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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  March 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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then a showdown with the boilermakers and wildcats of northwestern. here on the road to the final four. cbs sports. here is a look at the five original ncaa teams still waiting to go to the big dance and it looks like this is it for northwestern at long last. >> steve: that game the other day with 1.2 seconds to go, to throw it the length of the court and storm the court, i'm not a big court storming guy but if there is a court that needed storming eats those people. >> andrew: jim nantz, bill rafshtery, grant hill and tracy wolfson. -- >> andrew: jim nantz, bill raftery, grant hill can tracy wolfson.
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>> andrew: foul. 12-point lead. the >> andrew: trier's got 15 today. continues to play well. this is just the 12th game of the season following his suspension at the beginning of the year for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. two to shoot. markkanen off the mark --
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offensive rebound, alkins, blocked by oleka and it will stay with arizona. >> andrew: kadeem allen, senior from wilmington, north carolina. sean miller calls him one of the best guys he's ever coached. did he get it off in time? could it be a shot-clock violation? >> steve: they can look at it on a make. on a made basket, they are allowed to see if it's a shot-clock violation or not. >> andrew: let's take another look.
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markkanen be with the air ball. alkins catches it. up. wow. >> steve: i think that's a violation. i don't think he got it off in time. >> andrew: veteran crew today. >> steve: wow. got it in his hands when it says zero. still got his fingers on it there. no basket. >> steve: that's i new rule this year which i think is a good rule. >> andrew: one more look. you can see the clock off to the right. >> steve: it's a zero.
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>> andrew: final game for both teams before the pac-12 tournament begins in las vegas on wednesday. unless you're one of the top four teams, you get a bye in to thursday's quarterfinal. they've waved it off. it is a shot-clock violation. on sunday, arizona state was down 10 to u.s.c. with 2 1/2 to go. they came back and won the game. now they're down 12 with 2 1/2 to go against arizona. can they do it again? >> steve: the way they shoot threes? the problem for them is they need to foul and arizona is a very good free-throw-shooting team. >> andrew: graham slips as he releases. missed it.
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pinder with the rebound. a foul. bobby hurley called for the foul right away. 2:22 to go. >> steve: bobby hurley's goal is to make this 2:22 last as long as he can. i don't know if i would have fouled right there. i might have tried to play defense one time but i can't argue with it down 12. >> andrew: they want to get pinder because arizona has some good free-throw shooters on the floor. pinder is the worst on the floor at 64%. >> steve: pretty good when your worst guy is 64. a lot of guys a lot worse than that. >> andrew: justice took a shot from trier, justice calling for the ball. evans. >> steve: why does he try to dunk that late in the basket? that was huge. missed dunk today by arizona state. oleka mussed one in the first
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half. a oleka missed one in the first half. >> steve: you have been playing 35 minutes. you're going to be a little tired. >> andrew: seven to shoot. trier. blocked by oleka. trier. had knowa open look. passed on it. >> andrew: had an open look. passed on it. allen one-on-one with evans. allen, how old hard by evans and they call a flagrant one on evans. >> steve: yeah, that's a flagrant one.
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didn't make a great play on the ball. >> andrew: excessive contact or pushing or holding a player from behind to prevent a score. the definition of a flagrant one. evans has already been called for a technical foul. >> steve: that's a flagrant one. he wrapped his arms around his head right there. >> andrew: flagrant one. >> steve: the definition of a flagrant one. >> andrew: you can see coming down the floor even the previous trip evans was so frustrated he missed that dunk, he took out some frustration there on allen. >> steve: no question. not trying to hurt him but whatever, "i'm going to wrap him up and he's not scoring" but it's a flagrant one.
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>> andrew: they have waved off the flagrant. calling it a common foul. >> steve: that looked to me as much as grabbing somebody where they couldn't score as anything >> andrew: they're saying evans was going for the ball. >> steve: draped around his neck? i'm not buying that one. i'm sorry. >> andrew: still free throws for arizona as the wildcats look for their 27th win of the season. tony padilla just confirmed with us, they downgraded it to a common foul. >> steve: in the old days when i was sitting there when the referee would come over to me like that i would say something,
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like "ok. i didn't think it was a common foul." that's not my place any more. >> andrew: you learned your role. >> steve: i know my place. >> andrew: yes. >> steve: i would like to have told him, "tony, are you sure?" it wouldn't have gone over well. >> andrew: sean miller since arriving in arizona has averaged 26.8 wins per year. this, assuming arizona holds on will be his 27th of this season. bobby hurley calls a time out. 1:15 to go. it's a 10-point arizona lead. ♪
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mark few of gonzaga. is first. sean miller. never been in the final four in his career. 17 ncaa tournament victories. >> steve: he will get there. he was the perfect hire for arizona. he's one of the best coaches in the country in every way. recruiting, preparation, defense, offense. his time will come. >> andrew: trier has to call time out. good defense by arizona state.
