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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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good afternoon, i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. natasha brown joins us from the office of the district attorney in center city where an apologetic williams reruled his deis, natasha. >> reporter: well, ukee, this was not a resignation as some had expected but nonetheless it appears to be just as difficult, a decision for the two term philadelphia district attorney. >> to teach and every employee of the philadelphia district attorney's office, i asked again for to you accept my sincere apology, that i have let you town. >> reporter: apology get i can , often emotional seth williams announced he will not seek reelection for third term as philadelphia's advertise trick attorney. at abrupt action comes this is middle of the ethics violations and ongoing fbi and ir. the is investigation. embattled prosecutor has been under the microscope since august of 015, when investigators began looking into his political and personal finances. williams would later disclose failure to report $160,500 in
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gifts and income, including, $45,000 in home repairs. eagles game day side line ases , vacation airfare and lodging lust cash. >> so my decision to accept gifts and failed to report them brought much embarrassment, shame, and adverse publicity to me, and unfortunately for the office which i love. to this i will hold deep regret. >> reporter: williams was ordered to pay $62,000 fine last month by philadelphia board of ethics, largest fine ever imposed by the board. we caught up with mayor jim kenney shortly after williams announcement. >> his analysis was that for the best interest, and interest of the citizens, and office of the district attorney deidentified not to run and respect his decision and wish him well and thank him for work that he has done. >> reporter: we can tell you there is a crowded field of candidates looking to he replace seth williams. you will hear reaction there some of them, coming up, in our report at 6:00.
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live from center city, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". quick thinking neighbors lead philadelphia police to a home up racial in progress overnight. the officers were called to 66th and green way in the the southwest section of the city shortly before 2:00 a.m. police say two, six five-year old woman were terrorized by one armed suspects. one victim was punched in the face and choke. another woman was tied up, and neighbors her the commotion, and called the 911. >> we expect people to get involved and call 911. officers were able to get here quickly and neighbors recognize right away that something was not right so they did the right thing, and officers did an excellent job in bringing this to a conclusion. >> police arrested three suspects found hiding on the second floor. well, nearly a year after governor wolf signed a bell legalizing medical hard juan a in pennsylvania, aston township is getting ready to implement the statewide program. all seven commissioners recently voted unanimously on
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a ordinance that could make way for a new facility to grow and process medical cannabis. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has reaction from the members in the community. >> love every minute. >> reporter: over four decade as a registered nurse in aston township. >> i have seen a lot of pain and suffering. >> reporter: catherine warren also knows loss, in 2013 she lost john, her husband, of 50 years, to cancer. >> watching him, like that, it was just horrible to see, just seeing it, and remembering that, it is very difficult. >> reporter: she believed had hell cannabis had been legalized in pennsylvania sooner it could have alleviated some of john's pain and nausea. >> is there such a stigma on marijuana i have seen people it works with. >> reporter: she supports a growing processing facility delaware county which could receive one of 12 available permits from the state the to do so. on thursday, a group hand delivered a conditional use application to aston township, they hope to turn this empty building behind me into a
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growing processing plant for hell mar yawn a right here on milton road. it is first, only licks the township has eaved is, so far, and commissioner vice-president mike is clear that this would not be a dispensary. >> this is a growing, ross sessing operation. >> reporter: while crime is a concern for any business commissioners have insured safe guard. >> everything from motion sensors, to video cameras, all of the electronic locks and so forth. >> reporter: such facility must be also 1,000 feet from schools or day cares, have no exterior evidence of a medical marijuana facility and be constantly monitored by police reporting from aston township, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". four people have been arrested and france for planning an imminent terrorist attack. the at rest were made in southern france, police say those in custody include a 20 year-old man and his 16 year-old girlfriend. both have connections to radical islam.
