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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  March 5, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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shot, great local. >> bill: wide open two and a good challenge and who is there? number 12. trying to do it all for purdue. whatever you need, coach. >> jim: two shots the rest of the way for purdue. >> bill: 85% free throw shooter. >> jim: this one right here, huge. mcintosh. >> bill: go right to the rim, don't settle. there you go. shoot it. >> jim: baseline jumper rattles around and in. >> bill: no timeouts. on the catch, you've got to give it to. >> jim: edwards fouled right away by taphorn.
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>> grant: well, kind of setting ourselves up here. >> bill: what an effort by this group. >> jim: tonight on cbs, "60 minutes." followed by new episodes of "ncis, los angeles." and "madam secretary." 84%. edwards. worth reminding, northwestern, no timeouts. they need a missed here and the time three. edwards. what a half by him. >> bill: won an effort. how about purdue? a very difficult environment. hats off to matt and his guys showing why they were the
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big ten regular-season champs. >> jim: with the loss, northwestern will be a succeed next week in the big ten tournament. this is what it looks like right now. minnesota and wisconsin, once that goes final, we will have it all finalized. urdu will be playing in the quarterfinals early on friday. we will have the semifinal saturday on cbs and the championship game on selection sunday for. for all of us h
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if you have a question about whether refinancing is right for you, ask me. sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. call... to refi now. >> a southwest philadelphia double shooting in broad daylight claims of life of a
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young man. police are coming through two scenes working to try to determine what sparked the violence. good evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you for joining us. we're following the story as it develops at this hour. eyewitness news recorder joe holden is live in southwest philadelphia with more or the deadly shooting, joe. >> natasha the intersection behind me is 81 and vine and the philadelphia crime scene unit just showed you. we can step out of the picture and show what you is unfolding here police telling us at that point in the middle of the street is where two shell casings were found. the trouble started brewing in this intersection and perhaps a fight police are not speculating and 20-year-old was killed and a 14-year-old was hit once in the face. those two gun shot victims were in this car. the car sped off and traveled down 81 street and ended up crashing into a utility pole.
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sleering that pole midway up. homicide captain james clark told me over the phone the two victims are brothers and the police investigation has not revealed why this happened. and neighbors are distraught over the gun violence. it's a sin and shame and disgrace. it's sad. it's mortifying. mortifying you know? >> and now the 14-year-old victim was taken to children's hospital. family out here earlier did not want to speak on camera described his condition as promising. though captain clark told me over the phone it does appear this 1-year-old though is listed in critical condition. once again a 20-year-old male also shot. he was fatally shot. his identity has not been released as this police investigation continues into the night. count on cbs3 for all of the latest. reporting live in southwest section philadelphia i'm joe holden, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> sdwro joe, thank you very
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much. also tonight all lanes ever the pennsylvania turnpike between willow grove and bensalem are on following a crash earlier today authorities say the crash occurred 9 a.m. when a tractor-trailer struck the median and went throughout barrier on the westbound side to -- commuters beware a busy septa bus stop is moving temporarily. the septa stop 15 and market will be moved one block away to 16 and market because of construction in the area. it will impact the move and will impact through fall of 20 17. plan your day accordingly and check your route. we'll link to you septa's web site cbs for the late sgleingt nurses and techs at a local hospital are upset over staffing levels and wages at delaware country memorial hospital. those on strike say things are spiraling downward. eyewitness news reporter anita oh spoke to those on both sides
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of the issue. >> what do we want? >> all 370 nurses and tech anythings at delaware county memorial hospital walked off the job at 6:45 sundays morning over what they call unfair labor practices. >> we used to have five patients to one nurse now wer we get 7 or 12k3w4r-8 it's up safe. >> despite 21 neatings overs last year and emergency meeting friday hospital and union officials could not reach agreement during contract negotiations and renee has been a nurse here 30 years and claims staffing is inadequate since the california based company prospect medical holdings took over the hospital in july 2016. >> it's so scary. i always wanted to be a nurse. and i cannot believe i work for a company that has no respect for their patient or employees. >> hospital leaders say they staffed national average and asked their contingency plan is on and fully staffed on the work stoppage and statement to eyewitness news the spokesman
