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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 2, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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philadelphia mayor jim kenney formerly lays out his budget before city council and what his plan could mean for your wallet and daily commute to work. >> i didn't ask if i had communications with the russians. >> well, not so fast, as justice department calls for attorney general to resign and how he is responding this morning to accusations that he met with russian officials during the presidential campaign. and hundreds, will the georgia tore day on independence mall for a rally we will tell you about the message they had and what is sparking the movement. today is thursday march 2nd good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon all that plus all major plans announced for old trump taj mahal. >> good morning, katie and meisha.
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>> we made it through the gateway. >> yes. >> all right. well, looking outside we have very wind i conditions walking in the building. because of that i'm looking at roads, down trees every where, we will get into that in a moment. >> a lot of debris, driving up to the station, we have construction right around our own building and i hit and almost bulldozing a bucket from one of the construction sites, it was nuts, now. here's a shot outside ben franklin parkway. we will see flags blowing harshly through the rest of the morning. we had a wind advisory issued yesterday that has been upgraded, folks to a high wind warning. so the gusts are out there. it is very noticeable, it is making it feel harsh outside as temperatures are not even bottoming out just yet. so, we're expecting at this point gust that is could still peak as high as 50 to 60 miles an hour. here's a high wind warning outlining counties not included here we are in the wind advisory, but basically difference we will see worst of the wind in that sort of the burnt orange shaded area.
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gusts up to 60 miles an hour throughout the next couple of hours, it is very harsh, i felt my car, moving around in the wind, i may self was pad dling the wind just trying to get door opened here at the station. it really is noticeable and you will have to factor that in here. make sure you slow down on the area bridges because of this. 44 miles an hour gust being reported at the airport. nearing 40 at the shore points blustery morning all around here. in the meantime we will stand temperature wise? we did see that cold front, right through here, yesterday. it is long gone. a lingering batch of moisture across north central pennsylvania. don't worry so much about that more than anything we will see skies clearing out but temperatures are already taking a hit in the place like mount pocono where it is still very mild, that said, in philadelphia and down at the shore. but with time these temperatures will fall, and we will be feeling very likely meisha with that wind no better than 30's most of the day. >> thank you very much. >> you took words right out of
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my mouse. we are battling that wind. i can tell thaw we are seeing effects on the roadways, already this morning. so looking outside first where we have construction, schuylkill eastbound between south street and university avenue that has been since cleared. on the schuylkill where construction was we are looking okay. this is one of the several down trees we have, it fell into a house, down wires in this area as well, mill street at sycamore avenue for those in that area that is a good indication of how windy it is, in shamong route 206 southbound is blocked at aston road, you will be needing an alternate around this. route 73 is your best bet around that down tree. that is not it we have another one, 295 southbound past route 206, that right lane is blocked right there and we have another down tree at pennsylvania turnpike westbound that has been since cleared past valley forge. this will give you a clear picture what we will be dealing with this morning. be careful, over there, jim, over to you. philadelphia mayor jim kenney is formerly presenting his budget to the city council $4 billion budget includes a reduction in the wage tax, it
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is falling to 3.9 percent for residents. also included more than 100 million-dollar for street resurfacing. there are increases to hire more paramedics, fire fighters and buying more fire department vehicles. city officials say they are confident in the budget, that is despite the uncertainty around future funding from state and federal governments, you will recall, that is over philadelphia's sanctuary city status. city fist physical year, begins july 1st. citing new sugary drink tax pepsi announced plans to layoff a quarter of its work force in philadelphia. the beverage giant says it will eliminate 80 to 100 jobs over next few months. pepsi recorded a 40 percent drop in sales, since the 1.5 cents per ounce tax on sweetened drinks went in effect on january 1st. mayor kenney's office says soda industry is holding hostage the jobs of hard working people, in their battle to overturn the tax. commuters will be greeted by a new billboard on i-95