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authorities say natalie attack was to take place in paris, police found explosives and other bomb making materials in the suspect's home. to guard against potential terror attack paris new plans to build an 8-foot high bullet roof glass wall around the base of the eiffel tower, eiffel tower attracts more than 6 million visitors every year, and estimated cost of that project is around 20 million-dollar. well, we have had snow, frigid temperatures and now, a week even warm up and we're ready. meteorologist kate bilo is outside on the sky deck with more on the changing temperatures as we head into the weekend, kate. >> it is cold out here right now, temperatures right around treeing hashing i got ice out here on the die deck there any , snow that kind of trees last night, and, icy spots, in area sidewalks. it is not over yet, we will see most of them, and, it moves in all thanks to the storm scan three, a warm front, went across the area of pennsylvania, and light snow, from the great lakes, right down to detroit. now a lot of action, and worse
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then it actually is, not the quite, reaching the ground, and scattered showers, and, your friday, be on the way up. we will see a southwest wind moving into the region so temperatures will not drop that far tonight, right now we're in the the 30's right around freezing in the city, 29 in the reading and 28 in allentown. still breezy so it feels colder then that. it feels like 20's every where , feels like the teens in the lehigh valley and poconos. coming up i'll tell you how warm it will get this weekend. time out rain for your weekend plans as well, when that could hinder outdoor activities, perhaps and your valentines forecast heading in to next week all coming up with the full forecast, now back to you thank you, kate. big blizzard clean up underway today. road conditions are rough, and many spots in connecticut. television crew camped out at intersection, where driver after driver, got stranded on
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the super slippery roads. many had to get out and push. driver frustration was as you might expect, very high. >> this is horrible around here. like i said like they plowed through the race. >> city plow truck eventually came along but moments later a tractor trailer got the stuck at that intersection. rain and snow melt has led to flooding and mud slide in northern california. roads have been closed and some homes have been evacuated until the situation stabilized frantic efforts are underway to prevent water from washing over an emergency sill way at a dam near sacramento. families, trend and collogues are saying their final good byes to a delaware correctional officer killed last week during a prison standoff. this is live look now at memorial hall on the campus of the delaware state university, in dover. visitation services for lieutenant steven floyd continue there, and will resume again tomorrow morning, from 8:00 until noon time. funeral services will follow.
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on tuesday, delaware governor john carney is expected to announce his selection to lead the independent review, of the prison incident in smyrna. resident in a bucks county community have given the okay to return home after a massive oil spill. officials say that 60 people in warrington returned to their homes around 3:00 this morning. they were evacuated around 8:00 after a crash on easton road caused an oil tanker to overturn, and then spill 4,000 . hazmat crews work to clean the spill up, scene is save but residents may note or odor of gasoline in that area for a while. officials at john f. kennedy airport are examining a plane after it was registered to be on fired. officials say pilot of the argentina airlines flight report that had fire thursday night, and the plane was sitting on the runway, preparing for take off, when rescue workers responded though they found no evidence of a fire. there were no injuries reported. all passengers had their
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flights rebooked. dozens of passengers were stuck on board an amtrak train in the freezing cold, and this train, carrying 188 people, was headed from washington to boston, when a electrical issues caused to it break down in new york around 3:00 this morning. the it was stuck, for nearly four hours, and 20-degree weather. the as they waited travelers tweeted about the cold, broken bathrooms, and lack of information, from the crew. frightening images now recovered from the school bus surveillance camera as several students flew out of their eats when that he school bus collided with an suv thursday morning. police say natalie teenage driver of the suv ran a stop sign at the intersection. a student on the bus and two others in the suv suffered minor injuries. coming up on "eyewitness news", sunday is music's biggest night, we will take you behind the scene hear from the host james corden and get the picks of some of the music experts from our sister radio stations. vice-president joe biden and his wife, jill, going
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hollywood? the move they are making that height have you speculating on their future, tori. we are live at that to convention and we will see the one and only, and a whole lot of inspiration, and i may have felt inspired as well. i can't believe i'm doing this ukee. >> oh, to, you didn't. >> a live look at the boardwalk in ocean city new jersey, just a few more months until it is warmer and boardwalk will be filled, oh, man we can dream a bit, can't we family? kate has your chilly forecast after a
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well, former vice-president joe biden, and his wife, doctor jill biden, have hired hollywood agents, biden's and creative artists agency announced caa will represent them. the announcement did not specify what project caa would work on, with the bidens, and the agency would amplify their public policy initiatives.
