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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 7, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. mostly cloudy today, chance of some storms tonight. we look live this morning at lehigh valley, but it will be getting pretty mild soon. so, here's some good news on a tuesday morning. and, good morning. i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. lauren and meisha will be along in just is a minute. first what we need to know in the morning minute. >> chaos in center city. police arrest several teens and are looking for more after a flash mob attack. >> septa's police chief tweeted last night that yesterday's chaos was the worse he's ever seen. >> a driver is hospitalized after a shooting in west
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philadelphia. police describe the victim as unlicensed cab driver. who pick up two passengers who tried to rob him. the little girl, she just was really shaken up. >> a case every child abuse caught on tape. day kay work nerve clifton height arrested after seen pushing a little girl down the stairsment the girl suffered minor injuries. >> while trump was in florida, out of no where he tweeted just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. >> and just like that, the white house had to reset their sign back to zero. >> getting a lot of fuel off the new president. >> yes. >> his rate also through the roof. top late night show. >> a lot of people are, all right, let's get taught lauren. >> exactly.
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>> hi, lauren. >> hey, guys. yes, this morning, not too bad, i don't even have a coat on right now. where as yesterday morning, definitely needed a lot of layers. but temperatures are mild, to wake up to, generally in the who's, checking in on live neighborhood network in cape may, at 45 degrees, media, 42 degrees, and medford, right now, 41 degrees. where as this time yesterday you were down into the teens. but we are contends withing wet weather. so need to pack the umbrella storm scan3 showing us light drizzle working through center city over the last three hours, but now seeing another band of precipitation, starting to build into our western counties right now. so dealing with an area of light precipitation, across portions of lancaster and berks county, up into the lehigh valley rain coming down in reading, and we deal with the area of precipitation, working through central pennsylvania, that will be moving through our backyard specially for the first half of the day. so what to expect? areas of rain and drizzle, mainly during the morning hours, then i think we will see some sunshine breaking out as we head into the afternoon. high temperatures near
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60 degrees. but, conversely, as we head into the upcoming weekends, we do have several snow chances, rain and snow possible, on friday, maybe some minor accumulations, as we head throughout friday, then system to watch, for the second half of the weekends, will we be breaking out the snow shovels on sunday? meisha, that's something going to have to keep an eye on over the next couple of days. >> well that sounds depressing, lauren. >> thank you for that. good morning, everyone, happy actuals. looking outside right now, something that also isn't too fond. wet roadways, already because of what we're seeing some problems, 59 south at cottman. kind of see it is slick out there. those headlights pass you by, you can see the wet roadways out there, the southbound side, actually look okay headed into center city. northbound side starting to build overall as well. where actually had overturned vehicle. ninety-five north approaching the commodore barry bridge two, left lanes, were block there, and also minor injuries were reported. that will has clearly obviously now since been cleared up. actually moving around that area really nicely, so no
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problems if you are holding out, wait until that cleared, big thumbs-up, head out, 59 north approaching the commodore barry bridge, we have accident, casino every see the flashing lights out there in the distance, pa turnpike near mid-county, heads up in this area. this area is starting get lochte you can see back there, the toll plaza, and the left lane blocked there, but you can see all of the flashing light back there letting us know a it is still out there, and b it is also still very busy. then some bridge work, in egg harbor that we are talking about coming up in the next ten minutes, rahel, over to you. >> see you then, thank you. caught on camera, young child at upper darby day care center shoved down the stairs by her own teacher. camera captured the moments, appears to push the four year old down the steps at the childcare of the future day care center in deliver ton heights. another employee was watching the camera and saw it all unfold. >> i went and confronted her at the bottom of the stairs. you can see me on camera. i look, what are you doing? we don't do. >> this you know what i mean? >> little girl was not
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seriously injured. we are told goebel only worked at the day care center for about a year but reportedly has 25 years of experience in the day care business, she is currently facing several charges including simple assault and recklessly endangering the welfare after child, now out on $20,000 bail. >> time now 5:36. in business news this morning, how facebook is fighting fake news. >> and what's happening to shares of snap chat. jill wagner joins us from the new york took stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> good morning, jim, rahel. right now futures pointing to another lower open. yesterday the dow fell 61 points, the nasdaq dropped 21. optimism over snap chat parent company snap is slowly disappearing. shares of snap inc dropped 12% yesterday. they're now trading under $24, the first day opening price. invest remembers concerned about snap's user growth, which slowed down when instagram launched its similar story feature. facebook trying to fight fake news stories, launched new
