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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  February 5, 2017 8:00am-9:01am EST

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>> frafer letters head to the u.s. for their window every opportunity, before it potentially closes again. >> countdown to superbowl a -- 51, both looking to make history, i'm don champion in houston with a look at what the state for the teams coming up. >> back here at home, hundreds of student entz are up early this morning, all for good cause. hear what their hoagie sale this superbowl sunday and how you can help. >> today is sunday, february 5th. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. over to justin drabick. sun, dunn tis, warming trends? >> later this week, yes, could be making run at six off degrees. we'll have to wait and see. still chill think morning, but compared to yesterday, it will be a lot better. >> yesterday was brutal. >> nasty, yes, coldest day since early january. still not as mild as it is down in houston, for superbowl
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70s. oh, that would feel good. but no 70s coming at us. nice break from the cold for the next few days, will be tracking the storms as it moves in on tuesday. we will talk about that in a little bit. but this morning, for the most part quiet. still little chilly. not as cold as yesterday. yesterday waking up with temperatures in the teens, 20 's, now, right around freezing, 33 at the airport in philadelphia. we have south wind at 12. that's going to bring in the milder air, over the next several hours. but enough of a breek breeze to make it feel like 24 degrees, actually feels like that here in philadelphia forty-three the current temperature in mount pocono. thirty-one in allentown, mid 30's, now, along the coast of atlantic city and wildwood. suburbs, getting close to freezing at this hour, still upper 20's quakertown, pottstown, 29 degrees in mt. holly. there is the south to southwest wind today. coming in at about ten to 15 miles per hour, so still bit breezy. into the afternoon hours. windchill values right now, holding in the lower to mid 20 's, will get to the mid 30's later this afternoon, lack of sunshine, waking to up some
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clouds, but that won't stop the mild air from moving in. even with the cloud cover this morning, temperatures break into the 40's, maybe snow shower or two northern lehigh valley into the poconos. but good 10 degrees warmer, sun possible later this afternoon, little disturbance happens, today's high, above average, 46 in philadelphia. forty-five, 30's in the poconos. let you know in the 50's, 60s, temperatures arrive, and tracking the rain, time it out coming up in eyewitness weather, rahel, back to you. >> see you soon, thank you. >> this morning, appeals court is denied with trump administration request to reinstate immigration ban. that comes just hours after adjust tis of the department or department of justice court filing. if said, i am grant have quote no constitutional rights to enter the us. friday federal judge blocked implementation of the immigration orders, administration appealing that decision saying it is harmful to the public. >> vice president mike pence, one of the highest court one way or another, advise president made a speech in
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philadelphia, and targeting president trump. alexandria hoff tells us much of the protesting centered around the president's travel ban. (protesting). >> protests in opposition of president donald trump specifically as immigration effort continue throughout center city. (protesting). >> but around independence mall demonstrators gave equal attention to the second in command. protests did not prohibit an earlier than anticipated arrival to old city by vice president mike pence. he used additional time to pay visit to the liberty bell, the trip he said he was unable to make when in town for the gop retreat in philadelphia late last month. at noon, the vice president was welcomed by the federalist society, conservative, libertarian organization, advocated for president trump supreme court pick.
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neil gorsuch. >> several announce their opposition within minutes of their nomination, now even threatening to use the fill abut err -- filibuster procedure in the senate. >> access the vice president called unprecedented. >> never before in the history of our country has associate justice nominee to the supreme court faced a successful filibuster. and judge neil m gorsuch should not be the first. >> back outside, market street was temporarily shutdown as protesters peacefully marched midday traffic coupled with the movement of the vice president's motorcade. one scene boasts pence and his advosaries shared, appreciation for the nation's founding principals of course here in philadelphia. (protesting). >> for anybody can be anybody because of the system of lib earth that i we have enshrined in the constitution, the
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founding documents of this nation. >> penned vaitd loor in philadelphia, gore such has already met with 12 senators on both sides of the aisle, hopes to meet with all 100. reporting from the sat center, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> new details in the investigation into the deadly prison stand-off at the james t vaughn correctional center in smirn a delaware state police say they've wrapped up their investigation in building c, that's the location of the inmate uprising. the building now turned back over to the delaware department of corrections. lieutenant steven floyd died in the stands offer one of four prison staff members taken hostage by inmates. police say the investigation into the uprising, 20 hour hostage stand-off, is expected to be. >> twenty-six people, after building fire in chester county. oxford union fire company posted this video of the fire. it broke out in the 400 block of market street in oxford yesterday evening.
