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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  March 2, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EST

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o now here. rod was great. i mean, he did everything that we asked him and more. the treatment plan was for him to have chemotherapy and radiation followed by surgery. i feel like this was the right way for me and the right treatment for me. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now. at 11:00 flames and sparks shoot from the sidewalks. we're where crews are trying to get a handle on an underground fire. dress at work, it's causing big time burn-out for employee, what's behind the growing trend? first. i said would you do this to your mother >> this 88-year-old woman survives being attacked in her own home by an intruder. how she fought him off and the
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lesson she to can teach us all. sharing her story only with "eyewitness news." good evening i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. that attack happened in the typically quiet community of. "eyewitness news" alexandria hoff tells us how a woman's quick thinking saved her even more pain. >> taped up with duck tape. 's and i bit it all off. >> reporter: helen should not be under estimated. 3:00 p.m. february 17th, she just returneded from the store when a young man knock to do the door of her home >> he pushed himself in. >> reporter: this began a burglary and saw that would last three hours. she said the man started by rummaging for cash, taking $40 before duck taping her hands head and mouth >> i said would you do this to your mother or would you like somebody else to bother your mother like you're doing me? he said. >> reporter: according to reynolds, the suspect removed
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her clothing and threw her face first on to the bed. she tried to kick him in the groin. >> maybe i really hurt him. i don't know. and i really don't care. >> reporter: the 88-year-old then said she relied on quick thinking to ward off a sexual assault. >> that's when i told him they had hiv and my husband died of it. which was a lie, that's when he got out this piece of wire that he had rolled up in his pocket with the tape and everything and tied my ankles together. >> reporter: this violent incident occurred just five days before is a similar home invasion took place 14 miles away in east brandywine township. where police say a 72-year-old woman was knocked out, bound and beaten by a young male intruder. investigators say the suspect fled with the victim's vehicle. the woman who had been locked in a closet was not found for four days. in reynolds's case, parkberg police released this sketch of a potential suspect. once he fled the home
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>> i got it off of my face. >> reporter: she was able to chew through the duck tape and alert a neighbor >>. >> reporter: her message is to never stop fighting. while police have not yet made an arrest, they have indicated there is no immediate threat to the public, precautions especially while living alone should also be taken. >> thanks so much sparks and flames in reading berk county, chopper 3 over 6th and cherry the scene of an underground electrical fire. the fire is still burning right now. it's causing issues above ground as well. firefighter and repair crews on the scene, no one has been injured. police arrest two teenagers in connection with the beating and robbery of an upper darby man and tonight we're learning there are more victims. we told about the crime near samson and fairfield last week. authorities say the 16 and 17-year-old suspects from west philadelphia were involved in a
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week-long crime spree. we're hearing from two alleged victims. an accused serial child rapist. young women appeared before the cameras identifieding themselves as jm andj n. sexually abused as children by william charles thomas of charles township >> i was being taken advantage of. >> no one should be ashamed, embarrassed or discouraged. i've been there. i fought the depression and the anxiety and you can too. >> thomas is accused of abusing a total of six women including his own daughter. volunteers returned to a local jewish cemetery damaged by vandals as the award for information continues to grow. dozens spent the day cleaning up the ground of mount carmel
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cemetery in wissinoming neighborhood. as we first reported over the weekend, a visitor to the cemetery found vandals had toppled more than 100 grave stones. the reward in this case is now $69,000. haverford college in delaware county is taking a stand against hateful acts. the community had a conversation with hol cost survivor. he relayed his disorient the lesson we should learn. the discussion is in response to a recent case of anti-semitism in haverford. someone pin add >> haverford college said anti-semitism will not be tolerated.
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tomorrow at noon it will ofb a moment silence to take a stance against hate the biden problem is responding to reports about a relationship generating attention. "eyewitness news" confirmed a page six report that hallie biden is in a romantic relationship with hunter biden the former vice president's youngest son, hallie was married bow biden. in a statement to page six, he and dr. jill biden given the relationship their blessing. new live could be on the hordes for the now shattered taj mahal casino in atlantic city. today company unveiled plans to turn it into hard rock into a casino in act. hard rock international said it plans to invest more than $300 million to purchase, renovate and reopen the casino. the mayor said the sale is proof of the city's optimism and
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resilient president trump is enjoying favorable reviews in a cbs news poll 76% viewers approved of the speech. the president called for unity last night but democrats are skeptical. today, president trump hosted republican congressional leaders for lunch to discuss how to push his adjourned forward. this comes as the white house is telling aids to keep election materials. the fbi is investigating possible contacts between trump campaign aids and russian intelligence officials. wall street is cheering the speech with record highs, the. the nasdaq jumped 78 points and the s & p climbed 32 points. pepsi is blaming philadelphia sugary drink tax for laying off nearly a quart of the work force, it will eliminate 80 to 100 jobs over the next few month, pepsi
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recorded a 40% drop since the 1.5 cent tax went into effect january 1st. mayor kenney's office is responding. a spokesperson said the soda industry is holding hostage the jobs of hard working people in their battle to overturn the tax. stress is a reality for so many workers but is it taking too much of a toll on people? >> nicole brewer has a report on what is wearing people down, and how to deal. >> reporter: with the rise of mobile technology and the ability to work wherever you are, it's no surprise today's work force feels increasingly overworked >> working late hours, usually when you have to juggle things at home. >> stress that leads to burn-out, a phenomenonal on the rise >> according to workplace options an employee well-being company servicing 53 million
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workers across the globe 70% of u.s. support calls are related to stress and anxiety in 2016. up 20% in just two years. >> wow. that's a dramatic change. >> reporter: this past january the firm saw a 20% spike fielding over 42,000 calls from folks feeling the pressure. >> it's uncomfortable and stressful, that mean as good part of your day will be uncomfortable. >> reporter: dr. george james a licensed therapist tributes to trends in corporate culture which increasingly focuseds on the bottom line. but change in the oval office can also play a role >> any changes in administration, there's going to be changes with laws, taxes. >> reporter: that can lead to questions about job security and political conversations with coworkers >> we have enough stress going on in the workplace, that's one argument we do not need to have. >> reporter: self care and communication may be more important now than ever, and believes companies would benefit by promoting both.
