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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 6, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> "eyewitness news" at noon begins with breaking news, a fire at the aquatic fitness center on grant avenue and port had road. we're told firefighters called to the scene about an hour ago there is fire has now reached three alarms, no injuries have been reported at this time. firefighters continue to battle the flames. we have a "eyewitness news" crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring this to you as a live report as soon as they get there. >> and also this noon, two brothers shot in broad daylight, sitting in a car, one dice the other fighting for his life.
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police are searching for the suspects. good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan, neighbors say something has to be done to make the street safe. anita oh, live, with the latest and the neighbors' concerns, anita? >> reporter: good afternoon, police have just identified the victim as 19 year old davis, more questions than answer in the afternoon, after that shooting in broad daylight yesterday. that victim, 15 year old's brother, remains in critical condition here at the children's hospital of philadelphia. suffering from a gunshot wound to the face. >> it is a sin and a shame and disgrace. >> nineteen year old dead, his 15 year old brother shot in the face now recovering at the children's hospital of philadelphia, after being gunned down sunday, according to philadelphia police. the brothers reportedly got shot around 2:30 sunday afternoon, at 81st and lions avenue while inside this white car. the two were able to drive about a block and a half before crashing into a utility
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pole, which split the car in half. >> it is sad. it is really sad. >> as police pick up evidence, neighbors are trying to pick up the pieces after another young life lost. charlene moore lives in southwest philadelphia neighborhood and says more grow grams need to be in place to curb the violence. >> these children have absolutely nothing to do in the community. if you look around, there is no community center for them. these children need vocational training, they need, they need an outlet. >> police say black car pull up and started firing, but no arrest haves been made. any with information are urged to call police. i'm anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> meanwhile in other news jerry sandusky now inmate at medium security prison in western pennsylvania, the 73 year old just geez endly transferred from the state correctional institution in green, about an hour south of pittsburgh, the maximum security prison is where he had been serving his 2012 con
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vick son for child sex abuse, now house dollars at a state correctional institution in somerset, that's about 100 miles east of his former prison. >> police hope this surveillance video helps them finds pair of robbery suspect, broke a door to get inside the chick-fil-a on the 2300 block every east butler avenue in harrow gate last thursday. the two tried to grab a cash register and safe, but wound one neither of them, got a which with nothing. if you recognize anything about these two suspect, please call police. it is now day two of strike by nurses and technicians at delaware county memorial hospital. 370 employees walked off the job yesterday morning, the group protesting what they say is a staffing problem. hospital leaders say they staffed the national average and that nurses are paid fairly. nurses however say this is not about the money. this is about safety. >> we used to have five patients to one nurse on the floors, now giving us up to seven and eight. >> i always wanted to be a nurse. i can't believe that i work
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for a company that had a no respect for their patients or their employees. >> hospital officials say delaware county memorial is still open and police staffed despite the walk youth. >> well, after dealing with some below normal temperatures, we can now look forward to another winter warm up. meteorologist, lauren casey live on the cbs-3 skydeck to tell us how high the temperature will go. hello, lawyer glenn hello, jim, feeling good out on the skydeck, big difference from this morning, this jacket might be even too heavy as temperatures are on the rise, some nice sunshine hine me in center city philadelphia. temperatures at 44 degrees in philly. temperatures in the four's, generally across the area, 46 degrees in reading, at 43 allentown and currently 46 degrees in ac. temperature change over the last 24 hours, you know it, as soon as you step outside, significant on the order of 17 4 hours, and in reading, up about 14 degrees from this time yesterday in dover. storm scan3 showing us nice sunshine specially across the coast, patchy cloud cover working in along the i59