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not knowing what caused the fire but the red cross has shet set up for the affected people, pennsgrove middle school. >> new this morning, accident on the ben franklin bridge, a car crashes right before the tolls. "eyewitness news" on the scene take a look, car crashtd underneath the toll boot. police are trying to figure out what cause that driver to lose control of the car. so far, no word on any injuries. police are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in a deadly crash in west oaklane. this happened at broad and stenton around 1:30 saturday morning. investigators say, a speeding ford explorer lost control as it slammed into hyundai. thirty year old passenger died after he was ejected. the driver also ejected. he is in critical condition. two people in the hyundai suffered minor injuries. well, in other news, this morning, students are making and selling hunts -- hundreds of hoagies, cherri gregg from sister station ky were. nude news radio, i feel like both you and bring working this shift last year. tell us who is benefitting
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from this fundraiser? >> reporter: yes, rahel, good morning, you remember, last superbowl sunday, we were doing this. and this year it is the third annual hoagie for hope fundraiser, and they're already working, pushing those hoagies through this assembly line, and the directive has been to make those hoagies generously fat, stuffed them with math, stuff them with cheese, and that's what these student here are doing here at clearview regional high school miss miller is the role lady. how are you doing? >> great. how are you is. >> reporter: how do you feel being out here helping families from the community today? >> it is a great feeling, just watch dch watching the kids get involved, help everybody out, couldn't and birthday. >> last year they raised about $167,000. this year they are hoping to top that. and these are some fat holing is, right? how many pieces of ham and cheese are you putting on here >> we put on four capacola and five cheeses. >> that's right.
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and then it rolls down to the salami, goes down to the ham, and then there is lettuce and tomatoesment and i'll slide in here, because i'll put one little tomato on there. got to help. and so i have my little glove. and so how much, how much lettuce are you putting on here? >> just enough to coat it. get some good coating thon. >> they don't want the lettuce what they really meet is the meat? >> and the tomatoes. >> so i'm spois today put five of these on here. so one, i'm a right-handed person, three, i'm slowing down, slowing it down for five , so we slide there is on down, and then it goes to the wrapper who wraps the hoagie, and the directive had been to wrap it real tight so when they transport and deliver the hoagies that they don't split apart? >> make sure they're night and tight so people get a good product and feel good about what they are ago doing today. >> the hoagies ten bucks each.
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so we have our pioneer in here what's up man? yes, pioneer doesn't speak. but all of this, of course; a part of the fun, but they're raising money for families who are dealing with medical issues, families dealing with children with cancer, with cerebral palsy, and the money they've been given about more than $5,000 to each of the families, so really help with parking and any type of medical expenses that insurance does not cover. and this is all part of holing i for hopes. are you guys going for the falcons or for the patriots? >> falcons! >> let's go paths. >> oh, go paths. we have half and half over here. but all of this off course is for superbowl sunday, way to give back and help the community here in mullica hill in mullica hill new jersey, cherry grelg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." worthy causes indeed, cherry, thank you. speaking of falcons, patriots, it all comes down to tonight. take a look. this is live look from nrg
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stadium in houston where both teams will face-off in superbowl 51 today. don champion report both teams are looking to make history. >> nrg stadium now a field of opportunity for the patriots and falcons. patriots fans call this superbowl an opportunity for redemption, the -- >> i think the penalties, what it really should have been. >> patriots quarterback tom brady could cement his place in history, with a record fifth superbowl win. it would also be the franchise 's fifth championship since 2001. >> i want to win t i want to win. you know, our team has put a lot into it. and we want them to show for it. >> as much as brady and the patriots want to cement their place in history, the falcons want to make history here. the team has never won a superbowl. the team lost it only appearance in 1999. >> does that lost still haunt you? >> yes, because i remember the
