 in quakertown, mid 20's pottstown at this hour, doylestown check
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ing in at 29 degrees. south breeze, around 10 miles per hour, it will kick up little bit this afternoon about 15 miles per hour so little edge off on those 40- degree high temperatures, but right now does feel like low 20's over most locations for the win chill value. still heavier coats, gloves will be neice dollars. storm scan3, quiet. storm system passing by to the north maybe snow shower in our northern section of lehigh valley into the poconos knows today, break for little sunshine this afternoon, temperatures not bad, mid 40's for philadelphia and the shore , 40's in the poconos, 50's, cloe to 60 degrees coming at us in the seven day, talk about that in a few more minutes. >> justin, see you soon, thank you. new this morning, accident on the ben franklin bridge as a car crashes right before the tollsment take a look. "eyewitness news" was on the scene as a car crashed underneath the arch at the toll boot. police are trying to figure out what caused the driver to lose control at the car. at this point no injuries reported. >> this morning appeals court is denying that trump
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administration request to reinstate immigration ban. now that comes just hours after the department of justice court filing. that said immigrants have quote no constitutional rights don't err the us. on friday, federal judge in seattle blocked implementation of the order. appealing that de silings saying it is harmful to the public. >> i find the court should and will grant the temporary restraining order. >> now that ruling this morning means now these, visa holders from seven muslim countries can board us flight. meantime vice president mike penned says supreme court nominee nor gorsuch one of the nation's courts one way or another. vice president made the speech in philadelphia, protesters in the city were targeting president trump. "eyewitness news" reporter al edges andrea hoff tells us much of the protesting centered around the president 's travel ban.
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>> reporter: protests in opposition of president donald trump specifically as immigration effort continued throughout center city. around independence mall, they gave equal a tea attention to the second in command. >> we will fight you every day >> protests did not prohibit earlier than antis pailt dollars arrival to old city by vice president mike pence. he used the additional time to pay visit to the liberty pell, a trip he said he was unable to make when in town for the g of retreat in philadelphia late last month. at noon, the vice president was welcomed by the federalist society, conservative, leb err tear yan legal organization, advocating for supreme court's supreme court pick neil gorsuch. >> within minute of his nomination, and now they are even threatening to use the filibuster procedure in the senate to stop it. >> the vice president called
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unprecedented and unbiased. >> never before in the history of our country has associate justice nominee to the supreme court faced successful filibuster. and judge neil m gorsuch should not be the first. >> back outside market street was temporarily shutdown as protesters peacefully marched midday traffic coupled with the movement of the vice president's motorcade. one scene both tez and his add vaux cares shared appreciation for founding principal's that forced here in philadelphia. >> anybody can be anybody because of the significance tell of lib earth that i we have been trying in the constitution and the founding documents of this nation. >> on that supreme court pick, at least one democratic senator has pledged to block the president's nomination. pence said today that gorsuch is has already met with 12 senators from both sides of the aisle, and seek to be with
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all 100. reporting live in the sat center, alexandria hoff, cbs-3 , "eyewitness news." >> details into the investigation into the deadly prison scanned stand-off at the vaughn correctional center in smirn a delaware police say they've wrapped up their investigation in building c, the location of the building uprising, now turned back over to the delaware department of corrections. steven floyd died in that stand-off, one of four prison staff members taken hostage by inmate. the investigation into the uprising and 20 hour hostage stand-off is expecting. >> police on the look for vandals, someone spray painted race ition graffiti on house in winona friday night. >> this happened happened on jefferson avenue. no word on why the vandals chose this house. "eyewitness news" say no arrest haves been made. >> philadelphia police continue to search for suspect after a girl scout is block in center city just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon, victim said she was selling
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cookies at 16th and blind a man stole about $50 from her. investigators say the suspect was wearing a gray sweatshirt, anyone with information is asked to call police. and switching gears now, it all comes down to this superbowl 51. don champion reports about both the falcons and pay try tree at looking to make history in tonight's big game. >> nrg stadium now field of opportunity for the patriots and falcons. patriots fans call this superbowl an opportunity for redemption. >> i really think the penalty, what it should have been. >> patriots quarterback tom brady could cement this place in history with a record fifth superbowl win. it would also be the franchise 's fifth championship since 2001. >> i want to win it because i want to win. and, you know, our team has put a lot into it. and we want something to show for it. >> as much as brady and patriots want to cement their place in history, the falcons want to make history here.