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caa is one of the leading talent agencies in the world with clients including jennifer lawrence, brad pitt and will smith. well, music's biggest night is day a right here on cbs and anticipation is growing. >> fifty-ninth grammy award will be big, no question, there will be tribute segments there musical legend, prince, and george michael and while not every performer will walk away a winner, grammy performance is a loan will be worth tuning in for. and this year, late, late shows james corden is hosting, tone a ward winner says this isn't going to go well he has a backup plan. >> it will be fun if it goes well. if it doesn't, it will be me crying my eyes out while eating a in and out burger. >> they will have amazing collaborations taking stage together this year will be, lady gaga, metalica, weeknd and alycia keys and marin morris, and anderson pack and a tribe called quest. our local radio dj's say they
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are, in for at ward show. >> our friend marilyn russell from 98.1 wogl breakfast including, andy summers from the morning cruise and becks from 96.5 say this will be a show to remember. they caught up with our jim donovan, to give their grammy predictions, while some of the artists seem like sure bets the moments surrounding the big performances will be unpredictable. >> we want to see that wardrobe malfunction. we want to see a fight break out. no, that was my philly coming out, i'm sorry. we want to see the contrast and you want to see all of the people, hopefully getting a long, and i cannot wait to see beyonce, what she's wearing, how she is debuting her baby bump. i'm really excited for that. >> of course, beyonce made headlines recently she's announcing and expecting twins with husband jay z. grammys will be first time she has been seen in public. the she's up for nine grammys includingal will bum of the year. and while a lot of people are talking about beyonce verse adele for top honors,
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the country group is growing. the it could be a big night for stirgill simpson up for album of the year and best country album but that is not all. >> so, what is interesting though is that this year we have two amazing female artists that are up for new artist category in all groups. so i'm excited and hopefully one will take it, kelce balancerini or marin morris will be performing with alycia keys, that will be an amazing performance and what i'm looking for to is seeing carrie underwood and, keith urban do the fighter which is such a great, great song. >> and ladies, thanks for helping us out. you can watch all of the best grammy moments right here, the grammys broadcast live, right here sunday at 8:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. all right. meteorologist kate bilo is joining us now. kate, you were outside on the skies deck. you could not wait to get back inside. it is very cold. >> quite chilly outside tonight. good news is we will be warming up. temperatures will not drop
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much there where they are right now. the it will not get a whole lot colder. that is a positive thing for a friday night. it the is just about freezing. feels like the 20's thanks to the wind which is still an the 20's thanks to not as strong as yesterday but it has died down but we have gusty breeze out there this evening. and warmer weather is on the the way as well as a chance for rain and for some of us a little ice. the lets get in to it. take a peak what you can expect heading in to your weekend. you can see cloud moving into the west, and, would have been a nice sunset but now we have a big cloud bank, heading toward the area but good news is that cloud bank is thanks to a warm front, and this is a live shot from our parkway central library camera and you can see cloud deck, starting to make its way over the city. looking ominous right now but storm scan three shows there is not a whole lot with this but there will be light flurries, maybe a snow shower or two here or there especially off to the thort but this warm front will help, really drive those temperatures, sky ward as we head in the weekend. it is serving its purpose let's say. if you are heading out to
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dinner for try night don't be shocked if you see stray flurry here or there it the is cloudy, beach patrol at margate as we said earlier with the beaches, pretty soon, three or four months these beaches will be crowded. but not the tonight. and there were a few people sitting outside earl are and that camera saw them bundled up, breezy, cold, but still nice to watch waves roll in. it feels like the teens still in the the lehigh valley and poconos with the fresh snow pack there 24 in the the city right now. and feels like 27 in wilmington. so lets time out the arrival of the warm front. notice, this particular model, keeps any snow shower, and flurries really relegated to the north. i think they could stretch down further as we have seen on storm scan three to take. we're seeing a few flakes, popping up on the radar, down here near d.c. watch for a few flakes anywhere here tonight around seven or 8:00, that moves out and then tomorrow although it is mostly cloudy, it is not completely gray overcast, glummy day. we will see sun here and there especially during the afternoon. then on sunday, the morning,
