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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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just four years oldies re covering at st. christopher's hospital as you mentioned a neighbor found him with the cell phone in his hand ready to call the authorities. >> you know, it is just heart breaking. >> reporter: residents on the 3300 block of e street in kensington watched, around 11:20 friday as par medicine innings rushed two elderly grandparents to the hospital after a fire in their row home >> neighbors say that the two lived here were four grandchildren and youngest four year-old alejandro was also inside when the fire began. >> ran in there, out of the kitchen. >> reporter: reshawn did not hear smoke alarms but saw smoke and ran into rescue the little boy. >> yes, almost got down the steps. >> reporter: child is recovering at st. christopher's hospital according to family members who were too emotional to speak on camera. meantime philadelphia fire commissioner adam tiehl praised quick work of the 60 fire fighters and medics on the scene.
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>> our members always do their best. sometimes it is just, beyond us, but we're hopeful. >> reporter: back here live you can see damage is contained to the second floor, thinks where fire officials believed that this blaze began although it is still too early to determine, a cause, at this point, there is no fire damage to the surrounding units. for now live from kensington i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have breaking news, from harrisburg, the pennsylvania senate democrats have been locked out of their computers by a cyber attack on their computer network. senate democratic leader jay costa says hacker is demanding an unspecified amount of machine toy unlock network. democrats are working with law enforcement and microsoft to resolve this issue. we will stay on top of this breaking news story. right now a former journalist fired for allegedly making a details in news stories is now accused of threatening at least eight jewish community centers nationwide in january, and in
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february. juan thompson of st. louis, missouri is and rest and facing cyber stalking charge. federal authorities say 31 year-old made threats to harass a former girl friend. thompson is also a accused of threatening anti defamation league's new york headquarters >> just because it has been an arrest today around our bomb threats does not mean that the threats are disappeared or will stop. hate towards the jewish community and other minority groups is very real. >> reporter: federal officials continue their investigation in, to more than 100 other bomb threats, targeting jewish institutions national liz, including pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. it is looking, and feeling like winter, again with a snow squall moving through the area , chopper three found one of the squalls about an hour go aheaded towards philadelphia. the snow showers will not amount to much but they are a reminder that it is still winter out there. one of the squalls also moved through, schwanksville montgomery county.
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eyewitness video was sent by a viewer not sticking to the ground little flakes there meteorologist kate bilo live on the skies deck with how cold it will get as we kick off the weekend though, kate. >> definitely feeling a whole lot more like winter then spring which is fitting because it is still winter despite february's attempts at the contrary and we have some snow squall moving through, weakening right now, lets get out to storm scan three. nothing in the city, full sun behind me here but thinks thanks to a weak fast moving clipper system moving through, doesn't have a ton of moisture witt but does have strong wind when these squals develop wind will drive snow and you can have briefly blinding conditions out there on the roads. right now heaviest squall is over bucks county, dark purple shading there across bucks count that i will slow you down in that area right around bedminster. as we head south there is a smaller squall just starting to push out of south jersey. squall are weakening but low visibility on the roads through the next hour or so before the squalls weaken
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after sunset tonight. temperatures right now on the cold side, 35 in philadelphia, 31 in allentown, 32 in reading these don't look terrible but much colder then we felt recently but we have to factor in the wind. while winds are not as strong as they were yesterday, gusty breeze is making it feel no better than teens or 20's outside and if you can believe it, it will only get colder from here as we head into tonight and tomorrow we will tell but brutal wind chills. we will show you cool time lapse of what these look like when they move in and out very quickly. for now, back inside to you. police are searching for gunman who opened fire on a group of people outside a bar in philadelphia's mt. airy section. this happened just after 2:00 on the 7100 block of germantown avenue. four people were shot after open mike night ended at 7165 restaurant. all victims are expected to survive. police say an argument motivated the gun fire. >> we strongly believe that the shooter, was actually
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inside the bar restaurant right before the fight and the shots were fired and there are cameras, working cameras, that are inside of the bar restaurant. more than likely that individual was caught on camera. >> police are searching for shooter who fled in a red or maroon colored car. multi structure fire in the north jersey shore town leaves two fire fighters with minor injuries and entire block damaged. investigators say fire started around 5:00 in the vacant hotel in ocean grove monmouth county. those flames quickly spread to two condo minimum buildings and four homes. all of the residents were able to escape unharmed. >> i have never seen anything like this with these homes, buildings, it could have been much worse. throw in the fact elements, winds, it could have been worse. >> officials are working to pinpoint what sparked the fire fire fighters were also battling flames in new york's trump international hotel. fire on a upper floor led to the evacuation of the guests and workers this morning.