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the team has never won a superbowl. the team lost its only appearance in 1999. >> does that lost still haunt you? >> yes, because i remember the place. >> bob whitfield was on the falcons squad that year and admits off field drama led to the lost in miami. >> the stuff that we had to manage that week and then the amount of guys that you had to say keep your focus hat on. >> eighty year old bob played on the very first falcons team and hopes perhaps the numbers are in atlanta favor in their 51st season, the scene of superbowl 51. >> i think they're peaking at the right time. they seem to be getting little better,. >> football fans in houston and around the world will find out when the falcons and patriots take the field sunday night. don champion, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> it will be a good game. back here at home, up early this superbowl sunday. taking part in a yearly
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tradition making hundreds of hoagies. cherri gregg from our sister station is live at clearview regional high school. all happening in about an hour good morning, all for very good cause? >> reporter: that's correct. good morning, rahel, i'm here at the third annual hoagie for hope fundraiser. and it is pretty quiet right now, but it is all about to start pretty quickly. john is one of the advisors here at the middle school. and what will you guys be doing here today? >> we will be having a celebration of making hoagies for recipients who have medical needs. it will be a great fun time for the kids and giving back to our community. >> that's right. and they use this superbowl sunday because everybody has to eaton superbowl. that's a big thing. and you guys will be providing the food, which is hoagies, and there is going to be variety here. what kind of hoagies will you guys be making?
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>> it alien hoagie and turkey hoagie. >> yes, very good stuff. so our photographer will show the rolls are here, and it smells absolutely delicious. take a look at the video from last year, i mean, hundreds and hundreds of volunteers showed up early in the morning , all to line up and make these hoagies. tell me what you guys are organizing right now, but tell me what's going into the hoagies, what are people doing here today? >> today the kids are going to come in. and they're going to be putting together the italian hoagie, the turkey hoagie. we have cheese, capicola, ham, tomato, all sliels dollars, and building the hoagies all morning long, and selling them at 10:00 until 2:00 this afternoon. >> yes, and the one thing they do is make and bring a dj in. so it will be jumping and thumbing, and i'll be helping to make hoagies laid err today all is for a good cause. last year they raised about
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ten -- $17,000 selling 1800 hoagies is it? >> yes, this year we are making 1800 hokies this year. >> 500 will be for sale, 1300 pre orders. all going on this morning. we will show you in the next segment as we will talk about the holing is -- hoagies little bit more. and that pallet, taste buds going? >> delicious. >> absolutely delicious. last question, falcons, or patriots? >> going with the falcons. >> oh, we will see what happens. live in mullica hill, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." and i go with patriots, you know, i'm going with tom brady >> all right, cherri gregg, thumbing it and jumping, we'll check in with you soon. >> all right. and football won't be the only thing flying at the superbowl. still ahead, high tech gadgets lady gaga is including in her half time show. also ahead, hypnosis takes on new focus. why nor and more parents are
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putting their children under a hypnotic trans, and why some maybe going too far. >> meet teach here does special handshake with each and every student. so how many handshakes does she know? how does she remember them all we will tell you, hey, justin? >> good morning, we had cold start to our weekend, now the temperatures changing up little bit. mild air along with some rain, back at
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>> police are investigating whether alcohol was involved in a deadly crash in west oaklane, around 1:30 saturday morning, investigators say speeding ford explorer slammed into a hyundai. thirty year old passenger died after he was ' ject dollars. driver was also ejected, in critical condition. two people in the hyundai suffered minor injuries. well, in london, rapper fawms off the stage during a concert with singer drake. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> rappers travis scott running on to the stage for performance when he fill fell into a big hole. he wasn't hurt but he did damage a prepare property because of that. they offered a refunds for the show. >> lady gaga is getting ready for the bigger he is performance of her career, headliner superbowl half time show. and we are learning the show will feature hundreds every lit up drones using the unmanned aerial vehicle during half time show. it is a first for the superbowl. of course close to the