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9:00ah still dry but as we head in the midday hearst light rain over wents the area we will see snow for northern new jersey and new york city but it looks like mostly rain for us here in philadelphia look at the pink. poconos. set, near treeing during the day on sunday and that is area i'm concerned could pick up some ice, especially in the, carbon and monroe counties area we will could see a tenth of an inch of ice with the wintry mix through the day sunday. otherwise with this big warming trend it is just rain for most of us. see jet stream lifting to the north on sunday and buckling again as we head into next week. the storm ramps up over the new england area overnight evening flurries in spots, mainly cloudy, 30 degrees is your low. the sat the day a mix of clouds and breaks of sun, high of 49, and eyewitness weather three day forecast, not the too bad, temperature wise, today we have been stuck around freezing, and tomorrow we will jump to near 50. we will keep split with rain on sunday and it is windy on monday, and then, coming up, we will talk about the valentines day forecast and possibly a storm to watch
5:20 pm
through middle of next week. >> okay. >> thanks, kate. >> see new a bit. still ahead on "eyewitness news" if your pet has allergies relief may be on the horizon. >> also sears cutting costs, again, the brand they are going to get rid of, brands they have sold for years, don. 3,000-mile journey, it end in west philadelphia, up next, we will introduce you to a freshman who is turning head at drexel. we will be right
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if youin a palace of ice,winter there's only one place to go. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all, only in new york.
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new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at pointers for parent, big benefits for babies. coming up on iron witness news at 6:00 the local program that brings young families together again. our stephanie stahl shows you the important knowledge that they say comes from these sessions, tonight at 6:00. don bell joins us now with sports. and this must have been a heck of the the recruiting trip. >> i know, right. >> wow. >> far and wide. >> yes. >> come up with this player right here. but, jersey, chicago, philly, hot bed of basketball, great places to find dynamic players but what about a certain
5:24 pm
nordic island country in the far reaches of the atlantic ocean. drexel took a shot and they nailed it. when you hear iceland, you simply think, ice. >> greenland is more ice and iceland is more green. my kid found out players from iceland. >> we in iceland we don't do stuff like that, so we are not that far different from america. >> basketball definitely isn't first thing that comes to mind but that is about to change. meet drexel freshman card cari johnson and is what the name of his hometown. it may be better if he tells you. >> it is called... it the is a small town, right outside the capitol of ice land. >> he is a 6-foot three guard with a shoot shooting touch. he has connect on 45 percent from beyond the arc. iceland isn't exactly a hot bed of recruiting for college basketball so how did he end up at drexel? well, a friend of the
5:25 pm
assistant coach, rob driscoll tipped him off. >> we needed a couple guards on our roster. i knew of one from a long time trend from 20 years ago, and that said you need to come over to iceland to check him out. so, got the job on a wednesday and friday i was on a plane to iceland. >> reporter: zach spiker says he is just the kind of kid he wants to build the program around. >> he continues to surround himself with good people and hopefully good things happen and you get good players and good players bring great player and he is a perfect example of getting a good player in the system and people being excited to play with him and watch him play too. >> he says that he is adjusting pretty well to college life in the states, and he speaks english, very well, but he and his coach say sometimes, language is an issue. >> language with me, i don't understand him. the guys don't have an issue. i'm always like what is he saying. >> sometimes when i talk really fast, it might sound
5:26 pm
different then i was hoping it would be. >> that is great. >> that is great. >> the kiddies a baller. welcome. he is doing a great job. 45 percent from three. let him tell but his hometown because i tried about 10 times >> i bet. >> i was like, you know what, better you do it. >> game has gone global. thanks, a rebater it. coming up next half an hour, the president is not budging on his travel ban, in fact, he has more plans for what he says will protect the country. full report also, we will talk to face the nation's john dickerson about this weeks development. many dog owners know allergies can leave pets in agony, scratching, dining, chewing their skin and now a new treatment that toss than the have unwanted side effects we have details on that in