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this morning that chains philadelphia school district and the mayor. the billboard was installed on southbound i-95 were the center city exit. it reads welcome to philadelphia where we don't value our public school children, adding that teachers have gone five plus years without a raise. we have reached out to the school district for comment. strong message there. hundreds will gather in philadelphia in solidarity with those affected by recent rash of anti sem met i can incident across the country. rally on independence mall is organized by jewish federation goal to show those behind the vandalism that mount carmel cemetery that their actions will not be tolerated. reward for information in that incident has grown to $69,000. also new haverford college in delaware county will observe a moment of silence as students take a stand against hate. last night campus held a conversation with holocaust survivor, and discussion in response to recent case of anti sematism at haverford where someone put a backwards
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swastika on a dorm bulletin board. >> you have to do something. unaudible. >> and he relays his story and lessons we should all learn from the holocaust, haverford college said anti sematism will not be accepted. president trump visit new port news, virginia where he will deliver remarks on u.s.s. gerald ford. roxanne a saberi says another administration member faces scrutiny over his alleged communications with russia. >> reporter: justice department confirms to cbs news that the attorney general jeff sessions spoke with russian envoy, twice during the president campaign. but says those discussion where is part of the many conversations then senator sessions had with foreign ambassadors as a member of the armed services committee. meetings were first reported to the washington post on
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wednesday. sessions was a top advisor to the trump campaign and did not disclose encounters when asked about possible contacts between members of the campaign and representative of moscow, during his january confirmation hearing. >> i have been called a surrogate at a time or two in the campaign and i did not have any communications with the russians. >> reporter: in a statement, the attorney said i have never met with any russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign. i have no idea what this allegation is about. it is false. >> democratic house minority leader nancy pelosi is calling for session toss resign claiming he lied under oath. >> there may be nothing there but if there is something there, that the fbi believes is criminal in nature, then for sure you need a special prosecutor. >> reporter: story broke on the same day new york times details effort by members of the obama administration to disseminate information about possible contacts between associates of then president-elect trump and russia. >> if is there nothing to further investigate what are
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you asking people continue on investigate. >> reporter: trump administration tells cbs news that white house counsel asked the president to preserve e-mails and other materials that could be connected to probes of russian interference in the 2016 election. roxana saberi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities say that dozens of met ed customers in reading could be without power for days when a electrical line is repaired. chopper three over sixth and cherry over high voltage line caught fire last night, explosions reportedly, blew grates from the streets. once the underground area is clear of smoke investigators will look for the a cause, fire was brought under control at 1:00 in the morning and there are no reports of injuries. police in camden are investigating a shooting that left a man in critical condition. victim was shot in the chest at fourth and mount vernon streets at 8:00 last night. authorities say victim may have suffered cardiac arrest, police have no motive for this shooting and they have made no arrest so far. elderly woman bound, beaten during a home invasion is talking exclusively with
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"eyewitness news". the attack happened february 17th and typically quiet community of parkesburg chester county, helen reynold has just returned from the store, when a man forced his way into her home. he will removed her clothing, threw her on the bed and 88 year-old this is when she relied on quick thinking to ward off a sexual assault. >> that is when i told him i had hiv and my husband died of it, which is a lie. he didn't bother me. that is when he got out his piece of wire that he had all rolled up in his pockets with the tape and everything and he tied my ankles together. >> reporter: earlier we told but a similar incident that happened 14 miles away in east brandywine township where a seven two-year old woman was knocked out and lock in the closet for four days, so far no arrests have been made in either case. in another news, it is read across america day. what better way to celebrate then to read. >> reading celebrations are being held at 10 different free library location as cross the sit.
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we are looking at a read across america event at fredrick douglass mastery charter school earlier this week. family friendly event will feast tour fun activities and, of course, book readings. today would have been doctor seuss's 113th birthday. >> do not like green eggs and ham. >> sold. shuttered trump taj mahal is getting a new owner. >> big company that will be taking over the property and what it plans to do with it. i was than the expecting water in the basement. >> flash floods hit southwestern pennsylvania, we will take you to a town where fire fighters are helping pump water out of homes. stay with cfor clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. t wow! but what other teen problems can it fix fast?
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welcome back. shuttered taj mahal casino in atlantic city has a new owner. karl eye can has reached a deal to sell the property to hard rock international. sales price has not been disclosed but hard rock plans to invest more than 300 million-dollar, to turn the taj, into hard rock hotel and casino atlantic city.