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performance had to get clearance for the f.a.a. because they've placed a bag -- ban on drones. best part, after the sports report, commercials. >> i think a lot of people will tune in for that. should be interesting what they cook up this year. >> should be interesting what you are cooking up. because yesterday was freezing today not freezing. >> not freezing. >> not warm. but not freezing. >> february, we will get the days, still not locking in the several days every cold air, up and down, i think that will be the trends, really for the next few weeks, so if you like it mild you will like the next few days,. >> so could it mean punxsutawney already wrong? >> we'll see what happens now. we have a lot of time yet. and on average, february is a month, not saying we will get hit with big snowstorm, but always the potential there. plenty of time left for the winter season. meantime we will start warming things up little bit. still cold this morning, check out the parkway camera there, live look here across center city, all quiet this morning,
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flags blowing little bit, so there is a breeze to deal with windchills not as harsh as yesterday morning, feeling like the single digits, feels like the low 20's, will get better through the day as well so up and down temperatures, what we are dealing with through the upcoming week. so 42 average for this time of year. we will be above that today. mid 40's, staying mild tomorrow. afternoon best chance to see few peaks of sun before sunset really spiking the temperatures tuesday, wednesday, next storm, so comes at little bit after price. we will make a punch into the 50's, close to 06 degrees, i think, on wednesday. and wednesday afternoon could turn out nice. little windy, before our next blast of cold air returns for thursday and friday. back to cold typical february conditions by the end of the week. get the break over the next few days, 28 cherry hill, 31 swedesboro, millville, you guys at freezing at this hour, upper 20's in dover, delaware, and in newark, 26 in chalfont. so there are some cold spots this morning. sheltered from the wind, cold
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air moving down to the surface , 27 quakertown, pottstown chilling out at 24 degrees. may have heard about a big storm for superbowl sunday a week ago, a lot of talk about it, but that storm never materialized. actually have the system to the north, but never phased with southern jet stream energy to form larger storm. so thus just dealing with some clouds, maybe snow shower into the pocono region later this morning into the afternoon. that's about it. and again, maybe some sunshine into the afternoon hours. but next storm will impact us mid week. this looks like larger system, pretty much like all winter long, tracking off to our north and west. we will be on the mild side of the system. so tuesday is early wednesday, watch out for a round of some rain. and overall rainfall now about quarter to half inch, that's good thing, because we could use more rain across the region. woman out for gusty winds wednesday, temperatures surging into the 50's, both tuesday, wednesday. and i wouldn't be surprised if some areas do hit 60 wednesday afternoon, if we can get the sunshine. so here is the weak disturbance to the north
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bringing clouds, maybe snow shower to the north. clear out tonightment monday is nice and quiet. we have a lot of sunshine to deal with at least for the first half of the day. here comes the next storm again. storm has milder air moving to the north and wells. get the flow out of the south. rain arrives early tuesday morning. let's take closer look at the day. again, clouds over us, through much of the morning hours, they thin out little bit for the afternoon, maybe snow shower northern lehigh valley, poconos, tomorrow morning nice and quiet. not a bad start, morning commute looks good mormon day. early tuesday morning we see the showers builds in. watch out for the morning commute tuesday. wet weather, same deal, on the evening commute for tuesday, as well. so temperatures today surging into the 40's. yesterday only got into the mid 30's, even with the sunshine. tonight still cold near freezing. then tomorrow once again like today mid 40's, close to average. forecast high today, 46 degrees, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. then we go into the mid 50's tuesday, with some rain. wednesday early morning shower and some late day sunshine.
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end of the week, rahel, back to the upper 30's, but that's not really going to last, looks like 40's return by next weekends. >> so we're all over the place >> all over the place. >> thank you, justin. question: how many different seaned -- hands shakes can you do? well, teacher in wichita, kansas certainly shaking things it up, because she can do about 100 handshakes, one for each of her students. now it all started when the when she asked student don't give her a high five, that led to each student having their own hands shake with her which back became something after tradition, she said it is not hard, she just looks at their face and knows, pretty cool stuff there. on the health watch, new focus on hypnosis, it can be helpful for things like weight loss, quitting smoking, stress relief, also being used for children with learning dis aibilities, health reporter stephanie stahl explains. >> your eyes, they get very tired. >> ten year old eric is about to be hypnotized. >> closure eyes when you are red.