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president trump doubles down, the president promising
5:30 pm
new action on national security after a federal appeals court ruled against his travel ban, "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. president trump is vowing to keep up the legal fight over his travel ban, president met with japan's prime minister at the white house today. first question at a joint press conference was about the ninth circuit declining to reinstate his executive order, on immigration. that order halts immigration from seven countries designated aster or hot spots. both side are vowing to take the case to the supreme court if necessary. >> so we will be doing something very rapidly, having to do with additional security for our country. you will see that sometime next week. in addition we will continue to go through the court ross zest and ultimately i have no doubt that we will win that particular case. >> we are a nation of laws. those laws apply to everybody in our country, and that includes the president of the united states. >> the justice department has 14 days to ask the court to
5:31 pm
reconsider its decision, or file an emergency appeal with the supreme court. president trump also discussed china and trade during today's press conference. the president invited japanese prime minister shinzo abby to spend the weekend to talk about foreign policy. the prime minister laid out reasons why he thinks america still need a trade agreement with asian countries. president trump pulled u.s. out of the transpacific partnership trade deal last month. >> we will seek a trading relationship that is free, fair, and reciprocal, benefiting both of our countries. >> free, fair, common set of rules to be created for the tree trade in the region and that was the purpose of tpp and that important answer has not changed. >> new leaders are spending next few days at president trump's hardalogo estate in florida. on capitol hill
5:32 pm
vice-president pence swore in tom price as new secretary of the health and human services. just after 2:00 this morning senators voted along party lines to confirm the former georgia congressman. rise will lead trump administration effort to reshape the affordable care act, medicare and medicaid. >> protesters blocked education secretary betsy devos there entering a public school in washington tc today. they are concern about her row postal to expand charter schools, and school voucher programs. some say that those hurt public schools, devos later entered the school through another door. joining us now is host of the face the nation john dickerson with a look a head to the show on sunday. we know you ill would have senate minority leader chuck zoom they are weekend. he is leading democrats as they try to oppose trump on a host have of issues. what do you expect to hear from him this weekend.
5:33 pm
>> that is right, we will hear about how he feels about the other nominees. big question is what are democrats going to do, when it comes to that supreme court pick. are they go to go try to filibuster, judge neil gorsuch or are they going to give him an up or down vote. we also want to talk to him about the posture of democrats towards president trump. minority leader has people protesting out identify of his house. saying resist, or resign. so there is a lot of pressure on democrats to be a constant resistance force against the president, well, if that is what they will do, nothing will get done. so, how does he see politics playing out, of all of that. then we're going to have some new polling that we have done to look at the country and differences between where people are really interesting findings about, support for donald trump, possible support for donald trump and just what camps everybody sits in. >> it is a very interesting time, no question bit. now also cbs news is reporting retired general michael flynn
5:34 pm
trump's national security advisor discussed these sanctions with russia with russian officials before trump took office and this is coming together now. what do you make of this story and where it goes from here. >> reporter: there are two big problems for the national security advisor first if he was negotiating with the russian ambassador that is a possible breach of the logan act that says private citizen cannot negotiate with the foreign government with which the you had has a hostile arrangement. so that is one thing that is legal. other thing is he said he didn't have these conversations when means he didn't tell the truth and he didn't tell the truth when he talk to vice-president pence who came on face the nation and insisted that no conversation between flynn and the russian ambassador had taken place on the question of sanctions. so, he put the vice-president in a very tough spot. so, that is usually not something that leads to long term employment. so we will have to just see kind of how it all rolls out but this is really tough spot, and again, because we're at
5:35 pm