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one person had to be treated for smoke inhalation and as for cause authorities believe is blame a piece of machinery malfunctionness a unit under construction. investigation is underway into what caused a massive pothole to form in philadelphia's port richmond section. the three by 4-foot gaping hole was first reported thursday afternoon, near east clear field and carroll streets. it was immediately block off traffic, that area remains closed. we are told at least one car was damage after getting stuck in the hole. new video is raising questions about a high speed police chase end thatted with the death of the teenager. nick lays, led police on 10- mile chase in georgia. deputies smashed his window and taserd him. you can see one deputy put his neon back of the teen's neck for 40 seconds. deputies since started cpr 10 minutes after he stopped moving. his autopsy report site three dollars causes of the death use, of the stun gun and compression to the neck and torso and also says that third
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cause was methamphetamine intoxication. >> i know he shouldn't have run. i understand that. but it really wasn't their place to end his life. >> his parents have filed a civil suit against the maris county georgia sheriff's office. is there an an alarming trend in the fight against drug abuse hitting our area and affecting very youngest among us. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in center city to tell us about the new research on the amount of babies born with addiction, greg. >> reporter: jessica we're talking about opioids, things like heroin or prescription painkillers. just yesterday mayor announced two million-dollar to help battle this problem, a problem which is now passing from mothers to their infant children. when you think of those addicted to opioids, you may not think of a society's most vulnerable but new report shows one in 50 pennsylvanians
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will be born addicted to opioids. >> we have seen this coming. >> reporter: doctor jay green span is chair of the pediatric at ai du pont children's hospital. he says he is not surprised there has been a 250 percent increase in neonatal stays since 2,000 due to opioid addiction. >> we always see it in jefferson in center city philadelphia now we are seeing it in the suburbs throughout the state, throughout the country. they will show signs thaw cannot imagine, jitteriness, hyper activity, in a ability to eat, they may even have seizure. >> high school it is all starting. >> reporter: this woman's daughter was addicted to heroin for years and that struggle tore apart her family >> once i just took her in the car and i left her in the middle and say go where ever, i don't want to see you again. i gave up. >> reporter: it wasn't until her daughter became pregnant that she sought out treatment. >> we didn't believe her from the beginning.
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>> what we do we put them back and slowly wean it off. it takes two to four weeks to do that. >> reporter: that process is very costly and time consuming but fortunately doctor greenspan says it won't lead to permanent damage. >> the good news is once they get through this they can be totally normal. they can be totally normal for rest of the life. we don't they it causes permanent brain injury. >> reporter: this same report says that just last year alone in pennsylvania, these extended hospital stays to help wean these infants off of the opioids cost the state more than 20 million-dollar. i'm live from center city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. students at a delaware county catholic school are saying thank to you officers in their community, "eyewitness news" at saint aloysius academy in bryn mawr where students honored officers from the radnor police department this morning students handed out special awards to those officers and then sang a few songs.
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close to 70 new police officers will be hitting the streets in philadelphia, "eyewitness news" at today's graduation ceremony for philadelphia's new officers. this class includes 58 philadelphia police recruits, nine temple police recruits and one recruit for the housing authority. each graduate completed eight months of police academy training and we want to wish a big congratulations to everyone. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" it is one of the stories you have to sees to believe. least high val i woman loses 180 pounds in just one day. how it all happened, coming up at 5:30. high tech tsa we will show you new scanners that can make traveling east year and safer, tori. >> old tv show makes its return as laugh out loud action comedy the stars of the chips stopped by cbs-3 studios action comedy the stars of the chips stopped by cbs-3 studios and wedear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to want to relax with your family.
