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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 7, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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litsch from the doctor. bs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. mob mayhem. more than 100 teenagers cause chaos outside of city hall. we'll tell you just how many were arrested and what will happen to them now. and cab driver in the hospital after being shot during attempted robbery in west philadelphia overnight. we'll tell you about the moment thinks he is call ate dollars. >> a day care work is her fired and arrested after a video appears to show her pushing a child down some stairs. we'll tell you how the child is doing this morning, and the charges that day care worker is now facing. >> well today is tuesday, march 7. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. all of that plus eating pancakes today can help a cause. first a forecast with lauren and traffic with meisha. >> happy tuesday. i know pancakes, right, now i
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can't even think straight, pancakes. the roads are actually looking pretty good. i say with some hesitance i, couple elf accident out there, some construction, so already shaping up, little busy. >> and the weather is a little busy this morning, might want to passalong your umbrella we do have areas every light rain, drizzle, moving through the storm scan3 painted in with green, especially north and west of the city, right now, seeing some shower activity working through the lehigh valley, poconos, some light drizzle activity in and around center city and east on the i95 corridor. up winds more moisture moving through in association with a warmfront. so we'll prepare for shower activity specially for the first half of the day. we are going to see more mild temperatures. 43 degrees, to start things off in philadelphia. 40 degrees right in you in the lehigh valley, and at 48 degrees in ac. big change over the last 24 hours. we are 30 degrees warmer than this time yesterday, in ac, 15 n philadelphia, and 31 degrees more mild in millville.
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we need the rain slicker but don't need the winter jacket, areas of rain and drizzle take us into the 9:00 hour. 45 degrees, still cool, 50's by lunch time, maybe spotty lighted shower hanging around, we head into the 5:00 hour, i think clouds, allowing for sunshine to break on through, temperatures warm willing up to near 06 degrees, we are going to see showers redevelop overnight tonight, meisha, even few rumbled -- rumbles every under thisser. >> that will be good to know. i know i had my umbrella walking in this morning and you will probably need it, as women. lauren just pointed out. just talking about this over at the desk, there are some accident out there this morning there is one an overturned vehicle with minor injuries. ninety-five north approaching the commodore barry bridge, you can see that far left lane is blocked. but it almost looks like another lane is block as well. forcing everyone to kind of pull over to the right. nevertheless this area is one area you just want to factor in couple every extra minute it, will get busy fairly quickly, 59 north, commodore barry bridge, overturned
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vehicle there. so i'll let you know as soon as it clears. another accident northeast extension southbound before mid-county, right lane blocked there, still traveling at posted speeds, still early, still dark out, there the areas that will heat up quickly. a lot more to talk about in the next ten to 15 minutes, jim, over you. >> new this morning, unlicensed cab driver is shot during attempted robbery in west philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at 52nd and market streets around 1:30 this morning, police say the 55 year old victim pick up two suspect, in his black cadillac. the suspects then pistol whipped the driver before shooting him in the back. the victim is now in stable condition. so far no arrest haves been made, but police hope surveillance video will provide some clues. >> it is to has happened again, another kidnapping attempt in new castle county, police believe it is the same suspect to similar crimes, latest happened at the lust ants on sheldon drive newark, investigators say man with a gun demanded money and tried to force woman into her apartment last night. but another person answered the door, the gunman left.
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>> and police believe the same suspect committed two other attacks, two other apartment complexes, both in wilmington, last month. february 19th, woman was heading into her building at the a return del and the, man sexually assaulted her then forced her to withdraw money at a atm. first attack happened february f the hill apartments, like the arundel attack, kidnapped woman in the parking lot, forced her into her car, attack her, had her drive to a atm. if you have any information on any of the crimes call new castle county police, or crime stoppers at 800-tips-3333. stampede of teenagers creates chaos ross, in center sit. >> i 150 young people took over market street as part of flash mob. trang do live in center sit which more on the flash mob arrest. good morning, trang. >> the mayhem started around city hall, ended here at 20th and market.