6:21 am
>> i he has adhd. his mother doesn't want to med came kate him. nothing else has worked. >> i'm hoping for the teacher to not call me any more. everybody calls me hip know mom. >> hip know therapist lisa says said she has hip in a ma advertised close to a hundred children close to her own. >> good. >> she said she is essentially teaching eric to hynotize himself, help him when facing a challenging task. >> breathe in the word focus. exhale on the word powerful. >> do his homework, when he needs to listen to the teacher , when he needs to curb his impulses, while he needs to do is breathe in that power word and it resets neurons. >> afterward short homework session went well, and eric hopes that continues. >> i hope it will help me because tomorrow i have a lot of division and a lot of tests on math. >> very risky thing to do.
6:22 am
>> but psychologist says putting kids in a trans is going too far. >> not to gain control, but it is to keep them what's appropriate, what is desirable , so they can have control over their own minds. >> experts say hip know therapy has shown to significantly improve the core symptoms of adhd but may help with some associated problems like insomnia they say hypnosis can help with other issues like pain, trauma but doesn't work for everybody. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." and february is heart awareness month, hundreds gathered at the philadelphia heart ball in center city. will help support the american heart association eation live saving mission of building healthier life, free of cardio diseases, very nice there, stephanie. this year the philadelphia heart ball is celebrating its 50th anniversary. >> and people who observe the chinese lunar calendar are
6:23 am
welcoming the year of the rooster, reading terminal market had tiny new years celebrations and it included spring roll making and also a musical performance. very nice. well, still ahead on " eyewitness news," a one time citcom star looks for a new core ear in stand you have up. starring in the new movie, the comedian. we will also hear about symetry with his
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namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine, or any of the ingredients in namzaric. tell the doctor about any conditions; including heart, lung, bladder, kidney or liver problems, seizures, stomach ulcers, or procedures with anesthesia. serious side effects may occur, including muscle problems if given anesthesia; slow heartbeat, fainting, more stomach acid which may lead to ulcers and bleeding; nausea, vomiting, difficulty urinating, seizures, and worsening of lung problems. most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. (woman 2 vo) i don't know what tomorrow will bring but i'm doing what i can. (avo) ask about namzaric today. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> he pioneered rules every working women behind the camera and in front of it, the cww fillly simulcast decades
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weekend bing at the mary tyler moore show. jessica dean will host the marathon today from one p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the "cw philly." it is available over the air on 57.1 and also these cable providers and the entire bing runs on decades, what you can see over the area on channel 3.2 and these exaibl providers in these therts weekends, robert deniro place -- plaza citcom star in the new film the comedian. suzanne marquez has a look at the film and also the many stars though -- who showed up for the laughs. >> robert deniro plays jacky, an aging funny man whose career takes a hit after run in with a heckler. >> his charm onto younger fell on played by leslie man. >> once you can make a woman laugh, then you can make her do anything, i don't know if that's true. >> is that what they say? >> that's what they say. >> like a very, very old
6:27 am
saying? >> the two become friends, and may be more, in a film deniro has been want to go do for awhile. >> seen a movie like this done other than the entertainer with laurence olivia. >> man said their checker ers have chemistry. >> i think they come together, and they have something to learn from the other one, and they do. >> director taylor called it a genuine reaction. >> she developed true, you feel that in their relationship. it is weird, strange as it is, they connected. and that's unusual. >> many other stars also appear in the film, including den danny divito, patty lapo n e and harvey, the comedian film about fun and family and how far apart those two can sometimes be. suzanne marquez, cbs news.