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corridor some of the northwestern suburbs up into the lehigh valley. see the trend for increasing clouds into the second haft of the day, no bother because temperatures are going to be feeling much nicer up to 52 degrees, down the shore we maintain the sunshine little bit longer highs in the upper 40's, and the poconos will climb into the low 40's, we warm even further as we head into our tuesday, but, you might have to break out the umbrella. talk more about that if the full forecast coming. >> lauren, see you soon, thank you. president trump rolling out new travel ban today a mid controversy over his claim that former president obama wiretapped before the election, kenneth boss well at the white house to break it all down. >> the trump administration, announce add revised executive order, meant to keep terrorists out of the us. revised travel ban will take effect on march 16th and last for 120 days. it applies to citizens from six majority muslim countries. and removes rock from the list. i think the roll out will be i hope much better than it was last time. >> the white house says the new executive order addressed legal issues the courts had in
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striking down the first travel ban. >> if you actually have a visa, if you are a legal permanent resident, you are not covered under this particular, he can tiff action,. >> it comes as the white house doubles down on president trump claim that former president barack obama illegally ordered wiretap at trump tower during the campaign. >> direct over of national intelligence says it is not true. >> i can deny it. >> the white house wants congress to investigate. >> i would expect that he he's going to want to provide our commit we any evidence that he has. >> democrats say this is an attempt top deflect from investigations into trump campaign aides, column eude withing russian officials. >> the president you know is deflector in chief. anything to change the subject to where, from where the sheep is. >> fbi director james comey has asked his bosses if the department of justice to publicly refute president trump's claims saying they're
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false. kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." and attorney general jeff sessions spoke just moments ago about the president's new travel ban. >> we cannot compromise our nation's security by allowing visitors entry when the only governments are unable or unwilling to provide the information we need to vet responsibly. or when those governments actively support terrorism. this executive order, responsibly provides a needed so we can carefully review how wu scrutinize people coming here from these countries of concern. >> we have been telling you for weeks about protests outside of the offices of pennsylvania senator pat toomey calling for him to host town hall meetings, the protests are often called tuesday's for too many i. >> this afternoon at approximately 2:10 we invite to you join us as "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean conduct live media conversation right here in our studios with senator toomey. will be asking the senator
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your questions, that you smith via facebook live, again this afternoon at approximately 2:10, we look forward to hearing from you. >> in other news this noon, european union is joining the united states in kendel g north korea for firing four banned balistic missiles overnight, this is file video of miss i am being lawn. , travel about 600 miles before landing in waters that japan claims has part of its exclusive economic zone. the test appears to be in reaction to joint us south korean military drill. the european union said it would consult with japan and other international partners over how to respond. us back iraqi forces continue their push to retake isis held neighborhoods in west most you will. it is the biggest area still under control by the militants. special forces are inch. closer toward the government complex, but military officials say isis militants are battling back with everything they've got, including possibly chemical weapons. well, coming up: super model reveals her battle with
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postpartum depression, that's ahead on "eyewitness news." >> plus two children returned to the hospital after drinking apple juice at a pennsylvania restaurant, and their father claims the juice caused the burns. >> chopper three is live over major fire at northwest philadelphia. the fire at the aquatic fitness center on grant avenue has reached three alarms. we've learned one person has been transport today torresdale hospital. live continuing coverage on air and on line at
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>> we're continuing to monitor three alarm fire at grant avenue and fordham road in northeast philadelphia this afternoon, chopper three is over the scene where we've learned at least one person has been transported to torresdale hospital. thick while smoke continues to pour from the badly damaged structure at this hour. the fire has been burning at the aquatic fitness center since just around 11:00 this morning. of course we will continue to follow that. in other news this noon, sports illustrated model christie teigen is opening up about her battle with postpartum depression and anxiety. the 31 year old made the revelation in the upcoming issue of glamour magazine, for the pun case describing her struggle. she has one is month old daughter with her musician husband, john ledge end. >> we expect to hear more from lancaster county authorities after two children were hospitalized after drinking some possibly tainted apple juice. >> richard celebrated his tenth birthday friday at the star buffet in east lamb pet err township. his parent say richard and his four year old sister both had
