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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 6, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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27 degrees in philadelphia. twenty in trenton. down to 19 degrees in ac. waking up to 17 degrees in millville. but we do have warming trend, it will kick off today. so still chilly for the 9:00 hour. but some sunshine around 35 degrees. clouds start to increase as we head into midday, up to 44 degrees, we head into the 5:00 hour, high temperatures approaching average, maybe even surpassing the average bar up to 52 degrees, so much milder afternoon in store for our monday. and we are going to see the jet stream kind of shift positions, into this, as we head into tuesday and wednesday, so we start the warming trends today. and then as we head into tuesday, and wednesday, high temperatures are going to be climbing to about ten to 15 degrees, above our average. we do have some 60s in store for both tuesday and wednesday, but it is going to come with a chance of some rain, and i'll have more details on that coming up in just a few. >> sounds good. thank you so much for that. good morning, everyone, happy monday. so looking outside the ben franklin bridge, looking nice and quiet push in the westbound direction toward
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center city, looking real good here. we will keep our eye on the ben franklin bridge, usually during the 4:00 hour and early 5:00 the ben always looks pretty good. boulevard at fox street, same story, looking good and quiet, still dark, still early for a lot of the early risers waking up, so glad your a here, but talking about some construction that's out there. that's kind of what we're seeing in some of the areas a lot of these just reminders other ones are new, this one, so this traffic, and their installing new curb ramps. heads up city avenue north and south between bryn mawr avenue and kings grant drive. this is going to be out there between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and this is going to be one of those that's out there through friday. there is another one as well, water main installation city avenue north and south, between grove place and rolling road, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. this will be out there innocent all seven. heads up on that. i'll be tweeting this information out as well. fifteenth street station is under construction, and relocated this bus stop, so 15th and market row locate today 16th and market will run
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you through october. jim, over to you. >> thank you shall prior. police continue to investigate after a double shooting of two brothers in southwest philadelphia. >> one of the brothers was killed while the other remains in critical condition. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, liver at the children's hospital of philadelphia, trang, good morning, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, good morning, a hell, and jim. the surviving brother just 14 years old. he's recovering here at chop from a gunshot wound to the face. and though he remains in critical condition, his family is optimistic that he will pull through. >> a tragic mystery in southwest philadelphia. two brothers found shot inside a car just before 2:30 sunday afternoon. it is sad. it is really sad. >> police say the shooting happened near 81st and lions. but the car raised away from the scene and crashed into a utility pole block and a half away. responding officers found a 14 year old shot once in the face. his older brother, a man in his 20's, was shot twice under his left arm. the man died short time later at presbyterian hospital. medics rushed the 14 year old
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to children's hospital where he continues to recover. it is a sin, and a shame and a disgrace. >> investigators combed two scenes for evidence into the evening. neighbors say their community is generally quiet, though they weren't surprised by the violence involving young people in the neighborhood. >> still have absolutely nothing to do in the community. if you look around, there is cents no community center for them. these children need vocational training. they need an out let. >> reporter: so far, no arrests in this case. investigators are working to determine whether the victims and the shooters new one another. they're also working to determine what led up to the shooting. so far, police have not released the name of that 20 something year old victim. but for now live at chop, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. jury selection for the man charged with ambushing two troopers outside after pennsylvania state barracks will begin in chester county
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today. eric frein is accused of shooting and killing corporate ryan dickson and wounding trooper alex douglas in pike county before leading police on 48 day manhunt back in september of 2014. the trial will include chester county jurors, but will take place next month in pike county. >> a strike at delaware county memorial hospital continues now into its second day. that's after 370 nurses and text walked offer the job over what they call unfair labor practices. >> why what do we want? >> whether do we want it? >> the protest began yesterday morning, hospital and union officials have reportedly met 21 times over the last year to try to work things out. emergency meeting on friday to prevent the strike was unsuccessful. hospital leaders say they staff national average, but nurses say staffing is inadequate. >> we used to have five patients to one nurse on the floors, now giving us up to seven and eight. >> i always wanted to be a nurse and i can't believe that i work for a company that has
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no respect for their patients or their employees. >> and the hospital says it is open fully staffed and serving patients as usual despite the strike. the red cross assisting a dozen people forced out of their homes by a fire in wilmington. they show firefighters arriving to walt the flames on 22nd street just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon. investigators say the fire started in a vacant home, but the flames spread and destroyed five adjacent homes. there are no injuries. authorities are still investigating the cause. (jim? >> president trump is planning to sign a new executive order on immigration today. the revised orders is expected to remove iraq from the list of countries whose citizens are temporarily banned from traveling to the u.s. would also no longer single out syrian refugees for an indefinite ban. the orange al order received heavy push back from the court. it bars the entry of people from seven muslim majority countries and halted the nation's refugee program. attorney general jeff sessions is expected to amend his official statement today