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>> and coming up in the next har half hour of "eyewitness news," out of this world, how astronaunts are celebrating superbowl sunday. gln pat gallen shows us puppies competing in this year 's puppy goal. and involving the morning team , who will win? don't want to miss it. >> and yes, it was a cold saturday, right, but what about sunday? justin back with the forecast for the end of the weekend when we come right back.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. and good morning, to you. i'm rahel solomon. let's get right out to justin drabick on the skydeck. a lot of people probably traveling to see the superbowl , visit, watch it with friends, family, should be relatively nice day. >> exactly, going to the party 's incoming home, no problems. looks like road conditions will be good. yesterday, obviously on the colds side if you were outside , even with the sun, we struggled to get to the mid 30 's, different story today. whree have less sunshine, but actually climbing up to the mid 40's, 10 degrees warmer, much seasonable for early february. all quiet this morning. we have some clouds over us right now, we pick it up little bit over the next few hours, but really no chance of any widespread precipitation, maybe stray flurry, snow shower in the poconos. but the trends, warmer temperatures, 6 degrees warm nerve philadelphia, compared to this time yesterday. it is still cool, though, we have temperatures below
6:32 am
freezing, upper 20's allentown and philadelphia, 30 in wilmington, freezing this hour in millville, and couple every degrees above freezing along the coast. look at the suburbs, mid 20's, mt. holly, new jersey, good morning, quakertown, you guys at 27 degrees at this hour. so windchill values down into the low 20's, that's where what it actually feels like with light breeze outside. yesterday it was rough. we had single digit windchills for good chunk of the morning hours. and storm scan3 right now little clearing over most of the delaware valley. clouds, maybe snow shower coming at us, later this morning, into the afternoon, north. but limited sunshine this morning, more sun this afternoon on our way up to the mid 40's for highs both philadelphia and the shore. thirty's in the poconos. it warms up this week. it comes at bit after price. we will talk about the next storm system coming at just eyewitness weather in just a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. >> see you then, thank you. federal appeals court has denied the justice department 's request to immediately reinstate president trump's travel ban. now, it wants both the trump administration and the state of washington to file more
6:33 am
arguments by tomorrow afternoon. as went wendy gillette reports , quickly book flights to the u.s. just in case time runs out. >> i find the court will grant the restraining order. >> has denied the justice department's request to reverse the restraining order that halted president donald trump's travel ban of people from seven predominantly muslim countries. right now the state department says up to 60,000 foreigners, use visas electronically canceled, can now travel to the u.s. are rush to go airports where before the window potentially closes. decision by the federal judge a pointed by jo. george wch bush, commander in chief, on twitter. mr. trump wrote saturday because it was lifted by judge , many very bad and dangerous people may be pouring into our country. a terrible decision. what is our country coming to when a judge can halt a homelands security travel ban, and anyone, even with bad intentions, can come into the
6:34 am
us? if the justice department's appeal is successful, and happens quickly, travelers to international airports in the u.s., including jfk airport, new york city corks finds them selves in a similar situation as last weekends, when many were left in limbo. on saturday, protests over the travel ban spread across the country. including in washington, d.c., los angeles international airport, florida where mr. trump is spending the weekend, and around the world, in berlin, and london, where some carried signs that red: fight ignorance, not immigrants. wendy gillette, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." vice president mike pence will be sitting in the audience at nrg stadium today. saidel be watching the falcons take on the patriots, day after a stop in philadelphia. yesterday the vice president visited the liberty bell. he then spoke to the conservative federal list society on independence mall. criticized efforts to
6:35 am
filibuster president trump trump pick. >> never before in the history of our country has an as' east ate justice nominee to the supreme court failed successful filibuster. and judge neil m gorsuch should not be the first. >> meanwhile, thousands of demonstrators marched around independence mall and down market street. they were protesting president trump executive order on immigration and refugees. history on the line tonight for the atlanta falcons and new england patriots. take tonight at the nrg stadium in, big deal for both teams r for the falcons win would be the franchise first superbowl victory, atlanta lost its only appearance back in 1999. meanwhile, the p patriots identifying fifth superbowl win. who will have more superbowl coverage coming up in sport. take a look at this, this is how astronaunts are celebrating the superbowl from space. nasa has released video from
6:36 am
the international space station showing an astronaut throwing a football. nasa called this the longest hair mal marry pass ever. it means that traveling 8,800 yards per second. only nasa can do. students in south jersey up early this superbowl sunday making hundreds of sandwiches to raise money for a good cause. cherry grill -- greg from our sister, clearview reaming regional high school. the fundraiser starts very soon. good morning. >> good morning, rahel, yes, this is the third annual hoagie for hope, take a look, i mean, all you see around you , hoagies. this is just one small box of hoagie rolls that are here, we have a whole stack of those boxes here, than is just one of the rooms where hundreds of volunteers will gather in just about an hour or so, to start making those hoagies, making italian hoagies, turkey hoagies, about 1800 of them in
6:37 am
all. 1300 pre-sold. have 500 that will go on sale at the door. and i'm here now with jason and jackie. they are the student preparers of today. so, you guys got like 300 people real up to come. how did you do it? >> it is really great. team council stands for creating a leg si. we start in the elementary school this year, we did pep rallies at the schools, so really great. those kids will grow up, they'll keep like hoagie for hope and it happens every year , and we hung up flyers, people decorating. and they're ready. they're amped up. >> lots of fun. take a look at the video we have. we asked jack think question, jacky, i mean, you guys are helping a good cause. it is a loft fun while you are doing in? >> really s you have 300 volunteers here to get together. and you are putting like ten people at a table. and you're just random people you don't know, making so much fun and memories. >> and you guys actually met at a hoagie for hope event.