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>> andrew: a reminder of what's at stake for arizona. if they wrap this one up they clinch a share of the pac-12 title. if arizona loses today to oregon state on, arizona wins the outright regular season title, and they get the number one seed in the conference tournament next week in las vegas. >> steve: cancs are oregon is not going to lose to oregon state. only has one pac-12 victory this year. >> andrew: another time out called for by arizona. >> steve: these guys haven't thrown the towel in. setting up their fullcourt pressure and forcing arizona to use time outs. arizona has two more. >> andrew: looking ahead to the pac-12 tournament, arizona the two seed in your scenario, arizona state could still be the seven seed and that means that
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if they won their first-round game they would play arizona again next thursday in las vegas. >> steve: neutral court. the glass today, 48-26. >> andrew: early on arizona state held its own but 48-26 in the rebounding department including 15 offensive rebounds for arizona. >> steve: it's not lack of effort. it's lack of players. size. >> andrew: there is the foul given by evans with 1:07 to go. four fouls on evans. four also on graham and holder and justice. >> andrew: arizona state dealt a tough blow in the preseason.
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romello white. they will have him next year but they miss him big time. sam cunliffe, a big recruit transferred to kansas in the middle of the year. >> steve: he was going to be a good player but the big thing for this team is size. evans is back again. kodi justice is back again. they'll apply for a sixth year for taurean graham. they'll have those three guards back and a much-improved frontcourt. >> andrew: holder is fouled. >> steve: bobby hurley has been very successful. >> andrew: parker jackson-cartwright has just fouled out.
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>> andrew: six points for jackson-cartwright. >> andrew: now tra holder back to the free-throw line. he is three of six today. >> andrew: foul right away if you're arizona state? >> steve: yes. maybe try to get a five-second count but as soon as it comes in unless you have an unbelievable trap you've got to foul. you've got to foul. you've got to foul. >> andrew: they don't foul. >> steve: that's killing a lot
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of time. >> steve: that wasted 12-13 seconds. >> andrew: bobby hurley is shocked -- oleka only had one foul. they were hoping that he would get in. instead it's vila who comes but as you said wasted a lot of time. >> steve: arizona is another team that could march a whole slew of 75% and better free-throw shooters. trier 77%. >> andrew: he now has 18 points. >> steve: kind of quiet. >> andrew: one of six from deep. >> steve: you see what arizona has done since he came back in,
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and trier, since his suspension, they're still trying to figure it out. >> andrew: you saw it against ucla. even though you said it wasn't a big time 18 or 19 points. rebound two, alkins. >> andrew: rebound to alkins. >> steve: one question you have about arizona in terms of ultimately, how well they shoot the ball. they only make six threes a game and ucla played them zone the whole second half last week and that really hurt them. if they lay a team this size and pack it in are they going to shoot well enough when they tede to. >> andrew: you said it's a matter of time before sean miller gets to the final four. is this the year? >> steve: it's a good year. they have the perimeter players, a good inside game, if they shoot the ball, they can afford shooting that well because their defense is that good, this is a
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great opportunity for them this year to get to the final four. yes, it is. >> andrew: we met with sean miller before the game and asked him about markkanen because his february numbers were down. he only shot 19% from deep. they had the week off. sean miller gave his team sunday and monday off and a light workout tuesday, they had time to recover which is big for markkanen. he played all summer in finland, came here to arizona, immediately start preseason workouts. you hate to use the term "freshman wall" but he was close to that wall and now maybe this time off to get a few days next week before the pac-12 tournament, they need markkanen. we saw his impact today. they need him to be the player he was in january. >> steve: he needs to play better than he did today. he's got two or three air balls. >> andrew: oleka. the third missed dunk today by arizona state. they won't foul now. arizona clinches at least a
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share of the pac-12 regular season title. no worse than a two seed in vegas next week for the pac-12 tournament as they sweep the season series from rival arizona state 73-60. final score arizona 73. arizona state 60. for steve lappas, this is andrew catalon say soge long from tempe. tonight on cbs it's "ransom" followed by showtime championship boxing. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. home of the 2017 national championship. let's go to greg gumbel in new york. >> greg: andrew, thank you, and welcome, everyone, back to our new york studio and "inside college basketball" presented by progressive insurance. seth davis, wally saern szczerbiak, arizona beat arizona