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disputed future, if enough support a story as untrue, it is run through fact checking sites likeness. com. new feature, helped spread mis-information during the 2016 election. >> and i hope, 12th annual national pancake day, that means free short stacks from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at participating locations, customers will make donations to children's miracle network hospital, leukemia, lymphoma society, and shriners hospital for children. jim, rahel? >> those pancakes really look good. >> our show ends at 7:00. so you know where we will be. >> see you there! >> thank you, jill. check in with you tomorrow. >> we will rebuild, that's the message. president of aquatic fitness center following this massive four alarm blaze. over the facility on grant avenue yesterday around 11:00 a.m. it is went up in flames. now while there is no official cause, "eyewitness news" has confirmed that workers were
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using torches on the roof where the fire began, two employees suffered minor injuries, according to the website, they house the largest olympic size pool in philadelphia, so really big lost for north philadelphia. one of my hair dressers is, there talking to her yesterday. >> one every president trump cabinet members trying to turn down the heat over some questionable comments. >> hud secretary doctor ben carson compared slavery and i am graduation and as jim hutchinson reports, what carson said has created a lot of uproar. >> doctor ben carson in his first address to hud employees monday generating controversy. >> there were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, work even longer even harder for less. >> uproar over the remarks prompted a clarification on the armstrong williams show. >> whether you are legal or you're illegal, you come from the outside, inside, you're an immigrant. slaves came here as involuntary immigrants. but they still had the strength to hold on. >> georgetown professor michael eric tyson accused
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carson of revisionism. >> they were not engaged in the active coming here with their own, if you will, volition, it was against their will. and i think doctor carson has distorted the entire process. >> a statement posted late monday on carson's facebook page seemed to reflect that point. it red in part: immigrants made the choice to come to america. they saw this country as a land of opportunity. in contrast, slaves were forced here against their will and lost all their opportunities. the two experiences should never be intertwined, nor forgotten. kim hutchinson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." meanwhile president trump want to make a deal with planned parenthood. tells the new york times he'll keep federal funding to for the group if it agrees to stop provide ago bore sean. planned parenthood dismissed the idea. federal funds cannot be used to pay for abortions, jim? >> rahel, pennsylvania senator pat toomey held social media
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conversation right here yesterday at cbs-3 studios, in a live chat on facebook he said he hasn't had face-to-face town hall meetings because he spends so much time in washington. toomey says however he's held 48 town hauls over the phone. he adds his office will probably hossa town hall in philadelphia in the future, but has not set a definite date. during the on line conversation, toomey react today president trump's revised travel ban. >> this looks like it is an improvement. at the end of the day, how much, let me be clear: i do think there are countries where it is very hard to be confident in their vetting because they're failed safe or countries extremely hostile to the united states and it is sensible for us to take every precaution to make sure that people coming from those places have been thoroughly vetted before we bring them here. >> now, toomey says he publicly disagreed with president trump when he saw the immigration order went too far. one person on line for senator toomey's social media conversation asked him about
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his support for killing the affordable care act. montgomery county resident regina jimenez survived cancer but she counts on obamacare because of her pre-existing condition. speaking to her via face time, jimenez tells "eyewitness news" she is worried about two, three years down the road. >> i know he's trying to play it safe. so i understand what he's doing, but he didn't make me feel any better or any safer. i'm sure there are a lot of people that probably felt the same way. >> toomey says congress won't pull the rug out from anyone. he says whether it comes to repealing obamacare the actual effective date will be two, three years later. kacie anthony once known as the most hated mom in merced she still doesn't know how the last hours of her daughter's life unfolded. anthony was conficted of lying to police and served three years awaiting for her trial on charges she killed her two year old daughter caylee, now in a new annex cluesly press interview, the last time she saw caylee, caylee was alive. now lives with a detective from her defense team in south
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florida. >> well, an impromptu performance gets college student out after traffic ticket. >> we'll hear from the student and the officer who pulled him over straight ahead. >> also ahead, we will tell but a major donation from raptor elementary school of the hear his message to one state governor. >> then how much would you be willing to spend for a parking space? find out just how much a spot in new york city going for. you won't believe it. we will be right back. my girlfriend loves artists. to be unique... and i need a conservative pair, cuz her parents hate artists! get up to 40% off a second pair of glasses. schedule your eye exam at ♪ ♪