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apple juice and a frightening reaction there. >> as soon as they took a sip they were throwing up, there was blood, and any other time they brought the apple juice to us they would bring stirofoam cup with ice and they could open it and pour it when you want tonight this time they brought it already made. >> he said the apple juice burn his children's throat. and quote cost i can substance in the juice. restaurant is still open. well, there is word this noon, that the us marine corps is investigating allegations that hundreds of marines posted inlet matt pick tours of their female colleagues on line. correspondent jan crawford at the pentagon with the disturbing details. >> the photos were scar. >> i an on line article, marine thomas brennan describes how members of the secret facebook group, marines united, encouraged to posse list it pictures of their female colleagues, some promising free beer to
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contributors. these photographs had name, rang, and often place hads their current military duty station, it had their hometowns, it had contact information. >> the purple heart recipient says the photos drew in thousands of comments. >> besides one leud comment about a foe mail in uniform which said the service members cents sneaking the photos should take her out back and sexually attack her. one victim told its group members talked about what they would do to her. some of the women believe their former partners may have leaked the images, others said their accounts had been hacked or poached. accusations commas the military is trying to correct a long standing problem with sexual harrassment. in a statement, the marine corps said the conduct undermines their core value. this behavior destroys moral, erodes trust, and degrades the individual. being criticized by some of his fellow marines who said he is also guilty of making
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derogatory comments about women on facebook. in response, he told cbs news he's never claimed to be perfect. and he doesn't want this to deter from the focus of the story. now brennan says his family also is being threatened. and we reached out to facebook for comment. and they told us we do not allow harrassment. and remove content that target private individuals with the inch tension of degrading or shaming them. also noted they've taken down the offending groups from the site. jan crawford, cbs news, the pentagon. >> coming up: a coin collecting turtle learns his lesson. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news," how this turtle with a rather expensive taste ended up in trouble and on the operating table. lauren? >> all right. well, it is only monday, but of course we're always focused on the weekend ahead. looks like our projections for the upcoming weekend will be cooler than average, generally temperatures in the four's, of course it is daylight saving time late saturday night early
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sunday morning, we have to spring forward, we lose the hour of sleep we gain an extra hour of sunlight. sunset time sunday evening will be after the 7:00 hour, but on sunday we do have a system to watch. that could be bringing us a taste of winter. so stay tuned to that evolving forecast, and i'll have your seven day forecast
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>> very chilly weekend, lawyer glenn absolutely, temperatures didn't get out 3069's for first weekend in march. hard to believe on march 1st we had temperatures middle 70s. >> yes? >> and this roller coaster, it going to continue, but at least we're on the upswing today. fair amount of sunshine,
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especially down the shore right now, getting live look on "skycam 3", ocean city new jersey beautiful conditions there. blue skies. not too many people on the beach. but hey i guess it is a monday, so a lot of people in the workplace. but over the weekends, a lot of people hanging indoors because of these cold temperatures. our high temperatures yesterday, across the area, we only made it to 38 degrees in philadelphia, topped at 39 in the lehigh valley, and cold day down the shore yesterday with high temperatures only in the mid to upper 30's, getting a live look at center city philadelphia, now some high and mid level clouds on the scene, but temperatures doing much better already, 44 degrees, thanks to that southerly component to the win flow, winds at about 8 miles per hour, so bit of windchill impact. but certainly, feeling more comfortable today. and we will continue to have these up and down temps but today on the upswing. then we have chance of showers, as early as late tonight, takes us through the day tomorrow, then that potentially system to watch headed into next weekend. little ways off with some of the model projections giving us a chance of some snow. but still a ways out.
