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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." and right now at noon, wild winds rip through the region causing a tree to come crashing down onto a delaware county home. big branch landing in the bedroom while the homeowner was sleeping. >> winds are also being blamed for few thousand power outages across the area, good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. alicia live in clifton heights with a look at the winds damage there, alicia?
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>> reporter: jim, rahel, it is interesting, foes most every thus morning the win was annoying, perhaps pushing you down the street, or trying to get into your car, but for other people throughout the region, especially some here in clifton heights, it caused bigger headaches and quite a bit of damage. fire in lower moore lands township just part of the wrath of today's windy weather. knock down power lines, sparked it, caused morning delays for commuters along septa's nearby west trenton line. lehigh county this picture from facebook shows a knock-down utility pole and tree blocking a road in zion ville. but his delaware county, may be the most damaged caused by the early morning winds, true blew over, landed on deliver ton heights home an around 5:30 a.m., causing quite a wild wake up for the homeowner. >> i was sleeping, and the tree came through on this side of the house, but the branch went over the top of the house and swung in, and went through my bedroom window on the other side. the window fell through and
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landed on my head. >> as you can see after the tree fell, that home own her few cuts and bruises but is expected to be okay. after the wrath of the wind this morning, after the wrath of the winds this morning, in clifton heights, alicia, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." thank you so much. well, the winds are starting to die down just a little bit. meteorologist, katie fehlinger roped off in the cbs-3 skydeck to keep her from blowing away. what can we expect, katie? >> yes, i don't literally have a leash out here but it might not be the bad idea. it is beginning to ease somewhat, peak earlier today high wind warning for wind gusts generally peaking as high as about 45 miles per hour. so, very noticeable, now we've got that sun beating down, not necessarily very warm afternoon, but that sun is feeling better and better with every passing day that it is sun angle higher and higher. looking good high pressure
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trying to regain control. not much stormy weather to report. in fact, storm system that brought in the cold front long continues departing, that's also why the winds will continue to ease all it be gradually through the rest of the day. here's where we currently stand with the temperature change, yes, colder day, to say the least, already into the 70s, and handful of spots, by about this same time yesterday. 21 degrees in the negative's, by comparison to yesterday's temperatures, at noontime here in philadelphia. so, where does that mean we ends up standing? at the moment up fourth's most spots, around ooh degrees, both at the shore and in philadelphia. through the rest of the day with more sunn sun than anythin, but keeping in mind of course that the winds continues to be the main theme and we will see it continue to crank as high as maybe 20, 25 miles per hour if not 30 sustained winds that is through the rest of the afternoon as it continues to ease up. it should continue to do so through the overnight too. much, much calmer atmosphere by this same time tomorrow. but, reinforcing chill is also coming along, with that said, we may even see couple of
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snowflakes come tomorrow. so coming up a bit later on, talk about that word, the s word, snow. are we looking attack lakes this time? and also, i'm going to time things out for you just a little later on, guys? >> thank you, katie. see you in just a few minutes. in other news this noon, teen boy has been arrested and charged with a vicious attack and robbery of elderly woman in chester county. we first reported earlier this week, the 72 year old victim was beaten, tied up, and left for dead, in her east brandywine township home last wednesday. relative found the woman four days later in a closet. the 17 year old facing several charges as a juvenile, including attempted murder. prosecutors say they'll seek to have him charged as an adult. philadelphia mayor jim kenney just finished presenting his seconds budget tote sit councilment among his goals for the new fiscal year, wants to get more people to work and wants to reduce drug addiction. expanding the lock zone of philadelphia families at risk for overdose, the mayor also took some time to celebrate the success the city experienced under the philly
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beverage tax in the past year. >> city council's courageous vote took our city's fight against poverty to a whole new level. the dates philly beverage tax 2,000 free quality pre k seats and nine community schools serving 4500 student. >> the mayor has also proposed a significant investment to reduce homelessness in the city. i hopes rapid re housing programs will keep families off the streets and out of the shelter system. >> the mayor continues to receive some push-back from business owners affected by the city beverage tax. >> "eyewitness news" outside city hall where small business owners explain how they've been hit hard by the tax. they claim since the tax went into effect in january, they've been forced to layoff employees due to a decrease in sales. >> everyone down here, just very concerned about their jobs, and their future, and the well-being of their families. people down here, this is how they make their living. >> now, response, mayor kenney said the soda industry is