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for crozer health system said in part "we regret they have been unwilling to agree to a reasonable setment and kould on members to abandon patients at the bed site side to wrest even higher wages and benefits from the hospital". >> nurses are paid fairly the hospital says and the highest paid nurse is paid more than $160,000 a year and nurses picketing say this is not about money it's about safe staffing levels. reporting delaware county memorial hospital i'm anita oh, cbs eyewitness news. >> and st. patrick's day parade this is the second year for the parade and it's already become a st. patrick's day tradition in camden county. it traveled down monmouth a residential area. folks can sit and watch from from the sidewalks or front lawns while enjoying string bands. >> recently we were told about the multiple protests outside
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senator pat toomey office kawr kawrling on him to host town hall meetings. tomorrow afternoon we invite toy join us as senator toomey conduct a live social media conference right here in our studios. our own jessica dean will be asking the senator your questions that you submit via facebook live. again that's monday afternoon and we certainly look forward to hearing from you at that time. >> and some travelers passing through la guardia airport in new york were met with murky surprise today. straight ahead on eyewitness news a closer look at the brown liquid that ended up soaking a terminal there. >> also caught on camera a man seen trying to kill his boss not once, not twice but three times the intense video when we come back and chilly and beautiful day here today justin. >> we had the sunshine and felt like middle of winter. arctic air is moving out not as cold tonight and workweek warm-up on the way. coming up in eyewitness weathe weather. >> thanks, justin, also in sports, temple looking to closeout the regular season
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with a win. can they get it done on the road in florida. lesley van arsdall has the
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construction scheduled to on in 20 19. and also tonight a former employee in florida tried to kill his former boss after fired for drivening on the job. it was all caught on video. surveillance video here from the hileah police show him attacking his boss mendez with with a knife. mendez escaped before reyes tried to run him over, twice. >> he deposit even call the police. when it was all said and done the bad guy fled and victim drove himself to the hospital and limped back to his car after they treated him and went home he's recovering and in pain but fine. he got lucky. he could have gotten three times that day. >> well the victim did not want to press charges and police were called to the property by the property owner. reyes faces second degree attempted murder and possible life sentence for his action. and look who is making a guest appearance with us. >> good to be back. >> j.d. is here. >> we remember the days miss
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you buddy. >> i'll be here for a couple weekends on the night shift you have to get used to me again. >> we will get caught up. let's talk about this warm, chilly today. >> nasty this morning. i was working the morning. 15 felt like 0 with the wind chill. it will get better we'll warm up this week we'll talk about the warming trend and rain. outside look from library camera center city is in good shape. traffic flowing good on the vine expressway. high, thin clouds are rolling on in not producing precipitation and clouds you see tomorrow is a sign of the warmer air moving in and this time next week, it will be light out. we will be moving back to daylight savings time and the sun will set after 7:00. this morning we talked about it's rough. 15 officially at the airport. coldest morning we had since early january. jaern january 10 we bottomed out at 14. that story was the wind. it got down to wind chill values near 0. struggled to get to the upper 0s. we should be close to 50 this time of year even with the sun.
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stuck in the0s. tomorrow different story. 37 now at the airport and 33 allentown and temperatures will quickly drop over the next few hours. look there des moines, st. louis, chicago, 60 we have that warming trend going on. classic march coming at us. roller coaster ride again. 30s today and spike into the 60s tuesday and wednesday and temperatures level back off by the end of week. 50s and 40s by next weekend. and nice and quiet storm scan clear skies again tonight and clouds to the wet. that's ahead of warm front impacting us especially on tuesday bringing milder air and needed rain chances to the region. check it out. still tomorrow morning cold and not as cold as this morning and warm front approaches later monday and tuesday. we'll have showers around especially tuesday afternoon into the evening hours. looks like we won't be dealing with severe weather at this point. monday temperatures close to average near 50. tuesday looks like we could see mid 60s returning. check it out. this morning, teens, tomorrow
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morning different story. coldest spot probably lower 20 20s. northwest suburbs close to 30 around philadelphia and no harsh wind chills like tomorrow and easier to head back to work and school. monday's highs well into the 40s and see lower 50s around philadelphia and look at tuesday afternoon, looks like mid 60s return even pushing 60 all the way north to the lehigh valley, berks county and 50s in the the pocono region. to sont not as cold, few clouds around, 25 does it for the low for the city. colder in the suburbs and tomorrow notably milder, partly sunny skies. few degrees above average 5. here we go extended forecast we see 60s returning on tuesday and watch for showers around especially during the afternoo afternoon. still hanging on 60 degree mark wednesday and that is back to 50s dry thursday and friday remember turn clocks ahead one hour saturday night, saturday sunny and cooler and chance of showers. maybe even some snowflakes could be mixed in. winter is not over yet, guys.