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temperatures right now though at 44 in philly, 43 degrees in wilmington, 43 degrees in wildwood. up to 47 in reading. do have much more mild air mass, jump off to the south and west, warmer air build into our backyard, thanks to warmfront that's going to move through the area tomorrow, and for today, even getting taste of the more mild air. 52 degrees under increasing clouds, overnight tonight, not nearly as chilly, only falling back to 42 degrees, mostly cloudy few showers developing late. snow shower activity on storm scan3, some of the passing high level cloud cover, but there is some moisture off to the south and west. in association with that approaching weather system, so for the day tomorrow, pack the umbrella, warmfront will arrive but on the back side temperatures running about ten to 15 degrees above average. so we will have some areas of fog, drizzle around, as well as some scattered light showers, on and off throughout the day. future wet letter show us that, headed throughout the overnight period, could see brief peer of freezing rain, higher elevations but do watch out for that. throughout the overnight period, some hit or miss
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showers, moving through the delaware valley. and through our tuesday, best chance of showers is going to be west of the i95 corridor. kind of scattered showers, in nature, throughout the day, and then during tomorrow night, we will see the cold front from this system dropping in, so that will give us a chance of some heavier type precipitation, maybe even few rumbles every thunder, but then by wednesday morning, skies clearing, sunshine returning, but future rainfall amounts will show us we will see some of the best chances and some of the heaviest rainfall, from this warmfront, then the cold front, north and west of the city, notice approaching about a half inch in the poconos and lehigh valley along the i95 corridor, generally quarter inch of rainfall. >> so have the umbrella on stand by for the day tomorrow. temperatures on the very mild side up to 64 degrees, still in the 60s on wednesday, but that will be early in the day. with temperatures falling on the back side, mostly sunny conditions, breezy as well. cooler by thursday. 51 degrees. the high temperature, then on friday, chilly day with chance of some rain and snow, the upcoming weekend as i mention
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before looking little cool with high temperatures in the middle 40's, daylight saving and then watch that system, which will be interesting, for sunday. >> i miss the days when we had 70 degrees. >> listen, this is went. where we shouldn't be, you know, complaining. >> true. still got couple of weeks to go. >> knock on plexiglass. well, topping coins into fountain turned out to be bad luck for a sea turtle in tie lan. this is one further billion expensive taste. doctors say the turtle nicknamed bank swallowed 915 coast from that fountain and wound up on an operating table. doctors say the coins wade 11 pounds. and caused a life threatening infection, surgeons removed the coins, and bank fortunately is now on the road to recovery. >> bank on that. and we're coming right back.
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>> welcome back, we're continuing to monitor a now four alarm fire, at grant avenue and fordham road in northeast philadelphia this afternoon. chopper three is over the scene where we've learned that one person has been transported to torresdale hospital. thick white smoke continues to pour on that badly damaged strung tour at this hour. the fire has been burning at the aquatic fitness center, since just after 1:00 this morning, now the facility claims to have the largest indoor pool in the philly metro area for year around swimming. we do not know what may have sparked those flames there. well for weeks protesters have gathered outside of the offices of pennsylvania senator pat toomey, calling for him to host town hall meetings, quick remind they
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are afternoon, at approximately 2:00, so we invite to you join us as we and jessica dean conduct life media conversation right here at our studios with senator toomey. jessica will be asking the senator your questions, just smith them via fast bike live, again this is afternoon at approximately 2:10 p.m. we look forward to hearing from you. >> a final check of the weather. >> 52 degrees today, miler day, increasing clouds, mid 60s tomorrow. but pack along the umbrella in case, scattered light showers around, sunshine for wednesday and thursday, but cooling trend toward week's end, and we cool things off as we head into next weekends. >> little bit of everything, thank you so much, lauren. that's "eyewitness news" today at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon for lauren all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at of course the young and the restless is next. have a great day everyone. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> michael: thank you. you're still not feeling better? >> lauren: my head is pounding. >> victor: lauren, do you need to eat something? >> lauren: i can't. every time i try, my throat closes up. >> michael: well, you're exhausted. you were up all night. >> lauren: what if scott called or kevin? i couldn't risk falling asleep. >> victor: lauren, it is miles through very rough terrain. the authorities on the ground couldn't help him much, but they gave him instructions passed on to him by the kidnappers where to drop the ransom. now, he's on the way through that rough terrain right now to meet with the kidnappers and hopefully with scott. >> michael: there's nothing else we can do now except wait. >> lauren: forgive me if that's not very reassuring. >> michael: sweetheart -- >> lauren:


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