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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 6, 2017 2:05am-2:36am EST

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ryan. >> past teammates and coaches came out to support matt ryan at pj's. he really did great job tonight none less. before the opening kickoff, president hw bush and his wife barbara made their way to mid field for the coin toss. they were met with a warm welcome by the crowd inside the texas stadium. the bushes had recently been hospitalized for a host of health issues. now to developing story tonight. several cracks are found on septa trains and that means commuter headaches in the morning. there is no doubt there will be some impact here. let's get right out to "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden. he's live from the septa station at 15th and market tonight. joe? >> reporter: natasha, this kind of came out of nowhere, and we can guarantee from you what we are hearing tomorrow' also ride on the el is going to be a tight one. and still no answers as to how all of this happened. for those who ride the mark frankford line, get ready for a jeez come morning rush hour.
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most have told us they're ready to deal. >> use uber if i have. taxis. we got plan bs. it won't be pleasant. >> engineers diss covered cracks on beams be 19 the train cars late friday night. according to a treasurer for the transport workers union. cbs3 contacted septa late sunday afternoon. after we were tipped off about the problem. at that time we were told two cars with the cracks were taken out of service. about half hour later, septa issued a news release warning commuters who use the combination el and subway line they should expect crowding and delays. spokesman later added one third of all cars in the market frankford fleet would have to be pulled from service for inspection. >> so there's going to be a third less cars starting tomorrow. >> which means it's going to be ten times busier so that means everyone is going to have to leave either hour or two earlier just to be on time. >> reporter: it's ban rough several months for septa riders a strike in late october affected hundreds of thousands
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of commuters. and this isn't the first time we've talked about cracks in beams. stress fractures and equalizer beam side lined a third of septa regional rail fleet. the complex issue doinged the transportation authority for months. speak wig frankford riders sunday night all had concerns about safety. >> a person who doesn't drive like myself, that's a big concern. especially when you already have so much other dangerous stuff going on in the city. >> reporter: a rough monday on tap for those who use the market frankford line. now buses will be used to supplement and fill in the gaps. though there are some problems, of course, expected with all of this. we have all of the latest information on these latest cracks at and we should add septa will be holding a news conference at 1:00 in the afternoon. of course, we will be there. reporting live in center city, joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you so much for that update.
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also tonight, we've got breaking news. pennsylvania state police have issued an amber alert for two-year-old alexis webber. she was last seen in berwick, columbia county, that's about 1d 7:00 p.m. webber was and side a stolen 2005 yell hoe ford convertible mustang pennsylvania license plate number hwn1367. anyone with any information about her whereabouts please contact police right away. a syrian family denied entry into the united states last week is on their way back to the us now before the president's travel ban is possibly reinsta reinstated. pennsylvania governor tom wolf confirmed the family is currently traveling and should arrive at jfk airport tomorrow morning. they will be reunited with their allentown family. six of their family members arrived at philadelphia international airport last saturday after receiving visas legally only to be turned away and put back on a flight to qatar.
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a similar situation is playing out all over the world as travelers and refugees rush to try to get to the united states. >> welcome! >> there were happy reunions across the us sunday as travelers from the countries affected by trump's travel ban began arriving including in chicago. >> all i tusi my wife mine daughter. one of the greatest moments since i came to this country. >> hours after the department of justice that halted the travel ban targeting seven muslim nations appelate court denied the request over is night. sunday afternoon president trump and tweeted i have instructed homeland security to check people coming into our country very carefully. the courts are making the job very difficult! and on fox news president trump defended his travel ban to bill o'reilly. >> i think it was very smooth, you had 109 people out of hundreds of thousands of travelers and all we did was vet those people very very careful carefully. >> in virginia, this iraqi woman is finally back home after
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mr. trump's order kept her grounded. >> being banned over my parents heritage was an unfair treatme treatment. >> at new york's kennedy airport, a dozen advocacy groups and hundreds of volunteers are assisted travelers and their families. >> right now, people are able to get into the country and so right now is when people who are trying to immigrate need to travel. >> the case will extend into at least monday when another round of legal papers are due. experts believe the supreme court will have the final say. >> and we will continue to stay on. to travel ban. you can also track new developments at vice-president mike pence meantime is confident that trump's pick for education secretary betsy devos will be confirmed with his tie breaking vote. last week, two republican senators said they will vote against devos. their opposition sets up a 50-50 die if all democrats vote no. pence would have to be the tie
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breaker. she wants to dismantle public education and oppose her position on school choice opponents say. the vote is set for tuesday. no to devos! >> hundreds of parents and teachers rallied outside the delaware county courthouse today. they say betsy devos is the wrong choice to lead the count country's education department. they want pennsylvania senator at a time toomey to change his mind on confirming her. he said he will vote yes in favor of devos. there has been no indication that he does plan on changing his mind. and authorities are searching now for answers after a 65-year-old woman was found shot multiple times in west philly friday night. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has the latest now on the investigation. >> it breaks my heart. >> reporter: after 30 years of friendship with winnie harris -- >> i refer to winnie as my sister friend. >> reporter: elizabeth wearing is grappling with unexpected goodbye. >> the neighborhood is going to miss her sorely.