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plays. >> bob was on the falcons that year, and admits off field drama led to the lost in miami >> the stuff that we had to manage that week, and then the amount of guys that you had to say keep your phoning us hat on,. >> eighty year old bob played on the very first falcons team and hopes for perhaps the numbers are in atlanta eation favor in their 51st season the played has played since superbowl 51. >> i think they are peaking, at the right time, they seem to be getting little better, little better. >> football fans in houston and around the worlds will find out the falcons and the patriots take the field sunday night. done -- champion, for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." laid gay ga is getting ready for the biggest performance of her career, the headliner for this year areas half time show. learning that the show will feature hundreds every lit up drones. now, using the unmanned aerial vehicles during a half time show is a first for the
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superbowl. source close to the production had to get clearance from the faa because the agency has placed a ban on drones at over noor the stadium of the should be really good show. >> still to come this morning. >> he is calm, makes me feel good, he makes me feel safe. >> a family with plenty to be thankful for. they say they owe it all to a local doctor. stephanie stahl shows you the way he helped this three year old, and the special honor he is now receiving. >> also ahead, find out what makes this new library in russia so cool. justin? >> we have a bit of a warming trend, starts today. also, tracking some rain. i'll let you know when the rain arrives, when it will feel like spring coming up in
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>> the oldest and largest single day event for children 's books nationwide held at the community college every philadelphia on spring garden. fair featured nationally known best selling authors and i will straight ers. organizers for parent and children alike, opens up world of opportunity. >> and speaking of books, the worlds' first ice library open in rush a but only for limited time. how cool, cool is this? library containing 420 frozen books. launched in russian city yesterday. people from all over the world sent in their wishes to be ex, etched into the wall, now 1,000 phrases on them. library expected to last until april. will eventually melt with rising temperatures. and on cue, rising temperatures, don't have to wait until april. >> that library won't last around here, no.
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that's a lot of cold air, april, wow. but we still got a lot of winter left. i'm sure we will have more cold spells, but warming trend starting today. not anything too warm, but compared to yesterday. >> yesterday was brutal. >> coldest day since early january. back to average. maybe run a to 60 mid weaning. up in the poconos, cold. not that bad. tell tuesday few grease above freezing this afternoon, conditions, good, with the arctic air in place, yesterday able to clang out couple of nice man-made snow. even though no natural snow is coming at us in the forecast any time soon. so, get on it today, looking live there at big boulder. as far as the snow goes, not a lack of snow. so far this season, now the month of february on average is the most snowy in february. 8.8 inches of snow is average. last february, 2016, only 3.3 inches. snowiest february ever was 2010. remember that?
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big back-to-back storms, ended up with 61.5 inches, just for the month. that was record season. so far, snow amounts, up to 60 here in philadelphia, two today, so, we are about below average, there should be close to foot for the seasonal average. not seeing any snow nim -- any time soon, not saying we won't get it. cold air will return. not a fan of the winter or the snow? signs every spring, getting darker later and later each night. sunset tonight 5:25. by the end of the month setting 5:52. then to daylight saving time sunday march 12. sun will be setting at 7:05. so right now, gaining two minute 14 seconds of daylight each day. as we head closer and closer to spring season. it is cold though. still hanging around the freezing mark most locations at this hour across the region at the shore little milder. we have south wind, ocean water at 40. that's keeping temperatures above freezing at this hour, close to 40 for ocean city the current temperature. little disturbance to the north passing by bringing clouds and maybe few flurries,
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up into the northern lehigh valley, poconos, over the next few hours, a lot of this not reaching the air. air very dry, most of the snow will be well across the northern pennsylvania, into up-state new york. again, most of delaware valley , seeing clouds around this morning. once this disturbance passes i think see few breaks every sunday into the afternoon. let's talk about the overall pattern for the next few days, i said miler air. the reason the jet stream, kind of in the zone flow, west to east. so the storm staying to the north, cold air not able to get down to the south. but here comes the next storm. coming off the pass i have i can ocean right now. moving to the center of the country monday. tuesday, once again, cuts to the north and west. we will be on the warm side of the system with the south wind so the overall pattern, through at least mid week, the jet stream stays flat. not able to get those storms to take to the south and get the coal air. so mild pass i have i can air mass, remains in place, for the next new days. with the next storm, tuesday, see periods every rain, possibly to up half inch of rain before that system is out of here by early wednesday