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regarding conversations with the russian ambassador to the u.s. the washington post recently reported that sessions met with the russian ambassador twice during president trump's campaign. he initially recused himself from any investigations into the findings. meantime, the fbi is asking the justice department to reject president drum's explosive wiretapping by the obama administration, series of early morning tweets on saturday, the president accused form are former president obama of tapping his tell phones at trump tower before the 2016 election. trump now calling on congress to investigate the claim. i think the american people have a right to know if this happened. because if it did, again, this is the largest abuse of power that i think we've ever seen. >> and some democrats are suggest that president trump is using the allegations as a way to deflect and divert attention away from questions about his campaign's contact with russian officials. house republicans are expected to introduce legislation to repeal and
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replace the affordable care act this week. president trump made this of course one of the central promises of his time in office. republican lawmakers last week, how much, expressed concern over the house's current draft. some are against using refundable tax credit to help people buy insurance, others are unsure of the plan to phase out the aca's current medicaid expansion. gop leaders hope to push through their healthcare package this month. and now for a look at newspaper headlights from across our region. >> the trentonian, hamilton police asking for the public's assistance to identify man in connection with early morning robbery friday. police say the robbery occurred at the 7-eleven, the 900 block every arena drive around 4:15 in the morning. the suspect is described as awhile male, five-11, 145 pounds, and approximately 35 years olds. and the mercury students enrollment in the school district expected to rise over the next decade, hired by the school boards in november, considers 8% increase in enrollment over the next ten
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years to be pretty likely. works out to be about 262 additional children. >> the cover of the intelligence err quakertown community school district asking bucks county commissioners to remove four of its h elementary schools from polling places, district has come 14 replacement sites, that it believes can accommodate voters without interfering with student. >> and that's a look at some of the nude lines from around the delaware valley. it is a big day for some members of the philadelphia police department. >> 170 sworn members will be promoted this morning. this is video from the department of promotional ceremony last year, it will be held in temple university mcgonigle hall at 10:00 a.m. men and women of the philadelphia police department will be for their leadership and excellence as they move to up higher ranks, new enzymement kicks in 12:01 tomorrow morning. so congratulations of the men and women of the police department. >> terrifying months for guest breast a fire tears through their hotel. >> cell phone video shows just how big the fire was. one thing being blamed for causing it all.
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>> and thousands spends the weekend recreate ago big moment at the civil rights movement. we will take you to alabama as people recreate the march from selma to
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♪ >> some r sky moments at a hotel in california as fast moving fire gave asbestos z just minutes to escape, all happened at the travel in valeho outside of san francisco sunday, multi alarm fire started in a room on the first floor and quickly spread to the second floor. several victims claim the smoke detectors in their rooms didn't work. hotel employee says they were all operational. >> if you go get them and bring them to me right now, i'm telling you, he's lying, he's lying. they had to drag my wheel claire down the stairs. we didn't even have an ex at this time get me out. >> now, according to firefighters everyone made it out of the building and three people were treated for smoke inhalation, officials believe
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the fire was sparked by a fuel can left on a balcony. >> the marine corps under investigation after service members allegedly shared naked photos of their female cam rods on social media. hundreds of marines belong to the secret united facebook group, where thousands of photos of make female service members and veterans have reportedly, first reported by the non-profit news organization run by marine veterans, and purple heart recipients, tom brennan. >> i've scold by things like this on facebook before. i think this is a good gut check for a lot of people. we have all scrolled past things we shouldn't tolerate on social media. >> and the page was taken down within hours of the start of a ncis investigation one month ago, investigators say they're most concerned about the victims, as many of them are identified by their rang, full name, and station. >> thousands made their way to alabama this weekend to re-enact an event in the civil rights movement t had been 52 years since the march across the bridge in selma on
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march 7th, 1965. african-americans seeking the rights to vote intend today march across the bridge to montgomery before attacked by police, it became known as bloody sunday, credited known as helping pass the voting rights. >> richard celebrated tenth birthday at the star buffet friday, his family had gone therefore years, but this experience is a bit different. he and his sister both ordered apple juice, as soon as they took a zip something horrifying happened. >> as soon as they took a zip of it, they were throwing up. and there was blood, and the other time they brought the apple juice to it they would bring stirofoam cup of ice and separate drink so could you open n pour it if you with a to. this time they made it already made. >> it burned his children's throats, local paper report there was, quote, a kostick substance in the juice, police are expected to give an update