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septa's police chief tweeted last night kids often get into fights after dismiss from the school, but yesterday's chaos the worse he's ever seen. a video posted on twitter shows dozens of teens outside city hall. a handful of them appear to be beating and kicking someone on the ground during the height of the evening rush hour. about two blocks away, cell phone video shot outside the westin hotel shows droves of teenagers running through center city, quickly followed by philadelphia police officers on bikes. philadelphia police say about 150 kids eventually gathered around the area of 20th and market. before the night was over, philadelphia police officers took 20 kids into custody. meanwhile, septa's transit police reported ten arrests for disorderly conduct. what was very busy night for police in the city. and as of late last night, philadelphia police are still working to determine which teens would be formally charged and which ones would receive citations, we're told most would receive citations,
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meanwhile, a philadelphia police officer was injured when she fell off her bike, while responding to that mob. but nor now, live in center city, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. meanwhile, caught on camera, day care work nerve upper darby delaware county shoved a little girl down a flight of stairs. a newly installed camera captured the moments she pushed the four year old down the steps at the childcare of the future day care center in clifton heights. another employee who was monitoring the camera saw the frightening incident unfold. >> i went and confronted her at the bottom of the stairsment you can see me on camera. what are you doing? we don't do this. you know what that means? >> fortunately, the little girl was not seriously injured. told she only worked at the day care center for about a year but reportedly has 25 years of experience in the day care business. she is currently facing several charges including simple assault, and recklessly endangering the welfare of a child. she is now out on $20,000 bail. we are getting reaction
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this morning after senator pat toomey held social media conversation right here at the cbs-3 studios, and live chat on facebook, pennsylvania republican said he hasn't had face-to-face town hauls because he spends so much time in washington. he says he has held 48 phone tall ounce, while no definite date the senator says his offers will probably host the town hall in philadelphia in the future. during the on line conversation, react today president trump's revised travel ban. >> this looks like it is an improvement. at the end of the day, how much, let me be clear, i do think there are countries where it is very hard to be confident in their vetting because they're countries extremely hostile to the united state and it is sensible for us to take every precaution to make sure that people coming from those places have been thoroughly vetted before we bring them here. >> toomey also said he has publicly disagreed with the president when he thought the immigration order went too far. now, one person who was part every senator to senator ts
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social mead conversation. >> because of her pre-existing conversation, speak to go her via face time she is worried about two, three years down the road. >> i know he is trying to play safe. so i understand what he's doing. but he didn't make me feel any better or any safer. i'm sure there are a lot of people who probably felt the same way. >> now, toomey said whether it comes to repealing obamacare the actual effective date two, three years down the road, so to quote him we're not going to pull the rug out from anyone. >> some protesters showed up at the cbs-3 studios to greet senator toomey becomes 20 people turned out in spring garden. they are from the group tuesday's with toomey. they say the senator has been avoiding holding town hall. >> we want to have a constructive conversation with our senator tonight have him meet our eyes, and basically, understanded why we're coming out every week. >> we're told that senator toomey met with some of the
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tuesday's with toomey protesters earlier yesterday. in a statement the senator said the conversation was constructive and it focused on the potential for future town hall meetings. >> well, drama down south today as state legislator consideration impeaching a sitting governor. >> the scandal is recordings that have landed alabama chief ex being tiff in deep trouble. plus we have seen uber test drive less carts in pittsburgh, now seeing san francisco test out driver less buses. >> oh, boy. >> how they may be moving people on the city streets. >> people in minnesota cleaning up after tornado, the record of severe weather is setting. we will be right back at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event. uand mwearing off.ines'e
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event. >> police are asking for help in catching a group of teens accused of snatching cell phones. this is the group police say are targeting victims as they leave septa stations. police say they were at the tasker morris street station
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on february 6th when they attacked a 22 year old man and stole his phone. two blocks away on peers street, another phone was taken just two days later. police arrest add 15 year old, but believe at least three others are involved. two high ranking republican senators are asking for proof to back up president trump's claims that he was wiretapped by president obama before the election, senator mccain says president trump should offer up whatever evidence he has so president obama wiretapping trump tower. lindsay gram prom ills dollars investigational investigation due to the seriousness of the charge. the white house is calling for a full investigation. >> and, law makers in alabama meet today to discuss whether the state's republican governor should be impeached. robert bently under fire after audio recordings from 2014 allegedly revealed him having sexually explicit conversations with a former aid. both bently and the aid deny an affair, bently refuses to resign. the state house ethics committee decides for impeachment, the state senate will act as an injury. >> i clean up underway in