6:38 am
now you're sharing it. i mean, how did this -- how does that make you feel? >> really neat. because kinds of lines up with the whole service, meeting people, helping the community, and like how we became friends is just like, i don't know, like a message. >> message to the worlds? >> help. >> definitely. and poor families will be helped today. 100% of the proceeds will help them, dealing with life threatening illnesses and of course, some of the hoagies will be for sale. oh, yes, last question: the patriots or the falcons? >> i'm going to have to go with falcons. >> falcons. >> at love falcon fins fans here, cherri gregg, cbs-3 " eyewitness news." >> we wish the eagles, we wish but okay, thank you. and if you want to head or help out head to clearview high school mullica hill in gloucester counsel county, new jersey, happening at the
6:39 am
school's athletic entrance from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. each hog si $10. from hoagies to hope to running for donuts, still ahead, chowing down on crispy creams. sounds good. and who said reading wasn't cool in we will take you to the world's first library made out of ice. and speaking of aisles, cold start to the weekends, but temperatures are all uphill from here. when it hit the upper 50's in the seven day forecast, when we come right back. what does a steak lover eat when they're not eating steak? how about this? or this...? or this...? okay that last one was steak, but how could they not?
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>> two historical document once belonging to the richest man in america are back today thanks to the help with the fb i. "eyewitness news" the only camera crew, agents returned two document, to girard college, over 100 years old, once belonged to steven girard , once the richest man in america. crept pristine records, say without these two documents, girard's collection would not be come complete. >> the girard collection one of the most important collections in early american history. >> and someone stole the document between 1965 and 2006 wait until you hear where they were found, we'll tell you tomorrow night at 11:00. >> and the world's first ice slide open in russia but only for limited time. how cool? how cool is this? library containing 420 frozen
6:43 am
books, launched in the russian city yesterday. people from all over the world sent in their wishes to be etched into the wall. the blocks every ice have more than 1,000 phrases on them, library expected to last until april. but will eventually melt with rising temperatures. >> that's pretty cool. >> well, today is a special day on the cbs-3 weather center because it is national weather person's day. so today we celebrate everyone who works to keep us dry, from meteorologist, to the scientists at the national weather service, storm chasers , it falls on february 5th because that's the birthday of john jefferies , the first to take daily measurements of weather starting in 1774. and of course our very own favorite weather person justin dray brick, always delivering warm weather when we ask. >> trying, trying. not everybody wants some warm weather. i'll be quiet, dude, i want some cold. i have a little bit of everything for us in the next seven days, for the most part, it has been a mild winter. february for the most part will ends warmer than average.
6:44 am
once we average the highs and lows, still, cup ill of shots every cold air coming at us in our pattern for the next couple of weeks, no threats of any big snowstorms coming at us, over the next week, temperatures just too warm. cold this morning, check it out. little sunshine will eventually break some of the clouds getting ready for nice sun rides, in about 15, 20 minute here. freezing right now, cape may courthouse, middle township high school. southwest breeze at ten, southwest winds is going to push in some warmer air. the area reports looking pretty good, 100% capacity, jack frost, big boulder, good, even with the lack of natural snow, you know, we had cold nights, able to throw down man-made snow. good conditions today. temperatures above freezing, even up into the poconos. now, for the month of february , typically on average , it is our snowiest month for philadelphia, we do average 8.8 inches of snow, last year, february, only 3.3. and the snowiest february we ever had was 2,010, 51.5
6:45 am
inches every snow, certainly that was a big year, so far this season, leading up to today, 6 inches every snow. we are below average. we could be close to 12 inches for the year so far. like i said, really no big hit of snow coming at us over the next few days. twenty-two mount pocono, near 30, philadelphia, and surrounding suburbs. we have south wind coming offer the ocean right now, 40 degrees atlantic ocean temperatures keeping the air temps up into the 30's, even upper 30's in ocean city, this hour. here's what we're talking about, not whole lot happening in the atmosphere right now, two separate disturbances very weak, one to the north, one to the south. about a week ago, there was a lot of talk about these two peaks of energy coming together, forge forks many larger storm, never really happened. jet stream in flat flow, storms not able to develop. we will just deal with clouds through the morning hours, featuring sun this afternoon, maybe get stray flurry or snow shower specially up into the lehigh valley or poconos this afternoon, not going to amount to anything. so here is the set up. there will be another storm that will impact us for sure,