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and right now this is very hard for me. >> reporter: two worked closely together at uc green a west philadelphia non-profit that plants trees and cleans up the community. but when harris who was the organize's executive director missed thursday's meeting and didn't return any calls -- >> i call the police. >> reporter: just before 8:30 friday night, philadelphia police found 65-year-old shot to death in a second floor bedroom of her home. it's on the thee hundred block of north holly street in west philadelphia near the intersection of 42nd street and powelton avenue. >> i can't think of anyone who would want to harm her. she was really a bright light in the community that we really are going to miss. >> reporter: now wearing has message for whoever committed this violent crime. >> turn yourself in. give all those who love her and concerned about her and will miss her some closure because this is going to hurt for a very long time. >> reporter: at this time
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there's no word on a suspect or a motive. philadelphia police are asking for your help if you know anything you can anonymously call the tip line that's 215686 tips. also at this time no word on funeral arrangements but i am told that winnie's daughter is in town to organize that. reporting in powelton, anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news". authorities in state college are investigating the death of a penn state student. timothy piazza of remember bon in a, new jersey, was injured during an incident at beta fate at a phi fraternity house friday night. he died yesterday afternoon. piazza was reported al sophomore studying engineering. the investigation is on-going. funeral plans are set for the delaware corrections officer killed during last week's hostage situation in smyrna. there actually be two viewing ceremonies for lieutenant steven floyd. the first will be on friday evening. another on saturday morning. both will be held at delaware state university. there also be a funeral service
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on saturday and then lieutenant floyd will be laid to rest in cemetery in freed rei today. >> two very historical documents once belonging to the rich chest man in america are now back where they belong thanks to the help of the fbi. "eyewitness news" was the only camera crew there as fbi agents returned two documents both more than 200 years old to girard college. they belonged to steven girard a philanthropist and once the rich chest man in america. girard kept pristine records and historians say without these two documents, girard's collection would not be complete. >> girard collection is one of the most important collections in early american history. >> someone stole the documents between 1965 and 2006 and wait until you hear where they were found. we'll tell you tomorrow night on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. stay tuned for that. another weekend it's almost over. meteorologist lauren casey
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tracking rain for the work week much this is becoming pretty repetitive, lauren. >> remember on saturday we finally had some sunshine only our fifth day of sunshine since december 1st? well, get more sunshine tomorrow. that's got news. bad news rain comes back on tuesday. and we could even see a few flakes by the end of this two-day event. i'll have all the details in your full forecast coming up next. >> and hundreds of volunteers spent their morning making super bowl sandwiches. mounds of meat, tons of cheese all the fixings. next how hundreds of hoagies are really helping families in need. plus, this cute little hippo is making huge strides. she was born prematurely but now she's marked a major milestone. we'll have that for you and much more when we come back.
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welcome back everyone. for the third year in a row hundreds of volunteers spent their super bowl sunday making and also selling hoagies. cherry greg in our sister station kyw news radio spent the
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morning at clear view regional high school if mullica for hill for popular fundraiser. >> it began in the wee hours of sunday morning with more than 900 pounds of meat, thee hundred pounds of cheese and nearly 2,000 freshly baked rolls. all lined up for an effort called hoagies for hope. >> we've been laughing here the whole end tear time. >> reporter: sophomore jean is one of free hundred volunteers who work in assembly lines to put together 180022-inch hoagies for sale at ten bucks a pop. >> it's a great feeling just watching the kids getting involved. >> school held program to explain how the 20 grand they'll raise will help four clear view familiar unless need. >> these families are facing major medical issues, um, major issues as far as travel to and from hospitals, medical expens expenses. >> 12-year-old hamilton a student at clear view who loves the color black, twilight and shopping. >> tell me was like to shop for. >> a lot of clothes.