the beginning of the administration it send a signal domestically and internationally about whether the person who has a very key role in national security is being straight the with the public. all right. must see tv, on face the the nation, john we will be tuning in on sunday. thanks very much. you can watch face the nation with john dickerson sunday morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. as we continue tonight, sears is looking to make more changes to save money, coming up after a short break some popular brand items, that may be, getting rid of. brand they have sold for years common condition that can make your dog miserable, now a new treatment promises to stop the scratching, biting, and chewing from itchy allergies without unwanted side effects, kate? well, your weekend watch we are looking at temperatures on their way up but we have chance for some rain, one area to watch is poconos, you can see sunday temperatures close to the freezing hashing, that means a wintry mix, light rain , freezing rain and sleet
5:36 pm
there. in the the city and shore, cloudy but milder saturday as chance for little rain but temperatures in the the 5
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well, sears is looking to save money. >> retailer wants to cut a billion dollars in costs, each year, so how will they do it? sears is already in the middle of closing 150 stores, and now the company says that it the may sell off real estate as well as popular brand like ken more washes and dryers and diehard car batteries. there is a new line of diapers on the market. hug is is launching a line of pam seveners especially designed to fit premature babies weighing less than 2- pound. they are also made to protect the babies delicate skin. according to the cdc one out of every 10 babies born in the
5:40 pm
you had in 2015 were premature >> so tiny. >> very. we will continue now and when we continue behind the scenes of the blue bloods as cast prepares for a milestone. >> that is coming
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on the healthwatch tonight new help for dogs with itchy skin. it is one of the top reasons that people take their pets the to the veterinarian. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with a new solution. >> all those dogs scratching, itching all the time, we've got something for you. >> exactly. >> it is estimated 10 to 15 percent of dogs suffer from atopic dermatitis which causes itchy skin but vets say actual thumb is probably much higher. now there is a new treatment that turns off, the need, to
5:44 pm
scratch. barbara and jeff lee, their two golden retrievers could speak they would tell you they used to be in agony constantly itching. >> tive rent kind of allergies but they were both miserable. >> she's telling you i was miserable are the. >> reporter: their allergies triggered by a topic dermatitis left the dogs, scratching, biting at their skin. eight year-old cleveland had it worse. >> he started to develop these terrible hot hot spots. we tried to to everything but nothing was helping. >> now a new usda treatment is giving cleveland and his sister sisi some relief. first of the kind injection for dogs called sitapoint target a protein to stop the itch. >> blocking pathway or transmission to the brain, that basically tells the dogs to, lick, bite, chew, scratch. you are shutting that off. >> reporter: it is administered four to eight weeks. vets say unlike steroid and other medications there are virtually no major side effect s for dogs and it can be
5:45 pm
combined with other treatments >> it worked for us and it work for them and their lives are so much better. >> reporter: now cost of the injections vary, depending on the size of the dog anywhere from 75 perrin jokes, to several hundred dollars. vets also say that one of the biggest causes of itchy skin for doggies sleeve. they got the to get that under control. >> take care of our babies. take a look at these fashion creations, good enough to eat, because they are made with chocolate. even some accessories like hats, earrings, included the sweet treat. if you would like to check them out in person, you have to do some traveling. this is part of the fashion show, that is also part of the weekend chocolate fair in brussels, belgium. chocolate thing i'm into, the outfits though. >> no, not feeling it. >> no, not feeling that. >> okay. >> maybe they will wear one at the oscars. >> so true. >> or grammys. >> that is so true.
5:46 pm
>> probably so. >> let's rock this forecast as we head in the weekend. >> this forecast is, a bit warmer, more comfortable. we have some rain to watch out for sunday so that is your day to grab the umbrella. we have got rain moving in but temperatures are on their way up. that is good news because for most it will be just plane old rain, and that is all we have got to worry about. lets look outside and take you up to the poconos, you can see , looking quiet, and there is snow board, out there, on the ground, as we head into the evening hours, they are, to go their tricks out there i can sit here and watch this camera for a long time. we saw our camera at camelback showing people outside on the slopes tonight. it is cold. bundle up heading in the mountains where temperatures are in the the lower 20's. lets check our eyewitness weather watchers. they have great photos for us. today is no exception. lucky shots. love this one from ed showing the snow melt, forming ice sickles.
