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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 2, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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it, which is a lie. >> gusts are out there, very noticeable. making it feel harsh outside. temperatures are beginning to plumet. >> unaudible. evacuate the building. >> james corden from telling jokes in the late, late show. if is there a fire, i'm out the door. >> we would be tethered to this desk. >> not me. >> yes, they are. we are going to get another taste of winter before the week is all said and done. we will start off on a chilly note too. partly because we did just have a cold front rolling through but this morning we are feeling extra harsh because of the wind that is just whipping out there. high wind warning posted for most of the region in the counties not shaded in.
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you are not immune, you have a wind advisory but this will go until 10:00 a.m. at earliest for expiration time with the gust that is could peak as high as 60 miles an hour. but very blustery already outside, here's why, you have departing storm system to get that wind cranking. wind is out of the west/ southwest but starting to shift more west to northwesterly and all that means is that the temperatures will drop off. it won't necessary liz plumet because we actually have another system moving in so cold air won't be able to funnel in quite as readily but it will, with time, 50 is current temperature, yeah, not bad for early march, right? keep in mind we have west wind at 24 miles an hour. winter coats are a smart idea on a morning like this. 24 miles an hour in atlantic city, 20 up in mount pocono. bottom line here guys, it is again very blustery outside and it will stay that way through majority of the morning. our current wind gusts, a lot of times we will see certain
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observation sites not reporting because it is not quite as blustery. this morning every single spot is, 44 miles an hour reported out there, peaks an hour in millville, 45 in lancaster. so again very blustery beginning to the day. we should ease up with time here it doesn't mean it completely cuts off but worse happening as we speak. i saw so much debris flying around the roadway on the entire drive-in this morning. real problem, it is every where. >> as i i did as well. we're not just talking about debris either but we have down trees in some areas. we will get to that in just a moment. looking outside you can see camera whipping up and down mid county tolls around the blue route. we are looking okay in terms of the congestion levels but it is very windy out there. we have got high wind warning in philadelphia, in surprise, until 10:00 a.m. if you have any flights scheduled today check those flight status, you will need to do so. we will see what happens there just high wind warning in philadelphia until 10:00 a.m. just a heads up burlington
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bristol bridge we have dropcloths blowing around on the bridge. i wanted to call that to your attention in case you are cross ago this anytime soon that could pose problems for us. we will talk about down trees 295 southbound past route 206 that right lane is block, that is one. the second 1206 southbound blocked at aston road your alternate is route 73. that is in shamong. that is number two. a lot of these have cleared, some of which are not i'm telling but ones that have obviously not cleared, mill street and sycamore avenue, this is another one this one fell into a house, we have down wires in the area as well big heads up on. that and then big shout out to all my oversized commercial vehicle drivers, you are ban ned right now from the pennsylvania turnpike between reading and new jersey and northeast extension between mid county and man honing valley? judge. if you think bit, it is because of the high winds. i will tweet this fur out, i will repeat it in the next 10 to 15 minutes. rahel, back to you. well, pepsi's cutting jobs
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in the area and pointing finger at philadelphia lawmakers decision. >> "eyewitness news", reporter frank does live from the far northeast with the details, good morning, trang do. >> good morning. up to 100 jobs on the chopping block at pepsi. the union representing these workers say more layoffs are expected at companies because of this tax. pepsi's reporting a 40 percent drop in fail business since the cities sweet beverage tax went into effect january 1st. >> i don't buy soda in the city, i buy it in the suburbs. >> i'm in northeast philadelphia, i can go right over there and get something cheaper, and not affect my city or my neighbor. >> reporter: now company has no other choice but to layoff 80 to 100 workers at its philadelphia plant which employs 423 people. teamsters local 830 which represents those workers condemned layoffs and the tax. >> eventually this would catch up with us, that the loss in