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well, thousands of people,
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camped out overnight, in hopes of getting their hands on the latest gaming gadget. midnight marked the official release of the nintendo's anticipated gaming console the switch. gamers didn't let cold temperatures stop them from lining up, this is best buy in south philadelphia, where long lines, wrapped all the way around the building. some gamers told us they arrived as early as 3:30 yesterday afternoon. >> it is history, also to assure that we have one to play tomorrow and they are coming to town and it was there 10 years ago when wii came out and thought why not do it again. >> it has been 10 years since i had nintendo system. first time i have had this in a long time. i'm exited to use it. >> reporter: new device is designed to transform from a stationary console to a portable system allowing game tours play both at home and on the go. dealing with long security lines at airport checkpoints can be a nuisance when traveling, but they could become a thing of the past. three on your side's jim donovan takes a new look at new technology being
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considered by tsa which could help, speed things up. >> because there is nothing else like it at a security checkpoint right now. >> reporter: can you spot hidden knife in this bag? this is view screener would have on machines like ones being used today. but with the new 3-d ct technology that knife is hard to miss. side by side images on a touch screen can be zoomed in, spun around for true 360-degree view. an logic is one of the five company developing ct scanners for airport checkpoints. the machines could detect explosives and lap tops, liquids and goals which means days of having to take things out of your car i on bag could could be numbered. look at what it does to this densely packed carry on, clearer picture of what is inside should reduce need for secondary bag checks, and when pared with new automated lanes already being tested at airport, anlogic believes ct scanners could increase productivity at checkpoints bias much as 50 percent.
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a 2015 internal review revealed tsa officers failed to detect 95 percent of fake explosives and weapons, smuggled through checkpoints by undercover investigators. >> it laboratory mend usually better. >> reporter: steve carrolli acting chief technology officer at tsa says ct technology has promised but more testing is needed brit can be rolled out. >> it may look good, we will just say specific portions of it but these technologies to have meet the technical requirements and safety requirements. >> reporter: if you are wondering about an increase of radiation from ct scanners the folks from anlogic says it uses same amount as current checkpoint systems. tsa and american airlines expect to test new scanners in airports over the summer. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. gym is a place to exercise , maybe socialize, definitely a place to relieve stress. as we first told but last night a club in pennsylvania
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had to change channel to keep work outs there drama free. >> gym etiquette is more than putting weights away and wiping down machines. for this ymca it also means leaving your political views at the door. after complaints, and even some arguments among members, greater scranton ymca also is restricting what members can watch, while they work out. they no longer allow political news on the television. >> i think because this is a safe haven. people want to come here and feel safe and be part of the community and when arguments are being, you know, are taking place over politics and things like that they don't feel safe. i just don't think it is right place for it. >> she says for most part ban has been well received, she adds that the arguments weren't an isolated problem and members are back to working out their frustrations all right. kate bilo, joining us right now with a look at weather. i went out to get in the car today and one of the snow squalls came through.
