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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 6, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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frankford line. avenue red bull over there, too. >> oh, okay. >> hold on, guys. >> yes, we are talking about the market frankford line this morning, and it is absolutely going to affect your commute. so we will be talking about that. >> wings over there? >> i have to tell you, i'll be floating around all over the studio. >> probably a mixture of red bull and -- >> oh, i'm coming over to your side, that's. >> let's look at storm scam. nothing going on. probably cracking jokes on meisha all morning because i don't have a heck of a lot to talk about all morning. it is very, very quiet. so we take you forward here. talk about what's yet to come. that's a storm system that's brewing right now. not really all that well org my nice dollars at the moment on storm scan, here locally though actually seeing how the clouds are spinning over the last half hour to hour and a half or so. but, actually we end up with more sun than anything through today. looks like tranquil day, light winds, temperatures little above their average, too, so we'll take what we can get.
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looking at the temperatures, you have little variety pack going on here. forty-one at philadelphia international airport. where you normally top off. very mild for the standards, mild morning, as of late. that's going to continue for us here today. twenty-five the temperature out at millville. we take it forward in the forecast here today, yes, grab pair of shades along with that heavy coat, guys. and of course a cup of coffee, unless you are like meisha, you don't need it right now. up 4er's the expectation, and in the city, bit of above average sunshine, we take it, meisha, there is a trade off down the road for sure. >> yes, it will be so nice to see the sun, yes, i know there is that trade off. thanks so much. good morning, everyone, happy monday. quick peak outside 95 south at cottman looking good. come around the s curve pushing your way into center city. already just now cracking into the 5:00 hour. already, neighbors out there, heads up, very busy on southbound 95. also, schuylkill at spring garden looking really good. if you push both the eastbound direction toward center city, westbound side, looking good
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basically anywhere we look on the schuylkill right now. we absolutely know that that will change. going to. now, talking about the market frankford line, heads up over the weekends, cracks into the rail cars, because of that, 30 to 40 cars shores short. you can expect over-crowding, delays during peak hours obviously. no a/b stop service. supplemental bus service, by the way, i'll be re tweeting septa. i will also, service will operate on modified schedule. supplemental buses, anything new that septa bridges out, ill actually bring to you, a, as women. via social media. you can always sends me tweets. i can use them like this, as well. back to you. >> meisha, as we've been mentioning, rough few months for septa riders thcialtion problems on the rails, then strike in the fall, and now a problem with the market frankford "el." >> yes, and discovered crack on the support beams of two cars, so they pulled dozens of other off the tracks. let's get out to "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, live at the frankford
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transportation center more on what this means for commuters. trang, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, jim. yes, septa actually asked us to come down from the platform in anticipation of big crowds later this morning, as this morning commute goes on. they are expecting about just after 6:00 a.m. more people to be here. but take a look, right now, very quiet here as people go through the turnstiles, head up to the platform there. septa does want to assure commuters that the rail cars and service do not have this defect. they have been fully inspected dollars. but in all they took about 30, 40 cars out of service, this is just the latest the septa commuters after dealing with number of issues last year including septa strike. inspectors found crack in the body bolster everyone of the market frankford line car cars during routine maint nenls. that will connect the body of the rail car to the trucks which moves along the tracks. inspectors then found another car with the same issue, and went onto pull all cars showing signs of potential cracks. now, this is different issue than what they find 120 regional lines silver liner rail cars, but for commuters just as inconvenient.