5:47 pm
clear those away. you don't want those to fall. this is there bob, showing the light snow at the his backyard and sun coming through the trees. it was a quiet day outside, sunshine early and then, we have had cloud rolling in the afternoon. bill sent this picture. nothing like cardinal and snow , red bird against white snow looks beautiful. weighed send this as a red bellied wood pecker having breakfast. see red on his belly. red headed wood pecker. walter sent this of blowing snow. see how strong those wind got. snow looking like fog there. so definitely looking a little bit dangerous outside on the road, yesterday but things calmed down. temperatures in the upper 20's and lower 30's this evening. not too bad, anymore, we will get more southeasterly win, temperatures starting to rise at least a bit from where we were this morning. so lets take a look at storm scan three. there is that warm front i talk to you about. we can see row duesing snow showers that looks worse then it is, mostly not really
5:48 pm
reaching the ground or accumulating but there will be chance in central pennsylvania here tonight for light accumulation, and possibly a few flurries or snowflakes for us even here in philadelphia. if you are heading out and about for your friday night dinner lance and you do drive through an area have of flurries, brief snow shower or squall, don't be shocked, it is that warm trent moving through but that is what will be responsible for pulling in the milder eras we head in the weekend. lets go to the palmyra cove nature park looking a little bland, flat. we have cloud moving from the west, 31 degrees. wind started to switch. we are seeing that wind switch from the southwest in many spots, helping temperatures start, to warm backup and we will stay pretty constant in these numbers overnight in the the lower 30's. not as cold as last night certainly. thirty-four right now in dover twenty-nine in reading. twenty-two mount pocono. right at treeing here in philadelphia you can see heading to the south behind that warm trent, it is much milder at 64 right now in nashville. zero seven in st. louis. in the midwest, 60 in omaha,
5:49 pm
45 in minneapolis. in the too bad and that milder air is heading our way over the weekend. we have to watch out for some rain. lets talk about, some good stuff first. our spring count down. it is only 30 days until today light savings time, weekend of march 11th, sunday morning, 38 days until the official beginning of the spring that is not too far. fifty-three days there now our average high will be 60 and only 56 days now until phillies home opener. still winter but enis starting to be in sight. what we have to watch for is sunday. by noon time we will start to see rain moving through. could be ice in the poconos. that clears out, this storm brings up in the snowstorm for new england. we will feel wind on the back edge of the storm on monday. tonight temperatures not all that cold. we will stay steady in the lower 30's, watch for evening flurries if you are out, saturday, cloud, some sun, milder day at 49 and then sunday watch out for that rain but for most it the is just plane rain 50 degrees, monday wind which clearing skies, dry
5:50 pm
tuesday, wednesday and keep an eye on thursday of next week for chance for a little snow or snow showers, we will keep you posted on that, ukee and jessica. >> kate, thank you. next month hit cbs drama blue bloods will reach a major television milestone, 150 episode. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao was on the the set this past wednesday and she talked to the the cast about the show's success. >> our show is still growing in the seventh year. it is just a real blessing. >> is that it. >> reporter: since 2010, blue bloods has followed the reagan family as they fight crime in new york city and often fight with each other across the dinner table. >> the truth is. >> the cast credits much of the show's success to good characters, and attention to authenticity, proven they say when they get seal of approval from the real life nypd. >> cop inside goes blue bloods , so yeah, it is a big deal. >> when i see a police office are in the the street they will say, good job. >> reporter: so how will blue
5:51 pm
bloods top itself after that 150th episode milestone. >> cheers made to it 275. >> oh, my goodness. >> do you think you will have that many in you. >> my friend got the to 275 episode, war. >> reporter: find out if celek thinks bleigh bloods cannulas that long. we will talk philly food with donnie wahlberg who owns wahlberger's in northern liberties and what is on the menu for, on the family menu during episode 150. that is tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. catch blue bloods tonight and every friday night the at the 10 right here on cbs-3 followed by "eyewitness news" at 11:00. by the way 150th episode airs friday march 31st. they are dedicated. they love what they do i went there in october. >> you spent a lot of time. >> just a great group and great show. >> up next we will check back with tori. >> she's at the tattoo convention. how tori how is it going. >> it is going great. i got a lot land. i to the my happened tattooed. i'm doing all kind of things
5:52 pm
and you'll see all kind of things but what too to did i go with and what else can you see? all that coming
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
hambone! sally! 22! hut hut! tiki barber running a barber shop? yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next?
5:55 pm
a programming note for you , since the young and the restless, was partially preempt for the presidential news conference, we will play it in its entirety overnight, set your dvr for 2:35 a.m., and then it is friday night stay up and watch it. >> why not. >> some of the world's most talented tattoo artists are in philadelphia this weekend for 19th annual tattoo arts convention. >> vittoria woodill joins us live from the pennsylvania convention center where ink masters are showing off their best work, tori. >> reporter: work that you see here happening around here is absolutely incredible.