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minnesota after the earliest tornado in the state's history, tornado touched down last night in zimmerman, that's north of minneapolis. the winds were so strong, they through a trailer into a house. boats from nearby lake were thrown across the home's yard. more than 2,000 people lost power after the severe weather, the previous record for the earliest tornado in minnesota march 18, back in 1968. national weather service will be investigating whether there was also a second tornado in that area. we can expect this as spring starts to roll in in the next few weeks. >> we had two tornados in pennsylvania last month, extremely rare for february. today just dealing with the rainfall. could hear few rumbles every thunder into tonight, not concerned about severe weather, but grab that rain slicker. >> i felt the drizzle. >> few drops. if you leave without the umbrella you might be all right, but i advise to take it along, so why get drip dropped on? live look in center city philadelphia, do have dizzle
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coming down, temperatures are cool, 43 degrees current. but compared to the 20's we were waking to up this time yesterday morning, big difference. winds out of the east up around 7 miles per hour, windchill temperature at 39 right now. we are fairly mild as far as averages are concerned, as we wake up on this tuesday morning, 41 degrees in reading, 47 in millville. 48 degrees in atlantic city right now. winds are kind of variable at this time. breeze picking up out of the south right now down the shore, wind speeds up around ten to 13 miles per hour. winds will kind of be breezy at times throughout the day today. storm scan3 shows us main trend, seeing the area of precipitation move from west to east. do in the lighter green, some areas of darker greens, but overall the rainfall intensity is very light, dealing with drizzle, some patchy light rain, especially up toward the lehigh valley and poconos. but your rainfall intensity may pick up little bit over the next hour, darker greens make approach from the west. so umbrella is a good idea today. we will still deal with the area of precipitation across portions every central
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pennsylvania that's going to work through the delaware valley as we head into the next couple of hours. this is in association with warmfront. future weather will show us as we head into the 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 hour still dealing with areas every light rain, drizzle, break headed into the afternoon hours, maybe even some sunshine breaking out on the back side of the warmfront. but then conversely head into the overnight period, colds front in association with the system will drop in, that will bring us line of showers, maybe few embedded rumbles every thunder head into wednesday. see clouds start, clearing skies, head into the second half of the day. wednesday, mostly sunny, up to 64 degrees before cooler air moves in as we head into thursday. breezy conditions, 55, as we head into friday. temperatures falling off with a chance every rain and snow, meisha. then arctic blast, no, as we head into next weekends. >> no, lauren, you can't leave me with that. i have to walk over to the weather department after saying that. so sad. i can tell you already still in the 4:00 hour still dark, still very early.
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already, we've kind of seen a string every problems out there on the roadways. not quite sure why. something to do with the rain and the wet roadways. never the lets, we have overturned vehicle here, 95 north approaching the commodore barry bridge, two left lanes now blocked. we did have reported minor injuries here, as well. soap, is this going to start to hang you up in the 5:00 hour? probably, still out there. so i'll let you know as soon as it moves out of the way. right now two left lanes block. it is starting to force some drivers to put on their brakes you can see traveling by. heads up on. that will plus another accident northeast extension southbound before mid-county. right lane blocked there. you are still traveling at posted speeds. however, you will start to slow down in this area, as well. then we've got some construction northeast construction, near quakertown, right lane block there. more to talk about coming up in 15 minute or so, jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha. san francisco is testing out oh, gosh, driver less buses. these buses did a test drive in a empty parking lot
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yesterday. each one can sit 12 people and cost $250,000. more tests will come in the next few months before operators ask for dmv approval. they are expected on california streets later this year, 2018. >> i hate to poo poo this, i know a lot of people i'm sure very excited about it, but nothing about self driving anything excites me. i don't want self driving anything. >> thank you. robot. >> well, this should put smile on your fails. never bad day for pancakes. but today is a specially great day to grab a stack. >> that's because it is national pancake day. yes, show you how i hop is celebrating the day, and also giving customaries chance to help a good cause in the process. yes, we will be right back
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>> jill wagner joins us from the new york torque stock exchange, good morning, jill. so, we hear that some of the games already disappearing? >> yes, shares of snap chat parent company snap inc dropped 12% monday to 23.77, actually below its first day opening price. investors have always questioned whether snap was like a facebook or like twitter, concerned the company saw user growth slow down when instagram launched its stories feature, very sim floor snap chat. jim, rahel. >> so jill i'm curious, netflix wants view tears choose than own ends to go tv shows? >> yes, the streaming service planning a trial of new technology. it lets viewers make choices during the show. this is according to britain's daily mail. it isn't clear if this new technology would apply just to new shows or existing ones, and they're going to start with children's programs. >> oh? >> but definately an interesting way to watch it.