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on their investigation later today. >> scary. the time now is 5:14,. >> lawyer never for katie today. lauren, cold weekend, expect to go warm up today. >> indeed. we will have much milder conditions, after that cold weekend with high temperatures only in the 30's. average high temperature should have us up around 50 degrees, and we will get there today. but cents it is a cold start to our work week, down to 27 degrees right now, live look at center city philadelphia, all is quiet. winds are calm. so that's nice element this morning. we have these chilly temperatures, but no windchill impact this morning, with winds calm, reporting sites early this monday morning, but still definitely need that winter coat. 22 degrees your current temperature in allentown, down in the teens in millville. ac. 20 degrees to start you off. trenton. do have much more mild air mass off to the south and west. temperatures in the upper 50's, to near 06 degrees, at this early hour to the southwest. and that warmer air mass will start to build in as we head throughout the day today. and, in fact, warmer
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conditions in general for march. our average high temperature throughout the month, 63 degrees. our average high for march 1st around 47 degrees. but by the end of the month, high temperatures on average, in the upper 50's. for today, we climb to the 50's. 52 degrees, sunshine start, then increasing clouds, as we head into tonight, temperatures are not going to be nearly as chilly. only falling back to 42 degrees, mostly cloudy conditions, chance of shower developing late. check it outment sunset time nearly 6:00. yes, we're closing in on spring. storm scan3 showing us some patchy clouds maybe few flurries up to the poconos. otherwise, pretty quiet day in store. we do have more moyer tuesday offer to the south and west in association with the warmfront that will lift through through the day tomorrow, bump temperatures up further up to the 60s for our tuesday, but future weather showing us sunshine to start specially along the coast, throughout the day. increasing clouds specially west of the city as we head into the afternoon hours. cloudy conditions we head into the evening hours, then we is that start to see showers
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developing west of the i95 corridor, overnight tonight, and i think we'll see scattered light showers throughout the day tomorrow. model not cleaning it in, but best chance of shower activity will come overnight tomorrow, into early wednesday. you can see that reflected but rainfall intensity will be very light. that rain will start to clear out as we led into early wednesday morning. sunshine taking over as we head into midday wednesday and wednesday and into noon. -- afternoon. rainfall intensity with our rain chances, come in, especially tomorrow night. you can see about quarter of an inch where we had the best chance of rain north and west of the city. but otherwise, rainfall totals are really going to struggle due to the light intensity of that rainfall. might still need the umbrella for our tuesday, pack it along in case. as we head into wednesday, clearing skies, becoming mostly sunny for the afternoon, breezy conditions, still up at 61 degrees, but the high temperature will occur early, temperatures will be dropping on the back side of the system, and cooler day in store on thursday. high temperature at 51 degrees. sunshine, and as we head into
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friday, 48 degrees. maybe a bit of snow on the back side of some rain that comes in on friday. and then meisha for the upcoming weekend it is daylight saving time. so don't forget spring forward. >> yes, wealthy guess we have no choice on that, do we, lauren? a lot of us are happy to have, you know, the sunlight, not lose any sleep. looking outside, 422 near the turnpike, looking here both directions. looking good, looking just as it should, basically in where we are looking, basically what it is looking like, exactly how we would expect. slowly starting to build levels basically anywhere we look. minimal. no worries yet. we know it is going to be busy monday typically are. a look at 95 south, you push in the southbound direction at cottman, head into center city what you are looking at on interstate 95 pushing in the southbound direction, looking good, just as it should really. then we do split screen for you, the schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction, near king of prussia. you can see you are working with there, i would say heating up little bit on the eastbound side, westbound side
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on the schuylkill basically anywhere we look, a look at 95 south at the airport anywhere around the airport looking good, be sure check your schedules on line, we haven't heard anything there, but looks like everything calm and good there. >> we do have construction there, here at city avenue, traffic signal upgrades, install curb ramps, that sort every thing, city avenue north and south between bryn mawr avenue and kings grant drive. >> this will run you all the way through friday. so just heads up on that. and another area that we are looking at city avenue water main installation. so city avenue north and south, between grove place and rolling road, between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. this will linger out there until april 7. just reminder on this, a lot of this, talking today, reminds you of last week, more to talk about coming up in about ten to 15 minute. jim, rahel, back to you. >> thanks, meisha. commuter alert for bus riders as meisha mentioned little bit earlier. septa has temporarily moved one of its bus stop at 15th and market has been moved one block to 16th and market
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because of construction. the effective routes include the market frankford night owl, and they're on your screen, to help plan your route. we have a link set to this website at and of course on the cbs local app. well the temple owls spent the weekend in florida for their final regular season game. >> big moment from the big match up against south florida, and this morning's. >> this afternoon we invite to you join us ace senator pat toomey conduct live social media conversation here in our cbs-3 studios. jessica dean will be asking the senator your questions that you smith via facebook live. looking forwards to hearing from you this afternoon.