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holding the jobs of hard working people hostage, just yesterday, pepsi announced it is laying off workers and blamed the beverage tax. >> philadelphians are coming together this noon, in support of the jewish community affected by recent act every vandalism. happening now at independence mall, stand against hate rally, we're told in response to vandalism at the mount carmel cemetery in the wissinoming section, hundreds of tombstones were knocked over. >> half forwards college observe ago moment of silence, student take a string against hateful acts, comes after was seen pence to a bulletin boards. the college posted hollow cast survivor, shares his story about the holocaust. >> in other news, some lawmakers now calling on attorney general self session toss resign, this follows revelations as sessions has two meetings with russian ambassadors while us senator, also an advisor to then presidential candidate donald trump. correspondent don champion at
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the white house with the latest. >> failed to disclosed two meetings with russia ambassador to the u.s. into last year. >> i have been called a surrogate at a time or two, in that campaign, a i have communications with the russians. >> justice department spokesperson says that as a member of the armed services committee, last year, the senator had over 25 conversations with foreign ambassadors, this morning, attorney general sessions responded to the allegations. >> i have not discussed any. >> they aren't buying it, saying they did not tell the truth under oath. >> he caused the department of justice to be above reproach for the good of the country, attorney general sessions should resign. >> so far no republicans are calling for the attorney general to resign, but more and more are joining democrats in saying he should not lead
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any investigations into connections between the trump campaign and russia. >> pending his ability to clarify, what actually occurred, i do think he needs to clarify, and dow think he should recuse himself. >> the attorney general consulting with department of justice lawyers, about his role in the russian investigation. >> don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." well, president trump's cab knelt is getting closer to being filled about an hour ago the senate vote today confirm ben carson secretary of housing and urban development. the vote 59 to 41, the retired neurosurgeon will lead the agency's 83,000 employees and $47 billion budget. it is unclear when carson's swearing in will take place. >> president trump head today shipyards in newport news virginia this afternoon, to promote his plans to build up the nation's military. the president is scheduled to delivered remarks later today aboard the uss gerald ford forward, the new $12.9 billion
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war ship is slated to be commissioned later this year. the president will also meet with shipbuilders, and tour the new carrier. >> and now taj mahal won't be closed for long, will soon reopen under hard rock, has sold the property for undisclosed amount. hard rock says it plans to invest more than $300 million to turn it into a hard rock hotel and casino atlantic city. the casino workers union says they're excited for the jobs, the new project will create. coming up: disney will make history when it newest film hits theatres later this month. >> that's coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this noon, plus the video went viral. group of fishermen reeling in a great white shark. we will tell you why the big cash should lands all of them in hot water. >> and who squeaked through security at london airport causing big delays and angry passengers.
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>> more than two dozen tornados reported tuesday night, violent weather blamed for the death of at least five people. >> today the recovery efforts begin more than 100 homes in perryville missouri were damaged with many of them being destroyed from above you can see the scope of the damage in ottawa, illinois, about 80 miles outside of chicago, tornados have swept through these communities packed winds of up to 155 miles per hour. >> the windows busted out. there is debris everywhere, in the house, the only room that didn't get touched, luckily by
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the grace of god, is my room and my daughter's room. the rest of them, sorry. >> well the white house is talking to state and local officials about distributing aid. >> well, a four legged stow-away prompted british airways to delay afloat from london to san franciscoment passengers buckled and ready to go when someone spotted a mouse, not to be confuse wad mouse, in the cabin. everyone on board was forced deplane, the airline apologized for the delay and put them on another plane. >> make sure he didn't chew through wires. >> group of fishermen could lead to criminal charges. this is cell phone video, the fishermen reeling in what appears to be great white shark, rahel. state and federal law requires that those who catch great whites to release them immediately or face fines up to $10,000. the fishermen equipment suggest they were trying to catch something big.
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>> sole phonied video ends with shark on the peer, man who took the footage claims he threw the shark back into the water. >> okay, well, disney live action remake of the beauty and the beast will feature first ever gay character, direct or bill told attitude magazine played by actor as a sub plot about his sexuality. sidekick in the film, the remake opens friday march 17th. and i love this story, rolls royce is making unique vehicles for some small but very special drivers. this is rolls royce srh it, belongs to the young patient at britain's richards hospital. kids drive the electric cars through the hospital hauls, to the operating room. rolls royce says the cars help the children feel little less stressed out as they head to surgery. >> well, you may have heard the saying caught between a rock and a hard place? >> still ahead on "eyewitness news," wait until you see what was living inside this big rock, we'll open it up, take a look inside next.
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katie? >> rahel, get ever closer to that coming weekends. looking like high pressure will hook us up with overall pleasant weather. i expect sunshine both days, brightest day looks to be saturday, but also the most chilly. that said, warming trends gets underway through the weekends, and we are looking a lot more seasonable, for sunday, just very chilly for the first half. stay there, coming right back.