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mayor says that the sale is proof of the cities optimism and resillenscy, eye can closed the casino in october following a workers strike. southwestern pennsylvania storms, caused flash flooding. some pumps are working hard in fey yet counties, a county hit hardest by the storms. there is water every where you look. fire fighters had been busy helping residents pump water out of their homes. >> you get the train that is coming, and there is probably three or four other houses, that are, since they have opened up their door will be called. >> rising waters in the nearby creek is threatening to flood more homes in the area. >> no good there. it is expense turf clean that stuff up. >> yes, it is. >> not just getting rid of the water but then mold issues and all that other nonsense. >> so windy around here. >> it is more windy right now. >> i saw a little girl, and a dog, fly through the air earlier.
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>> and... >> probably black with white ruffle socks. >> that is right. >> she's on the way. >> but you are right, it is very blustery, outside. that will be an issue throughout the morning. i will not be shocked to see speed restrictions on the roadways. of course, we will stick to meisha for details there. even my car was moving around on the drive-in. you will notice that. let's turn our focus to snow cover, why? yes, we have snow in the forecast w that said i doubt that we will see anything that comes along, this would be tomorrow, have a chance of sticking let alone accumulating. snow cover is interesting. we had that big storm come through here bringing rain and storms to us but it did bring a little bit more snow pack across dakotas and minnesota, that snow pack, snow cover didn't extend into iowa let alone kansas. here, there is nothing. look at this. we have absolutely nothing across southeastern pennsylvania, none in new jersey, none in delaware has any current snow cover, so
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early days of march, that is a big deal. looking at storm scan, the storm that is rolling through granted there are a couple snowflakes flying across north central pennsylvania and even in the poconos but this will not stick. thinks wrap around moisture left of what is all that is left of this storm system making its full departure here we will brighten up for sunshine but in the wake of sunshine we will get storms cranking. we have talked about snow cover. here comes a streak of snow through dakotas heading our way. could burst system could bring this next shot. if were you here yesterday this looks more robust. this is really backed off, and also, looks as though it will come in later. i do think we will see snow showers, i don't anticipate much of anything out there this isn't going to stick. it will not accumulate. as we look forward in the seven day forecast biggest story out of this it just gets colder. by saturday we will barely get to 40 degrees. wind will make it feel chillier and then rebound next
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week. >> meisha. >> katie, thanks very much. just talking about snow, no. let's focus on thursday and friday. we will look at the vine right now, you can see both moving in the west and eastbound direction. we are looking just as we should, for right now. we will see what happens. we know that will be changing but we are looking okay on the vine but i want to call your attention to something katie and i have been talking about all morning long as well, the winds outside. so right now at the airport high wind warning, lingering out there until 10:00 a.m. for those with scheduled flights, maybe look into that. i sure would if i were you. we have an outdoor electrical fire at merion station sycamore avenue between linden way and, charred bray. north island avenue is your best bed. still early outside. but just a heads up it is out there because we are talking about those high winds all morning we will talk about, of course, down trees and some flying debris. right here we have down tree 295 southbound past route 206. that right lane is blocked, in
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that neck of the woods. also, in shamong take a look, another down tree route 206 southbound blocked at aston road. you need an alternate, route 73 is your best bet. jim and rahel, back over to you. well, dow jones opened up above 21,000 for the first time today. >> we will tell you is what on the mind of investors in money watch report. stay with
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time for a check of business news. >> jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. so dow jones opened up above 21,000 today, what is moving market right now. >> it is incredible, optimism about president trump's plans to help business keep pushing stocks higher. yesterday to you jones finished above 21,000 for the first time ever, jumped 303 points. this was pretty unexpected. this is a dow jones 21,000, it is like this, traders just cut
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and paste and put a one there over the 20,000, because they just weren't expecting dow jones to go from 20,000 to 21,000 so quickly. the markets, it is historic, more than 15 percent since donald trump won presidency. it looks like it will keep ongoing, at least that is the feeling on wall street. >> i tweeted out your picture of the hat, i was surprised when i looked i said what the heck happened to the markets today. i understand snap chatties going public. >> yes, snap chatties expected to start trade to go day at new york stock exchange, snap was priced initial public offering yet at $17 a share, that is higher then expect. pricing values the company at $24 billion, this is most anticipated tech ipo since twitter back in 2013. i should know that 24 billion-dollar values that is more than facebook and twit ter were valued when they first went public.