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>> v. >> okay. >> jim, rahel? >> all of mine would have happy endings, fairytale winds action. >> change some of the old favorites. thank you, jim, we'll check in with you in the next hour. seems like every day is a special day, but today is national pancake day. >> very, very special, at i hop. you can have your pancakes and have them with a purpose, from p until 7:00 tonight, celebrate national pancake day at i hop with a short stack. just asking you make a charitable donation, raised more than $24 million for chart did i and our pat gallen will be at i hop, in aramingo avenue, aramingo avenue making pancakes, we will check in with him in the next hour. >> gosh, coy go for pancakes right now, but i think instead i need an umbrella, instead. >> but lauren how much rain are you caring? >> you could carry an umbrella in one hand and a pancake in the other, yes. dealing with light rain and drizzle, mild temperatures today. that will take us into mid week, but old man winter is
4:52 am
not done with us yet. when to expect highs only in the 30's, in your forecast coming up.
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>> you will need the umbrella, see some breaks of sunshine headed into the second half of the day, warmfront will lift through the area, boost our temperatures even further as we head into this afternoon. 43 degrees to start in philadelphia. big difference from yesterday morning, when we were in the 20's across much of the area. we're at 45 degrees in dover, and 47 degrees in wildwood. mild air to the south and west, will lift in on the back side of the warmfront that clears today. but as we head into tonight, we will see the cold front from this same system drop in and bring us chance of
4:55 am
showers, redeveloping, and rumbles every thunder, as well, but storm scan3 showing us that light rain moving across the area, especially philadelphia, and points northward. but just off to the west, lancaster county, berks county, lehigh valley, area of precipitation, and more moderate rain embedded within that is moving eastbound, so see your rainfall activity pick up once again, as we head into about the next hour, so across the region today need the umbrella both in philadelphia, down the shore, and in the poconos. but mild temperatures meisha up near 06 degrees. down the shore, some low 50's, in the poconos. and maybe some sunshine as we head into the afternoon. >> yes, and i'm keeping my eye on the wet roadways, already posing some problems for us. just waking up with us, what do we have here? overturned vehicle approaching the commodore barry bridge, two left lanes blocked, minor injuries are reported. but just over the past ten minutes, if you missed what we were talking about from this, when we were looking at this live picture, it was not nearly as busy as this. so already this area actually getting very busy right now,
4:56 am
again, 59 north approaching the commodore barry bridge, you have to head out there right now, i would give you couple every extra minutes, if you have to wait, i would wait if you k i wouldn't want to go sit out what's starting to build there right now. also, take a lock at this. route 70 east and west, west gate drive, what's going on here? we have downed traffic signal from earlier accident. in cherry hill, just picture, hard to see really, but you can see that there is comings going on out there. still very early. riding into the 9:00 hour, but even so, this is going to start to pose a problem for you. a lot to talk about coming up in the next ten minutes, back to you. >> in the next hour of cbs-3, live with the latest on flash mob arrests in center city including one top law enforcement officers is saying about the incident. >> plus the family of sergeant steven floyd killed in a prison stand-off is threatening to sue. we'll tell you what they're demanding. >> and labron james says real men cry. what makes the star well up? back at the top of the hour at ikea, we believe that everything you need
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> center city chaos, more than 100 teens are involved in a rush hour flash mob. this morning several are in custody. we're live with more details including reaction from a top law enforcer. >> new this morning, a cab driver is robbed and shot in west philadelphia. hear from authorities about how the situation escalated so quickly. plus this. >> president trump revised travel bans, takes effect later this month. meanwhile mr. trump is still pushing for congressional investigation into whether his phones at trump tower were tapped while running for president. i'm hena daniels in new york, more coming up. >> today is tuesday, march 7. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon.
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lauren and meisha getting us out the door. good morning, ladies? good morning, so we have wet roadways out, there already starting off to be bus knit world of travel. a lot every accident out there. we'll get to knows in a minute and it is causing slow downs. >> dealing with areas of light rain, drizzle moving across the area, we will continue to see that as we head throughout the morning commute. unfortunately, pack along that umbrella, but you won't need the winter coat probably today. temperatures, are mild, we started off in the 20's, this time yesterday morning. and we're in the four's, 44 degrees in philadelphia. we've actually warmed over the last hour. 41 degrees, in reading, still chilly lehigh valley at 39 degrees, but temperatures right now up at 48 degrees, in ac, check out the temperature change over the last 24 hours. we're up 30 degrees in millville. same case in ac, rear ' up about 17 degrees from this time yesterday in philadelphia. but, of course, we are contend withing some rain moving across the area, over the last three hours. seeing that area of precipitation, mainly philadelphia and point north, we are going to see


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