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morning. behind it, does turn windy wednesday afternoon. temperatures well to the 50's, close to the 60s on wednesday. even with the breeze, feels pretty good for the middle of the week. clouds this morning, couple of snow showers, poconos, back to full sunshine, at least for the first half of the day monday. here comes the storm, before daybreak, tuesday, rain arrives, lifts to slow things down for the morning ride. pockets every rain continues, through the late tuesday night again, overall temperatures today, close to average, high of 46 degrees. similar tons conditions tomorrow more sun. mid 50's tuesday, with the rain. close to 60 wednesday with afternoon sun. then does get cold against thursday and friday back to the 30's, all over the place, rahel. >> justin, thank you. time now not quite 8:20. let's go back, check the roads with amanda mueller at the traffic center. good morning. >> good morning, rahel. looking pretty good out there this morning, only minor incidents to report. montgomery, disable vehicle, on stump road, polo drive. the accident mention earlier,
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allentown road, towamenson, the other on the new jersey turnpike, delaware memorial toll plaza, both are now cleared. you have easy drive headed out no matter where you are today. and live look at the blue route route 30. roadways cleared. as well as majors and bridges in and out of the city. i'm amanda mueller, rahel, back to you. >> thank you. well, february is heart month. perhaps we think of older people having heart disease. but it is also something that strikes millions of children. health reporter stephanie stahl has the story of a philadelphia doctor who is getting essential heart award, how he helped save little boy from glennside. >> where is your scar? right there? >> three year old colin had two open heart surgeries right after he was born rmt, with congenital heart disease, and have also been series every stent procedures. >> we just keep going forward. we let him do what he want to do. he act like a normal three year old. >> said twin brother also has
8:21 am
heart problem but much less severe. she remembers when the family first found out. >> we probably cried for about three weeks straight. >> congenital heart diseases still one of the main causes of death in early childhood. even though we have come a long, long way. >> the boys are now happy and playful, even at the doctors office. >> can i listen to your heart? >> doctor at children's hospital of philadelphia have performed catheterization cents on colin to open his narrow blood vessels. >> that is what delivers the stent. i'm kind of like a glorified plumber. i work through the blood vessels. and i try to fix things that way. >> doctor developed several pediatric techniques and devices that are less invasive >> a lot of what we have to do is use tools that are made for other things. >> because of his innovations have helped so much patient, doctor will receive the smart heart award from the children 's heart foundation. >> doctor probably one of the most deserving people i know. he is calm, makes me feel good
8:22 am
, he makes me feel safe. he has done wonders for colin. >> karen is on the board of the foundation, a group that is made up of mostly local moms, who have children with serious heart disease. >> we are just trying to raise as much money as we possibly can so that all of our kids can live full lives. >> congenital heart defect are the most common type of birth defect in the united states, affecting about 40,000 babies every year. doctor will get that award this weekend when the foundation holds its annual sweetheart ball. we have more information on the foundation and pediatric heart disease, click on health. i'm stephanie stahl. cbs-3 "eyewitness news." coming up, an inside look at the competitive support --
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>> you can make a game just about anything. here is proof of what you will
8:25 am
see coming up this cbs sunday morning. >> uke like pokemon? >> pj ball is a gifted athlete he's just 11 years old. but his talent has not gotten unnoticed. interviewed on national tv, his instagram page is a hit. and he's got more hardware to dangle around his neck than mr. t. oh, but you won't finds pj on the football field or the baseball diamond, you'll find him right here standing behind a table and a stack of cups. a fact he can put up and take down with such alarming speed, that we feel the need to assure you, this clip has not been sped up. welcome to the world of sport stack. the goal is to stack the cups
8:26 am