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we have reaction from septa riders last night. take a listen. >> which means there will be ten times busier. that means everyone will have to leave either an hour or two earlier just to be on time. >> the deal with demand, septa adding shuttle bus service along the market frank for line. staff will direct travelers to buses if the trains and platforms get too crowded there. and there will also be no a and b train service. all trains will stop at all stops today. at the moment, septa is thinking this will last about a week for commuters. but we should learn more rather at a news conference at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. but for now, liver from bridge and pratt, trang do, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," back to you >> trang, thank thanks for the updatement check out for the latest on septa service, we keep you updated how things are shaping up for the market frankford line, here on "eyewitness news " and also on line. >> other big story this morning, rahel, i can't believe it, i went to bd bed, at than with a cruising and i
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wake up, new england celebrating tiewp superbowl victory. correspondent don champion shows us patriots and quarterback tom brady had to mount a great come back for this latest championship. the new england patriots are celebrating another championship after the greatest come back in superbowl history. after falling behind, 21 to three at the half, the paths roared back in the second half , scoring 31 unanswered points, a two-point conversion tied the game with less than a minute to play. the game went to over time and the patriots scored quickly to win. >> win the superbowl. >> can never count yourself out ever. >> tom brady has more superbowl wins than any qb in n fl history, caps season in which the n fl suspended him for the first four games for deflate g football. >> over came a lot of different things. all worth it. >> nearly 72,000 people parked the stadium, the first --
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third time houston hosed the superbowl. >> former president george h.w. bush just out of the hospital for pneumonia, did the coin toss before the game in his hometown. >> with liberty and justice for all. >> at half time pop star lady gaga wowed everyone with an aerial entrance from the roof of the stadium. >> singing all her hits, gaga sends a message every inclusion, while using fans on the field to light up her performance. the display ended with an electrifying fireworks show off the roof of the stadium. after the game, crowds started spilling on to the street of boston, celebrating their hard fought superbowl victory. don champion, for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> well the champion patriots were one subject of donald trump's president trump's tweets. posted what amazing come back and win by the patriots. tom brady, bop kraft, coach b are total winners.
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wow. >> but it appears someone got away with a major souvenir of the superbowl. tom brady said he thinks someone stole his game worn jersey from a loark at r nrg stadium. he said he put it there before running out to except the lombardi trophy and his record award, brady has security guards, looking for it, so far this morning, still no word. >> it will show up on ebay. >> and many of us watch as the patriots work into over time to superbowl 51, t-shirts manufacturers working over time to make sure fans have the gear they need. superbowl championship t-shirts rolling off the presses, and they say that there they were selling as fast as they could be printed. congratulations to the patriots for theirs fifth superbowl victory. plenty of people rooting for the falcons. >> do you think? >> boston newspapers are celebrating the victory this morning. boston globe says win for the
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ages. and the boston herald has this special wrap around that just said -- >> we haven't seen the front page of the constitution yet, newspaper did tweet out this photo after the game. picture of matt ryan that says thank you falcons. >> and here in philly the daily news front page says got to hands it them with a picture of triumphant tom brady. and the back page reads mattie ice. >> well today president trump will address troops at air force base in tampa floored. >> federal appeals court in san francisco will continue to hear the case for the president's travel ban. a judge denied the justice department emergency request to resume the executive order. minnesota and washington are the two states suing the government over the ban. >> a syrian family will arrive in pennsylvania today that's after president trump travel ban kept them last weekends.
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they legally received visas to i am great here. but when they arrived at philadelphia international airport last saturday, they were turned away, and had to fly back to quit ar. pennsylvania governor tom wolf confirmed the family should arrive at jfk this morning. they will be reunited in allentown. >> many other travelers from seven other muslim majority countries are rushing to enter the us while the trez -- president's travel ban is suspended. several silicon valley companies sending message to the president about the ban. google, microsoft, facebook, plan to file legal drive brief opposing the order. argue, quote, intimately tide. >> nearly 30 vehicles are involved in a pile up on busy highway overseas. >> find out what was going on at the time of the wreck. also ahead, a warning about pet medicines this morning, but it has nothing to do with your pooch's well-being. the details in the health watch. >> and one most america hated