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>> she's dealing with renal failure. her sister and mom danielle are volunteers but also recipients. five grand they'll get today will pay for parking, tolls and much more. >> it means a lot. like they are great support and i definitely appreciate everything they are doing. >> reporter: all this volunteer effort to make these to eat during the year's biggest football game is really about one student helping another. >> it just feels so good that i know i'm helping people. >> reporter: it will taste pretty good, too. in mullica hill, sherri greg, kyw news radio for cbs3 "eyewitness news". the chosen 300 ministries in center city hoste hosted a supel party for the homeless today. participants served pre-game lunch and then a barbecue chicken wing dinner at half time. after the game each person was given a brand new sleeping bag to keep them warm throughout the winter. and there's certainly was a lot of attention on super bowl li but how could we forget our four legged friends competing in the puppy bowl. we look forward to the puppy
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bowl. canines took to the field in hard fat match up. it was really hard. the object of the game for the puppies to place their toy in the end zone. when it was all said and done team fluff pulled out the win. they were awarded the pet coelom bark key trophy. rom bark key. get it lauren. >> i get it the morris animal refuge celebrated its own puppy bowl. two dogs from center city participated. max a mitt pull mix and chew chi a chihuahua. morris animal shelter helps the homeless pets offering services for neglected abused and abandoned animals. that looks like your little dog chi chi. >> looks like chi chi. >> your chihuahua. >> she's a rescue girl. good. >> she helps out out in the news every now and again. >> we had her on the set, remember. >> she's really lazy and falls asleep during the newscast. >> i'm out of here. leave it to mommy. >> yes. >> national weather person day, right. >> it is indeed.
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>> show love to lauren. >> thank you. >> i accept compliments. [ laughter ] >> hopefully you've got good news for the weather. >> some good news. >> it will get milder but we'll bring in rainfall as has been the case. >> every tuesday. i'm not kidding. every single tuesday. >> every tuesday it rains. >> i'll go back and look. >> check that out. >> i'm going to. i'll get back to you on that climatology much this tuesday we'll probably be registering measurable rainfall the storm system that is going to be moving in and it will be rather slow moving at that. for today temperatures did rebound after a highs only in the 30s yesterday. we got into the middle 40 today's above average in philadelphia and even some 50s on the board. 50 in millville, dover and 52 degrees in atlantic city. but that chill settling back in 37 degrees right now getting live look at center city philadelphia. southwest wind up around 8 miles an hour making it feel more like 31 degrees and temperatures right now we're still hanging on to effort foss in the lehigh valley arthritic degrees in millville and 41 degrees right now in ac. so not quite as chilly as we were at 24 hours ago. storm scan3 showing us cloud
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deck has increased once again but patchy mid level cloud cov cover. otherwise quiet conditions as we head into to mostly clear to partly cloudy. chilly back falling back to 32 degrees. no 20 toss night. that's good and kick off the work week a pleasant winter day in store mostly sunny and climbing above average once again 47 degrees. and winds stay in check for our monday. so pretty nice looking day with quiet conditions high pressure in control tomorrow but then on tuesday, slow-moving system builds in brings us rainfall. a warm front moves through. mild temperatures on tuesday. fog lingering around kind of misty conditions and another cold front drops in on wednesday. the question will be will we have any moisture still lingering around when that colder air arrives wednesday night and early thursday morning? >> but what to expect on tuesday, periods of rain even some thunder possible areas of fog and mist. temperatures in the 50s so this will be an all rain event for everyone. with the exception of the poconos. we could see a period of freezing rain early tuesday morning. that could accumulate isn't
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areas in the higher elevations. watch out for that slippery conditions potentially in the poconos tuesday morning. and then as we look ahead towards wednesday, models making a little bit of a shift kind of a tricky forecast. not looking like mainly dry during the daytime hours. temperature near 60 degrees early it will plummet for the second half the day on wednesday. some moisture does appear that it will return wednesday night. and that means we could see some snow possible if we get the timing of this cold air and that lingering moisture to kind of overlap so some of our long-range models are giving us some accumulation of snowfall late wednesday night early thursday morning. again you see minimal amounts but of course that could impact our thursday morning commute with even a little bit of snow so stay tuned to that evolving forecast for midweek but for tomorrow, no problems for your commute. just mostly sunny skies across the region. highs in the middle 30s in the poconos. topping in the upper 40s down the shore. we're in the middle 50s on tuesday with that rainy day. you'll need the umbrella. maybe a shower in the morning on wednesday. but otherwise looking mainly dry during the daytime hours and then watching for that potential for some rain and snow showers