in specific formation, and take them down as fast as humanly possible. without knocking them over. >> okay, so, can i start with either side? doesn't matter where i start. i have to make the pyramid, break the three pyramids down? >> yes, you can't touch two stacks at the same time. >> oh,. >> and you can't start in the middle. >> okay. okay. you got it. >> one, go. >> i don't have the eye-hand coordination for that. stacking up to the competition , plus, palm beach, the playground of the ritsz, the rich, the famous, also pre-game advice width lady gaga. that's this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. >> well, she pioneered rooms of working women behind the camera and in front of it. this afternoon our sister station the "cw philly" will simulcast portion of the sister network weekend bing at the mary tyler moore show. will host today from one p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the c. w
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philly. available over the air and cable providers. the entire bing running runs you can see over the air on channel 3.2 and these cable providers. next half hour, this week 's dream drive. takes you on trip for coffee. also, a hail mary pass quite literally out of this world. how astronaut are celebrating superbowl sunday. and, yes, colds start to the weekend, but temperatures are all uphill from here. sunday forecast when we come right back.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon, out to justin bring brick, good morning, justin. >> good morning, all quai oath out here this morning, we do have clouds building in. but temperatures not quite as
8:30 am
cold as yesterday. >> windchills down to the 20's , but yesterday pretty brutal. single digit windchills, code, colds he is morning we've h warming trends begins today. most part things are quietment look at the temperature change compared to 24 hours ago, 10 degrees warm nerve philadelphia. twelve in millville. wildwood, and up in mount pocono. that's the trend to bring in the milder air over the next 24 hours. still hovering around the freezing mark in a lot of spots. twenty-nine, though, in trenton, 35 in millville this hour. there are the wind. they've shifted out of the southwest, that bridges in the warmer air, will continue at about ten to 15 miles per hour through the afternoon, even though we get our actual temperatures back to average, still going to feel little colder. right now, wind chills values holding in the lower to mid 20 's, still they'll creep in to the 30's. couple of flurts ilings, snow shower possible, lehigh valley poconos this morning. there is a weak disturbance that's moving by to our north. other than that, just some clouds around. clouds will break up little bit for the afternoon, i do think to see few peaks every
8:31 am
sunday before sunsets. temperatures, again, climbing into the 40's by around 11:00. mid 40's, by 2:00. as we get close to the high temperature, and partly cloudy skies tonight. it will be quiet finish to the evening. coming home from superbowl party plans, looks pretty good out on the roads. temperatures today for the high 46, mid four's at the shore, 30 in the poconos. if i want it warmer wait few more days. little taste of spring built of price, tracking next storm system, i'll let you know when it bridges and when it arrives coming up in eyewitness weather. >> thank you, justin. federal appeals court has denied the justice department 's request to immediately reinstate president trump travel ban. the court wants, the trump administration and the state of washington to file more arguments by tomorrow afternoon. wendy gillette report, visa holders quick look, quickly booking flights to the u.s. before it runs out. >> federal appeals court has
8:32 am
denied the justice department 's request to reverse the restraining order that halted president dawm donald trump's travel ban of people from seven predominantly seven muslim countries. state department says up to 60,000 foreigners seize, visas canceled, many are rush to go airports before the window potentially closes. the decision by the federal judge would, was appointed, commander in chief on twitter. mr. trump wrote saturday: because the ban was lifted by a judge, many very bad and dangerous people may be pouring into our country. a terrible decision. what is our country coming to when a judge can halt homeland security travel ban and anyone even with bad intentions can come into the us? it is, if the justice department is successful, travelers to the international airports to the u.s. including n jfk in new york city could find themselves in a similar situation as last weekends, where many were left in limbo.
8:33 am
>> on saturday, protests over the travel ban spread across the country, including in washington, d.c., los angeles international airport, florida , where mr. trump is spending the weekends, and around the world, in berlin, and london, where some carried signs that red: fight ignorance. not i am graifntle. wendy gillette, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." meantime iranian baby caught in the travel ban will now get the surgery she needs to survive her in the umplet s race against time for four month old fatima. the infant has two holes in her heart, and doctors in her home country are unable to per follow form the surgery. now have the all clear to come to a hospital in portland. >> from what we know about her condition, we anticipate a very good result, a surgery that will provide her a very active and full life. we are excited to get to meet her and her family.
