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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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i'll tell but some parts of the area could get snow, and "eyewitness news" at 6:00, starts right now. where are the kids going to go? i don't know. >> frustrated, concerned. the at 6:00 o'clock here's is what happening, parents and grandparents are speaking out after plans to shut down a local charter school. the decision could leave nearly 700 students looking for a new place to learn next year. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in camden with more on how school plans to fight the decision, cleve? >> reporter: well, camden community charter school is practically brand new, just opened less than four years ago and school officials tell us they are reviewing their legal options after just finding out that their charter has been revoked. the up outing of their children was stressful
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thursday as parents, grandparents became aware that the camden community charter school will close in june. >> it is still hard, you cannot do that. >> i don't think they should because kids need school. >> reporter: every five years charter schools must apply, camden community was one of the 21 charter schools statewide up for recruise and only one reject. state education officials say that the school's were among the lowest among charter schools in camden and bottom 6 y schools. they conclude that the school is not providing its students a high quality education. >> we need to review this. teachers are great. they enforce the kids to learn report rorrer school denied an interview instead releasing a statement firing back at the state by saying today's decision to revoke the camden community charter school is extremely disappointing and completely unwarranted n3 and a half years of education camden students, cccs and he had dedicated teachers have stabilized one of the camden's
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most troubled neighborhoods. parents are caught completely off guard. >> for me to start another place, another school, it is, you know, i am not happen bye that. >> reporter: poor test scores may not be the school's only problem, we discovered a letter from the state in january finding 13 issues with how the school managed individual education plans, for students with learning disabilities. >> i don't know about anything else but they get good report cards every month. for them to close i don't know what is going on over there. >> reporter: unless the school gets the courts to overturn this decision they have been ordered to close on june 30th, and the school has to work with the local public school district on where to place students. live from camden i'm cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in wilmington delaware an overdose scare sent six du pont middle school students to the hospital this afternoon. school officials say that one student gave five classmates a substance that turned out to be vitamin c pills. all six students were checked out at ai du pont children's hospital in wilmington as a precaution.
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district says all of the students are in stable condition. mayor jim kenney presented his budget proposal to philadelphia city council to day but it is the signature legislation of his budget from last year that is getting a lot of attention. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us from city hall to explain, good evening, greg. >> reporter: beginning. mayor's total budget totals more than $4.3 billion, some 92 million-dollar of that is coming from the philadelphia beverage tax and that is proving to be very controversial. as mayor jim kenney presented city council with his budget for fiscal year 2018, a few dozen protested outside against the cities beverage tax. >> we're just here putting a face on the jobs being lost as a result of this terrible tax. >> reporter: although beverage tax income of 92 million-dollar represents a fraction on of the total $4.4 billion budget, the mayor says that money has already made a difference in the lives
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of many philadelphians. >> today philly beverage tax has funded 2,000 free quality prek seats and nine community schools, serving 4500 students >> reporter: mayor says that tax will continue to fund other programs, for years to come. >> all said philadelphia beverage tax will allow city to dedicate half billion dollars over the next five years to programs, specifically proven to reduce poverty. >> reporter: but not everyone is pleased with how the tax seems to target one industry. >> it is a question of, attacking one industry, as opposed to more broad based tax that wouldn't cost us jobs and targeted an industry that isn't really doing anything wrong. >> reporter: even with pepsi cola blaming soda tax for dozens of layoffs locally mayor kenney is steadfast in his report. >> what i think is sad is pepsi cola their company is basically used them as sack physician lambs to make a point. you have a company that has