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>> musical taking it to the stage, that's right, the smash hit going on tour. la-la land in concert, live film celebration will spotlight the oscar winning score, show set to premiere this may in hollywood. concerts also planned foray cross the us and europe. and, a lot of people talking about this this morning. rapper visits his hometown chicago donates $1 million to city public schools. the grammy award winning winner held a press conference at an elementary school yesterday. now, public school system currently faces $250 million budget gap. after meeting with the governor of illinois last week, the singer had a simple message for him, saying, quote, do your job. >> while trust freight dollars and disappointed in the governor's inaction, it will
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not stop me from continuing to do all i can to support chicago's most valuable resources, it children. >> and pledge to donate more in the future, hoping his gift will encourage others to do the same. i lover. that will talk about hometown hero from chicago, had a lot of success and giving back, putting his money where his mouth is. >> way to do it. >> layer end, wacking out, i felt water droplet. >> i don't know why. it is not a cold rain. >> what's going on with you? >> oh, yes, it is drinkly, dealing with areas every light rainfall, pack along the rain slicker, we are seeing rainfall activity picking up once again, specially berks county, lancaster county. live look at center city philadelphia right now, we are dry, but you can feel the moisture in the air when you step outside. we will be dealing with some more rainfall moving back in, as we head into about the next
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hour, and our weather watchers are up with us this morning, they're reporting some temperatures that aren't nearly as cold on the board, a lot of 40's there is time yesterday, dealing with temperatures down into the 20's, so we'll check in with current conditions right now pennsylvania, 40 degrees, reported by eyewitness weather watcher bash a mostly cloudy conditions, winds speeds at around 3 miles per hour in willow grove. also, head back into jersey, where it is 44 degrees, down in the teens this time yesterday. portions every south jersey, but 44 degrees right now in chads worth, also reporting cloudy conditions. see if anyone has some commentary this morning, we check in pennsylvania, again, 41 degrees at fran's house, mostly cloudy conditions, nottingham, everyone very quiet this morning. let's see if we can get 42 degrees up in jersey, ed, reporting some drizzle coming down in chesterfield, and he has some con enterer, light
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drizzle but it is warm and calm. i'll take t much improved conditions from yesterday when you needed gloves, scarfs, the hat, everything. storm scan3, the rainfall will start to return to center city philadelphia, and i95 corridor. rain has returned across portions every lancaster, berks county and up into the lehigh valley right now, seeing some of the heaviest quote unquote heaviest of rainfall right now in and around the reading area. but still, fairly light in intensity. that's going to be the trend over the next several hours. still have to get through this precipitation, that is up wind. some heavier pockets over toward harrisburg, that will continue to move its way eastbound. so over the next several hours, first half of the day, dealing with areas of rain, then head into the afternoon hours, see breaks of sunshine, i think few spotty showers around west of the i95 corridor, then overnight tonight, you can see cold front dropping in. so showers redevelop, maybe even few rumbles of thunder before we clear things out wednesday. for today areas every rain to some sunshine, 61 degrees, over night tonight, only
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falling back to 51 degrees, chance of showers, as we head toward the upcoming weekends, meisha, daylight saving time. i know we lose an hour of sleep. >> way to look at the silver lining. that is a silver lining for so many of us. but for us, already, struggle for the extra 15 minute, i don't know, looking outside right now, so waking to up some wet roadways, because that far it will slow you down this morning, in many areas, already been seeing some accidents out, there and they seem to kind of keep happening. once one clears, another one ends up popping up. we have an accident schuylkill eastbound at the conshohocken curve, heads up on this, take a look at this. right now this is what you will be driving into if you do head out in the eastbound direction at the conshohocken curve. fully stopped right now. we had vehicle blocking the far left lane. then one more toward off to the right. so it was really causing some problems. not to mention the fact look
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at the westbound side. very, very slow moving around here. we are getting some gaper delay. overall the schuylkill right around conshohocken curve eastbound and westbound, doesn't matter, if you can avoid it i would suggest doing so, jim, over to you. >> good advice, youtube star could face fell -- federal charges after publishing video showing him firing bullets from the window of small plane into the gulf of mexico. the 23 year old simply known as dan on line took off from tampa with a pilot, mark last month. while in the air dan fired off several rounds from a sub machine gun. the pilot who owns the gun shop says he checked on line before the flight, and saw no rules against what they did. >> my own daughters on the plane, i'm going to risk my daughter's life? no. authority in florida say the group did not break any local rules. but the faa says they're investigate to go see if any federal regulations were violated. >> well, working comes at premium in new york city, but are you too long pay premium prices? no, okay.