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sales dictates a loss in jobs and company evidently feel like they can in longer sustain losses that they are getting. >> reporter: teamsters union says coca cola is planning a similarly bleak announcement in the near future but mayor's office is firing back saying pepsi's move appears to be more political then financial. spokeswoman wrote in part that the soda industry sunk to a new low, they are literally holding hostage jobs of the hard working people in the battle to overturn the tax. mayor kenney's administration also says that the tax which raised 5.7 million-dollar in jana loan, has created more than 250 jobs, at expansion of the prek. pepsi says it will bring back workers if this taxis repealed , and in the meantime mayor kenney's expected to address beverage tax in his budget proposal to city council later this morning. we are live from the far northeast i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> you will blow away, get
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inside. >> very windy northeast. lawmakers want attorney general jeff sessions to re cues himself from the investigation into russian interference in the november election. >> sessions talked twice with russia's ambassador during the presidential campaign while still an alabama senator and advisor to the trump campaign. he did not disclose the communication during confirmation hearings, but the justice department says that there was nothing misleading about sessions response. at the same time presidential aids received a letter from the white house lawyers this week, instructing them to preserve e-mails and other materials that could be connected to investigations of russian interference in the election. the fbi is looking into possible contacts between trump campaign aids and russian intelligence officials time right now 5:36. in business news how internet providers could sell your personal information. >> that is not good. >> how president trump is inspiring investors, money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. futures are pointing to a
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little lower open but dow jones opened up above 21,000 mark. it jumped three hub and three. nasdaq rose 78 points. investors feeling good about president trump's promise of tax cuts, less regulation and spending a trillion dollars on infrastructure. earnings season is wrapping up and a lot of companies are reporting strong, profits. this week it is tail of the two ride sharing companies , lyft is reportedly in talks with investors for a new round of funding to help expand its service, this is coming just as rival uber is dealing with even more controversy. ceo of uber ace pol guying and admitting he needs to grow up after video surface that had shows him lashing out at his own driver over the company's pricing structure. fcc is making it easier for internet providers to sell your personal information, yes , you heard that correctly. the ruling overturned a new data security rule that was passed in october, requiring internet service providers to take reasonable measures to
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protect consumers personal data. so the whole issue here fcc says it isn't fair because social media sites like facebook, and google, don't to have apply to those same rules so, there you go, why should we expect minimum reasonable safety protections on the internet. >> because that logic makes total sense, jill. >> we will check in with you tomorrow. some new owners will take over new shuttered taj mahal casino in atlantic city. investor karl east can has sold the property to hard rock international. sales price not disclosed but hard rock plans to invest more than 300 million-dollar to turn taj into hard rock hotel and casino atlantic city. well, bipartisan policy center awarded former vice-president joe by when a congressional patriot award. coveted honor was bestowed upon biden at the museum in washington d.c. in front of the former collogues and friends. it is described as one that
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recognizes lead hours demonstrate political courage, and exceptional leadership throughout their careers, even in the most partisan times. >> your word, whether or not you can be trust ted to do what you say you will do. >> recognition comes just a couple months after former president obama surprised biden with the presidential medal of freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor. meantime biden family is responding now to published reports about a relationship that has generated some attention. "eyewitness news" has confirmed that page six report that hallie biden is in a romantic relationship with hunter biden, the vice-president's youngest son. hallie biden was married to beau biden, hunter's older brother who passed away in 2015. hunter biden is married but separated from his wife. in a statement to page six the vice-president say he and
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doctor jill biden have given the relationship their blessing. former president george w. bush visits california to promote his book portraits of courage. the forty-third president of the united states was at reagan national library yesterday. his book contains 66 oil paintings, he has done of veterans and essay about each. mr. bush clarified his remarks about how press is essential to democracy but some took it at as shot to president trump. mr. bush says that was not the case. >> i understand that there is a lot of critics. i don't want to make the president's job worse. no matter what political party is. it is a hard job. >> former president also added there should be a free, independent press but it should be accurate, he has now turned his focus to support those who have defended our country. when it comes out this month, disney new live action beauty and beast will have a historic first. plus this.