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state. maybe tighter than you thought? >> seth: i give arizona state credit. i think they showed a lot of fight and toughness. they didn't have the horses to pull this off. you never sneeze at a road win in the conference against a rival, wally, but steve lappas at the end of the game was talking about arizona's inability to shoot the ball from the perimeter. lauri markkanen for me was a great separator for them, a bona fide lottery pick, not the same player he was a month ago and he needs to regain that form if they want to end the season in arizona. in phoenix. >> wally: he does a lot of things on the basketball court. he had three blocks today. nine rebounds. when your shot is not going, how can you impact the game? he figured out how to do that as a freshman. this is a smd performance by arizona to lock up at least a share of the -- >> wally: this is a solid performance by arizona to lock up at least a slar of the regular season title. >> greg: now to the scoreboard and the highlights, wally, notre
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dame at louisville. >> wally: quintin snider got hot in the second half, they needed him, big three and the dish it spalding who knocked down the lay-up. this is a close game. matt farrell getting into the paint. wreaking havoc. he gets the lay-up. cuts the lead to two. this is the shot of the day that was the icer. deng adel with the big three. louisville with the win breaks notre dame's six-game win streak. >> greg: improves to 24-sefrn on the season, seth, kentucky on the road at texas a&m. >> seth: johnny football saw a good one, good to have him back in college station nice and happy. texas a&m out to a big lead then kentucky went kentucky. kentucky got a bad game from malik monk. two of 10 from the floor. 0-4 from three-point range. kentucky did not shoot the ball well. their senior leadership made the difference and i think that's a great sign for them heading into the tournament.
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>> greg: wildcats 26-5 on the year. number 12, florida at vanderbilt against the commodores. >> wally: vandy looking for the season sweep of florida. kasey hill. they take a two-point lead. tight game all the way. riley lachance gets his defender and the bucket, kasey hill has a lane to the basket. no foul. vanderbilt gets the stop they really nided and they get the win they really needed. i think they might be dancing. >> greg: let's check the rest of the scoreboard now. in indianapolis the butler bulldogs fall to seton hall. big win for the pirates 70-64 the final score. in college park, maryland, the terps by three. 63-60 over michigan state. there are those wondering if the spartans will still be tournament eligible. in syracuse, the orange over georgia tech 90-61 the final score. creighton falls at marquette. the golden eagles win 91-83.
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northeastern conference semifinal. st. francis over wagner 71-70. we look at the bubble board. who won and who lost today. >> seth: big for arkansas. i think we understand be looking at five teams from the s.e.c. xavier has been a disaster. they broke a six-game losing streak. they could not have afforded to lose at depaul. illinois a painful loss for them. they have five top-50 wins. they swept northwestern. beat v.c.u. on a neutral court but under .500 in the big ten, i think they have work to do. >> wally: providence off the bubble. they have been playing really good basketball. won five in a row. they took care of st. john's. cuse with a throttling win against georgia tech, both teams squarely on the bubble. i don't know how you can keep syracuse out of the tournament with 10 a.c.c. wins and all those top-50 wins. >> seth: the issue for syracuse is two wins away from the carrier dome, six top 50 wins all at home. i know the committee says they don't value games later in the season than early.
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i think they should but a fascinating case. >> greg: you're there. >> seth: i think they're in but they're an interesting case. let's see what happens next week. >> greg: join us tomorrow for another big triple header on cbs. number 18, cincinnati at uconn. tips at about noon eastern time followed by the state farm missouri valley conference championship. then 16th ranked purdue takes on northwestern. tonight on cbs begins with a new episode of "ransom" followed by she time championship boxing, thurman-garcia tonight on cbs. for wally szczerbiak and seth davis thanks for joining us. i'm greg gumbel. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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next on "eyewitness news" honoring the memory of a fallen hero. sarge robert wilson iii, president trump calls on supporters to rally and today, they answered the call in our area. and a cold night ahead. after cold and blustery kickoff to the weekend, the coldest nights of the season in store overnight tonight. we'll talk about how far
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