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>> coupons. >> there are 145 parking spaces at the condo in brooklyn, and only one space left. and, jim donovan, it is yours for the low, low price of $300,000. potential buyers do have to show that they can meet the payment. and realtors say the parking spaces are very valuable. >> across the street, see a building being converted to apartment building. >> this was a garage. this garage has been closed for two years. and has 300 spaces, that means, neighborhood has lost 300 spaces. >> it is like saving for a house. >> it offers pick up, vallet service, hand washing, all for additional charge. >> i will tell you few years ago i looked at a condominium in the city and their parking spaces were $08,000. that was ten years ago. crazy people. >> well, forget that giraffe. up next meet the pregnant south carolina woman behind a viral video. >> we'll show it to you next.
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>> we've all heard about the pregnant giraffe. >> one, so inspired by the viral video, that she created her own. take a look at this, a/k/a the pregnant giraffe lady. put on giraffe mask and walk around her bedroom, sat in a
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rocking chair, even did squats, whatever do you in the privacy of your home is your business. her husband streamed it on facebook liver. now the video has gone viral. >> facebook, just because all my friends think i'm ridiculous, on zested when this giraffe. i woke up this morning, and there is like 8 million views. i was not expecting this. >> that's not ridiculous at all. said now a race with april the giraffe, see who has the baby first. she said she would like it if they both went on the same day. >> that's a good mask. did you see the close up? >> proper form, very important. >> well, university of central arkansas student gets pulled over thanks to broken tail light. >> during the traffic stop, he decides to prove his sobriety by showing off his juggling skills. was driving home from the library late friday night, when university police officer keith mckay pulled him over. after mckay talked with him to make sure he was sober, he revealed he was a magician. >> you're a magician. can i please see some
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imagination he said i'm a magics but also a jugler. >> little squishy ball. hold that right here. when you do, slow. and just like that. this is it. get it close up. this is cool. so the ball disappears. it doesn't go far, actually just jumps over here into my pocket. see? >> sergeant mckay says he knew blake was sober and the juggling was just for fun. he didn't give blake a ticket. video has of the stop has been seen more than 6500 times. >> now if he was a real magician woe have made himself disappear from that traffic stop. >> true. coming you up in the next hour, see a house built in just 24 hours. >> plus, pigeon islands are popular renovation project. how they've evolved into more than just an island. we will
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>> severe weather slams the midwest, more than two dozen tornados spotted. now that system is head in the our direction. lauren lets us know what to expect. and concerning and chaos in center sit when more than 100 teens take part in a violent flash mob. now many of them run arrest, liver with reaction with the philadelphia police. take a close look at these guys. they're wanted for assaulting and robbing septa riders. well today is tuesday, march the seventh, good morning everyone, i'm jim donovan.
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>> i'm rahel solomon. lauren and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, good morning. >> good morning, it really is, busy in the travel department, as well, has been since the 4:00 hour, hasn't eased up, and i'm kind of blaming the wet roadways for some of this, as well. >> dealing with areas of precipitation, light in intensity, but still, get the little bit of wetness. and that does cause some problems and some slow downs, temperatures this morning, mild. big difference from this time yesterday. had 4 degrees in philadelphia, 40 degrees in reading right now. upper 40's, at our shore points, 47 degrees, currently, in wildwood. temperature change over the last 24 hours. check this out. nearly 30 degrees more mild in ac. same case in millville. about 20 degrees more mild than this time yesterday in wilmington. but we are dealing with some areas of precipitation, already saw rounds of drizzle move through center city philadelphia, now seeing the rain returning into our western count its, berks county, lehigh valley and poconos, light r


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