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we will tell but the trick these friend play on their teachers. also, i will tell you thousand get your home's duct work cleaned without getting scammed next on "eyewitness
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the beauty and the beast, the film will feature disney's
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first ever gay character. classic remake opening on up friday march 17th is adding something new. director told attitude magazine, the faux played by josh get has a sub plot about his sexuality which leads to the first exclusively gay moment, in a disney film. well, accountant behind biggest mistake in oscar history will never work at the awards show again, pricewater house coopers, partners, brian cullenan and martha ruiz were fired from the high profile job. he has reported extensively this week, accidentally gave warren beatty the wrong envelope for best picture leading to several confusing moments on stage, president of the philadelphia contacted my, blamed him for being distracted for tweeting during the show. he will, however both keep their jobs with the accounting firm. okay. so they still have their jobs, they just don't have the job. >> the job. >> it is called, come on.
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>> yes, if they are partners. >> she was on the other side, i think she's collateral damage but that is my own personal opinion. >> i understand, you went together, you lose together, jim donovan. >> i'm bailing, i'm bailing. >> you're leashed to this one. >> we need a leash to blow away from the wind today. >> well done. >> it is really blustery like you said our poor field crew is a head major hats off, literally and figuratively to trang do and all of the other wonderful guys out there. dealing with this wind this morning. we also applaud you, because you have to get out the door and get to work. trust me you will be facing blustery conditions. this particular camera shot from parkway central library even this one looks shaky here as we overlook franklin institute, but, you know, it is more than anything going to be something thaw notice when you walk out the door for next
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couple hours, then it should begin to ease, somewhat. now with that said eyewitness weather watchers are reporting this morning, we will take you around the region here not too many in delaware up and adam but we will go out near poconos 43 degrees from keith. he had a good point, if you are traveling, i80 for example , northeast extension, be careful near those trucks. high profile vehicles well do a lot worse then what a sports car will do on the highway with those winds. keep that in mind. they are vicious winds. forty-five is temperature and just south in bath pa from charles nice clear sky, the wind out of the northwest at 16 miles an hour. let's zoom in once or twice here outside city where 46 comes from bill, he is finding nice clear sky out in carding ton and he did make another good point. down power lines. we have heard reports of the trees. i have not heard of any power outages yet but if a tree comes down or couple branches it can bring down a power line
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with it. here's why this is all happening. low pressure exiting, high pressure attempting to take its place. it sets up in the meantime. back to the west though, here's, granted a light little smattering of snow showers and streak across dakotas but that is beginning of the next system that comes our way. it is a very minor system but it is, a clipper that will likely bring south rain and snow showers, that comes tomorrow, but high wind warning is in effect until 10:00 a.m. for most of you, the gusts could peak 60 miles an hour. we have seen flying debris, numerous trees coming down because of this and my advice today is garbage day to day secure those loose objects or you will hunt down your garbage can later on today. very quickly checking the seven day chill in the air, guys next couple days, take a look we will rebound by monday flirting with 68 degrees, meisha. looking outside at the roadways, lot to talk about or much of which has been
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disclosed and we will be seeing it outside though. burlington bristol bridge is scheduled to open up at 5:58. so in a couple minutes, that is going to be going up. cameras blowing around in the wind this is what we are seeing in a lot of our camera shots, blowing around, flags are whipping around like katie mentioned, debris, it is whipping around as well, just take it easy and thinking we have a high wind warning until 10:00 a.m. to check those flight status on line that is a very good thing to do. down tree route 100 northbound road is blocked, use an alternate gilbertsville road is your best bit there right now. also, another down tree this one fell in the house. we have down wires around here as well, mill street at sycamore avenue. that is not it we have more down trees 295 southbound past route 206 that right lane is block there, and then also we have another down tree 206 southbound blocked at route 73 is your best bet there. more to come in 10 minutes or
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so. rahel, over to you. >> busy morning. do you wand fur those apps for ducts cleaning is too good to be true. >> many scammers use low prices up front and trick new to paying more in the long run in this weeks angie's list report i have advice for avoiding those untrust worthy companies. thinking of having your air ducts cleaned you should be weary of cheap deals. >> a deal to clean your air ducts for 50 or $60 might not be what you expect. typically air duct cleaning cost about $300 and takes two to four hours to complete. >> it is a bait and switch. they get into the house and i can tell what you they will tell you, they will find mold and price will go from $59 to about $800 immediately. >> mold scams are common in the duct clean industry and un scrupulous contractors may even show you evidence they brought in themselves. some come extra prepared. >> they will say it is not safe to stay in the home. i have seen it where they
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carry, coupons for hotels so they tell them to leave the house. very, very rarely if ever does a family need to leave the house if there is a little bit of mold found inside air ducts >> to avoid anyone who pressure you into action and to look for someone certified by national air duct cleaners association. a good contractor would be happy to show you completed work even when it has been removed. that is visual evidence thaw can trust if someone tries to scare you, please ask them to leave. what i tell people is there is enough mold in this world for me to make a living, i don't need to scare anyone and i don't need to lie to anyone. experts say good idea to have your ducts cleaned if you notice mold around your heating system, pet infestation or dust or debris coming through your vents. if you have pets or smoke it is good idea to have it done every few years. >> good to know. >> oldest in the world may be old to the oldest micro fossils ever found.