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woman. where casey anthony was spotted in public over the weekend. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> also, we are live along the market frankford line this morning. it is definitely a manic monday. our coverage of the tracks, and we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> casey and the nip the florida woman, for, rarely seen in public these days, this weekend she was spotted among the thousands of demonstrators marching near donald trump estate. anthony wearing backward baseball cap, several globe bracelets, talking with other demonstrators. large group gathered saturday in protest as the president's ex ex he can tiff order temporarily limiting immigration. >> overseas, heavy fog being blamed for massive pile up that injured 15 people on highway in china take a look at the wreckage. plus all of the fog cleared sunday morning, causing stats, and debris you can see scattered all over the roadway authorities say the crash involved 27 cars, leaving dozen of drivers stranded on
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the highway. >> katie, i don't know whether to take out winter coats, spring coats, it is like crazy weather the past few weeks. >> you need to have a variety, yes. there is a run, well, it is not that cold. but it is chilly enough to be needing something, then end up in a deep freeze and need the heavy parka. i deal with the struggle. it is very real. but we will be dealing with another storm system tomorrow that will send us on this additional roller coaster ride it it is pretty significant one. wait until you see the seven day, temperature differences, but also few systems to talk b so right now, not much to see on storm scan, more region wide zoom. the storm system is, comes tomorrow, hasn't really shown a heck of a lot of organization. you can see little streak of some rain in the deep south, also streak of snow that extends, granted, but this is
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where we will see the pieces come together and the storm itself for tomorrow really get its act together. now, we end up on the warm side of the storm. so i will take you all the way to tomorrow morning, about 3:00 a.m. there may be little bit of freezing rain in the pocono region, north ham p tonight counsel i. but the bulk of the rain comes in midday. at that point temperatures will have warmed enough even up that way toward i80. where you will find just rainout of this. so little slick travel potentially early tomorrow morning, that will be it, then just rain. still get slowed down by it of course. you should catch some breaks in the action here. but there will be additional showers that redevelop then overnight into early wednesday morning, before it clears out. then comes a sneaky guy. take a look. little bit of snow back toward western pa, central pa. at this point, i think we will see wintery mix into early thursday morning. temperatures will be very warm up until that point. they need to crash and crash for awhile before we can expect to see any kind of significant snow. it is worth watching. there could be some last
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minute taking place, wednesday night into thursday, keep close watch, sting, sticking with us, and we will talk about tomorrow's storm, freezing rain advisory carbon monroe counties, one to testimony -- 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. look at the roller coaster. already above average here today. today quiet calm before the storm. mid and up ear's, guys. for fu two straight days. then the cold comes n also again into thursday morning when the next disturbance comes in. so there may be wintery mixing that takes place in the thursday morning. we will keep you posted. also, see some sunshine at least to round out the week. meisha? >> all right, katie, thank you so much for that. and good tired monday morning for all of us. looking outside, we have disable vehicle, southbound approaching the schuylkill. pulled off to the shoulder. not really slowing you down right now. but one of those things, very dark outside, very busy monday morning, just heads up. it is cold there. you will start to get maybe little bit of gaper delay. people tap on the brakes.
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just heads up on that. 422 headlights moving in the westbound direction near collegeville watch we are looking at here, looking okay, i would say both these places, 202, northbound direction, near king of prussia. both areas looking good. looking i don't want to say quiet. building ever so slightly now. actually looking pretty good monday morning pushing toward 5:30. but the main story of this morning if you didn't hear over the weekend is the market frankford line. over the weekend inspectors fawn found cracks in two rail cars. because that far car shortage. that's understatement. thirty to 40 cars, right now you can expect obviously over-crowding, delays, during the peak hours, no a and b stop service by the way, and will have supplemental bus service, give yourself extra time. >> this will really affect us you this morning. >> good to know, meisha. >> and now for look at newspaper headlines, from across our region. >> bucks county courier times people in pennsylvania are complaining of long waits when
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trying to get answers to their unemployment claim questions. at the end of last year, half the staff at ham handle cause, laborers laid off. regional call centers altoona, allentown and lancaster were closed. this after the senate failed to approve $57 million in funding. >> from the president, press of atlantic city, motorists use the lafayette bridge want to prepare from delays or find alternate route. second phase every construction on the county road 633 bridge over cape island creek is underway. >> the front page of the delaware county, shoprite in brookhaven the latest supermarket to offer sensory friendly check out lanes. swapping out items with candy such as play dough, puts puzzles, and greece boards. >> a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> up next, pat is here with sports. >> good morning, guys, if you did not see the superbowl 51 finish, we will go back to one of the most epic comebacks in history. tom brady gets his fifth.