6:46 am
middle of the week. clouds, late day sunshine, tomorrow, looks good, nice and quiet. a lot of sunshine, temperatures where they should be in the low to mid 40's, here comes the next storm. tracks to the north and west, main energy up into the great lakes, that means on the warm side of the system, once again , liquid event. the rain should arrive very early tuesday morning before daybreak. wet morning commute. just series every rain at times for your tuesday, and the steadiest rain should come to an end late tuesday night, early wednesday morning. then temperatures really start to warm up. see the bulk of the rain through wednesday afternoon stay to the north, over an inch, mainly northern pennsylvania up into up-state new york. for us quarter inch maybe half inch, good thing, still down over the past year for rainfall amounts. temperatures today in the 40's for highs, so close to average good shot at reaching the low 40's today even with the lack of sunshine around philadelphia. i think a loft areas hit the mid four's, same deal in south jersey, and delaware, right along the coast, little cooler with the southwest breeze. seasonable day today.
6:47 am
afternoon sunshine, 46 for the high temperature, tomorrow quiet, rain arrives tuesday, mid 50's, wednesday upper 50's , afternoon sun, turning out to be nice afternoon. gets colder 30's by the end of the week, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, time now 6:47. time to check on the roads, over to amanda mueller in the traffic send center. good morning, amanda. >> it is pretty quiet throughout this morning, this is live look at girard, clear as well as most of your majors this morning including 76, the vine, 202, 30, and the turnpike. however, do you have some bad news for commuters that rely on the delaware river connector bridge during between the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpike. most people know by now that it has been shutdown for the past several weeks. out of service now for at least another eight weeks. alternates there, the area bridges, including the burlington bristol bridge and cut scudders falls, last look 202, valley road, little volume. likes like smooth ride this morning. in the cbs-3 traffic center.
6:48 am
amanda mule ir, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, how would you like to try this? do you have run while eating donuts, more than 2500 people took part in the 13th annual krispy kreme challenge rates rales. took place in raleigh, north carolina here how it works, contest tantsz run 5 miles have, to eat 12 donuts in a hour. so, okay, you run 5 miles in a hour. not so bad. then you also have to eat dozen donuts at the same time. that sounds like a lot of work but i think i'm you will -- up for the challenge. >> they're enjoying it. still to come this morning, local puppies compete in puppy bowl. >> i'm pat gallen here at the morris animal refuge with matt they're taking part in the puppy bowl and the 2017 morning show bowl. we will tell but it when we
6:49 am
6:50 am
6:51 am
>> it is finally here, the final game of the season superbowl five 1-rbgs the falcons taking on the patriots >> penn charter matt ryan was named n flmvp last night, mattie ice led the n fl in passer ratings, 38 touchdowns, seven interceptions, the first atlanta falcon to win that award. patriots tom brady finished second. tonight brady and ryan in go against each other. >> my preparation during the week, the way that i prepare, the process that i have, allows me to be comfort affordable in big situations, and to just do the things that you prepared yourself to do. and i feel like, you know, that's going to help us out on sunday. >> we work real hard to goat
6:52 am
get to this point. the attention should be on this game, and everything is, you know, it has been a fun week to prepare for a great opponent, should be great game >> last night the pro-football hall of fame class of 2017 was announced, with harold davis, kurt morton, anderson, east taylor, easily, all got the call to the hall. brian dawkins and terrell owens will have to wait. this was b dawk's first time on the ballot, the only defensive player in league history to have more than 25 interceptions, forced fumbles and sacks. >> well, this is the second year owens did not make the cut. ranks amongst the best receivers to ever play the game. checking in with receivers yards, third in receiving touchdowns, to had rocky relationship with the media. that may be the reason why he is not going into the hall this year. >> well, to tweeted: hall of fame is a total joke. honestly doesn't mean anything to me to get beyond this point
6:53 am