8:34 am
>> and was set to have the procedure in the u.s. but president trump order shut the door for her, her and her family are expected to arrive in a few days. more to come here. stay with us, as we track developments in the tran, travel ban, you can get the latest on n other news, history on the line tonight for the atlanta falcons and new panned patriots. live look now from nrg stadium in houston, that's where both teams play tonight in superbowl 51. that game is a big deal for both teams, for the falcons, win would be the franchise's first superbowl victory, atlanta lost it only appearance back in 1999. meanwhile, the patriots are identifying record fifth superbowl win. okay. now, up in space, here is how astro thrunts are celebrating the superbowl. nasa has released video from the international space station showing astronaut throwing a football. nasa calls it the longest hail mary pass ever. now, consider this. the iss orbitz the earth at 17,500 miles an hour. which means, that ball traveled at 8,800 yards per
8:35 am
second. >> no big deal. >> a superbowl tradition is happening right now in south jersey, student making hundreds of hoagies which will have a chance to face later today. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" live at clearview regional high school, and hoagies on sale later all for good cause, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. yes, it is for a good cause. this is third annual hoagies for hope fundraiser, and take a look. people are busy working, half of the 300 volunteers who have signed up for today are busy, doing these hoagie assembly lines, and all of it goes to help poor families from the clearview regional high school community, that are dealing with life threatening illness ls, and i'm here now with danielle hamilton, hi, she one of the family recipients of today's fundraiser. and danielle, your daughter, has been dealing with some tough issues, tell me, how is this money really helping your
8:36 am
family? >> it helps out with the medical bills, and taking her back home to the hospital. anything else that need for like medicine, help. >> now, in renal failure, but you guys have been pushing through, beautiful young lady, and now you're volunteering. tell me what it means to be here and then look around and see so many people from the community here to support you guys? >> it means a lot. like they are grateful for it and i definitely appreciate everything that they are doing . and i like it. >> yes? and over here, she is busy working. go ahead, girl. how are you doing this morning >> good. >> yes, and you're doing the cheese, the big old hog ills and the directive has been here this morning to make sure that the hoagies are very, very generous. tell me, how many pieces every cheese are you putting on here >> five. >> five pieces of wheelsment and this is in not your first time volunteers. tell me how you help out being a part of this effort and just ac part of this clearview
8:37 am
community? >> i really don't know. >> yes, you don't know? but i tell you one thing she does know, what team are you supporting today in the superbowl? >> are you supporting the patriots? >> yes, she supporting the pat tree at today. and you got classmates, you got kids from the elementary school, from the middle school , from the high school. all participating to help she and three other families deal with the different things that they have to deal with when you are dealing with life threatening illnesses, all of course something that they've done. and they've raised about $17,000 so far. they are making 1800 hoagies, the price of hoagies that they're making, italian, turkey, cheese. 1500 every those hoagies have already been pre-sold. they have a few hundred more that you can pick up today. and you just check them out. because again, it helps families like the hamilton's and little n iel right here. cher he greg, "eyewitness news,t
8:38 am
forgotten you. we will hook you up today. >> turkey and cheese, i got carbon me today, i do have cash! all right, thank you. that's incredible. if you want to help out you still can. head out mullica hill, gloucester township new jersey , all happening at the athletic entrance, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., each hog si $10. still much more to come on " eyewitness news" this morning coming up we check in with " face the nation" john dickerson for a look at today's broadcast. stay with
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> face the nation will be coming your way little later this morning at 10:30 here on cbs-3, joining because preview , liver in washington the moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson. good morning. >> good morning, rahel, weaver a lot to talk about in the trump presidency this week. his second week. we will discuss it with vice president mike pence, everything from supreme court to new sanctions on iran.