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had $35 billion in sales last year, $6 billion in profits. they are making a point on the backs of these workers. >> reporter: now ukee and jessica, today's speech was just an introduction to the budget and has to go through many hearings and final vote by city council. we are told final budget could be approved as early as this may. we're live here at city hall, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 three "eyewitness news". a big purchase in atlantic city hard rock international and two other new jersey investors have officially purchased the former taj mahal casino. deal could potentially create thousands of new jobs. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live in atlantic city with the latest on the sale, alycia? >> reporter: jessica, with the sale we're talking about 3,000 new jobs, most of whiz will go to old taj mahal employees who lost their jobs just a few months ago. the front doors of the taj mahal are closed for now wood
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blocks other entrances but there is a new plan to revise this old hotel and casino. >> it is great for the area, great for people who lost their jobs. >> reporter: two new jersey investors and hard rock international have purchased taj mahal and plan to invest 300 million-dollar, on renovations, and rebranding it as a new hard rock hotel and casino. >> i think it is a good thing. hard rockies a very well name and draws in a lot of people. >> president of the hard rockies from linwood, local new jersey boy and both jack morris and joe very successful new jersey developers, also jersey boys, makes it very exciting. >> reporter: in a statement hard rock international chairman agrees saying that we are excited to be part of this revitalization of atlantic city. we are 100 percent convinced hard rock hotel and casino atlantic city will be a success. taj mahal into the hard rock hotel and casino will also mean nearly 3,000 new jobs,
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many of those jobs will likely be rehires. rehires of the thousands of old taj mahal employees who for the that are jobs but lost them late last year when taj mahal closed. >> we have people all over south jersey, that are unem ployed that are very good job skilled casino em police report report union for old taj mahal employees told us earlier today that it will look forward to working with new owners to create those good quality jobs. those jobs though are not expected to arrive until the summer of 2018 when taj mahal becomes hard rock hotel and casino. in atlantic city alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police say teen responsible for beating, binding, leaving a seven two-year old east brandywine township woman to die in the dark closet is under arrest. tonight we are learning the 17 year-old accused attacker ran away from devereaux's east brandywine campus.
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a behavioral health facility. prosecutors say that the teen bound the victim, strangled her, wrapped her head in the plastic bag and then tossed her in a storage room where she was found four days later. >> when he was strangling her, when he was choking her out, he said to her during the course of this attack you're going to see jesus soon. >> police say the 17 year-old is originally from thailand and has been in trouble before he randomly targeted the woman , took her credit cards and stole her car. police were later able to link him to surveillance video in a convenience store. demolition crew makes a startling find in ocean county , new jersey. workers event entered replica torpedo while tearing down the sanity i house, a gardening antiques business on atlantic city boulevard in south toms river. the u.s. navy has now taken possession of the replica torpedoes to be disposed of properly. whipping winds leads to damage across our area gust where is strong enough to bring down power lines causing this fire in lower moreland,
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leading to some delays on septa's west trenton line. and, in delaware county a man is nursing some cuts after a toppled tree slams into its clifton heights home. those injuries were not serious we're told. those winds have died down but the cold will hang around, kate. that is right we had wind over 50 miles an hour across parts of the area but even though winds have died down it is blustery, chilly, i will tell but bitter wind chills into the weekend. and a trip back in time, where you cannery visit roaring 20's right here in philadelphia. also a big day in paulsboro, reason people were gathering for an arrival, 50 years in the making, leslie? well, eagles with some trade rumors swirling at combine, we will tell you who exactly is peeking their interests. speaking of trades, new member of the flyers has joined the team, meet him ahead in sports
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port of the paulsboro is now opened for business this afternoon state and local official where is on hand for a ceremony marking the first ship to dock at new marine terminal in american 50 years. a revitalization project transformed the site from the contaminated oil tank farm into a viable economic hub for the region. officials say that the new port will create more than a thousand jobs.