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>> we're just a machine making it run. and sometimes that machine needs oi oil. >> he's very wise. i mentioned self care, dr. james said when we're stressed or busy, often the first thing we do is cut out the things we enjoy. instead, he says, when stress and anxiety start to surface, it's even more important to make time for ourselves and the things that bring positive entering into our everyday life >> here, here. >> whether it's working out, seeing friends, hobbies. >> something to put a smile back on your face. >> thanks, nicole. tastykake is a philly original, but it's more than just sweet isn't that correct, sir >> i suit up and go inside the south philadelphia bakery where the candy cakes and krimpets are made. what it takes to make your favorite treats taste the same every time. the drama continues in one of the worst oscar blunderers
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ever. scattered showers moving through. winds pick up and going to start feeling more like winter around here, what does that say for the rest of the month? i'll have my march outlook a look ahead at the march season coming up.
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. the accountants behind the biggest mistake in oscar history will never work at the award show again. price waterhouse coopers were fired from the job. they accidently gave warren beatty the wrong envelope. the president of the film academy blamed cullinan for being distracted while tweeting during the show. they will keep their job with the accounting firm.
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mcdonald is going to place an ap to place an order for pickup. it will be experimenting with different delivery models. no word on when the ap will be launched. mcdonald is looking to boost profits here in the u.s. sales declined last quarter according to last month's earnings report for the fans out there, tastykake is simply a delicious treat many have enjoyed since childhood. >> when you unwrap that con infection, chances are you never thought about the science and secrets. we take you inside the bakery where the philly originals are made. you know what they say. >> nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a tastykake. >> tastykake has been a philadelphia original since 1914. there's a lot more than just sugar and flour
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>> we got to change the heat a little bit. change the water. count all the variables. humidity, temperature, water, there's a lot of science behind it >> to find out how they do it wwe suited up hair net and all for special access to the tastykake bakery in south philadelphia. >> this is where all fun happens >> it's in production five to six days a week with three shifts around the clock. tastykake president paul acted as our guide. it starts with the cake batter >> the cake travels up and down through it. exactly the temperature and the way bakes. the amount of air gives it a good flavor >> does that affect the fluffness >> it does. >> bakers test the volume and weight of the batter every 15 minutes to make sure it's just right. once the cakes cool it's time for the good stuff >> we use enough peanut butter to make about 8 million peanut
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butter and jelly sandwiches >> that's made from a special recipe for tastykake. they head under a chocolate water fall >> we cover the top and up from the bottom >> covered in warm chocolate. the cake goes through a long cooling tunnel dip down to 40 are degrees making them crunchy, you feel that and try and crack it in half. at lot harder because it's cool. so we get it nice and cold. you can't eat that out here. i'm sorry. >> throughout the process, a series of electronic eyes keeps watch over the cakes. >> if it doesn't identity two cakes in that pack with the seal, it will take it off. >> the good ones can move down the line and into boxes. next stop, shelves >> half an hour from the time we deposit and time they're ready to be sold >> between the chocolate and the peanut butter, there's a lot of history, sandwiched in these treats. >> our customers are fan nat cal about or products.
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we got on a to balance that. do something new at the same time to keep them interested >> everything has a favorite. any guesses what at favorite is like what's the best seller >> butter scotch krimpets >> probably the candy cakes. >> yes, it is. >> the ones we were making >> i like them cold cold like they say. >> you brought the jingle back. >> i >> that's right. >> good stuff. all right. kate got your forecast. >> i do indeed and i'll tell you the severe storms didn't get too severe across the area, which is good news, we have a few to showers and thunderstorms moving through the area this evening. this cold front is going to be a big change maker, taking us from spring back to winter. here's a look at what's happening now on stormscan 3,
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you can see the line of storms that got severe to our south a little earlier this afternoon is now off the coast. the actual front passage is a few scattered showers. not a lot of lightening or thunder but around allentown you can a little bit of intensify indication, yellow, steadier downpour and there could be a few rumbles of thunder as this pushes eject. once this front crosses, the wind are going to pick up, you'll hear allentown, atlantic city with broken records today, wilmington tied a record at 75. look at dc got to 80. tomorrow, big difference. temperatures only in the 40's and 50's behind that strong front. you can see while showers are scattereded out there. tomorrow looks like a dry day as we led to friday, we'll have the chance for few scattered snow showers, doesn't look like a big event but those will come through, just an indication of how much colder it's getting.