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this is what we are doing now. >> yes. >> it really depend where you are, it is so interesting the way they pop up. >> they pop up so quickly and they are out so quickly. inside for 20 minutes and walk out you might not know it snowed a few minutes ago. they come through very quickly but when they come through they can leave some pretty blinding conditions, or bring blinding conditions with them and leave a quick coating of grassy surfaces. i i retweeted a video, showing ground coating quick quarter inch came down in bucks county check out my twitter feed for that. i will show you time lapse what they look like coming through. lets look outside right now in the poconos, that is is not is not a snow squall but that is snow machine, working overtime but we have snow squals coming through there, few snow showers buzz you what are seeing there is, jack frost big boulder making snow, as we head into the weekend. it is cold enough to do so. temperatures in the 20's in the poconos, so mother nature contributed snow with snow squals and showers, we have
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got snow machines working for anyone who wants to hit slopes this weekend. here's what storm scan three looks like all thanks to the weak clipper system. they tend to be fast moving, they tend to be moisture starved. this one noise different but it does have win. you can see these coming through quickly and moving out quickly as sun goes down they are starting to lose the energy that is driving them and we will see them fizzle in the next couple of hours. but not before this first line goes through, last gasp of this here this evening but from central bucks county and montgomery county heading toward main line right along schuylkill as well heading to king of prussia that busy interchange we are seeing snow squall at the moment. down along portions of the turnpike and southern chester county down into delaware county as well we are seeing one robust storm moving through as well. this will slow you down this one right here poised to cross i-95 and slowing down that evening traffic which is bad on fridays any way, it will be worse with lose visibility conditions moving through. here's our time lapse, this starts at 2:00 notice we have
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sun, clouds, blue sky, watch at how quickly this pops up and how quickly ground gets covered, very rapidly we will see white out conditions, it is out quick and sun returns but now ground is white, and temperatures are in the 20's, it doesn't take much for that snow to come down. temperatures right now in the 30's, 32 in reading. thirty-one allentown. feels colder then yesterday. yesterday was a chilly day but it is about 10 to 15 degrees colder right now at this time yesterday. snow showers moving out tonight, skies will clear and tomorrow looks like a sunny bright daze but it is deceptive sunshine because wind chills are only in the 20 's, looks beautiful. feel like winter. winds gust to 35 miles an hour and frigid night tomorrow night and colder then tonight. tonight 23. feeling like the teens. tomorrow mostly sunny, windy, cold our high of 38, feeling almost 28 degrees colder then that all day. sunday in the as harsh, machine we are back to the 50 's and coming up next half an hour with the full seven day forecast i'll tell you
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when it will feel like single digits and when 60's will return and another chance of rain and not snow in the forecast. we are on that march roller coaster,. >> all right, thanks kate. still ahead on "eyewitness news" he is king of the red carpet. >> now tom hanks is making a name for himself in the white house what he sent the press core and why, coming up, leslie. we all know about sports dynasties we have a local high school dynasty under water, coming up, we will tell you how lasalle high school is ki
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leslie is joining us now and at a local swim team that has quite the history. >> my gosh, it is unbelievable how is this for a dynasty local boy's swim team dominated philadelphia catholic league for the past three decades. pat gallen has more on lasalle high school's swim team. >> reporter: youth sports dynasties are as impressive as
5:25 pm
lasalle boys swim team their run at catholic league titles reached a least dick lust 29 straight years. >> i was a swimmer here, as part of that, frank was our long time coach, and taken over for frank, and kind of continued the tradition that he has set forward. >> reporter: he was amen for for 25 of those championship after passing a was. an extension of his legacy can be found in last season's state title their fifth straight and 2016 national swimming championship. this year the kids hope to keep fun going. >> we have a great team. we lost a couple seniors last year but we are exited to go up to bucknell. i could not be more exited to finish off my lasalle year like this. >> these swimmers are dedicated to keeping the dedicated championship streak alive. >> freshman year you come in you are not used to doing two a day, from morning and every afternoon and then on saturday too. but i mean more you do it, more you get use to i had.