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some kids who loved the game of chess but their skills took a competitive test. >> "eyewitness news" at after school activities partnership scholastic chess lead finals today. it was some of the penn museum on the archaeology and anthropology. teams have been competing in tournaments in philadelphia schools, the top teams showed off their best moves today, and that is a great, great activity. >> playing chess. prohibition is back, national constitution center welcomes wildly successful american spirit, the rise and fall of the prohibition back to the museum for a limited engagement. >> start to finish, exhibit is step inside and you will be transported back to the roaring 20's. >> ♪ >> reporter: bought leggers, bottles and brawn, roaring 20 's saw dawn of the movement. >> how was it possible that a nation of drinkers voted to make itself dry. >> reporter: what began as a request for people to voluntarily give up alcohol in the early 1900's quickly
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turned into a ban introducing a time of innovation for those looking to make a buck illegally. >> you could watch real videos , you can gain international video games where you drive a boat and catch rumrunners. >> reporter: american spirit rise and fall of the pro hib business exhibit at national constitution center doesn't just teach about the wild ways bought leggers evaded authorities but it shows you. >> it is artifacts, and the images that stick in the mind, almost that balance, the state convention electors or the 20 's dresses or speak easy. >> reporter: 5,000 square foot exhibit originally opened in 2012 and is back featuring over 100 rare artifacts. whiskey cars key signed to carry illegal cargo discrete liz and a telephone used by roy almsteady to operate his empire. and yes, flapper dresses, cocktail, and even dance moves from the 1920's.
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>> it gave me a challenge with my coordination, and figuring out what to do, it is pretty difficult. >> reporter: critically acclaimed exhibit would be created by national constitution center to take visitors back in time, leaving them from the beginning of the prohibition, the reveal of the constitutional a moment. american spirit, the rise and fall of the prohibition exhibit runs through sunday july 16th at the national constitution center. you can learn more, and also find link to buy tickets at cbs pretty interesting. very cool. >> yes, it is. >> kate's joins us with the forecast. we are talking wind. did you say snow showers depending for some people. >> i did say that. speaking of very cool, we have very cool temperatures on the waste and chance for a few snow showers or squals. this is mainly tomorrow afternoon. between three and 6:00 p.m. that means perhaps a slow down for tomorrow morning's commute we will talk about what we have in store. it feels like old man winter has come back in time for start of the march. yesterday temperatures in the 70's to day a whole lot
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different and it is only getting colder heading in the weekend. here's is what going on, we will go outside to a beautiful shot here from our parkway central library camera looking live at center city and gorgeous sky, the sunsetting, and those days are going to be getting very much longer. the daylight, in the evenings, at least, it will get lighter, later in the morning but it will stay light later in the evening. we expect our sunset time in two weeks, less than two weeks now, march 12th, daylight savings time begins and sun will set in the 7:00 o'clock hour. even at 6:17 beautiful color in the skies here looking live and a lot of traffic there on the vine street expressway. here's a live look on storm scan three and snow showers we will see tomorrow. it is a weak disturbance moving through ohio, right now , producing scattered snow showers and squals. these will not be every where tomorrow but as we know, even as small but intense snow squall can drop a quick coating of snow on the grass but more worrisome it can lead to reduced visibility on the
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road and cut down visibility in any falling snow. today is misleading. 62 degrees was the high. that sounds amazing except we hit that at midnight and then temperatures dropped through the overnight hours and through to daze, and ended up below average in the afternoon our low 45 degrees, and that is where we are right now. current winds are out of the northwest, right now, sustained winds at 15 miles an hour. better then it was earlier, gusts to 30. still blustery but we are not feeling these damaging winds in the 50's and 55 miles an hour range that we had earlier today. but with the breeze, it is feeling cooler then thermometer indicates as you can see at bottom of the screen right above the number three, 44 degrees, but it feels like 30's in center city philadelphia feels like 33 in reading. thirty-three in allentown. it will feel colder this weekend. here's the timing on these snow showers, tomorrow, it is quiet. noon time hour no problems but look at the west just this line of scattered snow coming through poconos, lehigh valley , berks county around
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3:00 p.m. possibly across the city at 5:00. while these are not every where there could be reduced visibility as these squalls come through. for your friday scattered snow showers, mainly in the afternoon, could leave a quick coating, only on the grass surfaces and gusty winds will accompany those snow squals as they move through. wake up saturday morning feeling like the teens and single digits and even in the afternoon saturday feels no better then the lose 20's, thanks to a strong gusty wind out of the north and west. tonight, 31, still breezy and cold, feeling like 20's tomorrow morning. tomorrow watch for those scattered afternoon snow showers, rest of the day is mostly sunny and saturday we will see sun as well but that 38, that is 10 degrees below average and will feel about 20 to 30 degrees below average with the win. sunday's less harsh. monday we are back to near 60 and 64 with showers on tuesday we have gone from spring to winter, now we are heading back to spring. >> that time of the year. >> yes, yes. >> thanks, kate.