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>> remains of these micro organisms could be 3.7 billion years old. they say fossils were formed by bacteria within layers of the quartz in eastern canada some are criticizing findings, they say fossils could have been formed by temperature and pressure changes in the quartz over the century. these images are from the surface of mars. nasa's rover has recently spotted several dust devil swirling around parts of the planet. rover has been investigating whirlwind on mount sharp sand dunes checking out how far they move, scientists say wind on mars has been shaping the landscape for billions of years. well, coming up, this is much different kind of landscape. >> this is no ordinary rock we will tell you what inside when we come right back.
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supplied with food and water, throughout his self imposed ordeal. abraham specializes in endurance testing performances , and next he is planning to sit on eggs, until they hatch. >> okay. >> self imposed was important part of that story. >> yes. >> the things people do. >> two preschoolers in company have come up with a plan to trick their teachers. >> they are getting identical haircuts in the hopes teacher cannot tell them apart. while mischief is on their mind they are teaching everyone a big lesson. the two are both great friends and as you can see they are different races but they are convinced their teacher won't tell them apart after they get the same haircut. >> i was like yeah we can trick the teacher because we will look just alike. she won't be able to tell the difference between the two of us. okay. again, i know what he looks like so that made me chuckle. >> i'm jackson. i'm jackson.
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>> boys plan to trick their teacher either today or tomorrow. >> you and i should do this and see if the bosses can figure out who is who. >> that means i would have to cut my hair. >> that ain't going to happen. >> we will see. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" it is like but for people and pets, i'll show you how new apps work with local shelf tours get pets adopted. plus a new treatment for migraines all coming up in our healthwatch, stay with
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well, we have been talking all morning about the wind and new we have seen damage and live picture from delaware county of the tree into a house near mill road and sycamore avenue. katie says there is a high wind warning in effect. she's also tracking a chance of some snow. also, philadelphia mayor jim kenney presents his budget for the city to day we will tell you what it means for taxes and road projects. and attorney general jeff sessions met with a russian envoy last year sparks calls from top democrats for him to step down. well to day is thursday, march 2nd, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. can you believe it is march 2nd.
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>> i'm just happy it is thursday. >> katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things. >> we're making headway. >> it is coming. >> good morning, everybody. we are looking outside on the roadways we have down trees, debris blowing around. a lot of issues that even oversized commercial vehicle drivers want to know about a lot going on this morning. >> all wind driven, very blustery outside right now. with the high wind warning in effect at the moment, up until 10:00 a.m. whole region is dealing with this. granted we don't have every single county covered here but all counties that are shaded in that orange coloring we have a wind advisory. no one is immune, it is windy every where but just more windy in these counties. gusts peeking as high as 60 miles an hour. for the most part what i have seen is gusts up to the mid 40 's so far. lets see where we are. we are at 40 miles an hour at reading, 29 in philly, still very noticeable, 35 in trenton and its goes


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