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>> yes. >> it's march anything could happen. >> march is a weird month. >> it really is. >> crazy, >> all right. thank you justin. we'll see you later. >> it's about to get crazy march madness next sunday. >> it will be wild. >> sure is. >> everyone closing out the regular season and templeton the road taking on tampa and south florida in their regular season game. score tide at 20. freshman alani moore comes up big with the 3 gives temple the lead. we jumped to the second temple 9 point lead and g eno jumper from outside the lane. and usf with 21 points and temple never let up in this on one. later in the second the alls up by 10. huge through gives temple 13 point lead. they win 7-60. and next up for owls have east carolina. >> and spring training in clearwater. phillies face the tigers. fill liz down.
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brett with the solo home run to left field and phillies trail 4-0 now phils able to mount a come back bottom of the 6. we have freddie galvis at the plate and quarter of deep right field and looks like home run at 1st and stays in. ryan hanign scores on this one. bottom of the 7th. phillies have the lead. hector gomez at the plate. this he hits deep right field. that's out of reach for the outfielders. phillies take the 3-point lead and go on to win this one 8-5. flyers with the day off. they face off with sabers tuesday. they lost in over time last night to the the best team washington capitols. first score didn't come to third period. and nicholas backstrum makes the game in over time. >> we played a good hockey game against a good team. we have one point and then unfortunately did not be able
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to get the seconds one in over time. it's important stretch and you have to be your best and i think everybody in the locker room understands the importance of these games these are the games you want to have to be meaningful. right now, it's destiny. >> sixers back to the drawing board after last night's loss to detroit. they host the bucks tomorrow at home and last night the sixers were without okafor he sat out due to knee soreness. he led the way for sixers 4 points and not enough. caldwell posts and sixers handed 16 to 06 loss. this was a tough one. >> embarassing getting be like that. and especially on home floor and we play this team well before and this year in detroit we have a really good plan and didn't bring the energy and effort. >> specifically it certainly doesn't help us not having
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jaleel or others. >> coming up tonight in the hyundai sports zone glen mack joins us to recap a busy week in philly's sports and joined by the head cope of penns men and women's basketball teams and executive director of the ivy league talks about the inaugural tournament at the poleest ra and introduce you to a high school star with eyes on the olympics. get ready to know thelma davies in the zone. >> thank you so much. >> still ahead a big workout to help little hearts. we'll take you to the first ever phillies spin in at the children's hospital of philadelphia where heart health children's hospital of philadelphia where heart health is keeping everybody pedal
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♪ ♪ ♪
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>> first ever relay cycling party today teams of four road relay style with music by a live d.j.. each session was led by spin up instructors and party x center. everybody had a good time out. instructors and party x center. everybody had a good time out. there i'm getting tired
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>> welcome back, everyone, still pregnant after becoming overnight internet sensation viral youtube star april the giraffe remains very pregnant. 15-year-old giraffe is resident of the zoo in new york and they expected toop give birth to fourth call inform january or february but may have miscalculated date of conception in a bit. in the meantime you can tune into youtube to watch for the big moment. don't know if april is happy about everybody tuning in on that. >> boy, that's true. >> that's
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> marine le pen's rise to the top of the french presidential polls has been a surprise. but she's touched a nationalist, anti-immigrant nerve. and if she wins, muslim dress, like the so-called burkini, a full-body swimsuit for women, would be banned in public. >> ( translated ): france isn't burkinis on the beach. france is brigitte bardot. >> should muslim people be allowed to wear headscarves? >> ( translated ): no. i'm opposed to wearing headscarves in public places. that's not france. >> 33 men and women were killed when the american ship "el faro" vanished in the bermuda triangle during a massive hurricane. found at a depth deeper than the


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