5:26 pm
>> reporter: coach isn't worried about them being ready >> there is some pressure. there is no doubt. but with the young men we get coming to the school, caliber of student athlete, we get them in motion and rest takes care of itself. >> reporter: pat gallen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the quest for that sixth state title, that starts march . pretty impressive. >> yes, good luck to them. >> good for them. >> thanks, leslie. coming up next half an hour the vice-president, under fire, what he is being accused of doing that he criticized hillary clinton for, during the presidential campaign. and donald trump senior advisor kelly ann conway opens up but her new job in the nation's capitol and how it is affecting her family life. see what she tells cbs sunday
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back to school, president trump expresses advice to
5:30 pm
young student as white house hunkers down to do more damage control. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30 i'm nicole brewer. ukee is off. i'm jessica dean. president trump is spending weekend in florida far away from the controversy in washington over his administration, ties to russia president trump dropped in on students at saint andrew catholic school in orlando. >> beautiful class. >> reporter: after a week where he saw high marks for his address to congress, and more controversy about possible administration ties to russia, and the president spent afternoon focused on education. >> education is the civil rights issue of our lifetime. and it is why i have asked congress to support a school choice bill. >> reporter: weighing on this white house growing list of the mr. trump's surrogates and aids who met with russian officials during a time when u.s. intelligence says that the russians were in the east lex. attorney general jeff sessions is removing himself from investigation about contacts with the russians after it came to light he met with the
5:31 pm
russian ambassador at republican national convention in july 2016, and at his senate office in september. >> my staff recommended recues al. they said that since i had involvement with the campaign, i should not be involved in any campaign investigation. >> reporter: mr. trump's son in law and former national security advisor michael flynn had their own meeting with the ambassador on the trump tower in december. >> russian influence is not just about this election it is what they want to continue to do here. >> reporter: president trump says they are on witches hunt and using twit tore call out chuck schumer for this picture with vladamire putin taken during russian president's 2003 trip to new york. joining us now is host of the face the nation, john dickerson with a look ahead to the show on sunday. john, great to have you on this evening. you have senator mark warner, vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee. very much involved when it comes to looking at trump
5:32 pm
campaigns alleged ties to russia. what do you hope to learn from the senator on sunday. >> reporter: well, good evening, jessica. what we are trying to get a sense office what is real, and what is kind of just the shiny object that is distracting everybody. and, the intelligence committee has, as you pointed out, is looking into these questions of ties, between the russians trying to medal in the american election and any ties, if there are any ties, with the trump campaign. so that is activity that took place, before the election. jared kushner the president's son in law, met with the russian ambassador but that was after the election. so that slightly of a different order, then what is the subject of a lot of the coverage which is any meet that is might have taken place beforehand. we also in a more broad sense want to talk to senator warn ber relationship between intelligence community which is so important to american national security and the administration. there has been leaks. president is very unhappen bye those leaks. so what is kind of health of
5:33 pm
the relationship between those two. >> um-hmm. what would you say, you talked to so many people, there in washington, how would you say washington is reacting to these reports of attorney general sessions meetings with the russian ambassador and his subsequently cuesal. >> well, it is a certainly been a lot of talk over the last 24/48 hours. because the question is did the attorney general just forget these meetings, he was asked both in committee hearings and then in written questions, later, and so one question is just was he telling the truth and then second question is, even the president admitted he was not as accurate as he could have been. the attorney jennies somebody hoist quite concerned about the question of accuracy since he is america's top cop so what does this mean, if anything, going forward in his dealing with any other case, just in terms of his credibility does it have any lasting damage on that or is this something that just kind
5:34 pm
of comes and goes. >> all right, john dickerson always great to have you with us. thanks for making time. >> thanks, jessica. don't forget you can watch face the nation with john dickerson sunday morning at 10:30 happening right here on cbs-3. vice-president mike pence is responding to reports that he used a private e-mail account to conduct public business while he was governor of indiana. the vice-president, said his e-mail practices were in full compliance with the law, and some democrats, have likened his situation to hillary clinton which she came under fire during presidential campaign for using private e-mail server while serving as secretary of state. the vice-president said the two cases could not be compared. kelly ann conway comes home for a candid new interview on cbs sunday morning. garden state native is opening up about her role as a senior advisor to president trump. during an interview at her northern new jersey home conway toll nora o'donnell whether she would ever consider a political run of her own. >> it is just just fire in the
5:35 pm
belly but you have to have your bile in your throat. many good men and women who would -- >> bile in your throat. >> just to swallow so much that the country looks at you through this negative lens and corruption, cronyism, and your lying, your wanting money and met evacuated by power you can watch sunday morning this weekend, and every weekend at 9:00 a.m. right here on cbs-3. recently we told but multiple protests outside senator pat toomey's office calling for him to host a town hall meeting this coming monday afternoon we invite to you join us as senator toomey conducts a live social media town hall, right here in our studio. i will be asking the senator your questions that you submit via facebook live, again, that is monday afternoon, you can send them now to our facebook page as well, we will look forward to hearing from you. still to come on "eyewitness news" an unbelievable health story. >> lehigh valley woman loses about a 180 pounds in one day.