okay. >> road trip took them to miami. heat won nine in a row. sixers once again short-handed , joe emel beil bead, robert covington, okafor , all out of the line up with injuries. heat took advantage advantage of the sixers injuries. rebound, put back, a 15-point lead after the first quarter. in the second, the sixers play at the lead. first, ilia knowledge g down the three. that lead was cut to five. led the six 6ers with 21-point , but the heat pulls away here in the third. philly native waiter, three ball, scored 21-point, 30, and 20 boards, as the heat crushed the sixers, 125 to 102. >> the flyers hosting the kings, both travis connecting and shane, healthy scratches, continues to the with the young stars, speaking of the bench schem check out this, by goodis, launches into the flyers bench, steve mason nearly getting out of the way there. today was michael's show for
6:54 am
the flyers, second period, rob dustin with the glove. take a look at that. amazing save. then in the third, again there is time he robs pearson, made 27 saves on the game. so this game will go into over time. and former flyer, jeff carter, sticking it to his old team. he scored his 27 goal of the season. his fourth over time game winning goal, the flyers lose one-nothing, in over time. >> it felt good. got only one point. so, you know, not happy about it. >> you know, it is stuff. you know, totally good. handling the puck well. and so, you know, scoring goals. >> to college basketball, fourth ranked villanova hosting saint john's down at the center. second ranked baylor, third ranked kansas lost, with a win the cats then move up in the ranking. wildcats took control from the start.
6:55 am
here late in the first, josh, turning turn around, nova had 18-point half time lead. second half, cats up 15, dante , knocks down the three. dante with a career high 20-point, nova beat saint john 's 92 to 79. over to hawk hill, st. joe's played fordham. game winning two double overtime. game tied up at 83 under five seconds left. rams antoine anderson with the ball. the three is good. as the buzzer sounded. so fordham shocked st. joe's 86 to 83. >> that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> and today millions will be huddled around their tv's to see the next champion crowds in sport, but the question is will it be a beagle, or another kind of pup? pal -- pat gallen shows you taking part in the puppy bowl. >> reporter: superbowl sunday, patriots and falcons will battle to become the top dog in the n fl. but before the game the best of the b -- best dogs in the country are battling to become
6:56 am
puppy bowl 13 champs. and two dogs, from our area, are in the game. >> we have max and choochy. >> max is a pitbull and chooch y is a chihuahua. they join the team. we sent them pictures. they said we want to have them they were competitors from the start. >> max is six month old pup, take egg never by room maitsz. they couldn't believe max was selected to be a puppy bowl player. >> we were so excited. like it was so hard to keep it in and not tell anyone. you can't tell anyone yet until it is being aired or being shown off. >> and we tell him all the time we let him know. >> not the same size and in stature of big mac max, 4- pound choochy isn't afraid to get in the game. hills owner edwardo works at morris animal refuge, only to see him selected for puppy bowl. the refuge has been in this position before. >> last year was our first time we were in the puppy bowl we had lea rotweiler, and she was the mvp last year. you know, once you start breeding champions, having champions, they want you to
6:57 am
come back. >> with such pill -- i am press i have animals, we asked for their help. here is the morris animal refuge we will be picking the 2017 morning show champion. so we put treat on each of the hedge, and max, our puppy bowl dog, will pick the winner. so let's finds a winner. >> go ahead, max. >> all right. >> who is it going to be? >> it is katie, kaylee freight freight. and then i came in second, i guess? >> katie fehlinger. while katie is our champion of the morning show, check this sunday to see who wins, puppy bowl 13. >> pat gallen, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." i love katie but katie has been known to cheat. all i'm going to say. you can see the game today on animal planet. also adopt other dogs like max and choochy, at the morris animal refuge. speaking of animal adopt shonls, these special pets, and also special promotion at the pennsylvania spca. offering to celebrate the kitten bowl today.
6:58 am
so stay tuned for that. pets galor, cats, dogs, everything. all ahead for you at 7:00. it pays to get fit. new trends in apps that tracks your stems and rewards you for how far you go. show you how you can get paid and get fit at the same time. how to brush his teeth. (woman vo) in march, my husband didn't recognize our grandson. (woman 2 vo) that's when moderate alzheimer's made me a caregiver. (avo) if their alzheimer's is getting worse, ask about once-a-day namzaric. namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are taking donepezil. it may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine,
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