8:41 am
but of course we will start with the most reese ends news, federal judge blocking the president executive order, how is the white house going to respond, what can we learn from the criticism that order has gotten. both legally and from some republican allies of the administration. then we have a conversation with new jersey governor chris christie, chief executive who has at times clashed with the system. what does he think about the first two weeks of this young administration? also have little preview of superbowl 51 with our own james brown. and to morris smith, the executive director of the players association will be with us also to talk about players, football, even little politics in football. then rahel, as always, we will have reporters at the table to awk talk about the week's event, give us some sense whatever to pay attention to next week. >> things seem to be changing so quickly, have you seen that before, or is this
8:42 am
unprecedented? >> well the speetd of the first two weeks of the trump presidency has been quite brisk. he is moving in big ways on big things. but on the travel ban, we have seen the courts move quickly, but this kind of whips going back and forth, one day to visas are valid, one day they are not. this affect tens every thousands of people, obviously affect lots and lots of different countries both the seven affected but also american relationships with countries all over the world, allies, in the muslim world, and out. so it may not be unprecedented but certainly is a lot going on, and that's puts it in the small category of events like this. >> we already watching, thank you. diswroo important historical documents once belonging to the richest man in america back where they belonged to thanks to the help in the fr. bi. only camera crew there as fbi
8:43 am
agents returned two document, more than 200 years old to girard college. once belonged to steven girard , philanthropist, once the richest man in america. kept pristine records. without these two document, girard collection would not be complete. >> girard collection is one of the most important collections in early american history. >> and someone stole the documents between 1955 and 2006. wait until you where they were found. we'll tell you tomorrow night at 11. still to come, if you like it warm this time of year, justin back to tell when you it will feel spring-like, but it may come with a price. with some rain. >> and we are taking you on dream drive where meisha johnson breathes in aroma of coffee roaster i. where you are guaranteed great cup of joe, right when we come
8:44 am
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>> people who look, chinese new years celebration, activities included, tumbling, spring roll making, also performances. not that you never need a discuss, but if you want an excuse, go ahead, it is world day, hazel nut cocoa spread invented after world war ii, when cocoa was authorities come by. so italian pastry maker whipped up whole lot of hazel nut, from chocolate, to make what we call the nutella. before it came, about, back in 2007, american blogger wanted to dedicate one day of the year to her favorite spread. justin, do you like nutella? >> i do. not bad at all. >> also, good day, right? also happening to be national weather person's day february 5th, the birthday of john jeff jeff reese, one of the feels first people to take daily measuresments. so justin, you weren't one of the first but one of the best to do it. >> appreciate that. >> compliments hard to come by
8:47 am
>> i'm impressed. groundhog gets his day, now our day. say happy weather person day to all of our weather watch ers who supply good observations for us, so last few years, we appreciate that, all of your pictures and observations key popping them in. we need that to provide good forecast. all least quiet this morning. superbowl parties later this afternoon, coming home from them tonight, looks good. chill think morning, starting to climb above freezing though little better than yesterday. down to the low 20's tell tire slightly below freezing up at mike michael riley's house, 30 e stray flurry, northern bucks, into the lee hool vai i this morning. hanging around the freezing mark. we go into new jersey, right now. checking in 32 degrees as john 's house in mullica hill new jersey under mostly cloudy skies and also still sitting below freezing currently at william's house in levittown, 29 degrees at this hour. under mostly cloudy conditions
8:48 am
so lack every sunday shine today, at least close to average for the actual temperatures. a shot out chesterfield, new jersey, you can see the mid to high level clouds. kind of blocking the sun few peaks every sunday earlier in philadelphia. there is a shot, right now, overcast skies. i think by afternoon, see decent amount of sunshine or even few peaks at least to get to the sunset. cloudy skies at the shore, will stay cloudy. this there is the south breeze , chopping up the ocean lit bit. temperatures should remain in the lower 40's. >> no threat of any precipitation. temperatures will be all over the place next few days, that's been the pattern all went ip, winter long. still time to go for your winter weather fans, still get good shot every colder air through the month of february. but still think overall it will be warmer than average when you average the highs and lows together for the month. right now, average highs, 42 degrees, above that today, tomorrow, pushing close to six for wednesday, could turn out to be nice afternoon for sunshine once the rain is out
8:49 am