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wednesday night into very early thursday morning. otherwise, temperatures taking a big tumble after that system moves out. highs back down into the 30s by friday. >> oh, yeah that's a big dip. >> yup. >> thank you so much lauren. we appreciate that. >> let's check in with leslie. we are still like in shock. >> exhaling from this game. >> we'll move on. >> sorry. move on. we got some action coming up tomorrow. >> better things to talk about. >> the flyers play tomorrow might will shane and travis dress for the game. the flyers alumni are headed to russia. you're not going to believe who they may play against. we'll tell in you
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2:26 am
may feature russian president vladimir putin former flyer joe watson says they won't know until 24 hours before the became in if he'll play. 41 years ago the flyers played the russian red army. they were unbeaten until they played the flyers and lost that game four-one sixers finish four game road trip against the pistons. joel embiid will be missing his sixth great game with a bone bruce. they lost by 23 to the heat. they haven't dropped four in row since december. coming up tonight in the sports zone we'll recap super bowl li for you. may be the greatest super bowl game ever. >> ed benkin will be joining us plus sixers beat writer derek bodner stopping by to talk about the trade rumors involving jahlil okafor coming up in just a few minutes. >> busy show. >> yes. >> still talking about the super bowl. >> we can't get enough. unbelievable. thank you leslie. peddling for health actually all for great cause as well. a spinning class with a little bit of a
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♪ welcome back everyone. dozens of spinners got their hearts pumping this morning in new jersey. all for a really great cause as well. "eyewitness news" in cherry hill for the 13th annual katz jcc spin a thon where riders took to their bikes to raise all kinds of money for the american heart association. today's event part of healthy heart month at the katz spinning studio. across the pond, the duchess of cambridge participated in relay race with prince william and prince harry to support their charity heads together. they were joined by 150 runners training for the london marath marathon. although kate was dressed for the race, she was beaten by william and harry. harry won by a landslide. he beat everybody. heads together promotes mental well-being in young people. a great cause there as well. >> across the pond. all right. lauren is back with last check on your work week forecast. and cbs3 sports zone is coming up right after the
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cincinnati zoo says the baby hippo born sick weeks prematurely taken her first steps fiona the hippo was born on january 24th. the first hippo born at the zoo in 75 years.
2:32 am
spokeswoman for the zoo says fiona is also now able to eat formula all on her own. we're tracking her progress and she appears to be doing well. >> let's see if the weather is doing well. >> eh. >> it's going to be -- >> eh. >> we're grunting. >> little bit of roller coaster ride. tomorrow will be nice. it's monday. maybe you have the day off. mostly sunny, 47 degrees. periods of rain dreary day tuesday. wednesday maybe morning showers 60 degrees early but temperatures will be tumbling very quickly and then watching out for some showers possibly redeveloping wednesday night. maybe mixing with some snow by very early thursday morning. and then cold by friday. >> all right. >> thank you so much. lauren. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us. we're always on now we're handing things over to leslie the birthday girl. she didn't want me to say anything. >> we're ending the night. happy d-day to my girl leslie. sports zone is next everybody. have a good night. ♪
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♪ >> this is the hyundai sports zone on cbs3. it biggest game of the year. it did not disappoint. complete coverage and discussion on the game with ed straight ahead with the trade deadline approaching rumor more squirreling around the sixers trading jahlil okafor. hello and welcome to the hyundai sports zone. i'm leslie advance ago dale. we'll start off with what else, but the super bowl. years from now when people look back it will be hard not to call
2:34 am
this the greatest soup bowl in nfl history falcons and patriots squaring off super bowl li. such a wild game. a scoreless first quarter. then the falcons jump out to seven-zero lead. matt ryan passed to austin hooper make it 14-zero. not a good first half for tom brady and patriots. throw as pick here and check this out. the falcons robert al forward takes it all the way back 82 yards for pick sick. the falcons leading 23-three at the half. tom brady not happy about that one you think it's over. third quarter the falcons start scoring in the second half. matt ryan to kevin coleman for a 6-yard touchdown. 28-three falcons. but here comes the patriots. tom brady finds james white for the 5-yard touchdown that will make it 28-nine. after a missed extra point after a field goal tom brady finds danny amendola.
2:35 am
the patriots get the two-point conversion make it eight-point game. james white rushes in for the 1 yard score under a minute left. unbelievable. they needed two-point conversion to tie. tom brady finds amendola for that two-point conversion. the greatest come back in super bowl history for the first time in history super bowl going into overtime, and in ot, the falcons did not stop. james white 2-yard touchdown run. the patriots scoring 31 unanswered points. they within 34-28. tom brady the mvp of the game. he's the first five-time super bow winning quarterback in history. and after the game, deflate-gate was on the trait pots owners mine. >> two years ago we won our fourth super bowl down in arizona and i told our -- i told our fans that was the sweet defendant one of all. but a lot


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