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future wind gusts tomorrow morning could gust over 40 miles an hour all across the area. winds gradually die down in the afternoon, we'll be under a wind advisory until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon in effect for the entirety of our region, wind gust to 45, that's strong enough to blow the trash cans down the street. a stray shower overnight. mostly sunny tomorrow but windy and much colder at 51 degrees. speaking of colder, take a look at friday and saturday. temperatures barely getting to the 40's. in fact, 40 on saturday may be a tad optimistic. we warm up sunday, monday and tuesday, it's a big temperature swing down and then up again to start march. on the heels of the warmest february on record in philadelphia and a winter with a above average temperatures and below average snow, march again off to a balmy start. it certainly appears that an
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early spring is upon us. will that warm pattern rather >> i think old man winter might fight one more time before spring >> march is traditionally a battle ground month. the average high temperature on march 1st is 47. but by march 31st, it shoots to 58. what about snow? 000 >> i lived here a long time. we could have snow tomorrow. >> our average date for the final snow of the year is march 15th. measurable snow as fallen as late as april. the latest date was april 19th and we've had a trace of snow even into may. to taking a look at the last snow dates over past six years, historically there's a good chance of at least a trace to fall this month. for some, this winter's warmth has been too much too soon >> i would like to see a longer colder more snow filled winter. >> i like warm weather in its time. i don't like too much or too little of it. this year i think we're going to end up with too much
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>> i'm forecasting more above average temperatures for the month of march. while i don't expect a repeat of february's record temps, i do expect march to finish several degrees above average. this is due to a few factors, the recent warmth eroded the snow pack to our north meaning less snow cover, cold shots will moderate more quickly and active pacific flow will keep much of the arctic cold to the north and the stronger march sun makes it less and less likely for prolonged cold to stick around. if we have any chances for late season snow, i could see it coming during the period of march 10th through the 15th when it does look like what's happened to a few days worth of cold air. beyond that, temperatures will moderate again and our chances drop. any snow potential in march would have to be a perfect meeting of cold and moisture. which is increasingly hard to come by. it's hard to come by but not impossible. the take away expect yet another month of above average temperatures in philadelphia. every single month starting in
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june of last year has been above average. and there are no to decent signals that march will be any different. if you're a snow lover, while it's too soon to say no way, chances have been decent late season storm are getting smaller and smaller by the day. again, there is that one period late next week in early the following week things look like they could get active. all hope is not lost >> i want to send a link to punxsutawney phil. take that. >> is up next with sport. busy night. breaking news about carson's throwing arm, bad news for embiid. what is jahlil okafor doing
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philly fans punched in the face by reality. joel embiid is now out for the season. the mri he took monday shows that his torn meniscus is a serious problem. the team will evaluate it further. no mention of surgery.
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yet. the sixers visiting miami tonight. we want jahlil okafor to play more, look at him. he not playing any defense, not guarding anybody at all. what up? he finished with six points and three and 11 shooting. some effort. local product, wayne he willing ton had 18, sixers 125-98. >> friday, comes down to a coin flip. if the eagles win they will get the 14th selection in the draft. if they lose they pick 15. meanwhile, citing multiple sources, is reporting that carson wentz experienced elbow soarness during last season and the team believes it's related to his throwing mechanic. remember he threw more last year than he did during his entire college career at north dakota state. his 607 passes were second for rookie and the team asked him to
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rest his arm and he did. this story read like a receipt at cost co. the flyers have signed a pair of players to two-year contract extensions, michael neuvirth and edward bell mar. defense man mark stripe to tampa bay. and fourth and seventh ground r round drafted picks. the lightening strayed strayeded stripes. >> it's a deal we felt made our team better and also fit moving forward. i think we all know what we got coming. but we want to be better now, we want to be better next year. >> local product carli lloyd and team usa taking on germany and she believes cup in chester for the 56th minute, off the cross bar, it goes, rejected but finally lynn williams, it's a score right there.
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the u.s. wins tonight 1-0. >> can you recite that flyers trade? >> fairly complex. >> there will be a quiz in the morning >> meet the
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new tonight an essay contest inspired by a powerful work of art >> the covering letter installation on display presents a historical letter to gandi during world war ii. they how we interact with those who disagree with us. the winner gets a $10,000 scholarship courtesy of the pamela and, aj
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coming up it's the late show with stephen colbert followed by james cordon, i'm
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