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expectations are high here, jim and rahel. thanks, jill. we had some spring-like warmth and rain this week. >> but katie apparently winter is making a come back. >> yeah, we will see that chill settle in here and walk you through, another roller coaster ride on the thermometer and also, the chance for some snowflakes to fly here in the delaware valley, when those get here and how long they stick around and more importantly will you need a shovel this time? we will have the answer on
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. good grief. look at that wind. you can just see it, feel how chilly, it is by looking at the flags here on the ben franklin parkway. this is from our central parkway library, camera shot here, and the wind is whipping , folks, that is going to be the first thing you notice if you have not already heard it at your window payne this morning. it is very blustery start to
4:54 am
the day. we are going to see a lot of sunshine don't worry about using an umbrella here today but what you will need is a good heavy coat because temperatures are beginning to plumet and we are certainly feeling the wind, and wind chill that comes with that. now, look closely it is a rocking and rolling camera shot outside whitefield elementary school in west lawn technically in reading but cameras rocking and rolling because of the wind flow that continues to change before your very eyes at the moment reading 18 miles an hour at sustain wind but right before we went on the air it was at 27. it is blustery, ebbing and flowing and we do at the moment still have moisture to report, storm scan three, locally but you can see how that cloud deck is shifting away. that is back edge of the cold front making its full departure. skies clearing nicely. that will allow that cold air to rush in, and then send us on a downhill drop here with time. so at best we will hit lower 40's both tomorrow and saturday but today is a blustery day, high wind warning posted until 10:00
4:55 am
a.m. for the vast majority i should say of our region. tomorrow scattered showers. it looks like this clipper gets here later in the day. you may see some snowflakes you will see rain drops as well with this but it is a minor disturbance more than anything it will reenforce cold. >> yes, absolutely we are seeing effects on the roadways , of course, we are seeing down trees. we will get to that in just a moment. first, vine for those wand fairing there was construction , no, the answer is no, so vine street we are looking g we are looking very quiet on the vine. now heads up, we have a high wind warning in philadelphia. this will be out here until 10:00 a.m. my suggestion check those flights at the airport. you will want to do so. we have an outdoor electrical fire at merion station. heads up, sycamore avenue between linden lane and orchard way your all the made north highland avenue. not too far away we have a down tree here mill street at sycamore avenue. just another thing i want to call to your attention. we have more down trees down there some of which have cleared, some of which have
4:56 am
not. this is 295 southbound past route 206, right lane blocked and we have more down trees to tell but coming up in the next 10 to 15 minutes, jim, over to you. heading out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on kyw news radio 1060. also, bicycle coalition of the greater philadelphia held a daze long conference on promoting safety on the streets, the goal, to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030. it is super thursday the atlantic city boat show reduced admission after 5:00, show is the atlantic city convention center through sunday. kyw news movie review on my life as a zucchini, yes, that is title check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. meanwhile next hour of "eyewitness news" new developments and accusation as begins attorney general jeff sessions. >> find out if the counselor to the president kelly ann conway will face discipline after mentioning ivanka trump 's fashion line on television. i'll have tips for
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save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event. mayor jim kenney announces his budge tote day. we will tell what you services will get bolstered around town calls for the attorney general to resign, what jeff sessions is saying about his connection toss russia and important order sent to the white house. and it is a windy blustery start to our thursday, i'm not kidding, "eyewitness news" cameras on the parkway where flags get a work out much of the area is under a high wind warning. today is thursday, march 2nd, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon.
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kate and meisha getting started on this windy thursday >> roads are were bouncing all over the place good thing we're here, walking in the building. i can tell you right now we have so much activity because of these high winds, we have down trees, we have not speed restrictions but some roads heavier commercial vehicles cannot even drive on right now a lot going on. >> i feel lake we go to a shot with the flag to show you wind but you're seeing shaky cameras, shaking. >> we're shaking right now. >> yes. it is nuts. it really is noticeable wind that it is not necessarily harsh where it feels frigid outside but it will blow awe way i'm not even kidding. we're dealing with gusts already that is taking 40's, as high as 60 before it is all said and done. here's high wind warning. all of these counties, getting a wind advisory, it is not lake this is only spot dealing with it. we have wind advisory every where else that is not shaded in here but worst of it is gusts


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