5:36 pm
that is right, her clothes no longer fit. she's in better health. craze i story behind this, it is up next. i'm kevin frazier. hugh jackman says farewell to playing wolverine after 17 years, with an intense final chapter, in logan. it is time for your weekend watch. winter has made a come back. you will wake up saturday in a different season then we have been in the past several weeks , it has been feeling like early spring but now winter making a come back, windy but bright, misleading day, looking outside, looks beautiful, step outside it feels like 20's all day long. few more clouds sunday but temperatures maryland rate at least a bit, wind dies down and then heading back to
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dunkin' donuts is looking to get rid of artificial colors. company behind the bass kin robbins and dunkin' donuts is flag remove synthetic colors by the end of the year. chains like subway and panera have taken steps as americans demand more natural foods. the company plans to eventually switch to naturally sourced coloring for all of its menu items. how would you like to learn how to spend on fingertips just like a harlem globetrotter. >> lucky shoppers in camden county new jersey picked up pointers at grocery store have all places. >> sure. >> "eyewitness news" at acme on the black horse pike earlier today where, the world famous harlem globetrotter showed fans how to dot famous trick. fans mastered the art, one free doughnuts. >> that is pretty good. >> what could be bad about that. >> nothing. >> but if you are ukee washington you already get a doughnut for sure. >> for sure. >> definitely a doughnut for ukee. coming up on eyewitness nice a woman loses 180 pounds in just one day. how does that
5:41 pm
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a lehigh valley woman spent years struggling to lose weight. >> it wasn't until she ended up in the er that doctors discovered what was growing inside of her. >> this was my closet. >> reporter: meet mary clancy, largest shirt in her closet is a size 32 which she fit into back in november. >> i have nothing to wear these days. >> reporter: that is because mary lost more than 180 pounds in just one day. over the course of 17 years mary's weight kept creeping up until she was 365 pounds. but it wasn't fat, it was an ovarian cyst. >> i would go to the doctors and said, he would like to do tests. we would do tests and everything would be great. >> reporter: one day 71 year-old could not walk and
5:45 pm
thought she had a blood clot. that trip to the er went beyond blood work. doctors at lehigh valley hospital discovered 140-pound tumor during a cat scan. >> this is definitely an anomaly. >> initially you can understand how it might have gotten missed when it was a 5- pound tumor but when it was 140-pound tumor, it is tough to miss tonight that later stage. >> reporter: surgeons removed non-malignant tumor and reconstruction mary's entire abdominal wall and remove another 40 pounds of skin. >> her just laying on her back , flat, compromises her breathing, compromises the blood vessels in the abdomen, so we had to put her on her side and the mass was on another operating table, reconstructive part of the surgery was like being a taylor. >> reporter: now mary needs a tall lor. >> everybody keeps telling me lie great but i don't look like myself. >> reporter: she's exited to start a whole new life as half of the person that she used to be. >> now doctors say, that this case is a good example of why
5:46 pm
it is important to always get that second opinion. >> wow. >> wow, wow. >> forget the tree house, dad from washington state built his three-year old son his own backyard, roller coaster. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: that is legitimate. i was thinking that might not be legitimate. i didn't think it look that good. scott, said he did to it spend time with his son because his job takes him away from home. he spent a thousand dollars and three months building it with the help of the retired engineer and apparently it is all made of pvc and two by four's. >> that is incredible. >> i mean that kid will be the most popular kid. >> yes, hear him say again, again, jab. >> that will go on for a while >> i hope my kids are not watching. >> mom, can i get one of those >> my god, it would be a cold right today. wind would push you right down the hill. blustery cold day. we have another round of snow squals moving through right now and i just talked to chera an employee at cbs-3, she
5:47 pm
timed them, 60 seconds of snow and then they are out. it is just in and out but in that 60 seconds, visibility drops, really quickly. so, if you are outside on the roads this evening and you get caught in the squall, only for next hour or so and then they are out of here, they can drop visibility very quickly. that is what we're seeing tonight. i want to show you a traffic camera. this looked a whole lot worsen five minutes ago to the point that i stopped and said wow, where is that? i-95 at cottman avenue looks better now. visibility is still low. it looks like is there some disturbance there, on i-95 but a big slow down, it was almost a light out on this camera just about five minutes ago. now quickly, it has pretty much cleared out, and we will start to see sun returning but these snow squals are quick hitting and they will drop that visibility for you, you can see it does not look that clear and roads are wet there on i-95, slowing down what is already some pretty slow friday traffic. checking with our eyewitness weather watchers, we have got temperatures only in the 30's. it doesn't seem very long ago,
5:48 pm