of here. by the end of the week, gets colder again temperatures back down below average for thursday into friday few flurries, berks, lee hool vai into the pocono region next few hours, other than that just some clouds from philadelphia on southward into delaware and south jersey. we could break the clouds up into the afternoon hours. this model showing few peaks every sunday, after 2:00, 3:00 . then mostly clear through the overnight hours. tomorrow, all quiet. good news for the morning drive. afternoon hours, decent amount of sun. then the clouds thicken up for monday night. here comes the next storm. tracking well to the north and west, on the warmer side mainly liquid event here, 6:00 n moving n initially could be little freezing rain into the mountains, some of the colder air, stuck at the surface, but that colder air should erode so tuesday, here comes, storm tracking, pockets every rain from time to time during the day tuesday, very early
8:50 am
wednesday morning south wind really pumps in milder air. will turn windy behind, but temperatures well to the 50's for tuesday, with the rain then close to 06 degrees guy wednesday afternoon. how much rain? good thing, below average over the past several months. chance foreign every rain northern pennsylvania into up-state new york, around philadelphia, surrounding suburbs, quarter to half inch, we will take it. overall pattern jet stream kind of flat. that's why we can't get the colder air to the south, meetd up with the storms, so storm track stays off to the north and to the west. limb, little bump. here comes another shot of colder air coming south from canada. storm system to meet up with the colds air to get the snow. stowe, so today, morning clouds, 46 the high. still chilly tonight down around freezing. still dry. partly cloudy skies. extended forecast, like i said , temperatures all over the place. mid 40's tomorrow with some sunshine, 55 for the high tuesday. periods of rain. wednesday, i think, we see
8:51 am
afternoon sun, windy, close to 60. then the colder air returns. possible little disturbance passes by the south, snow showers, and then stays cold for the end of the week. rahel, back to you. >> all right, justin, thank you. time now 851:67:89 time to check the roads with amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. hello again. >> hello, rahel. i have great news here. accident freon the roadways right nowment even disable vehicle, we mentioned earlier has now cleared. this is live look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound at belmont. looking good with almost no volume. find the same thing in almost all of your other majors this morning. however, septa riders may experience changes this morning, if you are a regular you probably notice construction at 15th street station this week. because of that, starting at eight street all passengers boarding, until tomorrow morning. it can be a bit confusing. give yourselves extra time. also construction detours for bus route 17, starts tomorrow morning. make sure to check the schedule before you head out for your commute. taking live lack -- last look, near the ben franklin bridge, all routes cleared in and out
8:52 am
and around the city on this quiet superbowl sunday morning in the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm amanda mueller back to you >> need to find great cup of joe? meisha johnson, all times of coffee lovers in this week's dream drive. >> souderton, montgomery county, scooters bike shop has been here for 40 years. >> it seems that people are embracing small town shopping again. hopefully will continue to grow. >> leave main street, head down the road about ten minutes, to a place for a coffee connoisseur. >> grocery, roast all of their own coffee roasted at one village coffee in souderton every year. victoria perez showed me some of the secrets behind the beat
8:53 am
>> where do you get all of the beans? do they come from all over the worlds? >> absolutely. those beans, much like, you know, wine grapes, they have in here characteristics, latin america will be fruit i, asia early, africa, fruit i, so you can really notice when you have them side by side. i'm surprised with the fruity as it is. >> we store the green beans from all of these coffee countries, and once they come here, we roast them, these very large roasters actually just behind you that we can check out. >> they come n you get the big bags of beans delivered? >> yes. big burr lal bags fum of the green beans wre we were talking becomes so we dumb the entire bags of beans into the roasters, roast them, sometimes blend them with each other to come one really rich nuance blends. >> the coffee beans specifically roasted 420 degrees, between ten and 14 minutes, depending on the blends and the de sierdz roast
8:54 am
>> we roast them to perfection , package them, sends them out to grocery stores. >> the public can visit on the third thursday every of every month for tours and tasting. >> what i tried hands down one of my favorites. >> now, see one in local stores. you will know just how close it actually is. meisha johnson,
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> ending the week better than we started. >> ex ache -- exactly. colder yesterday, but more sun today, warmer, temperatures close to average, make it to the mid 40's, maybe some sun this afternoon. tomorrow night, quiet, 46 again. sun, clouds, bring some rain in here tuesday. but it will be a mild rain. mid 50's. rain should get out of here by early wednesday morning. i think it will be windy wednesday afternoon, but getting close to 06 degrees. not record territory but little taste every spring,
8:57 am
enjoy, it will bring back colder air by the ends of the week, back to below average. >> tuesday, wednesday, are feeling like spring though. >> not bad. >> all right, that's cbs-3 " eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on tv but always on line, sunday morning is next. have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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