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>> leslie up next in sports. >> flyers have a new assistant captain we will tell you who it is and dario saric picking up an award, finally some good news for the sixers a
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leslie joins us now getting things started with the flyers. >> these are really important games. >> yes, they are. >> home stretch. the flyers taking on panthers down at the center tonight, 20 games left, four-point out of that final playoff spot but tonight they will get least enforcement. they picked up valtteri filppula, he got equated with his teammates today. he says he waved his in trade clause to come to the flyers, because he is recommended, from former flyers, kimmo timonen and other players. >> i just think it is a very good team, good organization, and have a couple of friends who played here and said a lot of good things. it was an easy decision to put
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on the list. >> after trading mark streit one of the flyers alternate captain spots needed to be filled so coach dave hakstol announced that pierre edward bellmawr will wear the a. he signed a two year extension with the flyers, but he might not seem like obvious choice hakstol had high praise for bellmawr. >> there is other guys in this room that are great leaders, you know, and will continue to lead with or without a letter but he will be a great addition to our captain group. >> a lot of things happened in the week. it is no berth timing then right now. so, she doesn't know yet. >> well, no secret that the eagles need help with wide receiver. now that all of the teams are at the combine trade rumors starting to swirl, eagles and titans have been linked to a potential trade involving brandon cooks, no trade could be official until next thursday at 4:00 o'clock. finally, will good news
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for sixers, dario saric has been named eastern conference rookie of the movement he led all rookies averaging 17 points, eight rebounds over 12 games. news is welcomed after last night's huge loss to the heat and loss of both ben simmons and joel embiid for the season >> yeah. >> something good. >> yes. >> 6-foot 10 and he has got skills. we will be all right. he has major skills. i like that. >> yes. >> leslie, thanks. his nickname is scorecheck but flyers fans didn't want this goal to be his. >> but it is response by jay voracek that has them taking their hats off when we come right
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flyers jay voracek took something from his teammate wayne simmonds during tuesday 's game with colorado and now giving something to a local hospital. >> this happened when simmonds thought he scored a hat trick during the first period against avalanche. three goals in the same game for one player. fans threw hats on the ice, as tradition calls for it. but it turns out the puck last
6:29 pm
touched voracek so goal was actually his and hat trick was no more. >> oh, no. >> so hats came out, okay. >> a little early. >> 396 hats were already tossed on to the ice and to make up for it, scoresick, voracek is purchasing 396 new hats, and donating them to children's hospital of philadelphia. >> that ace nice gesture. >> that is, how about that. >> yes. >> people ready to throw those hats at. >> that is it. >> how long does it take, 396 hats that is a lot of hats. wayne train, plenty more in the future. in doubt. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", board navy's new aircraft carrier, president trump visited u.s.s. gerald ford today, most expensive ship ever built with a price tag of $13 billion, here now from new york is scott pelley.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: he swore to tell the truth, and insists he did. the attorney general denies lying about meeting with russia's ambassador. >> my reply to the question of senator franken was honest and correct as i understood it at the time. >> pelley: but jeff sessions removes himself from the f.b.i.'s election tampering investigation. also tonight, the commander in chief campaigns for his military buildup. >> we're going to start winning again. >> pelley: skinny genes-- the genetic disorder that kept her from gaining weight could one day help others lose it. >> i guess that's what i was put here to do, and that's why i was born this way. >> pelley: and in our series


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