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this cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning with jim donovan, rahel solomon, katie fehlinger, pat gallen, and meisha johnson. >> welcome back everyone, the temple owls spent their weekend in tampa for their final regular game. >> here's lesley van arsdall with this morning's sports report. >> sixers at home tonight against the bucks, helping to rebounds after saturday's embarrassing lost to detroit. meanwhile temple on the road down in tampa taking on south florida yesterday in their final regular season game. to the first half, score typed, coming up with a three, that will give temple the lead. we jump ahead to the second, temple with nine-point lead. thorpe with mid range jumper from outside of the lane. twenty-one-point, but will net lever out. late in the second, owls up by ten. austin junior with huge three, gives temple 13-point lead. and temple goes onto win
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72-60. next up for the owls, east carolina the first round of the aac tournament. >> now to the phillies, spring training continues into clearwater. yesterday, the phillies facing the tigers to the game in the booth o second, the phillies down three-nothing, brett with the solo homerun to left field. trail four to nothing. the phillies mounds a come back. freddie galvis takes one toward the corner of deep right field. looks like homerun at first it, does stay in, belongo and hand began will score, then bottom of the seventh, phils with the lead, hector gomez with the double to deep right field. >> this one out of reach through the outfielder, the phillies take three-point lead and win this 18 to five. >> that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> and to the season opener for the union we go, on the road, vancouver, not a lot of offense in this one, and the mls range goal keeper of the year, andre blake, union, made several good saves under pressure, union and white caps
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play to a tie. home opener 4:30. >> meanwhile, the nicks and the warriors spent their first half of the game in silence, but it was all intentional. nicks went without music and even jumbo tron videos, so fans can appreciate the game and quote, washington post writer said it was awesome. another said he's used to playing with music in the arena said the silence really changes the soul of the game. warriors still won the game 112 to 105. >> coming up you may notice some changes passing through security the next time you fly. >> how the tsa is change the way it screens travelers, who are picked for pat downs, making some people uncomfortable. pat? >> reporter: good morning, guys. how are you? we are live here at the wells fargo center with sean johnson of the philadelphia 76ers, and he's teaching me to you to play wheelchair basketball. learn so much more about the
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sixers coming up tomorrow night. is that right, sean? >> that's right. >> all right, we will do in a in a supple every minutes. first, let me see if i can make this. >> a for effort there, for sure. and it is only monday. but eyes always focused on the weekend ahead. looks like it is going to be bit cooler than average with high temperatures generally in the four's, looks like saturday our dry day featuring fair amount of sunshine, then we'll have a system to watch as we head into sunday. could start off with rain, but could end up as something else. and we will talk more about that in your full eyewitness forecast coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. and a good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this monday morning, this is a live look at center city from our studios on spring garden street. this was a very, very chilly weekend. some good news, making a return. lauren tells us when in her full forecast in just a few moments. good morning again, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. first what you need to know is that start your day in the morning minute.
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>> it is a sin and a shame and a disgrace. >> shots fired in broad daylight? southwest philadelphia, one brother dead, another fighting for his live. investigators still trying to determine whether the victims and the shooter new one another. >> what do we want? when do we want it? >> hundreds of nurses and tech's walk off


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