it is only three or four days ago that the numbers were in the 60's and 70's and now not much better than freezing. 33 degrees with kenneth martin in willingboro, new jersey. no comment no one will see it anyway. kenneth, they are seeing it right now. next time leave one of your famous comments for us. 34 degrees as we check with william in levittown. he is reporting snow squall there. 34 degrees. as we head back to the west we have got 30 degrees, very cold evening, with lou rou in eagleville, 30 degrees there right now. some photos from weather watchers show blue skies, lots of blue skies but notice, as the squalls came in dark clouds moved through and all of a sudden visibility drops, very, very rapidly. we have been seeing it all over the area today. even though they are not every where, again, we could have problems if you are outside on the roads and winds have been blustery as well. right now wind sustained at 10 to 15 miles an hour, all the way through the region, and it is blustery and it is only going to get more windy as we
5:49 pm
head through tonight and tomorrow. taking a look outside right now on storm scan three there is that squall we're talking about moving so quickly, as this radar frame right before weather started. it is almost moving out of the frame. it is moving into portions of camden and gloucester counties , right along i-95, right along the new jersey turnpike, slowing you down here with that darker purple shading that is where the heaviest of the snow squals are, at the moment, and that moves on out and then these squals are diminishing through the remainder of tonight. you can see it is blustery, 23 0 in wilmington. miles an hour right now. these are sustained winds. gust was any snowfall especially up to 40 miles an hour, this evening, and tonight. and so that will make it feel a whole lot colder then thermometer would have you believe. tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. sun will likely be streaming in the windows but it feels like 16 degrees, so that saturday morning bagel run you'll need to be bundled quite a bit. saturday afternoon this is best it feels all daze, 20, warmest it will feel tomorrow and then sunday morning is even worse. look at these feels like
5:50 pm
temperatures sunday at 6:00 a.m. feels like five in philadelphia zero in allentown eight below as we head up into mount pocono. ups and downs continue next week jet stream builds waste back to the north by next tuesday, into wednesday, temperatures are above average , and then we will may cool it down, through the end of next week. overnight, scattered snow squals early and then dry it out, wind chills, 23 degrees is your low. tomorrow mostly sunny, windy, cold, 38 remember what i just showed you, doesn't feel any warmer then 20 all daze long. sunday still cold, not as windy, and then we will jump backup in the 50's, 60's on tuesday and keep it in the 50 's wednesday and thursday. jessica, back over to you. well, white house press core can thank tom hanks, for their next cup of joe. so for the third time in 13 years actor donated an espresso machine to reporters covering the president. he wrote a note saying keep working for truth, justice and the american way, especially for the truth part. hangs started donating machines years ago when he
5:51 pm
found out there weren't any in the press area. hugh jackman will make his final appearance as wolverine at box office this weekend. >> entertainment tonight's kevin frazier takes us behind the scenes of logan. >> this week hugh jackman hangs up his claws after 17 years in the action packed pair is farewell chapter logan >> it is not the same as it was. >> they're gone now. >> in logan hugh jackman plays wolverine for final time as a older, battered, bruised tighter hiding out way professor x played by patrick stewart but things change when a young man arrives with a unique set of power, and bad guys chasing her sending logan into hero medicine one last time. >> i'm not whatever it is you think i am. >> i think, what logan will bring is yet he is one of the greatest warriors, as a character in history, right? people love that but what is
5:52 pm
the way, what is cost of that, what is weight of that? how do you live with that. >> reporter: for his final bow hugh wanted to make sure everything was just right. >> i could not have made this film if i didn't make decision within myself that this was the last one. because somehow, the steaks of that, knowing that this is it, it makes you, i just didn't compromise on anything. i was a pain. i was a pain to a lot of people. i said not quite. just trust me. no, not right. i was that guy, because i was like i don't get another shot at this. this character that i love, i owe my career to this character, i have loved playing it. this is last time and i will in the leave any stone un turned. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier, now back to you in the studio. kevin, thanks. still ahead, stars of the new chips movie come to the cbs-3 studios. every day we go to work
5:53 pm
and it was like are we go to go blow something up? is someone going to jump over a house. >> dax shepherd and michael pena tell our vittoria woodill based on the old ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to want to relax with your family. but enjoying today doesn't mean losing sight of tomorrow. so while i invest in "the now" my mortgage, vacations i still invest in the future, like my children's college tuition and retirement. i can help you piece together your financial journey
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for today and tomorrow. if you have a question about investing, ask me. sincerely, amanda etheridge, fellow planner and fellow citizen.