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the plays that made it all possible
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when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. glmplet time 5:22, thanks for waking up with us here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> pat's here with sports and more for what's being called the greatest superbowl ever. it was good. >> and you went to sleep? >> you know what? i was like this is a horrible game. i went, before even half time. >> you missed a good one. >> i woke up this morning, what the heck? >> you missed an good one, yes nrg student stadium, now hosed two of the greatest championship games of all time one year of course you remember villanova won on last second shot, beat north
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carolina last night in superbowl 51, the patriots put together epic come back over the atlanta falcons. third quarter, falcons rolling up 21-three, pen penn charter, with kevin coleman, game over, right? not so fast. patriots storm back, under less than two and a half left. makes circus catch over three falcons, does not touch the turf. take a look again. >> david tyree when the giants beat the patriots a decade ago , that would keep the drive alive. and james white would finish t he would score to make it 28- 26. they would make the two-point conversion to tie the game and force the first over time in superbowl history. and in over time, it is james white yet again. new england scores 31 unanswered. and beat the falcons 34-28, the biggest come back in superbowl history. the 39 year old brady throws for superbowl record, 466
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yards, needless to say he's excited. >> thank you to all of our fans. everyone back in boston, new england, we love you. you have been with us all year we are bringing this sucker home. >> and here is a look at the site of superbowl 52 next year , u minneapolis, it is the new home of the minnesota vikings. the 1 billion-dollar stadium will host the 2019 n caa final four, and the x games in 2017 and 2018. average high temperature in february there, 26 degrees. >> balmy. >> the flyers continue to desperately hold on to the final wild-card spot in the eastern conference. despite their inconsistent play, will welcome the st. louis blues to philadelphia tonight. flyers alumni are headed to russia in ten days to play three games in a good will tour. and one of the teams that they will face may feature russian president vladmeere putin. but they won't know until 24 hours before the game if he will play.
5:25 am
forty-one years ago the flyers played the russian red army at the spectrum. sixers probably can't wait it get home. they will finish their four game road swing tonight in detroit having lost three in a roam -- row. that includes saturday 23-point blow out in miami. they will have to win without joe em embiid sits one again with a bone bruce in his new. how can we forget our four elected friends competing in the pip bowl? k9's took to the fields in a hard fought match up. the object of the game is for the pup toys place their toy in the end zone. when all was said and done, team fluff pulled out an impressive win. they were awarded with the lombardi trophy. >> nice. >> while you might have watched the superbowl at a friends house or whatever it might be, that's what our best friends did with the puppy bowl here. eyewitness sports, the morris animal refuge, hanging out at desm's den in philadelphia, two dogs from the center were on hand. max, a pitbull, and choochy a
5:26 am
chihuahua. we met them last week. the morris animal shelter helped the area's homeless pets offering services for neglected abused and abandoned animals. how about that superbowl that you guys went to sleep for? >> no, no, patrick, very serious question, i hear i am not a huge fan, but i hear he doesn't eat strawberries and tow matos, so if we stopped eating strawberries and tomatoes, might we win? >> he could. he doesn't ad night shades apparently what ever that is. >> i have to gooing theal. >> thank you, patrick. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news ," why bank stocks are soaring. >> plus the reason behind a shake up at tiffany's and live report from wall street. trang? >> reporter: another headache for septa commuters. i'm trang do, i'll tell you the latest line to be dealing with issues with line cars. >> the leeght al battle over trump trump's ban continues
5:27 am
today. more on the federal appeal and the president's response coming up. >> and the weekend couldn't get here soon enough. could it? we are already, how much, looking ahead to it for you, to gave you a sense of the weather. right now, we are little unsettled, especially sunday, when they expect us to see couple of rain showers. it will be turning milder, how much, in the meantime, though, we've got a roller coaster ride, temperatures to tell but, we will tell you by peggy lee playing ] [ goat bleat ] [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it.
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. septa riders could be in for a tough morning rush this morning. the transit agency has been forced to pull more cars off the market frankford line. our trang do live along the l with a look at the morning commute. >> and good morning to you. i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm katie fehlinger. >> and i'm jim donovan. here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> a headache for commuters this morning, as septa pulls dozens of cars from the market frankford "el." that's after tracks were found in two cars. cracks were found in two cars. >> syrian family denied entry at philadelphia international airport. they are arriving at jfk airport this morning. meanwhile the trump administration is appealing a ruling that is halting his travel


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