5:56 pm
you are talking celebrity tattoo artists like high girl, over here, who does amazing, amazing work. you will see, celebrities all over the lays. i even got a chance to be tattooed if you will by a celebrity artists, who is in what did i get? well, lets take a look. the tattoo convention is in town and it is bumping and buzzing. every corner of the pennsylvania convention center floor is filled with inspiration to last a lifetime whether you have something in mind. >> i have been thinking about a long time. i want this on my arm. >> i am getting desi arnas from i love lucy and getting it because it is something i watched growing up with my grandmother. >> or not. >> reporter: you'll feel inspired to get inked by the masters. >> i will put a stencil on you it is what you want. >> that is what i want. >> this might hurt a lot. this dude will love you for this. >> let's hope so. >> so, let's get set up and start tattooing it up.
5:57 pm
>> all right, let's do it. >> ukee. >> this is forever, do you see this this is the love i have for you. will my fiance be upset. >> just a tad. >> it is worth it. >> just a tad. >> here i want to talk to troy he organize it all. so celebrity tattoo artists are here. amazing artists are here. just clean rock one who did mine but who else. >> right behind you you you have ryan ashley winner on have this year ink master tv show. >> and tell everyone, if they are unfamiliar with the convention what they are going to sianni what they can expect >> we have an amazing, absolutely amazing action pack weekend. we have side shows, we have all kind of entertainment, live human suspension where people suspend from the seek with hooks, pierced through their body. >> reporter: i'm sorry i missed that earlier. >> wow. >> reporter: we saw -- >> we will put you up next. >> reporter: i can't wait. we saw enigma he is amazing.
5:58 pm
>> we have artists from all over the world, germany, japan , as far away as camden, new jersey. >> reporter: you don't have to be somebody who is all about tattoos, right? you can be a first timer. come if you are interested in art. it is for everyone. >> bring grand mom down. >> i love that. >> grand mom could use new ink get her a face sleeve. >> reporter: i love that. they wanted me. have one wanted me to get mike tyson tattoo. >> nice. >> reporter: i went for ukee instead. if you want to hit up convention, you have to get here this weekend. lots of stuff. come see troy, and what won't you see here in the convention >> you will see everything. it will be a hazing. >> everything. check it out you guys. i will celebrate my weekend. >> i'm touched, even though that is probably sharpe ink with a lot of soap you can get it off. >> he was getting the the station ready, i still to have get it buzzed on. >> okay, all right. >> yeah, right. >> i did notice pinstripe
5:59 pm
detailing. >> that was nice. >> yes. >> i know that suit. >> very nice. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 danger from above, busy center city street shut down, we will show you falling objects that forced the closure. philadelphia district attorney seth williams says he will not, rerun. his emotional announcement and who could be filling that position. more than 70 puppies in quarantine and a well known burlington county pet shop, it is shut down, i'm cleve bryan, coming up why officials say some of the dogs here almost died. and it is a frigid try night and we could see some flurries, that is end of my alliteration but we are warming up into the weekend, i'll tell you when temperatures could head back to the 50's or when you may need to break out umbrella for weekend plans, all right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. it is 6:00 o'clock. the here's is what happening a center city street shut down,
6:00 pm
ice falling from a building. forced officials, to close off a busy street. we're told police just reopened that road in the last 15 minutes. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. the lets get out to "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt with more on the story, david. >> reporter: it is incredible that nobody was hurt here. we spotted ice chunks like this on the sidewalk, but people saw chunks much bigger then this, coming down at the 2:00 this afternoon. i want to get out of the way, to show you the scene right now. roads as you mentioned just opened up but the sidewalk on this side of the street, the l oews side of the street closed for pedestrian traffic. this all happened 2:00 o'clock in center city, major chunks of ice started to fall off the buildings, specifically where the loews hotel is. several people were walking by and driving by at the time but miraculously, nobody was hurt. witnesses say natalie size of the ice what's normal us. at the


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