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>> some pretty cool images from the surface of mars. nasa rover recently spotted
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several rolling around, the rover has been investigating how far winds can move. now, scientists say the winds on mars has actually been shaping the landscape for billions of years. that's awesome. >> very cool. >> really neat. >> speaking every winds, back here? >> yes. >> your hair's back, too. >> i had to do some last minute fixing in the weather offers. yes, it is not a day for, you know, really intricate hairstyles. >> even worse this morning, though, i mean, that winds? >> bingo. >> felt it pushing you, so thankfully again starting to ease up little bit. that's good news, we are actually going to continue to see this ease up rather gradually through the rest of the day even into tonight. still breezy, but progressively getting a little bit better. i'll show you the current winds in just south carolina we start things offer by taking you outside to view right now of "skycam 3", looking live over center city philadelphia. beautiful shot. nothing but bright blue skies, sunshine, right overhead here
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at high noon, throw the current conditions over top of this. 47 degrees currently at philadelphia international airport. factoring in a wind, that's almost 30 miles per hour, though, ya, will make it feel colder. feels more like 38 degrees, so you want to bundle up for wintery conditions, basically. now that we are watching the storm system that yesterday brought in all of the spring like warmth, the stormy weather, that's departing it continues to move ever further away, we start to seat win easing up even more so with time. not the only system in the pipeline though. we've got another one. you can see streaks every snow that have broken out across portions of northeast missouri, iowa, part of another clipper system sipping on in. if you know anything about clippers you know that they tends to move very quickly, usually don't have a lot of moisture, and more than anything they serve to reinforce the chill. this would be a classic. pretty much for us, want whether it gets hereby tomorrow. we turn our focus jump to you 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. it will be clear. this system looks like it has slowed down quite a bit by bumm number of hours, likely
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doesn't touch off any scattered showers until the afternoon, there, this particular model, is suggesting it is nothing but snow showers. granted very scattered in nature. but i wouldn't be shocked to see some raindrops within this, as women. even though there could be really quick burst of snow into the afternoon, it is out of here within an hour over any given location. so, not going to have a enough moisture or b enough time, for this to stick let alone accumulate. so really don't think we have to worry about any accumulating snow out of this, even by 6:00, what it will have done is kick the winds back up again, also usher in more chill. looking at future snow amount, sort of drivers the point home little bit more here. at worse you see .10 of an inch of snow out of it, again dealing with much warmer grounds at this point. so, if it sticks anywhere it, will have to be unpaved surface. even then not much. so no shovels required this time, thankfully, but that's more than anything going to be reinforcing the colds for us, looking at the current winds gust, still pretty brutal. atlantic city, 45-mile per hour gust currently being
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reported nearing 40 up and down i-95, ya, it is quite blustery outside. and at least a little bit better than it was early this morning, but it is still pretty noticeable. now, this is one of those cameras, outside at kutztown area middle school that's been rocking and rolling, looks like it might have actually gotten stuck at this point. tough to tell if this is live pick. there goes. right on q. thank you. 37 degrees the current temperature, northwester wind continuation to change before you are your very eyes, live observation, other than patchy clouds nothing but sun the rest of the day. all about that winds. making it feel chilly. with that said, that is our fire risk, not the prettiest day to be outside grilling, but if you have cigarette butts, anything like that, careful with the open flame. make sure to put it in the proper recepticle, still winds which lower relative humidity. any wild fire that starts can spread quickly. we saw that early this morning with wild fire that did end up getting started during the morning rush. sunny, blustery, cooler day,
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high about 50 degrees. the winds will continue to crank at high as 30 miles per hour, higher gusts. later tonight it begins to ease up. still breezy at 50 miles per hour -- 15 miles per hour but sure beats 30. tomorrow and saturday look to be the chilliest days of the pack, scattered showers every rain and snow, don't have to worry about any accumulation there, then back to the 60s, come early next week, so up and down we go, and continue on that path. >> oh, well. >> justin always dressed inapropriately. >> well, this is an unusual living space, take a look, french artsies stepping out after 12-ton limestone boulder, get this, where he's been encased since february 22. >> what? >> the body shaped hole just big enough for him to sit in. air came through holes in the rock. he was supplied with food and water through his-self-imposed ordeal. abraham specializes in endurance testing, performances, next, he's planning to sit on eggs until
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they hatch. >> cuckoo you might say? >> okay. >> that floats his boat, all right. coming up: celebrating -- let's just move on. coming up: celebrating dr. seuss on his birthday. >> you wouldn't s
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>> coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at five, tired of throwing out fruits and vegtables because how quickly they go bad in they say they've found a natural way to extend the shelf life
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up to five times longer. that's at a. >> jim, some of the oldest rocks in the worlds may be home to the oldest micro fossiles ever found. >> scientists in canada say these remains of these micro organisms could be at least 3.7 billion years old. london scientists say the fossiles were formed by bacteria, within layers of quarts in eastern canada. >> also today is read across america day, schools and libraries all across the country are taking part over at the parkway central library in philadelphia, visitors were treated to a reading of some of the dr. seuss classic books, read across america celebration marks what has been the 113th birthday of the famed children's author. >> they're classic books. >> oh, the places we will go. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at a . we're always on line at the young and the restless is next. have a great day everyone.
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>> jill: so you found this in the mailbox? no address. just my name. >> esther: in mrs. c's handwriting. it's kind of like a miracle, isn't it? a letter from the other side. >> jill: [ mockingly ] oh, it's kind of like a miracle. how did it get there? >> esther: well, someone must have put it in the mailbox. >> jill: like who, esther? >> esther: i don't know! does it matter how it got here? mrs. c wrote that to you! why don't you just open it? >> jill: this is so bizarre! so what does she want to tell me? and do i really want to hear it? >> colin: my god. isn't she beautiful? i'm gonna love her all the more if she's worth the kind of money that we're talking about. but, you know, being a fauchet


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