5:56 pm
well, we were seeing some stars here at work today. >> stars of the new movie chips, stopped by our studios and they sat down with our vittoria woodill to talk about their new project. >> ♪ >> this job is crucial. >> california, california. >> reporter: l.a. highway is about to get a new set of partners on patrol and inspired by 90's tv show chips , it is making its return as laugh out loud action comedy with a lot of bromance.
5:57 pm
>> it is a love story. >> reporter: duo partnering up against crime dax shepherd and michael pena. >> pena plays an fbi agent agent castillo and there are some dirty cops in l.a. he goes undercover. he gets partnered with me. i'm a rookie. i was an x games guy, motor cross free style dude and don't know what to do with my life and only thing i know what to does ride a motorcycle >> shepherd wrote, directed, starred in the film. >> reporter: how was it directing him. >> it was difficult, yeah, very stubborn, bull headed. >> yes yes. >> i'm a huge michael pena fan you write words for someone you love and watch them say them and add his own thing to it, it is just fun. >> reporter: was it just as tough when you had to direct your wife she's also there. >> that is easy. we have a lot of practice with that. >> reporter: easy for shepherd to be excited about the action in the film. >> i have been writing since i was a little kid, so i specifically wanted to do this
5:58 pm
just so i could go to work and ride motorcycles and get a pays check on friday. >> reporter: pena had a few run ins with the law to prepare. >> my brother is a cop. for him to watch i did whether five months of ride alongs. >> reporter: why take a rides over to the theater and see chips. >> because it has it all, right. >> it has got great action, motorcycle action, it has a really great love story at center of it, woman do love it and i think it is really funny >> yes, we will get with that. >> and thank you so much. >> reporter: touch and connect >> well work two funny men like that it has got to be good. chips the movie comes to a theater near you march 24th. >> okay. >> didn't necessity those two were in the next room doing my makeup. >> they were right next door, great guys, they were supposedly handing out cheese steaks at jim's steaks. >> i didn't get one of those. >> i was upset with them, i will in the least. >> we know where you know where to find them. >> thanks, tori. thanks for watching
5:59 pm
"eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 worried and waiting for answers, next can immigrants here in philadelphia, fearing deportation, go looking for help, how their home country is stepping in. we will get that same kind of visceral reaction thaw cannot get from a textbook, that is what you get from the performing arts. >> reporter: a tony winning broadway actor stops in camden county. reason he says show must go on despite backlash about a high school production. plus. >> uncovering past why developers at a popular philadelphia building are bringing 1895, back to 2017. and it felt like early spring was here to stay but old man winter has returned and we're heading towards serious chill this weekend, scattered snow squalls right now and wind chills in the single digits. i will tell you when right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00.
6:00 pm
hoping for health was president trump's plan to crackdown on undocumented immigrants many are rushing to learn their rights. now mexican government is stepping in. here, in philadelphia and across the country legal advice is now being offered for free. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm nicole brewer in for ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter a leach a nieves is live outside mexican consul in old city where that consul is now in high demand, alycia. >> reporter: mexican consul inside this building said it has gone from seeing 200 mexican nationals a day to 400 many of those people worried about what the president's immigration plan means for them and that is really the reason why mexico decided to open up these centers of defenses today. as reality of a border


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